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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - June 11, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee4 King port Timm Friday june 11. 1954 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper Edward or. Pub thru m t k publisher and graft j Alea uhf. Editor Tolu Bui Kluj. Merry go round letter to editor e. Utran Street. Klai sport. Tran Kwa porn. Southern association audio of circulation an published Coon except saturday exclusively to the list Lor cd ill credited toll or not erudite it in Arnu tanned pot Oli i c in Kia sport. Tinn As Fiat or 17. It at for Tho Aclo 8. 1871 with in saw York. Cal Capo. Detroit. Al subscription rate by first second postal, daily and sunday one year by Carrier us siring. One reek. Today s Bible thought not for your Sakos do i this. The god. Be it known unto you be ashamed and i on founded for your own ways o House of by brew peaks of breach Between the two chief allies of the last 15 years is much wider and More serious than is realized outside diplomatic circles. Great Britain and the United Stales who once fought Side by Side who once virtually decided world to Icv together who Over almost dec Ades were the greatest Loice for Democrat free Doms Are now in about the same position As the America firster hoped they would be before twi. The Days when Washington and London were in constant duly much when the ii ans atom ii Tele phone jingled intermittently Between the while House and no. 10 Downing Street when the United Stales always could count on the most Elo quent orator in the House of commons. Winston Churchill to stand up and take on All Comers in defense of the country which pave birth 10 Mother those days1 Are Over. Just a Little Over a month As Secretary Dulles and Admiral Radford both were in Europe begging Britain to go along with us on Indochina the same Doughty prime minister of England Rose in commons to proclaim that his government would not take military action in Indochina m and Vance of the Geneva conference. This meant that the russian delegates at Geneva simply extended their hotel reservations and settled Down to talk As Long As possible while red armies in Indochina Rode on to Victory. An old Man s Hope the times daily tonic n thing is truly infamous but what is wicked and therefore shame can never disturb an innocent and virtuous lock. Decision coming the question of the possible entry into the Indochina War by the United states seems to guessing game of yes we Shoul i no we should t no we won t. But some of the most careful analysts seem to be leaning to the idea that War is imminent. Very much Worth while Reading is the Marquis Childs Story on this Page yesterday a very somber picture of the possibilities. Or. Childs Guild Hall speech when he proclaimed the Indi Story is All the More impressive because visible partnership he does not go in for dramatic predictions or scare head stuff. According to or. Childs the entry of the United states into the War in indo Hie real begin Nimir of the end of the anum ican Alliance dates Bucklo the Bermuda conference of december. La involved col Worful personalities both accustomed to taking the bows on the Broad of International Diplo Macy. Churchill Hud carefully set the Staye in her Muda is the crowning conference of his Lusty and distinguished career. before Bermuda he had looked Forward with ill concealed Tion to the election of his Friend. Eisen Hower could hardly wait for Ike to take office to Fly to new York to yet Back on an intimate basis with the new president of the United states. The old Days when he lounged around for s while House when he flapped Down the while House corridor in Loose slippers with a Larrr Crimson and rold Kimono draped Over his pro truding Lummy would soon be Back Acain. Eisenhower he had known Well during the War. And to recalled among other things Ike ? famous the old Man figured that the wartime Alliance weakened under Truman and Attlee. Would soon be reinvigorated. One of the first things Churchill broached a new president of the United states was a big three conference Between himself Eisenhower China can Only be prevented by an a and stain. But Ike asked Tor time to get Mist ice that will be based on a reason Able arrangement and if we read be tween the lines correctly or. Childs is not very hopeful that such an armistice can be worked out. We assume that the word reasonable Means something that the French will find reasonable. If we understand the situation then. 1572 Greenfield Avenue Kingsport. Tennessee june 9, 1954 the editors Kingsport times news Kingsport Tenn. Gentlemen i would like to express the admiration and appreciation of myself and probably the Large majority of Kingsport residents for the Loyal and devoted service of the police mothers in con rolling traffic Dur him the past school year. The Small amount of remuneration thai they received could in no Way repay them for the hours away from their Homes and household duties and the inconvenience caused thereby. Rain or Shine hot or cold they were always at their posts. The police Mother at the school crossing seemed to be effective in controlling the Speed of traffic. I have observed them waving Down and warning lose who appeared to be going a Little too fast and also issuing summonses to the flagrant Viola tors. The presence of the police Mother served As a in Minier to Many motorists whose thoughts May have been wan Dering 1 cast my vote for All the police mothers to be named the citizens of the i Hope they Are bark with us next school year and the years to Fullow. In this child pedestrian and bicyclist safety i believe it is appropriate to Point out that the work of the police mothers should not Cense with Hie final school Bell of the year. That Bell should remind Earh Motorist of the double responsibility that is his Riding the sum Mer months. The children Are not in school during the Day and their minds Are Only on playing. Motorists be careful even if the children Are not. Let s All have a Happy summer e. L. Scrantom in t it Washington calling l Stokes Mac s window by j. Mcauliffe it is said that a certain moult Star in order to prove that his a gentleman always removes his shoes before kicking a lady even if she is his wife. This is what he Means by socking her. A movie critic says Zsa Zsa Gabor May play Minnehaha. He probably Means Minneboo Wool a doctor says that would really be a lot healthier if they went around on All fours like other animals. Sounds like Monkey business. Of course most people really do go around on All fours but they Are four wheels. The new housekeeper show her Mettle of she knows just How to the Issue at the first approach of that enemy the Roach. A a professor says people marry younger now than they fifty years ago. But How can they professor when they Are Lifty years older now a Man is suing a dare la company for it seems to be a curious amount. Wonder How he arrived at it it could be that this represents what he spent cigarettes plan taxes plus his doctor s Bills. A his new office. Then Stalin died. Later Church ill made a new suggestion that he and Eisenhower set together with tiie new Lender of Russia. Mai Venkov. And see if they could not Patch up the woes of the world. Again Eisenhower demurred. An old Man s Pride but the of Man persisted. Was a tune he argued when the would either go Forward toward War or could erect a Milestone for peace. He even sounded out the russian ambassador in it is that the United states is saving to j London who enthusiastically proposed that the to Chi Minh and through him to red big Nice conference be Heid m Stockholm. China and red Russia make a decent and fair arrangement with France or else we come into the we assume that we Are making it Clear to the reds what we plan to do. It would make Little sense if we not unless we prefer War problems which might later Lead to peace. With Malenkos to the aging prune minister flew to Bermuda it is said this is not a Bluff and the Churchill s big three proposal of course was somewhat m contrast to his earlier anti russian policies As will be shown in a later column. At any rate Eisenhower again said no. Finally As a Compromise n was agreed that the two men. With Premier Laniel of Franco should meet in Bermuda to discuss preliminary meeting Hollywood by Ekskine Johnson Hollywood Holly words not in the script Maria Riva. About Marlene Dietrich inspiring her As an actress i would insult my Mother by saying that her inspiration had been in the category of such a negligible profession As Hurt Lancaster beaming Over his Indian role in the personality stuff be Longs to the Young Fellows com ing up. I be had it and i m glad Washington in his few months on the supreme court our new chief Justice Earl u Arren has revealed his inclination toward the Broad political eco nomic and social and the that characterized his Long service to his state of California and to the Republican party nationally. As governor of California and in governors conferences for years and in the National councils of his party the chief jus Tice subscribed to participation by Federal government in Fields where the needs of the people cannot be met within the artificial boundaries of states nor with limited resources but re quire cooperative assistance from the Federal government. If one might seek the source of his philosophy it probably would be found partly in his instinctive practicality and common sense. It s behind me. From now on i which he applied to the manlf0id reds Are not to take it As a Bluff. How to prepare for the big event. The sleepy Little is land was decked out in its regal Best. Newspaper men descended from most of the free world. The want Only roles that will test my imagination and my Talent to utter Ever apparently this decision is one that three statesmen arrived sat Down discussed. Nancy Olson emoting in Bat is for red ears not for american ears. The reds might very Well ask them selves Why if we Are not bluffing we do not proclaim our intentions certainly to say we intend to do it could have no worse effect than to do it without warn ing. It is also True that the reds know very Well that sentiment in Tiv s country is very sharply divided on this question. They know the country would not been Thusia stoically behind such a War. There fore the reds might very Well assume new most Padrol huckster in techniques. We really Are bluffing and so Force our had written the u. N. Speech on atomic Energy Mot re and planned the dramatic flight to new York in _ order to get Ike out of a possible dead end Street there Are two other angles. One is the at Bermuda. French View. Which outcome is More the u. N. Speech was. Of course a master stroke in the International drama of diplomacy used against a past master of the same techniques. But suddenly after Only three scant Days of Dis Cussion. Eisenhower announced that he was Fly ing to new York to address the United nations. Churchill was left dejected and alone. Ii almost broke the old heart. Churchill wept copiously in Bermuda. And he has wept Many times since As he has talked to friends in London about the Way his Friend Eisen Hower deserted him. British bitterness Churchill himself a master International show Man later discovered that Eisenhower had planned his u. N. Speech Well in Advance had planned in Advance to break up the Bermuda con Ference. He also discovered that c. D. Jackson. Publisher of Fortune Magazine and a student of problems in one great state at a time when it was mushrooming into a veritable Western Empire. It was his task to supervise Tak ing care of an inundation by i second world inundation that flowed across Cali fornia s Borders at a great rate. He found that Federal help was tie cry for the first time since Grants from other Paru o the her newest Bambino was born Cour itry first during the Depres every actress should have two Sion years and then during the babies and be completely in love. With her husband. I m just not the same girl. I have a new feel ing of warmth. This is what be ing away from Hollywood has necessary to develop the natural done for resources of his state including Dan Duryea. About his China Smith to stardom i be been asked dozen of times if i Don t realize that i la Wear out my Welcome with the Public. I Don t believe it. I believe to of for movie town Sage Hollywood executives Aren t half As Small utilization of water for reclamation and electric Power to meet the demands of this new popu lation As Well As for housing the added millions and for increasing income so All could make a living and Prosper. Not a Stales Kishter so. At governors conferences and at National conclave of his party governor Warren was Dis covered expounding the philosophy of participation by the fed eral government where Neces sary on the churning economic and social front to give a dynamic impulse to our expanding Economy. He was never a Nar Row states Righter. Though for state action where that was Feas Ible and adequate. He was with the moderates of his party and antagonized the gop old guard which in turn responded by throwing Road blocks in the Way of his Nomina Tion for president in 1952. The two wings of the party now Are locked in combat in a struggle for control As we know. Presi Dent Eisenhower was the Candi Date of the moderates. While they Are out numbered in con Gress it must be some Suste Nance to them to have Aid and Comfort from the third Branch of the government in the great White building across the Plaza from the Capitol a Branch Over which one of their own kind pre sides. The supreme court completed its first session with Earl Warren As chief Justice and recessed for the summer with decisions in the Warren Mold that reinforce the Federal govern i l Veneve Al i Veneve i v h to t u u a ment protector of the general provides an assist to an actor s Likely to Appeal to the French an armistice that at the vol y Best would be but you Don t use. Those techniques against an old practical la a red Victory or the con Pidi i laity n in a 3, Tina lion of the War with the United states As a partner taking Over most of the Load one has a Hunch that the armistice will look like defeat to the French and the renewal of the War with the u. S. In it will look like a renewed Hope for Victory. Therefore it is not in film career. It brings him closer to the i if John Wayne temperament Lois Butler about her night in t popular in Hollywood be club warbling it s a different kind of Chal have to hold your own in Competition with prime ribs cause it s usually three parts ego and one part Friend of 79 who Harl planner the Bermuda con Ference As the crowning Climax of his Long career. So Churchill has been bitter Ever since. He has been so bitter that he has stymied the United states on every move proposed in so bitter that he has reversed Anthony Eden on Vari Ous commitments for Southeast asian cooperation so bitter that he has not permitted the Brit ish ambassador in Washington even to talk about a Southeast Asia nato. Politically this bitterness has helped Churchill on for it has dovetailed with the growing anti Ameri skely that if the French think we air Canion of England and has helped him appease not bluffing they will be a Little More the labor party. Stiff necked about armistice terms. Unquestionably the dramatic end of the a a Bermuda conference and the dramatic exit of then there is the asian View what e7.enhower, which left an old Man behind weep will the people of Asia think of such uni ing. Have affected Anglo american relations More to ,1 than any other single event in years. Lateral action by the United states told newsmen last week some May accept our claim that it is that discussions regarding Eisenhower s atomic to protect the native people but proposal when he flew to new York from Bermuda my pay r r had just about reached the end o the Road far More will think that it is to protect Joe s farm record this not end Mccarthy s anti farm Vot ing record however. He has voted against the Fanner right Down the line. When the commodity credit corporation wanted increase its borrowing authority by sup and Robert Strauss actors Are less neurotic than people except when they Are not working. Then they Are Cleo Moore after lunching with Tony Travis and dining with Fernando lamas the same Day Well a girl has to Gary Cooper i d like to be an Rosalind Russell about the Host of Hollywood ites who veiled her Back stage during her Long running Broadway hit wonder Ful i had to put on another performance in the dressing room every to it Jackie Loughery sex miss America nobody would watch to or go to the movies if All the girls looked like the girl next door. Interest. There was no connection of course with that rather dramatic ending and the speech the same Day by presi Dent Eisenhower except that in both and simultaneously the More progressive element of the Republican party got. Encourage ment after some cuffing and kicking around in recent weeks. In his speech at Chestertown Maryland the president warned against a government that is too but at the same time proclaimed that it is perfectly proper and necessary that government do for us Many things that at one time in his tory would have been considered reprehensible to our form of government and these things Are done through terms of legis Eisenhower s View he mentioned great social Security programs farm programs to prevent the Farmer from falling into a disaster concerning which he could have done nothing by himself programs for eliminating slums from the great cities and to make certain that every Ameri can has a right and an Opportunity to get a decent he continued All of these things in health and education every thing we do Are proper spheres for governmental action in working for shortly before that speech there came from the supreme court the decision which the chief Justice subscribed uphold ing the authority of the Federal Power commission to reach Clear Back to the source to producers of natural Gas to regulate the Price of that commodity and protect Consumers. There was also the decision which the chief Justice wrote sustaining the constr tonality of the lobby registration act by which the Public As Well As con Gress is informed what interests Are seeking to influence Legisla Tion and How much they Are As the chief jus Tice put it so picturesquely who is being hired who is putting up the Money and How and a few weeks Back was the decision written by the chief Justice to which the court assented unanimously to end segregation in Public schools and then the series of subsequent decisions Banning segregation in other areas. After All there is some Light in these troublous times. A Folly Dolly is a chorus Glria who wears a costume nine tenths of which is on top of her head. There is a Rumor of a Movis it must be in California where they have menus so the patrons can order a snack and have it served at their seat while they enjoy the show. A breach of Promise suit might be described As a suit of amour. With families with Small kids comes the great decision whether they should get or not get television. The kids in age from seven to eleven Are begging and squawking to High heaven. It s wonderful to keep quiet but then can we afford to buy it will they go to crazy and insist having it on All Day so Noth ing s missed will we be Able to get them off to Bead so we can see the shows is like instead you can easily save the Cost of a to set on what you do to your food budget. Mothers find that timing Mealtimes to some popular show it is possible in serve leftovers and cheap foods that they would not eat at the table. Kids have been known to eat spinach and parsnips without a word while their eyes Are glued to the screen. And for to eating Stew much More Welcome than Steak which you can t Cut without looking at it. Doctor says by William e. Gilroy . International plenty they d All go next correspondents frequently ask me for a discussion of fib Rositis a rather vague and often quite painful disorder. Stomach and intestines per haps a liquid or soft diet is in order. Other treatments depend on at the present time perhaps what appears to be the cause or Side glances French colonial Power. Generally that is the superficial look of things. The red propaganda machine will take that line and it will look plausible. Of course if our entry into the War to i 4 whi1luu us 1us Juilu Bulg Haj Fluri was accompanied by the Complete with so it could pay the Price drawl of the French from the War wan he voted no. A joint French american statement that and when the France was not coming Back and that Truman administration wanted to increase storage facilities Mccar thy also voted Iio. This was the worst blow the United states would get out soon _ ,.jumping Joe has struck at the National Arm As the country was pacified that program and partly As a result Farmers is impress asians and perhaps awaken that spark of patriotism which is now lacking among the pro French natives. But such an idea is not Likely to Appeal to either the people of France or to the of _ five or. May later on people of the United states plus Grain was left overflowing the bins and rotting on the ground. Mccarthy has also voted repeatedly to Cut vital appropriations for the agriculture de Paru Mienl including a straight slash one Shirri Cul in lne funds for helping Farmers obtain Martin we can Only Hope that the reds will cry and other production materials. Not think we Are bluffing and assume that we have the winning cards and on the critical subject of soil conservation. Mccarthy has voted six times to sabotage the i a program. Agriculture experts now agree that agree to reasonable armistice Leims. Be is a cause cause if Russia Calls us and we prove of the tragic dust bowl in the Southwest. We were not bluffing it will be a sad Day since he first came to the Senate. Mccarthy we May gain a physical Victory at Hanoi but lose once and for All the Victory Over the minds of the asian Peoples. Even ii we Sloppy re Ihn reds in Indochina we would sultry a moral defeat in the psychological will. Has also had of chances to vote for Rural electrification projects bringing electric Power to the farms. On the 15 Roll Calls he voted 12 times against the banners. But today he has suddenly by comr or fanners1 passion Nile. New found Friend prob ing for communists in the Asrin Illarr de Pat to mint who arc Saho Tagini the Farmer. Dad says since we All enjoy the Garden All of us ought to work in you game to remind the Best Way to describe i Rositis is to Call it a kind of rheumatism which attacks particularly the soft tissues such As the Muscles ligaments and oth ers lying under the skin rather than the joints themselves As is the Case in arthritis. Fib Rositis can hardly be considered a single disease however since sometimes it involves Only certain areas and at other times it is pretty widespread Over the body. Generally speaking it causes pain and aching soreness when the affected part is moved and often a certain degree of stiffness. Since inflammation in this Case the soft tissues Are considered inflamed. Fibres itis May Start suddenly with pain in some part of the body and for no apparent reason. Or it May begin gradually with fatigue starting before the soreness pain and stiffness. There Are Many possible causes for fib Rositis. The most common is associated with some infectious or toxic condition. This is one kind of rheumatism in which removal of an infected tooth or infected tonsils is sometimes of Benefit. Injury is also a common cause but sometimes the injury May have been so slight As to escape notice. Cold overexertion and Are commonly blamed. If the fir osiris is associated with an acute infection then rest for that inf Calion is a Mfd. If it comes with upsets of the causes and what can be done for it or them. The shoulder and lower por Tion of the Back the neck the guns. Most of us have had attacks of fib Rositis at one time or an other. Recovery is usual but since fib Rositis is Likely to be painful Quick Relief is badly wanted. Aspirin of course helps some. Heat treatments or other tissues around the Large joints forms of physical therapy Are and the Chest Wall Are common also useful in bringing at least locations. Pain is almost always temporary and sometimes present but swelling is far less permanent Relief. Sometimes constant. Nodules or Little bumps under the skin Are frequently Felt in or near the tender re the unpleasant last on and on to the distress of All concerned. Ouf our Way visitors seem More im7frf5tfd in some Little Drill Pees famous Pitcher or . Lisp to Avo pm of Tham th1 worlp3 machines built Herf the bulls afraid to Herr. A guv who Eveaj a wow a potato race. Fear. They la be aro1jnp Lookis for. The rotate

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