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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 12, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeCity 294 Days county 78 Kingsport times do you Ifni then when Taring children in us vol. Ali no. 182 Mitt it tenn., monday 12, 1955 10 Page officials at the observe that the can be put off again next if the chinese continue to improve their relations with other countries. Of my the latest step was their lla9l ment announced at Geneva to let Jiu Dicj i All american civilians still held in red China including those Ila president says pressure on legislators new York m _ new York s waterfront strike was on in full Force again today amid Union charges of a William v. Bradley president of Bray 28, Coeburn a. District l1n85horemen s and slashed to death in his Auto today. A few reporters the foreign ministers had a sincere Exchange of opinions and judging from the fact that they decided to report to their Heads of government one can judge that there were some von Eckardt said the two coun ties were still just As far apart As Ever on such questions As the Jcrim an War prisoners reunification and Means of establishing nor Nal relations. Molotov and von Brentano agreed not to disclose the subject of heir morning talks and limited themselves to Brief statements to he press. I these said the foreign ministers air plane bodies that have pinched net in conformity with instructions Given to them by their Heads of government taking into account Monroe shape boosts Seedof new air planes Washington. Sept. 12 it s Are now Mari Lyn Monroe shaped air planes. Well not exactly snid the National advisory committee for aeronautics but it explained that american a new Holn Tenn concept which curtain boosts the Speed of fast planes still the state department said it Marion va., sept. Scott manager of a theater Chain was found Mobile Between Midnight and . Loamy. It Smyth county sheriff John Tyler Wolfe said an employee of a jewelry sunday Toht shop Here saw the dead Man s 1964 Model Auto Over an embankment and radio on about that time today Inen As her reported it to the Marion by Ossa blew their whistles at lice department. Leads to Starl the Wolfe suld Bray s car had run a off the pavement on the right Side de pier work at i had the port except Brook ing about 300 Yards Down sources posse Road and had gone Over a two foot by had said that there Mil French Cabinet Light be in prison come Home. There was a parallel face saving Assurance i that chinese in this country who wish to do so could go to red China. They have actually been free for months to go to red China i and Many have done so. I the United states also agreed that the Indian embassy could give assistance to any chinese who did not feel he could get a fair Deal by contacting a rioted states government authorities directly. Similarly red China agreed that the British embassy could assist the Bamboo faster by 25 per cent involves Marilyn Monroe shape. The shape in this Case applies to fuselages where the wings Are attached. Wasp Waist and Coke bottle Are other destinations. Lean civilians in China Are going to be permitted to and said there Are no hidden mean Ings no Side understandings in the agreement. Press officer Henry Ftp dam. He positions already outlined. J the Naca snid the new concept we expect it to be done. Since Adenauer had already Fin Idimas been under development Forwe Llave reason to doubt tha ago be flight note maybe there j completely con and maybe there a Hin that he regards himself blazes in other parts of califor still too Young to pass up bidding were mostly controlled but at for a second term. He will be one new fire has sprung up. Oct. 14. I Klamath fire fighters turned of German prisoners and Start on German reunification Verc part of his position it was assumed von Brentano brought up these Points in talking to Molotov. Informed sources expressed doubt Molotov had retreated at All pm the soviet refusal to in tiers to the question of Restora Ion of Normal relations Between he to countries. Westinghouse strike begins Pittsburgh Enty eight four years but has already been be the president expressed his away from the Haystack Blaze Planis of Westing Phonse Eeler trial plied to two supersonic planes lest de last year. World briefs new Delhi India in Dian government introduced a Bill today to curb a crossword Puzzle craze now sweeping the country. The Bill would limit prizes to rupees some newspapers now offer up to rupees in prizes with Entrance fees ranging from a few cents to More than a Dollar. London Tze Tung has chanced his timetable for building the Geneva talks which produced the decisions on release of civilians Are due to enter Lher second phase this week. By pre Vious agreement almost any Issue of common interest to Pei plug and Washington May be raised by either . Ambassador u. Alexis Johnson or China s Wang Nan. B Johnson is expected to press for information on almost 500 Ameri can soldiers who disappeared Dur ing the korean War and some of whom May still be alive in Chi Nese prisons. Embankment into a barbed wire some return to work today because Fence. He said the Fence had hard i of the abrupt change in Union m by been dented by the Impact. Plans. He quoted jewelry firm pm Bradley went to the North River i we i ii Lulu p 0 1-1 Aboul reporting he waterfront just before the hiring saw Bray in the car his head lying Nour and conferred with Thomas _ _ against the door and Glass Frame go Colson the Union s general or i French cab and his body under the steering who passed the word that met acts today on a proposed wheel. All three doors except the the str late a on new Deal Lor Morocco which Driver s Side were locked. Bradley then issued the follow could solve one of the country a most troublesome and costly Post-1 1uoted talc War problems. Details of the plan for ending the bitterness and bloodshed which has been evident in the North Afri can protectorate Are scheduled to be announced after the Cabinet session at . President Rene Coty will personally preside. The session comes on the Day set by Premier Edgar Faure for an agreement with rebellious moroccan ing statement jewelry store an Gref mint reached by Cedars Section. I pressure was put on the legit he said As he opened the door tors not to go through with it. It the body was about to fall out. Called the strike off. Then they the sheriff said an autopsy no we were made this morning at Johnston we Are not ready memorial Hospital at Abingdon. Before a report was made Wolfe said Bray was wounded in the right to make recommendations to the men at this time. This proves again longshoremen Are a political foot his jugular vain on the new has the Ift sea wound Oil left leg and a Small wound on his an Force Academy at Lowry air Taylor Creek. Both tires have been Ihu Ruig about a week but Are just Force base Here. Demy superintendent and classmate at West Point. Views on education and retirement which is entirely surrounded by corp. Were hit today by a strike an inspection of the 1em- fire lines to concentrate on members of the Cio Porry Headquarters of Hie new j or fires at six mile Ridge workers. There was no immediate Indica Tion that the company s other 30 plams. Employing about workers affiliated with other unions would be affect cd. The Cio due headed by James b. Carey ordered the walkout to begin on schedule Only a few hours Carey had initiated an agree ment to end a five week old strike at the East Pittsburgh Plant and cancel a threatened National the strike at the East Pittsburgh Plant is the cause of today s a up red la Chinn s industries. The commit isl chieftain but the piping radio said Only sunday that this idea has been proved by facts to be pure Fabri other issues which May be brought up include por approval of the exiled former sul Tan Sld Mohammed Ben is expected to give a new inde pendent status to Morocco and end the reign of Sultan Slid to. Hammed Ben Moulay Arafa who will be replaced by a Council of the throne. A new resident general already has been put in at Rabat As a preliminary action. Demos rap gop farm policies International Minn. Palls lenders Back. Bray was wearing a referred to a abort lived agreement reached Day Between the Ila and a representative of the new York sports jacket and Blue pants. Wolfe Bald he had lost very Little blood and that his oar showed no indication of a scuffle and was left clean. Bray had dinner with his parents i Ernest Bray and left Coeburn about . Said he drove to 8t. Paul about 10. . And was not seen with anyone up i joint legislative committee on in charcoal Dustral and labor conditions for a hearing of workers complaints. The pact was immediately repudiated by the committee chairman assemblyman John l. Ostrander who said Marshall a Miller com Mittee consultant who made the Mit the committee. Cancellation of the agreement also brought a double Cross charge from Patrick j. Connolly he was reported to have roomed in Abingdon where the Headquarters of his business is but Wolfe said he did not Stop there in route nine midwestern states in 11 the Al to Marlon. The sheriff said his department has a lot of investigating to do and of no clues Tave established. He was chatting informally with becoming serious. It. Gen. Hubert r. Harmon the six mile Ridge fire has a 1915 burned out about 5.000 acres and and was smoking sunday night on the chief Learned the Southeast while the 900-acre about education problems As pres-1 Taylor Creek Blaze was smoking ident of Columbia the South. There Are no fire a deep interest in the new Aca lines on that Side of the fires Demy s study curriculum. I Frank Tucker of the u. S. Forest he remarked to Harmon that j service reported when we were kids a four year i fish school education generally sufficed As a preparation for Deal a Ine with life s problems. Aluc Lacall Dusini Csecs Bui with this complicated life got he snid How in j the Heck do we expect to educate people properly with the same number of years in High school must pay korean tax telling ids people fio Vars will he labor. The Ila which was thrown out of the Al for allegedly failing to clean out racketeer elements strongly objected to the commis Mosa. The possibility of a general Lon s agric us y managed Heaters in Ion rules denying work permits to International conference on policies a Brazen and ruin Coeburn and supervised men with Long criminal records. The Union has Long coated under regulations of the two year old waterfront commis Ilon an Agency set up by the states of new York and new Jersey to police Dock level with United states. I Westerham St. And Secretary of is me less Britain or Theolu Ulics request for a declaration ers _ betrayal of America s farm Over the Southwest Vlr-i1 also claimed the commission England sir Winston Churchill and his wife celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary today. Belgium so Viet Union has paid francs ,0001 to the belgian widow of an airlines Pilot shot Down by a russian Mig fighter Over Austria last year. Soviet Consul g. Pod Ornow handed the Check recently to mrs. ,1. A Lauwarts whose husband was from the red chinese government renouncing the use of Force. Discussion of these issues May go on for months. They will pro vide a China s further policies. Testing of they will red also afford opportunities for red China to create a More favourable world Public opinion. Iio wide walkout it begin aug 7 husband was when Day to Nyjar a to in Eastern states the administration s handling of farm problems was assailed in a Resolution sunday the Windup of a two Day strategy session of the democratic leaders the Resolution contained other Strong phrases like calculated de callous Fla Grant neglect and recklessly treating our dance As Gina area including a drive in at Marion and two downtown Marlon Heaters. He was a graduate of Coeburn High school. Following the autopsy his body was to be taken to Estes funeral Home at Coeburn. In addition to his parents he is survived by a sister mrs. James of of two men Uno Britain and 13 Oiher members of the general i agreement on american embassy Yinru it Dou 01 Mil. I my him the explosive Issue drowned when their fishing boat Rivrra Osfar e Burem saw below Kentucky dam longer nowadays but that Issue we weekend was recovered a a Veloree weeks ago when the was the body of a 60 to 65. Can chamber of Commerce in to Laid Stines 32, Paducah. The body charged the Rok the other Man. George e. Al the weather mid temperatures with attempting to impose exorbitant and arbitrary Lake on of Oropin business men and with re fusing to clarify the on which the arc being imposed the finance1 minister suit i hat in reign businessmen must either pay taxes voluntarily in Accord Aiice with Rok tax rulings Nyrl then submit individual claims re questing reviews if they Are Dis or get. Out of Len 27, pain Rah the Accident saturday. Found after tariffs and Trade exclude japanese Trade from the provisions of the agreement despite Japan s admission to Gatt it was announced today. Japan formally became a member of Gatt on sept. 10. Tokyo inning Landing strip at Tokyo International air port Laid Over a filled in River bed today was reported sinking under the pounding of Tran Ocean super constellations and strato cruisers. An official said it had dropped 55 inches and still was sinking four a year. An estimated i is needed for repairs. Paul Butler of Indiana chairman of the democratic National com Mittee said the farm Issue promises to be no. 1 in the 1956 pres a n by his Par Ide Lial Campaign. Jonts Kanst picking up hitchhikers temperatures continued to drop Butler met with High level of pcs Over most of the Eastern third Lom Michigan Wisconsin the leading Kansas. Iowa. North Dakota South mass moved Dakota i Nebraska Minnesota and the nation today Edge of Rool air into the Middle and North Atlantic Imo Mann the organization states. The Cool air also reached sent no representatives into at conference he disclosed puts out Blaze the Western fringes of the South National. Committee plans to out Atlantic states. The republicans in pm before dam Rivito readings in the upper Mississipp ploy Merit of advertising techniques i Valley and Northern great lakes next year. He said he expected a Region held in the 30s Early today former president Truman to fire Grantsburg. Wis., however on the firing line during then i House on Bloom _ or info tale Han it corded n Chilly 28. Campaign. A warming trend in the Northern j Truman s popularity he Plains hiked temperatures an increased tremendous age of 20 degrees. A heat wave. My Eisenhower has been meanwhile continued to grip the White House ii rum at about am 1 monday before it could spread and said cause extensive damage Southwest. Yuma ariz., and Al Centre calif., recorded sunday s highest Reading 112. Army sends Mission to fend off administration Economy Hatchet he said that five million dollars will be allocated for radio and to time in the coming Campaign. A neighbor mrs Joe k. Light Arbutus Avenue said she discovered the Blaze after smelling smoke and reported it. Mrs Light said the four room House was unoccupied but had fur 4 negroes sought for raping White woman Washington a my suit of i worry Over merits with emphasis on the like the air Force and Navy be Tinl reports that further spending tense department to help wipe out it is sending a minion to cuts in the present fiscal year May the estimated deficit. And that by oct. 1 a selection will Niti ire stored in it. She said it be made from among some 20 and i owned by Ralph Sutherland Tising concerns to take Over furniture is stored party account. Arthur Luster. He detailed other plans in the Blazi milking. Including formation half dozen special advisory com if Kern fun said damage was con devoted to one mainly to the mattress and such As labor and furniture. Be staffed by full time paid Alrec origin of the fire is in . All will be functioning by known the fireman said. Was too strict abused its subpoena Power and interfered with collective bargaining. The commission has denied any abuse of Power and said us Union s bitter resistance to it regulations was just Plain Law it has urged the Union to file specific grievances and said it would give them a fair hearing. The Union is under a court order to end the strike by 4 . Today. If the strike is still on then its leaders face citation for contempt of court and heavy financial Waugh does t look part of Bank head Washington Clark Waugh. A genial Stocky red haired fellow does t look at All like the popular caricature of a banker. But he s been in the banking business for More than 40 years and on oct. 4 he becomes head of Jne of the world s biggest financial institutions the Jovern ment s Export import Bank. He was picked for the Job to continue the administration s announced plans to step up this coun try s foreign Trade and to help in economic development of Friendly and a on there he Waukon. 65. Map. His banking reputation in Nebraska. He talks Bouls simply As men fore in Nimmi a upon. Me Pentagon fiscal chiefs say i Usu Sivc Ana Robertson pressed by questions there have been no instructions re Brm program and Prend hauled by Emu ism from to Cut Back further but that there dec cd a for can up minx at the 10 . To him 11 m precipitation last 24 shift it i precipitation this a fun a. None. This today s skies Michigan Thea week to Tell Sucre he insisted tary of defense Wilson Why it should t be hit b the iteration Economy Hatchet. Democratic quarters on Capitol have been continuing Secretary of the army Wilber Hill put out a formal statement Lions to find belter ways Memphis if unidentified m. Brucker former governor of that Pentagon spending during thei things and More economical Iwhite woman was raped Early Michigan and no. 1 military year ending next june 3d is doing am i the conferees called in their the Pentagon fiscal chiefs for fun effective and apparently started in men mattress a fireman said the crops e a Cracker Bariel in a country store. But in the Complex Field of International Trade Waugh is no country Cousin. He served for years on various key Trade committees of the Amer ican Bankers Assn. And the u. S. Chamber of Commerce. Since be coming the state department s economic chief on june 4, 18s3, he has travelled Miles As a government Trade expert. Around the state department he known As or. A for eco Clement Speaks Charles scr retail of he would be no True Economy to Poi lira. And Tery thorny of five billion dollars Ink. Court identified by police. And acre Ary of air Don Humphre has rinr.0 no hint of tie " her perishables by wry Pixi there be no More guile Edgerton. Waugh will make a details of the Rase were not Aid have similar belief he Nai on s defends solely for production payme Sas traps like Pearl Harbor the Mancial sacrifice a in immediately available. A meetings with Wilson As the ail government depart-10 balance a Tei of alternative. I Tennessee governor Slid Post attack. Home from homicide it. Ray land said trip. Woman was raped after she and there they will see the vacation i Fen might be eur 10 he her escort stopped their Automo Ink Wilson and probably in joined s3 billion to help he Eisenhower Clear bile on a county Highway to ask also by Depuit Wietan i i wipe out a a duct Johnson said he favored Balanc family Fence Reuben b. Robertson. Dry a by the of Secretary o. The Nav Ciarus Serreta of ii Thomas Secre Ary in air Don Humphre has

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