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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 19, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 903 5 do you allow Small children to stand the front seat Kingsport times vol. Al no. 56 phone 6-8121 Kingsport tenn., Friday March 19, 1954 10 pages a five cents the weather continued Cloudy Windy and rather mild tonight with Low Middle 50s. Saturday Cloudy Windy and turning cooler. Thurs Day s High temperature. 66 last night s Low 40 noon Reading 50 rainfall .15 Inch. Joe to answer Adlai radio despite illness Milwaukee Mccarthy a Olsi was confined to bed with virus laryngitis and a temperature of 103 today but. Said he still planned to make tonight what he has billed as1 his reply to a speech by Adlai e. Stevenson the 1952 democratic presidential nominee. I or. Raulf Hanson who exam ined Mccarthy at his hotel said the senator has a virus Karyn rites with a sore Throat ant a High temperature. I strongly and against his working Fri Day night but he insists he is going to. His condition was brought by overwork excessive fatigue j and exposure. What he needs is a Day or two of rest but i Don to know if i can hold him Stevenson charged a March 6 speech Miami that political plungers had persuaded presi Dent. Eisenhower that mccarthyism is the Best Republican formula for political Mccarthy demanded free and equal time to reply from the Columbia broadcasting system and the National broadcasting co. Networks which had carried Stevenson s speech. Instead the networks gave time to the Republican National committee which chose vice president Nixon to reply to Stevenson. He spoke last Satur Day night. I Mccarthy continued unsuccessfully to demand network time declaring Stevenson had i made a vicious personal attack him. As a result Mccarthy has billed address Here tonight to the Milwaukee county Young re publican club As his reply. Chicago Tribune station Wing announced it would the speech and offered other stations carry it if wished. Mccarthy said he understood1 this to be familiar scene another tax fight expected Senate this seen e will be repeated Orten this year the Kingsport area. Workmen paring a site for a new building for pet Dairy products Kon Narock Road Are shown pret a photo building Boom looms group for City during 1954 by Ellis Binkley building the Kingsport area broadcast Wil zooming the to let next few weeks and could turn a Boom. A Survey of contractors Archt Independent stations and Rooney lenders would do so to give him fairly Kingsport reveals they Are Complete thus Lastic Over the prospects. Cd equipment arrives City the speech is scheduled for one contractor went so far As the major piece 9 30 p. A. Est. Stevenson said his Miami speech that the chief objectives to restore cuts Washington ins the House appropriations commit tee voted today to restore 215 million dollars of last year s 300 million Dollar Cut funds for veterans pensions and benefits. It took the action approving a Bill to provide 394 million Dol Lars additional for various gov civil i eminent functions the fiscal to predict that equipment for Kings year ending june 30. Work three this year will be two or j pumper fire the committee Cut 29 millions thu last Here thursday from the administration request. A Mccarthy and his supporters which was a pretty Good year. J chief c m Kermer Sald the j the additional Money Tor vet. Included not Only the Intima of course except for a department would give was by far the nation and silencing of All houses and some business build truck which is capable of pump largest single item the Bill dependent institutions and open Ings it has not started yet. j ing 750 Gallons of water per min Congress More than two Ion our society but the they report that this Winter Ute a three hour test Friday billion dollars for this program lure of one of our great instr has been morning at the Holston River. Last year even after the original ments of political one building firm official the equipment is primarily for 300-million-Dollar slash. Republican party i pointed out that a Job a detente purposes and Sec m providing the extra the end result Short is a by county had 17 bidders this for use by the Kings-1 malign and fatal , compared to the usual fire department As sex he said. Jor six. Tra Vire truck. The City paid for Mccarthy who made a speech. All phases of building will the Cost of the and the 1952 Campaign charging represented. There Are bids Federal government for the that Stevenson had Given Aid ing let and to be let under a civil defense to communist came Here schools churches for his reply after two Industrial structures. Chicago u. S. Won t buy Indochina peace busiest right now Are the architects. They All Rush plans and they have backlogs of buildings that Are not but As soon As building will be sex chief Kenner said he was told this was the fourteenth truck delivered Tennessee under this setup. The truck will be manned by Civi defense auxiliary firemen for defense purposes. The fire school Tremley mately a dozen bids expected Toj i be let this Spring. These will or where al1 eating equip heavy with approx Schief said has department would u be the u uck second alarm wash1ngton m l Hopes that the United states will try to buy peace Indochina by making concessions to the chinese communists seem Des clude new buildings and add Jenl was already tied up. Tons to existing structures. This spurt building is not confined to Kingsport alone. All Over the nation the reports Are the same particularly Home building. Cha and a both report dictated today that this country of out or the first months of 1954 experts reason that the 10 red China at the forthcoming Geneva conference far postmaster warns 01 Chain letters Spring is bringing with it this year a wave of Chain letters be mailed. East peace problems either the Prospect of recognition or the lure of Trade As payments for., peace. There have been news reports i from Paris that at least some responsible French leaders be Lieve Only such american Duce ments can offer any Hope of end to the indo China fighting. U. S. Officials do not necessarily agree with this Point of View. There is no indication that the reds at Pei plug care about american recognition nor Are enough interested Trade with1 the United states to give up their bid for Indochina. J the real difficulty Between Washington and Paris the i problem however is their Dif Ferent approaches to the prob Lem of Indochina peace. The French government undoubtedly j feels itself under pressure to get post7iatr Howard Long Cau crease building is the result of easier Supply of mortgage Money. The stringent shortage of investment funds that has and those violate Nis plagued the Industry for several Rulyne face possible prosecution. Years is coming to end. I Chain letters Are Usmail a Kingsport contractor he says and Are not Al pointed out that it is becoming i Lowed even if they do not per to build now than to something of value. Even past. He said materials Are com messages this form Are ing the Market greater quantities and prices Are begin Long said such letters have Ning to level o of. Been intercepted recently and All agreed that 1954 looks been sent to the postal a top year for building. I inspection division. of bomb test errors Washington fins offi chairman of the joint commit peace Indochina at some Cial disclosure that a Miscal Price. But the United states was made the be willing to consider Only a a bomb tests and a Senate de settlement which did not bring Mancl that the facts be made outside issues and which confront the government would secure the strategic land against new communist aggression. Pope Pius appears to cheering crowd Vatican City Pius Xii appeared Public today for the first time since he be came gravely ill two months ago. From the window of his Vatican apartment he blessed More than persons cheering him from St. Peter s Square. The crowd was composed mostly of italian Alpine vet Erans Here for their annual convention. Today amid reports that enor Mous new explosions Are planned. Rep. Chet Hollfield revealed a report Why 264 p persons Kwajalein and near by islands suffered radiation exposure that the test blast was larger than expected and that unpredicted High Altitude winds played a part the incident. Senate foreign relations com Mittee chairman Alexander Wiley a wis denounced giving out whispers about the a bomb and declared president Eisenhower should Tell the pub Lic of the serious nature of this new rep. Sterling Cole tee atomic Energy refused to comment reports that a second new a bomb ten times More powerful than the March 1 blast is to be set off april As part of the present Pacific tests. Wiley made his demand Dur ing Impromptu Senate de Bate late thursday. He com pared the present situation to the withholding of information before Pearl Harbor and declared the people must have a bomb facts if they Are to have the Wisdom to several other senators How Ever expressed fear that this might give information to a Posen. John m. Tennial enemy. Butler a Mil suggested that if the facts were known they would be so horrifying that they would upset the Well being of the the House committee called for a comprehensive review by the veterans administration to de Termine whether veterans Are being overpaid or underpaid. It said recommending such a review the committee emphasizes that there is no inclination to reduce any benefits to which a Veteran is entitled. The expenditure for this pro Gram is immense and is increasing each year and because of its very size such examination is prudent and the committee noted that the supplemental a p p r o p r i a tons brings to two billion 461 million dollars the amount Avail Able for veterans pensions which is 85 millions below the original request. Other funds provided the Bill Are a Cut of from the budget request state Justice and millions a reduction of 20 millions treas the full request. Red dispute set off Indochina attack Paris highly authoritative French source said today that the current vie Minh assault Dieni Enshu was the result of a dispute Between. Communist party leaders and army chiefs both China and indo China. The informant who has a Cess to Western military Intelli gence reports asserted that Chi Nese military men Over Riding the advice of party Bosses gave the Green Light to the frontal attack the French bastion. Furthermore the source said Israel to seek action ambush slayings Jerusalem today readied a demand for United nations action the ambush slaying of 11 jews a desert i bus. The government blamed neighbouring Jordan for what it termed organized attack by i armed arabs from that Middle East country. Jordan promptly denied any i responsibility for the assault which occurred wednesday 12 i Miles from its Border at scorpion j pass the Barren Negev desert. A spokesman at Amman the Jor Jar. Capital said his country was ready politically and militarily to meet any developments that might the incident was the most serious Palestine since the 11 nation Security Council censured Israel for the slaying of 53 arabs last october the Jor Dan Border Village of Libya. Tension Over the latest Inci Dent mounted amid unconfirmed reports of israeli and Arab troop movements. Lebanese newspapers said dispatches from Jor Dan that israeli troops were concentrating at the Frontier be tween the two countries. Trav Elers reported arrival at the lebanese capital of Beirut they had seen syrian military equip ment moving southward through Damascus toward that country s Border with Israel. The Arab and jewish nations still Are technically a state of War although uneasy cease fire ended the Palestine War of 1948. wednesday s incident a woman and a child seriously wounded and two israeli soldiers were the Only survivors. Nine men and two women were killed. Stevens praises army integrity Charleston s. C. Ins army Secretary Robert t. Ste Vens said today he will defend the prestige and integrity of the army against what he called irresponsible the Soldier Stevens declared is integral part of the Community and is entitled to the same guarantees and protected by the same Bill of rights As every other american speaking at the inauguration of Gen. Mark w. Clark As presi Dent of the Citadel the Secre i tary reviewed the accomplish ments of the army world War ii and Korea. He said it is sometimes for gotten that it was the army which played a major role the foundation of this nation and made possible the firm establishment of Liberty Justice and individual Freedom. The army has successfully defended those principles every War and i propose to defend it and its prestige and Stevens did not mention by i name sen. Joseph r. Mccarthy i r wis., his adversary a cur rent feud Over the probe of communism the army. Solon promises All the facts democrats lose House vote by slim margin Washington sym-1 other Pentagon officials have to 4 Intond to pledged today said some profanity was struck Washington that the Public will get All the lout of the memorandum Isenhower chalked up a big Vic facts that were censored out of Chicago Vesterdal. House a rape yesterday army memorandum critical of sen. Mccarthy a Wisl and still his staff if the Pentagon has them. Publication of the memorandum touched off a Sharp Contro Versy Between Secretary of the array Robert t. Stevens and Mccarthy and his chief aides. Symington established yesterday j mass i who failed that parts of it had been deleted to steer the armed Chicago 3 Carthy declined Wilson s testimony but said out a personal income tax Cut but even tougher g up the Well have All the Story com plete before we get Wilson said among other things he has full Confidence of lines holding m tons la 11 a j services exemption for each payer and dependent from to the president went to the country by television and radio monday night to urge defeat of this proposal. He said it was politically inspired and would be a serious blow to the govern ing National the whole tax Issue to be aired at length the com ing Campaign for control of Congress. There were sharply varying Aop Rai Sais of yesterday s 1 House action. Rep. Kirwan of Ohio chairman the memorandum detailed committee away from the Dis stances which Mccarthy and Pule said interview he the chief counsel of h is sub com would not ask for the previously Smittee Roy Conn material sought special treatment for pvt. He noted that Mccarthy s own g. David Schine a former com investigations subcommittee Mittee aide. With sen. Mindl a ski As act Secretary of defense Wilson ing chairman already has and other Pentagon officials promised Public hearing the cup endanger promised the Senate armed Stevens Mccarthy Row and i services committee and Pray we won t get into that these missing parts to a Gether with stenographers informed of this. Symington transcripts of Telephone conver the Only senator serving both nations the dispute would be i groups said handed to any congressional i m promising hat if the committee asking them. I armed services committee does _ _ Wilson assured the committee not ask for them and make them of Tlle , he was not going to try to hide1 Public that the investigations Campass committee said that i group j As a Resua he has raised from 45 60 his estimate of anticipated democratic pains the House november. His Republican counterpart. Rep. Richard m. Simpson of Pennsylvania re plied that the a action will Voles to the gop. He pc l dieted Republican gains of 25 seals. As 1he Battle Over inc Hin her Washington the exemption proposal shifted to United states proposed to Russia j the Senate the administration to Ciao a Concrete plan to fur-1 appeared to face even Lough ther the peaceful . And use of atomic i one gop Senate Leader con the plan was handed to Soviel ceded privately he believed he ambassador Georgi. Zarubin shoo increase exemptions by Secretary of state Dulles pass the Senate where a five minute meeting Dulles there Are 48 democrats to 47 re office. I publicans. . , the final a state department announce-1 version would have to be worked i Merit said also that Russia has i out a conference Between the official Spring atomic offer will arrive it j t it c m. U made to Russia saturday night j Don t put away your woolens j Spring arrives Kingsport saturday night at Sharp. Thus this year s Vernal Equi nox beats the usual March 21 arrival Date by hour and six minutes. However Early Equinox does t necessarily mean Early the weather j Given the United Stales cer 1 to branches. Man reminds that several Chil Tain proposals atomic prob i just before Hie House vote by spells Are due before the hems and that these Are under yesterday Republican Leader Balmy Days come to stay. Before it becomes full grown study. Presumably the soviet Halleck of Indiana implied a i proposals Are for some kind of speech that Eisenhower would Spring will have to grapple International agreement to ban veto the revision Bill if the with the Brief Winters atomic weapons. Democratic proposal won. Brought by blackberries j the plan Given to Zarubin by 1" the showdown Only 10 of Dogwood easter and the like. Dulles is a detailed program for the 211 republicans voting sup can Ying out the proposal presi i ported the exemption increase. Dent Eisenhower made and nine democrats opposed it dress to the United nations dec. Compared with 193 who voted 8 for International atomic the Lone Independent Pool under a worldwide atomic Energy Agency. The Basic provisions of the proposals Are 1. That the United states. Game fish nominee to be chosen tonight Blountville Sullivan county outdoor sportsmen meet Here at 8 . Friday to name their nominee for East Tennes see representative to the state game and fish commission. A similar meeting will be held at the county seat of 12 other East Tennessee counties at the same time. The East Tennessee vacancy the commission was created when Lee Cross of Morristown disclosed that he was moving his residence out of Bent upon atomic War. State. After the 13 area counties 4. The Agency would be a each choose their , and theorized to mobilize the worlds election april 15 will deter atomic experts to develop the mine the five top men and of atomic Energy for elec voted for it. The House afterwards passed by a 339-80 vote the 875-Pakc tax revision to which the democrat.? had tried to attach Russia and other atomic Powers j the reduction income levies. Including Britain and France should set up International atomic Energy Agency. 2. Each of the Powers would make contributions from its stockpiles of uranium and other atomic materials to a Pool under this Agency. 3. The Agency would be re smog car exhausts give cancer to mice new York scientist reported today he has used Spon sible for storing and Safe extracted from los guarding this material prevent a d f ing Surprise seizure by a Bandit ,.n Nan. Mobile exhaust to produce can cer mice. He said the same cancer Caus ing Frank Clement will pick one of that quintet Sior. Seat. For the commis trial Power Power starved areas of the world and for other peaceful purposes. Banker claims depositors get Back every Penny of Money Clio Ala. Reyn holds whose return Home last vie Minh rebel Gen. To Nguyan j night caused almost As much Giap defied instructions from his i commotion As departure political Superior to Chi Minn bringing his army into All out Battle with the French. Bentley would outlaw the nationalist party Washington ins the congressman who was most seriously Picans wounded shot up representatives when puerto the House of nearly three weeks ago called today for out Lawing the puerto rican nation Alist party. Rep. Alvin Bentley his first news conference since the shooting said he believes legislation should be enacted to outlaw the puerto rican nationalists if such a step cannot be taken under current Law. Promised today that depositors the merchants Exchange would get Back every the 40-year-old banker said the Money would be repaid to anxious townspeople about the first of next he called reports that he had disappeared with Between 000 and a Damn i told people we were going to close he said. Reynolds a sunday school teacher and former mayor of Clio met with reporters his new Brick Home at 7 . Clad comment i m talking too Reynolds said he went to at Lanta with his wife sue to look into a garnishment suit brought against funds of the Exchange the first National Bank there. He said the suit was filed by aunt by marriage mrs. Veda Mae Reynolds who reportedly had deposited with him. The funds the Atlanta Bank totalled but depositors Here have already signed claims for which they said they gave Reynolds. Reynolds turned himself to Deputy sheriff w. D. Anderson at nearby Clayton and was re leased Bond. The Bond pyjamas and dressing gown he was signed by his 72-year-old invited them to sit Down and j f Ather r. W. Reynolds who had apologized for not having Coffee ready. He referred most questions to offered his life savings of last week to relieve penniless depositors the merchants sex his attorney Jack Wallace of change. Clayton Ala., but answered Reynolds president of the others institution is accused specifically three warrants of embezzling about from two depositors but it was estimated the town faced a loss of Between and by his Dis appearance. Reynolds wife sue so Bingly told a reporter by Telephone soon after their return that charges against her husband were it la All be cleared up he did t steal she sobbed. Reynolds himself was quoted by solicitor Crews Johnson of Harbour county As saying i m not guilty of anything the mayor Dan Easterling said Reynolds and his wife returned to this Community of 900 with missing records of the Exchange. Frantic depositors had been unable to get at left by the Exchange the first National Bank of Atlanta because officials had no idea How the Money should be divided. Are factories and plenty of Auto mobiles pouring them out exhaust fumes. Or. Paul Kolin of the univer sity of Southern California re ported his findings the cur rent archives of Industrial Hygiene and occupational medi Cine a publication of the Amer ican medical association. The scientist and his col leagues said suspicion might be directed Al the fumes from cars and buses the Hunt for the i shocking increase the Inci Jadence of Jung cancer explain ing the introduction of the Gaso line engine As the most prominent source of motive Power is of the chief characteristics of industrialization Petro Leum combustion and oxidation products have become one of the main air pollutant state basketball trophy is missing Nashville Nashville West High school lost its state basketball championship trophy today less than a week Afler winning it the 1954 state tournament. The trophy along with two other awards were missing from the school today and authorities Are puzzled As to How they Dis appeared

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