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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - June 22, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeMystery deepens in brutal slaying of likeable sheriff Warsaw. By. police worked Loray i a theory Lii i at least two men were responsible Lor the brutal mutilation slaying of Gallatin county s likable sheriff Hubbard Ferguson. Two Days of scouring a wide area alter he sheriff disappeared Friday Nicht ended late yesterday when the body was accidentally discovered in Eagle Creek near the Community of Sparta. Bailing wire was tied around his neck and fastened to a 20 Pomula Railroad tie Hue. He had been shot above the right ear and his head bore a Gash that would have been inflicted with a Hatchet. Commonwealth s attorney har Lan Heilman speculated that the 64-year-old Ferguson had arrested a couple of who overpowered and shot him. Beyond that however investigators were stumped. They could conceive of no motive for killing Ferguson who was de scribed As a big hearted sheriff who despised to make an arrest for a minor crime. Heilman said 8 or 10 persons had been questioned late last night including one who had had trouble with Ferguson but that no arrests had been made and no suspects could be listed. Today is birthday of the i Bill Nashville is the 10th anniversary of the signing i of the i Bill by the late presi a Dent Franklin d. Roosevelt and the manager of the veterans administration regional office in Tennessee Here said about 000 tennesseans have received training under the Law. Kenneth s. Craft said present indications Are that a High rate of Loans will continue for some time to come. Craft cited figures1 which showed that 60.266 a backed Loans totalling about 300. Million dollars have been made in Tennessee during the pro Gram i Craft said the final Date for making Loans under the i pro Gram for world War ii veterans is july 25. 1957, and Loans for korean vets can be made for 10. Years after the official end of the korean conflict. The Tennessee manager added that of the who have received the training so far More than were trained in institutions of higher learning and More than in schools such As business schools vocational and Trade schools and secondary schools. J a figures show 4.287 trainees i the state now Are benefiting irom the Law. By. Governor okays assessment increase Frankfort. By. Lured by wires of encourage ment. Gov. Lawrence we Herby gave the Green Light today to the state tax commission to continue raising tax assessments in counties where they Are too Low. The governor came out of a three hour conference with some of his advisers on tax matters yesterday to announce he had abandoned the thought of Call ing off the Blanket increases. He had threatened earlier to Bow to bitter protests from some quarters and Stop the equalization to let the counties Drift in financial Dol Drums. A joint statement by the governor and commission chair Elan Robert h. Allphin said the support the program has received since that threat was Marie indicates to us that the program will be accepter i As it was amended when it was Origi Nally Hal Boyle s column Margaret Truman Scritc s a Debs _ ssi As stage actress by Hal Boyle ithe air with . I sipped parts was Twilight one Glass and remembered favorite hour in Paris when i the Day i ran crying to my i to dear old be Petit and she put a Bachaud. My favorite left Bank on my knee. I tasted the sidewalk cafe and sat Down Glass. The vision of my curly-1 j wearily in my favorite chair. Haired kindergarten sweetheart this is the chair that has the swam before me. kid. I worn seat Marks of Ernest hem if she did have to marry her Al Truman a s Al cd As a Check with her Mother sunday Lingway reverently outlined out of grammar school. Darling Marge of the she plans a full nine weeks of Ian indelible Pencil each morn with each sip the barnacles mar neater circuit following similar Stock appearances wind j the seat Marks of Oscar of ume Fen away from me her dramatic debut in the Poco Long up at Philadelphia play Mountainhome. A. Tuesday. June 22. 1954 King porn times 5 Marge of the summer theater the daughter of the former president remained in hourly Telephone Contact with her father recovering from an operation in a Kansas City hos Pital. She had decided to go on with 1 her scheduled performance after Wilde Are preserved on a mauve old Jacques came to pick playhouse last night i hair in the cafe around the the empty glasses i Felt As warm to geared in the i Corner. And Happy and Young As a grass a m the will m Sieu have a bit of his i10pper in a Hayfield. J Kane Urey a Young j favorite inquired Mac Rufy Arp . X american schoolteacher who these wines finds love briefly and unhappily on a european vacation in the when the Boss that autumn Crocus by Dodie House in the Park late in August. A Vogue War Carp Marva ques. My favorite old end we Call him Mac i who Patsi postcards for tourists in his i Hresc a speck of dust on them. Looks Tlle other some i hesitated. In America what times manage to sneak myself one drinks of ten determines How a whispered Mac Lone feels. But to us sons ii does wonders Lor my Habi tues of the left Bank it ithe other Way around. How we How about Selling me a Cou feel determines what we of bottles to take Back to Jit is the difference Between impossible it is a sacrilege even to suggest such a thing. If americans knew there were such wines they would come Here in such numbers As to crowd All Agery and civilization. At the moment. Jacques. I Don t know which is my favorite wine i confessed. My mood mixed perhaps m Sieu desires the Crimson excitement of Bur run Francc at let me Nave the Cross or the Nutbrown wonder i begged. Jacques suggested m a c q u e s. Agreed a fee. Does the hurried Sunshine of do not show them Here where Bordeaux Call to m Sieu or the the other patrons can see to Stolf Phot no Boone Joseph holds a Large Mouth Bass he caught near boons dam during the past week. The Kingsport Fisherman believes it to be the largest Bass taken from Boone since its opening for anglers on monday. This town thinks it s still real Cool at 107 Reading Presidio. Tex. It was Only anybody could Tell the reporter was kid Ding when he asked were standing the heat on first Day of Sunn Uei. A. This in t said Oil ver Harper 54, the hardware Man and weather observer. Lots of times it gets up around 112 or 1h." in fact it got up to 111 june 10, when people most places were still wearing suits to work. So you can see summer started off downright Cool yesterday especially in comparison with places like Phoenix where it was 111. Presidio often is the hottest place in the country. Why. I be been to Dallas when it was Only 99." Harper said shaking his prematurely White head. I Tell you that Damp heat Hurt me worse than 119 does this is an Adobe town of about persons nudging up to the Rio Grande in the big Bend of West Texas. They grow Cante loupes in the Dusty Fields nearby and Lead an easy going life in the town nobody has Ever both ered to incorporate. At the Starr hotel the Man Ager mrs. Mae Starr a Middle aged lady with grading Black hair and Brown eyes. Laughed at questions about the heat. We re standing it she said. Of. Of course the lobby is full of Young men who came in Here to spend the heat drove them in for a siesta he i certainly she said. They just wanted 1 to get out of the dust. I Tell you its not drown in Lake Memphis w Racey Bradley Lawrence Jackson both 12, drowned yesterday while wading in a private Lake at suburban Whitehaven. Crunchy goodness of Alsace no perhaps then the Clanger of cotes Duah no Jacques i do not wish to be difficile but their Corner. And there under a sounds pall upon my lamplight studied the two tin i understand. Is it possible that m Sieu demands the Pale cold Consolation of a Jeroboam other said Pepsi of you know Champagne is Only for brides Smith. Her performance Drew such audience comment As smoothly j done and very she was greeted off stage by cameramen and newsreel Crews a critic for variety Magazine j said her character portrayal and acting was gracious and honest. She made the character she portrayed truely shy Vanrij drab As it should have the critic who declined to be identified predicted miss tru Man would become the Darling top flight service of Washington new York he said when he returned. He slipped two Small objects in my hand i got up strolled casually to Caps in my fingers. One said the tourists and and oui m no Jacques i am weary of All known pleasures. A Milliou taxi horns resound in my ears. By the associated press democratic candidates for governor and u. S. Senator have announced the following itineraries for today governor gov. Frank Clement Harri j banishes ugly Embarrass no acne eczema Ihen u Pott of in Clenine up ugly june. Dex Ofene us Oil. Over passengers 4 flights daily 3 flights daily Richmond ski connecting at from Call circe 6-4107 or your travel agent for reservations information and i have barely escaped death this Day from maddened bicyclists. I. Feel insecure. ens i you no wines that will wipe away Cleveland 8pm the present and bring Hack my former gov. Gordon Brown youth and summon up Sweet in Rulec 10 a a Dan i remembrances of things past did 2 and sell Orvllle 8 a. Yes but two brands in All our said Jacques. They Iare very rare. But i do not like i to see you troubled and since j you Are a True connoisseur i Kingsport in the morning j bring you Fly Back to Washington in after a 1 1 asked suspicious noon i p. M. U. S. Senate Kefauver hand i but said Jacques of i fended. Their bouquet is so Del Licate it is measured by the month As Well As the year. If m Sieu will permit. I would Sug Gest May 1951 for the one and. Yes november 1953 for the Well bring me a Glass of i said. I might As Well be broke As feel the Way i when he put the glasses be fore me. The rising Aroma swept u. S. Rep. Pat bounced. Helps Yon overcome false Teeth looseness and worry no longer be annoyed or feel begins of Loone wobbly Teeth. Fast eth. An improved Alka line non Acla powder. Sort Wilfrd on your plates holds them firmer to they feel More comfortable. Avoid by Loose plates. Out today at any drug counter. See us for your new be room air conditioner enjoy Cool Quiel Relief o be air without Slop in Loday cd Choon new "54 g e air conditioner Hollock. Well in Yew Itom in word pm u Smith Down payment Bingham furniture co. Kasl is. Rinino i ,1-5121 a car of dealer since 19.11" authorised dealer Loo air Condl Llonel freight cars can be Lazy too Csc a 9 most freight cars Don t have a Lazy Bone in their body. Still there Are exceptions. A few shirker would like to loaf in the Yards or on a siding or travel Only partially loaded. But they re finding it mighty hard to get away with it on the Southern these Days once again breaking away from inadequate traditional methods we be created a new organization to study car Supply procedures and practices around the clock and streamline freight car distribution All along the line. Already this innovation has led to far better availability of empty cars for loading and faster More dependable movement of loaded cars. We re taking a Good searching look at All of our we pc always done it that Way practices. This keeps us on our toes and it gives you better Ever improving service. Southern railway system Washington d. C. Wednesday surprises no. 25 special no Iron Cotton Lisse slips Shadow proof each Well Cut skirts won t twist or ride up embroidered eyelet Batiste at bodice and hem i and you can skip the ironing 32 up to 44 whits a Gool Penney value for hot weather Comfort women s dusters Cotton Plasse prints and solids broken sizes window cornices final clean up 9 a sizes limited Quantity Bridge chairs 2 Coo for a folding steel Frame s upholstered seat Brown red Green remnants reduced reduced 13 Yard to Over 3 yes. Your Choice e final clean up of Odds and ends one full table piece goods dept

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