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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 11, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 956 37 do you have your brakes checked at regular intervals Kingsport times vol. Al no. 93 phone 6-8121 Kingsport tenn., tuesday May 11, 1954 10 pages five cents the some cloudiness tonight with Low in Middle 40s. Wednesday partly Cloudy and Milder with High in lower 70s. Monday s Higl 61 last night s Low 33 noon Reading 58. Showdown vote on hearing scheduled voting machines France eyes red Al i ii armistice plans not necessary Ramsey declares i Aims in far East by l. Williams times news writer ill k1wy Washington i ins tary of state John Foster Dulles declared flatly today the United Muht not be resumed before states is trying to line up allies Friday to fight to save All three of the Geneva i a French a Lle main Points of Western associated states in Indochina. Spokesman Aid today prance Oppositi Oil to the communist he said in a surprisingly Frank voting machines just Aren t was willing to discuss the Coin prop osiris on Indochina peace news conference that the kind of necessary for the Type of Etc Monist plan Lor an Indochina no Security pact the. Lion the May 29th fluoridation armistice along with its own nist Stylc without states is trying to set up referendum in Kingsport will be. Plan but declared Strong recon Tor Southeast Asia would provide As t. R. Ramsey chairman oration to major provision of the Mion n Lac basis for Allied armed inter Llie City election commission. Communist proposal. Regimes of Indochina and Lack mention in embattled Vietnam sees it. The spokesman made it Clear of military guarantees to Back Dulles emphasized that Rispie some question was raised re France had no intention at pics up the armistice. Recent French Union setbacks in gently when the City announced pm of breaking off the incl although the Western Dele Vietnam this government its plans to use paper ballots in China talks in Geneva de spite Gates were agreed there must be written off any part of indo Slead of voting machines Loi the the apparent Mast West dead Lull discussion of the detailed China referendum. The decision As to armistice proposals some of the whether or not to use voting he explained France s position ilium nor Encl Wim i Tulkin. Thiim. Terms of what to be done if to tie communists was As far As the City s decision government s policy on Indocci the French sponsored goes. I expect 1 am largely re a. Eminent of Viet Nam largest Spon sible for that Ramsey said some observers thought the the three Indochina state was monday afternoon. New French reaction to the com reported working on a third i he the Mam reason for deciding Tunisi terms represented a soft peace plan that May differ1 army to insist All witnesses talk in Public Washington tors investigating the army Mccarthy dispute agreed today to take a showdown vote at re Trenum. E Epson As to armistice proposals some of whether or not to use voting he explained France s position them already were talking machines in the democratic Pri at a specially railed news con writing the Geneva conference Mary in Sullivan county was a Ference As the French National off As a Complete failure on both,1 disputed Issue. Assam blvd prepared to debate the Indochina and Korea Falls a 1 2 extra voting machines would a spokesman fur the u. S. Del dictated it would ask for in Vietnam a have to be hauled from other negation. Informed of the new plete Independence of the three would work today by there president a precincts. French statements said states of a question of whether the qualified personnel would United Stales opposition to the Viet Nam Laos and Cambodia Union allow had the treasurer past president l p p. A. On a new proposal by sen. Everett m. Dirksen r 1111 to curtail Public hearings after the army reiterated opposition to the Short Cut plan. Army Secretary Robert t. Ste Vens backed by sen. Stuart Symington a Moi. Said he will in Sist that All witnesses in the controversy testify in Public ses Sion As. Stevens pointed out lie has done for 14 consecutive Days. The hearings recessed at p. A. Est until Dirksen introduced a revised plan under which Stevens Tes Timony would be concluded at once and Public hearings would Clarence j. Bryan was elected lend following examination and t com-1 Cross examination of senator noon Joseph r. Mccarthy. The Illinois senator made two changes in his original proposal 1. All rebuttal witnesses in the dispute would be questioned in Clarence Bryan Bryan is named head of Chest f. Winders was named vice Kenneth Umberger have to be hired to set the a communist terms was in now classified by France As to Carr a with lne Gregory became a member of i Chines up and Seal them up. Changed. It was summed up Liis associated states within Tneia year Navarre plan. J the executive committee to i think we can vote just As any the communist plan if French Union. He said the loss of Indochina which also appointed were w. And Howard Ross j executive session with their Tes Timony made Public in Tran script form. This was an alteration of the plan under which subcommittee counsel Ray h. Jenkins would have designated i St or Aster with the accepted in full would represent the French say the states Are would not necessarily mean the g. Farmer a c. Burton Sidney paper ballots since there s Only unconditional surrender to the already Independent or Are Al Oss of rest of Southeast Asia Macbeth and Fred Gillette. Witness to be called in closed breezing Ridin is a favorite pastime of one question to vote communists. I preaching that status. Many but stressed that he did not want among business taken up was session. I i in i part he Rio Villa Fletch a of by he estimated that even sources close to the Viet vietnamese say the French still for a minute to underestimate the approval of the Purchase of i 2. The investigating sub com Bitch who is owned b Guam i Loci Hutu o n the Marne is. delegations said the1 hold the Power in key Fields u Stone Gap. Although the Doggie who is part Chow part Tox would be Able to know the total communist were terrier has Little trouble keeping his seat on the vehicle vote and the results within acceptable to Viet Nam. Power must be supplied by members of the Fletcher family. To photo by Bob quails Lour or so after the polls close. These reactions came importance of the three private property along the route Mittee under Mccarthy s chair Unac a a vietnamese spokesman said states nor to give the impression to Camp hideaway girl scout Mansilp would proceed to other yesterday France s truce proposal that the u. S. Believes they Are Camp off the Johnson City High matters but would be barred in the election commission chair j my chinese talks were in Indochina. Viet As effect would Lead to partition going to be lost. Man explained that there is Weste one precinct in Kingsport City elections and the largest vote Ever cast in a City election As far Adf inn As he knows was Only 2.084. Y c we Vaju polling place is the City Hall. By contrast the total vote in a a the Sullivan county presidential election of november 1952. Was 128.155. Find one precinct the i v to South Ward Here cast More bal i Gil hots than have Ever been cast in1 an entire City election has your car been safety fluoridated water change 1 lie molecular i Ramsey believes voting maj checked yet Chines have their place in some Kingsport motorists have four Type City elections such As Days to take advantage of source said As a form of surrender. Questions answers on City fluoridation Structure of a Man s Teeth Giap broadcasts agreement to remove French Nam views on the contrary Dulles said the u. S. Recognizes that the three states Are extremely important and that the problem of saving Southeast Asia would be far More difficult if they Are lost. But he said the loss of Viet Nam. Laos and Cambodia would Way. The property lies on both sides of the Roadway to the Camp about 1.200 feet and the Pur Chase will provide a Legal entry into the Camp grounds. The Camp was donated to the Chest organization in a trans Fer of about 100 acres from ten Nessee Eastman co. The right property owners made not make defense of Southeast Asia hopeless or cause the u. S. To give up in despair. E til the Mccarthy army Issue is resolved from investigating military Mccarthy said he approved the Dirksen plan which was seconded by sen. Henry m. Dworshak h sen. Charles Potter a Mich made it Plain that he would vote for Dirksen s motion. But acting chairman Karl e. Of directors decided to accept Mundt red indicated he had their offer and build a Fence along the route to the Camp. The Secretary appeared property is to be bought newsmen after three Days of Fol. Approximately s500 intensive consultation with Fres the Chest officers met at the Saigon. Indochina ident Eisenhower the National i cd Vic auditorium at 5 p. Pro controlled fluoridation con or. H makes the enamel of the tooth Rico Montist of International last aldermen s race where there the free voluntary car inspect Gen. To Ngyyen Giap broadcast i Security Council. American Mil k. Box a be were a number of candidates. Ution program now being held on Over the vie Minh radio leaders and Allied Ambas the City of Kingsport did use1 memorial Boulevard. Harder and More resistant to Pute checked a number of sub voting machines in that election. Trained mechanics will be jets who have been using Founcy it very at the checking stall. Decay. F checking station rally fluoridated water for said and added that As now through saturday 9 a. To eral years and found appealing far As he Kingsport in is p. M., to inspect automobiles his agreement to a meeting with sectors. French army representatives on the Airfield at Dien Bien Phu to arrange for evacuation of wounded from that fallen for Wilson will Lour periodontal disease with marked i tends to use the machines in to for defects. Tress changes in Structure such Asen Ture aldermen elections. John Stiles chairman of the tiap agreed to the Quick evac Iraco in far fad argement of the roots and in his opinion the big and safety Lane program said of the fortress 1 300i Ujcik Iii i do Luji rowing or closure of Root of to Long machines is steady Stream of cars was pass i wounded after Gen Henri a i and pulp Chambers indicating you can know the results ing through the station tuesday Varre French Union commander Washington ins of the tooth almost immediately you j morning but there were no Long had addressed a to him was dropped on the Bat de sense Secretary Charles e. Wil son will leave tonight for a Structure. Many of these the polls in the of waiting lines. Some 80 cars a. Cue at had severe gum disease and pm Ine referendum you will still be i been checked by a. J tired fortress by a French line three week tour of u. S. Stalla or Rhea and premature need to do Aboul As Wen with 62 or false Teeth. Paper ballots he says. A Are there any political angles to r Lorida Tion inking Sciort tee is aware of. Lotical appointees in ton Nashville and Worley Fain enters be race possibly Blois Vilie interested in putting Worley Fain former Dairyman and county trustee has been qualified As a candidate for the Republican nomination for trus tee of Sullivan county. Fain is opposed for the Nomi nation by Oscar Bailey. The party will elect its slate Row. Me i. J t Iriti lne August general election Liberal labels do not fit for this up of both and we Aie ii Uyi a nominating convention to is not socialization. This is against the government setting Blountville Friday a univ do local conservative and Liberal thinkers feel about fluoridation and con our committee is made j pro the conservative merely a program which acne a precedent of mass medication fits our children at Little Cost of the people contrary to All and with no Hazard to anyone rights reserved to the citizens Blountville Fain Law. Once the door is opened served As county trustee for five 1938 to 1948. There is no the Zeal of he Columbia Mali he bureaucrat who Academy King College an passing Mark. I Early this afternoon. Tons in the far East but said total of 316 cars were an attempt to Contact Giap spec Ted monday during the j by racij0 Lhirondelle the voice of opening Day of the inspection the French forces mule far East the French commander has no plans to visit program. Of these Only 132 were in perfect condition. Every car passing through the checking Lane is inspected for brakes lights Horn exhaust tires at Hanoi. Speaking Over the vie Minh radio the victorious communist commander proposed the French and vie Minh representatives confront each other at the Northern portion of the Dien Bien Phu Airfield. Faulty steering mirrors and Windshield wiper. Cars in Good condition receive a yellow and Black sticker. The Driver of a faulty car receives a list of the defects with the suggestion to have repair work done. The safety Lane is sponsored i gen7hen7i by look Magazine in cooperation j Navarre with the Kingsport safely Cpun-1 cil and to comm China. With him will be mrs. Wilson Navy undersecretary and mrs. Thomas s. Gates Marine col. C. A. Randall Wilson s aide and Navy capt. John w. Ailes aide to Gates. The party will visit Tokyo Korea. Formosa Okinawa Hong Kong Manila and Hawaii. The helicopter carrying the has checkup French should he stipulated be plainly marked with a red Cross. Washington ins the the Date of the encounter will i labor department announced 1 of arts degree from Waynesburg be fixed a Day in Advance that labor Secretary pa., College a special diploma in not changed his previous Posi Tion which was that he would not support the Dirksen motion if any of the principals in the dispute opposed it. Stevens announced his opposition in vigorous tones. He said the army opposes executive sessions because it believes that All of the facts in this matter should be Laid on the table As they have been since the hear Ings the decision to defer the vote until came after Frederick v. P. Bryan attorney for As Secretary of the East Tennessee j Distant defense Secretary h. State College alumni Assoc a j Struve Hensel a co principal on Tion died on the College Campus the Pentagon Side asked time funeral services for or. Frank Field Johnson Frank Field 75, registrar emeritus and sunday afternoon following heart attack. Funeral services for or. Field a to consult his client who was not in the hearing room. Symington also suggested a Are scheduled for 3 . Tuesday delay on the ground thai the in the College auditorium. Senators and principals needed or. Field was stricken near i time to study the Dirksen res his office in the administration building. In the Field of education for about 40 years or. Field joined the Etc faculty in 1920. He be came registrar in 1924. Since his retirement As registrar in 1949, he has organized More than 40 Etc alumni association Chap ters throughout the country. Born in Greene county pa., or. Field received his Bachelor the vie Minh agreed at the James p. Mitchell has entered education administration from Walter Reed Hospital far a phys-1 Columbia University in 1913. Ical checkup. Or Ngsi .v.v. N. 1.111, Jurii the inter Industry conference yesterday to the announcement said Mitt cd. Permit the French to Fly out doctor has or seriously wounded Union troops him to take a i the reds claimed were in his Hea take Over lives. And Rule our daily a to Natl fluoridated water affect any of the manufacturing processes used by local in Washington and Jefferson col a lege. As an undergraduate. Faint made an outstanding athletic record. He is a Veteran of world War one and is a presbyterian. A Godfrey to undergo destries pro no the Board of May con it is reported there is or and aldermen canvassed All danger of boiler Ami industries two years ago and re that Cei Ved no opposition. Here s schedule pipes corrode. Linsville. By. Has complaints of pipes and other Metal corroding but mayor enjoys bottled fluorine-1 i a free Spring several of Herejk the schedule for to industries have their night s party precinct meet own water Supply. Ings Republican a to by do refer to fluoridated water As Hal Poison and hug o clock at the civic auditorium West Ward 8 o clock at City Hall. Prom Ziy substances in con the american medical i2th District old Kingsport Ommon use by human beings association journal in the o clock at fort Robinson Are proper beneficial when in past the Poison Hazard of flu amounts but May be line compounds has been in a Raiful when used improperly countered in the smelting of for example chlorine is used Cryolite and in the use of flu in most Public drinking Waters rides As sprays Roach in the United states. Sodium powders rat Poison and in in Chloride is also poisonous Industrial products such As dyes Large amounts yet it is Ordinary pasties agents Metal table Salt fluxes fumigants insecticides fluoridated water fit for drinking pro certainly. 20 million con not americans Are drinking it now. School. 13th District Childress store o clock at Rock Springs school. 13th District Long o clock at Long Island school. Us District o clock at Sullivan High school. On thursday night at o clock 15th District republicans will meet at the Sullivan High school to elect delegates to Friday s gop convention at Blountville. Bien Phu bunkers when they captured the fortress. Giap s message be agreement was with the humanitarian Boston prescient he referred to the is scheduled to Moscow trained vie Minh Leader to Chi Minn who claimed to be president of the phantom gov that ordered rest before re heavy examine radio to Star Arthur Godfrey within a few Days and Ern ment he has set up in the indochinese Jungles. Once arrangements wit i Giap Sis Senter Isle slated .11 policy of i to announce for race discuss a second operation on the redhead s right hip. The entertainer told his co Lumbia radio there by wrong with the hip 7de desk to handle such a when he would undergo a Sec a of cases Ond operation but or Otto franc who has handled god Jar Nitai Foj Frey s Case since the death last a wait june of or. Marius n. Smith Petersen was called in. Or. Smith Petersen noted orthopaedic specialist working with a team of five surgeons and Doc tors made a new Ball and socket joint and placed a Metal Mold Over the head of the Hin joint last year. The hip has caused the red haired entertainer so much Dis Tress that last feb. 22 he flew to Boston for an examination by or. Aufranc who assisted at the operation. By Bill Freehoff times news political writer solution. The Missouri senator added that he understood Stevens was not feeling the Secre tary reportedly was suffering from a virus infection. Mccarthy s chief counsel Roy m. Cohn announced that he did not wish to question the Secretary any More until he is feeling observed that Stevens looks and the Secretary thereupon announced the witness is feeling before declaring his approval of the Dirksen motion Mccarthy said he wanted to be assured that the ban on probes of communist infiltration in military installations did not apply to his projected inquiry into reds in defense plants the Wisconsin senator rioted that he and his aides have the names of 130 suspected subversives in defense plants who he has said Are poised with a razor Over the jugular vein of the Stevens in declaring his opposition to Dirksen s attempt to Senter is a supporter of the hearings said he did Mer gov. Gordon Browning want to be an obstruction survivors include his wife and one son or. Tom Field on the University of Kentucky staff and Frank jr., a teacher in Cali fornia. A magistrate race Howard Shoemaker 31, of route 3 Church Hill announced monday that he is a candidate for magistrate from the seventh civil District of Hawkins county. Shoemaker is employed at the Tennessee Eastman company. He is married and has three children. He is a Veteran of world War ii and served in the european theater As an infantry sergeant with the 87th in a Godfrey representative pm Fantry division that another five hour i he is a member of the Ameri operation would nol be no pcs can legion and the Baptist sary. Church. Ments from two leading crafts Are expected soon. I state rep. Harry Lee Senter of Bristol is expected to announce thus the picture May emerge by May 15 that he is a candidate for state senator and Harry Lee for re election. Of Bristol for direct rep and Senter is expected to opposition from magistrate j in the Clement Camp Jack Isley of the seventh civil Lewis Chase of Kingsport for sen. John l. Mcclellan d Arki at first opposed any delay and indicated he was ready to Walter f. Moody of Kingsport i a rival Resolution to in the Browning Camp District. Both Are expected to seek the nomination for Sullivan Courty direct representative in the a gust 5 democratic primary. Senter was one of the leading members of the Tennessee House of representatives during the 1953 general Assembly. A Sharp critic of gov. Frank Clement he led the opposition in the House to the Bill that increased the truck weight limit. He also of Dirksen s. Which would impose a time limit on questioning but would adhere to the Public televised hearing procedure. Mcclellan however did not state senator and f. W. For immediate action aft Isley of the seventh District Symington proposed the delay direct representative. Actually the picture is not until this afternoon. Dirksen denied that his to posed another Clement measure so called act. Quite that simple. Clement sup Tion was the result of any out porters May Well vote for Moody Side pressure to take the car and Senter and Browning Back j Ings behind closed doors. He ers May Well cast their ballots specifically denied reports that for Chase and Isley. Or there the White House had urged him May by other combinations. To act. So far the Only Republican Toi Dirksen before formally in announce for either of these j to reducing his motion told news races is Paris Pendleton As j men i be just about Given up slant Highway commissioner of on this thing. I be tried to be free textbook Sullivan county who is a can fair in everyone but i Don t a Date for the state Senate. How this will be

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