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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 16, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 0 results in Acci dents. Kingsport times vol. Al no. 162 Circle s-m21 Kingsport tenn., monday August 16, 1954 10 pages it five cents the weather scattered Thunder showers Early Low near to. Tuesday considerable s did coup used very warm with possible showers in afternoon. Yesterday s High 94. Las1, night s Low 65. Noon Reading 89. Three killed in Auto truck collision Compromise on Bill is agreed by farm group by Kirvin b. Haak1nson Washington. Aug. 16 a Compi Omisol farm Bill carrying out most of president Eisenhower s re quests was agreed upon today by Senate House conference comm to tee. It must still go Back 10 the House j and semite Lor final approval. Cassase appeared Likely despite the Rush for adjournment by the Enri of this week. A deadlock which threatened to tie up the Bill indefinitely was broken by agreement of a major Liy of House conferees to accept a lower level of Dairy supports voted by the Senate. Only sen. Youngr Nodi of the Ciucht Senate conferees and Rpp. And Resen i of the live House spokesmen refused to Signi the hard fought Compromise which Calls for Dairy i ice supports at 75 per cent of parity. Andresen insisted upon the higher Dairy supports of 80 per cent voted by the House. Argument Over Dairy supports led to an angry breakdown of talks saturday but conference leaders later agreed to another meeting today after a weekend Cooling off period. The renewal of talks was negotiated by sen. Aiken a it and rep. Hope who head the agriculture committees and the conferees of the two houses. This was viewed As a sign that Aiken and Hope were still optimistic about chances of a Dairy dispute Compromise. Senate conferees have said this is the last major Roadblock to com plete agreement on a farm Bill thru would carry out president Eisenhower s plan for a. Shift to flexible Price supports on five Basic crops. Aiken with powerful backing from Eisenhower and Secretary of. Agriculture Benson wants to hold Price supports for butter cheese. Milk and other Dairy products at the present level. Benson last april Cut Dairy props from 90 to 75 Peri cent of parity. J parity is a Price Standard said by Law to be fair in relation to farm costs. The Senate after a stiff floor Battle approved the lower Dairy support level although the House had voted for an increase to 80 five injured 9 h Fth r county death toll head on collision Between a trailer truck and a 1948 Model automobile caused death for two Kingsport women and a Greene county Man sunday night near Blountville on a rain Slippery curve of u s route 11-w and caused serious and critical injuries to five other passengers in the car. The three deaths pushed the county Highway death toll this year to nine and this Accident occurred approximately at the same spot a county employee was killed when struck by a car last year new Bill to signs reds to be Washington. Aug. 16 per cent effective Between sept. 1 leaders agreed at and next april. The House also in a White House conference today to sorted directives for fixing to push through Congress a Dairy Price props after that Bill to outlaw the communist while the Senate voted to As such under Price payments now unsupported milk and butterfat. Aiken and other Senate conferees said they had expected a final Compromise Only a few minutes before the flare up late saturday. They said other Points in dispute could be quickly adjusted and that in a session with president Eisenhower the decision was to get the House to pass a measure de i daring the e communist party Isi unlawful and without any rights j it would not make membership in the party by individuals Gunlaw i City offers to replace headstones by Charles f. Barret Washington aug. 16 leaders see break in atomic Bill deadlock Washington aug. 16 president Eisenhower today signed session Al leaders indicated today into Law program the biggest tax revision that May pry the atomic in in history what he. Ergy Bill out of the congressional the City of Kingsport will re place any misplaced headstones called a monumental overhaul that will Benefit All the new Law Eisenhower said a statement will help millions of americans by giving them a fairer tax at the same tentative compromises had but speaker Martin in Massi. Reached on these Points sen Ferguson to Michi said from the Linville cemetery 1. Elimination of a already can go aft the proper of raves if relatives will proved wheat program that Souldier communists and is Point out the proper locations live set different prices for wheat dolls under the Smith d. W. Moulton. City manager sold at Home and abroad. Thei which it illegal to conspire said monday morning. President opposed this. Town arthrow the government. J Moulton said several families 2. Elimination proved proposal for i of grazing and other lands under the Senate last week which wave of vandalism there August the Forest service which the would make a crime to belong president had asked. To the communist party provided person committed an overt act while a party member. Ferguson explained log Jam the next Day or so. Speaker Martin a mass said after a legislative conference at the while House he would appoint House conferees to meet with those of the Senate immediately. Chairman Ferguson a Mich of the Senate Republican policy Corn time he added it will help our Mittee said that would mean the Economy expand and thus add a i conferees might be Able to. Work Terai in to the strength of our a of a Compromise late today so to that the Senate could vote on it tomorrow. The Senate already has the new Law brings about tax rejected an earlier conference reductions of in the Compromise. Guards patrol Canadian prison Bristol aug. Mildred Burnette 23, 308 Sewanee ave., Kingsport injured in a car truck crash near Blountville sunday when three others died was reported in critical condition in Bristol memorial Hospital today. Four companions All with fractures were reported by the Hospital today As in serious condition. Are Betty Joyce Hiir Iris. 21. A West Park drive. Kuzius port. Daughter of mrs. Louise har Iris of Kou Erville. Miss Shelby Jean Davis. 16, 1029 Sullivan St. Kina sport. Harold Porter is. Greeneville. Hospital personnel said Porter was dead on arrival and miss Harris and miss Davis died shortly after they reached the Hospital. Miss bin Bette Ueen uncork. Scions since the Accident occurred. She suffered a fractured Skull and Washington walking legs and Sculp lacerations. Speedup sought for vote on sen. Mccarthy a Utah said today his special six member committee will take every possible shortcut toward a report on censure charges against sen. Mccarthy in Wisi so the sen ate can vote on the Issue before the november election. But senators Knowland in Califi and George a a agreed that unless findings Are ready for sen ate action by the first week in october it May be impossible to get senators Tion to interrupt to return t re elec others injured Are Wayne Quillen Dorothy Kingsport miss Margaret Jean Bloomer 20, 1026 Dale St. Daugh Ter of mrs. Paul Keller. Route 2, Rogersville Billy Hensley. 2338 Hill St and Elmer Morrison 19, Bailey ton St. Greeneville. The eight people were occupants of a car which crashed head in into a tractor trailer truck approximately . Sunday two Miles West of Blountville on u. S. Route who Heads the w san committee studying 46 accuse a funeral truck survivors Are her Mother mrs. Ova Davis. Holston apartments and grandmother mrs. Ida Bel t am. Reasonably sure that we can do he said but i Don t want to set any time limit because Liarny. Miss Davis would our Progress will depend on the entered Dobyns Bennett High school amount of cooperation we this fall. Sen. Edwin c. Johnson the committee s vice chairman predicted a report before oct. 1. The Senate democratic Leader ship he said on a lbs television program last night wants a vote on the census Issue. Watkins said much testimony May be eliminated by accepting Senate documents produced in past investigations and by permitting Mccarthy to make any explanation hat he cares to give. He paid the three senators who made charges against Mccarthy will be asked to testify Only about matters of funeral services for miss Harris will be held wednesday at p. M. At Westview Baptist Church with burial to be in Highland Ceme Tery at Rogersville. The Rev. How Ard Thompson the Rev. Joe Bvrd and the Rev. John Way will officiate. Survivors Are in addition to her Mother three Sisters misses mar Garet Mary and Virginia Harris of Rogersville eight Brothers Phil. Tony Walter Woodson and George of Rogersville Roy and William of Kingsport and Jim Harris of Church Hill two half Brothers and personal knowledge in support of a half sister. Colboch Price funeral heir charges. I Home the three senators Are Flanders Fulbri Itrat dark and Morse their charges a number of which overlap Range Kingston ont., aug. 16 to contentions that he has ridiculed extra guards patrolled the big other senators and Public officials. Kingston Federal Penitentiary to-1 Mccarthy demanded yesterday following a two hour riot Dur that Flanders return from which some 450 convicts set a Harp nebs gone three is in charge of arrange officers said the car was travel ing toward Bristol and the truck toward Kingsport when the Colli Sion occurred on the three a stretch of the Bristol Highway on of a Senate a the new approach is intended Toj of persons hurled in the cemetery year and More later on for Ferguson said he anticipated the Al for management supplant a bin that whipped had talked to him since the latest millions of individuals and could come up with a 3. A special Prus am of production or incentive payments for Domestic Wool producers retaining won t attempt to touch any stones unless relatives Are pres ent to show where they Moulton said however. Vandals on the night of August 7 knocked Over almost half the tombstones in the tiny plot on Linville Street and carried off some of the smaller stones and put them on neighbourhood lawns. A worm avoid controls and but also could not qualify plan is acceptable authorized support said police seek two men for Holdup of taxi Ujj woman Hurt in fall moving Auto the tax changes will remove Many shackles from Sion. Encourage business growth expand the plan part of the House restrictions a Greece Pon Loda approaches the which the president had asked from the standpoint of the removed. Communist party As such rather 4. An adjustment Between individual members ate and House versions for the i arid Ferguson the latter commercial wheat states chairman of the Senate Republican exempted would avoid controls and Llcy committee said the new penalties but also could not qualify plan is acceptable to the adminis. For the authorized support Iney said atty. Gen. Brow-1 Jnell sat in on the White House discussions this morning. Sen. Knowland of California thei gop Senate Leader told reporters he thought the House might pass a am orate. Va., woman was and ii in of t he new Bill today under a to Holston Valley comm Holdup of 13x1 two men held up a cab Driver action thi5 week on Lonree other when she fell from a car. Can pcs Alons at pistol Point at about 2 15 am i Bills that would attendants said the victim. Mrs Here sunday and robbed him of remove was for according to police and cab Plains company reports. The Driver George Roberts about 38. Picked up the two men at a Motel the police report said. After getting into the cab his two passengers pulled a pistol on him near Chest Mil Ridge taking his pocketbook. An employee of Gilliam cab co. 4 k 50 loopholes be i z7 sieved to have let some people Duck their fair share of taxes. Leonard Grant first to arrive on the scene said he heard the brakes screaming and then the crash he dozen fires in the big repeat under Structure. Oath inc 33 in arcs planders 10ari be e lying to Only one person a guard was at inst the Wisconsin senator. The he r in of injured in the attempted break Flanders in London said he would instantly Grant in yesterday. Return at once if asked by Watkins Grant said the pavement was version that would be acceptable police and not Mccartny. Wet and might have caused to Senate democrats who voted army troops were called Flanders said he had Accident. Eisenhower has called tax Revi Down the original Compromise i to help guards subdue the prisoners his vacation with Watkins Whol Grant and his father Hugh were Sion the Cornerstone a his entire1 a Domestic program. The measure makes no major changes in reve nue rates but rewrites almost every tax Law on the books. Many democrats contend the gop tax program is slanted in favor of corporations and the wealthy. Republican leaders argued that House negotiators which finally , seemed determined not to " -1-1 b the Issue. And to protect two Kingston fire did not require my presence Dur preparing to enter his car when conflict entered on whether Pri vate firms should be allowed sole Patent rights on civilian nuclear Power developments As is permit Ted under Normal Patent Laws. The Senate called for a 10-year of the roof. Blazes under control noon. It was the second fire in three Days at the prison one of Canada s ing the period of this Short holi Day told that Flanders promised to return to testify whenever the committee wanted. Mccarthy said largest housing 1.000 convicts. A he knows Flanders won t do it. Blaze Friday night blamed on Mccarthy who was Given the right faulty wiring burned out Cross examine witness i. Said they heard the collision. Grant said he ran to the scene. All of them were torn up pretty Grant said looked very one of them ill the front seat was apparently killed instantly and two other were thrown clean of period of compulsory Patent Sharl the ing. It threw out Friday 48-41, a Compromise without that provision worked out in con this indicates Complete Lack of i the Grant said riot started when a not to stand up and say Tennesse Highway patrolman prisoners spread the Blaze to the More and better jobs for workers hat held and give the whole Economy with the House. Trade shop and various parts of boost. Rep. W. Sterling Coler by the Cellblock before they were broke was the Pris under oath what he told the Senate on exercise Yard. Torch carrying and it s an insult to the Senate to hold a reporter he believes most conferees will continue the measure nearly in length and marking the major tax revision since 1875, Calls the Senate proposal. And apparent answer to Senate critic 1. It eliminates what its sponsors played in defense right leg and possible ine5uilies on Many m i tent rights injuries Divi duals with special needs cism. He said he had so cd Only As representative of a House majority in insisting on exclusive a skip the a new report involving Mccar thy which May wind up As one of the documents before the Watkins committee Mav. Be finished this subdued. Police said once reinforcements arrived they had Little trouble j week by the Senate investigations with guns they herded the subcommittee which probed rebels into a Corner grabbed them charges Between in pairs searched them and turned them to their cells. Re-1 Secretary of the land their aides. World Church group or want then made him to Cook s Valley whore they told him to pet out and walk for five unites in a Diec Tion away from the car and re turn. He said when he returned the cab was waiting with the keys in it. Boy Hurt As truck leaves embankment a nine year old Kingsport boy was admitted to Holston Valley Community Hospital sunday night for injuries suffered when the truck he was Riding went off of the embankment on crooked Road. Three other persons were treated for minor injuries and released. Attendants said Keith Dixon 1724 Jarrett drive was treated for a broken hip broken Arm and n broken leg. Mrs. Mary Light and her two children Margaret 4, and Carl Thomas 6, 1858 Bunker drive were treated for cuts and bruises of the face and head. Light told police officers the whorls locked and the truck alld off of the am Bank Mem. A a i problems. 2. It includes a Host of benefits for corporations and other Busi Ness firms in effect providing a whole new climate for the National Economy. J 3. The entire tax code is Stream lined and clarified. He said his position would some reports put the fire dam i be age As High As a million dollars. Determined by the majority stand. The Trade shop was almost As it always Petely destroyed. On the other hand they said liars. I Stevens is expected to be criticized Corn for a of in dealing with Mccarthy and Cohn. Chicago. Aug. 16 in suburban Evanston voices chiming Bells and air with the 1.500 representatives from piercing trumpets roared above 161 denominations in 48 countries 125.000 persons in Soldier Field present last night. We have Learned How to lord Jesus come surged Forth. The outdoor service brought to Gether believers of Many creeds and customs in one of this coun try s greatest displays of Christian Faith. The massive crowd brought to Chicago by four special trains. 503 chartered buses and automobiles from All Over the nation jammed the huge stadium and packed the entrances. The inside before the service began was estimated by Park District police chief George 48 persons killed in Indochina crash Saigon Indochina engine cargo plane vietnamese refugees from Hanoi crashed in these done River near twin evacuating vening service depicted in music and pageantry the creation of the Earth and Man the paltese in Southern Laos yesterday Rise of evil the coming of Christ 46 persons. Most of the dead party chairmen have different appraisals of Chicago. Aug. 16 an improved farm Bill. This pro the outcome of five of these chairmen of the two major political Vides Price supports for six Basic six tests can be termed a plus " parties Drew widely different Between 82 i and said. To be candid the sixth Prai Sals of the Eisenhower admin per cent of parity. Its aim is must be accounted is ration today. Better balance in agricultural pro i something of a minus for reasons Stephen a. Mitchell chairman of duct on. And any support beyond control of this and the democratic National commit a adjustments will be gradual in ministration. Tee and Leonard w. Hall chair line with the president s recon i his resurrection and finally the Promise of a new world. It used a cast of with the huge bowl of the Field in darkness a fanfare of trumpets sounded suddenly from a High parapet and a Spear of Light fell on a Man standing in the Center of on a Tail Gold draped Field Rostrum. A. Otlewis As More than of. Allye works of the at the same said 30.000 to pet in. The stirring festival of Faith j More praises and came alter the world Assembly i a 2.000-Nipmbcr Cli. Opened with a morning worship holy holy were women and children. Three of the four French Crew men and a vietnamese woman and child were the Only survivors. The plane had taken off from Hanoi for Saigon with the refugees fleeing occupation of that orca by the communist led vie Minh. Airport authorities at Paksec said life Pilot had radioed an hour be fore the crash that one of the in time an announcer he intoned. And out of the dark i Bines of his Bristol plane Hud were outside unable Ness chorused a choir of hundreds i conked out and he was heading bless be the there were i for the pause Landing strip. Com responses in for the Landing the plane Lilor Sang i. Nuu Urmia Init Iver a i mile Short of its goal. Man of the Republican National committee discussed gop farm policies foreign policy and the 83rd Congress at a meeting of the insurance Section of the Amer ican bar assn., now holding its 77th annual meeting Chicago. Mitchell in his prepared address said America s Farmers Are making four billion dollars it year less than they were in and added they have lost one Dollar of in come out of every four. All the new Hall said the House gop Bers stood firm for the adminis-1 Traylon s sound program but the democrats fought concerning economic conditions in a recession. You know product of the administration s and not where Clifton Shipley who aided in the investigation said he talked with the Driver of the truck Fred Fitch and he told him the car was in the right Lane when it first came in sight. As the car came nearer Fitch told the officer instead of going with the curve it swerved into the Mccarthy of the truck. Army Stevens Tennessee Highway officers who investigated the Accident said the car apparently failed to make the Slippery curve and swerved into the path of tile oncoming truck. A county employee was killed at approximately the same spot last year when struck by a car. Witnesses said after the collision the truck carried the car approximately 60 feet before leaving the i Road going into a ditch. Davis died about 10 mines after being admitted to int Hospital. Miss hurls. Chi is an employee Holston Valley Community hos j Pital died shortly afterwards. It was just 25 Days ago that a couple lost their lives approximately a mile from sunday s death scene. The Accident occurred when the car failed to make the intersection at Highway 11-w and Airport Road. The last traffic fatality reported in Sullivan county was july 21, when a couple was killed at the intersection of the Airport Road and Highway he. Policy Mitchell said the raw isolationism of the 1920s was no More deadly than is the sugar coated isolationism of today whether it to served with a slogan by smiling Eisenhower or bullied Down our throats by n sneering Mccarthy Over the pros were or where they ought to be. Secretary weeks might be Able to stimulate the Economy by using next year s funds this year just before election but there will be a compensating loss of stimulus after i Hill sail for the first time in the recent Republican farm program offers rate body of is still lower prices and lower Hall snid the of politics we have wit burdened with a rather grim Lega a tossed the curious Spect Nolc of a Hall in a similar prepared and by when it took office was in party caught flit footed by Good dross said of the administration so mediately presented with six High form program the Eisenhower administration with commendable courage by Cril Lenl which he listed As Korea Guatemala Iran the european defense com and farsightedness hat obtained Unity and Indochina. Times. For that is cd ally what happened to the Ploom and doom division of the democratic party which Only a few months ago was crying Wolfl four inmates escape state prison Camp Petros. Tenn. Aug. 16 four inmates fled Brushy Moun Tain state prison Here lust night the Tennessee Highway patrol reported. The Tup Idon tiled them is her Mit n Ondri. Knoxville Al b e r t Stock. Oliver Springs Paul Elli son Chattanooga and Earl Buck of Georgia

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