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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 7, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies . Upon else Friday new Moon 13 prominent Constellation l o High in Southwest . Visible planets Saturn 1 in the Sou theist and Jupiter sets in the eve Ning Twilight. Venu. Ii Low in the. To the Monitor Twilight. All Almu sunbird Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 91 Kingsport tenn., thursday May 7, 1953 24 pages five cents the weather Cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms tonight and Friday. Yester Day s High 76 last night s Low 51 noon temperature 61 rainfall .69 in. Red troops withdrawing from Laos charge Stassen squelched Aid report advice gop congressmen claim businessmen urged Sharp cutback by Paul Southwick Washington lican congressmen today accused Mutual Security director Harold e. Stassen of suppressing a critical report by 55 business leaders who surveyed the u. S. Foreign Aid program at his re quest. They charged that the report is embarrassing to Stassen be cause it recommended Sharp cuts in the Aid program and called for abolishing Stassen s Mutual Security Agency. Stassen who scheduled a closed door meeting with the business Survey team today admitted in testimony before the Senate foreign relations com Mittee wednesday that some members of. The group had called for shifting foreign Aid functions to the state both Stassen and Secretary of state John Foster Dulles oppose this idea. But Stassen said that the Aid program that president Eisenhower submitted flood Waters from streams that Are swollen from Early Spring Rains inundate Cypress la., a Small Western Louisiana town Between the red and Sabine Rivers. Stretches of the Highway and connecting roads Are also under water. Ike addresses nation. Tonight to Congress this week was in line with the business leaders recommendations. The program see Stassen Page 22 victims moved from steamship Harwich England up the bodies of a girl a woman and a Man were brought ashore today from the Stern half of the British steamship Duke of York wrecked yesterday in a collision with an american freighter. Tugs nudged the Stern part of the vessel into Dock Here. The Bow had been shorn away in the collision with the american freighter Haiti Victory. A fourth victim mrs. Margo Ansdell of Britain died in a Hospital Here last night after being pulled irom the wreckage. One body had been sighted in the crumbled plates where the York s Bow was shorn away in its collision with the Haiti Vic tory and at least two More Bod ies were believed aboard. At least 15 persons were injured including the dowager marchioness of Exmouth and u. S. Air Force 1st it. Donald Barker Home town three others May be missing although the confusion involved in getting rescued passengers ashore made the exact count Uncertain. Mrs. Norma Hoytt 51, of an chorale Alaska said she had been unable to locate her sister j Gilda Jordet 49, of Rocky colo., but officials in charge of. 91 survivors landed in Dover by the u. S. Freighter american. Three Hundred and 99 other survivors were checked off the Haiti Victory when it arrived Here but Only 396 passed the immigration Barrier. The three who apparently preferred to avoid Landing formalities were1 not identified increasing the confusion about possible missing travellers. The Bow of the Duke of York Jank after being ripped off in the collision but the Stern half remained afloat and was taken in Tow by the tug Empire racer j capt. R. B. Adams and 15 Crew i men remained aboard. Ike picks Twining As air Force chief Washington up presi Dent Eisenhower today nominated Gen. Nathan f. Twining to be chief of staff of the air Force for a two year term succeeding Gen. Hoyt s. Vandenberg. It was or. Eisenhower s first tinged change in the joint chiefs of staff. Later this year the army chief Gen. Lawton Collins and the chairman of the joint chiefs Gen. Omar n. Bradley also Are to be replaced. Earlier today the air Force announced that Vandenberg would be retired from service on Washington Eisenhower flies to new York City tonight for perhaps his most important outright political appearance since he took office. Several thousand party Faith Ful bought tickets to hear him address the annual banquet of the new York state Republican committee. Because of an overflow audience two dinners were arranged one at the Aster and the other at the Waldorf Astoria. The president planned to address both of them first at the Astor and then at the Waldorf. Both talks will be made from notes. There will be a live Abc Luther returns to Tom s Creek sex prisoner from Wise is Back Home by Bill Carico special correspondent Coeburn a. June 30. Twining chief of staff. Is now vice it. Gen. Thomas d. White was nominated to succeed Twining As vice chief of staff with the rank of general while serving in this Post. Radio broadcast of the Astor Najr l i poured Shell after Shell into communist artillery positions ringing the rubbed City. In u. 5. Bremerton and destroyer no bombarded air Force base targets As Well As gun in twelve americans planes from the Princeton homeward today on the Valley forge wednesday plane of Freedom Airlift a shed the1 main transformer carpet from red captive Ion at the Kodock Silver in Korea to America. Lead processing Plant Are almost the last Sofij of the communist port of americans some sick some i Kin the Navy who Only last month j corsairs and sky raiders liberated from North to c through a curtain of prison Camps. Craft fire so heavy we remain in Tokyo. T get out and walk on it to four engined c54 transport i the key Metal Honolulu last night with the j pilots said bombs landed americans 2 canadians and several buildings and colombians. Off three secondary was due at this sprawling which could have been base North of san Francisco r nation 11 . 1 . Est today. Low Clouds grounded other american j see War Page arrived yesterday. Were litter cases. J started almost immedi a free for Home by car or plane. E the other 29 were to begin Leav today for military hospitals car looming Down their Homes. With three driven and total of three relatives had 1 steering wheels in front the first flights of Freedom two Are Junior size last week. No. 4 was Dif being operated by members fifty relatives and friends 1 the High chair around As the plane l and the door opened. Two Small boys passing Man walked into the arms of Ball in Market Street Mother or a brother or a girl y lot during six . Traffic a Friend. Cpl. Cecil b. Pres h 9 of Sausalito calif., found 12 b flock of sparrows waiting. He was mobbed a following Trail of Popcorn Mother held a Soldier tightly on sidewalk by munching my son my son my Sidler. Spring thaw will yield bodies of go victims of plane crash by Murray m. Moler Logan Utah. Up an american Flag fluttered at half Mast today Over the honoured dead of the Wasatch mountains and two armed guards watched Over the Snow covered bodies of their comrades in arms. For almost four months the guard detachment has stood its lonely Vigil Over the bodies of 37 homeward bound korean veterans and three filers killed in the crash of a c-47 on a lofty Peak near Here waiting for Spring to thaw the Mountain snows. Monday the Vigil Enda and the 40 bodies will be carried from their Winter resting place High above Timberline. The task of an elderly widow who took it upon herself to Comfort the relatives of the dead men will also be ended. Scorpa at Ogden Utah. The air Force chartered plane carrying the korean veterans from Seattle to South Carolina crashed into the Mountain Northeast of Here just four months ago. The ill fated plane s wreck age was found five Days later. The commando had disintegrated upon Impact. Mutilated bodies were strewn Over the Hillside and covered by two feet of Snow that fell after the crash. Investigating officers walked by foul weather ordered the wreckage and bodies left at the scene until the Snow melted. An armed guard was posted. The guard that has protected the wreckage from souvenir Hunters and prevented desecration of the bodies by animals was furnished by the Utah Gen eral depot of the quartermaster but there was still a human role to be of comforting parents of the victims mrs. Laura r. Merrill who is nearly 80 years old quietly took Over. She had Felt the sting of the tragedy Merrill wrote to mothers of the 37 servicemen. She described the rugged Wasatch mountains and the Placid Bear Lake Valley and told How the guards were at their Post. The returning gis were from the Carolinas Georgia Florida May be giving up new invasion seasonal monsoons could be reason for sudden change Hanoi indo China communist vie Minh troops Back tracked northward through Laos today in a mysterious withdrawal and a French spokesman said the reds May be abandon ing their invasion of the ancient indo chinese kingdom. French reconnaissance pilots reported communist spearheads were retreating Over Mountain trails abandoning the positions from which they had menaced the Royal capital of Luang Pra bang and the French defense bastion on the Plaine Des Jarres to the Southeast. French High command spokes Man said the Surprise vie Minh move appeared to indicate the communists were giving up their invasion and pulling Back North before the Rainy season due to begin May 15, bogs Down operations. The spokesman said the communists might Back Clear out of Laos to the bases North of the state from which they started their invasion. See Laos Page 22 officials avoid truce comment White House silent on newest proposal Washington up _ the White House refused to say any thing today about the communists latest korean truce proposals As american officials be Gan a careful look at them. Diplomatic officials were chary comment pending full offi Cial study of the reds eight Point plan. There was some disposition however to Hope the communists finally were swinging around to a position the United nations could consider. White House press Secretary James c. Hagerty was asked about the new communist pro with president Eisenhower on a korean peace plan which flan Ders suggested Many months ago. Flanders himself said he thought the latest red proposals might Lead to a cease fire. But he added that a genuine armistice is the least we can the White House no com ment was typical of the cautious attitude of official Washington. Cole said the communists plan looks Good enough on its face if they mean he added i know they Don t mean weather postpones Large atomic blast Las vegas Nev. Morable weather has caused a 24 hour postponement of an atomic blast scheduled for this morning at the Nevada proving ground. The atomic Energy commis Sion announced last night atmospheric conditions were such that desired data could not be obtained. It was the first weather caused postponement of the Spring series. The shot eighth of the series is now set for about Pacific Daylight time Tomor Row weather permitting. It s expected to be a big one. The army troops participating will be dug in Yards from ground Zero or nearly six Miles away ii previous tests troops have been As close As Yards. Lake stages the of a Olnear put Odt. Printed below Hai been taken added in lit l so lunar tables pub Ovi Day m thai roil win be Good territory of Tum Tiac to nod e Surtoc Umee. Tot a Tibia port Rajz the and Alabama. Their wrote Back to mrs. Mothers Merrill thanking her for her thought fullness describing Hopes that were High when their sons were homeward bound and telling Bow the Hopes were smashed by word of the crash. I vat Bacton Hub pm so lunar Tabus Thunder Boom 1mm

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