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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 4, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeVote for candidates of your Choice vote deathless Days City county 14 faulty brakes could Lead to a collision. Kingsport times vol. Al no. 154 phone circlet so Kingsport term., wednesday August 18 pages five cents the weather considerable cloudiness tonight and thursday morning with scan iced afternoon thundershowers thursday. Tuesday s High 86 last Niy m s Low. 63 noon Reading. 69 rainfall .15. Area voters cast ballots tomorrow gubernatorial Senate races Are in final stage Suff on claims support from Crump in state on Europe pad 650rooosiated to cast votes in state race by Philip m. Carukin Nashville tenn., 4 rep. Pat Sutton shouted to a re Porter Over the Roar of his Heli copter yesterday that e. Ii. Crump Long time Tennessee Politi . 4 to night proposed a new big four to prepare the ground for m. European Security conference. In notes delivered to the United slates Britain and France the soviets repealed the suggestion they made july 24 for Early Doul Lor Lyle gubernatorial Sicie Rivion by ail european nations j nomination a ought in radio and by the associated press gov. Frank Clement and Gordon Browning the Man Clement Defeated in 1952, will conclude their by Ella open Nat Cal his wig. Has riven lust minute so Ullh to astern that would television addresses support 10 his bid to unseal sen. B the whole continent. Between and 650.000 dem s t e s Kef Diuver in tomorrow democratic primary. But Crump said we re not ask ing our friends to Vole for either candidate and Well maintain i Haiti ambassador Jakob Malik Deli corals Are predicted to Mark bal the russian note to British lots tomorrow to name the Victor minister of state Selwyn Loyd the fiery race. I the foreign office. I about 1 2 million tennesseans Eisenhower raps foreign Aid Cut voted by Senate by Marvin l. Arr Smith Washington. Aug. 4 ident Eisenhower said today the foreign Aid Cut voted by the Senate is too deep and will Hurt the unit a Stales badly. He also said it of to fils some of compre a Hension Aso what the people in j the Kremlin Are Doiny. I the president told a news con that before the Bill went i to Congress the administration i ready had trimmed the program As much As it Felt was justified. Eisenhower asked Congress for nearly billion dollars for foreign Aid. The Senate late yesterday voted to put the figure in an aug Thori nation Bill at i the House had voted 000. The president also came up with a ringing defense of Gen. George c. Marshall when asked for com ment on a statement by former Secretary of War Harry Woodring j cuss David Gray ii. Hurd i sheriffs race is in spotlight by Bill fkrei1off Sullivan county voters will go to the polls thursday to Rast their ballots in one of the most heated county elections in Many years. Republicans Are challenging democrats in five of the seven races. The gop Hopes to keep control of two offices i and to pick up three More by repeating the Republican town meeting Kingsport boy set for Issue by Bill barn Ett town Hall meeting to proposed City Bond Issue j informed officials said it was qualified to vote in the dem that Marshall would sell out his1 k a i position throughout election Short communication and that socratic and Republican primaries own grandmother for personal and any a Civ High school j in later statement notes went to the Ameri tomorrow and state political Lead i Vantage. Was set by the Board of mayor flatly denied he had any intention lean and French governments. Ers expect Between 750.000 and Eisenhower said and aldermen tuesday night for of passing the word quietly to his they reported the russians ask 775.000 votes to be cast. There Are As army chief of staff was his us thursday August 1 organization to vote for Button in for a preliminary meeting of no candidates for the Republican j Perior during world War will you pass the word Down Tler big four Powers sometime gubernatorial nomination. Pities All that we look for in an the line to vote for Sutton As Lis month or next month at a judge Raulston Schoolfield. Chat american Patriot. Itne Sutton Crump was asked by Alilce col old de mutually Tanooka judge is the third Candi a the Woodring statement in a referendum. The press scimitar. Agreed upon. _ _ Date in the race. He has based his letter to a Friend was made Public How much Money would be in the boil Rel set 25 As tentative Date for the bom natural Gas due herein week natural Gas l come to Kings of the Nole bul a disclose replied the political lend you can go out to the polls to and you won t find any word any where. I never did life. We will take the foreign office confirmed almost solely on a this week by sen. Mccar 111 segregation stand. Thy to Wisi. I inv Woi of inv il5 gov. Clement will make a radio As to the controversy in the sen lid that in Niv he Sald is up the russians address at 8 tonight in Over whether Mccarthy should no hand in this-10 release los tenn5 Jand then will hurry Hack to Nash be censured. Eisenhower said in i the Kremlin Surprise move i vice for a television talk to wind reply to a question that of course the eve of meeting1 came Jim Gunier of the Memphis com Between american British Audulj Mercial Appeal reported today that experts in London who Sutton told him during a flight Nave been been assigned to answer up his fight. Browning made an at Camden this morning that controversy will have an i How solved is not yet known. City manager d. W. Moulton said an estimate of the Cost of the school port officially one week from to plans Are to hold a formal Torch lighting ceremony in Broad Street Circle similar to the one that was on Republican party unity., Ldhl win have he. Said he feels he should is expected to be ready for presentation at the meeting. School held at Tri City Airport when the officials will outline the need no the area was tie school and All persons at completed. Blountville Man in Auto mishaps of 1936. The democrats Are determined to elect a straight ticket and in the process Knock off the Post of All that of High sheriff of Sullivan county. The polls will open at 9 . And close at 7 . And an estimated 62.000 persons Are registered to vote. Biggest race in the county s history was in november 1952, when 28.155 persons voted. See pictures on Page 5 the sheriff s race has gent rated so much heat and resulted in so two Kingsport area residents Many charges and counter charges were under Hospital treatment that it has All but stolen the show wednesday morning after being j from the governor s race in the struck by automobiles. J democratic primary. One a 59-year-old Blountville the Are Man. Jack . Was m the Republican candidate and present Hamil Yie Morial Hospital As a result being hit by a car one mile East Fon of Blountville at . Wednes Day. Hospital attendants said his condition was fair after treatment who is seeking his third and last term. The democratic candidate and retiring circuit court clerk David e. Gray. Pelvis and fractured leg. I basically the issues revolve Cpl. Paul Phipps of the Tennes a round the strong1 personalities of see Highway patrol who these two men their views on the for a fractured shoulder fractured j gated the Accident said Lewis was deputies and thei the Torch will be lit at Sundown Lewis was a on the use of liquor. They May and will Burn until 10 . After companies and Mills in and around Bond Issue referendum since Kings reiterated with great emphasis that j deadlocks at the conference table. Seek to head off foreign Aid cuts Nashville and made a Stop at the Davidson county Highway garage. Buford Ellington. Clement s state Campaign manager said the governor will vote in Dickson county tomorrow and then return to Nashville. Browning was in Memphis last night where he discussed projects he is opposed to admitting red China to the United nations under present conditions. But the presi Dent went on to say he is always ready to wait and see whether the sinner reforms and comes into the fold. I he proposed for Memphis Shelby county if elected. And he does not propose to be Defeated most assure Victory working candidate. Kefauver took to weaving a Coon skin Cap in the 1948 Campaign after Crump said the senator remind Jed him of a pet Coon that turned its head from what it was doing in an attempt to fool any on Loob i ers. I Button s announcement was the latest bizarre note in a sen ate c p a Ign on gimmicks name calling and High tension stumping that has competed for headlines with one of the rough est gubernatorial campaigns in state s history. The winners in Thrim Mion Dollar cuts in the adminis democratic primary Are virtually stration s foreign Aid program. Against mixing the races in pub j intends to keep on trying assured of election in Thoy appealed to the Senate schools. J far As he is predominantly democratic to save alb Browning who has been Gover a corned the president said the see. In the port was incorporated. And every Bond Issue thus presented so far has been approved by the voters. A similar meeting also is held each year before the annual Community Chest drive opens. The possibility was discussed of he proposed that a West ten Washington aug. 4 old College for negroes be ate leaders faced a Tough Job today trying to head off additional Multi built which would compare with Memphis state College. He repeated his stand teat he was atomic Pooi the president said including a Dond Issue to pay for a Defeated be e Piant in the referendum. But mayor John for peaceful Wimberly Salti he doubted if Suffi on his atomic plan for an Energy Pool contest for Tennessee s request for client information would be Avail Able in time to give the voters a Complete picture of the sewage treatment Plant situation. He said he Felt there should he no delay in acting on the proposed Lilc ii Tonnel or. Junior High school which the Board possible of president of Tennessee for three terms. Imanil Sutof to tall Congress Loit of education has said is urgently purposes merely because soviet Russia has refused to go along with the idea. He said he still is trying to find a Way to put the plan into effect without Russia and billions of he Aiso favored a new tuber Tail users during the Celebration. At some inconvenience to traffic a network of Gas lines has been Laid beneath the City s streets in re cent weeks. The Gas Mains have been tested under pressure and Are ready for service. Some Industrial plants that get their Gas at wholesale rates directly from the pipe line company already Are using the new fuel. The Board of mayor and Alder men was scheduled to consider on final Reading today an ordinance governing Gas Hook to retail users. With us passage the Gas company will be ready to begin the boy son of or. And mrs. Woodrow Talbert was treated for a fractured right and a pos sible fractured Skull. The victim s sister Emma said she and her brother went to get the boy out of the Street before the car came but was too late. Capt. B. F. Cutshall and patrol i present time the deputies Are paid from the fees they make. Gray is a world War to Veteran and former prisoner of War. A for Mer Bristol recorder and treasurer he now lives in Kingsport and is married and the father of two children. In 1946 he was elected n p. R. Bowers investigated the i circuit court clerk and in 1950 he Accident. The officers reported no charges were placed against the Driver of the car. William b. Sexton 41, was treated for minor injuries suffered when he was struck by a car on Bristol Highway about . Tuesday. He was released later. Cynthia Eads. 12 month daughter of or. Ami mrs. Was re elected. He has said that if elected Sher Iff he would pay a Force of about 10 deputies out of the fees of the office. If the fees were to run Short Gray would go to county court and ask for an appropriation first four year governor s funds for the global Gnu comm. Culosio Hospital for West Tennes to the record of the Republican i former gov. Gordon Browning is nist Effort in the year which physical rehabilitation a Good one or is it trying to oust gov. Frank Clement de july 1. _ _ _ Ter at the University of european flood or announced that both Austria and did not say whether he was talking of the Western Sec Tion of accepted a Campaign will be simply needed. The City is negotiating to acquire site for the school on the North-1 assists from members of j chairman Bridges or a called j mits Memphis a Boule Vard Type of thoroughfare from Clement s own Clement ousted years ago. Official family i the purse string group into closed Browning to vote on actual amounts a third candidate. Judge Raul to recommend in the final Money Bill of the session. Elon Schoolfield of Chattanooga is Eisenhower and Secretary on streets and highways in the . Offer of surplus food for campaigning almost entirely on his St North to South in Memphis to Mil Iston. We spent Over four million Dol ate Dulles received yesterday when the another half billion from sep Arate foreign Aid author Zaiunc Bill. Promise to retain segregation in Tennessee Public schools regard less of a supreme court ban. Has said Only that school restrictions he did not ask. Tion would continue at least until j and k created the unusual Situ the court opinion is clarified. Lation of authorizing less than Ine both Secretary of state g. already has voted to Ward Friar and the slate comp Rol a authorization measures Normal Lor. Mrs. Jeanne Bodfish have by Are passed to establish tired their rift with Clement in mums before Congress a the final weeks of the Campaign lates the actual Money. But this present and it is proposed to introduce a Bill in the 1955 general Assembly to Annex it. To this connection Patrick h. A. I your county in the last four years the Relief of flood victims m the Miller 1504 Kenmore drive aps in the former Gover-1area of the Danube River and its nor said. J earlier yesterday he attacked deficit financing pro platform in talks at Greenfield and Covington. Before he made his Memphis talk last night. Browning said he i thought his chances Here Are Soodi i this time and i feel i May carry j i the three in demo race for state Senate East Corner of memorial Boulevard and Kenmore drive. The site is just outside the City limits at geared before the Board and asked if arrangements could be made to include All the lots on that Street Between the present City line and the school property in the same Bill. Miller said he believed none of petition to close distributor filed to make up the difference. His men la would be uniformed and would full time. A petition has been filed asking the closure of a Kingsport Beer wholesale House. Southern distributing company 2559 Johnson City Highway the sheriffs depart ment revealed tuesday. G. W. Mcevinney chief clerk and dispatcher of the sheriff s office j said a Date for a Case will be set As soon As pos sible. Ins treated for minor head juries suffered when she was j thrown against the Windshield of. A car. Mrs. Eads told attendants her car struck another car at the intersection of Walnut and East Cen Ter St. Mrs. Cora Carter Clinchport a. Was admitted after being treated for abrasions of the Scalp and bruises of the right shoulder in a car Accident in the Dan l Bonne Section. Her condition was per hearing in thei Ted is Good. Men Are seeking the City for annexation he Actis Lluc democratic nomination for state said without including other areas. Both were leaders in his 1952 Cam time the House went ahead and Clement won by a Majo Uty Over senator from Hawkins add Sullivani j too. A recent referendum to Annex i ii Ron not Hon Shoih i a larger area East of the City failed voted to appropriate elected three in new funds after fixing a limit Colenty in ln52 and Nas ule Lis latter auth of e h s one trimmed Nate to rep. Davis to speak 6 millions less a Ign. Sutton who was times to the House trom Tennes of this latter auth Sre s 6th District has made use Oriza Tion Bill is the one trimmed of Marathon television radio Broad yesterday by the Sei casts and has campaigned for the , or about 286 millions less month by helicopter. Ithan the House appropriation. He has accused Kefauver of be Jisc an internationalist and a left i Viires comparison of Rran and anti subversive record with that of Kefauver. Three other candidates in Shelby Inger. He a i is fibrin. Vet i n e i for f66 jury is selected in trooper death Washington. Aug. 4 Jors combed a list of about 20 sen today in the Hunt for what they called a Middle of the Road committee to investigate the con of sen. Mccarthy it 1 t a hig1 Lac 11ms comp cd by a. Aim j a san. Knowland of California the Republican Leader and sen. Lyn men Chnard with murder in con it Fth i the death of a slate Don b. Johnson of Texas the dem erratic Rhi retain wore reported to the names of senators Millikin a Colot Georgc i a a Russell and Byrd tuition students Register this week applications for new tuition Stu dents in City schools May still be filed until this Friday Dana Swick school superintendent has announced. Parents of children who wish to enter City schools this fall As Tui Tion students and who have never f. Flip in a and ska us of i before attended Ken sport schools Norton. C. E. Purcell of St. Paul j As tuition students arc asked to Charles Allier or. Of Bik Stone Gap apply at once at the sniper intend Opi Ikic n. Taylor of Stone Phi s office High Gap and Owen boiling of round. I school. Two others charged with felonious assault in the same Case. I the Giand jury will meet thursday it i l consider the thai a canst Hershel Akers and Guirland Adkins both accused of murder and b. Akers and Paul Kennedy charged with felonious upon an officer. The Charpes against the tour men Prew out of the death of Rob Ert f. Giles jr., a state trooper who died july 23 in a Norton hos phial of Bullet wounds received july 21 when he attempted to break 1111 a fight Between Akers find Ralph Nixon near coi Burn. Appointed to the july were t. J. Davis direct represent counties. Tive from Hawkins county will 1 publican nomination and is in spelt Over Church Hill s radio Sta opposed but Pendleton is on the Tion at . Wednesday. Ballot Only in Hawkins county. They Are Lewis i. Chase of to pass. Signatures of at least 50 Kingsport Harry Lee Senter of i resident freeholders Are required Bristol and Walter p. Moody of on an annexation petition. Is filler was advised to Check with the other Kenmore drive residents and if All favored annexation to make their wishes known to Sulli Sullivan gardens. Paris Pendleton of Ford town. Route no. 2. Is seeking the and re the residents on Kenmore drive Mckinney said the petition filed opposed annexation to the City i tuesday with the criminal court there Are not enough of them Toj clerk maintains that the firm has been Selling wholesale and retail Beer without a permit. I Mckinney said the wholesale company is charged with violating a county Law by being within feet of a Church. The clerk and dispatcher said the sheriff s department was unable tuesday afternoon to Contact criminal court judge Thomas streets program is a it finished Van county s legislators after they i said Thi Are elected in november. Soon As Rogan to fix a Date for a trial. He tried As Case will be the Sullivan county dry forces rave endorsed Hurd. Gray says fee wants the votes of dry ions As individuals. Next in general interest is the race for Highway commissioner Between the Republican incumbent Otis Pendleton and his democrate challenger e. M. Cross or. Hurd and Pendleton Are the Only two Republican officeholders in the county. The issues in this race Center around Pendleton and his six year feud with the Sullivan county quarterly court Over appropriations for his department and the manner in which he presents his program. Cross Nas charged that Pendle ton has been too free in the use of gravel for the driveways of his friends. Cross has said he would Divide the county into districts and place a superintendent Over each District. Pendleton says he operates like that now. Basically the Highway commissioner is standing on his record of Road building. Other contested races Are circuit court l. Morrell d and Paul Stone Bailey r and incumbent Clyde Groseclose Register of Lucille Blankenbecle Barr r and incumbent mrs. Ruth Warrick cd. Running for re election without opposition Are county attorney George l. Mclntyre and county court clerk mrs. Marjorie Harr. Projects and from 50 to 70 men at i both Are democrats work on them. I jobs already completed include the paving of stadium court and the area behind the swimming Pool j pc acct caring completion Are i the widening of Sullivan Street the installation of a sidewalk on Bloomingdale Road and the widening of the Reedy Creek Bridge. Other paving projects on the pro pram Are Revere Street from the City s annual sewers improvement streets and program to Cost an estimated this year is now about half finished assistant City manager Charles k. Marsh said wednesday. Bids were awarded on May 4. And actual work started june 1 on a the paving of approximately two Miles of streets and alleys and installation of about three Miles i sanitary and storm sewers. Marsh Mil lit Cupec Verj pro acc a .0 do completed by november i. Seven different contractors have been connected with the various congressional race tops gop primary in the Republican primary the greatest local interest is in the race Market to Sullivan streets Bluff for congressman Between incur it s goodbye to a Dusty Road is the paving goes Down on Greenfield Avenue. The project is Only one of those on the City s annual streets and sewers improvement program which is now about Hulf completed. Street from Eastman Road to Sycamore Street Sycamore Street Harris Avenue from Spruce to Spring streets Spring Street from Harris Avenue to Al Ley Greenfield Avenue Greenfield place Fairfield Avenue Rich mond Road Bluff Street from East Center Street to Eastman Road. Other Type projects include san itary sewers on southerly Side fort Henry drive from Dewcy suet to xxi Salni line ending and placing of temporary surface installing is wits Eastwood Avenue and fair Oaks Road from Eastwood Avenue in East soviet Avenue improving alleys in Block 42, Concrete paving and Slu Riu sewers. Bent rep. Carroll Reece of John son City and Hessel Evans of Erwin. Recce was first elected to con Gress in 1920 and is the Leader of the old guard republicans in the state. Evans is the Choice of the new guard republicans. Generally the old guard sup ported senator Taft for the gop presidential nomination. The new guard is made up of those who supported general Eisenhower and those who for various reasons have broken with Creio. The Winner will run against Arthur Bright in the november general election. Bright has no opposition in the Democrat primary

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