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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - September 10, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeSkies Sunset . The Moon Tims . And Ridel High near Nath last Quarter . Visible planets . Sets earlier each evening. It will return As a morn ing Star late in october. Venus Low in West . Mars sets . Jupiter due East . All times Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxviii no. 182 Kingsport Tenn., wednesday sept. 10, 1952 18 pages five cents the weather fair tonight about 50. Little change in tempera Ture. Yesterday s High 83, last night s Low 46, noon Reading 71 Wisconsin voters endorse Mccarthy k i strikers jeer strikers Are held Back by police As they thumb their noses at non strikers leaving the strike bound Lockheed aircraft Plant in Burbank calif., ending the first Day of the walkout. Aba telephoto demos in Texas join Ike s Camp Amarillo Tex. Or i then with the governor s Gani Zed democratic party of j Blessing the convention gave eve Texas has marched lock Stock Jery Democrat in Texas the Green and barrel into the Camp of Light to join the Eisenhower Dwight d. Eisenhower and that have High Hopes of republicans. J carrying Texas this year. But they also made certain its Resolution adopted by a other Texas far whopping voice vote went fur vote for and her and asked the governor and Lai Stevenson on the general i other party officials to Campaign election ballot in the usual dem a for Eisenhower. Socratic column. Shivers who once urged Eis the democrats who hollered Benhower As. A possible Democrat themselves hoarse in convention nominee said last night he yesterday cat calling and Hoot a wanted to think it Over before ing Stevenson president tru i saying what he would do about Man and administration fulfilled the an overwhelming vote mar Leader to win seats in the from the Crossroads the tonal convention at Chicago Small towns and Small cities Allan Shivers had prom Shivers Rode Over the states ised to do All in his Power to j rights faction that went Down put Stevenson s name on the bal. Fighting for dual democratic lot As a Democrat and he did. I see Texas Page 14 Leader of Arab league resigns Azzam quits on eve jul. A casualty in Korea of important meet Washington up american Battle casualties in Korea now total increase of 582 Over last report the defense tary general of the powerful department announced to Arab league resigned a expect a today. Emily last night. He quit Only a the Marine which few hours before the seven a Jonas been engaged in heavy Tion organization opened one of h a in its most important sessions casualties bounced j fighting on Bunker Hill in Sions Korea reported 455 of the casualties bounced Egypt has played a dominant today. Role in the league through a a the new total includes Zam who has been Secretary 1600 deaths wounded general since its foundation missing captured 1945. His term was not due previously missing y.i-. Expire until july 1953. Other states in the league Are Jordan Iraq saudi Arabia Leb i anon Syria and Yemen. Cairo newspaper speculation i appeared in agreement that a a Zam s resignation was in accordance with wishes of Egypt s Premier maj. Gen. Naguib. But returned to service. Late bulletins new York showman Rose withdrew his sensational divorce charges against a usually reliable source said his swimming Queen wife elea Azzam has been under fire for nor today. And she was granted his role in the 1948 Arab jewish a separation decree on grounds s. Koreans take Heights wild Bayonet charge Rok infantry holds Capitol Hill against counter attacking reds Seoul Korea Battle hardened South korean infantrymen recaptured Capitol Hill in a wild night Bayonet charge threw Back counter chinese at Daybreak and then attacking today. A u. S. Eighth army staff officer said the Roks Republic of Korea troops Are on that to stay. Hill in close five Days of in fighting for victorious the Cen hint slated in Pacific trial front Hill troops of the crack Capitol division have killed or wounded at least chinese the eighth army estimated. That is nearly the equivalent of a red regiment. Fighting for the Hill has pro i diced the heaviest communist artillery barrages of the Gen. James a. Van Fleet eighth army commander said at the front the shelling amazed him and indicates the reds have enough supplies and ammunition at the the u. S. Fifth air Force said fighter bomber pilots last night knocked out 100 communist Supply trucks the highest score since Early june. Fifth air Force pilots helped soften before the koreans began their Victo rious fight up the slopes of Cap Itol Hill. The air Force said 70 individual flights were made Over the Hill by fighter bombers raking the chinese with machine gun fire bombs and flaming jellied gasoline. U. N. Artillery then took Over and pounded the Hill Crest and red approach routes with a murderous barrage. South korean infantrymen at tacked at . The going was Tough. Despite the air at tacks and the thunderous u. N. Artillery barrage the reds sent shells screaming against the and by Elton c. Fatt of military reporter Washington test of the world s first Hydrogen hell in june May be made during the next two months at the United states re Mote and carefully guarded nuclear weapons proving ground in mid Pacific. A joint atomic Energy commis Sion defense department announcement says a task Force will conduct tests in the autumn months of this year looking toward development of atomic the announcement left open the question of the specific Type of atomic weapons but earlier offi Cial statements had pointed to Progress in developing the Hydro Gen bomb which May be a thou Sand times More powerful than the a bomb. There were indications of in Bristol Hamilton county men caught two others at Large Nashville Tenn. Of the four Long term negro prisoners who sawed their Way out of the state Penitentiary Here sunday night were Recap tured this morning after they had walked and hitchhiked to Louisville ky., and Back. They sure were tired hungry and beat one of the arrest ing City said. The two were identified As Grady Wyatt 28, serving 198 years on charges of rape and robbery from Hamilton county and Eugene Penn 34, serving 99 dancing koreans. Sturdy korean years on a murder charge at riflemen inched their Way up the Rocky slope and in a final charge with bayonets cleaned out the last of the chinese on the Crest at . The chinese regrouped for a counterattack but artillery chop Ped up three companies As they massed for an assault. Another company that charged was beaten Back. See War Page 14 Auto insurance rate hike seen Nashville were indications today that state officials May approve some increase in the automobile liability insurance rate charges to Tennessee car owners. M. O. Allen state commissioner of insurance and banking held hearings earlier in the week on a request of insurance companies for rate increases. The proposal was opposed by representatives of Sev eral cities in the state and Allen said he today. May announce a ruling War in which the Arab league nations were Defeated by the Currey Sanders Deputy commissioner said generally higher rates Are in Prospect because of the continuous Rise in the state s Auto Mobile Accident rate. He gave no indication How much increase might be approved on insurance rates. The insurance companies sought an increase averaging be tween 30 and 40 per cent Over the of abandonment and and j state. The rates Are based in part inhuman Rose who once wrote a song zionists seeking to set up their own country in the holy land i beginning i found a minion Naguib has said that agreed that us form movement began during preme court Justice James b. M. That War in protest against should set the amount scandals and profiteering which 0 Alimony. Gent egyptian troops to Battle thus a Snow which had been with Dud ammunition and faulty billed in id Vance As the Bantam producer s greatest spectacle sources close to Naguib said ended As what is known along Egypt will recommend accept Broadway As a Turkey Ance of the Azzam s resignation. In three convicts escape Lewisburg a. Tough Bank robbers serving Long terms escaped Over the Wall of the Federal Penitentiary Here to Day and fled in a stolen Auto. In their flight the three threatened a Rural resident and his family with carving knives and slashed a Bucknell univer sity employee when he resisted their efforts him. Warden George c. Humphrey identified the three As Joseph Nolan 26, his brother Ballard 22, both from Kentucky and Elmer Schuer 21, from Illinois. Housing Rule eased Washington up informed sources said today the government is preparing to sus see late bulletins Page 14 on the number of automobile Accident reported in various areas of the state. No decision reached in Middleton Case Winchester by. No decision was reached yesterday by the Clark considering county grand jury conspiracy charges against Merle and Logan Middleton. The panel recessed after hear ing from two witnesses with the matter still under consideration. It will reconvene sept. 17. The politically prominent har Lan Brothers Are charged with offering Claude Beach and oth ers to kill Avery Hensley a former Harlan policeman. Nashville police recapture 2 of Tenn. Prisoners Bristol. The other two escaped prison ers were thought to be in the Louisville area where the four men separated a Day or two ago. They were listed As Lewis Ball 47, Shelby serving a life term Lor rape and 13-15 years Lor and larceny and j. Atkins 44, Shelby county 10-20 years for robbery. Wyatt and Penn were picked up at a negro cab stand Here where they sought information from a woman employee. They did t know they were Back in Nashville one of the arresting officers said. They were turned completely patrolman John Smith said. This was the first time they had been out in thet free world since world War ii and things had changed a lot in that length of patrolman Smith said Wyatt and Penn told officers the four prisoners had walked and hitch hiked to a Point near Louisville. Ky., where the cups jumped them the prisoners Uncertain exactly where they were broke and ran into the Woods to escape re capture. They scattered out then Wyatt and Penn staying together and Ball and Atkins remaining in the Louisville area. Wyatt and Penn told their captors they had eaten nothing but apples plucked from Trees and Green Wixs of Corn they found As they walked through Fields. They had their pockets full see escapees Page 14 usually tight secrecy around the official is admitted cautiously that forthcoming experiments at have gained new information Wetoka in the Marshall Island and understanding of group. The announcement specified that Only official observers of the United state government and members of the task would be present. This suggested that quasi official observers such As civilian defense experts who have witnessed other nuclear weapons tests might not be invited. It definitely leaves out foreign observers and the press. At least some preliminary Steps producing a full scale Hydrogen explosion already have been taken. More than a year ago the Spring of conducted experiments which apparently included studies of the method of detonating a Hydrogen bomb. Following these eniwetok tests i see atomic Page 14 the Basic therm Onu Phenomena underlying Clear 1 thermonuclear refers to the fusion or melting together process As distinguished from the fission or splitting apart that occurs in the now conventional atomic bomb it has been assumed that millions of degrees of heat will be needed to trigger the fusion of the Hydro Gen bomb into an explosion. The in gop primary communist Hunting lawmaker says vote approves his methods Milwaukee wis. Joseph Mccarthy claimed today that his overwhelming Victory in the Wisconsin primary meant that the state s voters had stamped approved on his controversial methods of Only apparently readily available ing alleged communists in gov Man made source for such heat is Ern ment. The Core of an exploding atomic sen. Joseph Mccarthy Mccarthy easily won Reno i t nation in record balloting in a Firso test of a Hydrogen bomb yesterday s primary polling bomb. Probably will be made from a Tower instead of an air drop. Among other reasons is the size of any test device far too big and per Ike supports All gop hopefuls Indianapolis ind. D. Eisenhower embraced All Republican candidates including two of the top s most controversial senators today in calling for teamwork to turn out an administration of fear mongers quack doctors and Bare faced i Eisenhower heading for a Campaign visit to Washington d. C., and a four Day rest before Ting the Campaign Trail again ii v Donnelly to get Tough in Berlin three to one Over the closest of his five Republican opponents Small town lawyer Leonard Schmitt who waged an Exten Sive radio Tal Kathon Campaign. It was the communist Hunting senator s first test at the polls since he began his accusations that the Federal government was honeycombed with subversive j employees and he won a smash ing Victory. I with of the state s predicts reported Mccarthy had votes to Schmitt s the four other candidates col Gan Francisco up elected a total of Adlai Stevenson stood solidly to in Che democratic senatorial Day on the foreign policy 6f the race former Wisconsin administration and Gen. Thomas fan child had with a warning of peril outlined 751 to for Henry Reuss of j a program for action in Asia. Milwaukee who was Given Only a slight Chance of overtaking him. Found at Indianapolis one of the most enthusiastic audiences since he started a nine state plane trip eight Days ago. The Republican presidential hopeful told persons in Butler University Field House and a nationwide radio audience last night that he is calling for support of the entire Republican ticket from top to appearing with him was sen. William e. Jenner who has at tacked Gen. George c. Marshall Eisenhower s Good Friend. While Eisenhower was speak ing sen. Joseph r. Mccarthy another critic of Marshall won renomination in a Wisconsin Pri Mary by an overwhelming vote. Eisenhower made his support for them Plain. High commissioner to Call blur of soviet Berlin j. Don Nelly american High commissioner to Germany said today he intends to meet future russian threats to the allies in Berlin Stevenson will stand on Truman foreign policy governor outlines program for Asia warns of dangers America is threatened As Nev uniting 11411.1. A in Mccarthy said that in or before he Sald rating him the people of wis a the Way to Avert he Consin have made their state nation wide television and a the issues of audience from san Francis eruption communism and the i is to give material Aid to the suicidal foreign policy which has new nations of Asia to recognize been so Good for Russia and so their desire for Independence bad for and to show them that the unit Schmitt called Mccarthy s vie de states is not pursuing a pol tory an appalling thing and i icy of domination. Predicted that when the full truth dawns Many people will recall their support of Joseph r. Mccarthy in this election with Schmitt had contended that Mccarthy was unfit to serve As a senator. The Gray haired Law speaking with unusual seriousness the democratic Candi Date for the presidency made these Points last night 1. I do not think War is an inevitable part of this Conquest Between Freedom and 2. With 85 per cent of our yer particularly objected to me budget allocated to defense it Carthy s tactics in accusing gov head on despite the risks in-1 Ern ment employees and Public solved in a get firm policy. Figures of red affiliations. Donnelly spoke at a foreign Schmitt objected that Many of the charges were made from the press association luncheon after Eisenhower mentioned neither i soviet troops armed with Tommy Legal Sanctuary of the Senate floor and that they did not expose a single traitor. See Mccarthy Page 14 consequent risk of a said he with the shooting by name but he told the wildly guns suddenly renewed a Block cheering audience that he s not Lade against passage of Allied interested in any idea of "purg-1 military patrols across a narrow ing anyone. I strip of red held East Germany. The people of each state Are i however Donnelly the Best judges of the not use Force urls they want to represent their he said. We want inde see Eisenhower Page 14 second trial slated for Mahoney Slayer new Orleans in Louis Eugene Hoover will be tried a second time next month in connection with the slaying three years ago of millionaire James Mahoney of Bristol va., in a downtown hotel. Orleans Parish District at Torney Severn t. Darden said tuesday the state had already begun rounding up witnesses and would put them under subpoena next week although the exact Date of the trial has not been set. Hoover a 25-year-old army Veteran was convicted in de Cember 1949, and condemned to die in the electric chair for the slaying of Mahoney at the height of the Marl gras sea son. His sentence was set aside by the Louisiana supreme court and a new trial ordered. Break the new rus Sian blockade. We Are not going to give up our Donnelly said. We must meet the russians head on. I am convinced that Many times they Are bluffing. If we meet them head on Many of these things can be settled. They Are just trying to probe us to see How far they can go. I am proceed on the Assumption that we should meet them head on. It is True that this is a risk. But this is a risky world. There is a risk in living in a place like Berlin or Vienna. We Are Strong and getting stronger and the russians know sources close to Donnelly re ported that if the russians continue their harassment of Allied see Berlin Page 14 Mcgee was in Middle Atlantic City n. J. Cornelius Mcgee was fined on false pretences charges yesterday for Selling Catnip Cigar ets As marijuana. Is the soviet Union which now fixes the level of our defense expenditure s and thus our tax 3. Republican nominee Dwight d. Eisenhower s "10 Point program does not contribute much to our foreign see Stevenson Page 14 Truman will Start whistle Stop tour for Stevenson on sept. 27 Washington Truman today set 27 As the departure Date for a whistle Stop tour rivalling in intensity any single trip of his own successful Campaign of 1948. Seeking votes for Adlai Stevenson now Truman will make a major Power speech in Northwestern Montana oct. 1 dedicating share the work plan for miners May be demanded by John Lewis the hungry horse dam. By Norman Walker Lewis has been harping on the Washington John l. Idea of a work apportionment Lewis seems to be trying to Dij plan for some time. At his in vide the Coal Industry with Avion s 1948 convention Lewis said share the work plan calling for if the mine owners could t Fig heavy penalty wages after a Jure out some Way of letting All third Day s work in any one the miners share the available week. The idea casually mentioned by the United mine workers president in preliminary con tract talks with Coal operators has the owners buzzing. The facts Are that Lewis min ers Are working about 3vz Days a week on the average. Some of them mostly i the North work a full five Days and even a sixth Day at overtime but Many min ers mostly in the South work Only two or three Days a week. Work maybe the Union had bet Ter come up with a plan. Half pay rate for any work done on a fourth working Day in a week and double pay on any fifth Day. The initial reaction of the operators is that the Northern owners particularly the steel companies owning the captive i mines Don t like it. The heavy it was t Long after the 1948 penalty pay might Force the convention that Lewis put the j steel firms to quit mining Coal Industry on a three Day work i on fourth and fifth work week week eventually culminating in Days and go out and buy Coal on a full fledged strike. The labor contract Between Lewis and the Coal operators begin expiring sept. 20 and Lewis has come up with a new share the work idea. This according to the reports Calls for a penalty time and a ithe commercial Market. That probably would mean More business for the Southern mines. So the Dixie owners Are taking a longer look at the idea. The Lewis demand is causing some heavy thinking among the operators. Members of tha Southern Coal producers association representing about 120 million tons annual production discussed the situation at a 7sf 120 Miles up hardest for space traveler Chicago up scientist said today the first 120 Miles of space travel Are the hardest. Heins Haber of the University of California at los Angeles de scribed the human problems of rocket travel to the american society of mechanical engineers. Going up mile after mile this is Haber s View 10 Avia Tion blends into actual space travel. Oxygen Content outside is so Low a human being would Black out in 15 seconds. 12 pressure drops so Low that fluids would boil inside the body. 15 combustion is impossible in atmosphere this rare. 13 to 23 rays be come intense and dangerous to body tissues. 22 to 28 Miles Ultra Violet rays concentrate in perilous density. 50 to 80 Board meeting Here today. Wishes. Psychological difficulties the bituminous Coal opera i Rise. Difficulty May occur in tors association a new Alliance walking working. Optical ill of owners principally from Penn Sions May occur Sylvania West Virginia Ohio i 85 Black of space and a few other Northern states also were holding a Board of directors meeting today at Pitts Burgh. Union sources claim one advantage of the Lewis idea be sides sharing the work would be to keep the marginal mines go ing by giving them an assured Market. This they say would mean a substantial Industry of see miners Page 14 is the Earth reflecting the Sun s Light is too Bright to look at without hurting the eyes. Meteor traffic in creases a collision could wreck a rocket ship. 100. Generate intense heat. Temperatures zoom to 500 degrees. A Man would collapse in three minutes if the ship s Cooling Protection see space Page 14 in route West aides said he will Lay Down a barrage of rear platform attacks on the gop at every Stop his special train makes during Daylight from Montana tentative plans now Call for a swing into Washington Oregon and California. And the president s talks will continue on the Way Back East. The tour is expected to run from 10 to 12 Days. The White House withheld any announcement of the president s itinerary until the entire sched ule has been completed. Final decisions will have to be made by Early next week in order to give secret service agents time to work out protective measures everywhere he visits. Truman talked Over his plans yesterday in an hour Long con Ference with Stephen a. Mitchell the democratic National chair Man picked by gov. Stevenson after he received the party s presidential nomination. Mitchell made it Clear to re porters afterwards that there is Complete co ordination on Cam see Truman Page 14 pain plans of the president and said the trips of both were Dis cussed at the White House meet so lunar tables of a Otanm m printed below. Been taken from Jotia Aldin sol Najt table flu your Daya to that you will a Fri Hunt in Good territory or Hun unc Load earn Dullni Urene Omee u you Wii find the beat port that Day Baa to offer tha major Are Ahoi in boldface Tyx Beia Beita at tha Elmea atom and last Tor an hour and a Batt or two thereafter. Tha minor Bertoda i regular Type Are of somewhat duration. Die eaten Baa . Pal Date Day Fraer Marat a tet 10 wednesday 11 Thurida a a 11 Friday 11 saturday a Tordai Inotay Lake stages Lake Levela wednesday at Watauga. Iue.5 Cherokee

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