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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 18, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days Chy county 2 could throw a out of control. Kingsport times vol. Al no. 164 King port tenn., wednesday August 18, 1954 20 pages cents the Chance of Sci ered Thunder showers late this afternoon or to night. Thursday partly Cloudy and warmer with possible showers tuesday s High. 86 last night s Low. 60 noon Reading. S6 Trace of rain. European nations in crucial talks Ike says books open for probe of Power pact by Bill bar kit i bli.1. ally swear they ins a Friendly guests. Fletcher bastions on How 10 close six Beer i said bootlegging establishments he said vict Are operating wide open in number of persons drinking it were a proof in themselves that Beer being sold. A police found 114 cans of Beer proposal from Mendes France has opposition Brussels. Belgium or con Iraci came in a statement Ivi he issued in Chicago last nigh h after Eisenhower had told his news conference he is astonished at Mit of chill s criticism of the Way the is i Emu Iii i me Ife i a tier was handled the ruckus was stirred u d a the e o Prem for usage additional Legal help i reports from considers it necessary France would Paris said Menrie Sild Tell his colleagues foreign ministers Confer to Tva newest dam. A Blacktop Road leads to the Overlook from its intersection with us 23 near Hammond Bridge. Sex president s son named to state Post Washington aug. 18 Herbert Hoover jr., 51, won unanimous confirmation today Asun de Secretary of stale. I his name was brought up Short-1 by after the Senate met and was approved without debate by voice vote. He was quickly my Senate foreign relations commit a tee after the White House nou Cement last night. Hoover would succeed waiter Paris. Aug. 18 Bedell Smith As. Right hand Man to line de Castries wife of the heroic it is i. Commander of the lost fortress of so Jae Simole. In arguing his Case. Ule orc Ibn ministers Confer mayor John Winberly opening Here tomorrow i nil a offer a chef Peel Char that officers u new european army pm n Iii Otic a Soll Lionil if Rha a i Niilre in i. I Al. Eastman Kodak reports gains a personal order for award to the Dixon Yates Syndicate of a Long term contract to sell Power to the atomic Energy commission in the Tva area of the Middle South. Mitchell said Eisenhower did so Over the protests of both the Becj and the Tennessee Valley authority and without competitive bidding. I and the democratic party Leader this is an increase of nearly 5 per cent from .s22.531.833 in the first half of 1953, it was announce by Thomas j. Hargrove chairman and Albert k. Chapman presiden following a meeting of the com Pany directors tuesday. Of Vith the Dixon Yates group. The juror extended to Capitol 1111. Where both democrats and republicans voiced doubt that the Eisenhower Jones Friendship had figured in the handling of the con act. In Atlanta Jones said he re. Ends the implication thai a com the net earnings Are equal t any enjoyed presidential favor j a share on commo because he had Stock in it. Shares outstanding. This compare answering Mitchell s Cha 51.28 a common share in the hat there is a raw Deal in half of 1953 on Laking. Eisenhower told his news shares then outstanding. By news hero Soto be released for school Bond set Secretary of state Dulles. Smith is retiring at 58 from the military diplomatic career on which he embarked 43 years ago. He is due to quit about ocl. I Dien Bien Phi Luray wanted to sing and dance stamp my feet and Wake up everyone when informed her husband Sunn .1 an emergency ordinance provid ing for an s825.000 Junior High school Bond referendum september on25 was by the Board of today she and Wermen tuesday Uwi. A i Dinicu Ner Nus Oai to take an executive Job in private would be freed by the reds. Ordinance provides that will be used rather Industry. A vie Minh radio broadcast in a letter to Dulles he said d said this reasons for resin in his reasons for resigning " Christian am More overextended physically would be returned to to and financially than i had realized j in a prisoner sex Chan and i cannot afford to give up the today change employment contract which i have Castries French Achl Ries. Proposed Bond Issue was endorsed by about 30 persons at tending a town meeting last week. Together with Al ready on hand from the City s an rom e City s of recent county school Bond conference yesterday every single action he lakes involving contractual relationships of the United states with except when the question of National Security is is open to the Public. The president said any of the newsmen present could go to the budget Bureau or the dec and get the Complete record of the Case. Reporters were told at the two agencies that it would take a few Days to get the material ready for publication. They also were in formed the data probably would be available by the end of the week. Eisenhower said he knew when he went into politics he would be subjected by Many types of strange characters to Many kinds of innuendo and allegations. But he was a Little astonished he said that such innuendo should include a private citizen of the character and standing of Bob Jones. For More on Eastman report see Paffe 5. To or the increase in net earnings was due primarily to the removal o the excess profits and Chapman said. Consolidated sales were 132, Down about 3 per cent from the first half of last year s record High. Earnings before taxes were Down 15 per cent from last year s first half figure. The decrease in earnings before taxes Hargrave and Chapman said was due to a Rise in costs and expenses resulting largely from lower volume in some and increased wages employee benefits advertising and other there is no gentleman he knows 175 i Corner of memorial Boulevard to the Kenmore drive. In the ordinance fair open in Hawkins on thursday the mid summer fair season in the Kingsport area gets under Way tomorrow with the opening of the Eastern Hawkins county fair. The fair will continue through saturday night. Troy Hinton. President of the fair association has announced. The Hawkins fair is being held on the Fairgrounds at Church Hill High school. All exhibits , must be received by 9 . Thursday. Livestock exhibits will be received until 10 . Friday thursday will be devoted to receiving and entering exhibits. On Friday the Day s program will begin at . With the judging of exhibits Junior live Stock and open Competition. At horse race bicycle race and Amateur show. In which a reared West Germany would Pool her troops with those of France. Italy Belgium the Netherlands and Luxembourg . Officials in Washington Al ready have expressed fears that the Long nurtured Edc plan first proposed in october 1950 by France s then defense minister Rene pleven is doomed. Oak Ridge. Tenn. I _ for the five Oiler Edc a atomic workers vote on wages Al production workers a two atomic plants Here vote today on whether to accept a previously rejected 6-cent hourly wage in crease and maybe pull the Rug tons have Given evidence of Noth ing but opposition to the French proposals. Critics contend they Rob the army plan of much of it s Supranational aspect. All argue the about a year. As a troubleshooter he recently won worldwide Atten Tion and Praise for his part a indochinese peace settlement at the the site was referred Ioas be us i b the White House shut off the was _ favored Sheppard jailed n murder Case Cleveland Freedom it Short by a first degree murder indictment. Or. Samuel h. Shep Ard was Back today in the dim. X 8-foot jail cell he occupied rom july 30 until monday lorning. The handsome 30-year-old Osseo ath was eating Cherry pie in the Tchen of his father s Home when sheriff s deputies came to meanest him. They let him finish eating. Us Rug argue the from under a rival Cio would require new holding out for More. Parliamentary approval by the four Al leaders recommended ital a and France the workers accept apparently railed the pact. The viewing the earlier stand in the germans consider the Light of a Taft Hartley raise new Dis criminal slapped on the Cio last week when ,5 against them it called strikes Over the was reported Issue at other atomic plants answer the critics with and at Paducah by e argument that even a much source close to the situation Tarmy e is is tha the eos to me says a favourable vote by the Al of the atomic expected to have a marked effect on the Cio Gas Coke and chemical workers members Carbide and Carbon chemicals co., which operates All four plants for the atomic Energy commis Sion has always granted identical increases to both the Cio and acc thus says the observer if the Al accepts the 6 cents the Cio will Lave a lot of arguments pulled right out from under the Cio workers operate plants producing the nation s entire sup ply of uranium-235, used in Hydro Gen and atomic weapons. They also rejected the 6-cent offer and during the four months since Nego nations started they struck once rom july 7-n. Act As litre to tinier sea As he proposes would secure approval of a majority of the lower House s entire 627 members. Only this majority can override an and verse vote in the French Senate the Council of the Republic the Mendes France amendments among other things would allow any members to withdraw from Edc if american and British troops were pulled out of Europe limit the Edc treaty s length to hat of the North Atlantic treaty organization forbid the stationing of German troops on French soil and withhold final French ratification pending a new try at Settle ment with Russia of the German question. I Geneva conference nun Ana Praise Lor his part in settling the three year Long British de Castries the 43-year iranian Oil dispute. Old former Jacqueline de Meaux his appointment caught Many exclaimed wonderful today when eff guard. As recently As last informed of the vie Minh Broad weekend and for months before least. Had been saying he would it s completely unexpected she said and i m so excited it is near Bristol Highway the name by which that Section of memorial Boulevard formerly was known before it was named officially. Completion of the second Junior High is scheduled by the opening of the 1955-56 school year when Junior High school enrolment competing Syndicate. It Clear preference of not accept the position. The under Secretary s Job in hard to believe. Wolves a lot of paperwork among i never expected him to be the i y is expected to reach Oiher things and associates so soon. Enrolment already exceeds the Sam Kero desk top ranking capacity of the Lone Junior Visinte 01 desk work. Officers recently and they hash in the City school system. Tin ii another Factor was a Basic Dis were unable agreement Over tariffs Between Hoover on the and Eisenhower and Dulles la ii Usu reported Hope that the general freed before to hold out much a. Woman is found after Long search would be As Thi hit senior French officer in vie Minh Halls he would be the last one to de Castries said she had had no personal message from the general since his capture but in another school matter the Board accepted a recommendation of the Board of education and set tuition rates for the 1954-55 school year at for pupils who live in Sullivan county outside the City 5168 for those who live in Tennessee outside Sullivan county and for those attending City schools from outside the state. Dungannon. Va., aug. Night Long search for a 30-year-old am woman believed to have fallen a French defense into Clinch River ended Thi she had heard reports that he was in Good health. I i am going to wait for him 20 rioters Hurt Madame lie Castries said. Munich aug. 18 ins1 Twenty persons were reported 1.j today in a serious group the sworn testimony shows a shocking most workers Back on atomic project Oak Ridge. Tenn. Aug. 18 electricians and paint ers who walked out a week ago today from an atomic construction Job Here were Back at work today. One source estimated that there were about 600 of a total of 679 electricians and about 50 of 77 painters at work. The disputes were settled yesterday after meetings Between the unions involved and Maxon construction co., prime contractor on he half billion Dollar Addi uranium separa he was there for supper after excess profits visiting with Chip his 7-year-old i _ Ison the has been living with Washington am. I total preferred and common an Uncle since the july 4 morning president Cash dividends provided for in the i when his Mother was clubbed to i thai Oil u is six Stirt Ianth in Horn u u. It. W 111 Light 11 n Ike s warning raises air attack question six periods and paid on april 1 and july 1 were the balance of earnings remaining after these dividends 919, which was added to earnings retained and used in the business. Expenditures Foi additions and improvements to Plant and equip ment were the total for 1954 is expected to be about fallen j a French defense Mills Arviju re d Toda Tita morn. Spokesman said there was no of ii Ween 400 porn men Urfis diction was confirmation of Castries for the electricians walk c million. Depreciation charged non to to earnings amounted to 659, including represent ing the excess Over Normal charged off under government issued certificates of necessity which permit five year amortization of defense facilities. The provision for depreciation and the total earnings retained in the business amounted to 578 for the six periods. This sex deliberated about 40 minutes. Common pleas judge Arthur h. Nua Cieu was pegged to Day set a. M. Friday for the warnings and it was obvious arraignment of Sheppard who will i that the president was answer lne then a nip o Loo Iii Iii i .v.1 c no or tween 400 ool Irp Ihk when she was found unharmed if Cal confirmation of Castries in German my Tel w Roa Miner to Hannoh Cana a input. A Polonco hit it _. I us in German my Tel in i nearby but it is very a roaming through some Woods. Earlier bloodhounds had trailed her apparent path to Tho Edge of a n Tiff overlooking the River about Maneu vers 1 j Miles from Lown. And it presumed she had jumped or f.-. Len in. Members of the Scott county for Riff s department and the Kin sport Lyle saving Crew took part in the search. The life Savins Crew searched the River from about 3 to 10 . A member of the party said he Vas told the woman was mentally upset and had got away from relatives who were caring Tor her. Jard. Two Cio groups plan vote on Oil merger Washington aug. 18 groundwork has been Laid for a vote later this year on merger of two Cio groups into n single Union of Gas and Oil workers. Committees representing the Cio Oil workers Union and the Cio Gas Coke and chemical workers Union announced agreement yes in Day on terms of a const Tullon for the proposed organization. Combined membership would create a new Union of 180.000 Mem Bers. Plans Call for inviting Sev eral Independent unions with 000 members to join later. Kingsport National guard unit takes to Field for Maneu vers needed the amount expended for Plant additions and improvements by and account cd for most of the increase in working capital. Working capital Rose by More than million in the six and amounted to death in her bed. The deputies arrived at the senior Sheppard s Home an hour after six men and nine women grand jurors returned the indict ment charging that the athletic Osteopath unlawfully purposely and of deliberate and premeditated malice killed Marilyn Sheppard his_31-year-old pregnant wife. Ard had been free on for 29 i hours. During to keep the chinese communists out of Formosa today raised again the question of possible u. S. Air attacks on the chinese Mainland. Or. Eisenhower sounded the warning to piping at his news con Ference yesterday when he said he would assume that any invasion of Formosa would have to run Over the u. S. Seventh Fleet. Or. Eisenhower made no ref ii Uuie. I Iii hut no Rei most of that time the grand jury Terence to the piping warnings that listened to a Parade of 15 wit an invasion was coming and that Nesses testifying on the Case. They he u. S. Had better keep out of the deliberated Ahnne an fight. But the question the chief executive answered was pegged to then enter a plea. Since his Psi arrest july 30. Sheppard has maintained his innocence and Clung to his Story that a prowler killed his wife and injured him in a fight the cute Opal and his parents chinese Premier Chou in Lai. Military officials who anal Zed the possibilities for International news pointed out that a communist attack on Formosa would Force the u. S. For a second jus parents Ukia Lorce the for a Sprind displayed no emotion As Handcuffs time to answer the question of his Mother rushed to o or in be bbl to was when tto c june 13. This was an increase other clothing. She tucked in pumped into Ine w nearly million Over the Tot oranges j the China Mainland in a Tan repel aggression a red the first time the i was when the by Ellis Binkley fort Mcclellan Ala. Last night National guardsmen from Kingsport literally slept under the stars. Tuesday the 94 men from the Kingsport area All members of the 278th infantry regiment combat team moved into the Field to live and work under simulated combat conditions they will put to work the things they Learned last week on the firing Range in classes and in special problems. Friday they return to Camp and sunday they head for Home. Sec pictures on i arc 81 the men Are in the second week of their annual encamp ment and from what this correspondent Learned they arc thoroughly enjoying it. week saw a full schedule they fired every infantry weapon attended lectures and of course had Elma for recreation. Mothers wives and Sweet hearts need Hove no worries about the boys. They Are eating Good working hard and have plenty of recreation. Swimming is the most popular activity with movies live shows and other entertainment getting share of attention. The guardsmen will hear evangelist Billy Graham speak at Camp on saturday night. Last week Eil the men were visited by fellow townsmen. The Tennessee National guard this year invited 25 men from the various towns represented in the 278th act. They came All the was from Bristol to South flashing and in two and one half Days got full taste of army life. From King Sporl came vice mayor Milton Devaull. And this writer. The entire group was made up of City officials newspapermen radio and television representatives and just friends of the National guard. The Kingsport. Units the Sec Ond battalion Headquarters com Pany and company a came in for a lot of attention. During inspection following a regimental Parade saturday morning the battalion s motor Pool was picked As an example for All other units. Sgt. Carl Ket Ron had the units gleaming like new dimes despite the fact they had spent the previous Day in a heavy Cloud of dust. Company h put on a show Wilh 75mm recoilless weapons and mortars that even had seasoned army officers talking to Nam the Kingsport area group is under command of it. Col. Charles Marsh of Licor of the second battalion which includes units in Kings port Bristol a Elizabethton. A. at in unease us Sci coining Fane to nearly million Over the total of ranges and bananas year ago. J Sheppard kissed his mome Cash and marketable securities j stood in the front Hall in including million of government i grasped his hand and said Block to securities allocated1 for Federal in take care of yourself son i troops Rohrt come taxes amounted to i Ilion ices Thanet a n 11 a year ago. Attic problems ninety per cent of the company s 1953 Federal income and excess profits tax was paid in the first half of the year. Therefore de mands on Cash will be less in the remainder of the year Hargrave and Chapman said. Last year 80 per cent of this tax was paid in the first half. Washington county fair opens today Johnson City aug. In Washington county fair opens today at Gray for four Days of entertain ment and educational features. Fair officials Are preparing to care for the largest crowd Ever to attend the event at Gray. Gales were due to open at 9 . Wednesday and remain open a Neil a ate hour. Among the special features scheduled for opening Day were a i Roc show on the platform it a. And a husband calling con City officials Confer with traffic experts a preliminary conference of cily officials and outside traffic experts will be held Friday to consider a general Survey to improve Kingsport traffic conditions representatives of the Board of mayor and aldermen and of Sion Are expected to attend the meeting. Also on hand will be representatives of one or two films which make such surveys. The exact time of the meeting has not yet been set. Among problems to be consid ered in any comprehensive traffic Survey of Kingsport would be 1. How to control speeding on streets. 2. The advisability of a pro posed Law which would designate certain streets for use of trucks and prohibit trucks from using residential streets unless they have pickups or deliveries to make in the residential area 3. The Ever present although somewhat improved problem of traffic congestion and pedestrian Street Circle and the failure of Many motorists to comply with a recent ordinance making part of Watauga a one Way Street. 4. Whether any further Mea sures should be taken to reduce congestion and Speed traffic in the business District. 5. Whether the City has Loo Many or too few traffic lights and whether their operation can he improved without excessive Cost. Materiel bases that supplied them the answer in 1950 was that the u. S. Would fight a limited War and would not carry the attack to China. It was unclear in the minds of military men whether the answer would be the same a second time. Militarily it is axiomatic that an enemy must be hit with All Possi ble Force and As close to the source of his strength As possible. In air Force language that Means destroying enemy air Power on the ground by knocking out air bases and burning air planes before they can take off to fight Back. In Navy language it Means de stroj ing the ports from which ene warships sail. It was pointed out any chinese communist invasion of Formosa would have to depend upon vast numbers of relatively Small ships to transport red armies 100 Miles across the formosan Straits. These a a Yunu ships could be destroyed in the question of More easily in China main necessary to attack ports than in they were at sea Inland in order to and Nad to be chased. The u. S. Determination to de fend Formosa is based on hard headed military thinking not on the fact that the u. S. Politically 5 Gen Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek s nationalists Over the communists. One official expressed it this Way what would happen to our tem of defense in the Western Pacific if the communists held for Mosa enemy fighter planes would be within easy striking Range of our bases on Okinawa and Luzon in the Philippines. Clark Field would be within Range of enemy jets. Okinawa would become threat ened and always remember that Okinawa is but a Short distance from Southern offers of houses sent to Madcap Omaha aug. 18 Mary Howard is said the and in the paper quite a Little Madcap the and said i Lieut baby sister up so Promise to do likewise to a two bedroom House or acreage have burned Down two houses in my 2i2 years. Care to make it the William j. Howards parents of Mai Garect. Mary sold they received Quick offers to Reni new Homes. Margaret Mary really is they said a Nice Little mouse and not a Madcap. J9-.0 m u a destroy the air find

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