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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - June 19, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies . The Moon Rinei in the Early afternoon sets saturday a m. And will be pull june 21 the tour fairly Bra the stars that form a Roush Square below the mood tonight Are. The Constellation Corvus the a times Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 122 Kingsport term., Friday june 19, 1953 10 pages five cents the weather Clear tonight with Low of 65. Saturday mostly fair Wanner and More humid with slight Chance of scattered showers. Yesterday s High 84, last night s Low 60, noon Reading 81. Rosenbergs to be executed tonight new Eagle scout rank was awarded to two Kingsport boys this week at the Holston District court of Honor. The scouts Are pictured with their proud parents. Left to right or. Adams Mike Adams troop 54, mrs. Adams mrs. E. C. Smith Joe Smith Post 51, and e. C. Smith. Woman freed Rogersville spa mrs. Ruth Harrell 30-year-old Lynn Garden resident was found not guilty Friday in Hawkins county circuit court where she was on propose change in names of 11 streets in City sweeping revisions proposed to planning Board by committee by Bill Barrett times news writer East Center Street would sex Rockwood adopts two sabres Down six a Wol veterans migs fighting flares at bulge Rockwood Tenn. Lee Austin 19. Of Wilson. Okla Youthful sailors both Korea got to talking at the san Diego veterans and both naval base. Spending their unofficial Vaca i said to Roy let s go to ten Tion in the Rockwood says Robinson. Loving it. Don t say that unless you the Navy was never like Austin replied and As Roane county has made them i Robinson tells it we took off honorary citizens. They go swim without a red cent or a Ming every Day. They can t die All the invitations to Home i they hitchhiked the s. Koreans commies in furious baffle despite fixed line truce delayed reds Call meet at Panmunjom hint u. Considers Strong action soon against Rhee revolt Washington is ration officials admitted today it now will be impossible to sign a korean truce by saturday night As the allies had expected. They remained hopeful How Ever that the disappointing new delay would be Short in spite of South Korea s violent and so far successful Campaign to Block an end of the War. Washington up Secretary of state Dulles said to Day president Eisenhower has told syn Man Rhee hat he is holding Rhee personally responsible for the release of i anti red War prisoners and j that the u. And u. N. Expect South Korea to exert utmost Effort to round up the escapees. The government was under stood to be considering Strong action to bring president Syng Man Rhee into line. Sen. Hubert h. Humphrey d-1 Highway j. W. Pyle 1422 Minn said it is imperative that West Sullivan St. D. W. Mol we exert firm leadership Andi Fitt. I01 Fairview ave., and control in dealing with the South i Estelle Carmack 1409 Oak St. Korean he re i the times news will pay fleeced the feeling of a number of Tor each old photograph used is. In mate s death other jurors were Fred turn or Charles Skelton l. E. Chris Tian Dewey Hensley j. R. Hen Derson Harry Phipps Hayes Homer Price g. L Danie trial for the killing of her Hus Smith William Tate and John band near Kingsport feb. 9. Drinnon. Testimony Given in the Case the defendant displayed no indicated the shooting of 32 emotion when the verdict was year old Guy Harrell was Acci-1 read to the court dental. The verdict was rendered mrs. Harrell taking the stand by jury Foreman Kenneth in her defense said at 11 a.m., about one hour and 15 after the jury went out to consider the Case. That her husband Guy Harrell died from a gun wound inflicted see Harrell Page 10 cooked meals. They went to Sun i Miles from san Diego to Knox Seoul Korea Sabre Day school and Church last in 55 hours and stayed meet pilots knocked six comm tend Dav. Through Highland Park this u the Best town weve son said and residents of Woodside ave Ever been they agree. Knoxville about 10 Days Robin a nest nue would find themselves living on East Sevier Avenue under sweeping Street name revisions on the Way Back he added out of the North korean skies today in blazing duels with the russian made it All started in san Diego. We ran out of Money in Rock supersonic planes. Calif., on june 1 when Wood and decided to give up and in addition to the six kills the find Roc to o1 1 _4. I _ i. .1 picture series on City s past sunday old Kingsport scenes will be revived sunday in the first of a series of pictures submitted i to the Kingsport times news j by readers. Winners of in Cash for the photographs to be used in san i Day s edition Are mrs. B. N. Powers 977 Gate More pcs Bolt to Freedom in tense s. Korea almost now free Clark has no orders on situation Seoul new and bloody mass Breaks from Allied Stock Ades today swelled to nearly Loof you the of h of anti comm Charles h. Robinson. 21, proposed to the Kingsport plan Knoxville. Tenn., and Fly Roy Ning commission eleven Street name involving some of the City s Prin-1 Cipal thoroughfares were pro-1 posed by a subcommittee by Karl Goerdel. They form Only Iii the initial proposals of a Gen eral Reform to eliminate duplications and other confusing prob lems in the names of streets in the City and its suburbs. Before making a formal recommendation to the Board of mayor and aldermen the plan Ning commission decided to give the Public a Chance to be heard on its reactions to the names proposed. Anyone having object the Navy take us see sailors Page 10 Egypt proclaims nation Republic Naguib 1 St president Farouk dynasty out Cairo Egypt Egypt s military rulers proclaimed their nation a Republic last night the Rev. Or. Lawson will of ending the 148-year-old dynasty tons to the names proposed officiate at the funeral of former King Farouk and his suggestions for better ones crippled from child forebears and installing pre present their suggestions to the i Hood by infantile paralysis near big Stone big Stone Gap a. Funeral services for a 15-year old polio victim who drowned in Powell River near Here thurs Day will be held saturday at . In Phillips Chapel Church on the outskirts of town. Commission its next burial will be in the Mullins cemetery near the Church. Young Sizemore swimming with four other children dived into a fishing Hole of the River and hit his head on a Rock at the Bottom. Apparently stunned by the blow the youth came up twice and Sank before anyone could Rescue him. The Mother of his four companions mrs. A. N. Spears was on the Bank. Another youngster Avenue one of the Joshua Carroll who was fishing oldest streets in the City begins j nearby came to the scene and St Holston Street and runs in a Semi Circle across Broad and Watauga streets to Boone Street. On the other Side of Boone it becomes Walnut Street. Walnut runs for 10 blocks crossing the Bristol Highway proposed Cen Ter Street and Long Island drive through Borden Mill Vil dry of. Track Lage to the Bays View and win Llu Uci to Tull i Jull Ston Terrace area where Wood Side Avenue begins. The last meeting july 16. Continued streets several of the cases in the first Batch of proposals involve streets that actually Are continuous but change their names at various Points along the Way. Some of these originally were separate streets that now have connecting links. That s where Woodside Avenue comes into the picture. Sevier he Young Sizemore. Apparently life drowns Page 10 c-124s grounded of Tokyo up far East air named Street runs All the Way to j forces grounded All c-124 Globe a masters today while officers investigated the worst air plane Kon Narock Road. If the proposal is adopted Walnut Street and Woodside Avenue residents would not have to change the numbers on their houses. It was brought out at the meeting that the Post office see Street names Page 10 Lloyd s loses bet As Stork brings 3 Santa Monica Calif. A prospective father bet Lloyd s of London that the Stork on its first arrival at his House would bring More than one baby. Lloyd s lost. Papa won. Mama had triplets. The foresighted father Greg Ory Melanson paid the British insurance company a Premium for a policy that promised if his wife had multiple births. He took out the policy shortly after his 25-year-old wife became pregnant. Yesterday in Santa Monica Hospital she was delivered of two girls and a boy by caesarean Section. The babies a few weeks premature were placed in incubators. Melanson a retail hardware Salesman said there is a history of twins in his wife s family. Mier maj. Gen. Mohammed Naguib As the country s first presi Dent. At the same time the revolutionary Council which dethroned Farouk last july and has been the Power behind Naguib Ever since announced three of its members were taking Over key Cabinet posts. Chief of these was it. Col. Gamal Abdel Nasser Naguib s closest aide and acting chief who became vice Premier and Interior minister. Council s proclamation said Naguib would serve As pres ident and Premier until the end of the three year transitional period set up Early this year. After that the proclamation continued the people will have the last word in choosing the shape of the Republic designating a new president when a plebiscite on the Constitution takes eventual proclamation of the Republic had been expected since a Strong tide of anti monarchist feeling broke into the open with crash in history a disaster that i the departure of Farouk. The claimed 129 american lives. Fear said the investigators were sifting through the wreck age of the giant double decked passenger transport in an Effort to determine the cause of the crash near. Tokyo yesterday. Work Crews found Brown and stiff bodies disjointed like Gro Tesque caricatures of humans in pools of water against a. Slope up beneath a jagged Section of still hot Metal. These american boys died Miles from Elizabeth n. J., but this tragedy looked and Felt the same As the three plane crashes that converted Elizabeth into a City of fear within four months in late 1951 and Early 1952. The bodies resembled those at Elizabeth Only there were More of them this time. There was one big difference Between Elizabeth and Tokyo. In Elizabeth relatives of the victims rushed to the scene. Weeping they were taken to makeshift morgues to identify the bodies. There was no weeping in Tokyo because there were no relatives. There were friends but they were soldiers. Soldiers Don t cry. The weeping came later Miles away when telegrams be Gan arriving in american Homes. Change was recommended Al most unanimously by a 50-Man constituent commission which for several months has been working on the draft of a new Constitution. The proclamation stripped Fuad a the 17-month-old son of Farouk of his title As King and All his Royal relatives of their titles a Well. A Regency had exercised the baby s nor Inal authority Here since he was proclaimed Monarch on his father s forced abdication. In addition to Nasser the military men who came to the forefront in the Cabinet re shuffle were maj. Salah Salem named minister of National guidance and minister of state in charge of Sudan affairs. Wing Comdr. Abc Al Latif Baghdady War and Navy min ister. Maj. Abdel Hakim Amer be came commander in chief of the egyptian armed forces re liable sources said he would be jumped to the rank of major general. The governing Council announced the final overthrow of the Royal family after a six hour meeting. The Council s dramatic proclamation in the name of see Egypt Page 10 in the current series. Pictures of Kingsport and immediate surrounding area Are being used in the series. Part of bypass route approved Moulton says Grant less than City asked the ordnance corps has reason for requesting the plenary granted permission for Public companies session but it was certain to of a portion of the Holston lawmakers. There was no official hint of the action the administration has under consideration. As a starter however. President Eisen a Hower stepped up the pressure on j Rhee to quiet Down and officials sought to assure the communists every Effort would be made to re j i sabres damaged another capture the red pos South to while escorting fighter bombers i Rea defiantly released. J hit an air Field and Oil dump in Panmunjom. The comm a far behind the front lists called a meeting of chief in the if truce negotiators for 10 ., in the ground South korean to. J or. And communist troops fought Tedt to mint the furiously on both ends of he tons command braced for a Vio even though the Battle j of line already has been fixed by officials of both sides at pan communist spokesman gave no six communist knifed five positions in the Fin i a critical one Ger Ridge sector at the Western j piping radio Joist War prisoners liberated in South Korea s bold Defiance of the u. N. Command. More than bolted from five prison Camps and a Hospital last night and Early today on the heels of those ordered re leased wednesday by president syn Man Rhee of the Republic of Korea. Gen. Mark Clark far East supreme commander is dealing with the explosive korean Situa Tion guided Only by a Broad or Der to maintain the safety and Security of United nations forces the Pentagon relying on terminus of the bulge. At the Eastern end Roks and reds charged wednesday the United states had connived with South to ----------11uva w1l11 Kijuu Lull were stalemated at my Hill. Rea in the prisoner release and the Finger Ridge fighting in la. N. Officials feared Rhee s revolved Between 900 and reds cooped up on a Small Battlefield. A communist company surrounded one Rok unit and isolated it last night. Southeast of Finger. South koreans and communists battled five hours without making any headway. Only 300 reds were involved in them a fighting As the fight on the slopes of the Hill went into its fourth Day. Communist troops inside the 15-mile-wide two mile deep bulge hit the South korean defense line North of the Hwa Chon Reservoir without making a Dent. A free scenes Young Mother fails to spare the Rod As she takes child out of department store to parked Auto and administers punish ment. To for legionnaires put finishing touches on annual american legion carnival that will open this evening. Increased number of port Able rubber splash pools seen in front Yards during hot sum Mer Days. Volt might indefinitely delay a truce. See Korea Page 10 Tva has repaid about 15 per cent of funds j ordnance works Road necessary to Complete the bypass Highway Between state routes 81 and 11-w, it was announced thurs Day by col. William e. Ryan Holston commanding officer. The proposed bypass Road would connect with Highway 11-w at. A Point West of the Clinchfield Railroad underpass in old Kingsport and join High Way 81 near the Riverview Sec Tion some two Miles away. The office of the chief of the ordnance in Washington and Knoxville Tennes see Valley authority said today it is repaying to the u. Treas Ury 15 million dollars out of revenues from the Sale of Tva Power. A 10 million Dollar Check was mailed to the Treasury yester Day As repayment on funds a be consummated soon by the Propri ated by Congress and used off ice of the District Engineer in s supreme court president doom two atom spies execution May be before 10 . No recourse left open Clark s political and military the stay. Bulletin new York up u. Marshal William a. Carroll said Julius and Ethel Rosen Berg condemned atom spies will die in the sing sing prison electric chair tonight possibly before 10 . Est. Washington Dent Eisenhower and the supreme court today doomed atom spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg to death in the sing sing elec Ric chair tonight. The High court turned Down free desperation defense a Nevers to stay the execution of he condemned couple and or. Eisenhower sealed their doom by refusing to Grant executive Clem ency. There is no other recourse for he husband and wife team who betrayed u. Atomic secrets to Russia. The supreme court rendered to fateful decisions Between 11 a. And p. M., est. Then at p. Assistant White House press Secretary Murray Snyder announced to re porters the president declines to in the supreme court first can Elled the stay which Justice William o. Douglas granted on wednesday. Before the justices Ould leave the Bench two More defense moves were made. They retired for a secret ses Lon and emerged shortly to re act both. They refused to Grant a new stay asked by the regular defense lawyers recon Ider their Power to overrule Douglas As requested by a Volunteer attorney who had gained judgment has sent him no new detailed military directives. U. N. Command Headquarters in Tokyo placed at the to Tal koreans escaping in the past two Days and those anti red koreans remaining in Cus Tody. The figures differed some what with those released by the u. N. Prisoner of War command which said its totals were those making the break Early today included 494 who battled u. Marines at Ascom City Camp near Seoul s big port of Inchon on the West coast. Whether the mass releases and the ordnance ammunition Cen or in Joliet. 111. Have acted the favourably on colonel Ryan stations now in their my recommendation of Panl 9 to be official permission for the use of the Holston ordnance works Road be Given. Formal arrangements with City county and state authorities for the use of the Road will in capital investments. Nashville acting for the Ord additionally a five million Dol Nance corps. The corps of Engi Lar Check will be mailed july 1 j n e e r s normally handle All to retire Bonds used chiefly in the matters involving real estate Purchase of private Power com Pany said. Properties in 1939, Tva the authority is required by a 1948 act of Congress to repay to the Federal government All sums invested in Power properties within 40 years of their going into service. The 15 millions will increase to the amount Tva has returned to the Treasury. The authority says 555 millions have been invested in its Power system. Roads for other departments of the including the Ord Nance corps. The use of the Holston Ord Nance works Road will make possible completion of routes 81 and 11-w bypass and use of the new Bridge recently built by the state across Reedy Nel Ryan said. When informed of the a Tongay faces trial in tiny girl s death Miami Fla. Ton Gay 39-year-old swimming instructor today faced manslaughter charges in the death of his rep. Wheeler a a said to Day he will continue his attempt to have Justice Douglas impeached. The High court s action today definitely hand and strengthened my i will continue to no Ter the manslaughter warrant was issued after Justice of the peace Edwin Lee Mason dismissed a second degree murder charge yesterday and ordered Tongay held on the lesser count. Mason fixed Bond at the maximum penalty upon Proval d. W. Moulton City Man conviction of manslaughter is 20 Ager said he believes the portion see bypass Page 10 allies demand russians lift Berlin blockade protest brutal shooting Berlin russians to Day faced a Sharp Western de Mand that the reds immediately lift to their tank and troop Block Ade around East Berlin. The u. S., Britain and France also condemned the firing squad execution of a jobless West Berlin truck Driver As an act of brutality which will Shock the con science of the in a note to East Berlin s soviet control chief Sergei Dengin the three allies through their commandants of West Berlin condemned the rus sians irresponsible recourse to military Force which killed at least 18 berliners and wounded More than 200 in putting Down the workers revolt against red Rule wednesday., two Hundred soviet tanks and red armoured troops mean while kept up their tight Block i Ade of the City s soviet sector. Eight other cities in the so Viet zone were reported held by russian armoured forces in a state of siege As the protest strikes against the communist regime continued. There was no accurate Esti mate of How Many lives had been lost since the russians took Over Complete military control As West Berlin lowered All its flags to half staff in mourning for the dead of the Eastern re Bellion against communism red radio Berlin incessantly pumped out promises of reforms and appeals for the captive East Ger mans to support the government. Street Corner loudspeakers in the soviet sector blared it is the patriotic duty of every citizen to quietly take up the tools of his daily West Berlin took this As that the general to shoved their hand picked which touched off violent German government Back on wednesday is still under Way or at least threatening the shelf. In addition to the 18 known red regime. Dead in Berlin and one exe with 200 russian tanks and least seven were re ported slain in Magdeburg. The wounded were in the hundreds. More than 100 East berliners were in jail. Soviet troops sealing the entire East West Berlin Frontier there was no Way of knowing How Many East germans were staying sullenly Home. Years in prison. Mason said after More than three hours of a combined Coro Ner s inquest and preliminary hearing that there was no Evi Dence to show any beating by Tongay with his hands or lists but he added Kathy Tongay came to her death on May As a result of injuries received when she attempted to execute a High dive from the 33-foot Tower at the Macfadden Deauville Pool Miami Beach and that she did so in an improper manner rupturing her intestine which caused peritonitis and 4 seamen remain Idle on 100 coastal ships new York mediators worked today to Patch up a misunderstanding that abruptly ended a move toward settlement of the wage dispute that has idled More than 100 Atlantic and Gulf coast merchant ships and threatens to tie up 600 More. This left negotiators in the same deadlock that has existed since a. Tuesday when contracts expired for sea men on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Press for. Wheeler said. The president in a statement expressed the fear that the Ros see spies Page 10 legion carnival opens tonight the annual american legion carnival opens at 7 . Tonight on West Center Street with the largest show in the history of the carnival. For the past 20 years the legionnaires have sponsored the show which features top entertainment in both professional and Amateur Fields. This year there will be a free show every night instead of just during the last week of the i carnival As in the past Kelly goad chairman of the event said in making the Friday announcement. Among the featured attractions this year will be wimpy Wiseman originator of the famous daredevil hell riders who has changed his act to an even More daring feat. This year Wiseman will get into a coffin 20 feet in the air and explode a stick of dynamite one Inch from his head. Another thrilling act will be the High wire artists who acts use of a net the pair performs All sorts of gymnastics at a height of 115 feet. Climax of the act comes when they climb to the top of the rigging do dance on a 12x30-Inch platform and with or. Barrett lying on his Back and mrs. Barrett stand ing on his hands he raises her above his head. So lunar tables the schedule of Shomat periods a printed below. A been taken from John Alden enl Fht s so lunar tables. Plan your Days so that you will be Oil inc in have one of the finest Aerial in the world. Without the i nod it pfc t to find Good territory or bunt inf to during Teie i you 1-----_ the beit port each Day by to Otter. The major Feroldi Are indicated. Them begin at the Tymel shown and last for an hour and a half or two Thoun there after. The minor periods Are of somewhat Shorter duration. Ii thursday ii Friday saturday tuday . . Harm maw Kajer 11 at 13 it Lake stages Lake Levels Friday at jatauta Cherokee 10m.3 Rolston 1714.7 Boone 13m.i

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