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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 4, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 255 39 do Jou know it i unlawful to pass on crop roads or intersections Kingsport times vol. Ali no. 155 Mill Kingsport Tenn., thursday August 28 pages Fame c t i every sunday in the times news u. S. Fliers breathe free air again Bulgarin rejects Ike s military map Swap idea Moscow Bulgarin today turned Down As unrealistic president Eisenhower plan Lor i topics on which Ono could hide inspection ours in return for re cipro Cal act Loti by the russians. Bulgarin said the soviet plan the president said he made the of military blueprints inspection and control pub proposal to convince everyone of of cacti Lishco in London on May 10, and i the great sincerity of the United by him at the Geneva con j states in approaching this prob to Section Ference. Was More Iem of Mutual air inspection others territories. The soviet Premier of he i in How a Piliu the end of i. report to the sen on the a conk Icile. H spoke to a special of 1.50u a Pubes to the flu Niue. Suva a. He made share main Points sups the foreign minister will face atomic weapons As part of an Over difficult tasks but if discussions All peace plan continue in the proper spirit then Thev should he fruitful. The soviet by Max Harrolson Geneva United states and red Chinn today called another time until monday their secret talks. There was no word whether Rod China Hud a r Reed to 40 american civilians n holds. U. A ambassador u. Alexis chinese envoy War photo 8 hours after release talked for in hour and with the soviet Eisenhower that it is necessary to and inspection which Bulgarin de follow a constructive and not a dared More realistic than a Nan hum Mhz he i a curative line in world affairs. Bower s Calls broadly for in Murii Al inns blot neither would indicia be Bulgarin said in conclusion ale withdrawal of the Hulk of the we will now have to find ways t foreign forces Frum both East and resolve several outstanding Germany and prohibition of Benui the con Frince 1. Helped to ease International tension. Union will do everything its Power to make the forthcoming further the russians listed these specific Points As necessary to free humanity from the threat of new destructive what Progress. U any had Beun made. A . Spokesman Jiuu Oimoen Only that they would meet again monday on the same subject. This was seen As an indication that one or both of the ambassadors required instructions from his gov 2. The personal Contact there proved fruitful. J. If marked the need Ninny of j october talks Between the foreign 1. Full prohibition of the use and timing an end to lit cold War. He ministers of the four Powers production of nuclear and other pledged the . Would do weapons of mass destruction Andi Chinn in its Power to help to to the supreme soviet diversion of this Force to peaceful the cold War parliament assembled in the Aims he All four Powers displayed jut at Kremlin Hall burst into 2, a considerable reduction of All cd Vollans desire at Geneva to end the cold Lauchter when Bulgarin said the armed forces and conventional real effect of the president s the United states. So ref Cirinc to Eisenhower s would not be considerable Viet Russia and communist China pm n i top Tov avd disarmament. Because both countries have ii-1 would be limited to armed forces eminent. They had first discussed the Issue of the Civilli Nieft tuesday and then recessed for 48 hours. Despite apparent failure of to Day s session to produce agree ment rumours persisted that the Bulgarin said Mitless territories on which one we must pay tribute to his Al could hide Farr Tor a settlement of this ques the president offered at the of million men each and Small or quotas would be fixed for other Powers. Could be exp Cleri soon. Johnson denied earlier reports that he and Wing had agreed in principle on repatriation of the americans and of an nid Crinite Tion. But the real effect could Noli Geneva Summit conference on july j 3. Setting up of a control Organ he considerable and it said in 21 to pinpoint american military with authority guaranteeing effect unofficial at Geneva that establishments and let them come live observation by All countries both countries have limitless Ter under the eyes of russian Aerial of this prohibition and reduction. As to the problem of Germany. Bulgarin said when Riis ii i sniff the problem two different approaches were displayed at the Geneva con Ference. The problem is whether the development of was i Germany will answer the interest of peace or i in adopt the policy of Mill of Young Mother four slain Etowah. Trim. A a Yorr Lori Mother of Lour children was bin in in her Home lust Nikhil. Bill Mcminn county officers today jailed a former boy Friend on a chit go of murder. Sheriff Otto Kennedy identified the victim mrs. Helen pm Mai Lima 11 in. Who died Joriu i Bullet wound above the heart. 6h was dead when an ambulance it i Eccl at her Home. Captured Ludyny in the lot of a eluded bin n in ii was Kny Eno Harris Riboul sheriff v said harri.--. No asst whom i. Sini Liliu had obtained it peace variant july 10. Crameri with a Durdei he had be a the a Bact of i count wide search since the number of chinese Pei plop charges Are detained by the United san pcs. The cd incur have left the Ini a pression Lio Wever. Thai they Are ready to free the americans and Are Lucking Lor n Lor Mulu in the students which would save fact1 for them. The United states Nim to nil who Wani to return to their Homeland Are free to to. Crossing Batluck from ski China to Frk Dom -pt1ie . by hed China years Ayo started heir Joun inv Home today. At right foreground it col w. Simpson Liu of . Escorts col. John Knox Arnold. On crutches is maj. Wimmiam Hal Murii. The other uniformed air Force escort is not identified but behind him is Lohn w. Bit of a Malhew Alle Tenn Lanza Tion. I the three Western Powers did conceal the fact dint they state will get doses world briefs of Salk vaccine u. S. Rocket plans revealed Mun san Kornn l the it n. Wanted to draw in ii Ito military bloc. Imam lists Bill covering i soviets answer West Germany Bonn. Germany m _ the rus sians of Leith to establish dip Lomat in Relf Lions with West Ger Many no strings at inched. Tins was today with publication of the Hussion answer to the Bonn note Lor Clari 1 Lent Ion or the conditions under of hit cullor Konrad Ade Art. Of the Cost of Brm Pinn troops Here from India to oversee Chr Pri to i the full Al ship ment of sulk poll to ten Nihro Iirth Rhan a Nels will contain i. 344 sir lev slate health commissioner i Soner exch non at the end of ii Hutcheson said yesterday. Korean War. J a expects United Stales in behalf of die priority recommended by lies when the Orr finally agreed the american me Ciscal association amount proved Loo Small the it is Clear that tile soviet gov eminent could not mid cannot with such Point of View for this Point of View directed against the Security of the people of the soviet Union which we must not ignore. As regards International communism which he raid in certain quarters is the accepted Iio Kov to frighten naive by Lunnin said we have stated that the Lien conference was convened to cuss problems of relations among. Stales not to discuss either the Anil the Sun. of these or other Between the United states Hlls Hoen Siipple Nib parties in various coun Irles or Salk vaccine to Tennessee school relations among these parlies.11 a. Vaccine. I Tokyo if Viii firm Mill Ler the vaccine Likely will be Mamoru Lold lieu Micin shipped by the kill Lilly co. Of Indianapolis. Or. Ili Ilcheson added my. No Dale Lor us arrival has to los today he plans to leave Lor amen Ca about aug. 25 to promote Mil plane crashes details unknown to. Aine Rochn Shefl Triny nor of us Planert with an number of persons a Hoard had rime Down in h i id Ert Arrn in the to. u nod Reserve Tenn near Kolln nio., Hon rely after Lucian. The draft. Nov her Nyrl Lorr Uff Filini slut rally doctors report 11 in fairly Good condition by David p. Roads Hong Kong my eleven happily crossed tie Hong Kong Border to Freedom Loday u Good physical snap and menu. Spirit alter 2 j years Captivity la communist China. Five and a half hours alter release the 11 were flown in twi Plush air Force transports to Man Ila whore they were met by Brig Gen. William l. Leo. Comma Nair of the u. K. Air Force ant by u. S. Ambassador Homer Fer Guson. Friday they will Fly to Tokyo and then to the . Ecsi const for reunion with their families. At Hong Kong col. John Arnold jr., 41. Silver Spring. Md., their Leader bitterly told a news conference. Pei plug is not entitled to it g d thing in now re leasing the to b29 Crew members. Communist China convicted them is spies last november. They had been held since their plane was shot Down Jan. 12, 1953 in the kor Ean War. The red chinese sentenced them last november As spies to prison terms ranging up to 10 years. Helping announced their release just before the opening of u. S. Chinese negotiations in Geneva. Arnold declared his b29 was shot Down 35. To 40 Miles South of the Yalu liver China Border while on a leaflet dropping Mission Over North Korea. All crewmen hailed out and were captured in North Korea he said in his first Chance directly to deny communist Chi a s i insertion the plane intruded into China. I two medical checks Afler they the Border Bridge to free today showed All in fairly Lorce doctors by Frank Caret am printed Prem science reporter Copenhagen those William h. Ballmer 32, of peeled basketball Moons arc in Lewisburg fa., was on crutches for some stiff Competition from a to said his left leg was wounded Mclen Lafle rocket show. The plane was shot. Down. He a . A Kari Bench cd Labora inh1 suffered Frost bite Lory rocketeer indicated oils today Elul it in their Freedom the Jln report to the sixth refused to look Back into clonal astronautical federation Tow China. Congress. Arnold for lanced Over his shoulder or. Homer k. Newell jr., of is a font , . Said the United look Back any Stales is planning its most ambitious program to Date in rocket during of the Learish s upper atmosphere to of almost him Miles. These will he blvd. Another uld to can to i won t look Kii Hilton so choked Arnold when he was called before television Ami newsreel cameras at Hong Kong s jockey club that he1 could t e turned away and mum simply can t say How i i he Herluff he us Hir ret pro tin Fin v him. In Usu Iid rred without i e Fri Len lived her i Huol Rrt in v. Hen or l1 i Tiuliu r to i Radord Lold Olli i l v asked Inlo illi1 Ait Nyht and was ice Cal Hinl her daughter had Trie Pence car rally Atler Harris. Mrs the Mother said had Iii Jinil. pm warm Uini is believed to be in Bulgarin said the soviet Gove visit to Moscow for Hal conclusion of Somol Lender would take up Lull Kun of Penn or l up of a system Security Wilh the Pertici potion of nil european Stales and the United states would be the reliable Way of insuring Security for eur place. Adenauer k now regarded Cut Iii to next month. Bet Ore Suomi in Moscow. Ade anted to be sure he was not Udine to be laced with some i pull i Erminy Oul of the at Allie once. Louii of Ticino is incl tie russian note and fulfilled West German i Hes 1 Young republicans slate meeting at Ca tonight children under i Ion or Nunn. An Ilio polio Lounda he recalled that the u. S. S. R. Deep Nikon n Geneva myed hint Ultima lev in foreign troops should fixed remain on territories of european states. We Arp profoundly Eon Vinceri that genuine Security of eur Penn Rock and hint have Jcu Tikeri an Esti Miled million Riol liars do Njie to the wheal crop in Pom Dol Hymi Iii a f collective to Valley Neur Ferrari. Repi pm Nuu Ives Dev French Cul Miri. Premier a Dunn ii Mulli an. In Lal i Irr. Parks the Wodny of Nairn Hill f in on tone. Pinny in acc to to to mom Ounn com and named by flank c Lemuelu rec Lilly to lop in assure Espial of available Romni crucial channels. The n Komi Iii Uil Rii in ship vaccine to can Only when mid must be assured end is put to the Lias been distributors who would to i in Iii 1 the dry Culores in inn would pak1r .i1- a firm Prev Irenc a tribute the vaccine on or scrip Decicc sell govern Ifni in Jinn to Rico ions and keep Del Tunisia As approved l o i Ltd today records of the names Awe King sport you Msj republicans l meet ton Mhz at 8 o clock in the ii Aid her Dunn her i Pirty room of he civic auditor red what he was doing my. Arc vies ident i. T. Collinsjr. Policy of military groupings All european status As Well Kennedy my. And Harris Llie ii raised the Nlle and shot mrs Small Ali rough the screen door. Age reports Russia holds nuclear tests Washington the atomic . aim nun u n that the have rpm i in weapon1-." Al Brief stud on when the United slates join in their Eli Orts to the str Tuple for the Premier said new Poss Bill by the Council upper House of 11 men. It new Rene Lor if the of French Purlin. . V to or Ini Iii e. I Ivi Dnn n ill Liurni used names awes mid Imine Irei Viii to Tokyo Russin today invited tics of reaching an agreement on in in Pennese Mission Ihrk trial there Germany would be reviewed during to visit the soviet Union. Will report on the proceedings at i the foreign ministers conference in news service said. The supreme Hie recent Yonne Republican october in Geneva and added such soviet Nole said lie bid was made Hiis in her the Coin would like to Ven Kyodo distribution of the be i Aid Whei will approve the ing hint will go up and Hefner an airline comp a Hill rockets Dellol the men Anne Rcd in he Hen my there were no Rte to Solh. U into a Lemi weary Rohll around col. James m. Davis. The chief Juhe Earth. Virtually ill information medical officer told newsmen no of Blancd will he radioed Back to Romp Eling u second Examina Tion of each mini. J approximately Iso such rockets Davis said he found he Hoys i will be fired by the United slates in pretty Good to Good physical from Sites tending irom the health. They to live kit Moor to tile North Polar regions worked hard themselves he said. He added thai France on i hair own and they have re definite and that pm Prilly land Australia India and ten is said the medical urn had have expressed interest in joining Given Mph of the ii n thorough Juhe show. Of eyes cars nose the rocket barrage will be part finial Chesl. Snarl. Abdomen and the Anler National Ueo physical and the men came. Din inn which very Well 1 40 Gallons including Russia have in a cooperative ii Rinien s spills bubbled Al flirt designed to wrest unsolved Al m la nil Lone in m can la irom Mother . Her fila rulers. Tivey rally danced of pims and the Benvul Hrit showers. Lathering his face alls in the crush nor thurr any u re of Eit mini irs. The plane. Die Nield Lins 40-Iinssf ii mfr Anil cd Irris a Crew Ihrer. Chr ill Khunsy i n Tinl n pm Rcd Chr Tii shed in Rian irs. The said it under Stinrod die plane and in uni rom on Flor to Mitor 1111 Ifni Dinc it. Lenn but Wax Una her in Chr fired. J underpin my the Hinr r 1 i Purol spoke Simn fill i. We Rinn t ivc any i added a probes satisfied by Malboff resigning Oping her Arnold .-.homed, this Good tonal convention. Collins was one i possibilities should not be consid of he delegates from Tennessee. I ered exhausted. M the interests of Normal relations his Linn had not yet bet Ween the two countries. Proposed distribution d Nihl received the Washino Ion i the projects he described the pal two of three bandits caught recovered in gun fight subcommittee said the rockets Rover things like today us i Milry into Secretary of Mic rays and research air Force. Harold k. Talbot s which tire envisioned As outside a Vilies Hus Tel late been resolved with his resignation. Thief arc with tin ism me of this still Chi no the ii Lori Siirid m 1- i id a live Parnot up Slitter mint winding up the input in or ii mfr my wrong rung in his Iii Rinei hip in the new York wife is undecided concerning husbands i1k i Unpi. Ton n a. At .1 Naii Ili ii bios no and . . Three de. Fled an mind a Cornei Cihi ii am us had a Brink s into a and told the is in shut h kind mid occupant he Hudt Lien n in nil m rare at in k. A Hall hour he called h 1 n k to i Mali and poll up nil b in Iii Rulif a Jun Rhine had i n Bride. Chr loot ii Luu him. Neil Iii he the Thui dits. Clad in v in King and bulk. Or lir Aii men a pair i l in Iii a and armed with n sub Etruly would Ottem piece to All Jiff a a Iii Ichii Iii broke into the Iri Fike off Una More of the mnne1-. It Lioio bunk. Inc., garage i d police Thip. Account of the by Iii ii. Inn of the car arrived with .St robbery out Psi i in receipts from the Kari guards Stanley j. 32. Cd Lii in to unload d urn of truck. Cisco Grove Calif. If Cliency firm of Paul b. Mulli Schmidt Fine Linin pc in Lold president Behe Viii Hower monday he nevertheless and Moln Hus hand was dead is at Dan is Teliin nine but she added wednesday de Chr ii ii. The president i i . And wrote who her a n heckled lid Hir i Alioti. You decision was the one in in i the and 41 German miners believed to be dead were to o of he Holdup men w err clip med a half hour later after in 11-Block i milling gun Battle. I thu uht i us a dead said . 27. The wounded guard. ii a Nav German Coal Miner believed dead a h Lue before f could fire sent the go and explosion which worked the with the Tommy gun got me in Workings a Ruhr the Clohesy was reported in Good injured condition at emergency Hospital Todne with a Chest wound. The bandits were identified by rat e track the Kenneth a. Kemp. 31, and clo Era River in Canada. Whiee Hes a up to the Laravie and a 1 h m employees were on me to ii the h Ort Erie ice its h k. In six Strong boxes. They were and met Ai the driveway by guard that Edunrds .1. Thompson. Poh Clohe a entered through n i door. He Chr Ouirt incur i a county Rock doors to n to Frei the rip from which the main door controlled. Tin re k a machine run slut1 mini a i he Rodj Jim a a to Leurah alarm poll and private Iii id in. Up Ned saw pm and pulled my .38 but into the garage. As gun. Lomp la Lolly Viv. d Cut. The Sec i in v pistol by Kou air Craven. 42 i ifhiil1 u he hi1 h in Ruth Dilim Jiter a Eileen 10 of hip told Una t uni i up u he of. A c a Cai and Well p it Back to von m mile. Whlor pm inuit to in urls Fern pro m i the u be at i Nisi Neil ail a Ned Thev pursued the car Hal Exham Refl uieti1 ammunition. In a .1 Poilu a car joined the Chase i of in so Wald in o a narrow i Lent inf Talnax Inui a i hip bandits leaped out in Public Liff Niv he Fusi mite Uhrum Mitre. Hud a Knou Edyed i Imine letters not orce stat Minerv to a Anspon the clients of the Mulican firm. The weather temperatures re going to be another a Lii Damn in i do g mid spoil nor Lohn Vendi. Eltiy told How they first they would be freed. sunday Nikhil. Hev came Tai they told us they were Govrik to have to party. They Tonk us to a room and there they told us we would be released at once. An hour later at 10 o clock sunday Ninhia. We pot on n train at pc id Ait Man Ija nirl c a Chendt red Ding Cahl Wile and re belief he was dead i gird no men inn of n. Newsmen Wei e Uii Fler strict orders not to who Thor Lolly i Oil. O w i Simpson Smith. Far Rel in the rofl Funni. Border Lind i to Cri i a Lair my Tali Fri f. Rcw Cllvin. Of Soisila Mon a run. Lii inks. Alii. It. John w. Ruck. Tenn. Set. W. Blown. St. Paul mum Airi Nim k. Kin Akron. Ohio airman hurry m. Fly Namm ,tr., Minn. Jilin w. Thompson in. A Arnold Baumer Wilh Alford fnn1. .1 Lotf 1 r i Inch Kipich 01 i i a Bellfl or nil ill. Nelll talk. Ciolll inf of the 11 Ann Micro Iii Nairn for Fri by the Chin run then and for icel in Irir Cabin Irh Llor in the direct Lon i 111 Honni a Pismen were ii no. Lorl Nuriden to in Enion Una s i marriage to pc Hildt. V to pre uni has t heard of it. I the slender. 20-Vear-old woman in orned Schmidt five weeks Belore an Man he was sent More than Orange another Miner amp of them were Tilv Jyh he mine Ion -. Of 2 teenage boys watched robbery Buffalo. N. Y. Baltimore lir a. Ilijin Liri Ion of i in Vav Yolk Chr the t John w Anthony Prtt Mato. 39. Doll. 1.1 and i fiend Annm ind Sylva sir Matacio. 16. Yern Walkon ihi1 inc. I held a Harar Nihil when Olliev it Man of Aid thine he he v n a of Zuarri i a ked , i or Slrine. V. N 11 Iii l pelting to and ii cd he i ill in Al i. Mlo a Anye Back Yard Alba to sur Ubo a hotel full for Iain lift. Jim Sal Pinerio of doll and v r ear it. Today s skies in lined in private Homes. The third the said. Man. Believed to been wound was fiume it window three years Nero. Shr bore his child. Vendi and Chr met. 73 Daniel or. 2ship inn welcomed them in the she sited she married me in Annir of the United Stales govern Mexico last september afer Slie Niento. The american people my the was notified that Schmidt Wax miss to s. Air ing in action. Two months later she to a formal greeting . Consul Learned the airman was a prisoner. General Everett Drumright sex she snid she planned to meet pressed an official View in Declar Schmidt when he returns but a Vou were Only Rio i your viewed her love for finn. It nov As part of the United nations Effort to repel nug ression m Korea when you were he said on be Hilf it our am eminent 1 not Macro i Tav is s my your ones. T have grrr whih div. The Amr Versai of in Welch nun your Safr the Natl in1 1 la Lre to Rev arrival Here on atari trip idly on Tiu 4. A Minemia named binned i Oil fur nor gallantry he plat Stahli Shinoff Chicago. It Devotion and Vii in original area was hounded what m the face of porn Arr now state. Madison Union longed and unwarranted deter and Hub Harri Chicago 125 years old

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