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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 10, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 261 45 a competent Driver traffic regulations and Lowi them Concill Antly. Kingsport times vol. Ali no. 159 it Kim cd tilt Kingsport tenn., wednesday August 10, 1955 22 pages every sunday in the times news howling Hurricane poised off coast rioters in Korea ignore Rhee be oui three Hundred koreans ignoring no violence edict by president Syng Man Rhee. Stormed the causeway to Volmi Island Amain today but h Ere turned Back by . Troops Manning tear Gas guns and fire hoses. America s lop military com Mander in the far East hew to Seoul today from Tokyo head quarters for an on the spot investigation of Republic of Korea demonstrations Iff inst communist truce inspectors. Gen. Lyman i. Was expected to Confer with Rok president on of halt inc the violence. The milling demonstrators continuing South Korea s Campaign to drive out communist members of Neutral truce inspection teams broke up quickly before the deter mined stand. Waving banners and chanting slogans the mob drove As far As barbed wire barricades thrown up by the americans and retreated. Then faltered they were trying to reach the billets of and polish Mem Bers of the inspection groups stationed on the Island just outside the port of Inchon. It was the third attempt to storm the Island in live Days. The disorders began last saturday with an ultimatum for the communist inspectors to get out by Midnight next saturday. Twenty two americans and 80 koreans have been injured none seriously. The Inchon demonstration contrasted sharply with the comparative quiet that settled Over the other four ports where the inspectors operate. At Kunsan on the West coast Pusan on the Southeast up of of Peninsula Kang Nung on the East coast and Taegu in South Central Korea mild demonstrations were reported. Crowds of korean army ans moved through the streets shouting the communist must get out of they carried signs and placards but no clashes were reported with troops guarding inspection team billets. The Calmer atmosphere followed an announcement by president syn Man Rhee that he disapproved of he called the demonstrations a Normal express la Washington. U. S. Officials Are keeping a close watch Oil korean developments. They sympathize with the South Korynn re Veler of the communist Mem Bers of the a Csc. But with the koreans on what Steps should be taken. And a state department spokesman said the United states will continue to abide by obligation to protect All members of the a Csc. The United status favors a patient gradual reduction of Ninku activities until the body virtually ceases to exist. 6 Beer Selling cases dismissed in court Here judge s. G. Gilbreth or. Dis sed three eases tuesday la sessions court charging possessing Beer for Stile. The sheriffs depart nent which nil the cases Hen agreed to the dismissal of in three More similar charges. The judge held that the stale Hud failed to prove the defendants Hadj Ike s map Swap idea is tested by Jack Chicago e. Stassen tested support among the nation s governors today for president Eisenhower s proposal for an Exchange of military blueprints Between the United states and Russia. Stassen former Minnesota governor circulated unofficially As the 4ttii governors conference in of inf into it of High Wujs and Highway safety punctuated by a Disney Keement Over Eisenhower s Bond financed building program. The fact thai Eisenhower had Lent Stassen Here to lest stale-by-1 hate sentiment on his plan for reciprocal Aerial inspection of soviet military installations was regarded in some quarters As indicating the plan will be refurbished or presented anew at the Fon coming meeting of the United nations disarmament subcommittee. Rus Tex Leo Ely. Deep water divers of Knoxville indicated m n Telephone Call this Nior Mim they will begin diving for the body inspection plan but later snid the of Lowell Victr. 19. Weber Civ russians would consider it. In South Holston Lake Loday. The Eisenhower told his news hns not been recovered since frence recently some new ideas the Holston ordnance works pm Sian Premier Nicolai bul Torst rejected the Eisenhower two Knox divers to Hunt body a Ould be offered to the . Group by Lassen. Governors meanwhile. Ploy drowned monday afternoon. The Kingsport lifesaving Crew kicked returned from the Lake at Inid the political football around with night last night but the search few tangible results. Democrats for vicar s body was to go on. Persis Ted without much Public Suc Cess in trying to Force into the open Ariyai e. Stevenson s palpable intention to to after the 19sh in Mocia tic presidential Nomina Tion. Stevenson himself said he has heard both views with some democrats suggest inn that he Tell his plans somewhat gov. Averell Harriman of new York who might be one of the top contenders for the nomination dined Wilh Stevenson at the Lal Ter s Liberty Villa. Iii., Home tues Day night. There was no u indication of the results Stevenson s associates insisted thai Harrinan came away with no doubt that the 1952 nominee is a seeking the nomination Ai Rogers Scott. County funeral Home said he will accompany the divers and that an area where vicar went Down in the old chit but timely pain. Harriman and Stevenson agreed the Dimic they would d about in Contact constantly that affect the they gave no other indication of n agreement. Nov j. Bracken Lee. Utah re publican. Broke the otherwise solid ranks of gop stale executives for Eisenhower Long Lee said he would Bolt the ticket for the i cum kind of demo he Niue red Lausche As kind but said Stevenson Nel in about 200 feet of water will be roped off. The Scot t count v sheriff was to Send a Cruiser Over today to provide radio Contact the drowning site is about two Miles from South Holston dam vicar was reported swimming in rough water after Lea Vine a rented fishing boat. Hi1 Nephew. Garv Viener. 15 of Nickelsville. Tried to Start the boat s motor and reach him. Gary said Uncle had Cone in the water a Cool off and Tinl. As the water became rougher they 1 separated. Gary was not familiar with the boat s operation and failed in get the motor started. He paddled in Call for help but vicar was not. Seen again. J 60 Mph winds in n. C. Now Wilmington n. C. Howling Hurricane Connie paused far breath off the North Carolina coast today threatening to unleash her strongest winds of 135 Mph int no in sell it. Slnar supreme court the Beer w he quoted i1 Sci Imon that "11 Possession is Law Ful which in is in Sullivan county the of unlawful Pur pose dues not the supreme court decision snid further hint a conviction in must rest on the suspicion thai the pos Sessor of the Beer intends to sell it. There must be some proof of the illegal act chained. In one Case dismissed in Indus trial Plant pensioner with 18 of brer building at some Cabins on Way 81. In another two men were charged with 18 cans of Bee found at a Watermelon stand. Other eases included Beer Dis Cave Iii in a cur and in a re Frog orator in a Cabin. Sex pow give brutal testimony area. The Miami weather Bureau reported that winds at frying Shoals Southeast of Wilmington have increased to to to Mph and will continue to n c r e a s e slowly today from Charleston northward reaching Lur Ricanne Force tonight along the Jorth Carolina coast North of Cape fear. Chief Hurr Teane forecaster Gor Don Dun of the Miami weather Bureau snid that the possibility was quite Good that the Center of the erratic howler would slam into some Point on the North Caro Lina coastline when she started moving again. Connie ground to a virtual stand still about 225 Miles Southeast of Wilmington alter bumping up a Golost k Strong High pressure sys tem moving eastward across new England. She had been travelling Tri City air port from . Aid trl cite Airport in Chur Field hns been allocated in fed was found enl Airport Aid Money the. Com in it department announced to new York m testimony former pos has pictured american score nil As a prison the Money comes from n i lion nid bit that lifts been divided Between 205 u. S. Communities each nor smrt must match Grant Dollier Foi Dollar. Curler Crymble chairman of the Tri City Airport commission sold the will be used to acquire land for n proposed instrument run any at the Airport the Tri City commission has asked to prepare a your Range program hint submit u list of needs for the next four years. This pro pram has been req Estori by the civil aeronautics commission and the Tennessee Nautis lie Bureau of Aero Crymble stated the major need jump bully who aused Tri ally is a new and longer deaths dining hitter North runway. The runway can Winter. Would be feet Lonn and 100 the court martial of sol wkly c girl Launcr tuesday Nied to the according to safety regulations deaths of two Boliow prisoners.1 Tow Airport must control h one hut males of Gill higher said mile Long and feet wide losses the sick and enfeebled of the runway. This out of the hut und left them to As the Dolittle zone and in we Uther. In acquired As a a Fety the Cense of 11 third or Talifer who in explained died Niter allegedly being beaten under two Hills passed by con by Gallagher was Touman monday s during the Pant session Al Trisi Manv a locations were made for Punpa Skerlj Gallagher. 23. Is the Only Ameri expansion. 11 was pointed out that run Ever tried on charges of m in till Aik a. I Vlk Himsl Murllon of the Gate City Hinh school Points Mil Tinl someone is jumping the Pirn try Insch Llin Plu mrnik fixtures on the second floor before the first floor construction is completed. Other men in the pit inn lire . Cigar pics so at Al Anil wis. The school will be completed by next june. Wise Chunlian gets 40 years Federal funds would become rooting defense production Extension signed Washington i that Senhor or sinned Bills. And wish. August Iii year old Wim coi Uii charged Wilh raping two in Ilu in Moirs Sannu n and in Dickenson a Len Cert to 40 cais in the ten Tiai Hen today. W1111 n m i r c c i n i n. Of n t a Aid. Pleaded Mui Pruni me been rap May become preacher world briefs would Miodu Liioi Iov. Edmund a. Miskic maine1 trip defense production Arl. Con said he thinks Fifer n tinned Tor one year Ide Tor talk Wilh Steve ii in that the latter allocations and in untie in Tunnel is nut the political climate ing materials to in Leary and Nymn for what oct for the Robin in can Trincis and help in build me Jun be count look was a in cured in grail a Morton in Wir pm _ a Cuil Conn. I in for concurrent h Tiv m Ned in on the By. Gnu women Hughes is 108 today but May Lake in Wie vet. Lie s done almost everything else. If nothing Breaks me Down i la Ino Ihei 50 i be never sick in my life and never doctor s he.-, who lives with ivys the lord s sparing me and i just can t nut what it . To be Tiu i u it Frump mar Caret Tinnan or Rivrra aboard the Dpi ibo sillies for a six week tour of Dick ii of Oiler rap try and he democratic parly regardless of who the candidate Nib a Nii Frohl of plain.-. Hips and plan. O Cari v Wjk m in i and Mic the a Riley of or slave teral i Yeai Ini his Een ate the in an Stea secret try or tour lie she will join daughter of former . General lip. The Al i Tropp. Directly Chi sri the death of available Over a three year period. I or liners in North Korea. He according to the Law Federal is accused of unpremeditated Malch etl by local Der. Which is classed is second before the Grunt is official decree and of with other Tennessee cities gelling it his red captors. Ishac of the Money Are Wellni i sri uniting Chattanooga Tovell Field. Whose Home is in Brooklyn sold pm pals municipal Airport he curried Tavner with the reds and Berry Field Nash cloth stir and extra they shivered in regular a Rev from malnutrition. They said Honnore municipal Airport they were too sick to oppose and Blamton municipal Airport Ilat Cipr when he no Lendely John w. Jones of Detroit Ami Donald t. Bixler of _ Jinwa. To the coid. Fofe Walter .1. Polinsky a a Phr Lori j former pow from room Surg a i Iii. Said he knew the men were alive no the limn because he saw Ilhom move. R i i j a i i jul you hear inv of the Alo say he was asked Bolusky at Swerc d Washington w Tennessee i Haj if inc m in me Hack has been allocated in then on Hauler stuck his Federal nid Highway funds Tor the Bend out and i id he would t let fiscal year starting next july 1. Him in until he Well in a Wood the fun Niino minced in a West Northwest and Northwest direction. Dunn said the giant storm is now delicately adjusted mid the big question is in what direction will she head when she starts up if she continues on the course she was following before slowing o a he said she will Lead in the general direction of dupe Hiil Teras. We regard the in ire North Carolina const us critic tides arc running two to four eel above Normal on the coast of he Carolinas and Wilt increase and come abnormally High from Carolina coast northward to Chesapeake Bay. Hurricane warnings tire display i from Cape fear near Fllming on to Ihn Virginia capes and Lort Casl warnings Are up u of in Vonnah to b Ock Island Floc la Island with a Hurr cant Alert extending in far North u Provincetown Makr. The Miami we Uther Bureau. Plotting the Advance of the troll Cal howler. Warned that Hurricane winds could hit the Chr Unaa this afternoon if some acceleration of storm take i place. Otherwise the High winds will strike tonight. Connie is still carrying winds of in to 135 Miles an hour. North cur Ollna Hin Hwy patrol Nen red Cross disaster special Sis. Civil air patrol personnel and coast guardsmen stood by for Rea As the Hurricane Eue work Liro ached. The storm thus far Lias taken same general path As last year l destruct in Hurricane Hazel. Tinl. Hurricane first lilt North and South Carolina coasts is Connie threatens to do today and then slowed along most of ult Eastern states and Canada. Beach Homes Are evacuated Lone Bandit takes from Bank plea Eldi i i inn w i t 1 m Wise an nil h a c nid about 10 t id i-1. Ackerman miss., up. Ims Lone band robbed Erm a. Bank of .37.000 the Choctaw count sheriffs of fire said the pundit was uni ten hip Bank when the cashier John keen opened the doors this visit red China or destined for red ohm the business Weamire no the total revolt my fund available for Small bushmen from 150 million dollars to 175 millions. It also increases he maximum Lonn n in him May pet from f to provisions sex jail i jail Here Mir Rani . Of crr of to h mrs Dirk Enson Coli Iuis Martt the non is in polic6man Dies lowing the Inge dial us Las in Lau ill his Furm and Dray hip spent Iso shovel ii he ii v.n.-. To much i Litulu Hart to Yive int where he m Roal. In or anti it sex Eellen Bill hip but the Seri or Hui 10 tended for two the o i1 stunt in Wien i k. I Linn been in in Tiv Lor the hit Dii death i two nov in ii Elul a neck Lac in Biol re in up i i fan see it party loony will by k in and ordered 1-rt the weather temperatures Paul n who h7. N , i3-yen old flue Prmt to in to trial Perl collapsed and Diri in cd piled a pm a a downtown rep Turnn a i old Nemo mrs. Canad am a get a torn Power within 10 years a 1 i in Al Fiir. Attended hi4 i. His five great a Rand in Litif four great great Shihli in. In in fun ure. Huches a v1-. Uni int on him whenever he dip. I m i in go.11 mesh fun i Iii Char Ufa India prep of Jonkers of the p in Liulin u t orig fial s pit. I the Ninin Uig Holinsky Tesla Fri. The Mimi were i incl dead in the slime place were the nit lit another sex Sei Pirenian Miguel Fiah an Olha i linger tex., big i Jud i Liim Iid by Ajili the and men and License them of being minivan said tie objected when ol1 Nlle wedly threw the men he i no Ruc la. Is Irlich in the Day tin in other 1 witnesses Unver similar not onus of wily Gull Uher treated -Lone.-, la id Bixler. In Hie Cri Introne to hear the Story Jones Mother i Wilh making Jones. Ni1-" near the null Viilu a s trial apuan Piip. 3 r r n u r re Milf Tup Rolny engr is to i of or Wilmington n. A. Aug. 1 inst Beach rest play tin com Pierce depart dents were ordered to vac eau ment oppor Toliu a r7.r. Million Ciol their Homes Odiay under the threat Lars veiled by co impress in Aid Hurricane Connie Stales in rond inns Luction. Luicile of liar of North Carolina s i part of the Tennessee famous swirly strips were being he used emptied voluntarily. Pm met Lohing stale funds on con mayor r a Dun Fri inn and improvement of the residents of his Msira to girls. Secondary roads will Bailiwick to be Back to the Maln another and by 5 . He cities in the slate will gel to c pm them off by 6 ." for in pm movement work highways. M Portigal t to Misc the porn dec Pitinii nit in Over Case in the Ion m India. Mony today. 15-mile Highway Between Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach p must match Fitl Mihe already was almost bumper to Riveral Money put up for the Pri hamper with trucks station was nary. Secondary and Urban on and cars Fly the track Mcgant terns. The Federal government sup in wind up plies fio per cent of the Money Day of a etl for the interstate network of Supei highways. Young Teller claims air Force says wife Plusk air t transports new York to a Vii Init ban toward Home with freed filers Al inn Lull a Ai h in div that within 10 ii Proui Fisik Jinni ran comp Coal and Wate Enis or Niit i Schnh finn in ii of Uhm nor nor a find Power. My Diop an 1 and and from 1970 on. Two cunnian in experts told the atom1- Viiu 8 null a n we i r in a today s skies for peace conference. Atomic pow a 7 Nnoli room need. 11 or May begin to emerge As a Nia might be Ilc to Roni Knif with u1 Lor. If not the major source of do or . Tai elect cite in demands be la .1 an pronoun Tot can in he near Fuini i Ada s Deparl Meni of i Rade and at i Mill the Vii Unsinn ii Coni Mert a. And w. R. Re Difate i ill Vire fit the do can in Piini i Ion of Outh u minion s at Mir protect at Chalk Fin Ontai m Lippnik a Coil Ivl Rupf out., Marie report. Will or or Suriname could a not Block of in Fly in Thi c it rant i Thant in acini "i.ilr1, if i p. I in Carthus x Tmur air us h in in Rev we int 27-Hnitr inv ohm the due it. Cahl Kandav ii Rel the i in if in veal. de a Ninni Iii. The Tiiu i i Don t Thrif at a Nav people m at Leilca who a How much it mean. To b Able to Saline the Fig Schmidt consented in the Matei i of try i re to a Nunu Bank ice err. Who for non the Bank or in held in Charses of pm the Money. William in Rard ii ivies 26, or i led term Tiv Ai a summer Bim Lnu i Chi Upton on Nii Iii. Loki a Nice the Mone tipi set to aside in in mip bunk vault last Urr fit he was of scared la Nho it in. To d in the Hui ii a ii Imei an i m h an Man John w n Arp to in and i h is i i thur Thev told Delegate to the sponsored meeting that the or Formano of me of c an aria in a each raised the Tiu rawer at 7 Nylk up hour .1 pm .i1. Of la a r f a Nuil ton h no a Grerr Poi i even better of p Bat tin fact the the funds were was discovered in a Bank Niit lit Kandav. T Nice said Gravius gave this sex ten would by Nunrie of Bis pin nation led Miia wife on the Day before the in Idle he ays she married Tii Mihui Man and taken from his drawer the i Minaki us in a red and earned u to lie vault. When i i my. Sim Anil Mie he did t find lie Teller to Uhi ii was dear Check the Money he left it on the if Iii Arunie u on t he in mkt of the vault to Cpd with a i nut until att i Schmidt a ship Iii it came from his a Home he i to men Tina count ome place after la arc hours ister he went Back Al in i i re the vault and discovered the Leif will by no inn Iii mini Iii nov was Unnic but was too ,11 tiavi.-. As 01 i in Tell Nivone about it. the air Force police said the Teller was a fre kid in be visitor to Tref Turifi race Liri and Sloun in and ii explained r recent the the , Irmo it. In his personal a ild their Homes by finc the result of sue 01 sunday. Track octo

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