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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - July 22, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeAnnex asian ration Days City county 242 26 when Hare you your ctr checked for mechanical use tit tomorrow too Titt. Kingsport times vol. Ali no. 146 King port t.nn., Friday july 22, 1955 family weekly sunday 14 annexation areas listed Hert is list of the areas to affected by the annexation refer on August 13. Only those qualified voters who live within this area will be to vote. Noon saturday july 23 is the registration deadline. Since this county rather than the county books. A City election voters must be registered newcomers and those never voted in Sullivan county before Are eligible for registration if they Are 21 or Over a citizen of the have been a resident of Tennessee for at least one year have been a Sullivan county resident for at least three months. Those who were registered voters in some other area of the county who have moved into the proposed annexation territory since they last voted need Only to inform the registrar in Blountville of their change of address. This May be done by mail. Those who Are not registered must Register in the office of the wig Star of voters at the Sullivan county courthouse at Blountville Here follows the list of blocks covered in the affected area City planners discuss by pass Highway system a proposal to include Warpath drive in a by pass Road system circling the outer edges of Kings port came to Light thursday night at the july meeting of Hie City planning commission. Jack Dick spokesman for a Rterle station of Warpath drive residents told the commission stale Highway engineers have placed stakes along the Street and residents have heard rumours they plan to extend its present 60-foot right of Way Width to 80 eel. He said he had not been Able to confirm these rumours and asked information concerning the plans. Most planning commission Mem cers said the development was to them but City manager d. W. Moulton partly clarified the Moulton said the chamber of Commerce Highway committee had discussed the possibility of extending by pass roads already planned to form a Complete Circle round the City and Hod asked the fit ale Eny Meers to make the., few. He said he had no knowl Edge of any plans to increase the right of Way Width. Dick promised that he would informed of any developments involving drive that May be discussed or acted upon by the planning commission in the future. He said the residents would like to have the Sivesi paved and had tin no sections to its becoming an arterial route but they would object 1o having 10 feet sliced from their front Yards. Until they know the plans he said the residents Don t it now whether to Back the proposal or oppose it. Most houses in the 1300 through 1500 blocks have been built within the last two years and set Back bout of feet from the Street. Dick with plenty of room in the Baeff Yards. If the builders had known the Street was going to be widened he said they would have net Back further. On record Are plans for b Road connecting u. S. Highway 11-w in old Kingsport with state Highway 81 near Tennessee East Man company for a four Lane High Way to Bristol and for an Extension of this Highway Westward from Garden drive to a Point on near Holston ordnance work area. B. In the past the planning com Mission has discussed informally the desirability of adding other by Street address r strut. And Bridwell Street. 107vis Al Roll ten null Street. Fill 1wm Central sir tit 131? u 1540 inc. Circle View. Entire Strett Street entire Street Conw Ftp Drue 1517 it strict e. Street. 1610. J3k7 inc. Sufi inc. Foft Llmott filler u 13m inc., tn4 131.8 inc. K. Center Street old Bruni 19111 to 3811 inc. And u inc ensure Strett f Street. Is entire Street fort Hent drive m31 u u537 Lac inc. And All of Highland Park annexation request is made by Bill Barnett a request for annexation of the rest of Highland Park to the City was received thursday night by the Kingsport planning commis Sion. Residents of the area South of East Center Street Extension old Bristol Highway and of lots front ing directly on the Highway on the North Side will vote on annexation in a referendum August 13, along with residents of several neighbouring areas around the Eastern corporate limits. The annexation proposed thurs Day night would take in remaining Highland Park areas North of East Center Street. B. P. Minor Princi pal spokesman for a delegation of Highland Park residents estimated the population of the Northern area at 600 to 800. The population of the areas figuring in the vote August 13 has been estimated Al approximately 2.000. Since it was too late to include the Northern area in the August 13 vote the planning commission decided to defer action on the new request until after results of the referendum become known. In addition to minor members of the Highland delegation included Paul b. Castle 1649 a Street u Street _ Street t. R. Hide a we. Kure Strutt Holly drive. Entire Strart Housum Avenue. E nil re Street Avenie. Entire Street Kleet. Entire Street Kenmore drive it Ajette Circle. Entire Street Lee Strart. Entire Street mrs Jan Korf. Entire Street Manolik Street t nil re Street Maxwell a Cit Trett Ittem Orui Bird. Bridle Mol v. Inc. Iii to inc. Nail Street knt Tri Rathen Street Liu Ali Una Oak View Street entire Street Oakwood Street. Entire Street kid Keeder Creek rd., 1617 and in 1 Akemon drive Street plan View Street Fullre Street to nth Street. Entire Street kids View Street std Sanford drive. Shipley Street. Entire Street Steadman Street entire a treat Street entire Street Valley View. Entire Street Var Lnu Street entire Street avenge. Entire Street. Emmett Kimbler. 1635 of Street w. C. Perry. 1732 a Street and c. U. Hoskins a Street. In answer to a question from planning commission member minor said he did not know whether a majority of the people in the area favor annexation but raid most of those with whom he had discussed it did. Before recommending Onnela Tion of the areas figuring in the August 13 vote the planning com Mission with the assistance of volunteers from among the Resi dents conducted House t o House surveys. The surveys showed a majority in favor of annexation although it was a close decision in some sections. It appeared Likely such Survey would be conducted in the Northern area before the planning commis Sion reaches a decision. Among other business at its july meeting the planning com Mission 1, denied a request for rezoning the Church of the Nazarene site on West Sullivan Street from residential to business on the ground such a change would be spot rerun liar. The Rev. D. J. Of the Church wishes to sell the property but has had Only offers from prospective buyers who plan business development. Since the Church first acquired Hie property a Row of supermarkets and other business establish soviets make no reply on military plans Swap photo by discuss drainage j. P. Go it and is Loolu Otis Pendleton shown four Streeta remaining to Complete the Danli Inge to Long Island. Other Elmer Hook Section of roman for the Highway Hoy Bernard the Rev. T. R. Benton Parris Vance Lind Lawson. Family quarrel causes shooting a family quarrel resulted in the wounding of Kamey Staple Ion jr., 21, on Cloud Ford Rood about five Miles from Kingsport Early thurs i with t streets. The area Between the trial zone fronting on the Alley by Day evening Stapleton suffered a hip wound from n 12-Rauge Shuiyun held by his brother in Law eminent Mcgathey. 39. Mcgayhey snid he was Tryl Nuj to protect his children and wife Sta Pluton s sister who is soon to have Hesnut held safety tests for Sadk Pendleton give vaccine take 100 Days by hot Knask Mylks july 2 2 ins the manufacture of sulk polio inc Cine requires 20 Days but 100 Days i Indianapolis today. The ully pharmaceutical House was provided about half of the Salic vac Cine used thus fur and almost two cause of delay Long Island met with commissioner Otis Pendle ton thursday night to discuss the completing of the drainage system business establishments and West Sullivan originally intended for apartment houses and zoned accordingly is occupied by parking another he on a felonious assault Chirpe Pend lots serving the businesses. 2. Granted final approval for pan of Block 234, Greenacres and Irik Devenn nation of Stapleton s i Liuti Hitri Anuial Hijii Coridi Utji. Cd not Ioui been made in accordance with pre Jat Holston Valley Community hos Vious plan Nizik com Mission Thiu used in the elaborate testing of All that has been re safety. Since new test Iii standards a this five to one ratio unique for were set. Precaution in manufacture of Hij he report details the new sound ologies. Was disclosed in h report in covers Al from Eli Lilly and company of companies manufacture it. Ire at no us for Long Island Pendleton said the Only thins holding up the final phase of work who that several Light poles Tine Wilder meters Hud to be move Ges Nons. 3. Confirmed the grunting of King Johnson of Vermont is miss it. S. and one of the favourites for miss uni verse laurels. Miss universe contest opens by James Bacon Long Beach Calif. Exotic Oriental a statuesque pass but Moulton said it swede a voluptuous engl Shwom hns taken no official action on any an. A Blue red latin Marilyn Mon of them. Roe and n Vermont Republican Are Nick suggested thut if an 80-foot i favourites today to win the miss Richl of Way is needed for a i universe Crown. I Southern link of the Loop thru Phil fifteen intentional Ftp. Investigating officers Cpl. Harold Fleming and pal Lloyd Contes of the Highway Patro said the final approval for the Simon Forbes this had been approved Between regular meetings of the commission after loners were obtained from he county Highway department and county health department the Only requirements lacking when it was last presented. 4. Granted preliminary approval for Eside Nual portions of Pat ton Heights subdivision on the pro posed four Lane state i a near fort Robinson addition. Approval for proposed business lots fronting directly on the proposed Hill Vav was deferred. Elmer Mcnutt of Westwood development co. Brought with him Gathey said Nelmes tried to Kenj three or four but Ronale plans to put the Amie away. I in development and presented loj his and to Iii out the commission the company s Mcgathey Hanm asked the the Proli Minard upper Val two to Lavt said hut uicyi., 1." Hen that the amount of Bond would be determined Friday morning. The shooting occurred about . After the Mcgath oys snid they had both asked Staple a Nelmes. 25. To leave their Home. They described the two As being drunk and loudly profane in front of their five children ranging in Ages from 15 months to 15 years. Man is charged in big robbery a said that on your Jhc the production and be filing of the vaccine Medure is it complicated pro never before has been fully detailed. As a result misunderstandings have Arisen. Streets Are War Ricot buckles Park and Young he said. The the two companies had been notified and. No decisions made by big 4 foreign chiefs Geneva a Fly sum Mit conference came to grips to Day with president Eisenhower s dramatic Otter to Exchange Mili tary blueprints with Russia. The big four foreign ministers held a three hour meeting in and Vance of today s sixth Summit ses Sion but soviet foreign minister v. M. Molotov made no mention of the president s proposal an authoritative source reported. The ministers spent the morning working on recommendations to be submitted to their chiefs of govern ment on German unification european Security and disarmament. They announced no decisions is they recessed for lunch but will meet again for an hour s talk be fore president Eisenhower prime minister Eden Premier Bui Ganin and Premier Faure resume the Summit meeting at 4 . 10 . A Brief communique said the four foreign ministers adjourned their session at . . Est and agreed to meet again at 3 ." an informed source said there was no specific mention of Eisenhower Exchange and inspection plan at the morning session. This source also said the minis ters were not ready with final recommendations on any of the three subjects under discussion. He Bald however they had agreed on procedure to be followed in discussing the . Meanwhile the French Premier circulated a draft Resolution calling for disarmament program under joint inspection and control system. The plan apparently attempted to Combine his own budgetary control Ideal with Eden s plan for disarmament in a limited area of Europe and with Eisenhower s Call for new talks an inspection system. Molotov s silence on the Elsen Hower proposal to Exchange mall Ury information left unanswered vat big question would Russia accept it or even Promise further discussion on it both British prime minister Eden and French Premier Faun quickly hailed Eisenhower s proposal soviet Premier but anon made no direct comment Sun Lair Only Trot the by the Heads of government had problem is a Cine Takimi cure he Niri once Hie poles and were Bei Sci enl led Cutter incident some , tenn., july s2-vaccine made by Culler in Bra Knoxville burglar alarm Lor ibs led to a suspicions increase of great importance. Whatever the russians did sub sequently the american president added after the the project in a few to s Eisenhower Eden and Faure a Maff Istrate Lott Volt said the Propri Bulg Nln s suggestion that when he u. S. Public he once be polls ant Saivii. Animia Vireil Emliy 26 new i Iii i s lived the Rte Partemi in Salesman identified us Annex Cou Meo Athey said Neif Imbor s for lie went to a while leaving Sta Mileton and Nelmes on the porch. When he returned and tried to go to Staple Ion. The knife asked him outside. Mcl vie i has Heen charged with Rob Bing John Bohannon or Here Mon Riby night. The armed robbery charge was pm iced n against Herman Allen. 55, yesterday after Bohannon identified us one of three men who pistol whipped bound and Rob bed him of the Cash at his Home Ere Boh Oumou. 74. Is n wealthy prop erty owner and Farmer who habit v was based on that plan with in Walls Nimitr cd Liinus s occurred. D o 000 by be. Ono by five 000 Biln pc mils. A in was arrested in Kuo Villo tuesday and has been held jail in Greeneville since. But police chief and Sheppard said he denied in polio confusion the Public mind was compounded be cause there was no Clear explanation of what the original tests were or what changes had been made. The spokesman disclosed that for his company Little change had been required since it was substantially meeting new require ments before they were the report notes polio vaccine is really a mix Ture ruling immunity against one of the Nice ing was called by magistrate the foreign ministers be directed Starling to that the Clit 7.0ns Rould have an understanding of the work being done. Gov. Clement visits Blountville tonight Blountville governor of three vaccines each pro Frank. Clement will Speal tonight tit blog Moville High school at the three mum types of polio. Scientists j Sullivan Council of Community have established that immunity Cunhs against these types Means the Munith against these types l in immunity Itra inst All strains ibid la to work out recommendations for them and for the United nations on All proposals submitted at the meeting. Eisenhower s plan had two Points 1. That the United Stiles ind order to assure the rest of the world against their using the new and terrible weapons they a com plete blueprint of our military establishments from one end of our countries to the 2. That the United us sex and Russia provide each other Lull scheduled for is facilities for photographing from invited. Ithe air ill installations in each polio. The production to fore the address a dinner will country. Be in ill ill. The Blountville Kle this the president explained beginning until probes press Adams child killed by truck Pri Nav. Guatemala. Honduras. It i . Norway. Sweden United Whitlow of the stale plan find Venezuela i ofe Mogul staff 1 a reporter asked All is in the j suied he redesign which. Been the Home of mr1-. Stapleton said her Bro her the answer was practically miss Sweden. She Tishil Ilse Developer readily agreed. Washington. July 22 sub Oman tee Kep mire today on presidential As Sherman Adams for full and True Story of his role in the controversial cancelled Dixon Iri jul r Forror a Parent la will be the sole the Rudees. Virtual la the to pier n Ipoh inc pm Var Fer a per Iran Narri staff no 1 White a noise to wholesome milkmaid Type of William Quail Ani Nous Levi rom bin. P buxom Short haired blonde who wears a Bath ing runt As if it was sprayed on her. Know Xiv Hereof they speak Tor miss Sweden fits the pm i of Iii of previous universe and on for about six months. Whitlow who formerly headed the upper East Tennessee offic. And recently has been on duty i in Hville. Represent Eri the state planning department at the meet ing and introduced Dixon North As a new , in be East Tennessee planning nicely was executive in firm paper says shooting reported in jittery Argentina Beauty. Johnson City office for a if a had been however the crowd pleases in Var. v Eek h rur Iri ered. Chan Man Kefauver Nicht s Prein binary Jud Pink social Ion the state planning a truck line while of the Senate judiciary miss Ceylon. 18-Yeav-old commission was a intr Tyrnn Unten. Sta e conservation coir Sidocon Smittee told Renners Maureen Hon treat one of the most tins Haa not been confirmed hyper a frankly i Don t think we can exciting Oriental entries yet miss subpoena him. We a nine to. Salvador. Maribel a Irien win. Buenos Aires. Argentina a shooting skirmish touched off by a political demonstration spread a Liitt by Aires j Early today. One person was re ipod cd Icille of j Kunf if. . July 22 tie i the incident second violence in Nash Piile Tonii Cost non Poi Crl to v4 hours occurred As members of charge of the Glen nicely. Gnu. Krank the opposition Radical party left out it s administrative assist a a political rally Gfrer mid. Quit an i accepted an executive Job paraded through the City s Movi try this the was Fri bears a worded in for of Miree Jvn Man on Moi makers i a Neo o by kind of to refi Adams could not be comment the striking resemblance to Moi Yor and enu if Arr Rowe. Who has the shape he Cirilar Kine ver g the a volites by of her Choice As miss . A admins j wednesday night. Of miss the state office and his has the remained doubt. Whitlow de com i to comment on it thursday nit it. Two in1 in records on . Reports said shooting suddenly Sioke out and 22-year-old Alfredo i rat fell wounded. He died the Vonis strength of the a Paris. Tenn., july 22 i a is determined by observing ear old boy. Eddie Lor Craw damage to growing Monkey kidney was killed yesterday when because this must he known nit by a truck on the Highway in before the live virus can be killed front of his Home. But other safety tests Are run first he was a son of or. And mrs to be sure the vaccine won t give Felly Crawford who live about six the patient some other infection. Miles from Here. Him situation should he in. Sal to testify. Carlene Kiik Johnson of e reached for Nikont is among the a volites 01 newcomers a if m vhf major k. I. Ami fuer her and Alderman w it Greene appointed last a the Board of mayor and aldermen on the plan to the of chairman Sho a twin acc pro a i Nii i 1. i Wruten refusal yesterday was the cavy fifth instance of n claim of priv Canada Mas Les 38 inches the 1. C met i i Lapp he re Ornnie Dupar ment of statistic that is Berter than Man t. M. Divine. Mayor Milton Fly an that they cannot be re an Oscai to Hollywood miss Onat r meet died v. in he and he to Sib Commilee. Is on the bosom Side. Ouie commission. Snid i a Oba a. Mei Andrews no Fly Nia Bill Hrim it a e Idem a s for arrest a several a Lemon n panic. I j1 v a bomb went Iff in from of a pro Nisan a Lidral Chihil. Iia Eruik windows in tiie Arrn. A quo Raj 6 convicted spies die Tai pkg. Formosa con Deien a ministry announced. Coming up sunday Sanctuary for congressmen Jerry Klym Cupi ols new run pc. Which is a Haven of peace and i dict. The Many other features will be found in family a kith if a for cripples Virginia Davis. Times news Maff truer. Ells of a clinic it Holston Valley Community hos Pital Hope find a better life for crippled persons Huv Kolf. Rivle clubs Are fight ing in Voglr Rondo Merrill of Tho n an Mefi is Morv of Auty Al s Chat trips rues Aboin what goes in a he boat to Queens As they prepare to enter the s n e Ron a outdoor Fooktn-0-a. of Piri ures of some Kingsport omit ii and their favorite recipes thru like to use when cooking out of doors Dick Tracy and mumbles will they drown Don t miss i a the k cold died comic . Al of Complete sports coverage local. National and in put and Many other features will be f the . Subcommittee on Dis armament give priority to efforts to work out a disarmament control the weather i Trtat Curty. Widely Icett erod today through r 90. Low tonight temperatures Pir. Hith today s skies m P Arlor july prominent Star in touch Watt Al ., second Briff Hutst in Scorpio. Visible Plankton Sou Hwesi Ai 10 05 ., Nfn o n film Mur hit or it Asport Titi Weffler r. Trank

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