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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - December 24, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies Sunset . Moonset thursday . Full dec. 31 prominent stars Aldebaran in the East . Will be High in South . Bigel rising at . Wilt be in the Southeast . Fomalhaut sets . All times Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxviii no. 257 Kingsport term., wednesday dec. 24, 1952 32 pages five cents v the weather mostly Cloudy tonight and thursday with rain Likely thursday. Low tonight be tween 32 and 38. Local noon temperature 45 last night s Low 38 yesterday s High 56. Christians turn from strife and sorrows of world to Honor the Prince of peace by the associated press Christmas eve ceremonies. In christians turned from of Judea a special cares and sorrows of a troubled Catholic Midnight begin a strife wracked world today joining in the Chapel of St. Cath a begin the Hardy yet solemn Cere-1 erne will end in the Grotto of the birth the nativity on the spot design the gifts rated by his followers As Trie o All Man Birthplace of Christ nearly ago. Ship at the shrines official Christmas Christmas in troubled a tin. 1 can i t q via wok Fly if Fly pal with the birth of Christ. As into the nation. He will speak at past Christmas times the heavy ., est at the 30th an Border guards Between lighting of the living and technically at Christmas tree on the White step aside to grounds passage to the holy places. Other chiefs of state and Rul spots around the Germany Austria Japan and other lands threatened by Tyr Anny. All these however will have their celebrations too. There will last a jute Fand go Rin or Franks _ a lift thai Al Chris-1 it endom threw open their doors nerds i by night. Hundreds of Pilgrim no to Welcome All in the holy Pope Pius Xii broadcast prepared special messages j be packages from Home and annual Christmas message Elizabeth ii will Christmas dinners. And Tant peace beginning at 5 ., est cast first As Britain s american troops the world Over the message will be reigning the world have chipped in to buy toys and k thai ceased in Nanri the in Lri in British Commonwealth for needy children in lands at ., est to that Are their temporary Homes. Eve mass also i Morrow. J in a Christmas message to his by the Vatican radio at As americans at Home rushed eighth troops in Korea est. Last preparations for James Van Fleet declared More than an hour their thoughts went out i the Christmas Star still Burns president the thousands of fighting men see Christmas Page 2 Somic Acci Fatias Var me ruffled Vest sing the sing the Gla Joy of Anc big Force of migs beaten by u. S. Jets red losses Are heavy Seoul. Korea u. N. Troops outnumbered 10 to one by a White Christmas Only a dream in most parts of the a i Tion today. Snow was on the ground or falling Only in the upper Southwest the far north1 and Mountain regions. I the Christmas weather out look j somber skies somewhat Day crushed with staggering throughout the East fell along Holiday spirits denials have Pauling others hotly deny communist tag by sex red witness Washington Clemen Economy plan s bases the first attempt by Chi fell along the new Nese reds to make Good the coast. Light a communist boast to be in far South As by series of conferences with legislators by a North pol Dren. You can Santa Claus is Boyle Well. To. Bed Way Ihen j Seoul Korea thursday 25 nations so addled in bunkers and tre of kiwis icy Christmas morn Alert for any fresh co . But for scattered patrol the front remained n. Soldiers looked Iel Georgia. Ill temperatures led in most of the a Rop Likely on christs in some Mountas Sions Small Light in night. Soul Cost Snow pelted area and rain persons i Jig land Anc Olliffe ended Bers of Budenz j ing eci Isoif to Memphis gov. Elec Frank Clemen wound up nes of meetings the state victors last note on which he Starte Nashville last the Bijj Puse. He has Yoi his eight Reindeer took 7t runway just at Twilight. I there was a lot of excitement Santa Claus. Irth pole this my Sleigh to Bijj i can what Ftp will i do Clement has told Assembly opened just members at nine District meet the eight Reindeer plane nos throughout the state that Youl of Ricejr hangar at Dawn air Force flew Over. It circled red ground Ai non essential costs must be frisked in their harness As and landed on Santa Claus s Pri apart a la trimmed to the Bone to provide Santa Claus tied tinkle Ovate runway and the Pilot Snow. Said Jit a time for Down. What 3ik weather of from the u. S. Feast. The menu included Ith some c Tail roast Turkey dressing Matoes vegetable salad and ice Cream eat fast before it in Low freezing temper or from Oklahoma is painting a White see weather. New Mexico. A profs led by Auto Fiedl Valsi Testi Jiny from several the 30 scholars or leading Educa i ticks named by As Mem a must party manag daily worker published in who publicly re Lunise in 1945 and of Ford Ami he was men he act and Una Ali 1 another said of his Iven before a House of state Jin be Bells to their Antlers. Stepped out. And saluted. Monist Mig Battle just South of us funds for improvement services. Hold still you Little Are you in any trouble River in which two main Points in his Economy said mrs. Santa. The asked. Probably destroyed proposals a Hundred Little elves then tied Santa pointed at the rope to Santa Claus big on his big Sleigh who have and hauled i from the. The air Force Pilot looked at hangar. A Hundred other elves it and smiled. Denun piling the Sleigh full of of. That in t such a disaster for All the boys and girls he said. Why Don t you let i the whole world. you a modern be i Yaw of Many pres said so Iii. Shakimi his France swi ambut government in Paris up temporary legislature employees who have k necessary work to do and substitution of state employees for necessary work where possible. 2. Reduction in employees in the various state departments. 3. Cirs in employees 4. Fewer state automobiles. 5. Lowering budget require Clement also was reported to have hammered at the same theme in me Elinus this week with the men he has selected for his Cabinet. Meanwhile in Nashville. Joe w. Henry or. O Pulaski. Who will be general called on the present adjutant Sam t. Or. Anc you can Deli i see Santa Page 2 dutch arrest russian As spy soviet Newspaperman sought secret papers the Hague. The nether u. S. Lippi in com Virling Yalu were and nine broken others were damaged. The reds aimed their first a cent Auriol held an emergency j Jor attempt to punch a Hole in meeting with former Premier the United nations pleven today As France Kuanying the historic , without a government Gateway to Seoul at Tbone Hill in its deepening political crib on the West Central front. During the Day Auriol plan an estimated 1.000 fanatic to Confer with at least five mme were hurled into the As former premiers in an Effort Sank. Find a successor for Antone Allied . Artillery nay. Who resigned Anc rifles chewed communist at Early tuesday. Irit Tec i hich is trying to de Ine whether the funds of tax free you nations Are being used fori aversive activities. Has appeared numer Ous t As re to the Fri at great i what he knows of Mun any empty Christmas Day the humane society at Decatur 111., used this picture to Appeal for adoption of 20 homeless dogs and cats the society s animal shelter was swamped with Calls and visits by families want ing pets. A wire Pho to Sands join n pilgrimage bomb r i tackers to bits As they up the icy slopes of to tone j screaming. Kill kill front Flahie reports said fio chinese if Henry emphasized that he fully committed to Clement s proposals and proposes to Down or. The number of employees the ministry said Seir. His department As far As pos Cret papers also were found in 11. Iua r log apartment nere of Len con. St Antinovich we Are going to have to re Corre on Lent Duce the administrative Over he said. Dino chinese by Parachute Down in save Tokyo u. S. Air Force Nancy fighting c47 today dropped 100 pounds of gee vim Cage 2 Candy bars by Parachute to youngsters on a tiny Island off the korean coast. Gas up for documents from a dutch on each our. The final a was held on spy charges the transport plane flies granting Supply run Between Kyushu a Sale of natural pan. And Korea. Toth Watai we always Fly Low Over Thi Sipany was to be one tiny said it. Don journey there seemed that could solve tar crisis 18th i pro kind in Frank since world ii until after Christmas. Imd Enz Kuril s list am appointments pings and included talks will Edgar see ene Mayer. Jibes More. An after his be in Nis appt he ticked off 30 Pef them Well members be a list of Reader him by if by the uni tree the faithful came Toj knew to Bethlehem today and once have been per As it was on the first christmas1 experience apr from his nearly 2.000 years ago there was to party no room at the inns. Any of the Tiad been de Arab and israeli Border guards As before relaxed their Frontier regulations swes from the staff at United denied it. But to let the pilgrims approach the nations said Budenz holy places of christianity. The Wiley a Delegate to the u. N. For Sirj Jakst time described As a thousands of visitors filled every general Assembly made the Dis Novas i Emerson now a room and every bed in the to closure after a Telephone talk if isor Yale Law Tell hostels and pensions of the with chairman Robert ramspeck Emerson said Arab Section of Jerusalem Beth-1 of the civil service commission risks promised sen. Wiley says new action is in works to Washington Wiley a wis ii said today a new move in the works to fire subvert diet Hel lion with Pleve to moderate derm Union 3sr1 party Faure i premiers. Calist. Do of Gen. I time Day nig who Heads cratic and of resists Nel to Iobst ing up Lehem Jericho and Ramallal. I have1 at 8 am today the Mande who he said will have a big part in touching off the House clean Baum Gate into the israeli part j ing. Of Jerusalem opened to admit j ramspeck could not immedi 1.200 Arab christians who live in Atey be reached for comment. They had special per eighteen y s citizens have Mission to visit relatives on the been from to. V jobs i Arab Side of the Frontier dividing i holy City and to attend i on the ground they were Security risks following a report by a i Christmas services tonight. They grand jury in new York must be Back in Israel by Christ-1 adj egg. M is Les Clece Leader w appealed for a re put new life St Antinovich Pisarev 37 dutch Davis of Natchez. Miss., the Pilot. Mayor the soviet in Board and at 11 we see the kids come out and . Wednesday City manager we Rock com spend Mas night. Their families the hundreds of foreign pilgrims company j also came through Israel and the kill take its Only Holiday of the Mandelbaum me. They will not car tomorrow. Be turn Home times will not through How later in the a i talk with three y Auriol other 27 of 318 on French ship perished in sea Beirut. Lebanon flip news Agency Tass wave at us. And we Rock Moulton said. 1 police arrested Pisarev in the ordinance giving the last night when he kept an a so the Crew began collecting Chise to the Johnson Cit poin rent with a dutch co tact a Andy bars. They decided to de Sipany has passed two on a Bridge in a quiet part of liver them Christmas eve. Already. If it passes the the Hague. They had been Shad we circled the Island twice Reading it will become win him for weeks Anc learn and attracted plenty of attention natural Gas Ier an i u erring Politi Uard Hen be Public Tiu red Tion Wil listed de of his plans to pick up secret1 because we d never done this be by the Winter documents last night. said it. Edward h. Osmon a pipeline it the soviet embassy was in cent years by to form an Akron p., co Pilot. Knoxville Ward holy land shrines to give have deemed any espionage a thanks for their deliverance Tivi ties. A Pisarev has worked for Tass in Sre a passengers of the French liner and fire new Smerli duty w crisis due soon for siamese Huff i Ilij 1suu Ruvii i i a

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