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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 14, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days Chy county 296 80 be to shopper who darts across the Street to of us Block. Kingsport times vol. Ali no. 184 taut Kingsport tenn., wednesday september 14, 1955 20 pages the latest of any newspaper in South wet Virginia East Norton s new Wiite ii1ckman, Norton employee of Oid Dominion Power company hangs a Light on the new White Way which is expected to be finished and ready to turn on by sat or Cluny night. The new lights Are overhanging More powerful and have wide spread than the old lights now in use along Park Avenue. 9 in family victims of a polio epidemic Brant Ley Blue is appointed new City judge Brantley Blue. Kingsport attorney was appointed City court Lugo Here wednesday morning by May by Edwin Diamond play i m just a clinician try Iii Durand Iii. Dulo fill de inc kids through the Cut Rand consolidated school bus in t of polio. We need More re stopping today at the keron Walsh farm to pick up the 10 school age Walsh children. 11 i j a one family epidemic grips a Caf us Walsh farm. I Juii nine out of the 14 sturdy Blue eyed Walsh children have been felled by polio Vine us Finly cases i reported Tor september in this in if ire Northern Illinois Dairy and Iii i in mov livestock farm area. Family or. C Lurle. A Deputy marshal m. H. Will Leonard who says he has seen Lucre wednesday Lalere s no enough polio epidemics to know question bul what arson was in How Little we really know of this Vived in a fire in an unoccupied Poinc in the Bloomingdale Road Leslie Mullins defense attorney 1 area monday. Lists this toll four children in Rockford hospitals one of them David 17, Wimch broke ill m an Iron lung Joe five other rank mtg in on Avi was d Loase from one to 15, confined to bed at Home with polio symptoms. The five As yet untouched Walsh children All of school As the Durand school bus speeds by the farm. Phillips murder trial postponed due to illness Ralph Rasnick in correspondent Clintwood va., sept. Phillips murder irial scheduled to begin Here Loday in circuit court was continued until dec. 14 because of illness of a defense Wilness. Or. W. C. Elliott of Lebanon reportedly had pneumonia and could not be Here today. Mrs. Blanche Phillips of Tram Mel is charged with shooting to death miss Ramonia counts last june Al her Home no Mcclure. Miss counts unwed Mother of two Small children and expecting a third child was shot to. Death As she Lay in bed Early one morning. Mrs. Phillips wife of Carl Phil lips told sheriff John g. Rose that she hired a Dante taxi to bring her from Trammel to counts Home ,._ and then on Here where she sur . Herself and the gun she c succeeds m i nc51 West who free Der Bond saturday night to Bee a manslaughter Case which end p 0? s of pc a in the Sandy Ridge Section take be Bench charged with manslaughter result. Ing from an automobile Accident lust february 23 in which Elston Lee Yates of the same Community was killed. An All male jury was selected and attorneys for both sides made their remarks and one prosecuting witness look the land before court was adjourned until tomorrow. Vales was reportedly standing beside the Highway talking to offi cers about a break in Al his Home when he was struck by the Murphy car and killed instantly. Joe Lee Baker Abc officer was Ilso standing near his car but he Bonn. Germany snid he jumped a Fence and is Konrad Adenauer returned to Bonn caped injury. Deputy sheriff Swan Loday from his historic talks with Rose was ii Baker s car taking soviet leaders and declared i do care of a bloodhound which was not double that Premier Bulgarin o be used in the investigation. He will keep his word to release Ger Vns n injured. Mans still held in assisting in the prosecution Glen the 79-year-old West German r. Phillips said in her opening Lender was Given a triumphant statements that inc officers had Welcome Home from the talks in pulled Oil of roar1 on the left Moscow where he. Agreed loss Side in from of store when the publish Diplo Meltc relations be occurred. He said Baker s us can Wesl Germany and the so parking lights were on and there Viet Union. Would be some conflict in Teslin Iony on the Sovil Promise to return Aslo where Baker s car was German War prime i importance to the German people me Murphy car Well Between said Baker s car und Hie store. Phillips Premier by Luann Lold me hint said striking Yules and knocking even before i arrived in Bonn us Nini 172 feel. He said it scraped he Hun to return German War Side of the officer s car struck prisoners would already be started a jeep and knocked it co feel la Bulga Nln. Us Well us Khz my i in Iii hit the Side of a Large the communist party Bossi which skidded sideways several further declared that if other Ger feel ant then knocked Loose a phone pole before coming to a a Dock strike called off on Atlantic Gulf coasts German Leader sure russians to return pcs and so they took the Ami i Marine Cupl Aln Richard Mccutc Ikin and advisor retired Navy Cap Nln John c. My Mitchon hold Check for after the Young officer knocked off a comply Calvd question a bout a state dinner at buckle gum Palace. Cle mans Are still held in the soviet Alt. Donlon we can submit a list of snid the Commonwealth attorneys out Aliw Cre using their argument on their names. They will Ihen try to find Cooks up answers on to quiz new York corps Baker said and re Adenauer made no direct com Cape. Richard Mccutchen the Chi b Cormui Iii Nonit Baker the Accident Man who reunification of Germany and cookery Whiz. The big Issue upon which no apr the Jackpot on the question ill. Ment before it could cause Oxten he Lal they would put. On Parent Progress was made in the prize in the Iii Lory of am Mac damage. That Baker was parked five Day conference. The fire marshal snid three cans the wrong Side of he Highway i radio and television. Corps instructor Al Ohio stale University Columbus. He was a Navy enlisted Man in world War Iii. He has served in Porcu Japan id Europe. Of lighter fluid were found on the scene. The manner in which the with his headlights on. When Murphy saw the Baker car the Federal Cabinet members of the 28-year-old Leatherneck won the diplomatic corps parly Lead the lbs television Bonanza Willi ers and hundreds of enthusiastic an amazing knowledge of foods . Residents face rates in City new water rates for users inside the City a lulls will go Inlo effect thursday ally recorder j. R. Peckrul says. They will begin showing up in Waler Bills october 1 and there Flor he added. Thus u person billed for the 30 Days beginning september 1 would longshoremen air grievances to committee new York new York s longshoremen today called off r protest strike that has played havoc with East and Gulf coast shipping for the past eight Days. A meeting of More than 5 000 dockers stamped a cheering Olav on a plan designed to let them their grievances before a citizen s committee. The action Means an end to a Multi million Dollar tie up of cargo movements. The stoppage had hit not Only new York but also ports throughout the East and South where thousands of longshoremen waited out in sympathy tuesday the International longshore men s Assn s ire was aimed not i employers but at the water front commission an official by stale policing no enc. Be buffed again and again in its efforts to win the cars of Legislatures governors and even Washington the Stormy Ila seized on the citizens committee formula promo had by state sen. James f Murray jr., of new Jersey Ila president William v. Brad Ley cuing out for the plan in and Vance of the meeting. I the strike began last wednesday As purely new York port affair. It was a protest against the water front commission of new York Harbor on Agency set up two years ago by the states of new York and new Jersey to police water of vol labor. Shortly before the commission was formed the Ila had been kicked out of the Al for allegedly falling to rid its rank a of racketeers. It has been at Odds with the commission from the beginning. It accuses the Agency of being too in denying work permits to longshoremen with Jong criminal records of abusing its subpoena Powers of planing o wreck the Ila and interfering with collective bargaining. The commission denies these accusations and says the Union islands for just Plain Lawless Benson Back Home to face farm Issue Washington in Secretary of agriculture Benson returns today coming toward i West germans the methodist. Church will cease to be a denominational Church Loni Ghl and Welcome persons from any gaunt eyed Mger Riim Blind be Ron Walsh conies out to meet Visi tors on the Trout Lawn and explains everybody tells be afraid to yell when you need us. A woman read about the kids in los and called us sin raid to let her know what she could do. Some new York television show called Loo bul we Don t have time for that Walsh seemed dazed by the on Slaught which began when five year old daughter Rose Ellen be came feverish and complained of Back and neck stiffness last sept. J it is hoped Hal the restoration i marines of democratic relations will con Mccutchen won Hurricane Hilda in weather if this ski i a port City Long for to Florida coast Poluga por to tues trawler Graca de Sank m Stormy sardine Lis Twenty five men were reported i lost. Tunis Bey of Tunis to a named Tahr Ben Ammar to e the protectorate s first Premier under the new Home Rule Accord sith France. Miami. Pin. . However the forecaster Hud a by describe Iii j cheerful note an expected mull to Letite to the solution of Oiler seven items of the menu served i mum of Only 88 tuesday it was 83 jut a dinner Enven it somewhat humid in West Germany. Hie March 21. 1u3u. For up pers indicated they Felt president and his Wile had wrested few concessions from Masler of Ceri monies Hal March next is5.000. And 20 cells Pel thousand Gallons for All additional water consumed. The old rates were on u similar to Hurricane Hild spun toward the South coast of Cuba today no longer a Threal to Florida and the Eastern Seaboard rhe mountains of Eastern Cuba considering whose peaks Rise to 8.000 fort or j the russians if any at All. A fire hits Norton Coal company till i new Delm quell girls and was word fam Ilick. Of a National Force taken their toll and hi1- Norton. Sept. 14-a lire did estimated damage at the it Norton Coal co. Tipple before be brought under control plus tour Rock Dow had winds Force .75 Miles named the dishes soup. Tish. In to describe them. The Young Captain appeared confident in inc soundproof Booth on the to studio bul lie conferred several times m whispers wit i his father capt. John c. Moc Utheil. Mccutchen could have called it quits and walked off with the sic Loii he had won step by sep in1 Gray Eye i r r i t a 11 n g smog Grandu Ulic scale Wilh a minimum shrouding downtown und the non Industrial tues brought a first Alert lusting of a month. The new rates for users inside inc ally still arc lower than those for suburban users whose minimum Rale since last january 1 has been this year is the first time Kings port has raised los water rates since pro inflation Days. The he also sought International Erat Lon in dealing with world Trade problems. An agriculture department sur. Two Days after Benson left on his that farm prices had declined 4 per cent during the past two months and were Down 6 per cent from year ago. Another report issued by thei department tuesday said net a come had dropped about 4.3 per cent during the first half of this crease to users outside the cily year. Ii pred Cleri a further de Ken a part per million purls of air in Vernon .85 Parl Down Lown Tiu first Alert under which hush and other burning is banned limits to pay for increased i Cline during the third Quarter of and citizens Are asked to curtail i costs in expansion to seve sub the year. Unnecessary driving is culled i Urban areas. The increase inside. These and other developments when the Ozone measurement the City is partly to pay for brought on speculation about reaches .511 part per million. costs of water service changes in administration Smith Giswold air pollution largely to pay Lor a million Dollar some of it by r 20 polio cases in Alloi 1955, not counting the Walsh. Picked the said or. Leonard who com one i Demes charge he t one o manner near Plain How v v f la la i f 1 Miru Chen tbu.-. Became u. Lil i Iii to Irv tin no i Mccutc Lien Eho e i. Inn it under he conium j tile it Aleci plane Annne n try for the i Ain iwans prize a have the help of on to the Ditiway and expert lie select i he i in or 8rav j la vex i is i v 1945. Is Al h to Coj the Wal she were picked he said. By Vern wat Absolu Nelly no duller bum i Why this family0 Why plus Washington god Lof n we Jim Don t know. Accused of e again of an in a written complain Lili a o indications Pom to contagion an safety infraction says pm a the Caa. The Pilot and to Pili of inc but is this due to direct Contact or Phat eally that he is innocent Ozark two eni Ine taxi ahead and is it transmitted by vector Illy or any Misbehaviour. Plhal a plane Overlook them Shomiya cleared me Oiler the civil aeronautics admits after departure Iron the Airport cleared me for Godfrey Hie Houim Captain who once look Al the elements in the Iraklion said it is investigating Aland made a Lell turn lose said. La nned a Hoy scout second Elyassi the be Milf said tuesday night f the from Seal situation the first formal complaint thai Godfrey Sla Eross their course that they had my emr. E to Moline cof Ikler to St. Explained who Wen several leads still to police Inid his Wallet holding ill a Iliili Mem a turn l nil the was around the area noon Imi Interr liner Utica pm Ulter Marion. Va., sept. 14-Smyth the Bony of Bray Yusti Day in Are a Lii nil John Wolfe said a a cuu ii of old . 11 Ihrck Milcsik hat. By ii1 morning that there West of Marion. Bin no new developments Lizay s attacker had stabbed him the Hunt for the killer Oln i Aii Day. The car s lights Aii Rij Chi m Virginia theater were still on but the motor was off. Tin body was slumped in temperatures vkstkr1mv tout Mlyn Loktu i he spinal Type polio not plane Pas de fur too close to to reduce Speed o Avn in the supposedly contagious Bulbar an Ozark plane after Tak plane s Wash. Variety. Us oif from Chicago s Midway the Caa identified the plane a. So Edward. 5, had received a Airport hot lushly outfitted blk Salk anti polio vaccine shot last denied it. White executive do. F May As part of the first and set the Only variation from cd i Aid it is Mvi Sii Satim to Leici end Grade school inn elation pro a Lyme Pray acc in that mine whether there a Lieen air. Gram of the National foundation near Chicago of flight for infantile he never Day was that i dipped my Winus Iod fic a recall with i. Pot the second shot since in lure at the other plane the in month Ion Lions were halted. Radio upon him of the to Bernard came Down with fever report i i the leter Boi o. N. To. of he iian no Fuher a t i t t ton. Emu Hack Alai of 1 to e if an the to Don lie activated virus Bernard received greeting. I Tiiu Ial moment Lor Mai me c m i Nlaly limited he Hie Navy. I am in per Ami 1 Aloni 1.1 Fejt i do it 1 my dad. In the United states Saidl Tjce a .1 John so in the str Jray bul we Don t have anything definite in the. Day he said Hie death i and Lus Adderi. I Turbesi. Were nol do Wolfe said Bray May have been help when his car ran off alias scr who stabbed him Aid both hi.-, pealed Wilh what police Call n Hel Allf a tile an talked a i p in -.11 them. Of found ill the. Old Bray who lived in a the Hiu Hwy and Down a slight May have fought with his embankment. Several Rolle i Fence Apia to Rau e of fragment of found Atleri on Joriu i fill of i .i.ivv. Rar come from Fhy he met. Wolte Ald. I he i a i to ii. To m the t a police combed n Hio a to Iosim discovered posts had been snapped off about 1.000 feel from where inc car stopped. Found on the car Anvi been sen to the Fri inborn a Tot m Washington for a Check j May an Empl Iive of Field Fine it i a. Operator of mine limn a dozen i Caier n Vir last 34 hours none. thai month 3fl Yeier. 30.00. Today s skies in thu theist 811 p m. 11 0 i m. N m. M pm. Kink port Tim i Xcvi

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