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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - June 29, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies . Moon Row . Last Quarter july 3 Mercury the placet nearest the Sun. Sets a few minutes earlier each evening. It Wal seen again in August when it will appear in the morning sky below Venus. All times Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 128 Kingsport term., monday june 29, 1953 10 pages five cents the weather Cloudy warm and humid with scattered thundershowers tonight lowest about 68. Little change through wednesday. Local noon temperature 72 last night s Low 68 sunday s High 89. Rain fall 1.5 inches. Republicans delay House showdown Over profits taxes leaders Dodge big floor fight Over procedure assurances Given by majority of Reed s group on Extension to get polio vaccine in Ala. Area Montgomery Ala health officials today put Fin Ishing touches on plans to inoculate children with Gamma globulin to Lessen tragic effects of polio in this heavily hit City and county. This mass attack on polio gets underway tomorrow at 18 schools equipped As emergency centers and manned in relays by hundreds of doctors and other volunteers. By late Fri Day they Hope to have inoculated every child under 10 years old. This was to be the nation s first Community wide use of Gamma globulin except for experimental mass inoculation Sioux City la. Or. A. H. Graham. Mont Gomery county health officer believed the Gamma globulin Washington Eisenhower administration apparently won its Battle today to get House consideration of extend ing the excess profits did it without a drag out floor fight. J in Back stage Maneu vers the House Republican leaders got assurances satisfactory to that the ways and Means com i Mittee would Send an Extension Bill to the floor despite the Ada-1 Mant opposition of its chair Man. 78-year-old Daniel Reed. A Nyi. Gop floor Leader Halleck of Indiana announced then to a cheering House that the Leader ship would not press the drive it launched last week to bypass Reed s tax writing group with a special Rule from the rules committee. The ways and Means commit tee has kept the Bill blockaded for weeks despite All leadership efforts to dislodge it. Gop leaders have said that both the House and the Senate would vote to continue the tax if an Extension Bill could be brought before them. The to syphon _ into the Treasury extraordinary ii Essly or running Stop signs and would reverse a rising tide of infantile paralysis which has infected 75 persons killing three victims. There won t be any reduction in polio the first week after he said but we expect the number of cases to drop off about 80 per cent after sixty seven Gallons of Gamma globulin have been sent Here in the largest shipment of the rare serum Ever made to a single City along with half Inch Needles and syringes. Until each child s turn comes for his scheduled trip to a Cen Ter of injection of a carefully Vear m Houston. Tex., and prescribed amount of the ser x tank he woe Iro of u us he was being1 kept away from swimming pools play grounds and other gathering places. Crackdown set Rev cd is asked City chamber Appeal to chief of ordnance Brothers drown near Cherokee Lake boat docks Morris Watts bar also claim victims for toll of 4 dead East Tennessee lakes claimed the lives of four persons Over the week end two of them Brothers who perished together. The Brothers were Ross and David Spears negroes who j drowned together sunday in Cherokee Lake near Rogersville. J David 18, dived from a Dock moored in the Lake and then screamed for help. His an army Veteran apparently forgot that he could t swim and dived after David. Neither was seen again. A third brother looked on help Lessly. The Accident occurred near the Lakemont area just off Highway 11-w. I the Young men along with i their brother and several other companions went swimming near i docks about seven Miles South of Rogersville. Fred sheets publisher of the Rogersville review reported i witnesses to the tragedy As say Ling that David dived from Dock moored in the Lake hit on his stomach and began to. I scream. Ross who could t jumped in in a vain Effort to save him. Both went Down at the same time and neither came to the surface again. Kingsport life saving Crew members reported the bodies had been recovered when they arrived on the scene. Crewmen said that o. M. Armstrong of Church Hill had pulled bodies from the Lake by using a grappling Hook. Bystanders administered artificial respiration until the life saving Crew arrived but efforts to revive the victims failed. J survivors include the Sharp new chinese attacks hit Roks jets Down 6 migs impossible to recapture freed pcs general Clark tells reds Panmunjom Korea Gen. Mark w. Clark called to Day for a Quick signing of an armistice and told the reds it was impossible for him to recapture anti communist North korean prisoners. The supreme United nations commander said in a letter to the chinese High command that he was not responsible for South korean president Syng Man Rhee s action in suddenly releasing the prisoners. Clark s letter answering de mands made june 19 for an explanation of the prisoner escape assured North korean Premier Kim ii Sung and com manding Gen. Peng Teh Huai of the chinese people s volunteers the allies will make every Effort to obtain the co operation of the government of the Republic of Korea with the armistice. The Clark letter indicated strongly however that the United nations command was ready and willing to sign the armistice whether Rhee and his government supported it or not. He suggested an immediate meeting of the truce delegations to discuss setting up a five nation Neutral custodial commission for prisoners so an effective Date for the armistice can be established. And on receipt of that information the armistice agreement As has been developed by our respective delegations can be Clark s letter said. Clark and president Eisen Hower s personal trouble shooter assistant Secretary of state Walter Robertson had failed earlier today to Complete a Compromise agreement with Rhee. Ers and one sister. A crackdown on speedsters and reckless Drivers on City streets has been ordered by the chief of police. Chief g. W. Fletcher said Mon t Oday to to tighten Down on Drivers of Ling the to review the City in lome speeding driving Reck Wiley asks Okay for Aid billions billion foreign Aid Bill is debated Washington up sen or. And mrs. Harrison Alexander Wiley a wis asked truce _ of Chapel two Senate today to approve a today rotation sets Washington up the army plans to drop the rotation Point system and establish a Standard 16-month tour of duty for soldiers in Korea after a reached it was Learned profits made by corporations lights expires tomorrow Midnight. President Eisenhower asked that it be continued for six Martha june Provins 18-year request for Public use of the old Lincoln memorial University . Right of Way which would student from Jellico drowned in j make it possible to Complete the Norris Lake saturday. Miss prov the drive to curb traffic by pass route from ins stepped into a deep Hole lations is an Effort to extend As j state Highway 81 to u. S. Route wading with her sister in global foreign Aid Bill which he said will help ignite the powder Keg of subjugated the army s manpower plans for a korean truce were outlined recently to the Senate a Propri Peoples upon which Russia sits actions committee. Since then the Wiley chairman of the Senate plans have been transmitted to foreign relations Gen Mark w Clark far East. Told his colleagues that this commander to be put into third instalment of Mutual after the Snow Tang stops. Fir Nii-3 in Hll months although saying he did not like the tax in order to bring some 700 to 800 million dollars of needed Revenue to the government. Reed has kept the Extension Bill bottled up by refusing to Call a meeting of his committee to vote on it. This led the Leader ship to launch the extraordinary Long As possible the current City record of 641 Days without a traffic fatality. We have no desire to arrest anyone without first warning the police chief said. 11-w in old Kingsport. John d. Wimberly and City manager d. W. Moulton recently appointed by the Board of mayor and aldermen to take the matter j up with army authorities and we d rather people stopped j mayor e. C. Cross were joined in breaking traffic Laws than to be i Washington by a. B. Coleman forced to catch them at Fletcher said complaints about executive Secretary of the Cham Ber of Commerce and t. M. I procedure of trying to get it to speeding cars pour into police Vine chairman of the chamber the floor by rules committee a Headquarters every Day. Commerce Highway commit Tion. He said most of the complaints l the group is presenting the see taxes. Page referred to younger Drivers. Clip. For to eral e. L. For i chief of Ord Nance. Congressman b. Carroll Reece accompanied the Dele a Law mrs. Paul Provins. The girl s see drowns Page 8 Tanker cargo vessel collide purity Aid is both burdensome and the present korean rotation program would be maintained but failure to continue j or 90 d after a truce to Al strengthening the military de sense of the free world he said could Lead to disastrous results. As Wiley opened debate on the Bill acting Senate Republican Leader William f. Knowland predicted its passage overwhelmingly after about three Low the return of soldiers who have earned enough credit to be rotated Home. After the 90-Day period How Ever the army policy will be that men assigned to Korea must serve a 16-month tour. The tour will be shortened for men Days of debate and with "sub-1 no saw Somp combat before the medal of Honor goes to corpsman who fought eds with Bare hands Washington David b. Bleak an army medical corpsman from Shelley ida., was awarded the medal of Honor to Stop Gap big 3 talks proposed interim meeting of aides is suggested Tion. Before leaving for Washington vessel was towed toward Stantial truce sen. Leverett a i mass i reported As chairman of the armed services committee that his group is convinced that the foreign arms Aid program is satisfactorily meshed with thai new York brazilian military program of our own believe ammo taken from gis dead Soldier s letter to Start investigation Allentown a. In the parents of an Allentown Soldier killed in action in Korea june 19 said today they believe his unit faced an enemy assault without ammunition. Two Days before he was killed 21-year-old pvt. Kenneth lease jr., wrote his parents Well the truce talks Are still going on. It looks Good but not Good enough. They must expect it to be Over soon because they took All our ammo the letter arrived Only several hours before a defense depart ment Telegram telling of the Soldier s death in action. The leases gave photostat of the letter to rep. Karl c. King the congressman said he will ask the department of the army to make a Complete investigation. At least one Seaman dead in coast mishap a spokesman for the delegation this Ner hul1 stated that the City does not be Iby a collision with a Gulf Oil Lieve it is proper and should Tanker off the new Jersey be necessary to spend from i coast m which at least one sea 000 to of the taxpayers j Man lost Nis life Money to build a new Road which the is Loide Panama bound a free scenes Day for dauntless courage in fighting off enemy troops with his Bare hands while he treated the wounded. Bleak won the nation s highest award for heroism on june 14, 1952, while accompanying a reconnaissance patrol of the 40th division against an enemy held Hill near Minari Gol Korea. The citation gave this a Rainy Days bring out another count of the nearly incredible use for newspapers. A lot of feats of bravery performed by people this morning caught the 20-year-old Soldier. Without wet weather protect As the patrol forged up the Tion were covering their Heads Hill it was subjected to intense with enemy fire and suffered several casualties. After helping the wounded Bleak continued to and Vance with the patrol. Near the top of the Hill Bleak found himself Cut off from a 1 wounded Man by hostile fire would run Side by Side in some irom York to Philadelphia see Road Page 8 collided with the is Gulf Trade i in a thick fog four Miles South the biggest Section of the Bill carries in direct military arms tanks planes and the nations outside the communist orbit. Of this total More than is earmarked for the Western european allies of the North Atlantic pact. Newspapers dashed to shelter. J East of Barnegat n. J., lightship i now is the time for us to last night. The Tanker received j seize the Wiley said Only slight damage to her Bow i declaring that the soviet High but it was feared for a time i command is sitting on the pow the freighter would sink. I Der Keg that could blow sky High Twenty four seamen on sharply listing Loide Panama the pendulum of history is scrambled Over the Side into a. Beginning to he said Lifeboat sent from the african j sovet control Over its satellite As they Endeavor a freighter that was j states is already beginning to nearby. These 24, later brought to new crumble. It is Only a matter of time until the Kremlin loses tiny girl attracting Atten York by a coast guard Cutter completely its sinister influence Tion As she holds her Mother s said one crewman was killed and j in this world and becomes the and father s hands swinging j at least one was injured redoubt for a cringing group London Sac ing rom three enemy iro0ps con Cabinet Boss. Richard a. Butler in a Trench he said today Britain is negotiating into the Trench killed two o with the United states communists with his Bare France fora Quick Stop Gap hands and a third with a Trench meeting on common problems in knife Back and Forth walk along. Advance of the postponed Ber Muda conference. Answering a barrage of House of commons questions touched off by prime minister Church ill s temporary retirement but Ler said Britain s representative at this interim meeting would be lord Salisbury. Salisbury As lord president erf the Council has taken Over some foreign policy responsibilities since the absence of Churchill and foreign Secretary Anthony Eden. Butler refused to say now the interim meeting would be held. As i cannot pledge other governments i would prefer to de Fer a statement until the negotiations Are he said. President Eisenhower last month invited Churchill and the French Premier to meet to Bol to 9 p. M. Each Day through Ster Western Unity and Britain wednesday july 1. Offered Bermuda As a site. The mrs. Roberta buckles Deputy clerk estimated that the Kings port office has issued approximately renewal licenses this month. As he moved out of the Trench Bleak saw an enemy grenade fall in front of a companion. With total disregard for his own per Sonal safety he threw himself in front of his companion exposing himself to the full Force of the grenade blast. However he miraculously escaped injury. Clerk extends hours for License renewals the county clerk s office in Kingsport will be open monday tuesday and wednesday night to Issue 1953 renewal Drivers licenses. Office hours will be from i . To . And from 7 . Two girls thoughtlessly crossing Street against red Light brought to their senses by brakes screaming As cars Stop to keep from hitting them. As parents 26 officers and men who remained aboard the Loide Panama. The crewmen said their Cap stain Cesar Freitas gave an or Ider to abandon ship soon after the collision. Then they related he rescinded the order after half i the Crew had gone Over the Side. Of gangsters and felons who seek to impose evil on this sen. Robert a. Taft to said he will oppose a suggestion that president Eisenhower be Given Blank Check authority to spend foreign Aid funds wherever he sees fit. Texas hopefully eyes gathering rain Clouds awaits Federal Relief Dallas Tex. And ranches of drouth devastated Texas today had their eyes cocked on two important developments disaster Relief program due to be announced in Washington and promising Clouds that started mantling the state. Secretary of agriculture Benson who Over the week end inspected Texas drouth areas and conferred with Farmers ranchers and state officials promised be fore returning to the capital that he would announce the details of the administration s emergency program in Washington today. The Clouds yesterday brought Only Light Rains to East Texas Charlottesville a. Up edit o Fifthe heatwave men one of them wound j and brought Promise of nicking two charged in assaulted by police shots were charged today with raping a pretty 16 the drouth Over the state. For weeks the winds have year old girl on the a celtic sky blown from the Southwest off line drive while holding her Young Date at gunpoint. State charges of rape and armed robbery were lodged against Ira Loudin Daniels 31, and Henry Burrell Kinder 26, both of Powellton w. Va., it was announced by investigator e. A. Thompson. Daniels and Kinder were arrested near Here Early sunday. Over dead million homeless in big japanese flood More rainfall threatens meeting was first postponed be cause of France s prolonged government crisis and again sat urday. Tokyo a great flood that left More than per sons dead missing or Hurt and a million homeless receded to Day on the Southern Japan Island of Kyushu but dark rain Clouds posed an ominous new threat. Seven Days of torrential rain turned much of the Northern part of area about the size of new a vast Lake. The hapless Japa Nese residents fled to any High ground they could find. By late afternoon today the known death toll stood at 409. It was expected to Rise when those numbered at accounted police said several villages were washed away and Homes were destroyed or dam aged. Relief was rushed to count less stricken villages and cities. The u. 8. Air Force dropped food and clothing to isolated groups of refugees scattered on islets of High ground jutting from the flood. Among those saved from the raging streams were american soldiers and marines and their families. Some were taken from a stalled train near Moji and housed in the u. S. Army recreational facilities at that Northern Kyushu City. Fukuoka the Island s largest City with population and nearby Moji with were almost ghost cities their residents evacuated before the surging flood. Some of the dead and missing drowned in the swollen Rivers. Others died As soaked sliding Earth crushed their Flimsy Homes. Thirty seven americans were rescued saturday from the Aso High ground have escaped damage so far. The big naval base at Casebo in Northwest Ern Kyushu Lias not been seriously damaged. The cloudburst and floods paralysed Kyushu. Communications and Industry Lay quiet. Damage was expected to run Kanko special services hotel into the millions of dollars which was nearly burled by a delayed reports reaching landslide. Tokyo told of Large scale res the americans 29 Cue and Relief work by the u. Servicemen the wives of six of s. Army and air Force them and two children were aj1 units and installations on moved by hastily rigged the Island have been placed on breeches buoy across 40 feet of churning flood water and taken to the u. S. Army s Camp Wood for treatment. Three big american bases on a full time emergency basis and Are supplying All possible assistance and Relief a Public information office announce ment said. The arid hot deserts of Northern Mexico. Weather Bureau officials said As Long As the wind remained in that direction there was Little Chance that Texas would get Relief. But yesterday southeasterly winds from the Gulf of Mexico started blowing across Texas Light Rains fell at Tyler luf Kin Houston and Galveston yesterday and the weather Bureau said there was a possibility of scattered Light rain across the state and As far North As the Panhandle. In Washington rep. Clark Thompson announced last night that the House agricultural sub committee on livestock will Fly to Texas thursday for an Lar Section tour of the drouth areas. Emergency Federal Relief in the form of cheaper feed Price support of livestock and credit will be welcomed by Texas Farmers and ranchers but it can not take the place of what the state needs and Lota of it. Lack of water already has seared crops and Range lands. The shortage has become so acute that some ranchers say they Are going to have to Start hauling water. W. G. Bill Swenson one of the Heads of the big Swenson ranching operations that cover acres in West Texas coun ties said the situation is Crit ical All Over our heavy artillery barrage opens new red assault outpost hits under attack by Daylight furious fight rages Seoul Chi Nese reds backed by a booming artillery barrage crashed into South korean positions along the Gateway to Seoul today. Far to the North Allied Sabre jets blasted six red migs to Earth running their score for the month to 59 Mig kills Only four Short of the one month rec Ord set in september 1952. The migs were shot Down As the sabres flew a tight cover Over 36 fighter bombers striking at Namsim near sin Iju in North Western Korea. The reds poured a division or More into three Day old Battles for two outpost Hills 40 Miles due North of the capital just As South korean infantrymen had swept to the Crest of one of the Hills. The furious red usual because it came in Broad a two mile wide stretch on the Western front. The targets were bloodied out posts Bak and Queen rising 500 to 800 feet. At the last report the reds held both hut fighting raged at the foot of the outposts As the sturdy Roks regrouped and counterattacked. There was an unconfirmed re port that one red 500 to 750 broken past the Heights and was assaulting the allies heavy dug in line. The communists under cover of artillery that one Allied offi cer said hammered Hills like an slammed Back Rok first infantrymen who had clawed up the slopes of out Post Bak. The Roks counted in coming rounds of mortar and artillery up to noon As the communists concentrated two thirds of their entire Day s shelling in the narrow sector. American and South korean big huge 240 millimetre Back the advancing chinese and their support areas. The red thrust was another see War Page 8 four persons killed four Hurt in Blaze Erie a. In four persons were killed and four others injured in a fire that gutted the Kitchen of a Small farm Home near Albion about 25 Miles South of this Lakeport City. The dead Are Georgia Moyer 19 her 10-year-old sister Judy Bonnie Moyer 2, and Marian Chase nine months. In critical condition at a con neat Ohio Hospital is mrs. Dorothy Moyer 40, Mother of three of the victims. Also hospitalized from yester Day s Blaze Are Mildred Moyer 12, Charles Moyer 10, and Harry Chase 12. Fire chief John Ferguson of Albion said the fire broke out in the Home of or. And mrs. Jeff Kinney grandparents of the Moyer children after someone attempted to pour kerosene on a Coal stove. So lunar tables printed below. Olumi. N from John iblb8. Plu will by Thun to in food con in. H Joo Utah to find tit etch my he to attn. Or two 2t monday 30 tue Der j we Dowidar 3 theft Darr 3 Friday 4 i bunder do Lake stages like Jet chunk Muj Mon com Boom

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