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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 6, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 951 32 do you keep to the right when Jellow line is in your Lane Kingsport times vol. Al no. 90 Kingsport tenn., thursday May 6, 1954 28 pages five cents the weather Clear skies tonight with Low in lower 40s. Friday partly Cloudy and warmer with High in lower 70s. Wednesday s High 62 last night s Low 34 noon tempera Ture 58. Dana f. Swick Uel u takes on new Job As Koss n. Robinson announces retirement from City school superintendent Post. To photo by Creasy Robinson. Quits Post As head of City schools Brownell bars disclosure of Fri warning to army East West split must Fly in Low on chairmanship. I _ i Juv Athene Sameet Dien Bien phu0f secret unauthorized use been made note Hanoi Indochina now has lasted two from France were expected to by Eddy site the Junde bastion. Ii of ruined themselves during in. Conference. There were signs the thu vie Minh Adio said to harassing artillery fun negotiations to bring peace in lies was said Ihn Hiltl slow Cal Down a action Tlle bastion. Int Girhin i inv to in not i die bin Pyllu a rebel Broad the weather worsening a a Iii ii uni to of oust fliers must n turn it i l. Relayed by Pei pm radio most daily As the Monsoon set Washington Gen. Brownell ruled today that neither an Fri report on Security risks at it. Monmouth n. J., nor a document from sen. N said the communist led rebels themselves during by made to harassing artillery Fu-e1 he said the senators paper made i him i Noo of Rrt o f 1.1.-h, helping radio most Duilo is the Monsoon sea Pond until next week. Of victim no anti aircraft some of Union son approaches lifted yesterday delegates had hoped to open Over Lac we to Sid Erable the de soldiers occupying Muong Thanh for a time and French bombers unauthorized use of secret a Al i trial in the Fri report. Both documents have been subjects of bitter controversy at hearings by the Senate sub com the talks tomorrow or saturday. Vietnamese and laotian Dele Gates got in of Dien Bien Phu were Labouring in Chest High and fighters roared the 175 Miles Imit the investigating the army by Bill Barnett times news writer Ross n. Robinson will retire july 1 after 30 years As superintendent of Kingsport schools the Board of education announced wednesday night. The Board announced it has elected Dana f. Swick. Present director of instruction As his successor. In a press release the school Board said or. Robinson did not want to renew his next three years contract which was offered by the Board but plans to retire. We Are All deeply appreciative of the work he has done and the contributions he has made to the school system of Kings port and to education through the state. The reputation of the Kings port schools is directly the result of the efforts and direction of or. Robinson in adhering to sound and conservative educational policy in the administration of the system and in his careful selection and develop ment of a competent staff of principals and teachers. Robinson Breaks news we know that he can leave his present position with a feeling of intense Pride and satisfaction for what he has accomplished earlier wednesday. Professor Robinson broke the news of his retirement himself to school principals at one of their regular meetings. Appropriately Ross n. Robin son was born at Pioneer tpiiii., a Community in Campbell county. Although not quite the first educator in Kingsport s history he was among the first to Settle Down in the thriving new City for a lifetime career. Came Here in 1921 after several years teaching elsewhere and Field artillery service in world War i. He came to Kingsport in 1921 As principal of Central High school located where Washington elementary school is now. He was 27, an age combining enthusiasm with mature judgment. Three years later he became superintendent of the City school system. It consisted of three schools. Today it includes five elementary schools a Junior High and a High school plus a combination elementary and High school for negroes. It has t stopped growing yet. Not Long ago. Professor Robin son predicted the Kingsport school system of the future will have 10 elementary schools and three Junior High schools feed ing into one three year High. With degrees from Carson Newman College the University of Tennessee and Columbia University the Young superintend ent fitted in Well with Kings port s educational system which was modelled on recommendations of the Columbia University education department. He also took part in Community activities serving As a Mem Ber of the Library commission. Recreation commission and Community Chest Board of directors and As an elder in the presbyterian Church. He is a charter member and past presi Dent of the kiwanis club. Honoured by 400 in May 19-16, to guests at tended a reception honouring professor Robinson on comple Tion of 25 years service in the school system. Dana f. Swick holds Bachelor and masters degrees from Ohio University and has done graduate work at Northwestern toward n . In education. He taught in Ohio Public schools and in the mathematics department of Ohio University before becoming Kingsport director of instruction two years ago. A native of Berne. Of. He mar ried a tennessean. The former Betty Jane Valley of Memphis. They have three sons aged 6, 4. And 2. Swick said wednesday night he thinks professor Robinson is one of the Best superintendents in Tennessee or any other state. In is Gratifying to follow Solon says u. S. Suffers reverse shrunk so tightly that Only a on hand. But the Hope for action faded with the Lack of1 agreement on the chairmanship Tlle re Buls yesterday and the fact delegates from Cambodia partner of Viet and Laos in the associated states "1k. The Plum of Indochina have not arrived in Geneva. And a Paris crisis Over the Indochina War situation competed for the attention of the diplomats in Geneva. The Fate of Premier Joseph Laniel s government was tied to a vote of continence in the French National Assembly. Experts predicted that after hours of de by French air strikes remained in their mud filled trenches Dur Castries men used the rest president signs Bill for roads Ter. I from Hanoi. Agency France Presse reported i they ripped rebel artillery and that five u. S. Air Force Globe Janti aircraft emplacements on master second transports contingent airlifting a All sides of French j Tress. Of the shrinking for Mccarthy Row. Brownell made his ruling in a letter to subcommittee chairman Wundt Brownell said both documents contain confidential inform volunteers to Indochina Hadj a number of paratroop Tion and it would be contrary Teers were dropped in the mile to the Public interest to make landed at Karachi to refuel and then flown on to Colombo Cey Square area which is All that re them Public. Indochina troop training urged Washington sen. Mansfield id Mont i said Joday the great contribution being made by native troops in defend ing Dien Bien Phu shows that effective armies could be trained in Indochina. Mansfield a member of the Senate foreign relations com Mittee said approximately 4.700 amese and 1.500 Cam re among some defenders of Dien Bien Phu the besieged fortress in Northern in Indochina. Red forces if the French make further concessions to Independence demands. J Secretary of state Dulles was j quoted by informed sources last inight As having told a bipartisan group of 24 members of con Gross that this country has no present plans to Send any forces Linto the Indochina War. He met or i hours with them late yesterday. But neither he nor the i lawmakers commented publicly j afterwards. I Dulles was said to have re ported that president Eisen Hower regards Indochina As a far worse place to involve american forces than was Korea. President Nixon has said this country May have to Send in j combat troops in what he called the unlikely event the French i withdraw. Dulles reportedly told these Cret briefing session he plans to go ahead with his plans for United action to protect South East Asia from communist con quest even if Britain balks As she has done pending Geneva talks on the situation. He was represented As saying however he thinks Britain eventually will Igo along. I the Secretary was said to have told the congressmen that some thought is being Given to the drawing of a defense line around ithe Indochina states of Laos and Cambodia and pledging the i United states and Allied nations to defend them against aggression. By d. Harold Oliver Washington Guy Gillette a Iowa told a nation Al democratic conference today the United states suffered an i astounding and unprecedented reversal at Geneva on the ques Tion of Indochina. He blamed it on what he called a split re publican administration lacking a foreign policy. He said the 1952 election put one group of republicans in i charge of the executive Branch and another group in Congress j fiasco at Geneva he is Only the most glaring example i of what Price America is paying j in the struggle against comm Inist imperialism. 3f state Dulles e Geneva talks Are i going about As anticipated and that he knows of nothing that has happened to justify an in i Terr station that the United i states has suffered any defeat. J president Eisenhower told his news conference a Tew hour later he has unqualified Faith in Dulles. He said no one can count a Battle lost while the Battle is still going on. Gillette said selection of a democratic Congress in novem j Ber would not cure the split in the Republican panty. Which May Well be incurable but it will heal ithe breach in our government and allow the president to Lead America in the leadership of the free Gillette a foreign relations committee member said the i country will live to regret the administration s decision not to i use the United nations Machin Iery to halt the Indochina War. I we could have hauled the red aggressor before the bar of i world he said but we preferred to revert to outworn methods of military intervene Washington Insi Eisenhower called presi for a House votes approval of Seaway Bill Bate Laniel would win. Foreign Dent minister Georges Bidault do stepped up program to improve Hoelsc Britain agrees to join talks cited to stay on the Job rather than return to Paris personally to combat an outburst Way system today As he signed a of parliamentary criticism. Bill giving states nearly two Bil the French Cabinet meeting lion dollars in Federal Aid. In Advance of the Assembly ses the chief executive declared Sion drafted fresh instructions Mains of Brig Gen. Christian Del he added that a Check with three More Globe masters i Castries position. The Fri shows the Fri never authorized the release of any of the information except to two generals who received the Origi Nal Fri memorandum on Jan. 26, 1951. Brownell s letter was read at the close of a Stormy Forenoon i session of the Senate sub com i Mittee during which Mccarthy London w _ Britain has once cried perjury at Secretary moved a step closer to the indo Stevens and democratic Sena China War Arena. American and j tors called for prosecutions As a British sources say she has result of what one of them called agreed to join Allied talks fraudulent United military action in the far Tlle attorney general said it is Eastern Battlefield if the Geneva important to the vital for Bidault on the Indochina negotiations and assigned Marc Jaquet minister for the Highway needs in re cited states to Bear them years which Are becoming Geneva. There was no hint As increasingly acute. Washington the ended a 35-year-old nation s obsolescent High struggle today to build the St. Lawrence Seaway by approving u. S. Participation with Canada in the Multi billion Dollar project. The legislation now goes Back to the Senate for approval of some minor House Amend ments and then to president Eisenhower for signature into statement that the United statement that the United 1 ates has accumulated tre to what the instructions were. U. S. Undersecretary of state Walter Bedell Smith received he added our highways badly need modernization and exp Law. The Senate passed the Bill last january. The Bill sets up a govern ment corporation to finance. From British foreign to accommodate today s build and operate the Seaway Anthony Eden an account increased motor traffic discussions Eden had with improvement is in cooperation with a similar Canadian group. Not met m the let Deputy Nguyen Trung Vinh Premier the Bill authorizes a total of Heads the in Grants to states1r my j vietnamese delegation which a under the Federal Highway f1ii8 Kab coff Rived Here today. With Viet Nam taking position against division of in of in Ever prov cled the program. Gram during fiscal 1956 and 1957. A is the largest two year sum Condon ins Britain s Geneva Parley. 2. Saving Indochina from be ing overrun by the communist Roger Bannister a 25-year-old led vie Minh if the peace talks medical student today became if ail. Peace Parley fails. Work that the Agency be free to the report came As London Exchange information with other newspapers voiced fears departments without would Drift into a serious split with the United states Over Al lied action in Indochina. Moscow radio asserted that British re fear that classified information would be made Public. Publication of the documents Brownell said would reveal con fugal to join in new aggressive Fly Jenial sources of the Fri and plans had isolated the United j confidential investigating tech states at Geneva. I piques and would be harmful the american proposed Par to matters still under consider Ley is expected to take place Tion. Within the next three weeks in either Washington or Singapore. Informants said it would discuss in some of the High spots the Mccarthy Camp charged that some members of the plans for army s loyalty Board had rec 1. Underwriting any sort of communist front a political settlement in Indochina Ivity and consistently voted to that might emerge from the Clear Roy m. Conn chief counsel for Mccarthy made the assertion in declaring the army resisted when the Mccarthy committee sought to question members of Board. Projected composition of the the Mccarthy Camp again fluence the French delegation i the Aid includes s700.000.000 the first Man in history Ever to Here was reported under year in state Grants on a rim a mile in less than was not disclosed. Pressure from Home to get a basis for . I the United states Ohms poor John o element. Bidault. In a ticklish an "r.bnal? Bannister running a special France Australia new zealand j offered to drop the army s situation was said to resisting m o mile race at Oxford worn a j and Canada at least Are expected charges against i history making shatter a to Send staff officers. Jand his aides the Mccartny two seconds the previous commenting on the danger of committee would drop its in All suggestions for two terms that did not contain expansion of the Imti onal a tees against communist duplicity. Seeks deferment interstate Highway world record of and National Forest Parks and other Public lands. Or. Eisenhower used seven pens to sign the the last to m r of Gastonia n c. A Reg put a i is rant wrote to the county draft Board dear sir Gaston. French Premier Laniel wins Confidence vote Paris ins French pre signature and passed them out to a group of senators and Congress Joseph Laniel won a vote men who attended the signing of Confidence in the National i am suffering from in his office. Assembly tonight on his re fever and my wife is pregnant j the president chatted for Sev fugal to permit debate on indo excuse me from a scleral minutes with the until after the about the need for better roads conference. An american British rift the Liberal news chronicle declared Unity requires shared Readi Ness to negotiate. But at this moment any american states Man who expresses readiness to negotiate is howled Down As investigation of alleged communists in the army. Cohn loosed this suggestion by asking Stevens whether Adams had Ever re ported making such an offer. Stevens said Adams had not and added that if Adams did make was Hall enters race n 15fh District s. F. Lamberth. 33, of Chestnut Ridge announced today that he is a candidate for magistrate from the 10th civil District. Lamberth is employed at the Tennessee Eastman company. He is married and has three children. He is a Veteran of world War ii and saw action overseas with the army air Force. He is a member of the Veter ans of foreign wars and the masons and is a presbyterian. Lamberth said he is for a Sal Laried Deputy Force. Chester b. Hall magistrate from the 15th civil District an i bounced today that he is a candidate for re election. Hall who lives in Sullivan gardens said he made thus Rie vision Only after careful thought land is making the race in re spouse to the expressed wishes of Many of his friends in the j District. He was elected to county court in 1948 and has been one of the Best known members of thai body it was Hail who led the unsuccessful fight to try and set up a juvenile court for Sulli Van county. And it was Hall who introduced in county court a Resolution to appropriate funds for a salaried Deputy Force for ithe sheriff s department. This measure was also voted Down by the court. An employee of the Tennessee Eastman company for the past 22 years Hall is married and has three children. He is a Mason and a Baptist and has served on the county Republican primary Board and the regional planning commis Sion i he attended High school Washington county and at fall i Branch. I a plan to intervene in the Indochina War was never clearly appeaser before anyone knows the offer he had no such a what he is proposing to to speak for me in any i such Way at any time or any the conservative daily Public opinion in the two Thek Forenoon session Geneva countries can hardly be blamed dam Tang from the Start. For its bewilderment j and turbulent policy at least in Senate investigations ton seems to have been at the subcommittee voted to Send a mercy of every prevailing cur j Dolly transcript of its hearings to rent of j lne Justuce department. This the Independent daily express was on motion of sen. Mcclellan called it simply mischievous i to say a split now exists. 2. Sen. Symington endorsing Mcclellan s move said someone was absolutely guilty the express declared. Of violating the Law in connect nor was it probable that with Mccarthy s getting american Congress let alone material from a secret Fri re Britain would endorse port. He called Mccarthy s Docu ment Center of a storm yester Day this fraudulent 3. Mccarthy snapped that Symington was trying to punish those who dare to give out in formation on espionage in secret radar laboratories at it. Mon Mouth. N. And he charged that registration for the Florida i Symington and sen. Jackson lotion referendum picked up Wash were part of a secret of wednesday evening and a total f0rt" to hamper his i Vestiga of 105 persons Nad registered Tion of communists in the army the time the books closed at said too he was sorry . There was a Rush from 7 to i Symington and Jackson who 9 pm j walked out on his committee last the figure is about Normal for year along with Mcclellan Ever came Back. 4. Secretary Stevens testified Krig. On. W. E. La1dlaw commanding general of the ordnance ammunition Cen Ter Joliet 111., arrives Here for n visit at Holston ordnance works. Accompanying the general Are col. Robert w. Meals his assistant at Joliet. And Werner ii. Zugschwerdt works manager of Iida. To photo by Creasy City registration books close today a City election. Mrs. E. L. Painter one of the registrars said. Thursday the books will again j he had made an error in earlier be open for registration until 9.testimony to the subcommittee . In the anteroom of the he said he had been incorrect in courtroom at the City Hall. Up stating that after a feb. 24 to 10 . Thursday 12 persons meeting with the Mccarthy sub had registered. J committee he had gone Back to anyone wishing to vote in j the Pentagon and conferred Only the referendum must be Regis with his staff. Actually Stevens tired though voters already Reg said he had found on checking estered for a City election he Mot with 21 uniformed not re Register. Thursday is civilian officials of the pen last Day for registering but the Wagon. Including then untie Sec books will be open for inspection rotary of defense Roger m. And correction Friday and and army chief of stall Urcelay i Matthew s. Ridgway

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