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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 10, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 20 keep Alert and drive safely at All times. Kingsport times vol. Al no. 158 circa. Kingsport tenn., tuesday August 10, 1954 10 pages five cents the weather mostly fair tonight with Low la lower 60s. Wednesday generally fair and continued mild. Monday s High 86 last night s Low 60 noon Reading 11 rainfall .04 Inch. Official totals m m m a with m of i t agree to drop y y a Here Are the official totals for my District John Glover wash1ngton. Iii if flu a Ramyrl Ftp in the Sullivan i Nipa Rolino Ifil full Ulbricht a Arki said today he w f b i agent testifies 1.750 Carl j. S. Kizik 1. Candidate in the sullivan1 Bruce holing 163. County general election As Tabu lated monday by the election commission. Sheriff a. H. Hind 11.407 David e. Gray 10.084 Hurd s Marpin trustee Clyde 12.373 Oscar Bailey 6.260 Groseclose s margin 6.113 circuit court clerk Howard l. Morrell 9.996 Paul Stone Morrell s margin Register of deeds Ruth wan Ink 13.5117 Lucille b. Ban1 5.386 mrs. Wan let s margin Highway commissioner Otis Pendleton 11.750 Eugene m. Cross or. Pend Lencs Marsin 2.447 the official total in the jail ref a was for 2.504 margin 4.165 in the uncontested races i cd irl clerk Marturie s. Harr. 15.89 county attorney George Mclntyre Justice of the supreme court John e. Judges of the court of apr peals j. B. Avery sr., 7.855 l. D. Bejach c. S. Carney jr., school Board districts 1-3-16, Mack Carrier 1.219. Districts 19-2-21-22, Arthur Poore. Districts 4-5-8-17. M. Nat Barnes John d. Bachman. Districts 9-20. Mitchell Carr. 657. Districts 6-7-10. Paul c. Carico 1.109 e. Doty. 809. Districts Il-h-13-15. Walter f. Moody. 4.240 j. B. Dickey. 2.832. Districts 14-18. Robert f. Mcamis 580. Justices of the peace 1st District Earl Beidleman. 260 George r. Morrell. 225 John h. Boughers. 200 Tandy 167. Pul Brighi a Arki said today he 17th District George Houston would of to discarding i j i i 18th District James Rowland sen. Mccarthy so Ion 107 Bobby deck 31 Clarence Sells a Georae Cable 1 Jim some accusations against sen. A the sen gets a Chance to vote on Ford 1 Jim roller 1 whether the Wisconsin Republican 19th District Marion Garland. Nas Shmon or the 39 Ben Gross. 41. Whole orderly conduct of govern 20th w. Burdine. 203. 21st l. Jones 167. J a six member Senate committee decided yesterday to give my rep. Thomas Jefferson Davis official count gives Davis win Carthy the right to Cross examine witnesses in Public hearings to be Irin Auu. 30 on accusations unit his conduct has tended to bring the Senate into disrepute and merits formal members said the special group. Headed by sen. Watkins is aiming at a 10-Day hearing and a mid september report. The sen ate might reconvene oct. 1 to act on such a report. I Watkins said the group com posed of three republicans i three democrats Hopes to conduct hearings much As a court trial with evidence limited to that which the committee holds is relevant and most hearsay testimony barred. The testimony will have to be Watkins said. It will have to be Given by competent witnesses. We intend to conduct the hearings As a judicial Fulbright. Who filed 6 of the 46 overlapping charges against Mccarthy said in an interview he does t want to bog the committee sin senator s controversial Hunting methods. Tied Beers describes Laboratory test of bed clothing by Virginia Davis Gate, aug. A Spe Cial Fri Laboratory technician. Testifying at the rape trial of Rob Ert c. Russell of Outfield Here this morning said tests he ran on bed clothing taken from the bedroom of Russell s 19-year-old accuser disclosed human blood and Evl of sexual relations. The special agent Robert a. Beers Sari incriminating stains also were found on under Lotheim worn by the 19-year-old girl on the night of june 16, and on Russell s underclothing. The Fri agent described How the bundles of clothing were received from Scott county sheriff w. C. Salver. He said he examined the bundle initiated it and mailed it Back to the sheriff Between june 23 and july 9. Salyer was recalled to the wit Ness stand on the second Day of trial and he identified clothing he said he found at Russell s Home on the morning the defendant was arrested. The sheriff said Russell was wearing wet Overall when arrested. Salyer said he found a Uncle of shorts and shirt hidden under several boxes in a Bureau the Kingsport National guard is shown forming their Convoy prior to leaving for the annual summer Encampment at port drawer. Atis whether Rogersville rep. Thomas Fulbright said he would be Silcox Jefferson Davis a Eidson was fied if some of them were re nominated in thursday s gop sol dated. And he added 2nd Wilson 227 primary in Hawkins county the a think t Joe s. Carmack. 189 Raymond official count showed monday. Carlev has Carrier. 176 j. E. Osborne 78. Earlier unofficial returns Indi a and heedlessness of Stabl teed 3rd r. Crumley n caled Hal Davis now 5ervmg his custom in his conduct. The commit Jessie h. Turner 182 Silas Miller Secoll term in the Tennessee tee should concentrate on taking 10u i House of representatives was los a evidence of his disregard for the Mcclellan. The group will be at fort Mcclellan for two weeks. 4th p. Rutherford 272. 5th King to his primary opponent orderly conduct of govern Cross. 423 French approve Hoover spanks demos . Asks Russia Economy slate for commie alliances for final word Earl l. Glover 394 w. A. Rogers 390 c. J. Long 380 Vernon Row land 380 James Elsea 321 Jeff Mayes. 224. 6th District Artridge Woods 387 John Wolford 210 w. N. Mor s64 Joi 8th 196 Crussell. 114. J in the race or state re pub. 9th District Charlie Houston lican exec Ive committee. Old 360 j. B. Snapp jr., 351 candidates John p. Davis to Yvette. 236. Rov t Campbell topped new 10th District Mack l. Hicks go mid candidates or. A. E. Miller the deputies not Only gave men on tuition students in describing the defendant s per Sonal appearance Salyer said rus sell s left knuckle was torn and that he was Cut on the face. Defense counsel closely Cross examined the Fri agent and Sal i yer As to identification Marks on the clothing. The defense objected strongly to the special agent s Tes Timony and moved that it be stricken from the record. Commonwealth s attorney e. Washington aug. 10 Hagan Richmond asked for the rotary of state d Ulles said today utmost punishment after the jury of 12 men was sworn in monday. The of minimum the jury Case has asked Russia whether finds the defendant guilty. Russell its turn Down of the proposal is pleaded not guilty in his prelim Raj Inary hearing. He waived making an opening statement monday. I the Secretary described Russia s i i the girl charging Russell with latest note on the matter As 99 rape was first witness for the Iper cent negative and said the Commonwealth. Hearing for mrs. State department has now asked she testified she had come Home Java Lee mover on charges of whether the soviets want from work in Kingsport on the honoured his birthday with official Lac loudly shooting her estranged to to be treated As 100 per cent bus. Had supper and watched Tele husband and brother in Law on june negative. Vision until a 9 . Murder mys the ment and the Senate should vote Davis on that although some committee Mem Paris aug. 10 the French. The Winner by 160 votes. Davis had votes and Robi Bers have indicated they will it was another Victory for the1 he delivered the speech from Premier who was Given the pre the cottage in West Branch were. Mie ship almost two months was Bol n the Sale of Iowa on a three fold program of re preliminary s. F. Lambert 165. Land Householder. Dana p Swick. Superintend of Wui in Iii. Hoo. R did t 24 was continued indefinitely in Terv when she retired for the my District i the race for schools announced tuesday out a Compromise on Edc and general sessions court might City of Kingsport Ben m. Brown Oid guard several decisions regarding tuition France s Economy a afternoon pore in minister Mot Vollone her brother and his wife within and mrs. Martha Sams Anderson students for tile coming school thorough going Over. Of 20 years Preu Edillio the pics. Tlle continuance was made by with formal notes show Verv fun Tlle next hour up the House new guard led. Year which were reached at a re the unofficial tally trave the vote Cut Republican administration. Agreement of stale and defense at a mental differences in the a nine and Well to graveyard shifts at a Here Are the results cent meeting of the Board of Edu As 362 to 90. The communists who this period he said saw the tourneys. Jinn and ru5kjan an Roach to hip Industrial Plant. She testified she was Awak Eneri or. 1.815 r. E. Johnson. 911. Miller. Her Man Mills. 2.012 Noah c. Ketron 1.417 Kemper Breeding 1. Alonzo Tolliver 818. 12th e. Owens. 720 Harvey Everhart. 477 James Long or. 476 Kelly Estep 407 j. W. Kerns. 348 c. C. Castle. 257 Claude 0. Mcpherson 232 c. V. Bellamy 128 John e. Richards 123. 13th Lawson. 477 lot p. Gott 451 Howard Moore 378 Hanzel w. Cleek. 205. Man in her room she at first had previous supported Mendes encroachment House on the other two branches Charses Quillen for Floter Lal 14th District Perry Slaughter i 307 Paul Zimmerman 255, d. S. To i Sample 236. 15th Hall. 318 j. E. Morelock. 298 John Middle ton. 209 Hubert l. Riggs 153 w. Ernest White. 76. 16th District Harold Glover 526 Alvin Watson 489 Bill flee nor 461. I 17th District i City of e. Eye Ler or. Eugene d. Mahaffey. 900. J Erial representative International agreements v h i c h an counties in ice of taking tuition student As Hackle Grainger count Ian killed in mishap Rutledge. Tenn., aug. 10 a 72-year-old Grainger count Ian was killed late last night when is truck in which he was Riding plunged Down a 20-foot embankment and overturned. He was Ernest Spencer. Route abetting the malicious an address dec 8 of before assaulted. Lodged against ordered United nations. He called for a tearfully she related the details continued indefinitely. World Bank of fissionable a of the assault. She said she kept to the Glover Brothers suffered leg trials to be set up for peaceful wiping blood from her Mouth. Grades 10, 11. And 12 will be and fear about the ecu Tive agreements As our Recagni wounds in Trie shooting. Purposes which would be available afterwards she testified Russell listed. R h vote ton of soviet Russia which opened mrs Glover an 18-year-old to All countries. The idea is that put a Sheet Over her head like i Swick pointed out in regard to to strike Down a Host of Amend head Gates for a torrent of Mother of two children told of it would study ways of harnessing was dead and went out of the Grade 9 that at the present time it Menis deputies wanted to tack on traitors. Our tacit Alliance with shortly after the shooting the atom for the Benefit of Man room looks As though they will not be his economic proposals soviet Russia spread communism episode Able to admit these students. Not plop y Over the when they refused to Stop an Ai on other subjects Dulles came Back and sat Down on the Mendes France said the govern he said the agreements at Teh legend attack upon Davis. I nosed in a big sleep dreaming of the free Market in this Blade 4 those entering past and having nightmares filled but More terrible were such sex 11. And 12 will be and fear about the ecu Tive agreements As our Recagni wounds in the shooting. Mrs. Glover he added that when school starts since world War ii Only because said another agreement. Started the Rural Paul Harr. 1.948 Fred Gillenwater. 1.179 j. Elaine. Highway patrol Cpl. Of there is any room at All these of Aid from the United states and communication of Mongolia North Baumgardner m. E. Clevenger said Spencer students will be admitted. That this help cannot be expected Korea and China. Ham 607. Was sent to Knoxville general if parents of tuition students to be permanent. These unrestrained presidential 18th h. Sanders. Hospital at Knoxville and was wish to Contact the superintendent s Mendes France declared the aim Hoover said have re 197 Powell Hawk. 194 Ben upon arrival. Office he said we will be of his program is to restore the suited in a shrinking of human Mills. 135 d. J. I Otis i Forbes. 83.1 Ernest Spencer jr., 30. A to let them know if there is health of the French Economy so Freedom Over the whole world. 19th Rouse. 102 in As driving but escaped serious any possibility of entering it can meet internal and sex Lacy w. Roberts. 79. Injuries. Children in the City school i Vernal Competition. 20th c. 194 w. P. Geisler. 152 j. A. Alii Summerfield attacks postal pay raise Washington. Aug. 10 my Post about five minutes later n on bed and stayed five or 10 minutes. I still had the Sheet Over m and i Lay still because i was this week spelling out the plans so testified to create a Southeast Asia Alliance so ,la., 7-nnt in. To .1___ Kilaru me Iron door open in 1. Said he Hopes an announce ment May be forthcoming Ater i St had the Sheet Over my head this ,.ou against communism. He said there a and vet in nut was a possibility one of the co on pyjamas and went to the Home Lombo Powers might join. Iof a neighbor. My watch had this group taking its name from stopped at she related. Meeting in Colombo. Ceylon in the neighbor mrs. Lester David son. 114. 21st District Paul Gray. 156 d. T. O Dell. 126. C. D. 169 Warren Flecnor 153 j. E. Flick 61. 1.-1 a wrist a d Borreli. 341. 2nd Johnson. 241 Ernest incr Carrier. 142. 3rd e. Jenkins 148 Joe Nickels 117. 4th h. Wat Kins. 226 a. W. Howell. 104. 5th Clinton arcs sell. 616 John Whiteman. 541 r. B. Milhor i 313. 6th w. Carter 211 Houston distiller. 104 Bob Cole 88 j. D. Hicks. 20 Jasper Harr. 1. 7th Harr. 506. 8th e. Wor Rell. 216. 9th Hyett 335 Charles ban. 200. 10th districts Howard Hensley 69fi. Lith d. Parker. J.859 Elmer e. Franklin 12th District a. E. Upchurch. John Cox. 737 j. F. David son. 93. 3 a Sells. 286 .1 f. Crawford or. 281 v. I Buck Slaughter 139 Andy Phillips 69 j. S. Boyd. 63 Jack Jones. 60. Mth District Perry Douglas. 236 William Ford 192. 15th Erak 390. To j i Touhy says he holds no after winning Freedom. From jail tilled from his sized his beliefs Dis years in govern closer to the goals of human Wel Chicago just looking kidnapping which he said was a conviction resulted from a con fare than any other civilization in for peace of mind. No i m not hoax engineered by Factor to fore piracy Between Factor and Law All he said thinking of revenge. When stall his extradition to England to enforcement officials. J he described the origins of the be been in the Penitentiary for face prosecution for a Confidence judge Barnes ruled that the state separation of Powers in the Yanieri Long As i have forget game charge. Statute under which Touhy was can government and the system about i Factor starting in 1942 served sentenced to 199 years in the prison of checks and balances. These were some of the com six years of a 10-Ycar Federal sen break is unconstitutional and his these separations of Power be Cerro therefore void. Came seriously confused corroded Reece Defeated new guard eludes India Ceylon Burma indo son a registered nurse testified Nesia and Pakistan. The girl came to her Home in from these actions came the the House has failed to provide described the situation in no Steric. Asking to be taken to her jeopardise of the cold War. As a of meeting the 200 million Southern Viet Nam As nearly brother. She was later taken to a byproduct these actions have a 5 meeting he 200 million chaotic of Kingsport Hospital for treatment shrunk our freedoms by crushing Dollar a year of a new 7 per mation which suggested the Davidson testified the girl taxes huge defense costs and postal workers salary boost munits might try to seize Power eyes a swollen place the girl s brother testified that Clay found on the sink when he investigated the Kitchen window screen which was standing open about four inches after the alleged at tack. Frank Kay testified he super Vised Russell As an employee of the firm where he works and that he picked Russell up on the night primary totals Are officially listed official results the Sullivan county Republican primary incl Day that ments yesterday of Roger the Ter tence for a million Dollar whisky s w. T. Householder new mrs. Martha Sams Anderson mrs. Henry of the crime the Gaiu Cut Nickelsville Highway intersection when Russell flagged him for n ride to Weber City. Kay testified Rible Touhy one of the nation s warehouse receipts fraud. Top gang leaders in the prohibition judge Barnes in granting Touhy Era who had just won his Freedom n writ of Hareas Corpus said the la Fco leu from prison. Touhy. One time Arch gang foe of Mony. Touhy. Tears in his eyes told and weakened during the 20 years Date Hassel Evans by better than Butler old mrs he had worked overtime and reporters he plans to leave Chi b e f o r c this administration four to on Sproles Hale new going to his Home in Lynn Garden. Tic final results As tabulated mrs. George Dugger old he testified Russell told him he by the county gop primary Board was going to spend the night at out 1 said business turning Hoover said a fishing tackle on which he some of these corrosion. Said circus judge War. Others at blot Neville Are the late Ai Capone. Had a. Courtney who was states More than 20 years in Stateville attorney at the time of Touhy so prison for a kidnapping which fed-1 kidnapping trial must be held for his d is sections of Ter g. Frank w. Incent. I during the last War we wit they have their consciences to Ness cd a special encroachment of the race for United states eral judge John p. Barnes termed a hoax. Touhy was sentenced in 1934 Toj years in prison for the kid Nib e for the actions of chef live with " he snid the executive upon the legislative senator Ray Jenkins of Knoxville in the uncontested races David. His brother in Law s Home at Weber p. Walkey received votes As City and he was let out of the the gop s nominee for direct representative from Sullivan county and James h. Jimmy Fulllen truck at the intersection to his Kinsman s Home. He testified the defendant had been on vacation got votes As the party s since Friday before the wednesday Hope Jurod testimony to be. In 1933 of John h the Barber Factor once internationally known j Touhy left the courtroom after Branch. This has been through n chief counsel of the recent for Flot Erial representa-1 night of the alleged attack this brother in Law and sister or new Type of commitment of the Carthy Pentagon hearings de a tic. Joe sailing of slant testified he in inv Ifni run ant mrs in pcs Alcola posted United states to other he heated Memphis Robert c. Greg in the november general elea got on the trl Stalc bus at Weber Touvh s10.000 Bond to guarantee his a said. Ory by to 653. Ton Walkey will face Bristol City that night and that the bus j Yearance in event of a government he characterized As nine old guard candidates took three Democrat Frank Winston and to pick up Russell near Louys lawyers contended that . Ally. General Latham san lined presidential actions the out of four places for the state in will face the Veteran demo the corporate limits of Gate cite Man. He received Capone s old crime Syndicate us ordered an immediate Appeal recognition of Russia and our no Republican executive committee crat rep. Bert e. Smith or of he described Russell n Benie Noldi tonal 199 years for his part Gol Factor to Frame toil in so 0 the United states court in russian policies in Iron the first District. The Hill. Nervous o the extent that i like their two rep wiccan oppo a looked Hack at him he went Nants. Winston and Smith were tin-1 he testified the defendant had in his escape from prison with live Capone could seize various labor appeals. I Europe and Asia. Arc convicts in 1942. Then dominated by Touhy said he was eager to we must make such misuse of Roy t. Campbell fold but judge Barnes ruled Ihal the lawyers in their wife and two sons. He forever hooveris.446 p. Davis Lold Guardi Touhy had no part la Tho filled in 1d18, charged Touhy Slot say where his family lived is Ald. Or. A. E. Miller new opposed in the democratic Mary. Pri splotch of blood on the Back of his shirt and a scratch on Ilia Aca

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