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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives May 13 1863, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 13, 1863, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaTinting be to a Igbara amp att Quas a. And i Row Vity executed the advertise a office Lebanon Penn a this establishment a now supplied with in extensive assortment of Job Type which will to increased As the patronage demands. can now turn out print Ixo. Of a very description in a neat anti expeditious manner Andoe terms. Such As pamphlet a checks a Wainess cards handbills circulars. Labels Bill headings Blanks programmes Bills of fare. A invitations tickets &c., amp a. Up Htwe of All kinds. Common Nad judgment Enos. School Jnet Lees constables and other Bla xes printed correctly and neatly on the Best papa for constantly kept for Sale this office prices a to suit the a a a bit ascription Price or the la Rianon advertiser one Dollar and a half a year. A. Address a i m. Besun Lebanon Fpo rent. I Foj Tyfo rooms Iti 2d Story Tea Lieut Street formerly of pfc. Espied Lan in attorneys of co pod tailor shop. Also on Cumberland Street a shop formerly occur cd As a shoe store and tin shop with Tho Samo room by stairs. J. George. Laban of feb. 18,1�63. Of Iccil notice. On and after Juta let 13g3. The Ege of converting Issue of Legal tender notes into nil per cent. Loan commonly culled a five twenties Quot will cease. A a All who wish to invest inthe fire Tyrenty loan must Here for tto ply big fire Lite 1st of july Cooke subscription agent of s s fro. 114 a bi1�a Iphia. April 8.18c3.�?3n�. but Iio $ private Sale ill be sold private Sale Gertiser. Vol. He no. 47. Lebanon pa., wednesday 18, 1868. Whole no. 725. Of a Isert tooth. W a horse adventure. The following racy adventure is front the autobiography of p. T. Bar num. Barnum loves a joke and is As full of fun a As an egg is of meat As is shown by the style of the following narrative my father beside being in the mercantile line anti keeping the. Village tavern also ran a freight Wagon to Norfolk and kept a Small livery Sta s Quot acres of land i ble. To was fond of a joke and had 1 a a sir Peculiar waggish Kink in his a a outline North we. Atkins unit John Krause on the i a Clcil led him to turn Sottilo there is one Stury Lola Iio Unk Arather boasted j of on Ann dfmfiinn1 erected on the land and a Good v Ifill m the Gulden a 1 i Cluj . Tic la Long rth�a�vuias.�tone8cor Mittiea Hia tract will a Young Tycin named Nelson Quot Beers make a Nice Home for Small firmly. F j i a a i Quot a amp a is free Biti ground Reut. Good title Wal be f applied to him a of till Uso 01 1 to a a of. Now a i. To ride to Danbury a distance of1 a of which win purchaser. ,.i, Miles Jolson was an apprent Jurf Banou june i3f i86o.__ a a i to co to the shoe making business a is five of Quot of a Lilc in Mil til j i nearly out of his Timo was not Over i tltot10k to hereby Given Thuoc writers in. A j a a if on the re Tate of a rank Len Moth i stocked a Lull by ring Ai d amp Hylie s a la Cir of a late Oren Clfon Canon county pa., j and half East of 0u1 . i a re been grunted to the umers signed Oft Liv township a a county und state aforesaid. A All persons tide Ted will j to bought 06 better 101 payment and lbo�e., having Chi Hus f Tsyn ctn to in lip he a i Hurt inn uni run Lii to to nil Butir administrator j in Olson 10 Mako ills Fauolo l Jour be on Jackson township april a �?T&3. Foot than to be the expense of Bir a vi5nihje. I ins ��or8,e� he cd Quot of tel1 his a 1 will he sold by Public Reno. . 0 a had us 01 1 hors8 to Aiumu j in Jingo i Rob that Basvino reaebed1 a in Nita to. I nth tie residence of the Imper signed in South Lebanon �>00 full Udovin ago 00 j township Letb Norm county near Goorge slyer a la to \ Pond uis tools Wos tum cd out u1 a a the bog lot near our House to idea Teit Nam. A me Wab literally a living Skeleton i mers pulleys n lot of Hope a lot of Strong Chuma a and wus Tel ecu Toto Samo cond Etlou j Large Strong Hook a Stone Sojki a Largo Boter and a in n in fit Waif i w5li 1 Small borers tag other with Many of liar Mirles too i of a a Riikol s lung. Wuhu a a so numerous to mention. Ayak his owner had to hire his Ueisb-1 Caio in Romirez Icelita 1 of a oct. P 5i.�wlibn trois will a. A a. Ii i i i a i. I be mind to known by m Niiya Eli agent. Bor s Llo so to help him draw his last j a to Stone Ona Iricks a anyone Mimia Jinq the i Jar cat mj7 father therefore in re-1 Abone articles can Orbnn a owner of. A j. Al 1 u a a the Nany to i Wirry Curli uni Flag Stone of which by to Jnelson 8 application told Hill j Rtcrewro-a11 abundance of Good in Antyon he nn111a very horses were All out a a i a i and he had none Homo except a. Howard association in a a f be i a u asm n a. In e is la. La a a inc i Phi . nervous system stei151a Touri Iosa or seminal weakness Impo tence and other affections of the Sib dual organs physical pebil1ty and Pukema Toiuo a a new and reliable treat Mcmo. In Ite Porta of tue Howard a sedation sent by Mil in letter envelopes Freo of charge. Address or. J.skill1n thou Lilon Jio Warp association no. 2 Stoulil Lyulph act raft , l a. January 2s, 18 . A a removal. A sta1\1e� Ulrich attorney Law famous a race horse a which lie was j keeping in Low flesh in order Mohave a i him in proper trim to win a great j race to come off. I a of do let to Havo him a Uncle a Philo i will ride him very carefully i i and not injure him in the i a he is too valuable an animal to1 risk in the bands of a Young Man like you a responded my father. Nelson continued to importune and my father to play off until was a v. 1 my Tau ice to play or unit was his removed his of flick to the in in Din cinc door Cas y. A a of store House i a inf Llly a la Lucu tumult to q0rs8 Cociu to of Siswani pm six claims attn 1 had on the condition that he should to april a no Casebo Rode faster than a walk a to item Oval T. Jica dam. Attorney , hash moved Hin of flick to Market so Root. Opposite hunk two doors North of w Idow kwe�?T8 hotel. Lebanon March 25, "g3, _ Foi inv to . Of slow Trot and thae should be i fed with four quarts of Oats Leah j Bury. A Nelson started o i Kos Nate a a a of he was Sonja Mission to i a the a Earron crows a but lie Felt every j i Inch a Man for lie fancied himself i astride of the greatest race horse in 1 a. Futro 1 the count re and realized that a great i District , in. Of tract a. J Toto room lately occupied by . V. Line responsibility was resting i upon nis i ixe Avor in Street Levi to on. A a l . F ,1. Wora8 of Kast of Tia Ingle uoti la and two doors West of Lucia . I too i ,01 a father were Quot 1 a Nelsen if any Accident should Hap a Pon to this a Nimal while under your. Ivald Many a Ollie. Lebanon to fact 17,1s62. A a Cyrus p. Killer charge you could not begin to of Tom . A the damage in a i Ifo time of Abor a Nom apr _9,ls62-ly a d duty rated an j a Rusl Psi user vacs to Thlin Lessof red Banbury and atm Lendof u Lebanon and Vicinity. Of Jck ,.t to a pm his several Houis or. Becl a mounted Ullett of mrs. L. Racli two doors West of Olfus �1 or Sam new. Quot non Pfoh Ftp rpt Lel _171 run Flirl 1 Belin dec a in Chin Kierland Street. I Llna started Lor Weill cd j.1c con oium Lebanon Agni is,isi3.__ j de to take the a Groat pasture a Road i. Samuel a Light. A that being the name of a new Road 0��rlm�"ub?��tbtjl., Cut through the swamps and Mead. Lebanon mint i 5, ,�?T63, a 0w8, is tout to out Village. I. A bin la h. Light. I Nelson for the once forgetting his offers ins professional services to the of items of a responsibility probably tried the i the Borough of Lebanon and Vicinity. Oloc in i r 1 a i z Iva nut a Trout two doors North of tic lutheran far Speed of has rac8-Ilorso Ano soon j i broke him Down. All events a a a i something occurred. To weaken Oil still and Nelson was forced to dig i mount. The horse trembled with bondage. 3iar&h 4. Incl _ a a a a a a dim k 1c��lcl�?T. A a 1 1 offers Liis professional services to the Community of bobs to orcs Fombo Ca me to a stand Lebanon and Vicinity. a wit bar mrs Hnit Rcd to. Llanon april 1,18g3,r-r3m. _�?~-----1-weakness-, and Nelson Beers trem i j bled with fright. A Small Brook was i running through the bog the Road-1 Side and Beers thinking that .per-1 a haps his a race horse needed a drink i led him into the Stream. Poor old a i Bob got stuck in the mud and not i i having strength to amp withdraw his Jet ,. S., professor a Metis closed his eyes. And like a 1 mistry. No. 2. . In . 1 v / a . A James Truman to u. S., demonstrator Triach As he wasj3helul 0p�ed 11 to a i a no a a a amp not re Rio Ray him and or to a soft bed that was awaiting him and ie.ni1a1lf,. S., Demonsi Rotor of mechanical a gave us tree Golost with Felt single 1 jul Tlsty no�?Tx2sn.12th in Hila i pm a a j r a _ a a a 0 George Clark. Dentist. Office Tho Eagle hotel Lebanon particular attention paid to Vul Contil. World and filling troth. V r references c n Peirce cd a s., professor of dental phyfe of orgy and operative no. ., Phil Adel Lila. Dentistry. Lebanon ,i86o. I no language can describe the con Blanluet Sii awls i Ste nation of poor Beers lie could Culotti Olen clothing of Alt colors Sycil i i fit kplifvf1 Iii a to o tip if to Oil on Black or Blue ill ask pet Sec the color Weir acted to a Al de by 1lu in u lil and Good turned unequal to new by a. T Turoso of the to veg dolt was do Lyon to a bringer j the Mouth of articles Fly Cal can to left ups. L. Lenin tar i poor Bob. But took Awty again Quot in a a a a a drug store a Cru All orders for the above Willic a 1 a a attended to i March . -1 utter Dis Niaj. The breath had Ceas a a red. last Nelson groaned As he pensions. Al lion gut of meeting my fall or and Quot per Geo a. Uhf Ermeav ice Lui Viny a a a v. Job pm a nod. By r the com Tifis four of a Ivas Hington for pensions 141 part pared to cml to All applicants for derision his office in Market Street Jiu ext door to tie Fust office. Lebano March 25th, ls68.�?. The commission or of Jinns Ionut wondering whet her eternity acldcdt.0 time would be Long enough. For him to earn the value of the horse Dojk a _ i the bridle from the a dead head a and a Otile. A buckling Tho Girth Drew off the a builders will do Nudy calling on .r..-iirisssi.rji i Saddle and placing .on his own Back a Agenda a is prepare to do All rinds of tin Truc de or 00mlly Tow Ford out Village. 1 roofing spouting and Tois work g neurally b amp to , he he to has on hand a Largo web about a Lindou Wlla my kinds or tin Ware and father espied ills victim couling up a 1 ih0 Street with Tho Saddle and bridle a i a ii int Mui a Ite to Unpi Vej Giangi and thrown across Bis shoulders lus face a Hlat 113, of fill kinds. He Aho keeps can won rinse a 00 of to Complete Antly on Liand a Large Stock of full kids of roofing i ,. a a ,. Or. I of i Seate Winch to odor lose Price than they pm be despair. My w3s certain that b buget of any other blk Tiemen in the comity a Oid Bob had departed this life and he a of the a Buck chuckled inwardly and quietly. Í3ut Street la by Inori Phi a 1 a a a. J i web anon be Cembik a 25, Lstill. A a Quot establish lament ? Mam fac coach making Truie undersigned to. h Story fat thou list toll , 0110�?o mile Kusty of Lebanon has on hand a tery is a Stock of Akbar by made a Sulci is much Yaa a buggies Rock a a a a am j sullies a Mude 6a of the a by Matins my by fire to rate workmen. From his Jong Ftp Rit nce in the Bali less and h is determination to allow. None hut Brood work to leave Bias Ops to feels confident that he can give to customers Tho Moat Complete sat Isahc Tion. A a a much of the materials used we Inaa factoring the above vehicles weft purchased before the in the of articles and can Thor fore soil cheaper than poor Beers approached More slowly and mournfully than if he was.follow-1 ing a dear Friend to the grave 7 when he came within bailing Dis a Tance my father called out a Why Beers Isi possible you been so careless As to let.hij race i horse run away from you v. A j a of Norse than that worse than that Uncle Philo a groaned Nelson. A worse Han Quot that then he has. Been some judge of valuable horses a of what a fool i Wasseto a not stolen ? Well i am glad of that for i shall recover him again but where is he ? i am afraid you have lamed worse than that a drawled Tho unfortunate Nelson. A Well what is the matter where Ishel what ails him asked my father. A a of i can to Tell you i can to Tell you a said Beers with a groan. A but you must Tell to a returned my father. A la break my heart a groaned Beers. ,. A to be sure will if he is seriously injured a retorted my father a but where is How a Quot / / a he is heart a said Beers As Ive Quot nerve flt Imse 1 Fri a a of a re to lies announce-1 ment and closing jigs eyes Sank in j to a chair completely overcome with fright. A i my father gave a groan that Start j cd Nelson to his feet again. All the i sensations of pain despair and ror were depicted to the life on my fathers countenance. A a of Uncle Philo Uncle Philo done to to too hard with me i would not j have had happened for Tho world a a said Beers. I a you can novel recompense to for that horse a replied my father. A i know j know Uncle Philo. A i can Only work for you As Long As i live but you shall have my services till you Are satisfied after my ap-1 Prentic ship is finished a returned Beers. \ after a Short Lime my father be a came Calm and though apparently j not reconciled to his loss he asked Nelson How. Much he supposed he ought to owe him. A .�?~1 done to know i and no judge of tie value of blood horses but i have a been told that they Are Worth for tunes sometimes a replied Beers. A and mine was one of the Best in the world said father a and. In such a perfect condition for running a too All Bone and a of j7es.i saw that a said Beers i responding by but with a frankness a that showed he.-not.wish to deny j the great claims of who horse and his owner. A Well a said my father with a sigh. A As no desire to go to Law on-1 the subject we had better try to agree on the value of the horse. You write on a slip of paper what sum Jou think you ought to owe me for him and i will do the same we can i then compare notes and see How.-far& we differ a a. A a i Boers but Uncle Philo done be too had on a a i Vytill make -6omc allowance for your situation a said my father. A but Nelson when i think How valuable that horse was of Courso i. Must Mark something in?.the neighbourhood of the amount of Cash i could have received for him. I believe however Nelson that you Are an honest Young Man and amp re willing to do what is about right. I therefore wish to caution you not to Mark Down one cent More than .you.really-think, und a the Cir , you ought to me j when you Are Able and for which you Are now your a note of hand you will recollect that i told you when you applied for. The Hoys that 1 . Not wish to lot him go a Ltd Nelson gave my father a Gratful. Look and assented to Ati he said. About a dozen of our joke Loving neighbors were witnessing thong Hole affair with Tho greatest apparent so. Lenity. Two slips of papers were procured my father Marke d on Tine and after much visitation Beers wrote on the a other i a Well let us see what you have marked said 1 the father. A a i suppose you will think is too Low a remarked Beers handing my 1 father the Pater a ? a a a Only three Hundred and seventy-1 five dollars in my Fath Cri Reading the paper. A Well there is Ai pretty specimen of gratitude for you a Nelson looked humbled and could a not m uster courage to ask my father what lie had marked. Finally however one of or neigh Bors asked nay father to show him his a paper. Redid had marked a six Anda fourth cants. Our neighbor read aloud and a a Roar of laughter followed after which fairly lifted Beers to his feet. was a some Timp before he could compre i Herid the joke and when to became fully harm was do no he Quot a was Tho happiest fellow i Over re pm i her seeing. A j a by Thunder a said How in be got a Dollar, and a half cents and darned if i done to treat that out As free As air i was never so stared in All my i Nelsen stood treat for the company and a having1 half his Money Tui i Liand Quot lie trudged Homo a happier if i not a Wiser Man. i a Quot Jat horse name was Philo but i As was the custom to Call body in those parts Uncle aunt Den con colonel capt Ainor Squire my fathers general Cognomen was us a bovo.1 a Quot a a Ward in Canada. In this gentlemen a said i pointing that weapon which is indispensable to every too american heart to that state of this is a Wax Figger of Tho notorious Henry Wilkins who in the dead of night murdered his Uncle Ephraim blood. A sad warning to in having murderers for nephews., in a present existing under a Mon ital form of govt rent in other words in a travel in among the Crown de beads of Canady. They Arn prettj7 bad people on the cont by they air exceed Diho Good people a too they air a deprived of Many i cles blessings a. They done to enjoy for in when a Mere child this Henry ,.the priceless Boon of a a Kins was compelled to go to the Sun they Haven to any american Egil today school. He carried no sunday unchain and they Hainet got any v school Book. The teacher told him fourth of july on their Back. To go Home and bring Ope. He went Alt boy this is a Monival form of and returned with a clinic song Book. Up of i am Nablo to perceive a depraved a my ii Mon Iky. J tried to git a Pence j a but a saj7s a Man in the audience in Toronto but failed to succeed. A a when a you Ivask Here Beyore your Wax mrs. Vice a Boi is Queen of Figger re Pfest a cd Henry Wilkin Sas England and has the luxuries of the Market including game in its season Dpn to bother herself much about can Adji but lets her do. A bout As san is or Highler. She Bow Over Gina rally keeps her supplied with a lord whose called a govt Nerg in ral. Sometimes the politicians of Canady make Lively for this lord for Canady has its politicians and i expect they done to differ from our politicians some of Mem being gifted and great talented liars no doubt. A a. ,. Lutot stir amp a ctr a family paper for town and county. Is printed and published weekly by m m. Breslin 2d Story of Mic few a new a no dog. Cura Bettard one Dollar and fifty cents a year 4s� inserted the usual rates. The Friend of the establishment and the Public gear ally Are respectfully solicited to bed in Thelt orders. Fly handle ills printed an hours a a ties. Rates of postage. In Lebanon county postage free in Pennsylvania out of Lebanon Connie 3 conts psf Quarter or 13 cents a year. Out of this state v/2 per Quarter or 26 ats a Yew if the postage 1b not paid in Advance rates Aro doable. We Are prepared to print horse Bills in handsome style in Short notice and reasonable rates. A boy. Now Henry was hung and yet Kohv show him of Iris now a As a full grown Man. How a that a a this Figger has grower sir has grower a i said. I. Was angry. If had been in a these Timos i should have in formed agin him As a traitor to. His i Flag and had him put in fort Lafay a etto. A i say ado to Quebeck with regret. I 11 is old fog Yish chock Ful of interest., Young gentlemen of a romantic turn the present gov nor Gina ral of can i of mind who Are bothering their Heads i i i. T a i a a r i Ady is lord Monk. I saw him review Home volunteers Montreal. Their a see que As to How they can spend i there a Money had better lie was accompanied by other lords Bock. Quot a and i Kucs and Gina rals and these a although i like Canady Good peo 1 sort of things. He Rode a Little Bay j pig and lots of Ralty girls i would i horse and his close Wasny to any bet j Nind coining Over hero to live in the ter than Mike. You la always Notissa j capacity of a Duke provided a vacant by the Way that the higher up in the j , and provided further i world a Man is the less Good to allowed a few Star spangled a Ness he puts on. Hence Gina ral Hal banners a Eagle a Boon of Liberty amp a. Leek walks the Street in Plain citizens clothes while the second lieutenant of a Volunteer regiment piles All the brass things he can find onto his Back and then drags a forty or fifty Pound sword after him. A a a a Monk has been in the lord business some time and i understand pass though i done to know what a lords wages is i the wages of. Sin is death and postage Stamps. But this has nothing to do with Morrolf. Quot j one of lord monks a daughters Rode with him on Tho Field. She has Golden hair,.a kind Good face and wore a red hat. 1 should be very Happy to Havo her me and my Quot family a visit balding Seville. Come and bring your Nitis a miss Monk a a mrs. Wane will do the fair thing by you. A she makes Tho Best slap jacks in America. Asa slap Jankist she has no Keal. She wears the Belt. A 1 what the review was Aid about done to know. 1 Haven to a Gigantic in Tollock which can grasp great questions oct. I am not a Eye Stew nor a Seymour i am not a washing ton or a Wadsworth for irom .�? Iam not As gifted a Man As i Lenry Ward Beecher even the congregation of.plymouth-. House in brookl37n Wili admit. That., yes i should think so. But while i done to have Quot the Slit est ideas to what the review was for i will state that the soldiers looked Booty. Scrumptious in their red and Green uniform., Como Withro Jentle Reader to tic Buck que oct was surveyed and played out by a gentleman who had Tea delirium Kremens from child Hood and hence his Idee of things was a Little Irreg a car. The. Streets done to Lead any a litre in particular but every w lie res in Gina ral. The City is built on a variety of per pen die Lar Hills each Hill being a trifle wuss than to other one. Quebeck is full of Stone Walls and Arches and citadels and things. is said that no foes could Ever fight into Quebeck and i gues they a a a a done to think in be skedaddle. Not All in a coming Homo in a week. Lets have the Union restored As i was if we Ean but if we can Tjw min favor of tic Monas was . But a the Union anyhow. I. Be ii Lemon of the editorial corps if a you would be Happy to virtuous i i who am the Emblem of Vitoo Telf you so. 1 signed a a. Ward. Medical quackery. J this species of imposition on the cred a Ulous and ignorant among men. Exists the present Day in full Quot Flower a but would be no easy task a says a Learned writer a a to assign the cry in Medicine a so that we a re a he Imp a j to the conclusion that is Coeval with ignorance and superstition. A but the first renowned quack was j he boasted the Power of making Man immortal yet he died ,4he= age of forty eight years in the Hospital of . Sebastian Salzburg in., Geif Fanny in a the year 1541,_ having a Folio de great indulgence a a a. Dissipation. His j Zeaim rid a Licato Obj Era train aty. A he derived his Khz wlm de from travelling in various parts of the ,-.and, con suiting monks women and All persons said to be gifted with knowledge of secret arts Rem i Odies amp a. He was professor,., Cine Basle but Becq a renowned by a j nostrum called Azo the which he vaunted As tiie philosophers Stone the medical a panacea�?the1 tincture 6f lifer Quot he was however i Man ability notwithstanding Dies education was Yery feet for he was ignorant Queen his Vyn vernacular Tongue. He much to a wards the a advancement of chemical knowledge particularly in application i to Medicine. Armed Stith i a anti a Mony and Mercury he effected Many ex-1 tra Ordinary cures do i p or a a 1 j jte7narkahle a Ream a Mapy years ago heard the following dream. Which i has often been related in illustration of and i done to see what character and work of the the Little reign of terror an historical reminiscence. During the administration of John Adams occurred what was then called the a reign of terror a but which now be called the Little reign of terror a a in comparison to what we have experienced and Are still doomed to witness under the warlike administration of Abraham Lincoln. An attack was then made by the mob on the newspaper press hut Only three out of All the papers published in the country were actually threatened with violence Viz the Philadelphia Aurora edited by William Duane a democratic paper in Reading edited by John Snyder a Yefim True american edited by James Jefferson Wilson. We know that the a Ziff foreign of terror not last Long and that Jefferson was triumphantly elected Over his Federal rival As soon As the people had a Chance to express their Abhorrence of the reign of terror and of the a Alian and sedition Laws the ballot Box. Can the great reign of terror in which every press of the country is threatened with destruction or confiscation and the editors with the Dungeon and court marshals have any other sequel 7 a blood y quarrel in. Fashionable new York City recently a Man named Browning commenced suit against a Wall Street broker for criminal acquaintance with his wife. Tho wife made and published an affidavit exonerating the broker and charging her husband with an attempt to Black mail. When Browning read he was seized with uncontrollable fury bunted up the women and told her she must die. She declared she not know Tho contents of the affidavit she had subscribed and that the brokers lawyer had misrepresented to her. Browning not believe the Story. Bowie knife to attempted to Cut her Throat. She seized the weapon and wrested from him though her hand was nearly severed. He Drew a. Pistol and snapped her As she fled but the Char Odid not explode. She took Refuge in a lawyers office. He pursued her with a knife in his band but was seized before he could do her any harm and ejected. Subsequently he walked up and Down in front of the residence of the broker for Sev Erak Houns with a loaded revolver waiting for him to make his appearance. Finally he was put under arrest. He still vows that he be avenged the first Opportunity. Interesting details from the army of the Potomac. The terrible Battles fought of saturday and sunday Chancellorsville we have heard the Story of a Quaker who upon being implored by a Republican to join the Loyal league responded Friend thee change amp to thy name too often i have known thee As a whig As a free soil or As native american As a know. Nothing As a Republican As a a near or Tho Union As a Friend of Tho Union As a Loyal leaguer and thou recollect How Many More titles and i cannot Trust thee. When brother Obed fell from Grace and became a rogue he changed his name and i have found that whenever men design making their living by dishonest moans,.they arc always Likely to do the same. If Ever thee adopts one name of principles and bang on to them for fifty years As the democrats have done i begin to Trust thee. An agreeable , i want to leave my dog in this Here office till the boat starts in a afraid somebody will steal a you can to do they a want to got into there for Quebeck Bassoon Likely times in a War-11koway. The French and britishers had a set to in -1759. Jim Wolfe commanded Tho latter and to. Montcalm Tho former. But Wolfe was too Many measles for Montcalm and the French slew a. Wolfe and Montcalm were . In after 3�?Tcars, Monument was elected by Tho generous people of Quebeck aided by a bully Earl named to these Noble Fellows. That was Well done Tho War a Arnold made his Way through dense Woods and thick snows to Quebeck a hindi was one. Of the funkiest things Over done in the military line. .17 would have been better if a Arnold a funeral lad. off immediately on ins arrival Tucic a on a lie Plains of a Braham there was Opict Somo tall fightiii�?T,.and Ever since then there Lias been a great de we reproduce a and the Reader Cani make his comment thereon Aan old preacher of the a gospel once i dreamed that a great conflict had. Arisen j in the country and after a Long and . I Sion ate strife of words Between the a ties Oljey got to fighting j and the Battle taxed Hottie a and hotter until became very bloody and Day Uthe preacher was Riding through the country not from the Bat tie ground where the two armies were i arrayed against each other in deadly combat he saw7, along a dilapidated Fence,5 lying upon the ground Beelzebub the Prince of devils and a posse of his sooty amps fast asleep in the broiling Sun j without a Cloud to Shade or Breeze to fan them. The preacher firm in his Faith j and virtue stopped his horse m the Road the Preache f said a what Are you doing Here a the old Devil replied a this is our time to take a Little rest and sleep. When we can get men and with each o j her and set them to fighting we have Yery Wittje to do a proud and passionate do a said the clerk a take him out.�?T. A a Well stranger that is cruel but you re both Dis positioned alike and he a Kinder company for a a take him out a roared the clerk. A Well stranger 1 done to think you re honest and you want watching Here dragon a he said to the dog a sit Down Here and watch that a fellow Sharp a and turning on his Heel said a put him out stranger if he a the dog Lay there till the boat started watching and Hoahng every movement of the clerk who. Gave better half of his office. ,. for the Bones of the slew Dmn v that there occasion. But the a real 1 men carry on our work to our entire sat Ginuwine Bones was Long ago earned i i faction a and our presence Abd help Are off and now the boys make Quot a hand very Little needed when we once get sum thing by on tin the Bones of-1 War started we have but Little difficulty. In i orcs and sheep out i hero and soiling keeping Gouig. Pm to intelligent american to wrists. Taking a View of this Price of articles Ali county i i a j a repairing Fine Short notice and Der flt him to anybody v a Xci Arinea ,,Ini, my i a with Well feigned sorrow so Lotta sift mind my tool ebbs. A Nick >�?T0� making Laii per soul a r63 a Mel full ask said Nelson conscientious see stated that the legislature just adjourned failed to pass any Law providing for Fife paying a an equivalent for personal ser Uncle Philo 1 vice by those who a scrub pie to Bear Voies Sinai View or Inis i a Why is a Tollman the Laziest Man in a Dodge j in ust say that betrays Quot go a world a said Charley Fox Woods Ems of fifty . A a to stress the other might. A done to know Reir minded to of an inspired feel says Nelse Seymour a ill Tell you a says of my own. exhibit a Wax Harley a because he is longer in bed Figger of Henry Wilkins the boy than anybody else a i know something murderer. Jle Quot try had in-ra7.moment/lazier than that a says Seymour. A what of skilled his Lunele j is 7�?T the Fox. A an Oyster a says Ephraim and walked off with the old 1 Nelse because done to get. Out of us bed Many a Money. Well this stator i till somebody pulls a that Good was lot somehow and not Sposini responded the indefatigable Fox a but i would1 make any . Know something Lazier still. A what s i full grown Saaloos j that a. A Horace Greely a nine Hundred of on of my distinguished pirates thousand volunteers a and the applause for the boy Mui Derer. One night i that followed was immense rowing the exhibited to a poor Job pfc honest Audi a great popu Jaritz of Horace and his Gorge in in the town of Stoneham main pcs array of a coming men on Friday evening the 1st inst. Three cars loaded with Coal Oil took fire on the Pennsylvania Railroad near Lancaster. The train was on us Way East and when a Short distance below the locomotive works the Axle of the tank broke throwing several o f the cars off the track. The cars were dragged some distance the Coal Oil barrels tumbled about and finally the cars went Over the Bank. The Coal Oil is supposed to have spilled out and ignited from the friction caused by jarring of the barrels two of the cars went Down the embankment and were soon enveloped in flames a there being a South wind the time was found impossible to save the third car which was i soon on fire. By the exertion of themen belonging to the Tram and the citizens tie Otlien two which were on the track were the loss is estimated $15,000. Uncle Abe s very latest johe.� or ing the past week a gentleman called up on the president and solicited a pass for Richmond. A Well a said the president a i would be very Happy to oblige you if my passes were respected but the fact is sir j have within the past7 two years Given passes to two. Hundred and fifty thousand men to go to Richmond and not one has got there yet.1�?T the applicant quietly and respectfully withdrew on his tip toes. , va., 10 West 7 South of Fredericksburg f saturday Midnight may�?T2,1863 tha military situation of saturday looming stands As follows Oor main Foree holds Topo Sitione Chancellorsville confronting the main rebel army now massed opposite us. Howard s corps has the extreme right then a division of six Kels corps then Slocum j then conch then Meade on the left Humphrey s division of Meade s corps holding the extreme of the working parties have been employed daring the whole night in throwing of breastworks and the Woods have resounded with the strokes of a thousand Felling Trees for the purpose of constructing a Attis. We Bear the rebels half a mile Distant work with the same View and in the morn ing both armies Are Well entrenched. will now be who will come out and give Hattle so much for tie right. Another though minor Force is working on the left independen Flyr yet with its Schnite Etra Getic bearings on the main operation. To is subordinate operation 1st Fredericksburg. Balloon Deconno Issace show clearly that the enemy have taken their main Force from the Heights of Fredericksburg and the line Down the Tappahannock and massed against is Chancellorsville. They have also removed the greater bulk of their artillery with the same end j and general Sedgwick who commands the left thinks himself Strong enough to carry the Heights. _ still another co operative role is assigned the powerful cavalry expedition ten do a general Stoneman. To is is nothing less than to Cut the Railroad Bridges that Cross the two Affine its of the Paunn key namely the North and South Annas less than Twenty Miles from Richmond. The Bridge Over the North Anna is a Hundred and fifty feet Long and eighty feet High and cannot possibly be reconstructed in less than a a fortnight. _ whether Stone Mon has by this time actually j performed Bis task is not yet reported. I have followed him Only As far As Tappahannock station sooth of Culpepper through which he dashed on thursday night. To is rapid Survey will indicate How colossal is the plan of Campaign which general Hooker has marked out for the army. The Active operations of saturday comprise a series of attempts in Force on the part of the rebels to break our line various Points which1 were in one Case partially Success Fol in another completely successful and in All the others completely i a successful. In the morning As we stood on the Balcony of Chancellor s House the attention was aroused by a Sharp rattle of musketry coming from a column of rebels coming up by the main Fredericksburg Plank Road directly in front of of. Knapp s Battery however which was planted directly far1 front of the pee Ilion opened upon them and after a few rounds caused them to retire. Immediately afterwards a Battery opened from the height which i have mentioned As having been gained by Sykes yesterday and then abandoned by us. The position was rather upward of amp mile Distant from the cleared space and its object was to damage our ammunition train a bib was visible to the rebels from the tops of Trees on the height. One of on batteries however immediately opened in reply. The third1 shot blew up one of the caissons and a a nose a Anent shot blew up another and this sat fed their account. 1subsequently a reconnaissance was sent Law our part can listing of the 26th Pennsylvania volunteers Carr s brigade Berry s division. Sickles corps on the same Road by which the rebels had approached in the morning for the purpose of feeling their strength. They went oat of the Plank Road deployed on both sides in the form of a letter a chased the rebel skirmishers a couple of Miles till they came to a heavy double line of Battle with artillery in position when they retired bringing us that piece of a Tell thence. Another re Ewe amp Issac be was next sent out or on right consisting of Berdan s sharpshooters. They met the enemy s pickets drove them handsomely and 4 o clock returned with fifty prisoners of the 23d Georgia. 4 the rebels Are moving Down in Force or the Plank Road where we had a Little before made the reconnaissance. Geary s division of Slocum s corps is sent in on the double Quick into the Woods their bayonets flashing in the sunlight. A Sharp contest ensues and in a few minutes they come Back in disorder a por Ioe of Kane s brigade composed of raw troops had broken and thrown the cola Tun into confusion. An Aid from Slocum comes to ask Generali Hooker if be can have reinforcements. Quot no he must bold his own. Howard will of coarse support him from the right. Let Geary s division however be thrown to the right of the Road. to Bathe artillery be Able to sweep Ibe Neiny on the left a this treatment presently repaired the damage and checked the Hope of the rebels being Able to Pierce . Foiled in this they a prepared to make still More desperate dash on oar right we were aware that they had been massing against that Point All the afternoon and the terrific treble of the Demoniac yell with which the rebels always Rush into Battle announced their approach from the Woods by the Culpepper Plank Road. Jae kaon s whole corps reinforced by h. Hill s division,.numbering Winall. Forty thousand men had precipitated themselves on Howard s corps forming oar extreme right corps is composed of the divisions of Schurz Steinwehr amp and Devin and consists in great part of German troops. Without waiting for a single Volley from the rebels this corps disgracefully abandoned their position behind their breastworks and commenced coming in stricken Down the Road toward our right was thus completely turned and Tho rebels in the fair Way of doubling us up. was a critical situation and brought own the Superb resources of general Hooker he was to the a moment Calm and a of Olry a. The master of a situation fit to Over master the Best. The first thing was to Check the rebel Advance which must become fatal if allowed to go on much further. was a terribly animated scene. The a blow open Plain presented such a spectacle As the Sinton might make in the desert. Through her disk of Nightfall Rushing whirlwind and artillery swept Over the Putnin. The shattered fleeing col mud of men were rubbing Down and aver us Headquarters. A oeral Hooker now sent to the Aid of general Howard Ibec a cond division of the third corps common by major general Berry. Captain Best soon moved his batteries on a Ridge running �crof8 the Road and after a Short but san Guimary contest the further Advance othe Roew my was stayed. _ general Pleasanton too. Succeeded in turn engr Back a dozen pieces taken from the Fly my corps r and planted them in a favourable position while he Drew up his Little brigade of cavalry cobs or ing of squadrons of the 6th new York Resh Pennsylvania and i7th Pennsylvania with drawn a Bres to Proteno Tho guns a a Bat i sight is Battle directing the pieces to be doubled spotted with canister he swept the position occupied by the enemy with murderous fire. The successful Check of Tho advancing Loe is in up Small degree owing to the Lado mutable Energy of this Gallant Soldier. _ _ while this is going on of amp a troops Are sweeping in u?., and round by Bea let quarters into the Rosaa leading into United Ford. Many members of. The staff of general Hooker and of her general office a a a a Quot selves in the read and with Drew a a a a Quot and slashed the cowardly retreating rascals. W was All in vain however. The read for two
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