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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - June 9, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeOffice in Kingsport nested a new panel of officers take Over their duties with l. P. Gregory outgoing president turning Over his Gavel to Tom Owens As seen above. The picture shows the new officers with out of storage space for atomic bombs up the by Phil Newsom up foreign news editor Pandora opened a Box entrusted to her by the greek god zeus the Washington urn thereby loosed upon United states is turning out world All its troubles. Atomic weapons at such a rapid1 there is a suspicion that a clip that the atomic Energy truce in Korea also May open a commission is running out of Pandora s the suspicion arises because Sites to store them it was Dis of our almost total ignorance closed monday. Of present communist moves. Gordon Dean dec chairman. All we know is that after the also told a House appropriations death of Josef Stalin the Krem i subcommittee that parts of the Lin suddenly began to talk soft vast Savannah River atomic the trouble is that we Don t Plant in South Carolina have know Why. London to in you pass through in your life gives you a feeling of some kind grim or Gay depressed or Happy. The towns you never want to return to Are the towns that bored you not the ones that made you unhappy. But the towns you always want to see again Are the ones that gave you a lift. And London is that kind of a town. It has been called a Man s and it makes you feel like a Man. It has a sense of adventure about it an air of anything can happen. And since most everything you can think of has happened Here ii the past it May happen you. They might even dig you up after you had been three years in your grave and stick your head on a Pike As the Sec Ond King Charles did to Oliver Cromwell. Or they might Knight you for being a top jockey As they did sir Gordon Richards it is the town of the Long Pur pose and the purpose is to endure. It takes everything in its the in run Washington up _ a Mil stride because for centuries it the korean question Etc. Itary Board of review has upheld has expected that its biggest Etc. Opens the Way to the conviction of mrs. Will be the unexpected Kreuger Smith the is Why the British rarely daughter who was found guilty show curiosity or Surprise of stabbing her colonel husband it is a polite town one in to death it was disclosed today which the surest Way to lose face the army Board to take undue advantage of the outgoing and incoming presidents left to right Bill High Smith assistant Secretary Holiday Smith second vice president Charlie Wiggins Secretary John Wilson first vice president Roy Manu treasurer and Jim seals assistant treasurer. Times news photo some suspect a Korea truce conviction upheld May open a Pandora s Box a wife Hal Boyle s column started operation. This could mean that Large scale production of Hydrogen bomb materials has begun. The South Carolina Plant nor do we know Why they now seem suddenly ready for a truce in Korea. It could be that the Kremlin will produce both a bomb and i leaders need a period of comparative world Calm in which Given to solidify their own new to May 19 in a secret subcommittee sit ions. Session and was made Public to could be that the comm Day after Security censorship. Nist chinese have seized the of he said the dec s budget for to show Independence the 1954 fiscal year includes their russian partners and s200.000.000 for projects decided declared for a end of the j korean War in order either to a bomb materials. Dean s testimony upon since last january. These t projects provide for new under strengthen their own neglected takings in the weapons Field some of them associated in one Way or another with our Thermo nuclear Hydrogen he said. Orient including red China s demands on Formosa and a red peace treaty with Japan. Peace in Korea is one name to families of gis new York Korea is one boy s name internal position or to prepare for new adventures elsewhere. Second it could be part of the global Tom 11 if noon if fun a Itin families who sent a son or a Hus band Over there. When he comes Home they la believe in those far off truce negotiations that have aroused false Hopes so Many times. A Mother whose son won t be com ing Home measures the peace in terms of her boy s sacrifice too. I Pray for a Good peace that lasts so Richard did t for said mrs. Peter rior her son was killed in the month of the korean bomb object news that agreement had been Dean said a number of import pose of bringing to an end a War which no longer Tant measures Are being to push Forward the h bomb being a deed proving com. Monist Good intent. Program but gave no details. Official returns of Bristol Bluff vote noted Bristol Tenn. Spa wait awhile ing to an appeals court in civil Ian Law also affirmed her court martial sentence of life imprisonment at hard labor. Mrs. Smith 40 year old daughter of Gen. Walter Krue Ger famed world War ii com Mander was found guilty by a court martial in january of pre meditated murder in the Stab Bing of col. Aubrey d. Smith in the bedroom of their Tokyo apartment last october. British critics rap new opera London ii was a smash hit at the opera last night but Benjamin Britten s version of her namesake did t make out nearly As Well with London s music critics today. The occasion was the gala pre Miere of Britain s Coronation opera based on the Story of Elizabeth i and the Earl Shn Nih a iof Essex and dedicated to the crowned Sovereign. To Elizabeth and the bulk of the Royal adults headed the most audience that has was cautious As a deed it could be a new formidable communist weapon. The United states has proved its International maturity in the korean War. Public opinion has supported it As a dirty War that i 111 ii i j i had to be fought and Public i if a flip null pal i opinion has continued to sup Vii Viu ii we port it even when it became obvious that we could have ended lit months ago simply by return Thomas s. Curtin was unwilling chinese to mayor of Bristol last tuesday by communist overlords who want majority of 152 votes official de them As examples returns of the Bristol at heavy Cost in lives and Mon votes revealed monday. By the u. S. Has fought for its returns showed Curtin. A Bris principles. Tol attorney received votes but its principles have not while his opponent. W. A. S. Been popular even among Low polled votes. Friends. At Bluff City last the indians have accused us James Rod Taylor was failure to face facts in re for his third term As mayor of fusing diplomatic recognition Bluff City. Official returns raid China showed Taylor received 294 votes the indians. British and. While c. W. Preston polled 71. Others have looked with Strong George , commission suspicion on our continuing rec or of finance and accounts or ignition of Chiang Kai Shek. Bristol was unopposed and re Btl sch have refused to along with us on total pm your position. The waiter always says thank you when he brings a Fork or Napkin. But in you bawl out a waiter everyone in the place will look at you As if you had slapped your wife in Public. You Don t bawl out any body out loud in lower your voice and put an Edge in it. Paris is a High Sweet note but London is a deep chord a music with the heavy beat of time behind it. Paris is a spleen Dor London is a Gray grandeur. London is a town where they Don t tear Down ideas or build Ings merely because they Are old. People Here Don t think of his tory Only As something that happened to their ancestors they feel themselves a part of it and wanted to be sure. I Haven t told them said mrs. Maryjane Shadish. Her husband a Captain in the army medical corps is a prisoner. I m i just waiting for the Day when 11 can say that Day will be when mrs. Shadish sees her husband s name on a prisoner Exchange list or gets a message that he is re turning. Other prisoners families showed the same reluctance to count on the end of the War. All the ingredients of a proper Royal Celebration were at hand except a suitable opera or even a Good commented critic Cecil Smith of the Dally express. Most of the other critics new zoo Boarder new York the Bronx zoo has a new Boarder today but no one knows How the Bird a Penguin from the Southern tip of South America made Way North. I Why pay reckless Driver if Jroud re a careful Driver you can Fet remarkably Low rates with Tate farm com Pany dared to be different. State farm s careful Drivers make their own Low Auto insurance c. F. Payt my Bristol Hwy. Phone z34z Cei Ved complimentary votes. _ in Bristol commissioner of Bargo of Trade with red China. A truce in Korea is certain to streets race Maurice Conn British d h d Over George Green by the mar mands for a four Power Confer. Gin of to votes. Ence with Russia also is cer. Elected As Alderman in Bluff i Tain to revive demands for red City were William c. Good Kyle China s admission to the in. Weaver Leonard Miller Ger Many Souder and Albert Green Way. J. Paul Johnson was unopposed for City attorney and received 204 complimentary votes. And in the korean truce agreement is a trick clause. It was inserted by the reds and provides that the political con Ference to follow a truce shall seek a peaceful settlement of learn dance to Arthur Murray s and sea How Young and healthy you feel a fact dancing keeps you Young and feeling fit. It tones up your Muscles gives you poise and Assurance. Learning to dance the Arthur Murray Way is not Only healthful but it s fun and easy too. Thanks to Arthur Mur Ray s exclusive magic step method you learn the key to All dances your very first lesson. In no time at All you la be dancing with Carefree Confidence and Grace. Yes and you la feel like a new person too so come in or phone now. Studios open from 1 . To 10 . 133 Broad is. Murray Over Roberl f 3898 Condino Neit Man he. 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So Many wonderful shopping windows to look into so Many old winding streets to explore so Many quaint alleys mews purlie us and places to wander in toy lanes of a Flowe Box in almost every win Dow to brighten the Dull Days. London is an exciting town a romantic town full of the Tang and vitality and love of living where the past is never finished or forgotten and the future still unwinds in Hope. It is a bitter Sweet town of Shine and Shower where Breed stands firm in any weather a town i always like to see and always hate to say goodbye to. This is my love letter to Lon Don. Kingsport times tuesday june 9, 1953 3 easy Way to clean painted Walls and Woodwork to Gatesl follow tha formula on Little to Peep bottle and an your punted Walla and Woodwork cleaner Tutor than Ever before won t dim Hiffa Flam let Little help you keep Pentad Aari Aona looking newer. Lasting longer. The a Raite method of million. 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