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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 26, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 910 12 when have you had your car checked for mechanical safety tomorrow May be too late. Kingsport times vol. Al no. 61 phone Circle 6-fll21 Kingsport tenn., Friday March 26, 1954 12 pages five cents the weather partly Cloudy and colder to night with Low in upper 30s. Sat urday partly Cloudy and rather Cool. Thursday s High tempera Ture 86 last night s Low 52 noon Reading 61 rainfall .71 Inch. Billion Dollar tax slice assured Wesco has Low for work on Gate City Road Nashville it the state Highway department opened bids today on 44 projects in 32 counties with apparent Low bids totalling these bids considerably tinder the department s estimate of final contracts will be awarded after a Complete re chock of All figures. Biggest single project was the paving of nearly three Miles of Concrete Highway Between Kingsport and the Virginia line plus the construction of Side walks along part of the route. Wesco paving co. Of Chattanooga turned in the Low bid of s453.286. Oiher Low bids included projects in these counties Carter grading draining and Stone surfacing Section second Ary route 2379 from Simerly Fork to Unicoi county line and construction of three Bridges 4.187 Miles h. F. Ramsey Ashe viile.n.c., Carter surfacing Section of secondary route 2461 near Elk Mills 6.178 Miles Hobart Greene and sons. Johnson City. Hancock surfacing Section of secondary route 2361 near 3.109 Miles w. T. Ratliff Knoxville Unicoi surfacing Section of secondary route 2379 near Lime Stone Cove. 1.769 Miles sum mers Taylor Elizabethton 137. Croup slated to pick counsel Washington investigations subcommittee Mem Bers said today they hoped to pick by Nightfall a special coun Sel for the proposed Public investigation of a Row involving chairman Mccarthy a wis and top army officials. Reported behind the scenes mane vering to head off such a washing of linens for which big scale television and other coverage is planned ran head on into opposition from a majority of the subcommittee s seven members. Sen. Mundt named to preside at the televised Public hearings and three democratic Oscar winners Audrey Hepburn William Holden eternity rated out of world housing plan is disapproved Washington ins the House appropriations commit tee rejected president Eisenhower s proposed four year Public housing program to Day and voted to end it with 000 dwellings in the next two ears. The committee took the action in approving a Bill to provide five billion 566 million dollars in funds for various government agencies for the fiscal year be ginning july 1. The measure provides 363 and one half millions or six per cent less than the administration requested and More than 375 millions less than Congress voted last year for the same purposes. Included in the Bill Are funds for the atomic Energy commis Sion veterans administration housing and Home finance Agency Tennessee Valley a Hollywood William Holden the movies favorite average Guy and Audrey Hepburn its favorite Princess won Holly Wood s top acting oscars last night. The movie from Here to record of tying eight the All time awards was and a dozen other Agen would get it named the Best picture of 1953 at the 26th annual Academy awards presentation. Holden who played a Semi Heel in the movie stalag was both Happy and upset about his first Oscar. He was Happy of course for winning the top Honor but said he was very up set for having to hurry his acceptance speech due to the Tele vision time commitments. They told me to say thank you and get he said. I wanted to give credit to Billy Wilder the director of stalag 17 for having so much Faith in me. I think they could have held off the closing commercial just a Little longer so that every one could know How much Wilder was Holden a Youthful 36, said he was pretty leery before the presentation of the award. I thought Burt Lancaster cies. In cutting off the Public hous he admitted that his role in stalag was one that he was t hat m members of the group said in a separate interview the fight has j year Pone too far to be the bitter charges involved re other quire a full Public scrutiny show where the truth ups. Should be they went ahead with plans to choose a special counsel and to the once o the program Complete the writing of the committee declared in its Cial ground rules which an in justification t Nunci. R j j ing program the committee pro particularly thrilled with during video funds for not More than Makins of the p cure new units already con but i see the Light now in tracked for in the 1955 fiscal i fact. I m holding he said i raising his Golden Oscar. Miss Hepburn in stage make French to have Aid for War if they play Ball Washington ins the administration s foreign policy Leader in Congress declared to Day that if the French play Ball in Indochina they will get All necessary Aid from the United states. Chairman Alexander Wiley a wis of the Senate foreign relations committee declined to explain his statement. He made it in an interview during which he weighed his words before specifically permitting their quo tation Wiley said if the French play Ball in Indochina they would get what is necessary in the nature of equipment trainees specialists and he apparently referred to the administration s desire to have the French accept american ideas for training the vietnamese. It is known that Washington is unhappy about the training program for the anti communist forces. Wiley also May have had in mind concern in administration circles that the French weary of the Long War will agree to a with the communists that would Lead eventually to red control of the area. Sen. H. Alexander Smith r chairman of the Senate s far East committee said he believes that if the French Are Able to hold on they could stage their big offensive next year and win the War 1 Smith added the big ques Tion is if Paris will stay on Ancl see this cleaned up next another committee official who declined to be quoted by name said the state depart ment and the foreign operations administration Are study los Angeles ins an ing the advisability of extend i atomic scientist allayed fears ing some Aid programs directly today that the recent Hydrogen to Vietnam. I bomb test at Bikini might have he said there is increasing d d a Cloud., rest Veness Over France s insist i ence that practically All float around the Earth in can dealings with the Vietnam angering people everywhere Mese must be channelled or. Stafford Warren who has Kingsport s police cadets police cadets line up for blood typing at a recent meeting of the newly organized corps. Taking blood samples is Eddie Dixon Martin How Hospital staffer. Recording names is Hugh Drake member of Exchange club. Cadets newest youth club for City recommended fist allays fears of bomb test through Paris. 18 feared dead in plane crash charge of the atomic Energy project at the University of California at los Angeles medical school said radioactive Clouds were a natural by product of such bomb tests but added there is nothing in the the Senate approves cuts to become Law on tuesday Washington a Cut of about a billion dollars yearly on a wide Range of Federal excise or sales taxes seemed assured to Day with Senate passage of a reduction Bill. The cuts Wil take effect thursday. The Senate approved he Bill last night 76-8 alter two Days of Lively debate filled with Politi Cal in a congressional election year. It was sent to a Senate House conference which cannot take place before next monday after noon since both branches arc in recess until then. But sen. Head of the Senate negotiators said in an interview today he is confident the conferees will act speedily and Rush the measure to president Eisenhower. The dead line for the president s signature is next wednesday Midnight. Both branches voted identical Cut.? on Many items so they Are certain to be in the final com Promise version. They include furs jewelry handbags and Luggage cosmetics sporting goods Adins Slon to movies costing Over 60 , train bus Plenc passenger fares Telephone Bills Telegraph charges mechanical pens and pencils lighters and electric Light bulbs. Millikin and other Republican new York inter president National longshoremen s Asso a b11 the Kingsport s newest youth or police is taking shape rapidly and with elation suffered a stiff setback administration urged against the a distinct military accent. I today in its showdown Battle with a rival Al Union for a i loss in rear will and that much to tha deficit already forecast for the new financial year Starling july 1. The Bill also extends for n the boys Are being issued Mili tary Type identification cards j Ter front control which will establish them As the setback was a National a members of the outfit. Labor relations Board exam the card carries the photo Nel s recommendation that a graph of the Holder his blood Type and fingerprints. Members of club which is the Exchange so is bring the thrown out. To select officers. Increases in major these will bring in the reversal came Only a few in added Revenue. But the presi Dent had counted on this in figuring his next year s budget. Involved Are automobiles and trucks gasoline tobacco liquor _ and Beer. Three week old Harbor strike. As the House pawed inc Meas held that the.1 ure it Cut a variety of excises by million dollars. The Senate police cadets As a Means of curs after the Ila had ordered teaching the responsibilities of i Union members working on har citizenship state that an elec Bor Vita Craft in the Tion has been held by the some1 waterfront s operations to 80 members of the Cadet corps Ald in the Union s paralysing and Beer. Identity of the new Captain j executive officer and four la Iila apparent election Victor Mill Toon lieutenants will be revealed was responsible for violence and eliminated a few House Reclus at a Paren son banquet at during the voting , made other big ones of Mack Ray cafeteria on april 3, Brantley Blue Exchange club member announced. Last december. He recommended that the Norb hold a new election soon As possible. Its own. The House voted reductions the Ila quickly retorted that Ory of meteorology that would sister of Broad Street methodist the was Lac of poas for admissions to horse and dog tracks and to night clubs and other cabarets and for club i . Safety Deposit boxes and make me believe it would be Church be principal speak y Rojc Clit possible for such a Cloud to go i or at the j the assertion came from Pat i these. They will have to be Mexico City mexi around the world air. Remain so i the Exchange club reports a1 Rick j. Connolly Union executive thresh a out in conference Airliner crashed about 15 concentrated that it could Settle year around program planned vice president who declared the two biggest items in units for which up for her Broadway role of a Miles North of Monterrey Early on a City endangering the popu for the police cadets. This pro a our Only comment political Pule will be a ments have been made Watel Nymph in the play on today. All 18 persons Gram includes visits to City of pressure is being used. They be slash voted by the Senate on be included in next year s received her award in and three ices and a visit to the state got orders from or. such household appliances vesti gation involving the group s own chairman and staff Mem Bers would require. At Issue Are 1. An army report alleging Mccarthy and Roy m. Cohn the subcommittee s chief counsel exerted pressures on the Penta gon in efforts to get favored treatment for a drafted associate pvt. O. David Schine. 2. Mccarthy s counter charge that Secretary of the army Ste Vens and John g. Adams assist ant army counsel used Black f for the dwellings in the coming fiscal years is in connection with the slum clearance and Urban redevelopment pro Gram. Major items in the Bill Are veterans administration three billion 779 million Dol Lars a Cut of 113 millions from the budget request. Includes a Cut of 100 millions in the the two and one half billions re Quested for pensions and com the Bill provides v r Pfoh m Hin a funds for m 000 occupied Beds mail tactics in efforts to Block in hospitals the subcommittees atomic Energy commission _ canhy1 Schine a quest. Cuts were made in con Mccarthy Cohn Stevens and the Adams have All denied the charges against them. There have been persistent re ports of quiet mane vering to test whether the resignation of Cohn and Adams and perhaps Stevens too if these could be arranged might be enough to tee said there is no reduction in any atomic project. The full 321 millions requested for weapons was granted. Tennessee Valley authority 103 and one half millions a Cut of 38 millions. The Bill directs Itne Tva to pay the Treasury the hrad off the Public hearings. I same interest rate that the Mccarthy Cohn Stevens and Treasury must pay on Money and Adsms All Are among those sex pc pc to testify if the hearings Are held. Laie Blaze damages fort Robinson Home a fort Robinson Vance i and controlling the Tva from resale Price of Power by local distributors. Housing and Home financing and one halt Mil Lions a Cut of six and one third millions. The committee or dered the liquidation of various emergency housing programs. Includes nearly 71 millions for Public housing program a Cut v six millions badly damaged by a fire which broke out while residents of thei House were away late thursday j fire hits Nashville night. I City fire chief c. M. Kenner Nashville roaring said the dwelling was occupied Sre swept through a by Roy b. Davis 213 fatten St. J Long building Here yesterday de both the City and Community stroll no two business firms and fire departments took part in extinguishing the Blaze. Chief Kenner said the fire apparently broke out in a clothes closet. The cause was undetermined. The flames spread through the roof causing heavy damage to both House and furnishings Kenner said. Damaging four others. The loss was estimated roughly at a half million dollars. Two firemen were struck by falling girders As the spectacular Blaze raged out of control for about an hour and a half. Asst. Fire chief g. A. Finely said the flames apparently started from a welding operation. New Yoi k portion of the show were believed killed. Her first movie starring role was that of a Princess on the Loose in roman visibly touched the 24-year old sex Ballerina said i am truly grateful she said it like she really meant it. It s too she Sai l. It s like being Given something to Wear that you have to grow into. Something to work someone asked what next i still have the same the excited actress replied Smil ing. To be a great yes to be a really Good so she would be free in time for the announcement the management of her stage play had advanced curtain time 10 min utes and Cut the intermission. In costume she hurried to the Abc Center theater at radio City with a police motorcycle escort. She made a Quick change of clothing there the passenger list included five persons with North Ameri can names. The plane on the Torreon Monterrey run in North Central Mexico had not been heard from since last night. It Tokyo of was operated by the mexican Sciak voiced concern today fear a bomb ashes May be used by reds owned Aero Naves line. Over reports Russia May have the airline gave the names of i obtained smuggled nuclear Ash the five passengers with North samples from which soviet Sci american names As George Don Ald and James Mccormick far Mer Burton and James a John son. Hometowns not Given. The dentists might discover the Type of u. S. Hydrogen weapon exploded in the March 1 mid Pacific test. First four boarded the plane at radioactive dust from the the Pacific coast resort of a Bias showered the japanese Aztlan. Johnson boarded it at fishing boat Fuk Uryu Maru and Torreon. Was believed pro communist the burned out wreckage was groups in Japan took specimens sighted from the air at Day of the Ash from the vessel tied break in an isolated Mountain up at the port of Maizu. Area near the Village of Puente foreign minister Katsuo Oka de Morales. The mountains Are Zaki has told of checking in in the Sierra de Salinas Range confirmed rumours that such which lies athwart the approach samples were smuggled out of to Monterrey Airport. Japan to Russia. Capital. According Connolly did not amplify bin refrigerators stoves and Eloc Lri 1 to club his reference was to gov. Thorn Irons and a is million Dollar cd e. Dewey. The Ila the Caci ets Are being introduced to the fundamentals of military claimed close to Courtesy and close order Drill at associate of president Eisenhowe their regular saturday meetings favored the Al Union at the civic auditorium. I Over the Ila. Has through wiping out o Lotical missions tax on mov of the and the cadets have no connection i a count of ballots in the bar on and others costing less than fio cents. The voted to Cut the admissions Levy from 20 to 10 per cent. Paining election indicated senators Byrd a a and Parment club members explain. Ulc Ila had won die right to Williams a Deli won a Surpris Rcpt Csont me port s 2-3.0co cargo ing amount of support in the handlers. Senate last night for a move to however so Many ballots were j Knock out All of the cuts in the contested by the Al Union that Bill except the 217 million on and the outcome was left in doubt. Missions. Connolly claimed the Norb Washington u. Did t even count he vote s. Viewed with increasing to c0lin, with the Kingsport police de Arab Israel problem is considered grave Corn today Israel s warning that the shippers moved also to War threatens the Middle a new 80-Day anti strike Israel told the u. S. Yesterday injunction under the National that hostile Arab actions have provisions of the heavy wind Rains cause Little damage endangered peace. Taft Hartley labor Law. The1 monday seven Arab nations shipping association asked notified the u. S. That an israeli attack on any one of them would j attorneys land Decieri bring immediate retaliation from would be Legal. All. To study the walkout decide if such an injunction Kingsport Power and Tele phone lines escaped serious dam age when 60-mile per Hiir u. S. Will continue to test mightier a bombs this Spring pre school clinic Date is announced winds hit the City late thurs Day afternoon. Kingsport utilities reported Only minor damage of the Type normally expected during who heavy wind and rain storm that struck around p. M. Inter Mountain Telephone company officials reported no trouble at registration the storm climaxed a Day of Washington Ameri can nuclear weapon ears whose predictions about the runaway a bomb fired at Bikini missed the Mark by millions of tons of Force propose to go ahead with their schedule for More and mightier blasts this Spring. For those tests of the Spring series which Are thermonuclear or involving Hydrogen bombs they will rely on two things 1. An enlarged danger area and improved warning sys tem. 2. A better estimate of the Force to be unleashed in sub sequent a bomb tests. On the basis of comparisons made by atomic authorities in Congress the March 1 Thermo nuclear explosion appears to have been upwards of 14 Mega tons Energy equivalent to that produced in the explosion of 14 million tons of int. The old atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima had an Energy release of tons or 20 Kilotons. Using information gained from the first exploratory test of a Hydrogen device in the fall of 1952 and adding it to new and intricate computations from Laboratory studies the weapon ears made an initial forecast for the March 1 weapon which was substantially less than half the Force eventually attained. This first estimate was revised upward before the test shot it is understood. But even the revised estimate fell several million tons below the Power scientists now believe was loosed in the explosion. President Eisenhower in an understatement said wednes Day something must have happened that we never experienced before and must have surprised and astonished the scientists. What happened probably not even the nuclear scientists who devised the weapon and supervised its tests know Many of the an Swers yet nor will they until careful analysis of such recordings As could be made of the explosion Are worked out on robot computing machines. A multitude of data including such things As study of the intensity and coloration of Light in the explosion As Meas ured against Millionth second timing must be scrutinized. Then too it seems probable that the scientists will take another look at the Fusio Nable material used in the weapon and its triggering device be fore they predict the Power of the next thermonuclear bomb. The disconcerting and embarrassing thing about the March -1 thermonuclear tests was not the terrific blast there has been no evidence that anyone was injured or killed by the explosion which got out of hand but the erratic and far Flung atomic Cloud that raced outward from the scene. It touched with radioactive Ash the Crew of the japanese fishing Craft Lucky dragon sailing 70 Miles East of Bikini supposedly upwind from the explosion. The pre school for pupils entering the Grade in the Kirr sport City Early Spring heat in Kingsport. Schools next september has been1 the temperature at mid Day set for april 23. On that Day the shot up to 88 degrees timing n Parent will need to take the 16-year record High for March i child s birth certificate and the 25. Child s completed physical the Weatherman Promisee examination form to the Princi i cooler Cloudy weather for Kings pal s office in the school which port Friday and saturday the child will attend. Changing to fair and Wanner if you have not had your child sunday. Expected Low for examined you should do so at Niphol was 30 degrees once officials Point out. The thursday s windstorm and Del examination must be completed ugh brought .71 Inch of rain before the child can have his fall the City filter Plant report registration completed. Students cd. Entering Junior High next fall the Airport weather station must also have a winds of 44 Miles per examination. Forms can be j hour with gusts of up to 6c picked up in the principal s of Miles Between and 6 p. M. Fice and can be returned there after being filled in. The Hull Dies nation can be done by your family physician or by the Washington Cor health department. The health Ricile Hull wife of the former department will conduct the1 Secretary of state in the Roose examinations on monday and velt Cabinet died suddenly Early thursday from to . Today while visiting relatives at by appointment. Staunton a

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