Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Jun 28 1954, Page 10

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - June 28, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee10 Kingsport monday june 28, 1954 i la go Wip be. Google wet la i git my oversight Case 1 i me an Morse hog fun arc 1ak1n off for Washington right now. Snuffy 12dun a thu. Psao3n 16 i m sorry or. Wood but i can t buy your cab if you can t prove ownership great scott.1 1 Peme Bep now put it in my Bureau ccaw6d it it 1 i burned with the House i1. Wait Here it probably fell a com my pocket when spec dras6ed me. Out of our burning House ill lock for fuwg4 keab5 the we be he 15 to do vex an item Sut of Akvik so Vve ize Don the Sand As whar Daisy s Jri-d1ck a a los danced on Daisy s a see the look 5ack there clue. To u56 tkmm3 to give wej6ht.oe Ofaf 9kbxk y that what comes from sticking your j nose in someone business _. There should be More meringue on this Lemon Cream pie we re Purrin of bouts. Like the Wilc s serious1 the know the bums. An to yanks. The join wot does 1 shall have to he mean.in9angerin" consider the question hiss6lf.where Kin i must Check on you i find in by Cable. He has left Karachi. He is of an important very dangerous one i see it was True that you managed his Channel swim. Sur. Why to you come Here. Sir t that 5 the is Pap cou1dwt fiui5h, ea5v. To fake Beira Kiowa few so me fwd. West to Izlo be Dolce in the office 50 do in 50krv wv6 Hap trouble with Vouk Vasaiw. Patake. I m new Josima the prs5ewt 5torv, and wooer How or tukm5 out comb Call the office fou 5bajtle. Tell Sia vojr6 eager to Start or Wilmo of tour new Story i we 1u milked pro la less that convict has. Owe for. Ice 1 never. Eve i iw55ep a. Dea purer b5fore.rho it took a wik Acle m the last Mowett to 5ave ice few times. But this has 50 shattered in Cdr wifi never write Amo Thek Stupl Mem he s release tomorrow m 6cx3dold Eustace he saved id say our ring to he i it of Tobaly have Hap All would have that trouble been More do some serious if he had t effective communicate with us resemblance Between pfc Cut and pics is not Eveaj forgotten f than that his a. Sword so beautifully come Madri Leme h pfc Cut 4rjd pics is not Eveaj plan Arjeo a 6ardbj second to roue its Stretty but mix Ujj maybe we raked socks it takes Only a Little Jack to lift a it takes a lot to keep it up i is. The Hombre Catlen Madre mia.1 amp bullets is on the a me is soup worst go was ami6o. Camcho is too to cake amythin6 about you heard me Senor bullets has broken Cut of the cala30zo get your Everdy Hall Gas 30.? priv act Tor answer to previous Pemla visit to Latvia feel sahs fied across 1 Latvia s capital s the Dina is chief River 8 it has an of 25.395 e mile 12 Cori n fish eggs 1-1 Den i Irish fuel in individual it3li3n coins 1? Cotton fabric -0 Russia it 21 Short napped fabric Down 1 tears 2 notion 3 ruminant mammal 4 changes 5 presses i unit of weight 7 observe r refer 9 piece of train track Chew Wrigley s spearmint gum. Helps relieve Monotony boredom. Makes time pass pleasantly. R 25 40 trying 2f ill Fash Oneri experience a sacred Bull of42 prattle suns for a dime simply a quiet spot7 i divine Sylvester Don to want to talk abour it. Split up but Lmh Cre s 43 remain 44 easy gait 45 Willow Genus 47 sea Eagle 48 italian City 49 disorder 51 age 52 Label 11 greek and i Dine 20 Knock 22 giant use Bill and Israll my fault. X 1hs other Guys asterisk 31 step 37 horsemen 38 fruit drink 39 Southern general 23 coffer 26 reiterates 30 kind of meat 31 play on words 32 cooking vessel 33 fourth arabian Caliph 34 augment 35 War Sod 36 go Back Over 39 vanquished one 41 fish 42 through 43 slip 46 Ransom 50 carry Coll 51 greek letter 53 gaelic 54 one who imitates 55 rodent 5fi social insects 57 affirmative Voles 58 Era 59 sediment the saw it All i la show you who sad about Itofe Gonna take All afternoon to overhaul this to petting or would Only spoil cookie did vol put up that food is food sign

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