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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 12, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies . Moon met. It noun sift ram Aiter. Pm . Rambaut Low to . Ti8ible Planti a thu. Nil . Marc Low u i Thirvin . Jupt or. High la . All Almu Luvurn Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxviii no. 184 Kingsport tenn., Friday sept. 12, 1952 10 pages five cents tie a Saffier fair tonight lowest in 60s. Partly Cloudy saturday and sunday. Yesterday s High 86, last night s Jow 61, noon Reading 82. Acheson defends foreign pol icy assails risks use of Force would be prescription for disaster Sec. Says Kansas City tary of state Acheson has slapped a prescription for Dis Aster Label on using Force As a Means of aiding countries under Russia s domination. Assailing critics of the administration s foreign policy As men with their hand on the Horn and their feet on the Acheson declared last night our position in the world Calls for responsibility not Only by officials but by All of us we cannot dictate we cannot be irresponsible if we Are to fulfil the Mission of leadership among free he spoke at the convention of the Al International association of machinists. In new York John Foster Dulles Republican foreign policy adviser said neither he nor Gen. Dwight d. Eisenhower contemplated a War of liberation when they recommended a Dif Ferent foreign policy in Hastern Europe. The Republican presidential nominee recently said the United states should not rest until the communist dominated countries of Eastern Europe Are liberated. Later he told the american legion convention in new York he was advocating Only peaceful measures. Dulles in a radio interview blamed president Truman s misinterpretations for alarm Eisenhower s legion speech might have caused in Europe. The speech had been interpreted by president As increasing the possibility of War. Dulles cited Yugoslavia s withdrawal from Russia s Domina Tion As the Type of split offs the u. S. Should work for. He also mentioned economic Meas ures internal dissension in com see Acheson Pafe 8 Wiley angered baht claim says president plays into communist hands Washington Alex Ander Wiley said today president Truman played into the communists hands by claiming that a Republican Victory in novem Ber would mean an isolationist Congress. Or. Truman told his news Eon Nixon greets Ike in Eisenhower arriving at the Washington National Airport gets a Hearty greeting from the gop vice presidential candidate sen. Richard Nixon of California who holds his daughter Julie 4. With them is Arthur Summerfield second from chairman of the gop National committee. The woman at rear is not identified. A wire photo Britain facing finance crisis new conference seen on Cost of defense Washington of a new Dollar crisis conference be tween Britain and the United states appears to be shaping up for Early next Spring. Prime minister Churchill him self May Fly to the United states then to talk with the next Amer ican president about Britain s ideas for new moves to strengthen the Western world s finances. Nothing definite about the dates for any such High level meeting has been decided upon. But american and British financial and Trade experts Are already Busy behind the exploring possible proposals for action. The present plan Calls for government agencies to draft a comprehensive report summing up the West s economic prob lems. This is to be Laid on the desk of the new president after he assumes office Jan. 20 along with alternative proposals for United states action to meet the situation. Officials there believe it Likely that Churchill will want to Dis cuss these problems personally with the next president. Ii he does t come himself it is believed virtually certain he will and by Dwight d. Eisenhower would j in an Rian of not mean peace. The statement angered Wiley ranking Republican on the sen ate foreign relations commit tee. Wiley who will head key committee if republicans gain control of the Senate in novem Ber claimed that the president s remarks served Only to create fear and confusion in Europe about what might happen to u. S. Foreign policy after election Day. He pointed out that at the very time the president spoke the voice of America was claim ing that american foreign policy will continue uninterrupted regardless of the election results. Wise county Highway project is underway a Crew of 30 to 35 men have been work ing two weeks on the Norton Appalachia Highway the begin Ning of a Complete modernization program that promises to carry Over approximately two years. Already has been Al located to this Job. Each for the fiscal years 1951 and 1952, though the estimate of the completed Job from Kent Junction to Appalachia is approximately at present the work gang from the Bull run prison Camp is engaged in Clearing right of Way from beyond Kelly View to with in four tenths of a mile of the East Appalachia corporate Lim its. This involves extremely heavy work with Large fills to be made to Cut out the present half dozen Sharp hairpin curves Timber has largely been re moved from these new right of Way locations All of the Timber Cut to usable sizes for mine props or other practical use. Move ment of dirt has been commenced in a few Points on a very Small scale but heavy work of this Type has not yet been undertaken. Talk with the next american secretaries of state and treasurer. President Truman questioned about this at his news Confer ence yesterday said any such discussion would necessarily be with the new administration and that he knew nothing about it. The backstage study now going on in american government agencies seems to Stem from a growing belief that America s allies May have to halt their re armament drive unless hew financial props Are found for their shaky economies. Britain and France already have Cut Back their rearmament schedules and american defense experts fear any further Cut in arms expenditures May seriously Hurt the West s master plan for defense against communism. What new Steps can be adopted to bolster Western finances is not yet certain. Congress appropriated a total of 750 for military economic and technical Aid to nearly 40 coun see defense costs Page 8 fish Lens Eye proteins May Edca Tarbes new York elimination of Eye cataracts a com Mon cause of blindness by injections of an extract of fish Lens Eye proteins was reported today in a science journal. Science american association for the advancement of science publication said1 three new York doctors reported their first group of Cataract patients num Bering 14, had had four or More under the skin injections of the extract. Their report said As a result of this treatment in several cases who have had 30 injections the Progress has been from a completely incapacitated individual to one with practical Normal visual acuity. Most of the patients have been Between 60 and 70 years old and in most cases the cataracts have been typical senile opa cities. Several of the patients had cataracts associated with diabetes and were hyper see cataracts Page 8 Lewis Calls policy committee session Allied artillery rakes red lines wow attacks South korean patrol beats communists in Battle near Chorion Seoul Korea artillerymen today raked the valleys North of Capitol Hill with a bar rage that kept the communists from launching new assaults on the scarred Central front Ridge. South korean scouts reported at Dawn that the valleys were covered with chinese bodies. Al lied big guns had scattered red units varying in size from a few squads to a battalion of about 750 men. North of Chon won on the Cen trial front a South korean patrol killed 35 communists and wounded 72 in a four hour Bat the the u. S. Eighth army re ported. In fighter bombers helped artillerymen Knock out red guns which had been harassing the South korean defenders of Cap Itol Hill. Four Allied planes poured explosives on the communist held Crest of nearby Finger Ridge. The u. S. Fifth air Force said its Sabre Jet pilots shot Down one communist Mig Jet and damaged two when 24 sabres ran into 29 extremely aggressive Mig s South of the Yalu River. Slightly revising its figures the fifth air Force said today s toll raised the Allied pilots septem Ber score to 29 red jets downed one probably destroyed and 29 damaged. Casualties were not estimated for the searing artillery barrage near Capitol Hill. An eighth army staff officer estimated the reds hurled artillery and mortar shells at the South korean Capitol do sen. Taft confers with Ike pledges help in Campaign hospitalization insurance hiked 20 per cent increase begins Here oct. 1 the adjustment to the new Blue Cross rates for subscribers enrolled through groups an in crease of 20 per cent beginning october 1, is now being made among the employees of the 376 Industrial and commercial firms which operate in conducting prepaid Hospital care on a non profit basis As a service to the Community. The Ward contract for an individual will be and for a family monthly. Semi private contracts fit Cost. An3 the military suspense con tract for a spouse or spouse and family is the difference bet Wen the individual and family rates si.80 for the Ward contract and s2.44 for the Semi private con tract George Eutsler Blue Cross director has announced. The Blue Cross principle of providing Hospital services with no Dollar limit is More important than Ever before according to Eutsler. Statistics show that the Cost of an average stay at hol Ston Valley Community Hospital has More than doubled in the last seven years rising from nations and communist s40.31 in 1945 to s97.15 in negotiations met today for now see Here or. Paul Alexander a local apartment and office building owner is shown in deep discus Sion with Ops director Tighe h. Woods in san Francisco. Woods is on a nation wide tour to Sample Public opinion on Price stabilization. He met with mixed sentiments in Cali fornia on his first two Days. A wire photo the South Lorean tap uni i i k i vision in the 24 hours ended at Nellons c _ Tenn i i m i ready for rash of red vetoes 6 p. M. Thursday. About rounds of artillery and mortar fire were hurled at in troops elsewhere on the korean front. At other Points sporadic actions increased slightly but none amounted to More than probes and patrol armistice talk recessed again neither Side will Budge on prisoners Panmunjom Korea up Washington l. He said. The increased in Blue the first time in a but better care will be provided than Ever before because the Hospital is constantly improving see rates Page 8 workers policy committee to meet Here monday to review contract negotiations and pre pare for a possible strike of the Coal miners on sept. 22, a week later. The United mine workers con tract with Northern soft Coal mines expires sept. 20, a sat urday and a non working Day and the men would be free to fail to show up for work on Mon Day sept. 22. Ump president Lewis has been negotiating separately for last night and injured 30 others new contract terms with North in the Village of Vil Lestre Del Ern and Southern segments of Pinar. The victims received the the soft Coal Industry and with shocks while trying to switch off will not Only absorb words for 32 for another it was the same old neither Side was willing to Budge techniques for diagnosis and1 on the question of repatriating High voltage shocks kill six injure 30 Pennsylvania s Anthracite Indus try. There Are about soft Coal miners and about hard Coal or Anthracite miners. The three sets of talks have been progressing with some signs of Progress but with no conclusions on any major issues. Lewis was closeted today with Joseph e. Moody president of the Southern Coal producers association at Union Headquarters. See Lewis Page 8 chinese Soldier wins in for Freedom Panmunjom Korea if Freedom Bent chinese Soldier bolted from communist lines late yesterday in a stolen truck crashed through red and Allied roadblocks and surrendered to u. S. Military police. The Soldier drove about 100 Road Miles through communist territory to reach the Allied lines. He started about 20 Miles South of the red korean capital of Pyongyang. The chinese nearly ran Down four red korean riflemen who tried to Stop him As he raced his truck through the Panmunjom Neutral zone at 45 Miles an hour. The Soldier was the second communist to surrender this week through the Neutral zone surrounding the Panmunjom truce Center. A North korean Security offi cer charged with preventing sur renders gave himself up to american guards several Days ago. He walked through his own guards disguised As a sergeant. An eighth army announce ment in Seoul of the surrender gave few details. It was still unknown How he managed to get through the heavily guarded Northern Edge of the truce the army said. But it is presumed that he forced his Way through by driving at High Speed As he did when he entered the american crunching across the military police Road Block South of Panmunjom the determined Chi Nese sped across a narrow Bridge smashed through the crossbar across it and sped on. Chinese War prisoners who do not want to return to communism. The reds demanded the re turn of the prisoners the . Refused. Burgos Spain up High the repatriation question is voltage shocks from a burning the sole remaining obstacle to a transformer killed six persons i korean armistice. Today s meeting marked the seventh straight time that the truce delegates have met Only Long enough to restate their positions and agreed to a week s recess. The next meeting was set for sept. 20. The lights in their Homes after the burning transformer had suddenly stepped up the current. United nations n. Y. Up delegates in the United nations Security Council got set today for a new rash of russian vetoes. They expected retiring chief soviet Delegate Jacob a. Malik to say yet to applications of Japan Libya Laos Cambodia and Viet Nam for membership to the world organization. Malik admitted wednesday he would veto applications unless Western delegates admit simultaneously nine Western backed nations and five communist controlled states. The Council spurned an Effort by Malik last week to Blackjack the 11-nation group into giving his nine for five proposal Blanket approval. Surgeons will try to separate twins Chicago will attempt to separate baby Sia Mese twins who Are joined at the crowns of their skulls in an operation this fall the Ameri can medical association Dis closed today. The Ama yesterday issued the first official medical report on the Brodie twins of Rock Island 111. The report was prepared by or. Samuel d. Purr of Rock is land the physician who attended the twins birth. At the same time the Ama disclosed that the University of Illinois research and educational hospitals in Chicago will con duct a surgical attempt to sep Arate the twins sometime this the twins Roger and Rodney Are almost a year principals in Battle of the Billy Rose right arrives at the courthouse in new York City where Rose s divorce Battle with his wife began and ended in a sin Gle courtroom Rose halted his divorce action and his wife Eleanor Holm left was granted her separation. A photo Stevenson goes on offensive says corruption not All caused by demos los Angeles Adlai Stevenson went on the Offen Sive today with a denial framed in his strongest language that democrats alone Are responsible for corruption and misconduct in the Federal government. Whose fault is he asked that we get what we deserve in and his answer was it is the fault of you the people. Your Public servants serve you right indeed often they serve you bet Ter than your apathy and indifference this was the Core of Steven son s answer to one of the Cen trial issues in the Battle for the presidency. He quoted his re publican opponent As saying it is the Only Stevenson devoted a whole speech to it in los Angeles yesterday. In a second speech Here he painted a picture of the United states 20 years from now promised a Golden future and said of the republicans they have always been afraid of tomorrow. Seldom has there been a bold idea for building America bigger and stronger for the future but that Republican voices Are raised saying you can t do Stevenson carried his Campaign today into the Southwest heading for Arizona and new Mexico. He plans to be in his Springfield Headquarters late saturday. His two los Angeles speeches were foundation stones in the Campaign he is building. In the first his Effort was to destroy the Republican argument that the democrats alone see Stevenson Page 8 floods leave 5 dead in Texas Hill country Boerne Tex. Up were receding in this fabled Hill country of Southwest Texas to Day Jatter flooding Rivers and creeks left five persons dead two missing and hundreds homeless following drouth blocking Rains. But downstream outside the Hill country Luling on the san Marcos River was reported to be in trouble. The department of Public safety said an undetermined number of people were in danger in the area and Dis patched amphibious equipment to the scene. Downpours that measured up to 23 inches in 24 hours had sent roaring torrents Down River and Creek Beds that had been Dusty and cracked. Highway and rail Road Bridges were washed out and buses tailed live Stock drowned Low lying areas flooded communications downed and residents were sent Scurry ing for roof tons and High ground. There was no estimate of dam age from official sources but it was expected to be High. The Rains were beneficial to grazing lands but too late to help drouth Ridden Cotton and Grain. Helicopters and rowboats were used to take about 100 Pas sengers from a stalled Missouri Kansas Texas Railroad train at colds South of new braunfels. No one was injured. The copters also lifted stranded residents from the roof tops of their Homes. At least five towns in the Southwest and South Central Texas areas were isolated by the flood or. Republican on most things will work for gop Victory but won t abandon principles new York sen. Rob Ert a. Taft said today after a two hour breakfast conference with Republican nominee Dwight d. Eisenhower that they agree on Domestic policy and to a Large extent on foreign new York sen. Taft after a conference with Gen. Eisenhower today called on americans to support the re publican presidential nominee and declared the general has his wholehearted backing with no qualifications at he said he will Campaign for Eisenhower will make at least one National broadcast and do everything i can in the Way of making Taft told a press conference that in his Campaign for Eisen Hower he would bring out their differences on foreign policy. He said these were differences of Taft outlined these major Points 1. Taft said Eisenhower told him he believes in the Basic Prin Ciple of the Taft Hartley Law and was opposed to its repeal. 2. Taft said he would be glad to speak in Eisenhower be half. 3. He said both he and Eisen Hower agree on foreign policy to the extent they both were aware of the menace of communism and that our Success in any War see republicans Page 8 huge Navy War games to begin invaded Norway gets Aid from nato Fleet aboard uss Franklin the Vanguard of Allied help for invaded Norway sailed today to open operation main the biggest joint peace time naval Maneu vers in the history of the world. Tankers and other unromantic Supply vessels of the Mobile logistic Force steamed out to sea from the scots naval fast Ness the Firth of Clydeen route to their rendezvous this weekend with the carriers battleships and cruisers which make up the main striking Force. The games Are being held by the countries of the North at lactic treaty organization bound together in a compact to defend the free world against communist aggression. Escorted by destroyers the Supply ship steamed out in the morning Sunshine from the Firth of Clyde on the West coast of Scotland and the Firth of Forth on the East coast. The giant men of War Rode gently at Anchor in lines stretch ing As far As the Eye could see alerted to sail on four hours no Tice any time after Midnight to night 6 . Most of them Are expected to get under Way after Dawn tomorrow. Eighty thousand half of them americans 160 warships from eight nato nations with the addition of a Cruiser from new zealand 500 Carrier based planes and 100 land based planes Are engaged in the 13-Day a Nevers. Fourteen aircraft carriers will spearhead the Armada in the grim War games. So lunar tables Tammy to tout that you a Fol trim to Trottm or umm m to to t Turt pm bom h Prada Phi. Lake stages itrel Fred my. 1.hi.i Chat non liw. 1.m1.1 Fri

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