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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 25, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies Sunset Moon rides Low and arts Glrst Quarter . . Friday . Visible Plaj Tets Venn following Mars Cut Ward Lonj ecliptic will catch up with the dimmer and More Distant planet next january. Jupiter rises . A times Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxviii no. 193 Kingsport term., thursday sept. 25, 1952 24 Popes five cents the weaker cloudiness tonight Friday. Low 52. Yesterday s High 75, last night s Low 43, noon Reading 65. With prestone anti freeze. You re set you re Safe you re political fund Ofsow Ozofor Adlai reported sex purchasing agent tells of collections from state suppliers rejects gop demand governor Adlai Stevenson is shown breakfasting in Balti More Maryland prior to de parting for Springfield Illinois. He has flatly refused senator Springfield. 111. Adlai e. Stevenson s former state purchasing agent estimated to Day that at least in political contributions were collected from state suppliers in 1949-50. William j. Mckinney who now operates a sales Agency Here said i it was my understanding part of the Money went to Stevenson and part to the democratic Cen trial Mckinney confirmed most of the details of a Story written by Nixon s demand that he Dis two Scripps Howard newspaper close names of Illinois state reporters from Chicago. There officials whose salaries he aug was no immediate comment from i rented with Cash gifts. Nea Stevenson. Mckinney said the amount of Money collected was strictly a guess on my part but i Don t think it could be very i know there were several donations and it would to take Many of those to make up he said. By the same Token there weren t Many that size but then there were some smaller ones think it was All a very legit i mate approach from the stand Point of it not being a forced chinese Knock Allied troops off korean Hill puerto Picans lose in valiant assault report giant reds Seoul Korea troops knocked puerto rican soldiers off another height near Kelly Hill on the Western front today and repelled a u. N. Coun Ter attack in a heavy rain. The red attack on big Nori consolidated communist con i quest of Kelly Hill which the Nixon stays on gop ticket with party leaders support and ikes blessings aboard Eisenhower Spe Cial Dwight d. Eisen Hower and sen. Richard m. Nixon marched Side by Side Back to the political wars today after a dramatically tearful reunion in Wheeling w. A. Although Eisenhower took on a heavy whistle Stop schedule in West Virginia and Maryland and Nixon flew West to Salt Lake City they were teamed solidly by a 107 to 0 vote of Confidence by the Republican National committee in the vice presiden tial nominee. Washed out were any doubts puerto Picans failed to win Back i that might have been in the of Eisenhower the top posse searcher River Bottoms for 7 escapees contribution. The collection com Mittee did t come Back to me at All and say so and so did not contribute so Don t give him any i believe if they had used Force there would have been an opposite reaction and they would have told me to Stop buying from some the Scripps Howard dispatch said the collections were Sepa rate from the fun Stevenson says to supplement the Sal Aries of appointed state employees. The dispatch continued see Illinois Page 10 Tenn. Prisoners flee i into Snake infested i land two captured Henning. Tenn. A blood hound aided posse combed the Rattlesnake infested h a t c h i e in a valiant yesterday puerto Picans of the 65th in i Fantry regiment fighting in the Kelly Hill area West of Chor won reported the appearance for the first time of giant sol Diers apparently from Outor Mongolia. Since the night of sept. 18, when the reds seized Kelly Hill the puerto Picans have reported huge soldiers they said the new Comers we re 6 feet 4 inches tall land appeared to weigh 200 pounds at least. They were like big Brown an officer said. The communists also stabbed lightly at Tessie Hill near Kelly but fell Back under fire. The Central front was quiet but the reds took the initiative in the East jabbing five times at u. N. Positions Northeast of the Punchbowl. They got nowhere. Meanwhile rain and Low Clouds curtailed Gen. Mark w. Clark s tour of Korea today. The air Force attacked enemy railroads Yards at Sindmak 35 Miles Northwest of Kaeson dropping 128 tons of explosives presidential Standard bearer whether Nixon s acceptance of More than in privately raised expense funds from wealthy californians should count him out As a candidate. Standing before a shivering crowd of about persons which failed to fill the flood lighted Wheeling municipal stadium Eisenhower testified for his running mate last night in these words ladies and gentlemen my colleague in this political Campaign has been subjected to a but i feel that he has acted As a Man of courage and Honor and so far As i am concerned stands higher than Ever Nixon replied i went before a great number of my fellow americans and Laid before them a Case a Case which some of them i knew honestly misunderstood a Case which i Felt it was my obligation to pre sent to them because it seems to me that candidates for the presidency and the vice presi Dency of the United states As Gen. Eisenhower says have got very unfair and vicious attack. To be As clean As a hound s so far As i am concerned he has not Only vindicated himself i there was much More. But in these few words the smiling re publicans hoped they had wrapped up satisfactorily one of the strangest cases in american of the pos sible ouster of a vice presiden tial candidate from a National ticket. The democrats were not Likely to consider the matter closed however. In the highest Republican Cir cles there had been no doubt for Days that Nixon would be retained on the ticket. That ver dict was sealed when his nation Al radio television broadcast resulted in Western Union offices being swamped with telegrams in his behalf. Nevertheless Eisenhower maintained the technical Posi Tion that he alone could not de cide Nixon s Fate. Thus he could not announce publicly that he was keeping his running mate at his Side. He could Only say that the National committee clothed with the final party Power had voted 107 to 0 to keep Nixon on. And Nixon was on no mistaking thac out of this whole situation developed a series of scenes As in a play. Eisenhower saw Nixon s Tele see Nixon Page 10 182nd-string reds indicted conspiracy charges face u. S. Commies Washington second string communist party of the River Bottoms near Here Early today for seven escaped prison ers two of them armed with shotguns. The prisoners fled the fort Pillow state prison farm yester Day. Two other prisoners who escaped were Back at the farm to Day. One was captured the other gave up. The farm id about 48 Miles North of Memphis. Authorities said no hardened criminals Are imprisoned at the farm. The men All White had been sent out in the Fields with two armed guards Warden t. Ben Nett Wright said. They made a break across an open Field and escaped. There was no excuse for the guards not firing on them except careless leaders rounded up by the Fri last week have been indicted on charges of conspiring to advocate the overthrow of the United states government by Force. Federal grand juries yesterday returned indictments against seven in Seattle. Wash., and five in St. Louis to. The six others were indicted in Detroit last monday. The action announced by the Justice department charge Vio lations of the Smith act. This Law prohibits the advocacy or teaching of the violent Over throw of the Federal govern ment. It provides penalties up to Fine 10 years imprison ment or both. The 18 party functionaries were picked up sept. 17 by the Fri in Midwest cities and on the West coast. They Are alleged to have inherited party leadership after the convictions two years ago of the highest communist officials if this country. The Seattle indictment charged the seven defendants with 16 specific overt conspiracy guards was in he added. The search was being hampered by the heavy underbrush and Gumbo mud. The prisoners broke into three nearby houses soon after they escaped and stole two shotguns the posse reported. See escapees Page 10 British atom test hears in Australia Sydney Australia up coastal watchers scanned the skies off Western Australia today for the blast of Britain s secret new atomic weapon in the lonely Monte Bello islands. Scientists May be waiting Only for More favourable weather to set off the explosion it was believed. There was speculation in some quarters that Zero hour would come Between now and sunday. Newspapermen and other along the Long target. 1st Case tried under Beer ban firm Driver fined to Appeal Case in the first Case of its kind arising under the new Beer ban ordinance a distributing firm and a truck Driver were fined each in City court thurs Day on charges of storing and transporting Beer within the Kingsport City limits. An Appeal to the next term of Kingsport Law court was immediately entered by the defendants attorney indicating that the Case might possibly be come a test of the constitutionality of the controversial Ordi Ince. The Case was heard by acting judge Carl Kirkpatrick who occupied the Bench after City judge Lacy West had excused himself due to his connection with the Law firm representing the defendants. Charges against the defend ants were based on Section two of the Beer ban passed by the Board of mayor and aldermen last june. This Section forbids any per son firm or corporation to transport sell store distribute or receive or possess for Sale Beer of alcoholic Content of not More than five per cent by weight within tote Kingsport see Beer Page 10 48 men trapped in sub Telegram flood for Hood executive director of the Republican National committee is nearly hidden behind a table Load of messages of approval of sen. Richard Nixon s radio and to explanation of a fund contributed by wealthy California supporters to finance his political activities. A wire photo actions. The St. Louis indictment watchers on coastal Points near charged the five there with 15 specific overt acts. The six indicted in Detroit were charged with 17 specific overt actions. The 18 men named in indict ments the Justice department said include Seattle Henry p. Huff 58 William j. Pennock 37 Karly Larsen 47 Terry Pettus 48 Paul Miller Bowen 30 John Shields Daschbach 38 Barbara Hartle 44. St. Louis James Frederick Forest 42 his wife Dorothy 37 Marcus Alphonse Murphy 44 William Sentner 45 Robert Manewitz 35. Continued increase in polio reported Washington up the Public health service today re ported new cases of polio last week an increase of 158 cases Over the of the pre est the islands Are exchanging bets on what they will see when the big moment comes. Whatever it is the atomic weapon and its military and scientific handlers have been sur rounded by a Barrier of secrecy even tighter than those around american atom tests. Bulletin Miami Small but severe Hurricane with winds up to 85 Miles an hour popped up Over the Atlantic today Only 360 Miles East of fort Lander Dale Fla. It was moving North West at about 12 Miles per hour. Small Craft on the lower Atlantic coast were warned to remain in port Stevenson Camp looks to Harry Hope president will take Campaign Trail Springfield 111. Adlai e. Stevenson s advisers looked today to president tru Man to take up the Campaign Battle cry now that the Illinois governor has drawn the Blue print. The Stevenson Camp Hopes that or. Master of the whistle Stop technique will come into the election fray swinging freely and directly at Dwight d. Eisenhower the re publican nominee to whom the president once offered the democratic nomination. Meantime Stevenson was standing firm on his decision not to drag into the Public Lime Light his fund to help supple ment salaries for top state administrators. If i have anything to say i la say the democratic presi dental nominee said yesterday see Stevenson Page 10 Truman holds comment of Washington up presi Dent Truman said today he still believes congressmen and top government officials should make Public their entire Finan Cial status. Or. Truman made the state ment at a news conference at which he refused to comment on the expense fund of sen. Richard m. Nixon. However he suggested that reporters read a message he sent to Congress on 27, 1951. He still feels that Way he said. In Man that message or. Tru recommended that con Titus week. Officials said hopefully the blinded Soldier cried because he could t Back his comrades by Richard Applegate United press staff correspondent somewhere in Korea up the boy was bleeding from the eyeballs had been shot he was cry ing when i found him some 200 feet from the nearest dressing station. I m not All he said sadly wiping at his bleeding face with a Grimy shirtsleeves. I was supposed to Back up the platoon with my bar Brown ing automatic Rifle and i had picked out a swell place where i could see almost every Inch of the path the platoon was taking. It was Early in the morning but that was what i was there for and i had a perfect shot at them. He was not crying because his Atter the tog had tufted i c1ould 1952 epidemic might be on Wane despite the 4 per cent in crease for the week. They noted that last week s increase was confined almost entirely to five Illinois Michigan Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Eyes had been shot out or be cause he had a gaping wound High on his left shoulder. Apparently he was crying through sheer exasperation. While i was talking to him two medics climbed laboriously up through the rocks trying to get him Back to the Aid station. I had been trying to Comfort in the 43 other states lad who had been in the week s total was cases a army Only five months and Tell decline from the previous he was All right. See everything i saw the lieutenant take the patrol Over a Little Knoll and i knew that if they were going in to an ambush there was where it would be. Then i saw the ambush. I saw about six or eight chinese Rise up from the rim Rock with their machine guns they were american machine guns i re started to fire on us. But almost the second i started firing something hit me in the Chest like a train. It did t Hurt much at first but i could t see anything. I just did to Fonow i was Blind. I know now and it what Are the Guys going to think about he asked in pained wonderment. The Only bar in the whole outfit to protect them and i could t see to fire it. I feel like a while i was talking to the boy quietly As i could but with com passion he raised himself on one Elbow and shouted Here they come and then he was dead. Gress enact legislation require see Truman Page 10 poll of top writers gives Edge to demos Washington pull of 50 top political writers showed today that a majority expect gov. Adlai e. Stevenston to be elected president. Newsweek Magazine took the poll of newsmen most of them Washington correspondents. The Magazine said All but two of the reporters submitted their replies before it was revealed that sen. Richard i. Nixon Republican vice presidential nominee had received a expense fund from wealthy California sup porters. The poll showed that 28 of the writers guessed Stev e is o n would win the election and 22 believed the voters would favor Republican nominee Dwight d. Eisenhower. Twenty eight also predicted the democrats would retain control of the House of representatives. To control the Senate 39 picked the democrats seven the republicans and tour forecast a tie. Caudle labelled honest Man by House probes Keating Chelf Rule door open for Mcgrath to talk Washington Lamar Caudle today had an honest Man Label pinned on him by House investigators of the jus Tice department. Washington Dent Truman said today that he had never been sorry that he fired t. Lamar Caudle As assistant attorney general. Caudle had testified earlier this week that he had been told that or. Truman changed his mind and regretted firing him. Or. Truman also said that he had never heard of a White House clique As brought up in Caudle s testimony. But the former assistant at Torney general carried away criticism to the effect that he was indiscreet in his associations and a pliant Conformer to the Peculiar moral climate of chairman Chelf Day and rep. Keating Rny of a judiciary subcommittee gave their verdict in a joint statement yesterday after Caudle wound up about a week of testimony on his life and times in adm Nistra see Caudle Page 10 judge would jail parents not boys Harriman Tenn. City judge m. F. Mcdavid has Laid Down this ultimatum to parents of delinquent children keep them out of trouble or go to jail. The judge s threat to Send parents of delinquent children to jail came yesterday during a hearing for six boys implicated in three recent break ins. The six were paroled to the custody of their parents since they were first offenders. But judge Mcdavid also placed them on probation for a year and ordered that they be off the streets each night by 9 . And attend sunday school regularly. Then he said that in the future he will hold parents Primar ily responsible for delinquency words of Ike a majority of the writers emphasized that then answers were Only guesses not firm forecasts. The 50 correspondents unanimously predicted the election of gov. Thomas e. Dewey of new York in two separate polls in 1948. Among their children. Wheeling w. A. That s my a deeply troubled Young Man heard Gen. Dwight d. Eisenhower speak those words to him last night at the end of a Long and hard journey. And sen. Richard m. Nixon broke into tears. He sobbed for a moment throwing his hands to his face. Then he was All right. It was going to be All right. For the California Central figure in an unusual political then if he had t sensed it already that Eisenhower wanted him to re main As the Republican Candi Date for vice president. The emotional scene took place in the Central Compart ment of the four engine plane that carried Nixon Here for the quickly arranged rendezvous be tween the senator and the Gen Ste tears Page 10 strike brewing at atomic City Cio rejects panel s finding at Oak Ridge Oak Ridge threat of a strike Hung Over the huge k-25 uranium separation Plant Here today following the Cio Union s rejection of recommendations of the Davis panel yesterday. The recommendations of the panel a labor relations Board appointed by the president to Settle atomic disputes were not made Public but were reported not to have included a wage in crease. The Cio Gas Coke and chem ical workers Union local 288, representing some Carbide and Carbon chemical co. Work ers at the k-25 Plant had bar gained for a reported eight cents hourly wage hike and improve ments in health and safety conditions before the panel entered the negotiations. The Union turned Down the panel s recommendations handed Down last Friday after two Long meetings yesterday bu1 tabled a motion to take a strike vote for 30 Days. The panel has jurisdiction Over the threatened strike until oct. Or 30 Days after it decides on its. Recommendations. French abandon Hope for Crew of Lasi Bylee vessel is located half Milt beneath Mediterranean sea Toulon France French Navy found its missing submarine la Sib Lee today Al most a half mile below the sur face of the Mediterranean sea surgeons denounce fee splitting deals new York Ameri can College of surgeons denounced fee splitting Between physicians and surgeons today As dishonest and and harmful to patients. Thirteen College officials told of a renewed drive against the doctor kick backs in a Frank news conference with science writers. One Good weapon they said is to Tell the Public All the facts. They said Moat doctors Are honest but a few bad apples split Lees giving Medicine a Black Eye. Some said the kick Back prac Tice is widespread and growing in some areas. But it is hard to prove that any one it. Twenty three states have Laws declaring it illegal. Fee splitting Means a division of fee Between the doctor who first diagnoses a patient s Condi Tion and the surgeon who oper ates on him. It leads the College officials said to these evils Over charging in Bills unnecessary operations ghost sur Gery when a person thinks his own doctor is operating and the selected or ghost surgeon does it after the patient is anaesthetized loss of Public Confidence in doctors. Or. Alton Ochsner of new or leans immediate past pres dem of the College said you should be sup Cious of fee splitting if your doctor sends you to Only one surgeon and later you be no Bill from the physician just a Bill from the surgeon. Your doctor does t give you a Choice of surgeons to do the operation he says is necessary or does t ask you whom you want to do it. And announced officially Hope had been abandoned All for 48 Crew members trapped in the vessel. The submarine was located at a depth of feet Miles East of this naval base. Officials said the Davis escape apparatus carried on the submarine cannot be used from Depths of much More than 325 feet. The official Navy announce ment said the 48 trapped men Are considered As naval search planes spotted a Large Oil Slick off Cape Camarat this morning and warships rushed to the area. Radar to find the missing submarine lying on the Bottom of the sea. Because of the great depth All Hope of Rescue was immediately Given up. The Frencht naval ministry announced there was no Hope of rescuing the 45 enlisted men and three officers. The were next of Kin notified the of the men entire Crew was lost. The submarine failed to sur face yesterday after taking part in anti submarine exercises. All other naval operations immediately were stopped and the entire French Mediterranean Fleet took up the Hunt Lor the missing vessel. See sub Page 10 Taft urges nation to drop socialism grand rapids Mich. Up sen. Robert a. Taft said today the u. S. Stands at the Cross roads of Freedom and socialism and the november election May decide the course of the nation for the next 50 the Only Way to turn Back the tide of said the Ohio senator is to turn out the greatest flood of Republican voters in the nation s history. We must stimulate voters in Terest in their future and the future of their he said. In the past he said voters willingness to go to the ballot boxes has been sadly it is our Job to get out the he told an overflow crowd of 450 Republican workers. The people have a right and a duty to pass on the issues which now Are clearly Taft said voters Choice Between a government of Hon esty and integrity under Dwight Eisenhower or a govern ment Bent on socialism under the new Deal fair Deal. So lunar tables the dec nodule m Olius m printed below. Time been taken Trow jote Alden in Fht e Solt Nab table Plu your Dayi to that Yov will be fishing id Good territory or Tomt inf to Toad egret Diurini them ctn Iee. U you i if u find the Ber port tint Weert Day Hae to Otter the Majot Pirodi an Towb in boldface Type their begin at the Tomee shown and1 but Lor an hour and e Naif or two Boon thereafter the inner per Lodi ahm u regular Type Are Ira Ratton Dee Geale Eiber of somewhat Date Day Maer Euler Mtyr water Thun Day Friday saturday sunday Kee Lake. Titt. Lake stages

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