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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 23, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 907 9 do you allow Small children to stand in the front seat Kingsport times vol. Al no. 58 phone Kingsport Tenn., tuesday March 23, 4 12 pages five cents the weather continued mild tonight with scattered showers and Low about 50. Wednesday Cloudy and continued warm with showers Likely. Monday s High temperature 55 last night s Low 40 noon Reading 50 rainfall .12 Inch. Mccarthy gives up committee vote Senate leaders Confer on excise tax Cut Bill Washington i amendment to accomplish this republicans were called into to be offered by sen. Walter f. Their first tax conference of this session today to find out How they feel about the 958-million Iollar excise reduction Bill that president Eisenhower opposes. The excise measure ready for Senate action this week is expected to pass the Only question is whether amendments to acid special tax relict for the Auto and House hold appliance industries will get much support. On the eve of the party con Ference Treasury Secretary George m. Humphrey warned Congress anew against accept ing a democratic proposal boost ing the personal income exemptions by this year and a year later. He said an George a a on the omnibus revision Bill would be disastrous. The revision Bill already passed by the House will come up later in the Senate. Humphrey also 1. Told the Senate appropriations committee thai slumping economic conditions might continue until May despite earlier Hopes for a Rise this month. He pointed out that easter comes late this Spring thus delaying Spring buying. Humphrey also said Many Consumers Are delay ing Auto and other purchases to see what the tax situation is. Believes lifting the 275-billion Dollar ceiling is inevitable. George took casual Issue with Humphrey s View of his exemption amendment but said he did not want to quarrel with the Secretary about it. On the debt limit Outlook he said i agree with the Secre tary that hell have to ask for an increase because their Defi Cit estimate is close to three Bil lion dollars without taking into account the decline in income due to recession or the new tax cuts. I m sure he will have to re consider that estimate eventually. I m satisfied that if there is party lines firm in fight to oust Solon 2. Testified that he is almost j a serious decline in business certain a substantial increase in j which i Hope will not occur they the Legal debt limit will be Nec Essary this year. He said he May know in about 30 Days but now will be driven to some effective remedy to meet this situation and stimulate the big damage suit continues Here testimony in a retrial of five damage suits totalling s145.000 Fri alerts police on midget atomic bombs the s newest Speed cop Washington ins against Kingsport utilities an Lwhite House today confirmed b s welding company continued tuesday morning in Law reports that the Fri has warned police throughout the nation to court on Alert for midget the trial with charges arising atomic bombs which might be from an electrical mishap the country by killed one Man and injured five saboteurs. Opened monday morning. the precautionary action was taken Jan. 1 when the Fri Clis morning tuesday. The Case is tribute a description and Meas the last to be tried by jury Dur ing this term of court. So the suits ended in a mistrial flt the last session of court. They s pm from a mishap on july 15, 1952. In which one Man Hiram ure ments of two atomic devices compact they could be brought into the u. S. In a diplomatic Pouch or a Container of similar size. The warning to police Agen was Lillevand five similar instructions injured when the Boom of last year to customs in made Contact with an stand to testify and effects of their injuries to the to guard any Public jury one of them Lawrence old against a that it a the National Security in Kunuji the b aware of the danger. Atomic devices Fri director j. No attempt be made on the Lowed Tiff to introduce photographs officer to dismantle town area were insulated where those at the scene of the Acci Dent were not. Done by the welding company it a machine shop on Johnson City Highway. The plaintiffs claim that b and s welding was negligent in directing the Crane so that it came into Contact with or close to a High voltage wire. They maintain the Utility com Pany was negligent in leaving an apparent atomic instead Hoover said information regarding fissionable material or atomic weapons should be the army tightens Security oath Washington army has tightened its lines against possible infiltration by subversives. It has issued a new order re Quiring All commissioned and warrant officers to sign fresh loyalty certificates and setting up machinery designed to prevent delays in handling cases of offi cers who either refuse to sign these documents or plea Protection of the fifth amendment in refusing to answer questions it asks. The new directive disclosed by the army yesterday was issued March 11 under the signature of Gen. Matthew army chief of staff. It states at one Point that Secretary of the army Stevens does not consider it consistent with National Security to keep in military service anyone who refuses to say whether he has been a member of the communist party or any subversive there was no doubt that new sum ably the Fri has trained special a bomb squads to Han dle the deadly objects. The circular to police stated that 50 pounds of the fissionable material needed for an atomic device pressed into a of a soft Ball. Could be com sphere the size another would be a gun bar ,1 vyuu1u us it Guli Ucli the wires Strung and Rel t consisting of a unguarded. Plaintiffs Are Frank Austin Billie Davis. Arlon Shelton. Bob by Wallace and Lawrence Brown. Ike May state View on Mccarthy probe Washington ins a White House spokesman hinted today that president Eisenhower will state his views tomorrow on whether sen. Joseph r. Mccar thy i wis. Should participate in the investigation of his fight Vith the army. News Secretary James c. Hag erty was asked whether the president agrees with gop National chairman Leonard Hall that Mccarthy should not take an Active role in the investigation. The probe will be conducted by the Wisconsin Republican s investigations subcommittee but sen. Kar e. Mundt r s. D., will act As chairman. Hagerty said with a smile i think i know How the pres ident feels and i suggest you ask him that at two to 10-Inch gun tube and two Breech locks. The Fri notice made Public by the Justice department and the White House said it is impossible to describe exactly what a foreign atomic bomb will look like. On the other hand it is possible to explain the Basic idea which will govern their Indian Springs boy found after search a 24-hour search for a missing Indian Springs Schoolboy ended tuesday morning when the youth returned Home unharmed. Area lifesaving Crews police and Highway patrolmen had joined neighbors in the Hunt for the boy Bobby gobble 13. Officers said the youth disappeared on his Way to school monday and it was feared that he had become lost in a Cave in the Vicinity. They said the boy returned to the Home of an aunt on Bloom tomorrow s press Tingdale Road around 10 . The chief executive will hold tuesday. Police quoted the youth As his weekly meeting with news saying he had camped out All men at . Night on Bays the Hagerty said or. Eisenhower boy is the son of h. L. Gobble will have nothing further to say j Indian Springs. About the Hydrogen bomb until Jim Hare a member of the atomic Energy commission Kingsport lifesaving Crew who chairman Lewis Strauss returns in a week or 10 Days from the current atomic tests in the Pacific. The president declined to say St his news conference last week whether the u. S. Has the Poten tial to deliver an a bomb any where in the world until he could Check into what has Al port lifesaving Crew partly Pat ready been made Public on the ing were Joe Blevins Tommy took part in the search said a party of 30 schoolboys and 20 other neighbors was organized in the Blountville Indian Springs area tuesday morning. The group was about to begin comb ing the Woods in the area when the boy arrived Home. Other members of the Kings dentist who was promoted and honorable discharged Over the protest of sen. Mccarty Washington scenting Victory Senate democrats today brushed aside a Republican of Fer to water Down the political effect of a Resolution to oust sen. Chavez dam from the seat he has held since 1935. Party lines held firm yester Day As the Senate began Debat ing a Resolution to cancel out the 1952 new Mexico senatorial elec Tion in which Chavez Defeated Republican Patrick j. Hurley a former Secretary of War by about votes. The Issue May come to a vote late today. The Resolution is based on the finding of a Republican majority of the Senate elections subcommittee that there were so Many voting irregularities in the 1952 elections it would be impossible to pick the Legal Winner. Sen. Hennings the subcommittee s one Man minority has vigorously dissented from the opinion. Underlying the Chavez elec Tion Challenge is a fight for numerical superiority in the sen ate where there now Are 48 democrats including Chavez 47 republicans and an Independent sen. Morse of Oregon. Should the Senate void the results of the Chavez Hurley contest Republican gov. Edwin l. Mechem of new Mexico would be expected to name a Republican replacement for Chavez. This would then give the re a publicans a one vote Edge. But sen. Cordon a Ohio i proposed during yesterday s de i Hanoi Indochina up the Bate that the Resolution be Al t7 tired to recommend filling the beleaguered French Union de vacancy by special election fenders of Dien Bien Phu re meanwhile the republicans and. Ported today they patrolman Don Meredith c.1pt. Frank Williamson it. Douglas Seymour and sgt. Grover Cox examine upper East Tennessee s newest radar Speed checker. To photo by Creasy French beat Back vie Minh attack twins born on different Days and Miles apart Memphis the twin daughters of or. And mrs. E. L. Yarbrough were born on differ ent Days and have birthplaces Highway patrol use radar Check Tennessee Highway demands right Touros examine army witnesses Washington Mccarthy a wis said today he it giving up any vote in connection with his Senate subcommittee s investigation of his Row with army officials. But he said he retains the right to Cross examine . Mccarthy said he had removed himself completely from voting procedural matters As Well As the issues in dispute Between him and Secretary of the army Stevens. Asked whether he would be willing to get Ort the subcommittee during the investigation. Mccarthy said that i Ain not a member now so far As any Vei Ling Mccarthy said that while he j would not vote As Long As i re i main on the subcommittee. 1 have the same right to Cross i examine As any other he said that if the other Sena tors wanted to put another sen Ator on the subcommittee Dur ing the probe i have no object but he insisted on the Luhtio Cross examine and said army officials should have the same right. J Mccarthy made the Stalf inert i at a conference held amid mounting pressure from Republican leaders for him to step off subcommittee completely j while it makes its inquiry. Patrol at the White House there was members started using radar to a hint that president Eisenhower Check speeding motorists in the himself lie Elf speak out on democrats would each hold 47 seats. Democrats who show no signs of defection in support of Cha Vez immediately attacked the cordon proposal. Hennings told the Senate that in adopting such an amendment it would be say ing in effect that nobody in new Mexico from the governor on Down was elected because they Don t know How to run their crooner Dick Haymes is ordered deported Washington ins the Justice department announced today that crooner Dick Haymes has been ordered deported to his native Argentina. Attorney general Herbert Brownell or. Said the order was issued after a hearing and goes into effect in 10 Days unless the actor Singer files an Appeal. Who said Peress was a fifth i on the eve of the decision amendment communist and should be court Martiale. Per Ess who refused under oath to testify on alleged communist connections later said in a pub Lic statement that Mccarthy s charges were told of the new order my Haymes. Who is in new York said through his attorney David Marcus that if the government decides to Deport him he will flight this thing to the Haymes was arrested for deportation last aug. 6 on grounds that he asked to be excused Carthy commented to newsmen from military service during that in general it sounds like a. World War ii As an alien and a Fine but he said he wants citizen of Argentina to study it before saying More. The Justice department said the order bars promotion i this made him excl Dable from decoration commendation re the therefore sub assignment separation or order ing to Active duty of any person Jet to deportation. It said he re entered the u. S. From a who does not fill put the pre Waii illegally after a visit to Rita scribed loyalty certificate Pend Hayworth now his wife. Ing final action in the Case. The certificate revised feb. 1, is much like the one in effect before but it includes an up dated list of organizations on Back a Sharp vie Minh attack on one of their battalions and had beaten nearly 100 Miles apart. K i Annh a Miriam question at a news conference the first daughter was Alea tomorrow. The equipment was set up for i asked Eisenhower s View pics late sunday at the Yarbrough 1 Home in Alamo Tenn. Complick i about three hours on Highway identical press Secretary James claimed they killed 175 of the tons developed and mrs. 23 near the Sullivan Wash Hagerty said rebels. Brough was taken to a county line motors s a to link i Kurlow How uie were 20 ident and i suggest you ask where second arrived the next Day. The attorney Sive list. General s subvert week from the besieged fortress in Northwest Indochina. But it was nowhere near on the scale of the initial ail out onslaught in which the French claimed they killed of the communist led rebels and wounded an other the French army commander Here said the rebels attacked on the Road linking the heart of the Dien Bien Phu fortifications with the southernmost outpost of the French held Plain. The vie Minh made a bold Effort to wipe out a French Union battalion moving from the Cen Ter of the fortress to join an other battalion coming up from the South French tanks and Mobile units joined the infantry and Artil Lery to quickly smash the rebel attempt. Only patrol actions have been reported since the rebels broke off their initial mass first of the seven year indo China last tuesday. But the vie Minh dug into the Hills ringing the Dusty Plain of Dien Bien Phu continued cease less artillery bombardment of the fortress. The French said today How Ever the vie Minh shelling had tapered off today. The French air Force continued under Bright sunny skies to carry out massive strikes on Viet Minh concentrations. The rebels meanwhile stepped Haymes married the film Star up harassing guerrilla attacks on last sept. 24 after the Deporta vital French lines of Cor Muni Tion proceedings were Well in cations in the red River Delta in was purged in 1948 As a Leader Der Way. Since then they have an obvious Effort to divert at in the United states of the Cio been harried from coast to coast by internal Revenue agents and Bill collectors. Britain starts anti red drive Kingston Jamaica in Britain started an anti red drive in a third Caribbean col ony today after seizing Docu ments in raids on two left Wing centers in this West indies is land capital. Following crackdowns on alleged pro communists in Brit ish Guiana and British Honduras on the american Continental Mainland authorities yester Day swooped Down Here on the Home of jamaican labor Leader Ferdinand Christofer Smith assistant Secretary of the communist dominated world federa Tion of Trade unions and on the offices of the left Wing peo ple s educational organization said Doumer " they seized in Smith s Home identified communist organizers and Fel Low travellers in Jamaica. The files and papers taken in the raid on the education Organiza Tion were said by police to have been of a Type banned by Law As undesirable. Announcements of the raids did indicate any action had been taken against Smith or the leaders of the educational organization. Smith president of the red tinged Jamaica federa Tion of Trade unions to 68 Miles an i was in a 45-mile an hour zone. J no arrests Are being made at this Lime but motorists clocked going too fast or two slow Are Given warning tickets. These tickets give the Speed registered by Radai and the Speed of the zone. The following message is also on the warning driving at speeds too fast for conditions is poor judgment. Speed is a contributing Factor in 75 per cent of All fatal Acci dents. Defeat death by using Good judgment while within a few weeks these warnings will be replaced with him that at his press Confer Mccarthy met reporters after a closed door session of the sub committee to discuss its plans for the inquiry. The subcommittee meeting produced one conclusive decision it was agreed unanimously that television coverage will be permitted. Sen. Mundt acting chairman announced also that 1. A subcommittee on ground rules headed by sen. Dirksen was created. The other members Are Sens. Potter

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