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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 10, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 894 33 Bobbing and weaving Are Lor traffic. Kingsport times vol. Al no. 49 phone Clr Cla 6-8121 Kingsport tenn., wednesday March 10, 1954 18 pages five cents the weather some tonight with Low about 36. Thursday consid Erable cloudiness find a Little cooler. Tuesday s High tempera Ture 65, last night s Low 32, noon temperature 55. Is this ballot. Atlantic liners get mine alerts London Skippers of the giant transatlantic liners United states and Queen Eliza Beth were alerted today to be on watch for two mines floating election expense n county aired in the sea approaches to the port of Southampton. The Cunard line s Elizabeth largest ship Neal o Steen times managing editor in dollars and cents which is the More costly method of hold ing an printed Bai lot or by modern voting a Queen i Chine afloat this question has been getting was scheduled to pass through Ian airing in Sullivan county later today the area where the political circles Ever since the mines were spotted democrats decided to hold their the u s flagship 3 primary with paper j and newest american pal lots the Vot Sengpr vessel is due at South ln8 machines Ampton tomorrow. I exact figures Are not available As magistrates or constables a condition which would not be present in the democratic Pri thus aside from the Cost of ballots these figures indicate that a. Machine election would mean an additional Cost of be tween and for custodians fees about for instruction of officials plus perhaps for extra judges in Case All 28 machines were total added expense of about the machines which were first rented Back in 1950 and i i i a l Iii Iii 11. J. T7iju Ai u authorities pointed out that comparison can bought by ule county the mines apparently of War Many. April 1951, have been generally time Vintage were Beins tossed f. W. Jack Isley chairman described As a progressive step about by the Channel tides Ancl Lof the county democratic pro ror the county might be in the path of the Pas Mary Board and county Magist isec he Only by Senger liners when they steam hydrate says that voting machines the county court Resolution into entail the following expenses authorized the Purchase. 1. Payment of two custodians House leaders expect approval of tax Cut Bill Washington i leaders of both parties predicted j close to unanimous approval late today for a Bill to slice about j 912 million dollars a year off1 Many excise taxes and to Post Pone for one year cuts scheduled i in others. J hours of political debate were in Prospect however Over Dif a Ferent aspects of the first major j tax Bill to hit the House floor in this congressional election year. The Senate has not acted on it. The Bill would Levei off at 10 per cent All excise or sales tax rates now above that figure except for liquor and tobacco effective april 1, sponsors said this would bring a wide Range of Price As Well As tax cuts save shoppers sub Stan Ike tags Stevenson talk As nonsense m Carthy pushes for radio time to answer Adlai Washington ins sen. Joseph r. Mccarthy pressed his tial sums and give a boost to business to help combat the present economic dip. In the background a big fight or radio to time to answer Adlai e. Stevenson today and resumed subcommittee hear Ings on alleged subversion in the army signal corps and defense working for it. Was shaping up for next wednes the Wisconsin Republican Day and thursday when a Bill to planned to hire attorneys in his overhaul almost All tax Laws is fight for a saturday night half scheduled on the House floor. Hour rebuttal Over the National Dulles to seek latin Good will refrains from endorsing talk against senator Caracas Venezuela Secretary of state John Foster Dulles said today the United states will seek Good economic relations with latin America but he made no Concrete Aid pledges. Washington important tries than is do Sirabe in United states but added no one of our republics should expect another to abandon its eco Dulles said he recognized that charge that the Republican Par by is split. Half Mccarthy and his speech to the economic nomic committee at the tenth inter-1 Dulles expressed american conference in Caracas half Eisenhower. I the chief executive said How was bound to disappoint Dele Gates since the Eisenhower administration has not yet established its foreign economic 10pe that he agrees with sen. Wou Kobe flow of i Ralph e. Flanders a it in his private capital southward from j warning against Intra party the United Stales. I squabbling which can do serious another u. S. Delegate Samuel i damage to republicans. C. Haugli gave a background i the president carefully or democrats will fight to add company and policy. Picture of j. S. Economy and i Fraind from endorsing Flanders increase in individual in Columbia broadcasting net Dulles said u. S. Economic re said we believe the role of gov i open criticism of sen. Joseph r. I Lions with other american eminent in Economy is to Nur Mccarthy in a speech come tax exemptions for each works. Taxpayer and each dependent. He declared last night that if states would be based on respect the Hill to Lav in Lri slash Federal communications com for their economic and social the Bill up today would slash the beliefs. He said the economic lure and promote individual he Senate floor yesterday. Fort not replace but he said under questioning1 the present 25 per cent rate on Long distance Telephone Calls Cut in half the 20 per cent tax on movies sports and other admission tickets and on furs jewelry Luggage cosmetics women s pocketbooks wallets cameras film and Light bulbs j Tiona committee which named and Cut one third from the pics vice president Richard m. Nixon he said he hoped the latin Ilc believes it is fair for vice networks to deny him equal of the americas was americans would be receptive 10 president Richard m. Nixon id Wilities to reply to Stevenson s j sought As Good in itself and the u. S. Offer to try to work answer Stevenson s charges find talk last saturday then the not merely As a defensive Mech out equitable tax arrangements for the networks to refuse time Rule has get to be both networks have granted free time to the Republican a believe there is any More Anim against Jand minimize double taxation. To Mccarthy. The Secretary said he does not Waligh said the United slates ska so inter sad in ent 15 per cent rate on sporting goods pens mechanical pencils lighters local Telephone Bills and As their spokesman. Meanwhile the Senate investigations group headed by the rail bus or air passenger fares j Wisconsin lawmaker planned to on the other Side it would Call five witnesses in its probe cancel about in sex the first Peter a Gragis of Cise tax reductions scheduled Levittown n. Y., was scheduled april 1 under present Law. These cuts if allowed would have reduced the tax on liquor from to a gallon on i cigarettes from 8 to 7 cents a to resume testimony he began last Friday on former fellow workers identified As one time members of a communist cell at the Federal telc commune the Isle of Wight and Southampton Harbor. Orre Triine was reporte i3 in the English Channel monday by Commodore e. G. Goldsworthy of the Orient liner Orion. After to for the election. In 1952, according to records in the office of the county Pur the , the feeling of Many about the machines whereas voting machines in of i eat depressions in the or. Eisenhower United states. Was asked if e communist Schwable faces Honor or shame Bureau insists its rightly Washington the Marine corps disclosed today. This age quiz san Bernardino Calif. In tile fall congressional Cani a pain. Me replied that lie supposes Mccarthy will say he is speak ing for whomever he chooses when he delivers an address. But he added that the party s spokesmen will be selected by the Republican National Corn i it pc. The president said he thinks Neim inn run Skori at Tibu a a chasing agent the county spent the crowded precincts of Sulli onion clocked at , or two Van county have been in Suc snips Mincer Sain. I d g former county i Cess Ful operation through the the mine was Bobbing commission Secretary j last two elections in 1950 and a half mile from the ship about i Estl match expense per elec i whereas they have so mate five Miles Southwest of the is Meitlon of custodians. He explains Rialls improved voting conditions of of Itcik i viral rail _ that Bolh a court martial and a. Washauer 74, radio and television Standard pack on automobiles lotions Laboratory in Nutley ceremony at which he would recently for an old age being impartial w Heji from 10 to 7 per cent on Gaso j chive one of the nation s highest pension and was asked to Arlvin. In melt line from 2 cents to cents the subcommittee also an awards could of his age. He wrote the the Opportunity to re Jav to gallon on trucks and buses from mounted that mrs. Annie Leej Abiy be ahead for col. Frank a census instead of a Ivan or or on Beer from Moss suspended Pentagon pm Schwable him he was born in Eugene Mcvee Limp 1833. That was four i demands tines hearings on the before his father was born i ejj5enhower tent warfare confession made by was Auci says i political attack might mention Schwable As a prisoner in Korea so he wrote the Bureau again As ill any As 20 Ujj Lerent persons to s8 a barrel and on wine about third the exact figure de pending upon alcohol Content. Of Wight. It had probably broken Loose from its mooring. It was very old and covered with Barna a general navigational warn ing was broadcast. Then within a two hour period tuesday an the custodians receive a Day for the voters As Well As the plus five cents a mile travelled election officers and in setting up the machines. It. Whereas they have been usually takes two Days to set up All the machines Sample says. 2. Instruction expense for training 56 election officials. American freighter and a nor-1 state Law requires that each1 Weglian motor Tanker and judge receive in sighting floating mines. A Striction in operating the a one of the mines was for this lesson each 30 Miles South Southwest the of Fleer is to get plus travel other 30 Miles South Southeast of expense. Isle of Wight. They were about 20 Miles apart in the approaches to Southampton. Committee May Cut a. Finance budget Richmond. A. Ins the Fate of s7-million amendments on the budget Bill May become known today if the Senate finance committee reports the Bill to the floor. The committee is not believed Friendly to the Section of the Bill which declares that this Money would be used for state needs instead of income tax re funds next fall. It is expected to kill this Sec Tion which the House tacked on As amendments on the regular budget Bill. As it stood when passed in the House by a vote of 98-0, it would severely abridge the Byrd automatic tax reduction Law. The controversial Bill enforcing a Law against Union shops is still being considered by the House of delegates after win Ning approval in the House la Bor committee and drawing fire from various quarters. The House also killed a Senate Bill to allow a dozen counties to decide for themselves if they should Levy sales taxes. This Bill would provide for referendums in the counties. The Senate passed a Bill establishing authority to build a 36-mile toll Road Between Rich mond and Petersburg. Sample slates that the elec lion commission in past has paid a Flat rate of per i official. 3. Voting machine supplies if needed. In 1952, the county spent 4. Payment of some to some 220 officials at a rate of each. State Law provides for additional judges at precincts with two or More machines. Isley says the primary will use six officers at each of the 35 precincts. 5. The expense of printing ballots. In 1952, the county paid 652.25 for ballots and registrars for general elections. The primary Board and sup porters of its views Point out that ballots must be prepared for the 21 precincts that do not prison improvement group meets april 2 Nashville of the state penal institutions improvement officially endorsed and praised in Public letter by both political parties therefore be it resolved that the remainder of funds existing in the 1950-51 budget veep sees fight on your terms Philadelphia vice president Nixon told a Phila Delphia bulletin forum audience last night the United states has adjusted its thinking to the of the election commission be Point where we Wil. Now fight applied to a Purchase agreement with the automatic voting machine co. Of Jamestown n. Y., toward the Purchase of the 28 machines now in use for the year 1951-52." this Resolution was passed by a 35 to 1 vote of the county court. The Lone dissenting vote Vas cast by Iciey. Isley explains his negative vote As an objection to buying machines for Only a part of the county s 35 precincts. The machines were originally purchased for the precincts casting the heaviest votes. They Are being paid for in annual instalments of by the county. Among the criticisms which have been levelled at the Deci Sion of the primary Board is the assertion that the county must pay this annual payment regardless of the use of the a have voting machines of the method of voting. And they , it does t Cost much More to print ballots for the entire county. Sample who insists that printed ballots for manual Vot ing need not be supplied precincts with machines says the Cost of printing probably would be less if machines were used. The former election commis Sion official Points out that the machines require Only two printed ballots to identify the candidates Lor each machine plus two Sample ballots to be posted at the polling place to familiarize voters with the machines. This would Call for Only 112 ballots for 14 precincts which at the 1952 democratic primary voted some persons or be tween one half and two thirds of the total vote cast. Sample says the primary would require no More than manual ballots if machines were a spokesman for a Kingsport printing firm which has printed commission will hold its first both machine and manual bal meeting Here april 2, chairman h0tsi estimates that machine will Henry Atkins of Knoxville ballots would be cheaper be Chines. Ploy named two weeks ago by a former Fri undercover agent As a communist is scheduled to testify at a hearing tomorrow. In his argument with lbs and Abc Over his demand for time to answer Stevenson in addition to that grantee Nixon Mccarthy told newsmen i Don t think that two net works with a Semi monopoly and a Complete monopoly in some areas have any right to do that. I intend to test it administration moves to fill Navy vacancy Marine Headquarters is holding suggesting the Strong possibility Alid said there Mist be some end a third legion of Merit for pres-1 of error. The Bureau informed Ilo this of mentation to him at an , he said yesterday dial demands for free time private records Are accurate and an or although the medal could is Oul of the question. Withdrawn if the court decides that Schwable should be accused of treasonable collaboration or some other offence a spokesman indicated that this May not be the most Likely of the possibilities. He said Gen. Lemuel c. Shep Herd commandant of the Mairine corps feels that regardless error for the party to split apart of any later conduct for which a j he tried Schwable fully highlighted by testimony of her Jand four i Washington in the and earned the Mecal As a staff chief Romance with a negro jazz drum sections noting us the gop migration was moving today with the marines in Korea before me was believed today to have is n0ljnr ulal tale gop and the defense department team composed of defense Sec Navy Secretary s Post created to Yuju j 8, 1952. The selection of Robert b. An moreover the spokesman Derson to be Deputy defense out the legion of Merit on our own Nixon in the forum s keynote address said that u. S. Armed strength and military planning is being rearranged to carry ministration out that a plan fill quickly the vacancy in the he was shot Down and captured he Savici has already borne vis Ible fruit. In not one area of the he said have the reds gained this in Many areas we have made gains. For the first time in a generation we Are experiencing peace and Prosperity at the same Nixon gave credit for what he called this successful shift to president Eisenhower the National Security Council Secre tary of state John Foster Dulles murder suspect takes own life los Angeles ins of alaskan murder trial when he was asked to com ment on the Flanders speech or. Eisenhower replied that to knew he would t get through the news conference without someone asking thai question. He declared Flanders was certainly right when he pointed up the danger of republicans engaging in internecine warfare. The president added soberly rotary. Was authorized by the presi forced statuesque blonde Diane Wells to end her own life now the party of res Ponisi Wells to end her own life with an overdose of sleeping pills the body of the 31-year-old widow who was accused of the White House announced ident arid technically could her aging wealthy Hus yesterday that president withdrawn without a was found yesterday in a. Hower had sent Anderson s Nom dance witl1 president hotel. She had Swall nation to the Senate to he stressed at another Point that Over emphasis on punitive lathers endangers the Success of positive rpm need Roger m. Kyes who is leaving As no. 2 Man in the de sense department May 1. Ander do Linden contest son is a Democrat for Eisen be broadcast Lowed 30 sleeping pills but before she died she poured out the riptide of her emotions in four i notes. President was asked if there is a need for in Republican reply to besides the i make Sal Hower from Texas. Secretary of defense Wilson Only in one note did she to Johnny Warren the negro the basketball game Between drummer with whom she was to Al a Pentagon news conference Dobyns Bennett and Linden trial april 5 in Fairbanks be played thursday in the quar-alask3 for the gun killing of Hen lev finals of the state Tournai husband Cecil Moore Wells 51. Secretary Robert t. Stevens air j John Lodge of Connecticut a re Ament will be broadcast Over radio the unaddressed note appear shortly after the White House rotary Charles e. Wilson army announcement was asked if gov. Force Secretary Harold Talbott and Navy Secretary Robert b. Anderson. Publican was being considered to succeed Navy Post. Anderson for the station wept pm. Cantly recorded her conflicting the broadcast is scheduled to belief in her own Legal inno Start at 4 . Very much cheaper than his tax cuts to people announced yesterday. Cause there Are so few to the commission was named re the Printer says the biggest gently by gov. Frank Clement to j headache connected with print study the state prison system Ling machine ballots arises when and make recommendations for Leach District has different can improvements a dilates entered in the race such ence and moral guilt. It read for one thing i am Washington ins pres too for Ever seeing Warren if ident Eisenhower announced to Warren is guilty one thing is Day that he plans to carry his sure Cecil is dead and i must fight for the administration s the cause of it one Way program to the people in a the major speech within the next another letter she left for mrs week Ruben taste of Seattle and sex i the announcement came As pressed concern for her son 4 ule House to Vole on Taite that she was convinced is opposed that her suicide would be no by the and Ornis ration worse for Mark than the terrible. Adm . Widespread publicity of a trial the reductions linked to a Bill which is sure to crop up All excise taxes scheduled life to expire april 1, is expected to she added it is my wish approval in the House but the administration is plan Ning an Effort to tone Down the Cut in the Senate. Or. Eisenhower told a news conference he plans to go on the air during the coming week to deliver a non partisan speech discussing the general contents you to have him. The pretty blonde arrived in los Angeles last december with her son. She steadfastly denied charges that she and Warren killed Wells after a secret love affair to get his estate valued at she claimed that two men in of the administration s tax pro tired their apartment beat and killed her husband. She was to footer was near Eastman in Oakland. Both were later re closed for repairs leased on bail. After the slaying Warren re the Clinchfield Railroad co. Ported to police that he met mrs. Has temporarily closed the rail Wells after she gave me the Eye when he played for dances Road Bridge on Eastman Road in order to make repairs a at the exclusive Fairbanks Golf i cording to Charles k. Marsh and country club. He City manager. Marsh said that cocktails followed in her he understood the Bridge would apartment and that they Ren be reopened by the end of the Dez housed frequently

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