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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - December 21, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 815 27 do you keep to the right when yellow line is in your Lane Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 253 Kingsport Tenn., monday december 21, 1953 16 pages five cents the weather Cloudy tonight with occasion Al rain Low in lower 40 s. Tues Day considerable cloudiness with scattered showers. Little change in temperature tuesday but turning colder tuesday night. Yesterday s High 48, last night s Low 36, noon Reading 41. Russia agrees to atom talks with rescuers sight plane wreckage from press dispatches Reykjavik Rescue team Leader said today ground parties sighted the wreckage of the United states Navy Neptune bomber that crashed thursday on a blizzard swept Glacier but saw no signs of survivors. The plane carried a nine Man Crew. Jon Jonson Leader of one of three teams crawling across the treacherous upper slopes of grim Myrdal Jokull Glacier said his was forced Back before ii reaching the wreckage. Demos of fended by secrecy of gop talks sad news from Araki japanese Bride of pfc. Claude j. Batchelor 22, Kermit tex., sadly reads a letter in Tokyo from her husband one of 22 u. S. Soldiers who have elected thus far to remain with the communists in which he tells her it is impossible for him to re turn to her. Letter was a reply to on from her asking him to come Back to Japan. A but he said his team could see the spot where the men were stopped by a huge Crevice ice ridges and vicious weather. In preparing last minute Appeal to pcs neutrals approve request to broadcast to Balky prisoners one of the nine Crew members Jon the wrecked plane was Everett Humbert or. Of Rogersville. Or. And mrs. Everett Humbert were notified late Friday that their son was on the plane which went Down thursday. That Mes Sage told them that at least three of the crewmen were be the in frn. Prepared a last minute broadcast Appeal to 22 american War prisoners who stayed with the communists even As the Allied Par East Corn lived to have survived. Rescue was then thought to be a matter of hours. Jonson said not Only several solons wary about supporting president s program Washington up several democratic senators said today that what president Eisenhower Calls his sound progressive Gram will have to convince dem he said the other two ground Jock ats in of its merits j Rescue teams were equipped with if it is to get their support. Snowmobiles and therefore act while the democratic Mander indicated Hope has been abandoned that any of the 22 will return Home. The Neutral nations repatriation commission announced it had approved an Allied request to broadcast before the deadline for explanations to Balky War prisoners. The allies staked their Hopes of winning Back prisoners on the broadcasts and a 12-Page letter t0 each Man there no sign of survivors but f f t survival equipment dropped for inter the Neptune in the past four Days Lay untouched within 100 Yards of the wreck. Early hearing seen for negro s. Man confesses brutal double slaying Columbia s. 38 year old negro convict will prob ably go on trial Early next j month for the brutal beheading of a Young girl and the murder skin dictator s death on the cold up of Joe Stalin top 53 news ment included predictions that his proposals would not automatically be opposed on party lines there were complaints about the exclusively Republican invitation list to last week s White House conferences on the legislative program. Some democrats criticized what they said was secrecy main stained about the outcome of the j conferences. The president announced the scope of the discus new York death of Josef Stalin and the realign i ment of Power in the Kremlin broadcast Jan. 4 and state of some shelter storms that from have the violent lashed the was the biggest news Story of 1953, editors of the United press said today. The announcement of the rus of her boy companion in a Rob Bery attempt which netted s18. The negro Raymond Carney was lodged in a Security cell at the state Penitentiary Here to Day after his capture by Hunters near Jacksonville. S. C., saturday night. Gray morning of March 5, set off events that year. They in from Power of world news All eluded the fall i Lavrenty v one of the Throe three Mon no inherited Stalin s Man la second in the u. P. List of the police said he readily b a gust news stories was the shooting 15 Vear old Betty of the to Luck Korea on july 27. Russia also figured in the third biggest news Story of 1953. U. P. Editors selected for that spot the russian development of the a bomb and the subsequent re valuation of Western defense Sec Roundup Page 3 wrecks kill 5 in East Tenn. Death toll includes Kingsport employee automobile accidents took the Clair Cain of Pamplico s. C., and her escort Henry b. Allen 22, of Latta s. C., dec. 6. Then told How he beheaded the girl with a pocket knife and buried the bodies separately. Carney will probably go on trial at the next term of circuit court at Florence s. C., begin Ning Jan. 4. The negro s capture ended one of the manhunt in South Carolina history and police said the Reward Money posted for the capture of the killer will probably go to the three Hunters. Carney a fugitive from a North Carolina prison said he was never More than about 20 Miles from the scene of the brutal the Banks of the pee Dee River near i the 13 clays he j dodged police by keeping mostly gives of five persons in East of the Woods. Is Here officially Tennessee sunday and injured several others some of them seriously. Captain Frank Williamson of the Tennessee Highway patrol warned motorists monday that area highways were in a dangerously Slick condition. The Union message to Congress Jan. 7. He has said he plans to work on those late this week. Some of his advisers have suggested a stripped Down program limited to a few vital issues. Whether or not this course is followed sen. Humphrey d Minn predicted Eisenhower May encounter More trouble within own party than from democrats on some proposals. Humphrey said in an inter View he thought there would be More division among republicans than among democrats on foreign policy state Federal relationships and foreign Trade. Some democrats he said Felt that atty. Gen. Brownell went beyond fair play in the Contro Versy Over Harry Dexter White. Brownell said former president despite linking White to soviet espionage. Tru Man said an appointment of White was allowed to stand to revealing Fri i Vestiga h u m p e y added he doubts the democratic feeling on this Issue will affect his party s attitude on legislation. Sen. Gored Tenn agreed in a separate interview but said of the Eisenhower legislative program As it has been outlined so far Glacier incessantly for four Days. Jonson a member of the Lee Sce search Page 3 Lewis May try to head Ila John l. Seen aiding longshoremen s Union Washington United mine workers president John l. Lewis May be readying an open bid today to become new labor chief of the turbulent new York waterfront. It was reliably reported that figure in atom Bohlen left u. S. Ambassador to Russia today received official word from soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav m. Molotov right that Russia will join in negotiations with the United states on president Eisenhower s proposal for world wide development of atomic Energy. Eisenhower made his proposal dec. 8 before the United nations Assembly. Time for interviews beyond dec. 23 during a meeting to Day but the in command rejected the request. Gen. John e. Hull . Far East commander told newsmen in Seoul that americans in Neutral custody have had both time and Opportunity to change their minds. He indicated that the Al lies have Given up Hope that any will return Home. The broadcast and the letter appeared to be the allies Only Chance of contacting the prisoners before the Midnight deadline. Wednesday capt. William Bradley chosen president of the the Neutral nations repatriation commission ruled that the pos must agree to accept the letter from an Allied explanation team. It. Gen. K. S. Thimayya Indian chairman of the commis Sion said he would get the Amer newly leans answer tomorrow. Alleg j meanwhile the reds won Back edly crime Ridden 33 of 250 chinese captives As in longshoremen s association was Terv lews were resumed after a avoid tons. But duo Here from new York to visit Lewis. Bradley s visit appeared obviously timed for its effect on the balloting tomorrow in a National labor relations Board election Between the Ila and the new Union which the Al formed Only a few months ago saying its efforts to Force a cleanup had used the old Ila of harbouring criminals and a number of its officials have been indicted. There seems Little doubt that has been working quietly but persistently in behalf of the old Ila. Last week an official of the Al ousted Ila reports that Lewis had supplied a loan to help fight the new Al Union. The 73-year-old Lewis declined any comment but it is reported that his brother and top Organ Izer in labor sectors outside the 34-Day stalemate. This not Only was the greatest number of prisoners the com Molotov gives Charles Bohlen official answer asks ban of atomic weapons be included in Ike s peace plans by Kenneth Brodney Moscow up the soviet government agreed today to join in negotiations with the United states on president Eisenhower s proposal for peaceful world wide development of atomic Energy. An of f i Cia 1 statement went to the unusual lengths of describing Eisenhower As Sone of the outstanding military leaders in the last world it was one of the Friend Liest soviet references in Many months. However at the same time Russia proposed that in any negotiations the participants con Sider taking on themselves the solemn a .1 unconditional obligation not to employ atomic Hydrogen and other weapons of mass Success i negotiations rus Sia said could be an important step on the Road to the full exclusion from the armaments of states of the atomic Hydrogen the other eight who burrowed out of the world s largest walled and other types of weapons of prison with them saturday night were Back behind bars. Seven mass annihilation with the is were captured within hours or the spectacular break from the Penitentiary at Jackson. An other cold and hungry gave up there last night. Jackson is 80 Miles West of Detroit. A Complete Lack of leads for some 24 hours after they last were seen in Detroit s Northwest Section convinced police that the remaining five were lying Low for the time being. In an Effort to rout them Sev eral Hundred City and state police combed the vast Detroit residential area where the fugitives ditched their stolen Cadillac and released unharmed two women Detroit combed for five fugitives Ter of the communists resumed their Long delayed explanation pro Gram today and chalked up their Best score to Date. Red members of the military armistice commission a Essed Detroit last five of 13 Southern Michigan prison again for an Extension of the murderers a kidnapper a robber and a were believed holed up somewhere in sprawling Detroit today waiting for an intensive manhunt to Slacken. France fails on ninth vote Laniel holds Lead for presidency Versailles France gym French parliament failed again slav m. Molotov to impress today to elect a president of the i him that the United slates re Republic. It was the ninth ballot j Garden it As of Preat importance. Hostages taken along on a wild j taken since ast thursday a text of to abolishment of strict in Erna a tonal control insuring the Ful filament of the agreement to prohibit the use of atomic Energy for military i Russia s reply to the historic proposal which Eisenhower made before the United nations As Sembly dec. 8 was in the form of a statement addressed to the United states. It was not a formal note. Before the president made his speech United Stales ambassador Charles e. Bohlen had visited foreign minister Yache All night ride. Among the five Are Edward j. Emrick 43, and roman usion Dek 37, both convicted Detroit murderers David b. Bousha 28, doing 5 to 10 years for kidnapping in Crawford county and 3 to 6 Ujj. Jijo Ullio to munits have won Back in a sin a Gle Day but was almost triple their Best previous Centa Lewise. The previous records were set see pcs Page 3 it does t seem to have a very coat Industry a. D. Denny Large Dynamo and it does t look Lewis met. It la be Winter before the Day is that accidents the inaugural won t to anything like last week s icy blasts and below freezing Tempert ures. Winter at moves into Kingsport a 21-year-old Chuckey Mann averts 1-Lj-l _.j1.j_-t like it is going to Progress very son. Monroney a okla said in an interview it will be a Good trick if the republicans can Cut defense expenditures and have stronger defense if they can Cut i taxes and still balance the budget and if they can expand social Security while freezing the John Miller was still in critical condition at a Johnson City hos f Pital monday morning following . Today following injuries suffered in an Automo expected afternoon temperatures collision which took the life of around 47. Sot his brother. Tonight slow will be around 40. J both he and his brother weather forecasters predicted Franklin Miller 18 were considerable cloudiness with j employed in Kings Jort scattered showers tuesday and Little change in temperature but the younger Man was pronounced dead on arrival at the turning colder tuesday night j Hospital after a collision in sunday saw a break in Johnson City Early week s freezing cold wave morning. John Miller a High temperature of 48 and a j underwent surgery sunday night Low of 36. Temperature in severe internal injuries and port late tuesday morning was multiple fractures. 41. Less seriously injured were c. L. Ryan 19, Chuckey Bill de Pew 21, Johnson City and Paul Brummitt 21, of Elizabethton. All three were admitted for treatment of lacerations and other minor injuries. State Highway patrol Cpl. Harry Montgomery said a convertible reportedly driven by Depew a member of the us Navy rammed into the left Side of a Sedan driven by the dead Man. The crash occurred at the intersection of main Street and Watauga Avenue near downtown Johnson City. The Miller car was knocked about 30 feet. The three men were thrown see wrecks Page 3 appearing last night on a do Mont television program Mon Roney joined sen. Kefauver d Tenn in criticism of the admin see demos Page 3 Lewis has met frequently with officials of the old Ila. The reported loan led to speculation that the old Ila is Des tined to become part of District 50 of the United mine workers. Denny Lewis Heads District 50. This is the ump Branch of All sorts of Lewis organized work ers outside the Coal Industry. Lewis has been trying for some i time to get a foothold in new York City. Brother Denny launched a Campaign a few years ago to try to organize the City s taxicab Drivers but the plan flopped. Kind Man proves there is a Santa Memphis Tenn. Little girl held the pretty doll close. Can we have she asked hopefully speaking for herself and two very Young Sisters. The Mother stood perplexed clutching a Bill. The doll Cost si.98, three would come to she gently pulled the girls away from the depart ment store doll counter. A Man standing nearby moved Forward and Bent Down. When he raised up he held a Dollar Bill. Did you lose he asked. Replied the Mother in a soft Earnest voice. Well you must have lost it because i found it right the Man replied pushing the Dollar Bill into her hand. The Mother brushed away a tear As the clerk wrapped three 51.98 dolls. Was delivered to Molotov. Russia s reply was handed to contender got drop of 17 Bohlen by Molotov at 6 p. M. Premier Joseph Laniel a wealthy industrialist and the top 20 years for armed robbery in de troit and Robert Dowling 33, serving 1 to 15 years for break ing and entering in Detroit. The latest fugitive returned to safekeeping was Harold Rosa 25, serving 4 to 15 years from Saginaw for breaking and enter ing. He was found hiding in the outside basement stairway of a downtown store in Jackson last night. Come and get he told patrolman Lindell Miller of the Jackson City police. The 13 escaped by cutting through three steel grates of an underground sewer with an Acet Ylene Torch. Where they got thei Torch and the oxygen to oper i voting this time resulted from a ate it was the subject of an in i Sharp split nearly Down the to mediate investigation by Warden Lotical Middle in the parliament. William h. Bannan. Deputy Warden Charles Cahill said he believed the Torch was obtained from one of the prison industries. , he said could have come from a construction company s Supply that a Fig stored inside the prison votes from the eighth ballot. His socialist opponent Marcel Edmond Naegelen who has communist support got drop of 16 votes. Pierre Montel who emerged As a last minute candidate received 103 votes. Mon Tel 57, is a member of Independent party from Loii. Montel said he thought he could get the Large majority he said was needed for the presi Dent to fill his High Mission of arbitrator and Laniel was Only 22 votes Short of Victory on the eighth ballot in the Peoples Assembly Hall of the old Palace of French Kings where the National Assembly deputies and senators have been trying to name a new president. No other French presidential election had Ever required More than two ballots. The protracted Walls. N emerging from the filthy Drain Tunnel the 13 were 250 feet out Side the prison Walls. Mossadegh Given support by rabble Tehran Iran stations in favor of ousted pre Mier Mohammed Mossadegh broke out in Tehran today As a 10 a. M. Est at the foreign office. An hour later the text of the statement was handed to a group of about 25 soviet and foreign correspondents by for eign office press chief Fedor Ilyichev. Moscow radio started Broad casting the reply to the soviet press at 8 p. M. Noon calling it statement of the so Viet government on the speech of United slates president i Sec Russia Page 3 Russia honors u. S. Novelist Howard fast Given Stalin peace prize Moscow in the soviets saluted american left Wing novelist Howard fast today award ing him a Stalin peace prize. Fast presented the same prize to another american Winner negro Singer Paul Robe son in ceremonies in new York s Harlem three months ago. The soviet communist party verge 111 Man Man and former prison guard. See manhunt Page 3 professional Gate Crasher m a walk backward in Pearly Gates Chicago up St. Peter a native of Lowell mass., the May catch a Crafty one eyed Jovial Connelly spent his life irishman walking backward through the Pearly Gates to Day. But the Good Saint will have to keep awake because the Way this Man does it he looks just like someone walking out. The irishman would be James Leo one eyed con Nelly the world s greatest Gate Crasher. He died yesterday at a Zion 111., rest Home at the Mellow age of 83. His friends and admirers think he May have a ticket to heaven but they wonder if hell violate a principle and use it. Travelling from coast to coast sneaking into the great sports events political conventions and other spectacles of past decades. Most of the time the Ushers knew he was coming and exactly what he looked like. And most of the time he made suckers of them anyway. Connelly could sneak in climb in Bull his Way in and if necessary talk his Way in. Although this Energy was boundless he boasted he never did a Day s work in his life until world War ii broke out. Then he took a Detroit de sense Job As a patriotic Ges Ture. Andy Frain King of the ush ers lost so Many bouts to one eyed that in 1945, As a defensive measure he hired him to usher for the world series be tween the cubs and tigers. The Job did t last though. Connelly was stationed at the press Gate to watch for Chis took a Job As greeter and chef in a restaurant near Zion. He went into Semi retirement. The Romance and adventure has gone put of Gate he complained. Now they be got Dames on a lot of the Gates and no gentleman would take advantage of former state rep. Nick Kel Cess after receiving a letter from Young Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi announcing that he for gave any offence committed against him in View of his pre Vious Good service to the coun try. During the recess a group of about 60 students surged through the streets shouting death to the British and mos Sadegh is people in the streets joined in sporadic demonstrations flee King As troops moved in to Dis i Perse them. Six persons were reported arrested. Shortly before the Demontra inure a till lers. One of the first men he Ler and James h. Mcqueeny non n of stopped insisted he was p. A Wrigley owner of Wrigley Field and the cubs. That s for the con Nelly scoffed. But it was Wrigley. One eyed got the heave to. As age crept up Connelly one time private detective were among one eyed s closest friends. They said the funeral will be tomorrow and burial near Libertyville 111. Unless they got a Dame on that Pearly Gate old one eyed May be casing it right now. Birth. The prizes communist equivalent of the Nobel awards established in 1949 As part of the Celebration for the soviet pre Mier s 70th anniversary. A Gold medal goes with the Cash award so lunar tables by John Alden Knight the schedule by so lunar periods Ai printed below his been taken from John Alden enl rat i Solnar Tab pics plan your Days so that you will to in Hilnic id Good territory or Bunting in undo Cove Durl if those times of you wish to find the Bent that Tach Dar Bun u of or Date Day 20 sunday monday tuesday tons a staff of British embassy 1 25 personnel had arrived at Airport under a heavy military guard As the result of the newly resumed iranian British Diplo Matic relations the Shah s intervention in Mossadegh s behalf had caused a sensation. The Shah commented that Mossadegh s action in National 23 wednesday izing the Anglo iranian Oil co., which threw the country into crisis was in compliance the nation s wish. With 27 sunday . . Minor major minor major Lake stages South Holston take is i a monday 87 a Low 74.0 feet Low noon 20.1 feel Low Henry 10 feel Low Chero Kee 83 kit Low. Today s skies and sets . Biding Jow. It enters the sign of Chi Triconi tonight in 0 32 n m and Winter begins in the Northem hemisphere. The Moon rises 0-30 n m in the Constellation gemini last qut Tor sunday night

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