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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - July 29, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 8 faulty brakes could Lead to a collision. Kingsport times vol. Al no. 150 Booe my 31 Kingsport tenn., thursday july 29, 1954 24 pages five cents the we Fher some cloudiness tonight with Low in upper 60s. Friday increasing Chou Siuess hot humid with scattered afternoon thundershowers. Wednesday s nigh. 91 last night i Low 64 noon Reading 85. Photo by Coalfield Progress prisoner removed to Beins moved from a Norton vs., Hospital to the Wise jail is Hershel Akers charged with murder in last week s slaying of state trooper Robert Giles. Akers was wounded by another officer after Giles was shot while trying to Stop a fight. With the Pris Oner Are sheriff Harold Fleming Kenneth minor left and Harold ii agey. Button and Kefauver resume hot Campaign rep. Pat Button of Tennessee s sixth District flew into Kin Spori wednesday afternoon stayed for a. R about an hour and flew out Lui Iven injured Ike s lax Bill in final test to delay probe on mccarthyism i Washington Republican move to sidetrack the anti Mccarthy Resolution until after the congressional elections was made today As the Senate neared a show Down on the Issue. Sen. H. Alexander Smith a no made Public a Resolution he is introducing to create a special bipartisan committee headed by vice president Richard m. Nixon i to investigate the alleged Good or evil of so called Smith told the Senate he will of Fer his proposal As a substitute for the Resolution by sen. Ralph i e. Flanders rvs to censure sen. Joseph r. Mccarthy j the Flanders Resolution is due party rift Over Suez May put Winnie out big Home building Boom predicted by Capehart to come up on the Senate floor Washington. July 29 i clearance activities tomorrow but the committee legislation one of Eisenhower i ent to if new and con had As ked for 140.000 units Over if old. Loans could run As to report to the Senate not later Eisenhower s than feb. 1. 1955. This session. Legislative a should boost Home posed by Smith would be instructed i Gress major actions on president j next four years without this re Long As 30 years instead of the Striction and the Senate originally j present limits of 20 to 30 years went along on that. But the House the measure includes several refused to authorize any new pub new gimmicks designed to Elim Lic housing when it passed its orig mate extra Large profits by build ers of government backed apart Flanders said that i do not a building by 10 to 20 per cent. Sen. Cent Smith s substitute move. Capehart Randi said today. He declared i think this is a Capehart Senate banking com final Bill Case where courage and decisive Mittee chairman steered the com a Capehart said the conference Merit projects. Some senators led a separate motion after a vote on my Resolution of the new englander said he will go ahead with his anti Mccarthy move tomorrow even if sen. John j. Mcclellan dark is not Back Washington ministrations giant tax Reform Mcclellan is the top Democrat Bill had one More High hurdle to Ness will pay dividends in straight Promise measure to Senate Pas a committee which framed the final by sen. Byrd a Vai were ening out a political situation that Sage last night by a 50-21 Rol Call version of the Bill was indeed tempt Ous of these anti Windfall is at present covered with Clouds vote thus sending the Bill to the j fortunate to have won House j devices and forecast their effect charged with electricity White House. I agreement for even the restricted he added that i will gladly sup-1 the Indiana senator said in an Public housing feature Nurt this the Smith Resolution As interview today the Bill contains in other major respects. Cape port tvs line Amun Lebou Roii us in test vote looms As Winnie seeks approval of pact by Hal Cooper London july 29 my a serious conservative party rift Over Britain s Suez canal zone pact with Egypt handed the Laberite opposition a tempting Chance today to Force the resignation of prime minister Churchill. It was doubtful the socialists would seize the a great Deal of what the presi Dent he commended the House for having agreed to a Hart said the new Bill liberalising Down payments and extending re payment periods on Homes bought 000-unit Public housing program with government insured Mart described try Senate Public followed closely the housing advocates As a Sha i and a de proposals Eisenhower sent con egress Early this year. That Compromise provision. A Capehart said the new housing Eisenhower Bill certain to pump even noticeable a windfalls were described i Chance. The test comes in a House of commons vote tonight on Church i ill s motion demanding Parlia Emu Ianis were leu Al Roval of the agreement profits made by builders who built to Pul troops out projects for less than the amount ule strategic canal zone of a government insured loan and a group of 4q pocketed the difference. Group of 4q conservatives angered at seeing an the measure also contains a Dit of Britain s dwindling pm provision requiring lenders in the spire crumble away have served repair j Nev will vote against the of the j g0vel-Nmnnt government backed Home loan program to take Bristol. J Sutton is a candidate for the. Democratic nomination for u. S. Senator. He came Down on the carnival grounds opposite City Hall in his helicopter about 2 . See pictures on form 5, 24. I u w Vav u indicated the vote of 10 am est tomorrow woman s he id no talk Here because of the Usua. Sparse wednesday afternoon crowd. No unit thursday morning. Than a local firm Early thursday m stockholders. Million corporation stalled a modern room air con Friday Button will be on the air ditto nor in the h0v s room bring Over television from Johnson Welcome from the Dan for another of his now famous wednesday at Greeneville Sut ton charged the Cio steelworkers at Alcoa were forced to donate one Dollar each for senator Estes Kefauver s re election Campaign " he Marie his charge concerning the steelworkers before flying to Kingsport. M. C. Wes ton head of san coworkers local serous summer heat. Young Hackney son of or. And mrs. John Hackney Johnson City Highway Ford town. Route 2, is paralysed from the Waist Down As a result of a swimming1 Accident. Because of his paralysis the boy cannot perspire. Hospital authorities said an air conditions unit would solve the problem. Thursday re himself is called up Tow newsmen that he a ref represents a Compromise Oei 309 at said to be out of Eiveri Calls from a Large number the . Amendment and an la me Senaie Amii ameril Ana ail it would exempt the first s50 of cts some interesting discus dividend income received after july 31 from Federal taxes and permit subtraction of four per cent of any remaining dividend income from the taxpayer s final Bill. House democrats failed by 227 to 165, to eliminate the four per cent tax credit. In a vote ealier this month the Senate voted overwhelmingly against any such pro vision except the exemption. The provision As it now stands represents a Compromise Between but to said he does not know if As had been expected a motion to table the anti Mccarthy Resolution will be made. Cool reception Given Rhee talk town and other Union officials were also not available immediately for comment. The sixth District congressman said two Cio members drove from Alcoa to Rutledge tuesday and told him that they were forced to give is each for Kefauver s Campaign. But Howard Humbard. A Mem Ber of local 309, told the associated press that we Haven t been asked to donate anything much less he said he lives in Knoxville and works at Alcoa. Tribute to a fund for the unit which is no longer necessary. Listed for District fair the Premium list for the sixth Liberal original House version approved last Spring. The stiff fight in the House against granting the extra tax re Lief to stockholders is expected to strengthen the hand of those opposing it in the Senate. The dividend provision already has been a hot Issue in several primaries and democrats plan to use it As an example of what they charge is an Eisenhower administration Bias for big business. The tax break for stockholders. Button Here that Kefauver i annual East Tennessee District a much would Cost the government Washington syn Man on gun charge an irate wife took her husband for a hair raising ride at gunpoint that ended with his stopping the car opposite the Highway patrol Headquarters Here and hollering for help at about thursday morning he told police. The husband Harry Morrison 54, route 4, said he does t know what he would have done if City motorcycle patrolman Charles Ford had t arrived As he was wrestling with Bis wife for the revolver. The wife mrs. Gladys Morrison 51, was taken to the City jail. Police said she will be charged with felonious assault and carrying weapons. Morrison said his wife claimed i was going with another Wom a Rhee neared the end of his White House talks today after winning personal acclaim but a Cool reception for his plea to Congress for War against red China now. After laying a Wreath at the Tomb of the unknown Soldier the South korean president was to have his fourth and perhaps last session with president Eisenhower since arriving in Washington monday. So far neither american nor korean sources have Given out when his wife drove up in their Cohn turns Down Mccarthy offer new York july 28 i Gordon Browning Gordon Browning an. According was Stai on High to the husband he Ding to the Nus Anu r ending by a grocery Irav 81 about a. M. Was being financed by left Wing fair and horse ers and repeated his claim that mailed has been More than 200 million dollars in word on How the conferences Are Coupe stuck a .38 Smith and was Ivan county Friday to All former exhibitors Revenue this year is Only one of progressing. Rhee is said to seek i son revolver with six Inch Tjai Ren the former who is of pain. To John Poteat presi More than 3.000 major and minor More military and economic help at him. And said get in the car Tennessee vane Audi i a _ _ in tax aws in for his War ravaged country and with me he started driving try unify it by driving the communists i ing desperately to figure out some the Valley Authol it is acco Ramg 10 Jonn a Opeai presi rim in the senatorial Cam Idem the catalogue for the fair changes in tax Laws contained his War ravaged country j which hem m Kingsport the Bill. . Backing of his ambition to i he Sald Ngsi August 23-28, 1954. Lists Over Knoxville f the special i in premiums beef Racket squads in the u. S. Treas Ury department formed on the recommendation of the 1950 sen Ute crime committee have collected 225 million dollars in Hack cattle Dairy cattle dual purpose cattle sheep poultry arts and crafts and photography according to or. Poteat. Poteat further said that there taxes. Sen. Estes Kefauver said i were several thousands of dollars in prizes for future Farmers of oppo America. Future Horn makers of Here last night. Contrast that with my nent s statement repeated Over America and 4-h club members and Over again As is his Poteat said the catalogue had better his the j been mailed to All people who had others who will Benefit from some tax Relief Are about working mothers anyone with High medical expenses about half a million Farmers carrying out soil and conservation practices and an estimated retired taxpayers. Everyone would have an extra month to pay his tax Bill or file his tax return. Most of the changes provided in affect business con committee was just a waste of Ever participated in the fair and Money to the taxpayers of Ameri All who had requested a catalogue television other persons desiring one May j pick them up at the chamber of at the told Cerns. Biggest break for this group gives firms a Chance to deduct More for depreciation of property of a preventive War. Out of North Korea. Eisenhower reportedly wants Rhee to go easy on his unite Korea by Force plans and to adopt a More Friendly policy toward neighbouring Japan. A joint statement is expected at the end of the talks. The White House did not make known Eisenhower s views yester Day on the South korean s fight ing talk before a joint session of Congress although the speech conflicted with Eisenhower s previously stated views against the concept in the Early years of use than addressing senators and con Gressmen in a soft emotion packed now allowed. Kefauver meeting supporters of senator Estes be blockade China that u. S. Air Force bombers hit its productive Fauver meet at Mack Ray s cafe centers and that an asian anti attention of Law officers. Finally he turned onto East Center Street with the idea of trying to attract the attention of Highway patrolmen at their Headquarters at Brooks Circle. Morrison said when he got opposite the station he stopped the car yelled for help and grappled with his wife for the gun. The Hus band still distraught 30 minutes later at the police station said attendants at a nearby service Sta Tion did t come to his Aid and unarmed Highway patrolman Joseph r. Mccarthy a wis says Roy Cohn a principal in the bitter army Mccarthy controversy has declined a offer to serve As his personal consultant. Mccarthy spoke last night at a testimonial dinner for the 27-year old Cohn who recently resigned As chief counsel of the Senate per manent subcommittee on investigations which is headed by Mccarthy. I asked Roy if he would serve on my personal office staff As my personal representative on the Mccarthy said. Roy turned it Down. He said it would be like going out the front door and coming in the Back Cohn the senator added left me against my advice but per haps he was right in doing it. I could see Why Roy Felt his useful Ness was not what it should Mccarthy who had no prepared Gordon Browning comes to sul address did not elaborate. J at one Point Mccarthy referred j to Cohn As a then quickly said i but you can t Call Roy a Vic a urn. Never be a victim of nominal conserva Tive majority of 20 votes in the 625-member House. Churchill thus was in the uncomfortable position of having to depend on his socialist opponents for the support Neces sary to put his policy across. The ticklish situation in com Mons was one of several troubles currently plaguing the old Warrior who has yet shown no inclination to heed the urging of his wife and doctors that he retire. In the House of lords there was a almost unprecedented scene last night As lord Reading min ister of state for foreign affairs set forum the government s position in support of the Suez agreement. Angered Peers who normally sup the government complained they had no time to study the pact. They Only after the House Leader. Lord Salisbury one of Churchill s closest advisers withdrew a request for immediate walked Over and then went Back for his gun. Voice the 79-year-old asian Patriot urged that american warships motorcycle patrolman Ford received the Call on his radio just Kefauver audience. Kefauver listed several other i Commerce m Kingsport results of the committe s hearings i county agent s office in any of and charged that his opponent j the fourteen counties of the fair rep Pat Sutton. Sponsored a Bill area or drop a card to the East last year which would make de-1 Tennessee District fair 226 por tation of criminal aliens More Merce Street Kingsport Terla tool get at for a communist army of two million my h h at n Dimer in Honor of the South koreans and chinese a if s been offered a senator who is a candidate for rationalists equipped by the United and Buff ass Toofic Tennessee he new to Dyersburg years with one exception entries the Aub 5 he also Doc la Edson to Walton this morning and scheduled talks i in the open Dairy show in he red regime. She was very angry and claim in Brownsville Bells Alamo today 1954 fair will be restricted to the senator Kefauver Nimeh is the one scar 010 korean Ai Hart Tho and a Adio address in Dyersburg fourteen counties of the fair to attend the dinner. Imi slice should be scrapped tonight. I Poteat said this Means the Dairy in the talk last night. He said j Farmers in upper East Tennessee Button s Bill would help several will not have to compete with col aliens against whom deportation Leges and professional dairies from proceedings now Are pends. He i out of the fair area. He said that said the department of Justice some s600 in prizes that had been had said that the Hill would result Koine to this Type of exhibitor in delaying or defeating the de-1 would now pro to exhibitors por tation of criminal j upper East Tennessee. Kefauver named 12 aliens which the department now is attempting to Deport and five others who have been deported already because of the committee s hearings. Piping charges plane violations Tokyo ins radio Pep info charged today that United states planes and ships violated Rod China territory and seas nearly 3.000 times Between the Start of the korean War and last february. The communist radio in a propaganda blast heard in Tokyo claimed that u. S. Air Force planes invaded the northeastern China air Over Manchuria on july 27. 1953, and shot Down a soviet com nine Cal Airliner killing 21 persons. The red broadcast said Ameri can no Craft committed violations during the 44-month period ending in febuary. And that u. S. Naval vessels Hart entered China seas 336 times. Red adjournment vote Defeated in House Washington Insi the House Defeated 193 to 183. Today a Resolution calling for sine die adjournment of Congress saturday and left the Way open for possible action on a postal pay raise Bill. Approval would have sent the measure to the Senate where it was certain to have been amended to a later Date anyway. Senate leaders have set a target Date of aug. 7 for Congress to quit. Defeat of the Resolution was a Victory Lor House democratic whip says is playing polities As he was approaching the Circle from the East and came to the Rescue. Cite patrolmen Harold Walton de her husband had the gun. Phenix City sheriff ordered to appear Phenix City ala., july 29 Public officials ousted from office when National guards Washington. 29. Sen. Mccarran a Nev said today atty. Gen. Brownell has injected politics into National Security and that this accounts in part for a Lack of action on the administration s anti subversive Bills. Most if not All of the other major parts of the administration program leaders of both parties agreed seem Likely to pass in some form. Mccarran also said some of the anti subversive measures submitted to Congress by the Justice department have been so loosely drawn thai they he is a former chairman of the Senate judiciary committee and its red Hunting internal Security subcommittee. President Eisenhower yesterday Ference he would be More than bit Terly disappointed if Congress adjourned without passing them. Later in the Day a housing Bill lacking some of the things he asked for cleared Congress. Sens. Knowland

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