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Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1926, Page 1

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, Kingsport, Tennessee Kingsport the City of the Mills full leased wire associated press vol. 20 your newspaper president Renews plea to his executives for constructive Economy Coolidge suggests possibility of another tax reduction within a few years in address director lord favors wielding Economy Rod Anthracite miners and operators Are still 1n deadlock Kingsport Tennessee sunday january Sheik Kandiia jokes As prosecutors draw noose near Twenty two pages today Price five cents idea of chief executive in carrying out constructive Economy explained Washington Ian. Gesting the possibility of still an other lax reduction within a few president Coolidge tonight renewed his Pica to government executives Lor Economy Anil efficiency conference adjourns until tuesday with no definite program to work from. All Plain voted Down under a general program obstructive or. Coolidge observed that too much Economy might not be beneficial he chose rather to make every Dollar count and to obtain the maximum of results with moneys in hand. The Economy policy has done reduce the Cost of government the president said for he saw in it an example to the world in administrative Effort. Speaking at the Semi annual Bud get meeting of department and Bureau Heads the chief executive re viewed accomplishments of the per Iod since the first meeting of the business organization of the government in Juno 1921, and declared that the things done in perfecting efficiency had been tremendous in results and overwhelming significance in lie Sug posted however that the part played by this government household and in world affairs would not be Complete unless it was reinforced by adhesion to the world court. General policy the of resident s exposition of what he believes should to the genera1 policy in government affairs a supple minted at some length by director lord of budget Bureau who described an Economy Rod he plans to wild in dealing with future fed Oral expenditures. General lord announced t h chartering of a one per cent club within the government saying the one qualification of membership was ability to reduce expenditure by one per cent of the total author isted. Last year s two per cent Elu had fallen Short of its objective by Only three million dollars he explained in setting the figure of As the amount to be save the president s idea of construe live Economy was to eliminate a Many non essentials As possible while bolstering the agencies whose 1 i Ladoit i. Pa., Ian. Ihl. Miners and operators adjourned today until next tuesday Vith proceeding still tied in v. Knot. As was expected the two latest lans one presented by the miners ind the other by the operators were voted Down before the week end and tournament was taken. Tonight there Only gloom. Monday february Marks the pc gaming of the sixth month of the non trial struggle involving nine workers with its attendant paralysis of business in the quart Miles of territory in North Eastern Pennsylvania. As Tho operators and miners left he Bellevue Stratford hotel tonight of catch up state trains to their Lomes no Ray of Hope was apparent that the suspension would conn1 to i Quick end. All voted Down while the joint conference has in to Possession More than plans ind suggestions for ending the strike received from All Over the country All that have been considered worthy f discussion have been before con con tinted Bir Patch i _ affection of girl for newspaper Man results in suicide in twin City Heflin Speaks in behalf of United states in court St tit and Federal officials in Martin Durkin. Sheik Bandit and killer to i a which he is charged have not been Able to break Down inauguration of governor elect Byrd on monday plans completed for grand event to take place at Cap Itol crowd expected Kirby is found guilty of fraud former president of defunct Cleveland company convicted for first time Richmond va., Jan. Of governor elect Harry flood Byrd arrived Here from Winchester pre Paratory to taking the oath of of Mon Day afternoon. Plans for the 1n Barbara Lamarr Dies from nervous Strain , calif., . Nurbai ii la Marr motion picture actress died1 it Home Here this afternoon. Miss Marrs death resulted from complication fou living i nervous breakdown several months ago her father was h. Her death unexpected As until Kiter Hajj seemed rapidly improving. La Marr s breakdown was in july while she completing three picture in York. Returned to Hollywood to make the fourth line it bras while she was engaged in this last a october that she suffered this second col lapse. I says no War within 100 years possible with America a member senator predicts in address Edna Marie Thomas takes her own life leaving torn note for managing Edi Tor Herald courier Robert h. M Kee is prostrated by Shock principal figures in tragedy took dinner together in Kingsport wed. M information Navy found in two aged chests function developed a of National life. Better order merely to reduce the expenses of the he stud might continued on paste eight Cleveland 0., Jan. 30. Kirby former president of the defunct Cleveland discount company was found guilty on All fourteen counts of using the mails to defraud late today by a Federal jury. It was Kirby s first conviction in six trials. Under the maximum penalty Kirby is liable to. Seventy years imprison ment and a years under the minimum penalty. Judge Killits said his sen tence would be nearer the minimum than maximum. Killits announced that Kirby would he held in jail until next thursday pending investigation by the Federal grand jury of alleged jury tampering. Aug ural exercise were completed to Day. On arriving in the City in which he will reside for the next four years or. Byrd went immediately to his suite at the Jefferson hotel. During the period-., of remodelling the governor s mansion this suite will serve As the temporary executive mansion. The oath of office will be1 admin estered the in coming chief executive at o clock monday after noon on the South portico of Tho Capitol. Judge Robert r. President of the supreme court of appeals will administer the oath and immediately following the Cere Virginia s new governor will continued on Page eight tax Cut measure is subjected to Many amendments terrific Gale is papers discovered consist of financial accounts will be filed for reference use by students Washington inn. 30. Two vessels wrecked off the coast by seamen arc missing information on the activities and personnel of the Confederate Navy and Marine corps has been found in chests records probably y brought to Washington from Rich mond in Figa recently examined at hip Navy department Here. The chests were stored for years the attic of the state War and Navy departments and were moved several years us to the new Navy building and never have been studied i until a few weeks ago As it was thought that they contained papers pertaining to financial matters which wore of Little naval interest. They. Now he ins filed in the Navy archives where they will he available 1.0 students. The papers have been found to consist of financial accounts such As Fiu nun va., Jan in. War Between the United states and any foreign Power for at least 1.00 years with America in the world court was predicted by senator Thomas j. Heflin of speak ing before the current events club Here tonight. Senator Heflin Dis cussing opposition to the court charged that munitions manufacturers and others wanted War because the absence of such conflict would run their the senators Are saying that they Are going to put the senator Heflin re marked. I d like to see them raise any enthusiasm against the world court now. It is nothing Short Ofa crime for us to refuse to enter the court. The Day will come when opponents of the world court will applaud who it but who is it i mean in the main who opposes the he asked returning to the recent opposition to America s entry. Why. Its big gun and munition and battleship men. Continued -.eight. Leaving As an explanation of he act Only a torn and scribbled note Edna Marie Thomas pretty 10-year Oid stenographer of. The Sparger Mill company committed while seated in her. Ford Coupe on Peters Street in Bristol va., about seven o clock Friday evening. A 38-Cali-. Bre Smith and Wesson revolver with one empty Shell evidently the weapon with which she fired the fatal Lay on the floorboard at the feet of the girl. When found shortly retained its upright position in the the body after death car the head reclining at a barricaded House Paw of Atlantic Gale takes slap at nine More steamers new York Jan. So. The Paw of the Atlantic s week Long Gale has slapped at nine More ships Send ing them recline and calling for help. One a sailing ship was be ing towed to port tonight with her sails gone and her sides battered. Two other sailing ships Hove to until the storm let them alone. An other was Drifting with the wind a fifth a German tug was being sought in reply to her sos still another had patched her injuries and was limping port. The police endeavouring to capture alleged murderer who hides in room of Home Sharp authorisations for he Purchase of Senate spends four hour ses Sion wrangling Over first controversial sections in proceeding West Palm Keach phi., Jan. No terrific Gale which has raged Over the Atlantic during the Days swept Tho Florida const Friday night with almost Hurricane violence wrecking vessels off Shore it Ere near Boca Raton with the probable Low of two lives. Charlie Smith a Seaman on the four master Schooner Tifton was drowned and first mate Madison was reported pissing when the Schooner was swamped by the High Waves Fri Day night while the Captain his wife and the Crew of the ill fated vessel had a miraculous escape from death after quitting the vessel in life boats. To the norwegian steamship Amer Ica goes the credit for Suc coring the survivors of both the Tifton and the tug endurance which was wrecked six Miles off Shore. Ilu Silhi i ii a. Supplies for the con federate Navy As Well As orders for travel and. continued Page eight Springfield Jan. 30. Police tonight work filing volleys from revolvers and rifles into the House of Clinton Hollingsworth 21 who shot and killed at least two per on and wounded several others Early Camp today paying respects to deceased workers Crew of still another a Little Schooner had been transferred to another ship. A Schooner and a tug were wrecked near Palm Beach fla., and of the Crow of the Schooner was adrift i life boats. Though the toll of the storm to Day did not compare with its destruction of the freighters Lar Stan and anti Noe earlier in the week reports from the ships in distress said the Hurricane had lost Little of its ferocity. In storm area two ships put out to sea again from new York the Cun Arder Aqui Lania and the French liner France. Both Are going Back into the storm area through which they battled Only a few Days ago. Half a dozen inbound ships reported they would be delayed. The five masted Schooner Bright of Georgetown Maine cried for help today when she was 125 Miles off Ambrose Light and the coast guard Cutter Seneca went to her Aid. A German ship giving her name As the Caulus but believed to be Tho tug Tauarus sent out an sos giving her position about 100 Miles off the tip of the Spanish Peninsula. Pick up men the steamship America picked Washington Jan. 30. Tax reduction Bill was subjected to a dozen new amendments today some on vital provisions As the Senate spent a four hour session wrangling Over the first controversial sections to be reached in consid Calion of the measure. While no rate sections were reached today senator Cruz ens rep.-, opened the promised fight against repeal of the inheritance tax and offered amendments to restore the inheritance and gift rates now in effect. Supported considerable support of the Amend ment by the Western senators of both parties waa Given senator coupons whose move would not Only Block the proposed repeal of the inheritance Twenty seven men lose lives service of Coal digging Industry just As Day s work ends says Bill of rights virtually destroyed new York. Jan. ,3v0. Attempts to the Power of the Federal government have not left enough of the american s Hill of rights to wad a Augustus 0. Stanley former Ken Angle against the Cushion. She was Well dressed wearing a silk dress Writh a. Pretty coat with f or Collar and neck piece. A postmortem examination by or. W. E. Rogers City Coroner of Bristol revealed that the Bullet from the pistol had passed entirely thru the body burying itself in the Cush Ion on the Back of the seat. Death must have been almost instant an As the Ball passed through the the the scene by the Coroner the body taking establishment. Where a Coro Ner s inquest was held. The Coroner s verdict As formally rendered yesterday stated briefly that death had resulted from a gun shot wound inflicted by her. Own the note the tattered fragments of the note found on the floor of the car were Reading As nearly As could be made out Bob Darling just a word goodbye. Remember dear you Are the Only one i tonight. The known dead Are patrolman a Franklin and Joe Nargund who were killed when All available police reserves of the City and a score of citizens surrounded the Hollingsworth Home where the youth had barricaded himself after shooting members of his family. Three ambulance Drivers who attempted to remove the bodies of Franklin and Nargund were a oculus u i .1 i Iii visit seriously wounded by Hollingworth. And Ever love what i m u Uvrl Tours now and forever. Ala3 goodbye. R this letter was evidently intended for Robert h. Managing editor of the Bristol Herald courier who freely admitted that a deep Friendship had existed Between the two for about a year. Or. Mckee is a married Man is 33 years old and is one of the most prominent Young journalists of of the state. The remnants of the note Lead to the belief that this love affair led. To miss Thomas action though subsequent developments have removed continued on Page eight Lueky said today in. A speech at the Little town National democratic club. While serving As United states Birmingham Jan. 30. Boro Shelby county mining Camp i will on the Sabbath Day pay the Las Mark of respect to 27 men of h number who gave their lives in the service of the Coal digging Industry yesterday just As the Day s work had ended. It will be a Day of funerals m the town located in an isolated Sec Tion on of Alabama s Many my radio fans hear presidents in final broadcasting tests senator or. Stanley fathered the act or event search and in the enforcement of the volstead act. In place of the regular the various churches of the Community burial rites will be then fresh Mounds of Earth Oral Hills services in average legislator hold. Or. Stanley Conlin Xico knows about As much about fundamentals of the constitutional and the Bill of rights As a Fiji is i Dor knows about j u. N i u. J. U t. I .11 i Wii Dot the country graveyards where i u u l i c in some cases comrades who met a like Fate take their rest in everlasting sleep. Last bodies found Ine Sta Maiuu Ranum up the Captain and three of the Levy voted by the Senate 1 finance f m. A _. A n Ujj Lulf to Crew of the four masted Tifton of Boston which had turned Over in Tho Gale off the Florida coast. The America reported the remainder of the Crew was left in life boats. The Rescue of five men aboard the Schooner Simmons off the Florida i coast was reported in a Brief radio message by Captain w. H. Maxwell of the pure Oil company Tanker w. W. Mills. Committee but would negate the r auctions in this tax provided by the House. With the Bill now cleared of a non controversial items leaders were confident tonight that despite threats of fights against several vital rate reducing provisions a final vote could be obtained by february 10, which would assure reduction by March when first tax install Monte on income arc due. Rescue Crews at Daybreak today had removed the last of the Loven White and 1.6. Negroes. For weary hours the Crews worked in wrist deep water amongst twisted steel and heaps of fallen Stone to extricate some of Tho forms terribly mangled by the concussion which re new York. Jan. 30. Radio fans tonight heard two presidents talking on the air As the third inter National broadcasting tests came to an end one was president Coolidge addressing the Bureau of the budget at its Semi annual meeting. Ine other was president Augusto b. Be Peru who sent a message of reeling to North America. President Coolidge s address came a time before the hour set for the beginning of the zone broadcast ing which marked the end of the tests. His speech together with that of director general h. M. Lord of the budget Bureau was sent out from sunday Ture fair and colder. Tennessee Uain sunday or in Central and portion Day fair and colder. To alive virtually unhurt. When., the Day of sorrow is past Tho Camp will turn its mind to re continued on Page eight station and Cap Washington new speak. Before silent hour the chief executive of the South american Republic spoke just before the silent hour observed by Over seas stations Between .10 and u o clock Eastern Standard time while american broadcasters tried to reach across the seas with their program. The session of the test was closing with another session of Broad casting moving this time from North to South to overcome the effects of the Blanket of. Blot overhanging the United states which attended most of last night s program. Canadian stations were on the air for the first 15 minutes of. The zone broadcasting. They were followed in order by stations in the Northern half of the United states the Southern and southwestern sections and Mexico and Central America each broadcast ing minutes in turn. Time to. Check up at least a month will be needed to Check up the results of the tests and Complete the records of the Experiment. So far it is known that 21 overseas stations were heard in the United states and while Tho commit tee had had few returns from Over Sens it is believed that Between 35 and 40 american Bod casters were heard in european countries and South America. Prizes totalling in Small amounts of Cash trophies radio sets etc., which had been by various firms throughout the United states will be awarded As soon As the records of the claimants have been checked up and varied a

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