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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 5, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies Bun else . Sunset . Moonrise wednesday . Last Quarter wednesday . The planet Mars North of the Star Ai Debaran sets . Like Jupiter it is in the Constellation. Taurus and like Jupiter it will soon leave the evening sky. All times Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 89 Kingsport Tenn., tuesday May 5, 1953 10 pages five cents the weather mostly Cloudy with rain and cooler tonight. Wednes Day Cloudy and cooler. Yesterday s High 84, last night s Low 64, noon Reading 75. Trace of rain. Army not sure registration nowt hatreds tainted pos believe Many faked belief in communism to get better care Washington Opp army said today it still the in t sure whether any released american prisoners actually fell for the communist prop Panda they got in red pow Camps. Officials believe a number registration for the june 6 City election will be held at City Hall on wednesday and thurs Day May 13 and 14, according to an announcement by the City election commission. The registration books will be open on those two Days from 9 . Until 9 . For All persons who Are qualified but who have never registered. Registration is a requirement for voting in the City election in which two aldermen will be elected to replace retiring Alder men Andrew Brooks and George Taylor. Deadline for candidates to file pretended to fall for it to save i with the City election commis their lives or to obtain better treatment. But they Felt few. If any were really converted. An army spokesman was risked if he could say there were no genuine converts. We just Don t know he snapped. He said the army was still investigating the problem. The army said last week a Small group of returned prison ers who have shown symptoms of having succumbed to communist indoctrination would be taken to Valley forge Hospital near Philadelphia for special ten of the first group sent Here told newsmen sunday however that they were insulted at the suggestion they had bought the communist propaganda line. Pos singled out for Spe i a 1 officials said have included those who made broadcasts for the Chi Nese communists led communist group discussions while in prison Camps published pro Panda in prison newspapers or signed petitions urging the United nations to end the War. A month ago the defense department said in a statement that Many pos faked being indoctrinated into communism to get medical treatment better Loicl or other favors. Sion is May 23. To Date five candidates have filed. They Are de Guenther William Hagan j. J. Rogers j. E. Nard and j. A. Bolinger. Governor term Home Rule aired in charter meet state constitutional convention in Public committee hearings Mccarthy asks dullest Clear up Trade policy state dept. Official testimony in conflict with Stassen s stand Washington up sen. Joseph r. Mccarthy a wis asked Secretary of state John Foster Dulles today to clarify an apparent conflict Over u. S. Pol icy on discouraging Allied Trade with red China. Mccarthy said his Senate per manent investigating subcommittee wants to find out just what the state department policy is on the he said Mutual Security director Harold e. Stassen told the subcommittee recently that the u. S. Objective is to Stop All Trade with communist China if possible. But John m. Teddy acting Deputy assistant Secretary of state for economic affairs Testi fied yesterday that we Are not seeking at this time to Dis continue All Allied shipping to red he explained that the West May Register net gain in strategic materials by a limited Exchange of goods. I want to know whether Stas sen was Correct. I think he Mccarthy told reporters. I think it is something that the state department will want to Clear up reds reject Pakistan As pow referee in charges communists want no truce Panmunjom Korea about nine Days Harrison the United nations chief truce Delegate accused the communists today of rising a negotiating smokescreen and said he saw no evidence they really de sire a korean armistice. It. Gen. William k. Harrison said and up to the moment i have had nothing to indicate the communists really desire an even though Harrison Felt the communists were wasting the in s time he agreed to their re was irked by the quest for a recess until tuesday refusal to accept Pakistan As at 10 . Not. Neutral custodian of red Harrison told North korean prisoners who do not want to go Gen. Nam ii chief communist Home after the reds had said negotiator monday the reds they welcomed his nomination must accept Pakistan As the Neu of that country. Trial custodian or face a breakup we have been negotiating of the truce talks. He had hoped his nomination of Pakistan which the reds included among four asian nations they had listed As acceptable would end the dispute blocking an armistice. Nam who had ignored Harri son s offer monday came Back to the truce hut today with the announcement his Side welcomed Pakistan. Then Nam be Gan haggling Over disposition of North koreans and chinese reds reluctant to return to communism. He asked three questions 1. What Steps would the in command take to remove the military control of the detain ing Side Over the a repatriated prisoners 2. How would the allies at the same time enable the Neutral nation to take control of the prisoners 3. How would your Side main Tain order and Tranquility in the prison Camps Harrison told Nam the questions involved matters that could be readily and effectively solved j the in such a manner that custody i said. Can be exercised efficiently and with due fairness to the individual prisoners Nam told Harrison your Side agreed yesterday that an asian nation be named to serve As Neutral nation and specifically nominated Pakistan. This action is Worth without accepting Pakistan Nam asked Harrison if the United nations also agreed to trans port prisoners to the Neutral nation. Reply is Harrison Congress Roundup expect easy of for Oil measure in Senate today administration gives Case for reciprocal Trade army cuts set Nashville state i Vest gating dual Trade in which constitutional convention was shipowners of Allied nations carry u. cargoes and also Trade with communist Chi a or Iron curtain nations. By United press the controversial tidelands Oil the subcommittee has been Bill was expected to sail easily reach its highest and most colourful Peak of its session to through the Senate today Mark ing the end of the most time consuming debate of the 83rd Congress. Voting on a series of Amend Day As it began its third week. Two of the most Controvert i Sial issues were to be Given pub i Able that the United states has under an worke tout Mccarthy said it is Inex Cus ments was scheduled to begin this statement pc letters were also said censored Alii by lie hearings by committees and five former governors were to Tell a third committee How Long they think a governor s term should be. In addition a committee to the communists and were not mailed if there was not a liitle propaganda in least to the extent of saying the prisoner was being treated Well and had Good food. Governor told of Economy plan state chiefs briefed on civilian defense Washington of the states and territories receive reports today on the Eisen Hower administration s drive to Cut spending and on civil defense against possible atomic warfare. The executives arranged to meet behind closed doors again Wilh top Federal officials and to hear once More from president Eisenhower at the close of the extraordinary two Day Confer ence. Today s program with Secre tary of the Interior Mckay pre siding called for reports by Secretary of the Treasury Humphrey on the economical and financial Outlook and from budget director Joseph m. Dodge. The new chief of the Federal civil defense administration former gov. Val Peterson of Nebraska was listed for a report on plans for defense against a pos sible atomic attack on the United states. The president opened the confidential sessions yesterday with a statement later made Public that his administration wanted with the governors the information we set a time for a popular vote on any convention recommendations is expected to suggest the county general election on the first thursday in August of next year with the proposed Amend ments to go at the top of the ballot. City and county officials were to have their Chance today and tomorrow to say How much local Rule their governments should have by speaking during Public hearings by the convention s Home Rule committee. A num Ber of municipal and county leaders have said they Are not satisfied with Home Rule proposals already submitted the convention by delegates. The committee dealing with the amending clause to the Constitution one of the most controversial issues before the convention will have a final Public see charter Page 8 labor s Champion Robert Wagner Dies new York services will be held thursday for Robert f. Wagner 75, a poor German immigrant boy who be came a United states senator and author of the National la Bor relations act that bore his name. Wagner died late monday at the Home of his son Robert f. Wagner jr., president of the Borough of Manhattan. He re signed from the Senate in 1949 after 23 years of service and had been an invalid for nearly two years before his retirement. A funeral mass will be held thursday at St. Ignatius Loyola Church in Manhattan with burial in the family plot at Calvary cemetery. A militant new Deal demo crat Wagner bitterly fought enactment of the Taft Hartley to share some of have and some of the plans we Are making in the area of National Jact which replaced when the first Day s ended the and republicans the briefings worthwhile and sex i pressed Hope there will be Simi Lar conferences in the future. 1835 taken Steps to Stop such last week by both sides in the heated dispute. Final passage was expected by mid afternoon Ike wants billion More foreign Aid funds declares help essential for . Security bulk of Money would go for military Aid to America s allies invaders flank defense of Laos drive to South Trade. Leddy said it is not necessarily True that All Trade by allies with red China helps the communists militarily. He said it other congressional develop ments army manpower Republican depends on what comes out. Leaders said president Eisenhowe you have to take a net position it s what goes in and what comes he said some of the Allied nations Benefit More from needed material they get in Trade with China than the reds do from non strategic supplies from the allies. Atomic building halted by strike no settlement seen in Knox labor tie up Oak Ridge Tenn. All construction work on a new gaseous diffusion Plant was halted today As Al craftsmen remained off the Job in a dispute Over wages. A. E. Galyon business agent for the Knoxville building trades Council Al which represents crafts throughout East Tennessee said there was no Prospect of settling the four Day old atomic walkout until May 18. That s the Date set for the resumption of mediation talks he said. About Al Craft Mem Bers struck last Friday in a Dis Pute involving the trades coun cil and the associated general contractors bringing a Complete shutdown of the atomic Energy Plant which will turn out Ura nium-235, prime ingredient of the atomic bomb when completed. Another construction workers were sent Home yesterday due to the walkout. Over other Al workers represented by the trades coun cil have also struck paralysing construction throughout East Tennessee area. The or s plan to trim men from the armed forces will nol impair the real Security of the nation. Democrats privately expressed misgivings but declined Public comment at this time. Severs indicated to reporters they Are holding their fire until or. Eisenhower formally announces the reduction. Defense officials let it be known monday that the administration s Economy blueprint Calls for lowering military strength from the present 000 men to about men during the 1954 fiscal year be ginning july 1. They said the manpower Cut probably will be even deeper if the korean War ends. One result will be smaller draft Calls. The manpower reductions Are expected to Cut about 000 from the Mili tary spending program originally proposed by former president Truman for the fiscal year. Trade Commerce Secretary Sinclair weeks took Over the administration Case for a one year Extension of the reciprocal Trade agreements act in hear Ings before the House ways and Means committee. To chairman Charles w. To Bey a no of the Senate com see Congress Page 8 a free scenes two lawyers discussing court Case in loud tones much to amusement of passing shop pers. A i Motorist cranes neck to see if policeman is on duty before making illegal turn at Corner of Market and Broad streets. W sign Painter goes into com Edy routine As he loses balance in Effort to move Extension ladder. Judge Anderson Hurt in fall at Jackson Jackson. Tenn. He c. Anderson of the Tennessee court of appeals was painfully injured today when he fell about 15 feet Down an elevator Shaft at the Madison county courthouse. Attendants at Webb William son Hospital said Anderson 63, suffered a broken leg a possible jaw fracture and cuts about the face. A courthouse attendant said that Anderson had used his own key to open the elevator door stepped Forward and fell Down the Shaft. He thought the ele Vator was not in use at the time it was said. However the girl who operates the elevator had already arrived and had the elevator on the third floor when Anderson opened the door. India considers asking British to return fabulous Koh i Noor Yeorg Vitt mind rebels to fighting French and i Nam Impi in Iii Ana. Viet Minh proclaims red government in Laos suddenly on april 13, communist without warning m Quinne Des James come mint Hilda Tai ajar Luck Mhz onh through lacs would jeopardize our it fora in Row far East. Communism would gain a Irreg Roor Hald a born and thai land would w m tanked. Malaya be open far Conquest bed tide in shows three pronged pincer attack of invading red forces and danger to nearby non communist countries should Laos fall. News briefs Seoul korean Battlefront was so quiet today the sighting of a Lone communist Soldier won official notice. But a u. S. Navy task Force poured tons of shells and bombs into the battered East coast port of won san in the heaviest strike in months. Our men sighted one Chi Nese near an outpost and threw grenades. He went read the Day s Battle report of an american division on the West Ern front. Some observers said the 155 Board plans inspection of Highway route members of the City Board of mayor and aldermen were to conduct an inspection tour tues Day afternoon on the proposed route of Highway 1-a from Gate City Highway to the Western City limits d. W. Moulton City manager said. The tour was being held to acquaint members with the sex mile line was quieter than at act route High War and to allow them to appraise the values being placed on the Cost of rights of Way Moul any time since the 34 months ago. Buenos Aires police announced last night they have an anti government organization and London Indian government was reported today considering a request to Brit Ain for the return of the world s most famous Diamond the 106 Carat Koh i Noor. The legend fabulous says was Stone which found years ago is at present in the Crown made for Queen Mother Elizabeth at her Coronation As Consort of King George i in 1937. It was previously in the Crown of the late dowager Queen Mary wife of George v. Queen Victoria who first received the Gem wore it As a brooch. The Diamond can still be removed from its Crown and be worn in the same Way. Those who set store by superstition profess to link the British handling of the Stone with the loss of Britain s vast Indian Possession. Indian legend says the Stone can be worn Only by a Queen. If it Ever became part of the Brit ish Crown regalia India will be lost to according to the legend. It became part of the Crown regalia when Victoria died in 1901. India became an inde hammed Shah. The Koh i Noor was eventually Given to lord Lawrence British governor of India by the company. He wrapped it in a piece of paper and put it in his pocket six weeks later some one suggested it might be Given to Queen Victoria but Lawrence pendent country within not remember where it framework of the British com j was. He asked his servant. I found it i your pocket he replied. It is now in your clothes and so it to the crumpled paper. The Stone which was Cut Down from 186 carats in 1851 will not be used in Queen Elizabeth n s Coronation. It will lie in the jewel House in the Tower of London guardedly yeomen since the Queen Mother will not Wear her Crown to the ceremony. Mon wealth in 1947. K. D. Malaviya Indian Deputy minister for natural resources told the parliament in new Delhi this week his government May ask for. The Koh i Noor. He said India was making investigations to get Back Many Art treasures and articles of historical importance that were carried off to Britain. The Diamond once belonged to the great moguls of India. It came into the Possession of to uncovered terrorist have seized an Arsenal of arms belonging to the group. Authorities said the group was operated by elements of Arentina s conservative parties. Police said a Quantity of Pis Tols and carbines was confiscated following the arrest of two men charged with planting a bomb in the car of foreign min ister Jeronimo Remorino. Accused of the bombing were Vincente Centurion 32, a Mem Ber of the Radical party and Patricio Cullen a 32-year-old socialist. Ton said. The proposal of the state Highway department for the new route will be considered by the Board at its meeting tonight. Hanoi indo China up heavily armed Security guards were thrown around the Royal Palace in Luang Rabang today As communist led troops invading Laos flanked French de lenses to push southward to Ward the Border of Thailand French officials Here termed the new southward thrusts of rebel forces Taipei Formosa Tion Alist chinese intelligence reports said today a chinese red general has taken com Mand of communist vie Minh forces in indo China and that chinese troops had joined the rebels. The reports said the bed general was accompanied by russian advisers. Earlier today a chinese nationalist news Agency said chinese red veterans of the korean War had been shifted to South China not far from the indo China Bor Der. But they scoffed at rumours of a desperate enemy plot to snatch bed Ridden King Sisavang Vong from the communist threatened Royal capital of Laos. The rein forcing of guards about his pal Ace was called a routine Security communist vanguards Are Only nine Miles from Luang Pra bang which is bristling with thousands of French Union an informed source in bang Kok Thailand said the red timetable for the invasion of Laos called for the capture of the Royal capital this week and the surrender of the old King s administrative Powers to his Young Cousin Prince Souphanh Vong. Communist units stabbed to Ward the Mekong River Boun Dary Between Laos and thai land after overrunning Tatom some 120 Miles Southeast of Luang Rabang. The captured Post is Only 30 Miles South of the air supplied French bastion on the Plaine Des Jarres. Directly in the southward red invasion path War Pasane which straddles the Mekong 80 Miles East of the laotian administrative capital of Vientiane. Military sources said it appeared the enemy meant to keep French Union forces bottled up in Luang Rabang and the Plaine Washington the Eis Des Jarres while setting up an 135-mile Long Axis from Pasane see Laos Page 8 sen. Kefauver lashes tic Leland give away Memphis 36-year-old Mother turned on the Gas in her East Toronto Home Early today filing her four Small children and herself. Firemen worked for 25 min utes Over the bodies with in Halatos but could not revive them. Fauver says the Eisenhower administration is giving away "50 to 300 billion Dol Lars Worth of the people s treas ure in Oil Rich lands beneath the the senator Here to speak at a Public affairs forum last Texarkana a Ark. A violent explosion destroyed a half Block of business buildings Here Early today but no one was injured. Firemen said the explosion May have been caused by escaping Gas. J referred to the Bill _ before the Senate which would give the states title to sub merged lands within their historic boundaries. He flew Back to Washington Early today in order to be on hand when the Senate votes on the Bill and also to offer a substitute which would delay action for six months. His substitute would set up a commission to see what effect the proposed tidelands measure would Nave on other Giveaway Estes be items such As the National Parks and its effect on fishing treaties. Sen. Kefauver and rep. How Ard Baker of Hunts Ville were principal speakers at the Memphis Public affairs forum on Are the republicans doing a Good a sell out crowd of Over 250 packed the 5twca banquet Hall in which the forum was held. J. Z. Howard managing editor of the Memphis press scimitar was Moderator. Rep. Baker Praise the administration s policies in general and said sen. Kefauver s criticism the so called tidelands Bill was unwarranted. Both pledged full support of the Tennessee Valley authority and predicted that Public Power foes in Congress will try to make serious cuts in the Tva budget. Benhower administration asked Congress today for 000 in new foreign Aid As a Nec Essary defense for America it self against the soviet president Eisenhower made the main plea in a special Mes Sage to the lawmakers. The de tailed presentation waa made by a Parade of Cabinet members backed by Gen. Omar Bradley chairman of the joint chiefs of staff in testimony to a joint session of the Senate foreign relations and House foreign affairs committees. The Basic purpose of this program is Sim ply the Long term Security of the United states living in the Shadow of the soviet the presidential message said. Eisenhower noted that the bulk of the Money approximately is set up for military weapons and direct support to the defense efforts of our friends and he called that division a measure of the peril in which free nations continue to the Blunt sober truth is see foreign Aid Page 8 Gate City group protests school petition for closing of Shoemaker building Gate City a. Spa the Scott county school Board was to be visited this morning by a delegation from Estil Lilje District armed with petitions to the school superintendent to condemn and close Shoemaker elementary school. The state fire marshal also was reported to be planning to attend the meeting. Members of he Shoemaker Pat were to pre sent evidence of the unsafe condition of the school building for approximately 1400 students enrolled. The report of a state evaluating committee which spent Sev eral weeks Here about two months ago said there Are very definite fire hazards in the main High school building and the elementary building housing the Home economics department and cafeteria. It would be especially difficult to evacuate children and teachers from these buildings without serious con sequences in Case of so lunar tables a 2? off is hours met after. The 8s vs9 Kate in than dad . R mar fund to wedge nifty thursday Friday saturday 10 sunday 11 55 Vul Lake stages tuesday 1 930 7

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