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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 30, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 14 it is smart to play Safe. Kingsport times vol. Al no. 172 phone Kingsport tenn., monday August 30, 1954 10 pages five cents the weather continued fair tonight. Tuesday increasing cloudiness and not As warm freshening winds. Sunday s High 90 last night s Low 61 noon Reading 77. French National Assembly kills Edc Europe faces grave crisis 3 persons or in Cherokee Lake for Highway dept. Three persons died in two drowning mishaps at Chero Kee Lake sunday. I the Sullivan James w. Hill jr., 18, and Patricia Stewart 13. Both of coun y court turned Down by a Asheville. N. C., were playing in the Lake when the stepped of f into deep water near Rutledge. Hill dived my Hase new Der alter her but neither came up. A Knoxville Man. Claude Roland Elkins. 30. Was drowned in the same Lake White on a filling j trip near bean Lalion in Grainger j county. While a companion filled their bout with gasoline. Elkins dived in Lor a swim but Sank from sight after a Brief snuggle. Young Hill a Marine was called an expert swimmer by his father. Both Hill and miss Siewart were alive when pulled from the water but failed to respond to artificial respiration. They were Chad on arrival at Milligan clinic in Jefferson City. The pair were among a Large number of youths and adults at a picnic Outing near Hines store on the Lake when the fatal Accident occurred. According to eyewitnesses the two were wit i a group wading and playing in the Lake around 2 . Phenix City jury will hand out 500 indictments by Rex Thomas Phenix City Ala. A dramatic new chapter in the tale of vice and corruption in fabulous Phenix City unfolded today with a grand jury report expected to con Tain More than 500 indictments. Special judge Waller b. Jones to men and Black top 25 Miles of county roads. The county court. Meeting Here in special session to consider the budget for the next fiscal year voted to pass Over Pendleton s re quest until the october term. The request was made in the form of a Molion by Squire Ches Ler Hall 115th i Ulrici. Today was the last session of the lame Duck co my court. The next session to be held in october will see some 20-Odd new magistrates on the court. At press time the court was still debating the budget. The budget May have been trimmed or altered since it was ready to be a resettled at the regu Lar quarterly session of the county court on july 19, but was never used since the court adjourned ii Ghoul acting on it. Magistrates a the july session m on the budget be receive the Rel presentment three cause total county tax assessment t sunday when Patricia suddenly 18-Man Blue ribbon j figures were not available at that stepped off into deep water investigation Oil time. Went under about 12 feet from the widespread racketeering. Before ado Pung the new budget Shore i picked teams of n a t i o n a i the county court must approve a Youn Hill dived alter the girl. Guardsmen stood ready to arrest tax rate and when Thev both failed to come the defendants named in the in-1 the meeting monday up. His lather. James Edwin Dic mems. Probably the be a Duck session in that More and an unidentified Friend swam Ever returned by i grand 20 Smi pm pm after them. After rescuing in Alabama. Until the arrests w i Tricia Hill again dived after his Are made the names of those in diced lust remain secret up for consideration includes the after searching for some multiple indictments a g a i n s t election of notaries Public and utes he found Young Hill tangled some of the gambling big shots consideration of a s16.000 increase in some Bushes at the Bottom of were expected to account for in the interest fund to take care of the Lake where he had of the anticipated Bond issues. Trapped. True Bills. As Many As 50 indict Elkins the third victim were believed Likely against drowned about . Sunday some. Witnesses said the 30-year-old steel still others Mav come idler in worker and his companion. Continuing vice Cie Nup. Spe., Al solicitor prosecutor George Johnson said the jury would go i Back to work As soon As the Elkins. Who had his was filed i trunks on. Removed his clothing and dived into the water. Morris noticed his Friend s frantic str Check for emergency polio Here is mrs. Kelly goad chairwoman mothers March against polio receiving a Check for s100 from e. Johnson exhausted ruler of the Kingsport elks club. The Check was presented by the local chapter of the club this week. J turn on your porch Light Morns were their boat with _ Pas at beets boat Dock when Kins decided to Lake a j Batchelor will stress immunity san Antonio. Tex. an j. Bat mothers March. Here to increase polio fund president signs legislation on atomic Energy Washington aug. 30 president Eisenhower today signed the new atomic Energy Lem Islai Ion and declared it will Speed the time when the atom will be wholly devoted to peaceful Pur poses. Paris aug. 30 French National Assembly tonight killed the european defense Community treaty which frenchmen conceived four years and created the gravest political crisis Western Europe has experienced the Bill which ignited one of the sinc e the end of the War. Honest congressional ughes of the the revolutionary plan which would have 12 year overhauls the 19-16 divisions from a Energy act. One of the changes Germany into the Allied occur ill the Kover Mem under i t _ _ system and paved the Way for a United states of Europe was Defeated on a Molion to terminate All debate on the controversial Issue. The unofficial Vole was 317 for the Molion to 264 against. J the motion killing the six nation i army plan which had been under debate in the Assembly since Sai urday was sponsored by the ailing 52-year-old former premiered guard Herriot. I the elder statesman was so weak he was unable to stand up on the Rostrum to deliver a bitter attack permits the government under certain Security safeguards to give nuclear information to America s allies. The new legislation also for the first time opens the door for development of Ftp private atomic Power Industry within the United states. Eisenhower in a Sla Lement. Took note of. The warm debate in con Gress Over these provisions. He said be feels some Misun revealed Dur ing the debate find added i want our people to that these provisions Are designed eventually to relieve the taxpayer of president cites need for Strong military Reserve 30 All president Eisenhower american action of a Leirion Ted a that Bains a Szcech Onich advocated of the enormous Cost of the Coiner is a bulwark against pol by. n favor of Cial aspects of the Enterprise i will be a no. 1 item on his 1954 f Russia while fully protecting the Public in legislative program. We have tailed miserably to Terest in atomic Energy. In fact these provisions carry into effect the 1946 policy Declara Tion of the original atomic Energy act that Iree Competition in Pri vate Enterprise should be strength for delivery at the legion s annual a convention. Eisenhower expressed Confidence now. At Long last we must that the new measure will be a i build such a Reserve. And we must maintain it. Wishful thinking and a i a microphone at his a ave a or maintain that Strong ready Mill 1that is his last great tar Reserve in which we have debate. He told the lie cd for 150 the presi applaud cd loudly Dent declared in a speech prepared l Aln saying what t really think Boon to Public and private develop ment of atomic Energy. It will Lead he said to greater National strength. Programs undertaken As a re sult of this new the presi Deni declared will l Gress More rapidly 1 help us pro to the time it was almost a foregone conclusion however that the first in and dived a Farr him. Flow a report would contain no in-1 attorney for Cpl. Claude Ever he was unable to Rescue for the murder of Ami Ich Elor said he will Tell and almost drowned in the. Vice crusader a. L. Here today that the i whose death on june 18 started army promised Batchelor in unprecedented vice Init Lenity and then went Back on us us Kins attempt. A Kingsport lifesaving Crew re covered the body about 2 . Near the site of the drowning. Tonight Sullivan county will be a sea of porch lights Between 7 and 8 o clock porch lights lighting the Way for almost women volunteers who will March on polio As the finale of the Emer gency March of dimes. The work ers will carry Glass jars bearing official March of dimes insignia and they will Wear official bands. They will March with a grim determination to get the Adonal Money needed to keep the Man is fined for wild ride Here Phenix City where wide open bling and other rackets flourished Bachelor s trial opens today in for Vears a Sheet Metal building at it. Sam state authorities directing the i Houston. Search for Patterson s killer defense atty Joel Westbrook of Haven t completed their Case. I Antonio said grand jury testimony is de by closely guarded secrecy. ,2 of Kermit t a the identity of Many witnesses a Wuh collaborating with subpoenaed m the past three weeks i the and on his the nature of the moves buddies his 31 Moths As a he is eager to with the american republicans map vote Pep rally Cincinnati aug. 30 tonal chairman Leonard w. Hall keynote a Republican party Campaign Pep rally Here today by accusing congressional democrats of using vast cunning in at tempts to make our anti communist legislation Man of the Kingsport Section of Hall called on party committee the mothers March on polio and state chairmen to re issued the following affirm our standing pledge of Cam Tor those desiring to make a con pain but he said Battle against polio going at Ful strength. Unless the drive is a Success nation wide polio leaders say serious curtailments in the foundation s research and patient care programs May be necessary. Mrs. Kelly goad general chair when this new source of Energy will be wholly devoted to the. Constructive purposes of supporters say one immediate effect will be to stimulate the development of electricity from atomic Energy. But even the most optimistic Merciall. Atomic machines years away. Guesses Are that Corn feasible Power from is still several prisoner of War in North Korea. Tributino tonight. 1. Listen to the a 26-year-old one legged Kings ligation port Man received fines totalling there were leaders in the Cru m20 monday in Russel co my better Joners who decided to Stav with Thell o clock tonight. Court for a wild ride Dimmg Fol. Example. Who communists after the korean Arl he chalked up live different kinds have charged repeatedly that rack while the Basic objectives of the measure were not questioned a number of its provisions ran into heavy Challenge especially in the Senate. of the argument Fol Lowed the theme of the Long stand ing controversy7 Over Public is. Pri vate Power with the Bill s opponents crying private monopoly and its defenders saying it promoted free on its first trip through the sen ate the measure touched off 169 hours of speech making including four round the clock sessions. Later the senators turned Down a political timidity must no longer bar a program so absolutely essential to our then he said establishment of an adequate Reserve objective for which the american legion and other patriotic organizations have vainly fought for a generation will be. A no. 1 item submitted to the con Gress next in his speech to fellow now that my life is to the . Pact was signed in May 1952 by France West Ger Many Italy Belgium the nether lands and Luxembourg after Long months of negotiation and since then four of the six have ratified the treaty. The French and italian parliaments had Ito Complete their approval before v would go into Force. The treaty was the Cornerstone of american policy in Europe but its rejection by the French Law makers represented one of the legion worst setbacks in the history of Nares. Many of whom served diplomacy. At the same Der him As supreme commander time it marked Russia s greatest in Europe during world War ii j Victory in the cold War. The chief executive promised the defeat dealt what appeared Burdei served. This administration will Gration As a basis for cooperation see to among the nations of Western eur the president said that for a j rope. Century and a half the United the setback to the West s de states has prided itself on its and Security plans reflected fugal to maintain Large standing i sharply French fears that the is Reserve will not be a death blow to the concept men who have already of political Unity and military Inte military forces. We have relied instead the civilian Soldier. But we have done so without being fair either to the private citizen or to these purity of the he went into no detail about the nature of the military Reserve he wants to build. He made no men Tion of the plan for a powerful re i threat of German militarism con upon statutes a greater danger to the speech prepared for a workshop in disagree serve outlined a few weeks ago by a.oii-. P Manl nver Natowf i i French nation than soviet Imperial ism. Although death of the treaty did not involve the resignation of the French government it was a heavy reverse for Premier Pierre Meri Des prance. The he was one of 23 american Pris i casts from wept and win special Broad conference Here that the Republic at cans Are gloves r to hang up the ment Over Patent provisions. A new Row Over patents May i Premier foreign ably of driving violations. The defendant pleaded guilty to charges of reckless driving driving without lights on at night run steers controlled election Machin Ery in Phenix City. Patterson who had been Nomi 2 turn Mist ice. But he changed 1 his mind j promptly at your porch o clock and Lightf Hower said was the crucial Strug committee will re i leave Glt for control of Congress. Compromise clause r. New the requiring com minister John Hannah then assistant Sec-1 Assembly " Dot rotary of defense in charge of Man i he dipl Mauc of Power and now returned to the. Viu Idiu. Be presidency of Michigan Bill a College. Is Ftp Roli Lions with prance s allies in 0 i me Hope of toning Down the Supra and came Back to the Allied on until a marching Mother has As a possible example of what panics to share for five Vears last Jan for your Nad in mind Hall said he Power patents. _ i my the Only other american of the do not Jive a porch Light As Many rated for attorney general of Ala-j23 who came Back was Cpl. De Joe Ople Livin in apartments do Ning six Stop signs speeding andr Bama on r cleanup platform was Ward s. Dickenson of big Stone tie a handkerchief or any driving without a License. Uhe Bra s attorney. Gap. A. He was convicted by Aho your door Knob. Or Light _ i i i a i i _ Jilli Lidil. That plan called for every Able bodied Young Man to put in a Mil i itary service stint and then join Happy to report that the Republic opponents said they accepted the the Reserve. The White House said City patrolman Albert Fletcher testified it All started at about . Sunday when the car almost ran Over him after the policeman had got out to investigate it. A Hunt and Chase followed that lasted until about . Police said they reached speeds of 70 and 80 Miles per hour at times. Fri agents question . Court martial last May 4 or lantern in your window charges similar to those have been told to expect against Batchelor. Of the other 21, i anything. Have no ragtag Bobtail i Patent Compromise at the last Jat the time the program Hannah of the left Wing Ada i minute to avoid another drawn out set Forth As a plan to thwart any for democratic Tiona persuasion to confuse us with 04-Page Bill virtually re Calls for recognition of red China one has 1 Westbrook said Batchelor and the other americans were prom ised immunity by the army while they were in Indian custody at new York Auk. 30 Panmunjom Korea last Winter. I 3. If you must leave your before a worker Calls please your contribution with a neighbor or bring it to the first National Bank before time. 4. If you see that your and for scuttling the Nistra anti subversive the defendant who appeared in. Men reported to be Fri agents Westbrook said he will move fori court on crutches did not explain questioned or. Robert Oppen quashing the Case on e Bor s porch Light is not burning the gop chairman did not spell it his indictment fully but his Nei a i thrust about making anti comm Irving nist ie8islation unworkable of who he did it. A patrolman said the Hennin told him he did it because he ail did t want to go to judge Lacy West fined him s10, for each Stop s a s10 talked for 20 minutes with running without lights _50 scientist who has been barred Eimer As he arrived at Idlewild Airport last night. The three men. Who were identified As Fri agents by an Airport complaint i that the army went Back on its poli if piously a Senate demo driving without a License and let Lom the reckless driving charge Mergele Rollent. Is a Security risk. Secrets by the gov Wilh the latter one. A Man Riding in the car was fined s20 for Public drunkenness. He pleaded not guilty maintaining he Iliad Only one Ordinary a patrolman testified his speech Oppenheimer arrived by plane from puerto Rico. He had been vacationing in the Virgin islands with his wife and two children. He left the Airport in a private car before newsmen could talk to Promise. But the army has stated that it1 promised the reluctant Amer ii Only that they would not be Mea shed for remaining other Allied captives had been repatriated. Diatel. Despite planning that has the army has maintained that Campaign some your reminding. Mothers March headed by sen. Hubert j Humphrey of de through communist party of its Legal 6-6141 and a car will be re bits Home imme a the intensive gone into the in 5. If a worker has not called for i contribution by 9 o clock Call behind after dispatched to your _ mistakes and omissions Are bound to be made. No immunity was promised for a. Tons of the prisoners while they 6. Give As generously As you can. North korean were Camps. Westbrook said in an interview i i v of .1 h he declined comment that some of Batchelor s was unclear and he had the Odol later b ele none it his an inf no Trout nil no it put n it t i. A prison workers will not suggest what you should give but remember that we must raise Twenty million Dol intoxicant on his breath. A 43-Yrar-Olri Kin sport Man pleaded guilty to Drunken driving and driving without n License and was Fierri s50 on each count. He said his had been suspended previously on a air sunken driving Charce. Three other men were fined j20 for Public drunkenness. Forfeitures included four Bonds for gambling one for whisky one Bond for speeding and Bonds for Over time parking totalling new Home damaged by morning Blaze City and Community fire depart ments answered a Call to extinguish a Blaze monday morning in a a unoccupied House on Circle View Street Belvue Addi Tion. Fire department records showed licht to moderate damage resulted from fire which apparently broke out at ceiling Light fixture. The department received the Call it . And returned to the station at . They snid a family was preparing to move into the dwelling when ithe fire broke out. The House was an the property of Noah Thonson. T Princeton. N. J., Home. An Fri spokesman. Lars in the nation to keep the pro Gram going. Camp will testify in his behalf. He mrs. Goad has also requested queried said they Are coming Here to you control your dogs tonight about the Airport incident said the to that Ceil. Batchelor interceded1 she does t want a single one of Bureau could not give out any Wilh the communists information at this their living conditions. Writing the original eight year old atomic Law provides this new authority 1. The atomic Energy commis Sion dec can Grant 40-year re for private Indus try to operate atomic facilities and handle fissionable materials. If Congress approves the dec can build full scale Power plants for experimental purposes Only and other government agencies can a to strip l ply for regular nuclear licenses. Cooperatives and publicly owned utilities get preference to buy the government produced Power. 2. The president can give Friendly nations hitherto secret details on the external characteristics of atomic weapons their performance and methods of erecting defences against them. This has been de scribed As the heart of new look t of t j defense proposals for greater use 5rf Facy West Dos of a weapons in protecting Europe missed traffic tickets in wholesale 3 the president Quantity monday morning in City City judge dismisses fair parking tickets court of them on charges can Start negotiations to carry out his plan for soviet aggression was under consideration by the National Security Council but that no final decision had been reached on whether to submit it to Congress in that form. Eisenhower interrupted his col Orado vacation for 24 hours to Fly Back to Washington to address the legion. In his address he also gave France another prod in the Hope of winning ratification of the Europe an army project by that nation. Without mentioning that country by name he said Progress on the a six nation project has not a1d humiliating National character of the proposed six nation army scheme and thus salvaging something out of years of Security planning and sacrifices. Mendes France declared that de feat of Edc would in no Way solve the question of German rearmament. The problem of Germany and its rearmament won t be automatically he declared. Sooner or later the problem will arise again in one form or another. He is indeed flippant who would vote today for or against without reflecting on All the consequences of his Mendes France spoke bitterly of the Brussels conference six nation project has not fulfilled our new dams students to report wednesday All new students of Dobyns Bennett High school will report to the High school auditorium wednes Day at 3 . For orientation and visitation Paul r. Elliott Princi pal has announced. Those attending the Assembly of illegal parking at the East a global a Pool to help backward will include All freshmen and All better her marching mothers scared or a vicious dog. Says u. S. Policy on China considered International joke Washington aug. 30 ins prime minister declared today that America s a Titus a toward recognizing red China is a sort of International joke and that u. S. Recognition of piping would to a step toward ending the cold War. Prime minister col. Gamel Abdel Nasser said he is astonished by american policy to Ward communist China and added that by adopting the Posi Tion of refusing diplomatic recognition you Are neglecting the people of in scr continued you Are trying to make those 400 or 500 million fanatical against you. If there were Normal relations Between China and the u. S. You would have the Rood feeling of those millions of Chi the so Yrne old prime minister declared that u. S. Refusal to t recognize the piping regime is a cause of the cold War and said you a few peo ple on the nationalist Strong hold Oft Formosa and neglect red China s millions. It is a sort of International asked in a copyrighted inter View in u. S. News and world report if he thought u. S. Recognition of red China would re Duce cold War tensions Nasser replied yes i think it would be a step toward the cold he said the cold War exists in those countries in which there is hatred against colonization. For instance he added there a sort of cold War Dir clod Asa Insl the u. S. In the Middle East not Only because if red Small group of army officers forced King Farouk into exile also touched upon the following Points 1. The most effective Way to defend the Arab world against red aggression is to leave the area in the hands of the Arab bloc. 2. The Arab world needs no guarantee of Aid from the West Ern Powers in the event of attack. He said such Aid is a natural thing and 3. Arab countries Welcome u. S. Arms Aid but not military mis Sions. 4. U. S. Baser in the Arab sea mean occupation occupation Means hatred and hatred Means 5. America s Point four pro Tennessee state fair. Police said they wrote 181 atomic Power. Saturday night acting on a com plaint received against motorists parking on the grass Parkway on memorial Boulevard in front of the a patrolman Nair the cars had torn up the grass which was wet after a rain. Three or four persons out of the crowd of defendants acted Asun official spokesmen for the group. One Man said he had passed the fair Friday night and had seen a Long line of cars parked there and thought it was All right. Another said there was no one to try to keep you one Man said he had seen cars parked there on several previous nights at the air and they had t been tagged. All said they parked there because hundreds of cars were already doing so. One defendant said he parked next to a state Highway patrol judge West dismissed the charges saying i think when we have a crowded situation like that somebody should be there to direct he explained that he did t mean somebody from the City became they already had i lations and can give Friendly who will attend he said the Assembly must take a position on Edc so France s allies will know where she stands. Name of Adams has popped up Mitchell Washington. Aug. 30 us democratic National chairman Stephen a. Mitchell says he would t be surprised the Jers More data on How to produce Dobyns Bonnott for the first Adams popped this fall. Manhunt is pressed for daring Escapee activities but also because of Gram of technical Aid for the the communist China Middle East is failing because , who come into prom1 there is no material result that Nance two years ago when a can be seen by the their hands full. I a Large number of persons had. Already forfeited Bond on the charge. A total of 23 Bonds for each for illegal parking were forfeited in court the majority of them issued at the fair. V Boston aug. 30 ins a nation wide manhunt was pressed today by the Fri and state and local police for Elmer trigger Burke As a special session of the Suffolk grand jury convened in a desperate Effort to find out who sprung the new York killer from a Boston jail. District attorney Garrett h. Byrne himself an announced tar get for Burke vengeance said he called the jury into session in an Effort to find the solution to what he termed the fantastic and unbelievable escape of the machine gunner who tried to Cut Down Joseph specs named a few years ago by the Fri As the prime suspect in the unsolved Brink s Rob Bery. Byrne said that More than 100 persons had been summoned to testify. These included jail officials police officers and residents of two buildings which give a Birds Eye View of the jail Yard. The new York killer mean while became the object of a Hunt which extended along the entire Eastern Seaboard and far into the mid West. Boston and new York saw concentration of uniformed and plainclothes offi cers and Fri agents running Down countless efforts also were being made to find out who among Burke s underworld pals was an expert Locksmith. Police said Only such a person could have opened the three locks which separated the jail Yard and the sidewalk on Charles St. the solitary confinement building. They were picked open and two bars of the be iliac to floor bar Rier inside Lii Structure were sawed out to make a two foot for the in an estimated 40 minutes. Up in an investigation of the Dixon Yates Power contract negotiations. I have some evidence that i Haven t been Able to Mitchell said during an Abc to radio interview last night that he did participate in some of the Adams a former governor of new Hampshire is now top aide to president Eisenhower. He could not be reached immediately for comment. Mitchell has repeatedly challenged the Eisenhower ordered con tract which would Timve the Dixon Yates private Utility Combine build b 107-miliion-Dollar electric Power Plant to serve part of the Tennes see Valley area. The democratic chairman renewed his charges last night. Corruption and favouritism toward big business were involved he said and a Public investigation is needed to bring out All the facts. A Senate House atomic Energy committee hearing on the contract set for sept. 2 was called off in i definitely saturday. Committee officials said the atomic Energy commission the Federal Agency handling the contract was not yet ready to discuss it in detail. Mitchell and two other demo sciatic Tenn land Kep. Celler in i demanding that the contract s i terms be made Public

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