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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 5, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 15 Kingsport times the weather Chance of this afternoon. Low tonight in upper 60s. Friday partly Cloudy becom ing cooler in the afternoon with Cross when you should t. No. Augusts h o w e r s. High. 90 last night s Reading Low 63 noon Early heavy voting reported Here Bigtree oppose by John m. Higi Tower Washington aug. 5 new proposal for a big four foreign ministers meeting is officially regarded Here As part of a persistent drive to wreck Western anti communist defences and to destroy eventually american leadership of the free world. Officials said today Britain and France stand firmly with the United states in opposition Kremlin Campaign. They fore-1 cast that the russian proposal for i now talks on european Security j be turned Down by joint Durci Sion. Throe Power talks on a reply i h new getting under Way London. However further soviet moves Are expected. The belief Here is that the russians May try to de Vise proposals of increasing attractiveness to Western Europe. Their immediate major aim is to Block West German rearmament. Their proposal for an Over All. I european Security system has been Washington. Aug. 5 j put Forth As an alternative to the president Nixon today appointed a Western sponsored euro run de six member Senate committee to sense Community proposing to re make an investigation of the con Arm Western Germany As part of duct of sen. Mccarthy in Wist and a six nation army. Edc is due to consider proposals that he be Cen come up for action soon in the Suveil ints six Man group lon mccarthyism the members sen. Arthur v. Watkins r sen. Frank Carlson sen. Francis Case in ski. Sen. Edwin c. Johnson sen. John c. Plennis sen. Sam j. Ervin while Nixon announced the a French Assembly. R s i a s Over All Campaign aimed it destroying . Leader ship and isolating the United states is being developed along two main lines. One is directed toward Colvin a Cine non communist nations not Only in Europe but Alt Over the i world thai the communist bloc wants Only peace. The agreement pol tees. The actual selections were of the reds to end the War in1 made by party leaders. Indochina fits into that line the Senate democratic policy As does their european plan. Committee had an Early morning the other line is directed to inf lev on the convincing the free nations that democratic members. The United states is not peace full but is committed to starting a new i at ils conclusion. Sen. Lyndon a. Johnson of Texas democratic president Eisenhower told his floor leather. Said without disclose news conference yesterday the the names that his party s se-1 Paris 5 ins the Vitus Are spending literally Are men who French National Assembly be ins debate today on a request for fre record turnout seen for state polling places were swollen thursday As voters went to the polls elbowed their Way through High school girls handing out guide ballots and so line to cast ballots or pull levers. Clear skies and White hot races for governor and sheriff brought voters out in literal droves. With More than 60.000 persons registered this May Well be the Only Issue at stake in biggest county election in Sulli Juhe democratic senatorial Battle Van s Long history. Is americanism versus internal standing in the Long lines for As he said Kefa Ivor is a much As an hour voters nations Man and has no the usual complaints about Lack of More interest in Sprinc City. Tenu., enough voting machines. For example than Winston Church an apparent record turnout Tennessee democrats voted says the Topmost Issue in a primary election his reelection bid is the question by a hot fight Between sen. War peace in the Kefauver 1952 presid Enlal Las frequently that he has Pirant who is seeking a second sen worked a system by which dil ate term and challenger Pat Sut ton who represents the state s sixth congressional District. Ferencek among nations can he settled Over the conference table rather than by the 7 Iriline heat were Ana Sutton retorts he roiling heat were on hand Tankink the United states on and the the United governor casts Frank Clement. And his wife. Lucille cast their votes in today s election in Dickson be fore going Back to the state Capitol to await the results of the. Democratic primary in the governor s race. Gordon Browning is battling to regain the governor s Post he lost to prank Clement two years ago. The former governor ended his Campaign last night with the charge that the chief Issue m today s primary is the irresponsible conduct of our state s financial French debate i Economy moves in different kinds of prop idols for patriotism integrity and Panda and using subversion and judicial Johnson added two of them have had eminent bribery to drive this Contention of theirs toward acceptance by Mil Lions. The president declared the United states must be More imaginative in finding ways to com Bat the soviet Campaign. Tho latest soviet Man Euver was made yesterday when russian ambassadors in Paris London and Washington delivered notes pro posing the foreign ministers of the big four Powers should meet Homes Are evacuated from. Distillery fire Mier Pierre extraordinary Pekin. 111., aug. 5 i.4v-Homes were evacuated today near a Dis Mendes prance for i Ulley i f ire and civil workers were in Dulles sees Era of Hope in Iran aging and a 4-Story Brick Cus Seui Toms storage House. Some Washington. Aug. 5 ins Powers to remake i summoned for fear new blasts fire. Barrels of whisky went up in this of declared John Foster climbing towards a predicted 100 degrees. They were coaxed out not Only by the Kefauver Sutton Battle but by another torrid scrap Between incumbent gov. Frank Clement up for re election and sex gov. Gordon Browning. Browning was trying to Recap Ture the governor s Job he lost to Clement two years ago. This time due to a constitutional change they Are running for a four year term. Kefauver voted at his Home precinct atop Lookout Mountain at Chattanooga. He then headed for the Airport to catch a plane for Washington to he on hand to vote against the Benson flexible Price support program. He planned to return to his Nashville head Quad quizzed in housing me Washington. Aug. 5 a new Jersey builder who accused Senate banking chairman Homer e. Capehart Rind of shooting off your Mouth was recalled to Day for further questioning in Tho housing scandal probe. Capehart said George i. Marcus careers As jurists. The third is one Ion. Of the most beloved and respected the the stagnant Economy of the a i might Allock Over Otner agreement restoring the flow of senior senators on the minority Side of the Colorado s Edwin Johnson is the 47-year-old Mendes France. Buildings like dominoes. Storage firemen from Peoria and j dozen adjoining communities i iranian Oil to world markets should a Nail launch Era gleam Hope and Paris Man of is expected to run into Tough tougher than he faced on the ques a u i. to Extin from a flaming whisky Backhouse of the american distilling co. Be cause a huge store of alcohol might ignite and explode. Senior senator to whom Lyndon Tion of the Indochina truce Settle Johnson referred. Ament. Edwin c. Johnson 70, has been j the costly Long War was unto up in the Senate since 1937 and is Lar with everyone and there was j in August or september to a discuss outranked by Only seven senators a National feeling of Relief in two explosions and fires the calling of a big All european in Dot of service. Jit ended. Since wednesday morning. Eight persons May have been killed. One person was known a cd seven Are missing and feared dead and More than 30 were in conference european Security j former the threat that the fire might would include Russia and the Tiroui Sipat circuit judge. He has been the Premier s program is aimed striking at the Root of the a curtain countries. Colorado governor j Mendes France s economic new and on some German j he has announced his Deal will mean stepping on the spread and touch off new blast the russians had made like pro intention to retire from the sen j toes of those Long entrenched in a prompted Pekin air raid Powals earlier most recently Oniate and Nln again for the Gocr position of privilege and ask All civil defense workers to july urging creation of a euro worship. I views will have Many voices in the j be ready to report for emergency Pean wide Security system which Stinnis. 55, is a former missis splintered French parliament. Action. Many civil defense workers from Pekin and nearby communities Al ready had reported for duty at the fire scene. The continuing fire capped by a dazzling nighttime atomic like explosion seen 75 Miles away destroyed much of the company s sprawling Plant facilities in this Central Illinois City. Damage already is Well into the millions of dollars. The explosion last night lifted the roof and Walls of one a six Story Brick into the air. The debris rained Down on firemen and Plant work ers fighting to halt the fierce whisky fed Blaze touched off 17 Riverview swimming Pool is now open i in the Senate since 1947. I Ervin 57. Was appointed to the i lion s economic sickness what sex Senate Only last june 5 on the Perls Long have pointed out As death of the Veteran sen. Clyde a vicious Circle of external and in lilo by id no. Ervin stepped Down eternal protectionism. I from his state s supreme court j if re Tariff Walls and import i Bench to accept the appointment i quotas shelter French agriculture sen. Knowland of California the i Republican Leader described his and Industry from foreign Competition. The new riven Lew swimming j task m Advance As one of select Industry has not been challenged Pool in Douglass Park opened at j ing men of judicious temperament i to expand and do away with Oneco 1 . Wednesday. The City had not become deeply in nomic production systems. Profits solved in the controversy Over me Are based on Low production and creation department said. The Pool first for negroes in this Section of the state was financed by private donations from negroes and Whites. It will be owned and operated by the City a similar Carthy. Watkins protected High prices instead 67. Is a former judge j High production at Low prices. Of in Utah. He was elected to the Mendes France. If he gets the Senate in 1946. Special Powers plans to eliminate Carlson. 61. Is a former Gocr industries using old fashioned pro 1 a of Kansas. He was poor tort , onh hours car Lucr a severe elec manner to the present j nor of Kansas. He was elected to induction methods and those which i f the american legion i the Senate in 1950. Are economically unsound in world i operation of the american legion j the Senate in 1950. Are economically po01 Carlson had previously served Competition. Still to be constructed is a Bath six terms in the House 1935-47. I he would then concentrate Man House for the Pool. The building i behind the scenes Maneu vers to Power and capital on More profit project was postponed until Early line it up had been going on Stead Able and productive enterprises next Spring when it became Evi ily since the Senate voted monday i to encourage the adaptation Dent the House could not be com night to create the commit plated until after the season this summer. The Concrete Pool located Lincoln Street is built in a fan it i calling for censure Mccar design and measures 35 by 75 feet i thy. Stori bricks buried two fire trucks a fire chief s car. Firemen who were drawing their the Blaze. News in Brief by International news service and eight major Oil companies have signed an agreement that will Start iranian Oil flowing to Horld markets again after three years of bloodshed and near bankruptcy. Washington vice Percsi Dent Nixon announces the names of three democratic and three Republican senators who will form a special committee to de cide whether senator Mccarthy should be censured. Bulletin Washington aug. 5 Senate finance committee voted today to lift temporarily by six billion dollars the present 275 Bil lion Dollar Federal debt ceiling. The decision was a partial Vic Ory for the Eisenhower adminis ration which last year ran into a Stone Wall when it asked the com Mittee to boost the debt limit by 15 billion dollars. Chairman Millikin a Coll told newsmen that Secretary of the Treasury Humphrey asked a Clos water from the Illinois River and Jed meeting of the committee for ii i ,1 Vine Mica Jullier to might watch Sutton voted at Lawrenceburg Prosperity for Iran. The Accord Between the iranian government and an International organization of eight Oil companies was initiated today after Long negotiations. Teheran which his Hometown. Clement and Browning also balloted at Hometown precincts. Clem ent at Dickson in Middle Tennes of Hackensack n. Would be asked about complaints from ten ants about rental practices he Fol Lowed in several new Jersey apart ment projects insured by the government. Marcus described As the big Gest apartment lawyer in new Jer sey was threatened with a Cou tempt of Congress citation for the see and Browning at Huntingdon he hurled at Capehart at a m he Western Section. I hearing three weeks ago. Election Day started out quietly but in an executive session with billion Dollar iranian Petroleum democratic chairman h. Dusty. Said Between 625.000 of Tenafly in j rocked Dulles in a statement noted that or his the committee s probe of the fed talks Between Iran and Britain paralleling the negotiations with the International group wive resulted in a settlement satisfactory to both the Teheran agreement closes a party s primary while gop chair Man Guy Smith said would vote in the Republican Pri Mary. Democratic primary winners Are me Jenera Acree pm n virtue Lay certain to win the novem in predominantly dem the pact following by less Ernat orial race. Their main strength is in upper East Tennessee where two Republican Congress men have no serious opposition for renomination. With Sutton in the senatorial Bat the Tennessee will nominate a new representative from his District to be sent to the House with six other democratic representatives who face Little opposition. Reportedly handicapped by a Lack a five billion Dollar in a i v. Plants and the re training of work Sun mag the vote ended a bitter debate ers who would be affected the i in the Senate touched off by a Premier proposes to provide state in Resolution by. Sen. Flanders a Jaid and encourage private Bank pressure were order crease in the debt ceiling plus an de to Retreat a Quarter of a mile increase of another five billion Dol because of the threat of new sex Lars until june 30, 1955. Plo Sions. Instead the committee approved the lire yesterday morning proposal by sen. Byrd a a a week the Anglo egyptian Settle ment of the Suez canal problem adds to the stability of the strategic Middle East an area vitally important to the free world. Dulles declared the United states is sex remely pleased that another significant step has been achieved in Jie direction of a solution to a problem which has for several ears worked hardships on Iran Reat Britain and indeed upon the ree world As a whole. Every member of the Community of free nations stands to gain from the settlement of this Issue Between two of its members which has in the past operated As an irritant among countries which have much in common and so much to Jenkins of Knoxville Era housing administration when they refused to testify regarding profits totalling collected on the Linwood Park apartment project fort Lee n. J. Sarner vice president of the company invoked the fifth amendment and refused to testify on grounds of possible self incrimination but Marcus declared i m not going to testify so you can go out and shoot off your Mouth this prompted the committee to vote to study contempt action against Marcus and Sarner for his refusal to produce a letter allegedly written by the Cha regarding a shopping Center. In his monday appearance sen. Wallace f. Bennett who attended the meeting confirmed Ray h. Who won National prominence As special counsel for the army Mccarthy hearings is Antl Sald he was still a Little belligerent but he answered Marcus apologized to Cape Loans for modernization or two 8-Story rack houses to permit an increase of six billion i gain from close collaboration and i where whisky is stored in barrels dollars until june 30 of next year. I Friendship. On the ballot with Robert Gregory of Memphis for the Republican senatorial nomination. However Jenkins has said his name appeared on the ballot by Accident and he is not a candidate. meanwhile the committee subpoenaed All the records of new York builder Ian Woodner who was unable to account for checks besieged by poll workers Sutton who rented a helicopter totalling issued while he to make his whirlwind Campaign i was seeking Cha insured Loans. Lineup at Lincoln school refreshment time

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