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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 22, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeDays City Canty 304 88 the Molt important Factor in a Ftp u us drum. Kingsport times vol. Xii no. 190 King port tenn., thursday sap Timber 22, 1955 24 pages Lotos news of any newspaper in Southwell Virginia East Tennessee cents Mew witnesses photo by Wilm 1econd round or Polk shots Dickenson county students lined up for the second round of Calk vaccine shots and or. Robert Jessee reported All schools Are running about 50 per cent original number who took shots inti april. The pictures show students receiving the shots in Clintwood High school gymnasium. City takes advantage of drought in projects new Argentine regime asks for peace work decade of world peace voiced by duties at in United nations. N. Y. W red China and the United Geneva wanted that result Undi ctr or i Secretary of slate John Foster dul states. Thai each contributed to it. In con a Sergio Mac Kat Les today declared the world May. The of Chr world pm Emu sequence r now spirit does indeed Buenos Aires Gen. Be entering a or Cartr of porn cell Nulty May Linvs operated to Avert prevail with greater flexibility acid Eduardo Tinner do s new Argentine Chiu Ifft which will spell the end of another the scope of which less brittleness in International re appealed today for cold War. Could not surely be Dulles rebuilding of the revolt divided till Case today by Sam Johnson summer. Miss. Ali Rise witnesses did the victim s Solher May testify for the state Oday in the trial of two White men accused of killing 14-year old Chicago negro boy. Secretary of state stated dust. Atty. Gerald Chatham thit the International atmosphere withholding of the improved substantially since attn the 1854 Assembly w5sion and that there was a Good Chance Lor constructive decisions during the com ing months. He expressed the belief that the situation was Ripe for a solution of the German unification problem Lonardi takes presidency of nation Friday in a general policy declaration said. He declined to say which coun before the u. N. General Assem a the Secretary of stale appeals Wihry had ginned most at Geneva. Minute Uci Hoy find his j. W. Milam the spot where the body of Louis till was pulled from the Muddy Talla Hatchie River. Mrs. Mamie Bradley of chief leu. The slain boy s Mother is expected to bolster identification of the to the Assembly to endorse. Presi Dent Eisenhower s proposal for an Exchange of military blueprints Between the United states and rus Sia and for Aerial inspection on a Mutual basis. This he said would provide a basis for a solid Advance toward the goal of world arms reductions. Dulles spoke of the 10 years of and that european Security War conflict in which the world Jody which was reported weighted history. Now better than at any Tomt in with a Cotton Gin fan after the soy was shot and beaten. The trial entered its fourth the situation in the far East he snid also was following a favor Able to efforts of he was beset by limited wars sub version arms races and inflexible attitudes. That phase May now be end but declared that if the improved atmosphere is to be permanent All must. Gain. The Summit meeting. If it is to be historic rather than he said must usher in an Era of peaceful he said this Era should be one in which governments would renounce the use of War and sub version accept orderly evolution toward their goals and develop Friendly economic Intercourse among themselves. Us strive he said that the next decade shall be Day in the courthouse Sanders in county said he was investigating a Story which indicated Young till killed on a Plantation near Drew. Miss. This presented the possibility the trial was being held in a county in which the killing did not take place. Three witnesses for the slate wednesday pointed identifying Fin Gers at Bryant and Milam. 15 Are killed in plane crash Tripoli. Libya after defense objections persons were killed Early Gcorge Smith of adjoining Leflore in the flaming wreckage county where ii aped. Testified admitted taking fifteen today till from his incl s Home during the night but said released him unharmed. Deputy sheriff Lohn de followed with testimony the husky at Tripoli s idols Airport. The British overseas airways corp. Announced in London that the dead included u passengers and 3 Crew members while 37 nation through peace and work in the pious Light of Folget Lonardi 59 year old Comman Der of the Brief revolt which top pled Peron after a decade if dictatorship was scheduled to Ray to Buenos Aires from his Nativa Cordoba Friday to be installed for Mally As provisional president. The Appeal for peace came from Cordoba s radio voice of Liber which said it is better not to talk of the. Past As our slogan is there Ore neither victors nor Defeated referring to ousted president Juan d. Peron the broadcast lashed out at the insane egotism of a Man who did not control his ambition and tried to throw Down what was Dearest to the Argen Tine people. The Pence agreement concluded wednesday provided for Lonardi my other rebel leaders to take Over from the Junta of pro Peron generals which took control of the Central government after Peron s resignation. Peron was reported to face still san Juan. Puerto Rico i ins Points with Pride to a great the paraguayan gunboat tropical Talonn Janet pinpointed tory Over Arctic barriers in Buenos Aires Harbor where he Refuge tuesday. The new government did not indicate whether it would persist in pre Vious rebel demands that he surrendered or let him Etc Apt into Tallah Atchle county the u. N. And other governments i believe that All four of the i known As the Healing decade of disc. Atty. Slan Nyland individuals to Settle of government who were at True adjoining Sunflower Janet spotted not Hurricane Force yet Navy conquers Arctic barriers Washington it the Navy o Yonng lerp e a Cage o a Roca tonn Ane Poe e the boy was kid-1 British Airliner which clipped tree at 260 Miles of fort ing supplies to the nation s North. Found d 24-Yotr-old Brynn tops and crashed As it was Landing do France. Martinique was build or Moat radar outposts. Gover ing up in intensity today. The san Junn weather Bureau said this morning that the tenth vice adm. F. C. Dror Brink commander of the military sea transport service said wednesday 36-year-Nltl my Lam also and Mitlow 6 mind Chang the boy from his bed a sped released unharmed. Smith mid Deputy a Mio. Bavett the on Kenmore drive was info nips Hunt for the Light poles. Fol my Lam each Clu Mcd they an ill drought that does t to waved and i fuhed in Csc sir inc Manv cuts Center Street released till Una Normert the half or Ovid some undoing scheduled Early in sep Lem land the. In Reutin streets had Are accused of kidnapping Public works director m. L. Projects were aug. 28. And also insisting he declined to rive up nation ally of the Passen Aid Bry offers to Hill next of Kin Wert null the dry weather in August was excellent Lor City construction _ projects. Concrete sidewalks were built on in Hie area Irma was not officially annexed to the City until septem Ber 15. Most of the Street Phi no on Street Kenmore drive on Wood drive Kenwood Road irom memorial Boulevard to the j and Oakdale Road was completed new Ross n. Robinson Junior High in August. Considerable sidewalk school. New water lines were Laid remained. However. On Jesse and Polk streets. The before the urea could be cleaned now has an ample Supply up. West said. Water together with sufficient. The Public works director noted hydrants for Good fire Progress on the Center struck West reported. I widening project seems slow As Jesse Street was praded and sur a water lines have had to be Laid heed with crushed Rock from me-1 storm sewers constructed Trees Mogul Boh Evurd to Polk Street removed traffic Simal and Light be made and the Nerro lad and murder Iii him actual Walden Iii if the Street he allegedly whistled or begun since the period covered in made off color remarks to mrs. Bryant. Mose Wright the boy s share Cropper Uncle pointed n Knobby balding Milam and re he is one of two men who entered Wright s the report. Olty Engineer s. K. Addington reported completion of the in Vang project of fairly go drive. Balding. Mila place. Brentwood drive and be is Monde. With the placing of 100 Square Yards of four Inch Shack to gel till. Sidewalk. In fi4-year-old Negri o lev thu pm nor. A Foiter of Rene Argo naut left London wednesday afternoon for Lagos Nigeria in West Africa. Tripoli the libyan capital is on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa. Survivors were taken to the British military Hospital in Tripoli. The wreckage of tie plane was spread Over 100 Yards. Ten hours after the it was still smolder ing. It was believed that some Pas Turkey retains Dewey at per year i than non Inch of rain Pluti his at. Bryant and fell out and that others is Man one Man 01 ram he or jumped to the ground As the plane Smith rattled off his description crashed of a conversation with Bryant the afternoon of aur. 28. The sheriff said Bryant told him he want re Man to his Wright is House and brought him till i up there to his store and ii Tilli was t the Light one and turned him the sheriff Hronn admitted Beni Jinp the inv pm Mit or vent with fall measured at the City filter Plant in nil of Ai Aust. City water consumption increased in i32.0flfl. 000 Gallons up 2 per cent from the Gallons pumped in a pm. West said a w tiler department Survey indicated 700 residential and toners Are in the annexed Terri tory. Water works of Veineer f r. Key father pleads for infant son tropical storm of the season and this summer s to . At 66 to 70 the Distant Early warning Dewi i s Small defense line marked the Nad been reached historic Northwest of Nikon 0, Pana s Fate. Of per hour Over near Jyh arid went of West Norlyn Westward about h Mph. Janet not yet full blown Hurricane is expected to continue in path or 7 no Yinru Ulii us f Cwi Sapre to move men and an of the gunboat Tohl in with Denebrink said not a life reporter Peron talks and lost among the Peop Loi jokes with us but he never says aboard 126 ships in the about the Hupci halon. He Sigild quite about not wanting anything More to do with Lonardi is a Veteran army Man disease threat follows Hilda Mexico City w a disease epidemic menaced flood stricken Tampico Loday. The outbreak came As the Gulf port battled the rav efficient that All but two vessels were heading homeward under own Power after rounding Point Barrow Alaska this week. The Admiral said Meas rampaging Panuco Wake of Hurricane wa4h1wgton 1ns for Komeot of Turkey re mined former gov. Thomas e. Dewey of new Tork and his Law Tern. In to d. S. Legal counsel at an annual fee of 1150.000 this was disclosed today in filed with the Justice department under the fore Fin Washington agents registration Law. Ink democrats will democrats to stress Ike s budget deficit Mir fold of Iurii vision were Ilei Ert in Tipton con is auction company installed 6-Inrh Mains on a psst Street and Polk Street and fire hydrants on Jesse Sti Pei it its Mph Emo nil Boul Conrd and Polk so Root. In. C. Cooper finished rom ovine a a Inch main on Kon Morr drive. Which then was repaid by City Fracos. 1 an 8-Mch we or mum in Comer Campaign sirflf., a Shelby a Insun Lipri in suss con the lire by Droit of thru or in Hilda. The Uno Licino Doanh toll in North . Mexico stood at 205. With Inni p pm period the floods con j Linurd and Sot Nurmi so Lions in 1 ported. A boil 400 were listed us inv for or. Bry inf san Francisco a the father Jivis sir and injured. Was the lad of ,1iu info int irom a Ems . Which r e n p. R n 1 i y he fam Ihn day8.piial onh pleaded Alftin today no victims of n major rom i h j has soi1 Sylle flood broke out Ami in Tampico s defend Hills creased for the s 30i0oo Homles almost a third of and h Long time Peron foe. He re tired from the army in 1951 after strongly protesting what military men termed the Petticoat Rule of Peron s late wife Eva. Rement tons of general applies i persons close to Lonardi said and barrels of Petroleum has hatred of Peron dated Back to products were unloaded along to Heathc Mld-lb30s. He was mentioned 1.500-mile stretch of the Green in 19s2 As a member of a group land ska Dew line the up in connection with an concentrated on summer and alleged plot the dictator at other Northern posts a Meas a scattered Street fights erupted rement ton one Way of figuring in Buenos Aires wednesday Elf it the volume of is usually reckoned at 40 cubic led. 10 View to see who whistled if he it her innocent. Sundem quoted or. I physician t. R. M. Life or. Gianforti Marcus plea " loved intensification of search 110.000 population. Two Chil Dren died from the disease at a concentration Center and 100 More Ceniti and Broad was moved to Dewey will take personal charge Lent Ion that the Eisenhower and Turkey s Legal interests m did not come the new curb. Thi Romp Elrd to Malc Hizir the democratic _ he Ronld produce witnesses who rewards Ottaline were of could testify thai till probably fur the return of slain near Drew in a Marcus unharmed. Robert shed. Drew is Boul 22 Miles North. 1s i Davs of Nhep. West Money where Bryant s. 1-Hc Clum s 2fi-Vear-old Mother country store is located a still Crit Arthur Knight remained in Crit ical condition for the sixth consecutive Day and Vickie knights condition has changed from to officials of Holston Val Ley Hospital reported thursday Between foes of the former presi Dent and his supporters. Police broke up the groups before the Vio Lence spread however. In Washington the state depart ment said it is naturally consider ing the question of recognition of the new regime. It said action would be taken As soon As of meals warrant. Hearing for 5 Union men set next week kln8sport the the sex governor gop Ned for sound budgetary perform Smith Side of Center Street in the Ide Lial nominee in 1944 and 1048 Nanri i widening project. Key said. Announced in new York tuesday demo Ranc National chairman water App ailment fou is or to that he would leave saturday made the state relocated service lines in Onk Kiniry More is located. Near a fir the loss of her according to the negro phys hand Dyllys after birth a n. The Sunflower county District nol Vespo Flint to treatment. Sald Corl incs. Flew Arney said the informants told or Man us 34 inspect i .1 Lett. Tho of tvs Mill attorney said the informants told or Marcus 34 him they saw four while men. Till hundreds of police More than of Irais of the i Tinnon. Four to us fun four week air trip around the in Emiil to Par Kenmore world he said he would visit five v workers a fact Sheet reporting Kenwood Road Pakistan in an estimated a Din Burma and to Lailand for the under the Republic first time and would also Stop in compared Mph Italy. Israel. Jordan. Lebanon a during pan and Hong King. He described his trip As tirely personal find Ridden the first fourth of n he con with Legal Malters. After s Eppine Dunn is new Tork governor. He three Becu if tired of the firm n Dewey. . . Pul Mcl Ami whorl Morion. Vhf 1 Ca i Law firm was is Lobl shed in 1909 and employs 50 Wink in Mie find. Was n according to the in mice when crushed file for Public inspection me con a t tract with Turkey Foi mtg ices of an unspecified nature was co drive and the shed in truck crushes Man at Norton Plant of Finney hand in r run Prev Emmit . Iii Mil Phi 37 new ins Iii Eri a Fin Stupp and e Hij or mire hot Ojik and Plum bin world briefs worn victims flown in along with food Antt Jol Sledge Hummer attack by thing. I their father. Rufus Kniehl. Last the Airlift still constituted the. As they were sleep no in Only Means of supplying the. Flood i their so tellers Bluff Road Home. A president Aololfo Ruiz child died As a result of the for inspection. J Tnp father hns admitted at Lack the Navy ministry put property in8 the children while their Mother Hall wins at work. Knight is Hehir held without Bond in the county jail at Blountville on Charpes of murder and felonious assault for the. Attack on his three children. A preliminary hearing hns been set for saturday it 10 a. M. Involved in the Cox wholesale Oro this week a company attorney this morning. It Polk been old Nimni Atod m ie6t Iii -i.-. Ring. I .7 is Antl 413 turn off i John s. Nelld. 1 la Collic Teil 491 i Spital Soi Buhl n p a its 1.s3 Iii for i in order Todne alter of lieu when crushed Ivy Lear tried lie of of. I i by Hurricane Lone. Dam backed into him work by Public works de Ati will not be totalled Lor plan o Norton cinder Block Mil touch Lone dealt harshly with i. Collected too tons of rare Nice air Sperty no deaths were reported. Pickup u aug. A to the Case. The Are searching for a buxom Greene ill. Veteran the misery before Robert was National Post sent Sheri. A Jne. So Miles to the Rilke Nevius. Sept. ?.l Sou h h Iii ukr of a imm it Jalics Hardin. Former com Hospital from which Hob n the Greeneville vat . Wb5 mind. Trans of Koriun wars Post has for Nhi in Lri Kurp a run named Chi Winnan of the ? i Rrt a live was Cunnin Iuno v service Corn Mit no of the vow Joe t. Wood pm Meleci Foi the kid of on announced. Ink hip baby to the will moot satyr. 1 Rhi Iiah. We will not in a tar is City in forum Lyle its 1-os angki.1iis p. for Yirai. Conn horse Lovinc vice president cashier a a desert town Hank Moscow r a Parlin i. Nen Thiv Here Ert v. Lerr Noria Ron res in re Pirn for my r7ifi i i horse Loving banker faces embezzlement Day. Chancellor Dayton Phillips is scheduled to open court at 9 a. M. Next thursday to hear charges that the Union men violated an injunction in in attack last Welc on company men making de liveries in Muir sport. Members of Ilse Union were enjoined aug. 18 Groin Mimi Rllins. Assaulting or attempting such against employees of the firm. I the Union men charged include fail in App. President of local j Antei National brotherhood of team sters. Chauffeurs warehousemen and helpers . Laic inst month by Hadar died of in internal hem n.007 cubic Yards of ashes inne s 82-Inile-an-hour gales struck Gork. The nation s ambassador to Orr hinge in a Loc to Paul. And rubbish. I mid afternoon the u. S. Edlu a said the Driver of lie 2. Collected and Erl 35 it Lor retainer of men Bill Robinette. U in Drad a meals. Manila Phoon Kii e. Wlsh Don Tor he veal Bicjan o Henri the assistance of Cau 3. Cleared five sept 1 10 be paid a Tuo finn Dill in loading it with blocks. Can Mains and 17 Storin instalments. Soviets give to u. Flood victims Cru had of r biork1. No c Harpe in Fonner Tion with the acid int has been filed. Houston May get Oil n out of garbage dump Tex t hoi ret Oil production from one to keep Down a v garbage d -imp1-. 8. Cleaned Washington bus ked Cross and red Crescent Nieues have donated for the Lul fevers from flood and Hurricane in the Eastern United states. Of it Sergei r. Annire tooling in Faires at the russian f a Basso a u of Nis lie presented he if to the american has Reie ivc i one Oiler to Nnuor. red Cross wednesday lease Hie Holmes ro. Dir up 101 tha a soviet human siathies n has Ron rib rest it

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