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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 22, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 903 5 do you have Windshield stick ers obstructing your vision Kingsport times vol. Al no. 57 term., monday March 22, 1954 10 pages five cents the weather fair and Little warmer Mon Day. Increasing cloudiness Mon Day night and cold again. Not so cold tuesday night. Sunday s High 49 monday s Low 20 noon temperature 42 degrees. Demos say now s time to halt recession dip Washington argument among businessmen economists and lawmakers Over the economic state of the nation ran along these lines today should the government do something i in to stimulate business now perhaps later or at All now said two democratic in gators Hill of Alabama and Douglas of Illinois in separate interviews yesterday. Only when there is a Sion of some severity actually in or forecast with a High degree of certainty said i he committee for economic de . And members of ced a private but influential organization of businessmen and economists said at a news yesterday such a time has not yet arrived. There was general agreement that tax cuts and Public works programs offered ways in which government might attack a re Resson when the time was deemed Ripe. Hill said the economic indices meant to him that the situations definitely getting worse and he administration ought to move1 with a program of Public works in which the states and local communities could Par i Douglas renewed his advocacy i of income tax cuts came out last night for further excise slashes said i certainly Hope the Iid ministration does not wait too ions to danger Bridge out Eastman Road traffic is being detoured while workmen Are repairing the Bridge Over the Railroad Between Oakwood Forest and Edgewood. Times news prospects favor tax exemptions Washington sen. Hill a Ala said today that pros opens Here in Law court showdown seen in n. Y. Strike new York water the survivors of an electrical front struggle Between two rival Ike military Confer on Indochina plans senators debate Chavez s Fate vote tomorrow Mccarthy Justice report Washington the sen ate opens debate today on whether to unseat sen. Chavez a Ami. A vote expected to Fol Low closely party lines is possible tomorrow. There were no Advance signs of a break in the ranks of the democrats who hold a hairline margin in the Senate and one Republican said some gop senators might not vote to put Chavez out. The Issue is a recommendation by the Senate rules com Mittee that Chavez s seat be declared vacant. The rive republicans on the committee out voted the four democrats to adopt a subcommittee s finding that the 1952 senatorial election. In new Mexico was marked by irregularities on such a scale it was impossible to Tell who really but the ced in a policy state Peru Are favourable for Senate mishap that killed one Opp j new Mexico has a Republican mint Salt invoking such Meas adoption of a proposed five began taking the res against Small Short in personal in Law court monday to uncertainly forecast recessions for individual income taxpayers.1 testify in the re trial of five carried a danger of delayed of but tools. It said Coli chairman Millikin a i damage suits arising from the of the Senate finance incident. The stimulating effect which will consider the five damage suits by sur probably not Start until the need a House approved tax against Kingsport utile for it had passed and would con Bill said he was t conceding Lucs and s welding co Muse oven it created a anything on this store. I total moving a Large the showdown stage in this administration forces total last the work of Defeated -210-204. An by the Crane was being democrats by the welding company of inflation. For mild declines or wonk in the Early Stases. The pm t b House a exemption increase Afa machine j Ohnson vices As inc casing the the general Bill. Of Niones. Easing of credit and lowering of interest and another tax cutting some action along this line Al-1 fast c Stoa ced said that if the of to write 382 Mllton should come for stronger More reductions into the a temporary Cut in Federal taxes i excise tax Bill now in the sen ordinarily but not necessarily through an across the Board Cut in income would be the he said on the meet your con Gress television program he pro most immediately Means. E f f e c t i v e poses reductions on necessities City Highway. The plaintiffs claim that b and s welding was negligent in directing the Crane so that it came into Contact with or. Close to a High voltage wire. They maintain the Utility com Pany was negligent in leaving the wires Strung uninsulated and unguarded. The suits ended in a mistrial and he said the t i Stem from a mishap on july a Public works spending would cuts he advocates could mean a in which nip Man Hiram be useful perhaps to the tune j Price reduction on lied and five othes of 1 2 billion dollars within a Biles and about on such Boom of a Var. But would we effect More Plances As refrigerators. Made slowly the committee report Douglas asserted that the overhead Power line said. But it said it might be de Republican program will not. Sizable to blueprint projects the deepening j in a enc to administer them. With an plaintiffs Are Frank Austin Billie Davis. Arlon Shelton Bob b. Wilde president of by now in the hand of a the Connecticut general life in s e n a t e Sii Rance co. Chairman of the group port s tax or other drastic Rev sign by Wallace and Lawrence Brown. A Battery of lawyers were on1 strike bound port today. The Al Dock Union reported that the Wildcat strikers of the International longshore men s Assn. Ila might be sup ported by a sympathy stoppage today by tugboat captains and Crews also members of the Ila. The report could not be con firmed from Ila sources. Such a stoppage would mean that Ocean liners and other ships would have to Dock and sail without the Aid of tugs. Leaders of the Al Ila yesterday predicted a snowballing Back to work movement starting today 18th Day of the outlaw strike. The strikers pledged to stay off the Job until the Ila is certified by the National labor relations Board As bargaining agent for the Harbor s at the last session of court. They neither the Ila nor the Al Ila now is certified mayor Robert f. Wagner after an unusual three hour Confer ence with three of his top aides today i want the honest longshore men the shipping companies governor who if Chavez were j unseated could reverse the pres ent close division of the Senate by appointing a Republican sen Ator. The lineup now is 48 democrats 47 republicans and 1 Independent. The investigating subcommittee made no charge against Chavez personal integrity. In a minority report. Sen. Hennings Washington Low members of the Senate appropriations committee to Day overruled sen. Joseph Mccarthy when he asked attorney general Herbert Tor a Progress report on a espionage Case involving the Wisconsin republics said that two Justice depart ment attorneys recommended several times that the Case be sent to a grand jury by were turned Down by their chief. When he asked Brownell to Tell him Why sen. Allen j. Ellender a la interposed i thought we met Here to consider an Mccarthy contended the committee met to get any information senators want to get but sen. Pat Mccarran a Nev asserted we re not Here to try espionage sen. Everett m. Dirksen r 1111, acting As chairman of the state Justice and Commerce appropriations subcommittee said he thought Eden Der s and Mccarran s Point is Well however. Mccarthy declared i think i m entitled to know Why a certain Case recommended for prosecution a a a Clear Cut violation of the espionage out of Mccarthy said he was not making a big show out of it but insisted he wanted an answer adding that he under stood the Case had not been brought to or. Brownell s at the attorney general said it. Vafis the first time he had Leard of it and promised to ook into it at that Point Mccarthy ask d criminal division chief Darren Olney to Supply information and Brownell interrupted to say please address the question to me. I la examine the files and anything i can do that does not interfere will the Case itself the orderly presen tation i la be glad to Mccarthy said he had been waiting six to eight months for a report on the Case and asked when he could gel the information. Replied maybe the hearing began As a to be discussed Washington ins ident Eisenhower apparently gravely concerned Over developments in Indochina met to Day with the top military officials of France and die u. S., on military problems of he combat Llyd Southeast Asiatic Penin Sula. Gen. Paul Ely French army chief of staff and adm. Arthur w. Rad Orci chairman of he joint chiefs of staff met with i the chief executive at i a. M. Est. Today s White session i follows a saturday conference Between he president Secretary of state John Foster Dulles de sense Secretary Charles e. Wil son and on the political aspects of the Indochina problem. Top military experts refused to become alarmed Over developments in the War although thousands of Vielmina rebels were in to he French Strong Point of Denb Lenpha. There was More concern How closed session but was opened lever Over the political to the Public at Mccarthy s of the situation. A principal request. J problem is development of an soon after newsmen entered 1 Allied program to asure solid of Missouri Only Democrat on Laws was not sent to a grand the subcommittee hotly defended Chavez and accused the majority of proceeding with the apparent intent from the Start Ellender replied that Mccar thy could find out by sending a the attorney Gen the room Mccarthy lauded and said the jus Tice department is getting to be one of the brighter spots of the new also testified As lie had before the House commit tee that indexing system was poor and so inefficient that it slowed us up in handling of to disfranchised the voters j eral without making a big criminal cases. And to deprive a duly elected i United states senator of his Spring Means Jap press raps More jurists bombing at sea for Monument French proposal has opposition Bonn Germany of two parties in the Bonn gov Tokyo Japan s biggest nov or k today criticized and the pubic to know that the of 23 Strong Arm boys have chased off the new York water american treatment of 23 fishermen burned by radioactive ashes he from a mar the Udby the average 8 n. I a y i pc Wycis Sci c in _ ii Iii monday morning As alld be kept off test 1 a selection of a jury began. Sald Man no u. Doctors Oad exhausted the regular panel to Woi f Fon ther a Lars the 23 Are not in ramen Anri Oil without fear of la Lumina _ r secret u. 1 and urged to give assurances order now. Other ced ners at. The same news Confer Nee expressed agreement. One.i310 000 annually. Meyer Kestnbaum. President of rep. Kean a no on the same Hart. Schaffner and Marx said i program said he knew of no one he expects an upturn in Early Leno had caused More jobs to be lost than had Douglas through his preaching of gloom All the time and rep. Carl Curtis r neb said the Illinois senator was prospective jury men and extras to be summoned before a full jury was obtained. Tion or i the Tokyo urged the United states to Caracas meeting in final week spreading fear but Douglas insisted he is merely reporting the the situation yesterday was veal to japanese physicians the French expecting new rebel attacks Hanoi Indochina Union troops braced themselves anew today for a still expected the income tax flight now mass assault against their ters on a proposal by Phu fortress by the George a a to lift the pres communist led vie Minh. Ent exemption allowed for each tank and infantry reinforce i taxpayer and dependent from Mente bolstered the besieged de to in the next year fenders in Northwest Indochina. Caracas. Venezuela agreement on new code for political Asylum remained the. Maior objective still t inti inter american conference each increase ammunition and pro Lonay As it entered us fourth h h and final week. The United states was More re venue onlooker than a in the debate on this political Opic since it does not offer ref a thereafter As a Means from the skies poured a new of increasing consumer Purchas Stream of fresh troops War ing Power. Each increase is equipment ammunition and pro estimated to Cost the govern visions parachuted from French yearly in j transports and american Fly much like that of saturday when there was unusually heavy pier activity for a week end in Brooklyn. Manhattan piers remained mostly tied up. However. It was estimated that about men worked on the docks some of them on the new Jersey Side of the Harbor. Two miners killed in dynamite blast Lewistown 111. F ins use to All foreigners who must leave Home for political reasons. But the subject is of major j importance to latin America where politicians frequently somewhat confusing ing boxcars piloted by american civilians of the Hong civil air transport service. In Washington a s. Officials reviewed French requests for More u. Bombers and trans ports. The u. Joint chiefs of staff considered a proposal to Send another group of about 25 i 1 sen another group o you must get out of their countries Seoul South Korea i b26 Light bombers and an Undis Avneri a proct no to n o f d 11 v. I i i l j. A to avoid arrest or a worse Fate in times of political trouble. A political judicial subcommittee has already agreed on one controversial the nation granting Asylum has the right to determine whether the refugee qualifies for it. The celebrated Case of Peru s Victor Raul Haya de la Toree has pointed up a need for Clear regulations on political Asylum. Haya. Leader of the outlawed apra party has been a refugee in the colombian embassy in Lima for five years because Colombia and Peru have been unable to agree that he is entitled political Asylum. Peru will not Grant him Safe conduct to leave the country contending he is a common Crim Inal. Colombia won t surrender him. Holding that he is a Politi Cal refugee. Colombia and Peru now Are its own time negotiating in Bogota Over the the u. State department Case but there were reports the was the first to fall in line. In Nally declared her Independence closed number of transports to from the Japan time zone and Indochina you should see the confusion. The National Assembly fiercely patriotic carved out a korean time zone a half hour be Hind the Japan zone. It went into effect saturday. Now appointments Are con firmed with the question Japan or korean the 4 o clock plane arrives at internal tonal commuters and Tele phones Are having the time of their lives making connections. Fifty years ago Japan ordered Korea to set her clocks on Japan time. It was done to simplify Commerce. And while the Politi Cal course Between the two nations often was rough they operated smoothly in a single time zone. Now South Korea is Back on materials used in the blast but said presumably the United states does t want to disclose Mili tary the fishermen s boat was caught in a two hour Shower of ashes from the massive explosion in the Bikini test area. Scientists and doctors of the u. Atom bomb casualty com Mission acc at american and entered the Case. The acc is an Organ to conduct research but not to treat the Asahi said. Men were killed and three others Jonn Morton and his staff suffered minor injuries today in should treat the patients this a dynamite explosion at the time not Only to make a Fine re Morgan strip mine near Lewis upon to America but to give the patients Assurance they Are not a spokesman for the mine j Guinea owned by the Morgan mines inc., of Indianapolis ind., identified the dead As Earl Cape 6, of Bryant and Ronald Miles 33, of Lewistown. James i. Jayne a state mine inspector of Cuba 111., said that the blast occurred in a pit where a Small Supply of dynamite was kept on hand. Or. Masau Tsuzuki chief physician for the fishermen said we have gained practically All data necessary for treating the or. Tsuzuki said scientists had determined some of the ele ments present in the Ash but said they still could not say the specific Type of device used. Washington this is the time of year a Young Man s Ern ment s four party coalition fancy turns up 898 have chimed in with the oppose eps. Socialists in denouncing and some Young ladies latest proposal for said Charles l. Herman nod Europe animation of the Dis Pulca Ding toward a seemingly endless Iron staircase which curled up i the to 1 i t i c i a n s announced As of the u. F Ward around an elevator Shaft. Their rejection of the plan yes Ca forces to. Ten Maii in r. I cd nil i an ref at Venn rec 1lin rail Cal i support of the vietnamese be Hind the joint anti communist i Effort the military problems pre a rumbly discussed on a High level today involve 1. Reports from Indochina relayed by Agency Francc Presse that if the vietnamese defenders had an additional 100 b-26 bombers the Battle at Dien Bie Phu would have been won some time ago. 2. Additional reports that the defenders need at least 500 More helicopters to evacuate the wounded. 3. The entire question o balancing demand with in considering what Type of equipment the French and native forces can utilize. In some instances materials sent to the Peninsula have been unused because no there could service them. Maj. Gen. John w. Iron Mike o. Daniel who has sue needed maj. Gen. Thomas trap Herman is custodian of the Ter Day As reports circulated that and indochinese in Washington Monument include French German talks ing All its 898 Steps and he Saar question had bogged an Eye on hundreds of French informants con Here on of equipment als j 116 of of visitors each year. I firmed that the discussions have the towering White into temporary difficulties Shaft 555 feet High Drew a rec but denied they had been sus Ord people in 1953. Or broken off. Tendance is running lower this Heinrich Hellwege Leader of year. The rightist German party and Herman said he believed this i Chancellor Konrad Adenauer s was partly because economic i minister of relations with the troubles were keeping More House of parliament said pie at Home partly because of Germany could approve the pro some bad tempered weather. Hei posed change in the Saar s status guessed an upswing would if the european defense Gin soon with Spring visits from j Community Edo went into school groups. I Force at the same time. As for the Young folks he knew Ris statement ran counter to for a fact Many scaled the Shaft the French idea that a a under their own Power. Not Only j ment must be reached on the had he spotted them clamber future of the Border ing up but he founts written eve area before Raff Calion of Edc Dence in his once or twice weekly Adenauer is reported Eady of s inspection of the inside on the Saar Issue threatening the peace of All Asia for John loves Mary Type of equipment can be used in the fight. For example some military observers said it May be that the defenders May have More use for fighter planes than bombers but added that Type of decision must be made in Indochina and not in Washington. Some say the diplomatic communist observer drive at Dieni Enshu and the talks in Washington As aimed largely Al the april 36 Geneva conference where settlement of die indo chinese War. Will be discussed along with a final settlement of peace in Korea. Washington experts also took note of a communist radio blast charged that the u. for John loves Mary Type Ascriptions with heart and a Row and so Forth. I Don t mind the Pencil Marks so he confided. The lip j stick is the worst thing to get if or the Sake of the Edc. Russians protest against nato pact entire family victim of fire Herman had statistics too die record single Day for visitors May 9, 1953. When a youth Safe-1 Moscow soviet gov by group was in town saw eminent has protested formally mounting the stairs out of a to for the third time within a week against defense plans of a North Atlantic pact nation. The latest Kremlin note went yesterday to Greece charging Tal by Nelle Bigbee ins five hearses lined up at Shef Field today to wind to a Ceme Tery plot where eight caskets holding the remains of the victims of a thoughtless last smoke were to be lowered to rest. Five of the caskets in the grisly procession Are Small White ones three of them Haa late last night fire chief James Tirey said we definitely have established that the fire which caused this horrible tragedy was started by a cigarette. Since Blaze originated around the bed of the parents it seems reasonable to assume that it was smoking in bed which was Twenty year old Bob Cal Issue would erupt in the Confer since in the next two Days unless the two nations announced an agreement. Ter National etiquette one dip Lomat explained. How can you keep appointments with koreans when your clocks Aren t in tune Tlly constructed by a Sheffield Vert and 19-year-old Sarah undertaker yesterday after Blandon were returning from a Date around Midnight sat urday and passed the boat Wright Home before noticing the flames Licking out from the inside. Sarah said she ran to her nearby Home to Call Aid while her Friend dashed into the fire started by the cigarette wiped out the of Iron worker Clarence Boatwright. Boatwright 36, his wife Juanita and their five Small children were victims. Mrs. Boatwright s Mother 56-year old mrs. Clara Mcdonald also perished in the flames. Mcdonald and one of the Chil Dren. Firemen and neighbors dragged two other Mem Bers of the family from the flames still alive but All of those saved from immediate det the expired sunday morn ing at the Hospital. Witnesses said seven year old Wanda Boatwright the Only victim conscious after Rescue repeatedly asked about her Brothers and Sisters. She also reportedly screamed pour water on me. I m As Daylight came to Shef Field sunday streets were filled for blocks by townsfolk who flocked to. The neighbor Hood to the scene of what has in Sheffield s history. Most sobering sight for them was that of two new red tricycles still standing on the slightly damaged Boatwright front porch. Other grisly strokes of irony were two scorched water soaked burial insurance policies found in the Kitchen. The policies had been taken out just two weeks ago. Mrs. Boatwright expecting another baby in june and her family had just moved into their new Home on Friday. Mrs. Mcdonald lived with her son James in another part of town. She was saturday night with her daughter s family to help com plete the family s move into blazing Home to pull out mrs. Been called the worst tragedy their new Home. By intervening in Indochina. American leaders have Long held that Indochina is the key to All Southeast Asia in the free world s Battle against the encroachment of communism. Search is pushed for train robber Centralia to. Thormities indicated today a the that s. Military had meager clues in the greek territory threaten peace Jesse James style Diamond Rob Bery in the Balkans. Russia protested to the Netherlands last thursday against establishment of a u. Military air base on dutch territory and also to Turkey against the Mutual Security pact she is of diamonds valued a about on a train e route from Kansas City to a speculated the i smoothly executed robbery o i John Gray of new York As la Reeo Zatine with Pakistan train a lulled to the centrally negotiating wan Pakistan. No it was the the note to Greece was of a professional second the soviets have written j sgt. Roy Dix of the Missour on the subject. A similar Highway patrol said the Mun cation oct. 26 charged that use of greek territory for Ameri can bases showed the greek government has started to carry out measures for direct preparation of a new in Athens today a foreign ministry spokesman described u. Bases in Greece As absolutely defensive in character. He said the greek government is not surprised worried or fright ened by the russian note. Bandit timed the Holdup perfectly. Gray was robbed at gunpoint and shot in the right foot As he sat in the combination diner club car just before p. M. As the train entered centrally. The robber who Gray said he had never seen previously took the briefcase containing the jewels and about in Cash and jumped off the slow mov ing train

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