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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - December 11, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee4 thursday Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper merry go round Othman s column cur Kubirk t Othman c p Edwards or. Puhl Lanei w j Uca Lufe. Editor to a cruet Street. J w West. Goer i Ellis bin Khz Kumcu Uva editor lean and second s week 40c. Today s Bible thought so Ashhur Mem urinals Are not against us. But the the times daily tonic by Drew Pearson Washington inside reason Why general Eisenhower sent his apologies to the u. S. Troops which were kept standing for inspection in the korean cold was because an Over i brass hat had ordered toe men to Wear Adas a when the troops saw their visitors in Nondress uniforms with ear flaps while they h uniforms there was resentment. A Eisenhower hit the ceiling when he heard what had happened sent his apologies for keeping the troops waiting. In Korea with Ike modest Uncle Wil Wolf Little red asked a. He celebrated his ing mrs. John a new ident by buy in Seoul con tent Merit remedy we can apply to Liam Temple. Pessimism one of the most depressing Mir Bradley slept in the guest room the n uni because some recognize him. The by Frederick c. Othman i hate to seem inhospitable but our spare bedroom is All dated up for Jan 20. So apparently Are All the hotel rooms in town. Friends relatives and countrymen Send me no most pleas for a roof Over your Heads on that historic night. The management even now is worrying about the possibility of parking a few score Pullman cars on Railroad tracks in the outskirts As temporary tourist Camps. I hate to sound like a forehead but i la be just As Well pleased when Ike shakes his last hand on Pennsylvania Avenue and takes his Mamie inside for their first night in the neatly furnished House they be taken under a four year lease. Preparations for the hoopla of the general s inauguration Al ready Are interfering with my routine. There s no place to put the old Sedan on Capitol Hill ii use most of the parking space now is covered with new Pine lumber. This is for the swearing in ceremonies where admission is of Walter Judd on the situation of communism in the photographers. Herb Brownell the new it his clothes in Seoul Iran years. A missionary in China he knows the East As few men know it he knows the Workings of the mind. Long before the Day Pearl Harbor he was going up and Down this land preaching against the ship ment of Oil and scrap Metal and rubber Japan pointing out the posit we Dan Ger to us from Japan. One of those Ier was delivered Here in Kin sport and Many people will remember that or. Is f a from being a or a rabble rouser. He is not a Man who lants with a Loose Tongue but a Man who wests his words and marshals his arguments impressively. He is one of the most Hio Fly respected members of Congress and i listened to with the attention not Oiven to Many members because they know his is no shallow mind. So what Are we to think when a Man like Walter Judd says that Korea is lost to think when he that the Hope that Japan a quack who vetoed the the act Midi risks Rowley Learned wms jog is of w for the Korea. O Toft and Ike a Ucucu la in future. -1 Eres s will pass an appropriation for this deducting Salvage value of the planks of s155.000. That figure seems a Little High Ike putting his hand on the chief Justice s Bible and saying i do but it s an old custom and i suppose we can afford it. When that s done he becomes presi uen Eisenhower and rides slowly Down the Avenue of presidents to the White House. Behind will travel big and Little wigs in limousines on horses aboard float s Ard on foot. There la be dancing in the streets and big brass bands and anybody who has a ticket will see a show lasting for three solid hours. Please ask me for no More seats. These have been on Sale now for a week ranging in Price from s3 to depending on How close each funeral parlor chair is to the presidential reviewing stand r guess the republicans Are Well heeled either that or they re willing to make financial sacrifices for the privilege of sitting near the seats of the mighty. The s15 seats already Are sold out before they re even built. A jew ducats putting you Down near unfashionable fifth Street still remain. The carpenters meantime Are erecting the stands on both sides of the Avenue. This is interfering with traffic. Since i can t Park at the Cali Tol. I be been catching a bus the race Washington calling sri is Cal 5 inf for by Douglas Larsen Washington Nea Eany ext Spring the new administration is going to run headlong into its first rash of labor troubles. Contract negotiations will be Gin for electrical rubber textile meatpacking ship Uilama nicer Utility and machinery workers to name a few. For Sev eral reasons the clash Between labor and management in bargaining is Chance that one or More major strikes May result. The Backbone Many other Large firms on the matter. Thus with these setbacks and the knowledge that at Best their voices and influence in Washington will be dulled for the next four years the unions have everything to gain by making a major aggressive ast a Good holding position. In the meantime the unions make important labor decisions these boards can be weighted one Way or another according to the president s inclination. With this favourable Outlook. Mac s window by w. J. Mcaulffe some married women have a mind of their own. And some have two minds of their own. It Money really could talk and started talking about the people who held it from time to time what a lurid Story just one Dollar Bill could Tell. A woman out Hunting Acci dentally shot a Man and later on married him. The Only part of the Story that sounds the least bit fishy is the word Acci mostly people will take you More seriously if you Don t like yourself too seriously. A european says europeans do not mind being poor so much As they mind the United states be ing Rich. Poverty and riches Are Only a matter of compari son. A Man with two cars does t Teel Rich if his neighbor has three cars. A the Power to tax is the Power to destroy. So we have been told. Tiie Power to Call nation wide strikes is the Power to de stroy too. A fellow got a divorce after his wife had been gone for 32 years. That s impatience. Did the Fel Low look in at the Beauty Par Lor that s where she May be. American women Are the most Beautiful women in the world. It would be Tough if they weren to considering the Bivions of Dol Lars spent in Beauty Parlours and on cosmetics. A fellow says that a human being is capable of smelling like a bloodhound. That is if he does t take a Bath occasionally huh aria Idiol what Are we to think when he says he Pali Pines is a dead Duck and inc h a Toft Ertag what Are we to thin when we Are told there was never any to save it this sort of thing sounds anon one would suppose that or. Judd advocating we simply leave Asia Alo and Ive up the idea of saving it a communism. Only or. Judd has never been an advocate of isolationism All he has been a militant Man who has preached and still preaches the idea that should help Chiang Kai Shek pack to owe yet it is a Little difficult to see what or. Judd proposes we should do. If we understand him correctly his Pes inesm is not based on any belief that this country cannot defeat the North korean and red chinese armies it we set but if we understand him correctly he that communism like democracy is not to be killed by bullets. It s an idea and that idea has already possessed such a Large portion of the people in the is tha t it All the shooting and All the Christian Reli Gion is the Only Hope because through it Mer can be changed. That is a state ment few will quarrel with but he leaves things a Little vague As to is othe Christian religion had been sown in the East it had been watered 1 cultivated and seemed to be bringing Rood fruit. But if w pessimistic View it brately trying to goad him to a Tomato Caile if he piano a Prev leaders think a lot c avoided. Tuft As in after ing bleachers Are making it in areas holy difficult even to Flag Down this vehicle. For folks who miss the swear ceremonies and can t buy a seat at the Parade there s still a Chance to get in on the festivities there s going to be an inaugural Ball but you can t get in even if you be got the scratch until you receive an official invitation. Then it la Cost you s12 per Ciucht unless you a seat in a Box. That la be for those whose feet pocketbooks can t stand the Strain the official committee has a Little memento in the form of a souvenir medal of Bronze to sell for s3.06, including sales tax. It should be some Jamboree. The prices Are High for a fact but the gop promoters have car marked most of the profi s. If any for local charities. For those Lucky enough to get rooms at a Els have not raised their most of the restaurants Tensive and plan to exploit it. Great pressure will be put on out As soon As Poss Ioie Jusu How the new leaders in Washington Are going to stand on labor generally will Ike be As the new and fair it is prepared to stand against the Union shop or further Extension of Union Security Industry leaders Hope that both the new president and in. This stand. However spokesmen for key industries Are not overconfident about their chances. Privately they Don t read any anti labor groundless will Ike adopt a of the Road labor far the unions been stopped by them. But i the unions could go into the Spring negotiations with new Union shop agreements from this important Block of employers it is believed that the psychological loss in the steel strike would be Ana 11 j thai the new leaders of the Cio an Al will be especially Tough and aggressive in trying to consolidate their positions. Were. And the Central Issue m these exploratory fights is going o be Union Security or More specifically the Union shop the eneral business Outlook steady for at least another year wages Are not expected to be a major Issue. Union Security refers to such things As the Check off of dues by the company and maintenance of membership. The Union shop is the most important aspect of Union Secu Ruy and refers to forcing a worked to be a member of the Union in or Der to hold his Job. There Are mexican mix up mexicans have a habit of of people to their Gen. Cost of a ent High Levels. Myself i doubt if i get to eat at a la on inauguration Day. Ill be Lucky if i manage to get Home. That s the Best training ground in Over there Rin Korea Totth new Secretary of state the responsibility of winning the cold War and returning the world to a stable economic level c on Trie Snow Ioco of the american Farmer. Fred Rossiter Point four program official. Something like this the result of last Summers Long bitter steel strike was a net loss for them on the Union shop Issue. What resulted is charitably called a revolving door shop a sort of a Compro Mise. But it gives workers the Chance to quit the Union at fre quent intervals. In the disputes with general electric and the Douglas and Lockheed aircraft companies the unions lost More me non operating unions representing the clerks machinist electricians and car men Are involved in the Railroad disputes. If they struck they could paralyse the roads involved it could put the new administration up against a crisis before it had a Chance to get its feet on the ground. Management to stand firm management s thinking runs something like this Industry s labor experts feel that the unions have pushed As far As they can through the soft Era on the Union shop. They feel that Thi going for the unions from now on will be Tough and they Hope impossible. This opinion is based on the probably Correct Assumption that the net effect of the elec Tion is to their advantage. The Secretary of labor has wide discretion in interpreting Laws for or against labor. And the presi Dent has Power to appoint Mem Bers to the special boards which so they say there Are imaginary sicknesses but no imaginary pains. One Harold Heifer who is crazy about we do mean crazy says that every family should have a pet hog. I course a great Many families in clude a hog but he in t often a pet. There was the girl who said of a boy Friend who overdid it that he was a pet hog. An old fashioned person is one who goes to a bakery for cheese cake. Describing a wedding a Bach Elor said the Bride looked self possessed. And the Groom looked possessed. In the average Home today a dining room is a futility room. The main thing which stands in the Way of the unification of Western Europe 1 is history it self. _ dry. H. Vanroijen. Netherlands ambassador to the . Some physicians Are beyond accepting the discomforts of night Calls. Unfortunately this Type of physician frequently be comes a medical student s hero. John s. Hirschboeck. Howard Hughes has bowed out dolls Are found in every coun try it says Here. Particularly of american sailors. A fellow bought a ticket on a car raffle won the car drove off in Triumph had a wreck ruined the car. Was Laid up m the Spon sible mathematically one fifth of four is four fifths. But not if have the last say on film _ of Jet the film is still on the shelf after three years. Little Johnny wanted to know what the h stood for in a bomb. With photographer Milton for heaven Greene because we became very Good friends and i could t see myself marrying a Good Dwight Eisenhower says to be modern you Don t have to be nuts. But it helps apparently. Doctor says my the Issue so vigor successfully it Side glances people. And it is no longer possible to p teaching to the people of fortunately seems to be confusing since there is so much apparent conflict be tween preach ment and i i 1 to. Future to pull out of the East would seem to be the logical action if thugs Are As hopeless As he says. But we Are sure that or. Judd would be the first to of no i did t mean that so we i Camuei i pro the government gave Nixon four bodyguards and be Nau a time seeing the sights. Washington pipeline do so though some of of mind. We Don t believe he thinks the Long future is Black because he knows that we have truth and right on our Side and that evil is Nof going to have the final Victory in this world. Rok army is sharing the major part Battle Uny and the commander Gen. James Van tie i. Us to nos sonar Usu Ian a .1.11, mayor John Daubney. One has to be about 50 years old or More to be Able to re member very Well the great world wide influenza epidemic of 1917-18. Those who cannot remember that frightening experience May have difficulty in believing the suddenness with which apparently healthy men and women were suddenly struck building up resistance and Strong to one does not mean that the next one which comes along will not Knock us Down. Research goes on the time May not be far Dis Tant when vaccination will bring and indeed some of the most intelligent scientists in the world Are working on this resist the disease. Influenza strikes the healthy fore anyone realized they were sick. Medical anti Ai Iuria weak or infirm. Indeed the Man flu is perhaps running the great est risk of All because he is not accustomed to giving in to ill Ness. We can that nose rious epidemic lies in the future but judging by the past history of the disease it is he by to strike again in violent form sometime. Your grandpa thought because i made Fine fun the medical profession was practically helpless and could Only try to insist that victims of the dread flu stay quietly in Beo until fully recovered. Too often this advice was difficult or impossible to follow Many times an entire family was Laid Low at the same time and the Mother or father would creep out of bed to take care of the rest thus taking a risk which was often fatal. Since that great epidemic other less serious epidemics have occurred. But what is alarming is that our defences against an other disaster such As that of 1911-18 Are Little better now than they were then. This is True even though the cause has been identified As a virus or perhaps several viruses and other new knowledge has been added. It is doubtful that any treat ment known today would be much More effective in counter acting the flu than those Avail Able 35 years ago. When it comes to prevention the Outlook is Little More promising. Vaccination has been tried but because there Are several kinds of viruses out our Way every time i come own i tack the spider. Web Back up an people won t i spic now there s presents i up there Wanna bet it won t last till no i Don t Wanna a bet the web won t with ten trips a pay up there what scientists with great begins have. J failed at i be seem Vou do without a lick of brains i the 6eniius Ivr t

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