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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 17, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 901 3 do you always Cross streets in the pedestrian lanes Kingsport times vol. Al no. 54 phone Circle 6-8121 Kingsport term., wednesday March 17, 1954 24 pages five cents the weather Clear tonight with Low in mid dle 20s. Thursday mostly sunny and warmer. Tuesday s High 49 last night s Low 26 noon temperature 42. House launches i word from the old Sod Cix Cut Battle votes tomorrow ii Kalfs k. Barrett Washington the House Heads today into a Sinkes Battle Over a democratic drive for new income tax cuts for both sides claiming an Advance scent of for debate was a giant 875-1 Bill overhauling almost All tax Laws and providing about in Revenue reductions the fir year. The vote is scheduled tomorrow. The overshadowing Issue is a move to tack onto this Bill a s100 increase in individual income tax exemptions in Oach taxpayer and each de pendent a further tax Cut of a year strongly of j posed by president Eisenhower j rep. Mills id Arki chairman of the conference of House Domoci ats and a Veteran Mem Ber of he tax writing ways and 1 moans committee said i feel certain the democratic motion i will rep. Priest . Assistant democratic whip fore i saw a Strong likelihood democrats would win by a very a vote. J bit Otise speaker Martin in mass i just is staunchly pre dieted republicans would beat the democratic move and the would pass the gop sponsored revision Bill As it now stands. To ree key congressional demo i crafts took their Appeal to the nation last night in a radio and i television broadcast to reply to i an address by president Eisen a Hower the night before. House democratic Leader Sam Ray Thirn of Texas declared the Republican tax revision program would provide six As much Relief to the upper 20 per cent income brackets As to1 the Urcal majority of other tax payers. Ike claims Confidence in Secretary of army paratroop drop to bolster Post at Dieni Enshu Hanoi ins the French High command reported today that 700 paratroop reinforce ments had been dropped under enemy artillery fire to bolster the defences of Dieni Enshu. However the main assault on the key French Bas wll answer or ,0 1 n i _ f City Board names Date for fluoridation vote by Bill Barnett times news writer Kingsport s water fluoridation referendum will be held May 29. The Board of mayor and aldermen tuesday n i g h t adopted a Resolution calling for that fat Tymon 1453 Miller Street gets a St. Patrick s Day Mes Sage brought straight from the Emerald Isle by a real live Leprechaun. Pat who was born in county Wexford in ire land has lived in Kingsport the past years. Photo by Creasy j u. S., promises Japan Aid for 23 fishermen Tion 175 Miles West of Hanoi was expected shortly. Reports reaching Saigon said the communist led rebels were half a mile of the main French lines on the North perimeter and were moving to the assault from the North and East. An estimated troops already desperate human sea attacks j during the past four Days were being pounded today by every warplane the French could mus Ter. Tuesday night no ground postal whether fluorides should be added to the City water As a Means of reducing tooth decay in children. Polls will be open the usual hours 9 . To 7 . The May 29 Date was selected As one providing the most time for both sides to marshal sup enemy i port and still meet a request of fluoridation advocates that the vote he held before the end of the school year fluoridation advocates believe their main support will come from parents some of whom might become scattered on Vaca sized expansion of water department pumping facilities and adopted a Resolution asking county court to go ahead with acquisition of the county s part of rights of Way for the proposed bypass Road connecting stale Jane changed the rating of thai. Mccain Highway 81 near area a of office in the City s civil service the president told a news con Gallons per minute and another that pumps Only 700 Gallons per minute. The Board also confirmed appointment of j. J. Rogers As tax assessor to examination by army lawyers Washington Eisenhower said today he has full Confidence Secretary of the army Stevens is telling the Ruth in his controversy with decimated in the United states promised Japan today it will Radlo claimed 106 French planes he said this is what the re Tokyo ins publicans Call a balanced tax give All possible Aid to 23 japanese fishermen stricken when their ship was showered with radioactive dust from a mid Pacific atomic he told his listeners if Hydrogen test explosion. Were among the 80 per cent of american ambassador John m. Allison called on foreign Man americans who. He said earn ister Matsuo Okazaki and officially expressed the u. Govern fighting was reported As soon As school is out. I the French and vie Minh gun. Among other major business at ners hurled artillery shells at the meeting the Board author one another s emplacements. I the vie Minh was preparing. For what was expected to be the All out assault on dienbienphu1 by Cann Nading French Union positions with mortars and 105 millimetre guns. An enemy broadcast monitored in Singapore said the reds had inflicted casualties on French Union forces in the first 15 Days of March the vie Minh capital papers reveal merger 2 Young turks Promise to run Richmond a. Ins two leaders of the so called Young Holston ordnance works with classification. U. Highway 11-w in old Kingsport. The City county and s t a t e meters bought recently Tor tile .i01 Ference thai if he did t have authorized advertising for bids Confidence in Stevens integrity or installation of parking would t be holding the agreed several years ago that the City and county would Supply the Road and the state would build a Bridge across Reedy Creek. The state built the Bridge but the City ran into delays in acquiring its rights of Way. The county so far has done nothing on recommendation of the City s consulting engineers the Board authorized advertising for bids for two pumps with a daily capacity of six million Gallons each or Gallons per minute. Assistant City manager c. K. Marsh said they will replace one pump with a capacity of City Hall parking lot. Received and filed petitions asking is sending a six Man Eisenhower had said the d and of scientists from Hiro in Revenue from the democratic hereafter publish a to to help treat the proposal would undermine Cornerstone of his Domestic both publications program and would Lead to big Ger deficits and More inflation the president said millions of individuals would Benefit from the revision Bill he described As fair to providing More lib eral tax deductions for Many ranging from medical expenses and retirement income to dividends and business Detrecia All Tion. ser. Georce who has a Haimann of Tlle Board of the that five or six japanese fishing the proposed increasing publication explained that boats have been missing in the class from the present s600 to is a private j Central Pacific since the cur ing this year and si.000 next year. In to a question As to i rent series of u. Nuclear sex told the Senate yesterday reports were Correct Jpe Ramanial blasts began proposal might have the the p inc was Between s8.-i Hospital reports said mean while radiation Burns and blisters received by the 23 in to crewmen of the Fuk Uryu Maru paper demanded in they Are delegates Armistead a front Page editorial that the j Booth of Alexandria and Stuart government cease Carter of Fincastle Lead ers of the successful coalition in the Virginia House of delegates. Two other coalition support French soldiers through Crim Inal denies secret papers missing Washington newspaper under the raise of incl Krecl men All of whom in nyx of the Senate the publications have been hospitalized. The House atomic Energy commit boards or directors of hip in casualty is a of says no top secret Docu Aoa icis o. Clue Tois of the s atomic Energy Are missing at the Han newspaper properties concluded Sale of the times Herald p. I 12 . Lesti under a contract providing for the immediate Transfer of ownership to the Allison s visit to Okazaki atomic Energy Plant. With a growing use of the i incident by leftist parties in Japan s diet As ammunition for parliamentary attacks on the pro american policies of prime Yoshida s gov during today s diet debate. Eugene Meyer who will be one socialist member claimed _ the Price paid for be times-1 minister Shigeru Erald was no disclosed. Durin and no documents Are Dempster plans to invite Ike to 7rout fish Avenue from Fairmont As the Secretary s integrity to Putnam Street and Putnam and Honor Are concerned he Street from Morison Avenue to stands behind Stevens at the Andrew amount for landscaping Johnson school. Was left Over from Propri ated for a Fence around be to testify under oath and army officials on the other ail the principals Are expected Jackson school. Washington 7p mayor George r. Dempster of Knoxville says president Eisenhower should try his Trout when the inquiry gets underway probably next week. Mccarthy said today he was willing to let army lawyers Cross examine him. The army should be entitled to have a lawyer Cross examine be and All Adverse i Mccarthy said in an interview the president s remarks were i touched off by a question As to expenditure of to effect the controversy be pand and improve Kingsport tween Mccarthy and Stevens Board approves funds for Parks Park and recreational was approved tuesday be having on army i1 night by Mccarthy said he Woi morale would rec s Luck against the teeming jibe Board of mayor and Alder commend that the investigations found in the Swift streams Roe 1 group adopt a special Rule on of the great Smoky mountains j the Board also adopted a City Only for National Park. I recreation Dempster said yesterday he Medalion plans to invite or. Eisenhower to visit his Mountain Cabin in the Shadow of the smokes anytime the president can find time for ers Are considered possible Sena some fishing. Tonal candidates we Ham b. Dempster was Here with commission recon this probe it ordered yesterday. To postpone r City present rules allow Only Corn charge of a percentage of re Mittee members and staff to Ceiplis from Concession sales at Cross examine though others athletic events until january 1. May suggest questions. Counted for under Circum both Are 47. Stances which indicate theft or removal for purposes of subvert a Sion or he says. He made Public late yesterday a letter he has sent to rep. Felly j a Wash who last week wrote Spong of Portsmouth and Glyn group urging the president to re r. Phillips of . If the bids Are successful the coalition would have an expanded and More balanced strength in the legislature. Booth a Rhodes scholar and lawyer and Carter a trial Law yer termed themselves organization men trying for a big Ger voice in party politics but some consider them possible new political leaders in the old do minion. 1955. I the Wisconsin senator this plan gives the Kingsport stand aside As chair a cherokees baseball club use of Man the subcommittee j. Fred Johnson Park this Vear Root army charges that negro candidate drops from race the improvement former subcommittee outlined to the Board by an coffin recreation at Camp Gordon a. Memphis negro who announced As a candidate for the state Senate withdrew today. Chairman Calls for completing Cloud Park on West Center Street s5.000. This will include topsoil for the por Tion not already covered Plant ing the whole area and install ing playground equipment. Enlarging he fenced around the legion swimming i of halting the present Down-1500-000 and Meyer while that the radiation Burns swing in the nation s Economy so Ileal replied rep Cooper a team. Senior is quite a.lecwa5 Democrat on the ways and Means committee stressed Dur committee he had heard that classified documents were miss ing at the vast atomic Energy installation in Washington slate. The letter was released after the committee had received closed door testimony from three of newest bomb new York Maga Zine today reported the latest u. Thermonuclear explosion went off March 1 with a blast president warns All aggressors after learning he could not to provide More sunbathing Washington uni presi the race because he is a minister. Sipaco Eisenhower made it Clear the Tennessee Constitution air conditioning the civic that the United Stales specifically forbids ministers auditorium clubroom. S2.500. Word strike Buck against any from Mervinc in either House of improving the auditorium aggressor without waiting for a the legislature. Acoustics in approving the 56 year old Baptist Clergyman the Rev. Roy love announced As a candidate last this proposal the Beard fied that the recreation depart 4.1 a l. Wii i Wlliott if Lou 11j 11 a 1 11 j Liik i i. .5 i Rumm Energy probably 50c times greater than a negro should serve in Polit commis sinn. Pin via to t night saying i think it s architect Allen n. Dryden. Commission David f. Shaw had become increasingly of the Hanford opera the fishing vessel came tons office k. D. Nichols dec Graham son in Law of Meyer physicians administered blood has been president and publisher of the Post. Transfusions to five of the fish Ermen. Corned. The said thai Philip .1 i-1 ---.i.-j., i ing the democratic broadcast a be president and under the nuclear dust Shower Genera that his party s proposal Ako of the new newspaper 17 clays ago. Would Knock out of the revision Bill a proposed reduction in individual income taxes on dividend received by stockholders. Or would be far More sympathetic toward the Republican de sire to lighten the Load of the corporation shareholder if at the same time they were seeking to help the wage Cooper said. But throughout this Bill the wage earner appears to be the forgotten the Hiroshima atomic bomb. Ical manager and John Waters dec director of Security. Ult Cal u was the Force of the explosions dec j time said completely surprised to non atomic scientists working on the project at the u. Proving Sullivan polio vaccine program expected to Start Witkin month grounds in the Marshall islands As far As he was con Twenty eight u. Observers and 236 Island natives thought to have been evacuated to a Safe distance were showered with radioactive particles. Time re make seven arrests to smash dope ring or. J. W. Erwin. Sullivan county health director said officials Hope to be ready to Start i the polio trial vaccine program i in Sullivan county within the next month. Of health has signified its wholehearted approval. Commenting on the selection Sullivan county As one of the areas for testing the trial vac Cine Ross n. Robinson superin Chicago a Multi Mil lion Dollar narcotics ring or. Erwin made the statement pendent of Kingsport schools upon his return from a meeting anything that we can do state health officials in to help stamp this thing out we purpose of the meeting was to receive heed to have been the main St auctions on methods and source of Supply for addicts in procedures to be followed in and Chicago area was smashed ministering last , Albert e. Aman. Head i the forthcoming of the Federal narcotics unit in Chicago announced today. Aman said the arrests of seven men have broken up the ring and he predicted a panic among addicts of this area. Aman said the ring did an annual business of around 10 million dollars. He estimated the gang s minimum weekly take from heroin sales was greatly concerned with the impending test for in the plan to be used in Sullivan county these pupils will be the control of the Experiment. Their future health records will be carefully compared with those of the vaccinated second graders by the research people who will Evalu article in Section 1, which was not changed when the Constitution was amended last year whereas ministers of the gos Pel Are by their profession dedicated to god and the care of souls and ought not to be diverted from the great duties of their function therefore no of War the event of a Surprise attack. ____._., Tlle chief executive told a ment first Check with the a Iii news conference in emphatic terms that any president who did not act in such a situation to protect he nation should be Hung. He said he would Lake whal Ever action is Best for the in led slates to most quickly diminish the Power of the enemy to repeat reds Promise release of Jap War prisoners London radio reported today that All Japa Nese soldiers and civil inns its . The president s strongly word prisoner in world War ii and de to r n uni of Volin near in j Force so called doctrine of my Lin Lynn 1 not yet returned to their Homes i would be freed shortly. The broadcast said the pos ported. Their exposure was to minister of the gospel or priest and internees would be by Les times greater than the usual of any denomination whatever Over to the japanese red Cross Pic pin. Instant retaliation first Laid a Down. By Secretary of state John safety limit the Magazine said shall be eligible to a seat in but the atomic Energy either House of the Sion announced there had been no Burns. Time said calculation of the blast Force is still incomplete but was so great that the dec was forced to reclassify a Tesi on nov. 1, 1952, As a and would sail for Japan aboard heatedly or. Eisenhower also spoke the s. Kaun Maru. Who is the father of a second grader who will participate in Clyde r in the who has the vaccine trial said the vac Jack of i pression

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