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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 15, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 899 1 please Stop for school buses. It is a state Law Kingsport times vol. Al no. 52 phone Circle 6-8131 Kingsport tenn., monday March 15, 1954 10 pages five cents the weather cold tonight not so Windy Low 20. Tuesday fair becoming a Latue warmer a afternoon High in Low 40 s. Cold tuesday night. Last night s sow 25, yesterday s High 41, noon Reading 32, with Trace of Snow. Georgia to Start commies launch r a to i storm cleanup Savage attack against French Atlanta Small army of soldiers airmen and civilians today formed a cleanup task Force in the Wake of week end Tor-1 Hanoi battalion of Nadres which killed eight persons in Central and West Georgia and French Union paratroopers was Cid More than 23 million dollars damage to properly. Dropped from the air into the three separate twisters whirled out of the night saturday and carried their lethal Force into Macon where three died to a Rural near the Central City killing three others and to Lawson air Force base adjoin ing it. Benning where two More were killed. Four of the dead were Chil Dren. Seventy persons were injured and 23 hospitalized. The tornadoes slammed into inn same general areas where similar storms killed 8 and piled up damage exceeding 30 million less than a year ago. The return visit of the South est session of the Virginia Gen land s Spring Scourge came a Assembly marked by Flar hours after the weather Bureau ing debate on a controversial Virginia general Assembly ends longest session Richmond Long a Tornado Alert. West Georgia was hit income tax reduction plan is at besieged town of Denbie Phu today to reinforce weary defendants of the vital Strong Point. Agency France Presse said additional reinforcements will leave Hanoi by air today. Thousands of communist led vie Minh troops surrounded the Jungle fortress last week and five successive mass attacks were launched against the out posts during the week end. Miles East of one of the keys to the strategic Hanoi Haiphong area where u. S. Supplies Are landed and distributed. In Paris the newspaper Paris Presse speculated today that to chiming Moscow trained Leader first an end today As taxpayers file of the vie Minh is anxious to what appeared to be the minute returns. Of the tornadoes Tore a path 600 but the session almost Yards wide across the air base tended into the tax payers ides near Columbus. The powerful winds overturned several giant c119 flying boxcars. Eight of the 35-ton Craft were destroyed and this contributed heavily to the 20-nullion-Dollar damage estimate at Lawton Field and at it. Benning the nation s largest army base. Dead at the air base were six month old Linda Joyner Daugh Ter of sgt. 1c and mrs. James t. Joyner. And airman 3c Bobby t. Of March although its Legal deadline was Midnight on sat urday. With the House and Senate at Odds Over amendments on. The Byrd automatic tax reduction Law the sergeant at arms kept the clock at March 13, while the continuous session continued until last night. The fifth conference com Mittee Between House and sen ate finally agreed upon a com. Robinson 22, of Dublin a. The i Promise on the tax Issue and baby died when several Assembly adjourned at that a scarred Battle cinder blocks tumbled from the roof of her parents two Story House and crushed her in her bed. Twin tornadoes took parallel Field littered with the corpses of proposed schemes on the tax question. Subject of the flaring debate was reserved for tax three hours later and accounted for most of the dead and injured. Macon hospitals still House 15 persons and 35 others were dismissed after treatment. Cedus the had been passed under sponsorship of sen. Harry Byrd. Gop to face critical decision in Mccarthy feud with Stevens economic issues get top Billing at Caracas meet Eisenhower to address a w country on tax views Send dispute Seena answer Washington Caracas Venezuela to Dent Eisenhower and Republican economic issues rated top Billing at the 10th inter american con Ference today with the United states on the defensive after carrying the Ball against communism last Wek. Sixteen of the 19 latin Amer ican nations at the conference supported the United states in warning International comm strengthen his bargaining position before the four Power ism Clear of the Western conference on far Eastern prob hemisphere. Now they want to lems opens in Geneva april 26 talk about their economic prob with red China As an observer. They want the United for this reason the news states to listen carefully. Paper said he has thrown u. S. Secretary of state Dulles the Macon dead were of credits. J the House sponsored Booth at close quarters. Amendments would have used the report said vie Minh a this Money for state needs in Tillery in the Hills pounded the outpost for some time in an of month old Dorothy Ann lock for a it looked like to soften it up. Then Waves Assembly would adjourn m. Of wildly screaming rebels hurled spectacular fashion against the barbed i----1 wire Sinrat Hart Gilbert Robinson and aus tin Hogan. The parallel twister killed Irene Wallace 11, and i completing action on the Bud a were barricades and swamped Lorna Wallace 6, when it Bill which contained outpost. Stroked a farmhouse in amendments. Lizella. Sam. Emory was killed but with the clock still at p t f f when another farmhouse col saturday night the sen-1 rata Tii i a lapsed near Centerville. Ate on sunday night agreed Qew Lull in i Uva Macon police estimated dam a Compromise allowing age at three million dollars in for use in the general fund Bud Bibb county. Get and the rest of the million to go for tax refunds. The Compromise solution was viewed As a defeat for sen. Harry Byrd s forces in so far As they could not reduce the rebellious House factions. The weary lawmakers had fought the Battle for 36 hours and 45 minutes in almost continuous session. The Money for state needs i will go for teachers salaries de Wilson lists cuts in defense spending Washington ins de sense Secretary Charles e. Wil son said today the military s estimated expenditure rate for of higher fiscal 1955 is a learning and armoires rut of almost four billions from. The Senate vote to accept the the 1954 estimate and More than fifth conference committee re six billions from the 1953 Peak. Port was 27-9. The defense chief appeared1 before the Senate apr curia i tons committee and detailed the nation s military new program which Calls for an budget for fiscal rebel troops into a mass Effort to and the rest of his delegation overwhelm Dieni Enshu. Paris assured latin America last week Presse called the fighting of the past week end the most violent that has occurred in the eight year indo chinese War and predicted that the Battle will last several More Days a report today from French Union Headquarters in Hanoi told the dramatic Story of the loss of one embattled outpost and of a wild furious Melee waged with every weapon from Long Range artillery to cold steel. It was a Story reminiscent of the korean War when chinese human sea attacks were met by american . S who fought with bayonets knives and fists congressional leaders mapped strategy today to beat Down a democratic attempt to increase believes the House went a Little too far in slashing excise taxes and feels that to dump another two and one half Bil lion dollars on top of that would tons from to the executive mean while prepared to deliver a major radio television address to night aimed at marshalling p Job Lio support for the administration s tax program. Informed sources said or. Eisenhower will strongly oppose the democratic attempt to pare income taxes by boosting person Al exemptions. He will also oppose the 912 that the United states wants to i million Dollar slash in excise cooperate on economic plans taxes passed overwhelmingly by that Are mutually advantageous j the House last week with the however the latin of the Republican Lead Are not Likely to be satisfied with Reship. Anything less than definite com House speaker Joseph w. Mar fitments that will eventually1 tin a mass said after the Lead to a solution of their eco a weekly legislative meeting at individual income tax exempt be straining the financial Pic treason charge Tehran Iran plans to try former foreign minister Hossein Fatemi firebrand chief aide of sex dictator Mohammed Mosadegh on treason charges in about two months. Fatemi 41, was captured sat urday in a Tehran House where he had been hiding. A fugitive since the August 1953 problems. They feel that the United states As the major Market for their raw materials and natural products must agree to solutions for. Basic economic prob lems if any headway is to be made in the Battle to better living standards. Agreeing on an economic pol icy rather than answers to specific problems seems to be the goal of the latin american delegates at this time. The chore of putting the policy into effect will be undertaken at a Confer ence of finance ministers and ministers of Economy to be held later this year at either Washington or Rio de Janeiro. Latin America s principal grievance is that it is not getting enough for its raw materials in relation to what it has to pay for finished goods imported from the United states. The Southern republics also want More stability in the Price situation. They complain also that they Lack sufficient credit for financing the economic development of their countries. The White House today that re publicans have grave concern that the cuts backed by the democrats would endanger the administration s program. He said that or. Eisenhower Ture too the Cost of the income tax Relief supported by democrats would be an estimated two and one half billion dollars annually. Martin noted that tax reductions already granted this year As part of the administration the basis of the higher rates in effect a year ago. I in an Appeal to hold the leaders faced against new tax slashes repro Caslon a on strategy seated crease Washington in re Pubil critical de for by the exemption in ending the War Between sen. Or. Eisenhowe r is sex Mccarthy and the army and avoiding an outright break be tween the Wisconsin Republican and the Eisenhower adm Nistra petted to repeat and amplify his Contention that the government cannot afford the two billion 300 million Dollar Revenue loss at this time. Meanwhile sen. J. William Fulbright

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