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La Crosse Sunday Tribune Newspaper Archives May 19 1957, Page 1

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La Crosse Sunday Tribune (Newspaper) - May 19, 1957, La Crosse, Wisconsin Wit $8 Brosse St Dag 13 the weather continued Cloudy sunday Soma fog in morning warmer in after noon. High about 80, River 4.h, rising. Volume 53. Number 4 forty two pages la Crosse Wisconsin sunday morning May 19, 1957 five sections Section one thousands of oklahoman flee rising flood Waters nearly All of Elmer a. Warnings left former president Ami general manager of the Peoples ice and fuel co., inc., and its numerous operations explains some of the phases of Concrete Block Mak ing to Jake Hoeschler Cente new owner. At the right is Frank Mader Concrete Block Plant superintendent. Teamster dilemma successor for Beck a Tribune foot ice Cement gravel firms change hands acquisition of too per cent of the Stock of Peoples ice and fuel co., inc., and other properties is announced by Jake Hoeschler. President of Hoeschler drug co. And owner manager of Hoeschler realty co. The transaction covers the 52-year-old Peoples ice and fuel co., West Channel Cement Block co. And West Charnel Sand and gravel co. Of which Elmer a. Warn Mger was president and general manager and several parcels of real estate Hoeschler said. A or it or the corporation will have three basins the ice and fuel company with general offices at the present location 2nd and division us. Hoeschler Concrete products co with new offices at the West Channel location and the West Channel Sand and gravel co. Heading his staff for operation of the ice and fuel company is Carl la Nae who will conduct this business in conjunction with his Well known insurance Agency the new owner said. Name at the Block company has been changed to Hoeschler Concrete products because this division will be diversified in nature manufacturing a number of other Concrete products in addition to blocks. The new office on West Channel grounds has been omit to facilitate quicker and easier handling of All orders according to Hoeschler. The wholesale and retail Plant is located just beyond tile Mississippi River Bridge across from the Entrance to Petti Bone Island Park. A Coulee Region outdoor living la Crosse has much to offer vacationers to More than 200 in refusing to answer charges of taking hundreds of thousands of Union dues j dollars is facing More trouble. He is due to appear monday j before the 26-Man Al Cio exec now Well covered with hauled in Black dirt. The Sandbar is smack Between the father of Waters i the West and Mississippi Bluffs about 24 Miles to the East. I the City is much longer than it j is wide. Three major Bluffs Grandad j Cliffwood and hedgehog Over look the aty proper although there Are dozens of other Marine j Rock formations of similar size up the River As far As Hastings minn., too Miles North through a i rustic Riverside drive j Grandad about 600 feet above by James o. Holmlund the City a floor is the most Majes Tribune Sun writer tic. Geologists estimate these for natives along this stretch of nations which some tourists Call Oil Man River the Mississippi mountains were Cut away by Riv have been somewhat prone it rela or rain and freeze through an editor s note another Section of today a la Crosse Tribune is devoted to a outdoor living a a it con Tam articles and pictures relating to the Coulee Region and advertisements for Many of the things that make for outdoor fun. The following article was prepared at the invitation of the associated press for statewide release. It summarizes those things which will be attractive to tourists who visit these parts. By Norman Walker Washington us a fellow mountains. Teamster Bosses have so far Hoffa is due to go to trial Here avoided ousting scandal scarred june 17 00 a Floral indictment Dave Beck As Union president charging he bribed a staff invest Only because they can to decide Ligator of Mcclellan s committee among themselves on a successor. Committee secrets. The inside Story is told by some More recently he was indicted on of those involved in the turmoil j wire tapping charges stirred up within the truck Denver conviction undoubtedly would Union by the sensational Senate vastly diminish Hoffa a Union in rackets committee disclosures Kuencer. Two Ether vice presidents utile Council most powerful about Beck Frank w. Brewster the unions i group in organized Labory to an the situation is that Many of West 00881 Kingpin and Einar o. Ser charges of bringing All labor Beck s colleagues have abandoned Mohn its administrative chief into disrepute. Are indicted on contempt of con the Council suspended Beck Gress charges. March 29 As an Al Cio vice aaa president and Council member. Brewster also has been heavily mondays hearing is to determine implicated in the Senate hearings whether he has any explanation to and is another expected to lose give his labor colleagues behind out in the Union elections this fall closed doors on the charges he has As is Sidney l. Brennan vice pres publicly refused to answer for ident from Minneapolis who was inquiring senators. Transportation East of the Rocky j convicted before the present Senate hearings on charges of accept j ing Money from an employer j meanwhile. Beck having run his j string of fifth amendment pleas timely speaking to keep quiet about recreational end natural attractions hereabouts. The same can be said about the dozens of families moving into the la Crosse area. Furthermore most done to realize How much is available in attractive sights in this Cross Section of North America in the a heart of the Coulee bragging yes just a Little. But folks Here Are proud of what nature gave them and which Man helped develop. A if it for one thing local tourist and vacation promoters Are urging that Midwest residents spend two or three Day weekends Here. Its part of a new twist in advertising planned. Naturally it is hoped that visitors will stay longer. What is this la Crosse and Coulee Region attraction that combines the historic with the geological and the agrarian this natural wildlife watering spot photographic never never land first this City of about 50,000 an area of almost to acres in this location will be dredged and filled to utilize the valuable property to its maximum capacity. A sales manager who has had Many years of experience in the Alice winners manufacture of Concrete products i client strata at least 400 million years old. The aged sedimentary Rock for i nations some Well covered with tree and Flora were Laid Down by an old water bed. Authorities figure that once Liere was a solid mass stretching from the Wisconsin Bluffs to the Minnesota Side now about five Miles across at la Crosse. Now the Mississippi flows below stretching about 400 feet across at la Crosse. A it a joining la Crosse to nearby la Crescent minn., is a four Lane Turnpike on . Highways 14-61-16. With lagoons bayous Duck and i fish habitant alongside the Busy Highway. In the eyes of one major tourist promotional group this is the Hiawatha Valley a name taken from the works of the poet Longfellow from Grandad reached by the City so red line drive a which bisects la crossed the Minnesota Bluff and plateau country and the Iowa Bluffs about 35 Miles Dis is under consideration and will j be announced soon by Hoeschler. He will have the Block Plant and Sand and gravel company under Bis supervision. Hoeschler pointed out that in this Modem age of refrigeration Frozen foods and air conditioning ice is a necessary adjunct. Custom freezing is on the upgrade throughout the nation he noted. A Peoples ice and fuel co. Is in a position to furnish an ice cube or an entire Igloo a customers Rose Petal or Trout encased in ice and sculptured folded or other artistically shaped ice to lend distinction and remembrance to a special occasion a he added. A a a the modern commercial Plant is equipped for Large production of commercial ice. It has 890 tanks that hold 400 pounds of ice each handled by overhead cranes. Water for the ice which is not chlorinated comes from two separate Wells. It is regularly tested by the health department. During the freezing period the1 air is drawn out of the ice by Hydraulic pumps. The result is the desired products clean Clear solid harder and longer toasting. The Plant has More than 20,000 Square feet of storage space. The retail and wholesale distribution Center at 2nd St. And Cameron ave. Will be maintained. Ice cubes and cakes of any size persons is situated on a Sandbar Tant As the Crow flies can be seen on a Clear Day. A Park and nature trails Are a part of the Grandad setup. La Crosse is truly a part of the heart of the great drip less name Region 6 Wonewoc. Wis. Special Marilyn Jean Senty. 18. Independence and Ann Bohri 19, Fountain City were named Alice in Dairyland princesses for Region six at the regional contest held saturday evening at Wonewoc. Marilyn the daughter of or. And mrs. Lester Senty. Is a pre nursing student at Carroll College Waukesha and Ann daughter of or. And mrs. W. F. Bohri is a student at the University of Wisconsin. Both girls will be entered in the state contest to be held at Beaver dam May 31 and june i. They competed against 13 contestants from la Crosse Jackson Monroe Trempealeau and Pepin counties. All loyalty to him. But they want to arrange to fill the vacuum before they give him the a. For his part. Beck is fighting Back. He says he Isnit thinking of resigning and intends to run for a new five year term As Union president at the convention in Miami in late september. A a a but according to reliable reports Beck privately realizes he can t stay on. His fondest Hope what he really wants is to convince other teamsters chiefs to let him be re elected As a sort of vindication with the understanding he then would resign immediately and let someone else succeed him. But Beck is not Likely to achieve his Hope. One of the unions la vice presidents John t. Sandy of Brien of Chicago already has come out As a a clean up candidate against Beck. There May be other candidates because the Helm of the nation s largest labor Union is a coveted spot. Aaa it s Likely the situation As to Beck s successor won t clarify until after the coming bribery trial of James r. Hoffa. The 44-year-okl Detroit vice president of the Union. Before the teamsters scandals broke Hoffa easily was the most powerful Man in the 14 million j member Union. Chairman Mcclel i Lan Ltd Ark of the Senate committee said Hoffa controls All trucking inadvertently invited negroes stay away Richmond a. Or none of the six or More negroes inadvertently invited to the All White affair showed up last night As the Virginia state chamber of Commerce held its a distinguished virginians dinner. There was no reference to the incident Fey any of the speakers. Chamber officials said the inv Hammer tapping heard Rescue workers dig for trapped Miner poor woman leaves estate of $3,126,488 Fresno Calif. A neigh Bors of mrs. Cora Nidever had taken it for granted she was poor. She lived for years in a $1,500 Frame House. Her household furniture at most was Worth Only $50. Saturday More than a year after she died at the age of 85 without leaving a will there Are eight claimants to her estate. Papers on file in Superior court reveal she inherited valuable Oil property from her Mother and left property valued at $3,126,488. . Displays military men and machines a Creek collapsed. The couple was by Fred s. Hoffman thrown into the surging Waters. I Section near the Texas line More Washington a the United Bullock was attempting to Hel than 50 ashes were forced from states put its military men and his Wile but he was carried away. I their Homes for the third time in machines on display saturday she later was saved after clinging a month. Cow and Beaver creeks All across the nation military i debris. I which converge in the town Wert state affected Oklahoma City apr oklahoman by the thousands from the metropolitan City of Tulsa in the Northeast to Farmers along the Washita River in the South evacuated their Homes saturday night As major flooding was reported in virtually All sections. Tulsa Oklahoma a second largest City was warned 1 it can expect the worst flood in history As the rain swollen Arkansas rolled downstream. Tulsa has a population of 240,000. Already brimful and rising steadily the River is expected to Crest at Tulsa sunday after receiving a heavy Toad of water from the overflowing Cimarron River where the two converge at Keystone 30 Miles West of Tulsa. I Oklahoma s fatalities for the three Days of storms climbed to nine saturday with the recovery of the body of Roland Bullock 39, a Farmer near Lindsay. He and his wife were Riding in a pickup truck when a Bridge Over drinking. The water Supply also was Cut off at Kingfisher in Northwest Oklahoma As flood water surged into the storage Reservoir of that City of 4,000. Drinking water was trucked in. Aaa at Waurika in the South Central air and naval bases were thrown j aaa Lykens a. Rescue workers in their second Day of round the clock digging Laboured saturday to free a 34-year-old father of three buried 25 feet underground by a mine Cave in. David Snyder was trapped in an Independent mine on Short Mountain one mile West of this Eastern Pennsylvania Anthracite Community Friday morning. The Only communication Between the entombed Man and the surface was late Friday afternoon via tapping with a Hammer. Aaa some 40 Rescue workers were digging out about a ton and half of debris every two hours not knowing whether Snyder was alive. The scene of the dramatic Rescue operation is at the Western end of Short Mountain a Bleak desolate area about a mile from where three Lykens men were killed in a Coal slide 23 years ago. At 6 . State mine inspector Francis o Connor estimated it would take a at least another six to eight hours to reach the area where the victim is believed to be entombed. Aaa Veteran miners among the sober faced crowd of about 75 friends and neighbors maintaining a silent Vigil at the scene agreed it was a highly improbably Snyder would be found alive. The Only Chance of his surviving they explained hinged on his having Access to air via one of the several shafts to abandoned veins in the Vicinity. Open to the Public. In speeches there was get major far and wide Pentagon officials-1 trave Ltd without washouts. Three major Bridges and dozens of smaller annual armed ones were washed away it uniformed and civilian a bore Down on the need for Strong defences. Center of this 8th forces Observance was in the a train service was disrupted by i Tiona a capital and nearby Andrews washed out rails. Buses also were air Force base Down or halted. Nearly 10,000 troops of All the j together with veterans fell in the South Central Section out of their Banks. Twenty three Square blocks were flooded at Blackwell in the North Central Section by the Chikaski j River. It crested at 32.57 feet far i above flood stage. Fifty farm lie were forced to abandon their As much As nine inches of rain Homes in the Eastern Section of town which was hit by a Tornado several years ago. Services and other groups swung Down Flag bedecked Constitution Avenue in Bright Sunshine. In the reviewing stand were Secretary of defense Wilson and other High officials. Also watching the Parade were Many Diplo of the state overnight. The Washita River was out of its Banks in the South Central sections. From Lindsay where the nine inches fell to Lake Texoma in the Southeast. The Highway patrol said it was i Mats including uniformed offi j warning property owners and Resi-1 cers attached to Iron curtain in a Gallons. At Andrews air Force base just outside the City an estimated 100,000 persons thronged through the Gates to get a look at samples of americans most advanced missile and other weapons. Base police said they Antic Japan builds Case against . Sergeant dents along the Washita to be on t the Alert for momentary evacuation. Dozens of persons already had abandoned their Homes. Some lowlands in the tuba area i a ,�"�<1 Quot Stales Over a eth. Were flooded. The Mer experts i def the fatal Tokyo opt Japan built up her Case saturday in a tug of War warned residents on both sides of shooting 0f a the Arkansas they can expect a Hunting severe flood when the Crest hits Ipa ted a total of about 250,000 Bylthe end of this first of two a a open in Day hundreds of persons moved out open see armed forces Page 8 Benny wants Togo Home has touch of pneumonia japanese woman Metal on a . Military firing Range. The office of the Maebashi procurator District attorney indicted s. 3c. William s. Girard of Ottawa. 111., i a charge of inflicting bodily injury resulting in death. Conviction might entail a sentence of from 2 to 15 years in Region covering several Wisconsin Minnesota and Iowa counties in this part of the Midwest. The glaciers for some unexplained reason never pushed through these parts centuries ago. Aaa As a result a summer and Winter playground of deep valleys rugged Hills meandering Brooks i and Rivers and abundant wildlife j were left to thrive. Although la Crosse county can Only boast of two or a portion of two lakes be Sonoc at West Salem and Onalaska on the Mississippi both Man create Dit can claim a site a where three Rivers meet and 67 Miles of Trout streams. Brook Brown and rain it see tourist Page 8 by Francis Stilley i what happened then except it got Manorville by. Urben dark and i got by Hooper the a boy in the Well a i the exhausted parents spent the nations slipped through a careful to g0 from the hos a get at the Hospital screening process. They were Petal saturday but a doctor the Mother Borghild 30, later withdrawn but the chamber had Gaid Hule spot o pneum0nia�?� told newsmen that during the tor a aaa the pneumonia report came aft whether the boy Calid be saved the Rescue Effort was one of sex Blond Blue eyed Benny 7, had be had a adjust herself to aspirating frustrations unix a Lac of to find it been pronounced in Good Condi die possibility he might be dead Ali shortly before it succeeded. Tion despite 24 gruelling hours was dying to i Tore him a first the father had lowered a trapped 24 feet Down a freshly ing dead and to build myself rope hoping the boy could grasp dug Well. Up to the fact that he was and j and in be pulled out of the at Bayview general Hospital in How Cope wet it she said. J Shaft scarcely a foot in diameter. Area the latter an a glaciated promised to treat courteously any i would keep him there a White. Niente hours waiting to learn of the negroes who might attend. Or Page births. 31 building pages. 4 and 5 classified adv. 31-35 Community news .33 and 30 conservation news .16 daily records .31 death notices .31 editorials. 6 to and radio log 9 and 17 sports. 14 and 15 Heaters 9 Tri state deaths .31 weather map. 8 women a news la 12 and 13 crossword Puzzle .17 Britain planning big new air sea land base i n Kenya nearby Mastic Beach Long Island or. Joseph h. Kris told newsmen that a rays had shown a touch of pneumonia on the boys right lung. A a pneumonia had been feared Ever since the lad was pulled from the Sand Friday night stiff j and cold but still alive. Aaa household goods and evacuated their Homes in the populous Brookside area on the River a East Bank and from Garden City a smaller Community on the City a Industrial West Side. Prison if the japanese gain Cus sandbagging was under Way in Tody of him. Many places including a Large Oil j the woman was mrs. Naka refinery and the Public service j Sakai 46. She was killed by an co. Power producing Plant both j empty Cartridge Case propelled sleep. He talked with doctors on the River a Bank. Utility com from a grenade launcher. It was nurses and newsmen and finally Pany officials said the Plant was fired after she and several other was sent Home after Daybreak to Wenj protected. I women admittedly trespassing in get some rest. J aaa j quest of junk they could sell Hadjy a mph r stayed a Quot a a the upstream Many of the Arkan Hospital. J ___._3._iv. _ Hara Village North of Tokyo during a rest period in firing Jan. 30 and ignored warnings to leave. Asst. Prosecutor Kakuichi Fuji Mote said Girard would remain in american custody during the trial the Date for which is still to a thursday and its 350 citizens1 forced to higher ground was suf upstream Many i Sas s tributary streams were be ginning to subside. But River experts said Points downstream from Tulsa would get flooding two or three feet above the 1923 record. Dover which was flooded then firemen lowered a Grap j Ferong from a shortage of drink she slept under sedation in the pling Hook but it Tore through the my water saturday. It had to be trucked in. A few families were boys Hospital room and awakened i boys red poplin jacket. At about 9 30 came the Gigantic Job of then she tiptoed to the boys digging a parallel vertical Shaft bed. Leaned Over smiled and said 30 feet across the top and about a this is i 25 feet deep so a Tunnel could be a hello Mommy a the boy re-1 built from the Bottom to the boys i plied. I position in the Well. A hello baby a she said. Time after time landslides the father overjoyed and sex wiped out All Progress in the Tun by Arthur Gashon j the Powers concerned Are Bri London or Britain has de Tam France Belgium. Portugal cited to build up a big new air f South Africa and the Central Afri land and sea base system in Ken-1 can federation. South Africa Yaas part of her revamped global wants the group to join in a re strategy government officials re ported saturday. This is Likely to transform the will be available in dispensing East african Colony an equatorial machines there and at vending stations throughout the area. Aaa Hoeschler Concrete products co. Has installed what is considered the worlds leading Block machine the famous Besser super Vibra Pac for mass production of precision built Quality blocks. Besser has adopted the recommendations of the american standards Assn. In cooperation with die american Institute of architects for the coordination of dimensions of building materials see Hoeschler Page 8 land of 225,000 Square Miles into a sort of Imperial Halfway House linking the British Home islands militarily with its colonies and Commonwealth partners in Asia and the Pacific. The British decision has been followed by a hush hush reappraisal of the project for a new pan african defense grouping. A a a senior military staff officers of countries with interests in Africa South of the Sahara desert already Are conferring to insure joint planning and cooperation. Sense Chain. Long Range bombers Able to deliver nuclear bombs would be within striking distance of the i Middle East from Nairobi a East Sam Woodson 39, negro con Vional defense arrangement that Leigh Airfield they also could a Striction worker who reached the could be linked with the North j reach British territories in the boy first through a Rescue Tunnel Atlantic pact. Pacific by Way of Maldive islands j had told the doctor j f Kenya extends Inland from the j West of Ceylon which recently j something snap As he pulled the have become the setting for new boy ou0 the shoulder May have Royal air Force staging posts. J been i Urt then. The Indian Ocean port of mom the doctor earlier said the boy Basa has been earmarked by the was a hungry and that always a British admiralty As a possible Good sign in a naval base. J a a he a a Good boy. He Doest the Uncertain future of Cyprus complain. He does what we Tell a the restive bastion Isle in the i him East Mediterranean was among at the Hospital the boy told his factors that made Britain turn to father How he fell into the Well. Kenya. The British have sus a i was playing with Michael a Pended work on three army and Friend and we were running. I air Force Cantonment in Cyprus told him i wanted to see if i could because of the possibility the is-1 jump Over the Hole lands defense facilities May be a i jumped and i fell taken Over by nato. I a i done to remember much about or Kris said the boy was bang res got utile i Eling efforts kept in an oxygen tent and needed quiet. Earlier the boy had been Lively and ate his first solid food a bowl of cereals and reminded his father truck Driver Benjamin sr., i that he wanted a toy automobile j for his birthday in july. He was suffering from a soreness in one shoulder but or. Kris said a rays showed there were no broken Bones. Kris kept a 24-hour Vigil during the Rescue efforts at the pit. A a a returning to their Homes in that Northwest Oklahoma town but everyone was eating at the High school. At Coyle in North Central Oklahoma the main Street Section was under water from the Cimarron but water had to be hauled in for Indian Ocean to Lake Victoria. Coffee Corn and Cotton loom Large in the Colony a Economy. A a from 1952 to 1956 it was chiefly in the world news As the Home of the Mau Mau a negro terrorist society pledged to run out the Whites who make up about 30.000 of the six million population. That uprising was essentially crushed last fall. British informants said the Kenya bases could emerge collectively As perhaps the most important link in the commonwealths de by order of Secretary of defens Wilson the . Far East com it Mand held off surrender of the 22-year-old Soldier to japanese authorities. Wilson s order cabled j from Washington. Friday called for a Complete review of the this overruled a decision of the command made under japanese government pressure and a was of anti american feeling in this i Island nation to turn Girard Over for trial despite the .-Japan status of forces agreement that gives local courts jurisdiction Only Over off duty off base offences of american military personnel. A Joyful father Benjamin Hooper sr., smiles at the son for whom he had Given up Hope. Little Benny 7, weakened by his Day Long ordeal at the Bottom of a Well smiles Back from his oxygen tent in Bay View Hospital. Uni fax boy suffocates in narrow sewer line Cody Wyo. Urn a 2-year-old boys body was recovered Friday night from a narrow sewer in near his Home after he was buried alive and suffocated. Sheriff Frank Blackburn said Blond Richard Thun was trapped in the 5-foot-deep Trench and covered with Earth when a Power shovel filled the Furrow at la . Blackburn said the child apparently was playing in the Trench when his right foot be earn wedged Between the ditch Wall and sewer pipe Laid in the Bottom. Several workmen recalled seeing the child in the Vicinity but none saw him enter the Trench the sheriff said. More than too volunteers searched this Northwest Wyoming town and surrounding Fields for More than six hours before about 50 of the searchers turned to the sewer line ditch As a last resort

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