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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 29, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 854 34 drive safely in defensively. Kingsport times vol. Al no. 21 phone Circle 6-8121 Kingsport Tenn., Friday Jan. 29, 1954 12 pages five cents the weather not so cold tonight with rain Likely and Low about 42. Satur Day Cloudy and Milder with occasional rain. Sunday Cloudy possible showers. Yester Day s High 48, last night s Low 32, noon Reading 36. Demo icis fsr Economy plan will fall Short Call Ike s program Noble generalities too weak for reality French would outlaw before disarming their baby of this couple s 5-month-old baby brought a suggestion by Cook county Coroner in Chi Cago that All Chicago hospitals be investigated. Or. And mrs. John Lingo listen at the inquest into the death of their daughter Laura who was scalded and taken to Woodlawn Hospital for treatment. Coroner Walter e. Mccarron accused the Hospital of laxity and too much bartering for the child died after being transferred to a free county hos Pital and Mccarron questioned the handling of treatment at Woodlawn Hospital. The couple said that the Hospital had demanded before they would admit the scalded baby for treatment. A wire photo Washington con Gressional democrats declared today president Eisenhower s economic program Falls far Short of effective action to meet a cur rent business republicans strongly backed the White House. Sen. Sparkman senior Democrat on the Senate House economic committee said the president offered Noble general he added i Don t think the measures he has proposed hold much Hope of a greater Prosperity. The danger i signs Are out. He is not meeting them. He has the tools but he is not using and rep. Boiling an other committee member said the president seems to think our Economy will be affected by pious exhortations. I think we need to move faster and harder. We need More action and fewer words supports on the other hand sen wat Issei v m War red China Calls for in meeting on korean Issue Chou blasts . Clamors for meeting of big five leaders Tokyo ins red China s army tags 10 Squealer among renegade Washington ins the army said today that the Testi Mony of repatriated War prison ers shows that 10 of the 21 pro communist american stay backs in Korea had squealed on their fellow that Howe Bra rians or mail orderlies. The stay Back who allegedly was rewarded with liquor and marijuana was identified As pvt. Richard Tenneson 20, of Alden welder and who lived and worked at chinese Camp head quarters and was regarded As a key figure among the 21. Pfc. William a. Cowart 22, minn., whose Mother mrs. Portia Dalton ga., a former flew to Tokyo in an un-1 Baker with 10 years of school Bidault bases bid to disarm on ban of War proposal counters big 4 request made by Molotov yesterday one was and marijuana. Rewarded with liquor successful attempt to see her son Premier foreign minister Chou a summary also Al in Lai called today for the Early old of the 21_wno reconvening of the United a b Dis honorable Dis tons general Assembly to examine the Chou critical situation in red spy Hunters probe report on Navy records Kins second ranking gop committee member declared the president was dead right in his appraisal that the present downturn is a moderate inventory adjustment and that the Economy should turn upward again in a few months. Also declared he fully soviet foreign min 1. Molotov s proposal before the current Berlin big four meeting calling for a big five conference which would in clude communist China. The chinese red Leader in a statement broadcast by radio piping made one of the bitterest attacks on the have now been Dis honorable charged and have gone behind the communist Bambo were known to the Loyal Ameri can prisoners As rats and Stool the repatriates charged them with conducting propaganda in various forms in return for bet Ter living conditions and Light duties such As serving Asli and urge to Corrie Home. The army said the other nine accused of informing on their fellow prisoners were pfc. Clarence c. Adams 25, of Memphis Tenn. Cpl. Howard c. Adams 28, of ing. Cpl. Rufus e. Douglas 26, of Texon Texas who had attended College briefly and was a week truck Driver. Pfc. Lewis Wayne Griggs 21, of Neches Texas who was a student when he enlisted in the Corsicana Texas a Holder of the army Bronze Star medal from world War ii a College Man and an Salesman. Sgt. Richard g. Corden 25, Providence r. I., who school to become a pfc. Samuel Hawkins 21, okla homa City okla., who had left High school to enlist. Pfc. Arlie Howard Pate 23, East Carondelet 111., a former see army 3 catkins said the president of United states heard since the feed a very sound program to korean armistice went into Al meet the situation. A Short time he said everybody was screaming to Stop inflation. Now we be slopped it and of course Washington chairman of the internal Security Are bound to be some and announced today that the group is tying up the just ments. We Are stabilizing the subcommittee announced today com threads of a probe into reported destruction of Navy intelligence e. Jenner charged last night the White House ordered the Navy to destroy its files on communist infill ii Mac of in nut inn s shinny of traction of the nation s shipping Industry and scattered the members of the new York unit of naval intelligence to the four Corners of the Jenner told of the alleged Epi Sode in a speech at a dinner Hon Oring new York municipal judge Robert Morris former chief counsel for the subcommittee. The senator said Morris then a Chubby Young was one of those hustled out of the new York intelligence unit Washington Igor Guzenko tags red ambassador says Zaroubine held position in spy ring Economy. Does anybody want to Start prices zooming these and similar conflicting views by other members were expressed in separate interviews As the committee scheduled a closed session to get further feet last july. Terming America completely bankrupt politically and moral Chou declared it is now Clear to everybody that the u. Violates at will International conventions and agreements that it utterly Dis regards Justice rights and humanitarian principles and that it arbitrarily tramples upon human dignity and the communist chinese fre word from or. Arthur Jer Sald the chances of holding Korea peace have become increasingly for that. Chou reiterated the communist charge that the u. Connived with South korean presi seek committee on fluoridation treatment backers Call for study group a group of about 30 citizens meeting at Dobyns Bennett High school auditorium thursday night voted to ask the Board of Guzenko former soviet code clerk in Canada said today that Georgi n. Zaroubine russian ambassador to the u. S., should be kept under constant surveil Lance. Zaroubine was soviet envoy to Canada when Guzenko now a Ward of the Ottawa chairman of the president s Council of economic advisers. Burns led a procession of Cabi net members economists Busi Ness and labor leaders who will see Economy Page 3 Lewis attacks labor program by William Theis Washington mine workers president John l. Chester w. Nimitz who was Lewis declined to testify today knew much the communists because he about what were really up Jenner related that Morris after he was transferred from new York to the Pacific told the entire Story to Fleet Admiral mayor and aldermen for a special sub committee to study the Llu predation question in Kingsport. The move on a unanimous vote came after e. J. Triebe Dent syn Man Rhee in last j chairman of the citizens Corn june s release of anti red War prisoners. It was such an Al legation of american perfidy which caused ambassador a thur h. Dean to break off the Panmunjom preliminary peace talks last dec. 12. Chou repeated the red de Mand that Dean return to Korea and resume the preparatory peace negotiations. I amazed at the action. Ion the administration s Taft Mir. State in atomic spy ring. Guzenko in a prepared Tele vision interview with commen Tator Drew Pearson said a Roubin knew about the general but not the details. He said Zaroubine was instructed to help , military attache for the soviet embassy in Ottawa and others in an Effort to make their work go Guzenko was asked would you consider him Zaroubine a dangerous Man to have in Washington especially one to carry on conversations regarding the future of atomic be replied i would suggest to watch him to be Mittee for fluoridation of Sullivan gop to hold meet the Sullivan county Republican organization meets tonight at o clock at the courthouse in Blountville. Officers will be elected for the 1954-55 biennium and a plan to re organize Jfe cinch representation on the county committee will be presented As an and ment to the by Laws. The meeting is open to the Public but Only members of the county committee May vote for officers or consider changes in the by Laws. The county committee is com posed of the chairman and the Sam Anderson Hospital head Hych holds annual election of officers Sam h. Andersonsr. Elected president of Holston Valley Community Hospital thursday at a meeting of offi cers and members of the executive committee and finance committee of the Hospital. Other officers elected at the thursday meeting include t. M. Divine vice president a. M. Brinkley or. Secretary treasurer and c. P. Edwards jr., assistant Secretary and assistant treasurer by John m. Hightower Berlin foreign minister Georges Bidault called today for a United nations Dis armament conference provided Ali hostilities such As the indo China War Are first ended and aggression outlawed. Berlin big four foreign ministers began Dis cussing the German problem today after ending talk on Agenda item no. 1 which was the russian proposal for a big five conference to include red China. Kingsport s water Supply told of each of Sulli the group a study by a local Law 35 voting precincts firm this week showed approval firm this week of the state legislature would almost certainly be needed be fore a referendum on the ques Tion could be held a process which would require at. Least a year. The Board of mayor and echoing Molotov s Berlin pro. Recently declined to postal the chinese Premier de Here with cleared that it is today More t o the people. At the Jenner said in connection with the Transfer of Morris to the Pacific War theater there is a thread in this part of the Story which our subcommittee is tying up with other threads at this very the senator did not say who in the White House issued the Pur see spy Page 3 agreement in sight on sub amendment Washington Republican Leader William p. Pale the outspoken labor Leader in a letter to chairman Alexander Smith of the Senate la Bor committee called again for repeal in Toto of the Taft Hartley act. He refused Smith s invitation to appear before the committee in person and then went on to denounce the present Law and the president s suggested modifications. In a slap at or. Eisenhower necessary than Ever to Convene a conference of the five great soviet Union the United states Britain France and red examine and Settle existing pissing International Dupont planning titanium Plant Washington Gen eral services administration an same time the Board took no action toward calling a referee the county gop finance committee composed of All precinct chairmen will meet immediately after the regular meeting to consider the budget for the biennium and to make plans for raising Campaign funds. Officers to be elected at to members committee of the elected executive were j. L. Latimer jr., George w. Taylor c. P. Edwards jr., Howard Long Walter f. Smith and James c. White. Elected to the finance com Mittee were a. D. Brockman William Farmer and Glen Bruce. Anderson who is president and general manager of the j. Fred Johnson company came to Kingsport from his native Jonesboro in the French minister introduced a Resolution to that effect in the fifth session of the big four Berlin conference. His proposal countered a disarmament conference proposition made yesterday by soviet for eign minister v. M. Molotov. Molotov asked the big four to sponsor a worldwide disarm Ament meeting which would in clude red China and other was states that Are not new Mem Bers of the United nations. Raising of the disarmament question apparently stymied for the moment a concerted West Ern plan to Force Russia into considering German unification now. The West with Secretary Dulles in the chair had intended to bring up the German ques Tion immediately after the ses Sion opened. Word from behind the closed doors of the conference., Hall see French Page 3 Dulles asked to approve confab Washington Secre 1916 following his itary of stale John Foster Dulles Acio Dum but left it up to those seek i chair n a ing fluoridation to ask for one b a in Juul u j-j1 j.c3j.u . Night s meeting include a chair from a h Inow in Berlin for a big four Man co chairman one or in Kingsport conference was asked q big operated a today to approve a draft of a hat time by j. Fred Johnson new formula for resumption of other must be a a vice and a if they want it. Petitions of the Parent he wrote a far amendments from cry these the utter Zaroubine recently conducted Knowland said today that a on cuss preliminary talks with Secre tary of state John Foster Dulles Russia s agreement to Dis o s president Eisenhower s peacetime atomic Pool proposal. Guzenko also said he did not find the name of the late Harry Dexter White former assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the documents he turned Over to the Canadian government an Fri report has called White general area of agreement has been reached on a substitute to the b r i c k e r treaty limiting amendment. He declined either to include or exclude sen. John w. Bricker from. The agreement. Bricker s office indicated there is a possibility that Brickei might support the substitute amendment of which Knowland spoke. An associate said that teacher association Council and a number of civic clubs previously had asked the Board to approve fluoridation of the water Supply As a Means of reducing tooth decay in Small children. The 1954 City budget for the second straight year includes funds for putting the treasurer. In addition six members of the executive committee at least two of whom must be women will be elected. Mothers will March against polio Here bounced tentative plans Here j fluoridation program into effect today for the Dupont co. Of Wil-1 in Case the Board authorized it. Ances of the presidential Candi Date in the summer and fall of 1952 when for political favors sought genuine Relief was prom ised. It is not to be found in the current proposals or in s. 2850 Smith s own Lewis specifically rejected the administration suggestion s for a Mington del., to establish a Multi million Dollar titanium sponge Plant at new Johnson Ville Tenn. The Plant would be located on a site of acres under lease to the Dupont firm and adjacent to the new John Sonville steam Plant of the ten or Satoris yet to be held. Montreal More women were attacked last night in a series of razor spok6. An associate stud m a suspected member of a soviet on e of adv ring in Washington. Audi Ney general Herbert Brownell or has charged that sex presi Dent Harry Truman promoted White to the Post of director of the International monetary fund after receiving see Guzenko Page 3 Clement to testify on Tva budget needs Nashville Frank Clement said today he has been asked to go to Washington next month to testify before a con Gressional committee studying the requested budget for the Tennessee Valley authority. Clement said the request came from Ken Whitaker of Chattanooga an official of the Tennes see Valley Public Power association and a Leader in the citizens for Tva inc. The citizens organization was set up several months ago to conduct a nationwide publicity Campaign in behalf of the Power Agency. It government conducted strike ballot. He charged that the president proposes to rivet around a labor organization and its members a double Iron band of restraint and oppression apparently returning in his thinking to the Long Dis credited doctrine that human la Bor is a commodity or article of As recommended by dentists and health authorities enough fluorides would be added to the water at the filter Plant to in sure a constant proportion of one part per million under controls similar to those used in adding chlorine to the water As and w. W. Hufford and he has remained with that company Ever since. A charter member of Ham mond Post no. 3, american legion Anderson served with the armed forces during world War i. He is a member of the Kings port kiwanis club and the first presbyterian. Church where he has served As elder and teacher of the men s Bible class for Nessee Valley authority. Its Cost disease preventive. Would Range from 30 to.35 Mil lion dollars. Titanium is a medium weight Metal with qualities making it desirable for use in the Manu facture of Jet planes. Final approval of the project expected in the near future de pends upon a satisfactory agree ment on financing and construction of the Plant. Gives r Mont real jitters with new attacks on 2 women children could be Home before dusk Rush hour. Police got phone Calls during a three hour period last night from blood on your she said he stood with her a Short time expressing concern then threw Back his head Given Canada s biggest City the jitters. In the past week 13 women have been injured one required .21 stitches. Most of the wounds were minor however chiefly cuts on the leg. Last night s attacks were at opposite ends of the City at close to the same time. Police speculated there might be two razor wielders at work. Descriptions of the attacker also varied widely. Pear spread throughout the City of a million persons. Sev eral schools closed Early so seen the Slasher. At least one suspect had been arrested but police said preliminary questioning indicated he was not the wanted Man. They questioned dozens of per sons but so far appeared to have no real leads. A new twist was added last night to the phantom attacks. The Man laughed in his Vic Tim s face. Mae Meikle 21, told police that a Man accosted her As she walked along a secluded ave nue and told her there s the girl said she thought the Man had Cut her As she was Riding the escalator at a near by subway station and then into the Street. Usually however the Slasher has made his attack during a Rush hour then faded away into the crowd of the darkness. In last night s other attack a Man clamped his hand Over the Mouth of Marcelle Cusson 24, As she walked Home from work. He gashed her leg then ran. Without a word. Ten stitches were required to close the wound. In making his proposal Triebe suggested a letter to the Board asking for a sub committee to study the problem for a period of 60 to 90 Days. The findings then could be submitted to the Board for a final decision he said. I Triebe suggested that the sub committee be composed of few Board members plus a Small number of private Citi ens. Aside from the Legal Angle proponents of fluoridation have opposed submitting the fluoridation a referendum on the ground that it is a highly technical subject with which the average voter is not sufficiently acquainted make a decision. Furthermore they say those who Benefit most from the program the children would hot have a vote. Truck kills child near Elizabethton Elizabethton four year old Jerry Wayne Nave. Was killed today when he darted into the path of a truck on the Johnson City Highway near Here. The death was the first on Carter county highways this year. Last year eight persons died in traffic accidents in the county. Will be on the March in the fight against polio. They will be calling at your Home to collect any contribution you wish to make in Kingsport s March of dimes. Leave your porch Light on Between the hours of and 8 o clock. A detailed Story on tonight s mothers March will be found on an inside Page of today s years. He is a trustee of Lees Mcrae College Grace Hospital and Grandfather s orphanage in Banner Elk n. C., a Royal Arch Mason member of the executive Board of the first National Bank on the Board of directors of the Kingsport Community Chest and served one year As drive chairman on the Board of the chamber of Commerce past see Hospital Page 3 subscription offer ends in one Day act now the january bargain special offer has been extended until january 30, 1954. Renew your subscription to the times news while the special offer is available. New subscribers Are also invited to Send in their subscriptions during the special drive. Remember you save or 20 per cent on a one year subscription Dally and sunday. You save or 15 per cent on daily Only subscriptions the Price now daily and sunday one year daily Only one year after january 30, 1954, the Price will be daily and sunday and 00 daily Only. This applies Only to those within 100 Miles of Kingsport Tenn., and where no Carrier delivery service is main aimed. Just fill in the order Blank below. Kingsport times news circulation department Kingsport Tennessee enclosed is my remittance of for news times c for one year daily and sunday or daily Only name. R p d Box no. Town or Post office Tennessee Check new subscription or renewal Date of expiration name and expiration Date on Label of sour paper Good Only on r f. D. Routes or in towns where Carrier delivery service is not maintained. First and second postal zone not responsible for cast by unregistered mall preliminary peace talks in Korea. Dulles is expected to agree to the proposed answer to communist China s demand for prompt renewal of the talks and it May be forwarded to the reds this week end. The Compromise approach to the stalemated Panmunjom talks renewed Hopes in diplomatic Cir cles that the deadlock soon will be broken. The tentative plan for resumption of the talks has been approved by the u. Representatives in Washington and Dele Gates of the other 16 in nations who fought in Korea. The plan is understood to be two fold 1. The u. Would suggest a conference Between the communist representatives in Panmunjom and Deputy Kenneth Young to determine if there is a logical basis for resumption of talks. 2. The u. Would agree to put for the time its previous demand that the communists withdraw their per Fidy charge so that ambassador Arthur h. Dean could return to Panmunjom to represent the in in preliminary negotiations. So lunar tables by John Alden Knight schedule of Golu Nir u printed below Bas been Ucen from John Alden so lunar table i id your Days so amt you will flu inn in Pood territory or bunt no id cover during i Efio if you wish to find the Bent upon a to offer the major Perodi Aro shown in these begin at the Lomei and last for an Bour and a half or hours the roaster minor shown in regular of Tom Whai Shorter duration Dale car Miner major Miller . . 29 Friday 30 saturday 31 sunday Lake stages Tarim level Friday. 84.4 fret Low South Holton feet Low Boone 17 feel Low fort Henry. 3.4 feet Low Cherokee. 55.4 Lect Low. Today s skies Sunset . The Moon re pcs saturday . Find rides Low new Moon pen. 3 prominent Constellation Orion in Southeast at . And due South at . Visible planets Jupiter tilth in i est . Saturn . Man lies 2-.u

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