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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - August 3, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 13 faulty brakes could Lead to collision. Kingsport times vol. Al no. 153 phone Circle m1jj Kingsport Tenn., tuesday August 10 pages five cents the weather partly Cloudy tonight with occasional showers. Wednesday partly Cloudy and warm with scattered Atie Nooi Thunder showers. Mon Day s High 87 last night s Low 65 noon Reading. 79 rainfall .24. Nixon to name probes of Mccarthy hard claims Gray f i 11 v to suppress audit report by Bill Krak hop Ham kurd charged Here in Guatemala and go Home today but the action night that circuit court clerk David Gray went to Nash Iton Rian Ville to try and suppress an audit made of his office. I clip Luis i Luu Iii Gray is the democratic candidate for sheriff and state comptroller Jeanne Bodfish recently announced at Nash Ville that an audit of his office showed he s got a shortage and 1 him say Hurd asserted. He went to Nashville to get his audit put off and who went with him he took a High class politician and the audit was held kurd made his charges a county wide gop rally which liter ally packed the courthouse and left standing in the door s. Continuing his attack on Gray Hurd charged him with neglect for not knowing of a Law that requires certain judicial officials to collect a Dollar fee on fines. Failure to collect this Lee by Sullivan county sessions judges has accounted for the discrepancies in his audit. Gray has explained. Gray has said also he was not aware for several months that the Law an act of the 19s3.legislature had been passed. If he does t know about that Hurd asserted what would he do As turning to his own program for salaried uniformed deputies Hurd said he wanted salaries to be paid by appropriations from county court and that if his men were Noble to do a Good Job there would j be few fees. We re not in business to make Raymond Givens fees but to protect the Hurd said. Appropriations not possible salaries of the Fri the Tennessee Highway patrol and Kingsport and Bristol policemen. Hurd added. The Burly sheriff running Lor a third and last term state Law allows a sheriff a maximum of three consecutive two year denied that Sullivan county was Lull of Beer joints As Gray has charged. And he said he doubted that 1.350 eases of Beer were sold in Kings port As he said Gray had charged. It must be going Down the Hurd asserted. Referring to the fact that Gray claims to have calling cards with bootleggers phone numbers. Hurd said "1 he knows about All these dives he must be Well Hurd came to the defense of the leaders of the Sullivan county dry Rev. W. M. Evans of Kingsport an evangelist and the Rev. Dan Graham of Blountville presbyterian minister. The dry forces have endorsed Hurd for re election and Gray has denounced the organization by two leaders. When the time comes that preachers Are out of this Hurd asserted i Don t want to live in Hurd praised Evans and Graham As great preachers and his defense of them Drew loud applause from the crowd. Citing his four years in office. Hurd said he has poured out pints of whisky and had destroyed 115 stills and that 40 dives had been padlocked. Highway commissioner Otis Pendleton the county s Only other re head tax collector was sentenced Givens is named to school Post Dana Swick. Pendent of schools. Clement would end segregation by the associated press Gordon Browning says gov Frank Clement will run for the vice presidency of the United states in 1956 and to win the support of Eastern and Northern groups Clement has assured then he will end segregation in state schools. Rhe torm governor said last Guatemala. Aug. 3 Semala s ruling military Junta Are Jown Nern no. Anc Yah dered president Carlos Castillo have Clement s assurances tha Annas private army to disband be n w be out segregation in the schools of generated rising Public resent Clement meanwhile was saving Mem. An american embassy so at Clinton that every charge Kesman said there was a possibility Browning had made against him of a popular uprising in the Cap was untrue. 1 As the fiery gubernatorial Cam the Junta ordered the disbanding pain pounded Down the Home of Castillo armas armed libera Tion which sparked the overthrow of communist backed president Jacobo Arbenz Guzman after regular army units and Mili tary Academy cadets had battled the 700 irregulars sporadically for 12 hours yesterday with mortars and tanks. Twelve persons were killed and 42 wounded in the battling around Roosevelt Hospital where Castillo armas men were camped on the outskirts of the capital. The fight ing outgrowth of weeks of tension Between the regular troops and the revolutionists mushroomed from a Dawn Brawl Between cadets and members of the president s Force. One report said the trouble started in a House of prostitution. A cease fire finally took effect at . And the 700 liberation army men surrendered their arms Kingsport Supern regular army officers. The Rev o scoop. Tuesday an solution Isle were ordered to return bounced the appointment of Ray 1 to their Hames throughout the coun mond Givens As director of instruction in the City schools. Givens. A native of Baton Rouge la., is now doing work toward a . Degree in education at pea body College Nashville. He also holds a . Degree from South Western Louisiana Institute and an . Degree from the to University of Texas. In addition Givens has held teaching posts in Tayler county Texas and Crowley. La., and was an elementary school principal in Jackson. Mississippi. He also served two years with the univer sity of Georgia Laboratory school. He is married to the former mar Jorie Toole of Jacksonville fla., and they have a three month old daughter. The family is now living in the Allen apartments Konna Rock Road. Givens succeeds to the Post for Merly held by Swick who was appointed recently to serve As school superintendent. Nunan is sentenced to five year term new York aug. 3 Joseph d. Nunan jr., once the nation s try today. The Junta ordered a curfew into effect at 9 . And warned that military patrols would take drastic measures against any violators. A spokesman for the american embassy reported there still was very great tension late last night. The president s backers were disgruntled the spokesman said because the army had forced him to break up his insurgent army. The american official said communists apparently played no part in the violence. Castillo who rushed Back to Guatemala from a visit to Chimal Venango was believed still firmly in Power. He maintained a com plete silence yesterday. The army announced the cease fire which was hurriedly negotiated by roman Catholic Arch Bishop Mariano Rossell Arellano with the help of . Ambassador John e. Peurifoy and others. The government agreed to Dis Arm and disband the liberation army and promised that the Mili tary cadets would not be punished stretch today. Clement brought his Campaign Back to Davidson counts and Browning headed for West Tennessee. The former governor spoke to Day at Greenfield and Covington before going to Shelby county for a visit and telecast tonight. Yesterday Browning told crowd at Jasper and then later Al Pulaski that the governor is delay ing until after thursday s primary his statement to the people on How he stands on segregation. Clement will not open his Mouth on segregation until then and i say he is a Coward unless he Browning charged. The governor has said that the schools will continue to be oper ated As they Are being operated now. Browning repeated the planks in his platform which included among others return to a sound financial basis with no deficit taxation of heavy truckers reestablishment on a non political basis the state game and fish commission a sound and practical medical service for crippled children the right for 18 year Olds to vote return to a major Rural and secondary Road building program segregation in the state s schools. Browning spoke at the Giles county courthouse instead of the Ball Park in Pula Sci because of a steady rain. And a pelting Shower caused Clement to Cut his Clinton speech Short. The governor said he ditched his friends when their views on the Public interest differed from his 3ut that Browning stood by Karl Martin Knoxville and r. S. Dog Ett Nashville. The two men were members of a corporation which negotiated the Sale of the memorial Sotel to the state during Brown ing s last administration. Clement said Martin and Doggett made one million dollars on a hotel Deal but he did not break with the governor said he broke Down and cried As perhaps a governor should to at a special meet 36 escape As plane crash lands Burns by Edward Lionard Preston conn., aug. 3 Twenty eight passengers including a baby and a Crew of eight miraculously escaped death or serious injury today when a trans Atlantic Airliner out of fuel crash landed in a potato Field and burst into flames. The Pilot of the huge air France Constellation from Paris to new York was unable to Brush by the Side of a tree at the end of the Field off route 165. After the left Wing hit the Craft be to Burn. Passengers said there was no panic although a score and the Pilot were bruised and taken to Backus Hospital in Norwich five Miles away. The Mother with the baby was the most excited running from the plane crying. My baby my with the child in her arms. A dense fog apparently caused the Pilot to try to make a land ing in Boston or Hartford but he was forced to make an Emer gency belly Landing when his fuel tanks became empty. Edwin Hoxie Hillsgrove r. I., Airport agent for Eastern air lines which is acting for air France at Preston until the com Pany s own representatives arrive told International news service even body got out As far As we know. We have been through the Cabin and found no survivors. A score of the survivors have been taken to the Hospital Back us Hospital their identities will be checked against the Manifest. The company has sent an agent to the Hospital to help arrange contacts Between the survivors and relatives. The main Cabin was destroyed and stabilizers Are still intact. We have been unable to de Termine the identity of the Pilot. He was taken to the Hospital with others. All must have a checkup. Apparently there were no cases of serious injury. I saw the last 13 Olf to the Hospital. They were All on their passengers said everybody started moving to the exits As the plane came to a Stop. The huge aircraft apparently had been experiencing trouble and mrs. Elizabeth Bennett who reported the crash to connect Cut state police at the Groton Barracks said she saw pieces of the plane falling As it skimmed Over her farmhouse. Mrs. Bennett said she was at work in the Kitchen of her Home when she heard the thunderous Roar of the plane flying Low. She rushed from her House to the Highway and saw the big High in the air and then came Down again with a crash. Mrs. Bennett said she could see passengers pouring from the door of the plane after the crash. She rushed into her Home and telephoned state police and the fire department. Meanwhile private cars stopped and a number of the per sons aboard the plane were taken in them to the Backus Hospital in Norwich five Miles away. As far As could be determined immediately All aboard the plane escaped and there were no Seri Ous injuries. State police said they were waiting for the burning wreck age to Cool off to search in the event anyone had been trapped. Aaron Rosenstein new York clothing manufacturer and a Pas Senger who escaped injury except for a scratched hand said he was the last passenger to leave the plane. He said there was a terrible crash and the passengers were scream ing but i saw them All get out. I was the last passenger to get out. We had been ordered to fasten aircraft heading directly toward our seat belts a few minutes be the farmhouse. Fore the she said it skimmed the roof Rosenstein said the plane left top just missed a garage behind the House and then gained some Altitude and circled twice around the Field in the rear of the build Ings. I could see Small pieces fall ing from the she said. A piece of the propellor landed in the front the trans Atlantic Airliner glided to the ground bounced Paris last night and made a Stop at Shannon Airport before head ing across the Atlantic for Idle wild. He said the big plane Cir cled Over Idlewild for an hour unable to land because of the Low ceiling. Finally he said the Pilot headed the ship Back eastward hoping to make a Landing at Hartford or Boston. Dulles charges pact violations Washington aug. 3 of state Dulles today Sharp y accused the communists of i korean armistice. But in said that on balance the Viola ions were not serious enough to justify resuming the War in a news conference. Dulles Al disclosed that a new protest Las been sent through Britain to communist China Over the loss of free american lives in the shoot no Down of a British Airliner Al most two weeks ago off Hainan Island. Dulles said on another Par a astern question that United tates warships and air planes would protect Formosa against by enemy attack but that this government has not made any de first traffic fatality in eleven years Alcoa Tenn. Aug. 3 town of.about.0.500 had its first traffic fatality in 11 years last night. Clarence Washington 32, an air Man stationed at nearby Mcghee Tyson air Sofije base was killed when a car in which he was Riding crashed into the Back of another automobile. Cooper would like More Vogel views Washington aug. 3 he sen. Cooperr by said today the to enter into a formal Al army general appointed by Fresi dance with the chinese nationalist i Dent Eisenhower to the Tennessee government there. J Valley authority Board appears As for Southeast asian defense arrangements. Dulles said he for their part in the righting of the Cabinet March 1 when _ regular army in turn guaranteed the break Between hoped decisions would be made in place itself under Complete gov no self and 3. Edward Friar a week or 10 Days on the of Brig gun . D to be a first class Cooper i to hear told a reporter More about the publican officeholder dispute Road figures cited by his demo critic opponent e. M. Cross or. Pendleton said Cross Hai claimed that there were Only 80 Miles of highways in the county. If he campaigns Over them he1 know there Are More than Pendleton said Why when Ham i campaigned together years ago we walked More mile than Pendleton said the county actually had Miles of roads and wooden Bridges. He said he had Black topped 17 Miles since he had been in office and had tapped state and federa funds that had not been Taipei before. He said he has saved the counts a year on Stone through operation of the Highway depart ment s Quarry. Pendleton said the question a been raised As to what Happy not to a county court Bond Issue for Highway construction. I d like to know that he stated. He said Cross had charged tha he had put gravel on driveway Sud was promising to Black top them. I d do it if i had the asserted. Paul Sione. Gop candidate for circuit court clerk said he fell his training and education qualified him for the Job and that if elected he would put in full time at the Job referring to his opponent s serv ice incurred physical disability Slone said he respected All vet Erans and the Job they did. Stone said he. Himself had re ported to fort Oglethorpe ga., for his draft Call and was rejected because of poor eyesight. He has been wearing glasses since he was Stone said. I did what Uncle Sam wanted me to do. I went As far As Uncle Sam would allow Stone said and his remarks Drew great applause from the crowd. Speaking also on their behalf and reviewing their qualifications were mrs. Lucille Blankenbecle Barr candidate for Register of deeds and Oscar Bailey Candi Date for trustee. Hassul Evans candidate for the Republican nomination for first District congressman also Pokr briefly and spent his few minutes in a denunciation of rep. Carroll recce. Today to five years imprisonment and it Fine for income tax evasion. Nunan was sentenced by judge Walter Bruchhausen who said that Nunan s conduct cannot be con Nunan was appointed . Neld thursday Between 2 and 5 Ern ment jurisdiction. New do students Register thursday registration of new students for Dobyns Bennett High school will Secretary of state and Robert m. Land place for holding a conference i on Tva before l definitely a defensive w him for the ,1 Cooper said he talked with questioning of army engineers detail at Dallas for about half an hour two weeks ago and briefly again yesterday. "1 thought him to be a very Able and forceful Cooper Crichton. Trucking executive. Ion conclusion Clement added that he would Liance. Break with anybody if Neces in a televised speech at Dulles told ers he could not the latest . Protest Over Ville Clement said Friar and the shooting Down of the British Crichton had offered not to attack him if he would suppress letters Airliner. But he said the main . Argument is that red China is Corn Clement says he wrote them last Petely wrong in arguing that be january severing political rela-1 cause the aircraft was British the tons with them. Be told me he would sup port the Tva in the spirit of the break reason Nashville aug. 3 six months of what she called con Stant state comptroller Jeanne Bodfish has issued a state saying matters involving truth and honesty led to ment Basic her statement feb. 2 that she would not participate in the re election bid of Cov. Frank Clem ent. There has been pressure in the nature of threats stemming from the governor himself and from others within the administration telling me what would happen to me if i made any Public state mrs. Bodfish said last night in a written statement to the press. She said she also had been pressured by the opposition to the present administration to make a statement but she said this tended to weigh on the Side of saying mrs. Bodfish did not go into details of her split with the Gover nor but said the constant thought on my mind been whether statement telling Why she would not support Clement. No explanation was Given re Garding the Jan. 26 Date. The detailed reasons for my in ability to support gov. Clement Are lengthy and numerous and Are too important to me to be distorted and dismissed As Campaign propaganda. Suffice it to say that they were matters involving Basic truth since Jan. 26 has to Issue a Public Roosevelt and served in the Post from 1944 to 1947. He was convicted on a five count indictment in which he was accused of reporting his income Lor 1946 to 1950 As when it actually was the govern ment said he paid taxes totalling when he should have paid United states government does not no High school office i know the president has she said. Lne Leuers july 24 after Nochton of the damages suffered by its own principal has an child is such an affidavit saying a a oui a had provided Money for Clement s korean truce situation came i integrity. Plied with his statement thai he mrs Bodfish who was elected would name a Man of ability and comptroller by the 1953 legislature students who were at Kingsport supervisory commission _ Junior High school last year Are history of our state has there been which has kept representatives of not to report since these students such a colossal fraud perpetrated j communist governments in South have already been registered. On the Korea. Heading the women s division i want to support Vogel but Ilof Clement s 1952 Campaign gave want to hear his testimony before j the Senate Public works commit White House said yester Day that if the Senate confirms Vogel s appointment to the Tva Board Eisenhower will designate him As its chairman. To. "-3t. Heady to for 200 members of the boys club answer Roll Call for a week s stay at Camp near . Checking the names of the Hoys arc Warren Brown executive director left holding Pat a Slaff t Lingo per ant t inn Noton. The boys will be in Camp through saturday. Investigation to six Man body by Jack Bill Washington. Aug. 3 75 12 vote of the Senate last night consigned to a special bipartisan committee a censure move aimed at sen. Mccarthy and evidently signalled a lengthy new investigation of the Wisconsin Republican s conduct. Sen. Knowland of California the gop Leader predicted appointment by vice president Nixon within 48 hours of a six member inquiry committee charged with sifting nearly 50 overlapping charges against Mccarthy the Senate s controversial red Hunter. In the face of a setback in his efforts to Force an immediate showdown on the censure Issue Mccarthy called for morning afternoon and evening sessions of the group to draft a speedy report. All i want is a vote by the he declared i an inter View. Mccarthy dramatically told the Senate just before it voted last night that he wants his senatorial critics put under oath before the special committee to repeat their scurrilous false charges. U they do that he said they will either indict themselves for perjury or prove what consummate liars they the Senate s vote sent to the special committee a censure motion by sen. Flanders a it which Flanders punctuated by Reading a list of 33 counts against Mccarthy plus six specific accusations against Mccarthy by sen Fulbright seven some what similar charges by sen Morse ind Ore and proposals for study of any charges in the sen ate s investigating rules. Knowland said he expects the Senate Republican and demo cratic policy committees to meet quickly to select the Fine Able men who have not become parti sans in this matter he said ought to comprise the inquiry group. At the demand of sen. Ives r Knowland amended his motion to Call for a Progress report from the group before Congress adjourns perhaps within two weeks. The majority Leader said if the committee finds it can t com plete its investigation by then the Senate will have to decide whether it wants to stay on in Washington to await a final report while House members go Home. Fulbright said he thinks the chances Are very Remote that Here will be any final report be fore the next Congress meets in january. He said he doubts three democrats and three republicans will even agree on Mccarthy and added that the. Committee would die automatically with the expiration of the present Congress. Rep. Senter had debate Chance Walter Moody candidate for the state Senate said tuesday that he had appeared on the Public platform with Harry Lee Senter also a candidate on three separate occasions. Sunday Senter challenged Moody and Lewis Chase a third Candi Date to debate the issues with him. Moody said he first appeared with Senter on the platform at pm net t school in the first District a few Days ago and on two other occasions at the Fairview school in he eighth District. On each occasion. Moody said he stated to voters a few things he advocated and a few of the things be opposed. He advocates 1. A better Rural roads program. 2. Soil conservation. 3. Endorsement of the four joint school program. 4. A Bonus for veterans of both a orld wars and the Korea War. 5. Development of our lakes Shrouf shout the state and other natural resources. He also stat part his opposition to an increase in the gasoline tax and reasons Why she released her statement last night there have been two considerations which have finally out weighed the pressures already pressure of the voice of Good people All Over the state of Tennessee who have writ ten me begging that i say some thing and last my own deep feel ing that having taken a. Position in january on the basis of conviction i would not be True to myself if i equivocate the comptroller said the threats against her have been Many and constant concerning issuing her statement. She added. It a scan unnecessary for me to Point out that no individual wants to by to the further issuance of Bonds ruined As i have been told i will feeling that the taxpayers have if i speak mrs. Bodfish said she wanted it clearly understood that i have not endorsed any candidate in the gubernatorial race and will not under any her statement said in closing it is Clear to me that this is not just another political Campaign and in due time the people of Tennessee will come to recognize the tragic situation which All of us As citizens mrs. Bodfish became the second member of the governor s official family to break with Clement. Secretary of state g. Edward Friar said Only last night that c 1 e m c n t s administration is n Marble archway behind which reeks the refuse of distrust Dis honesty Dishonour and he brought his quarrel with the governor into the open nine Days ago when he supported former gov. Gordon Browning s charge that a Nashville trucking executive provided Money for Clement s Cadillac. Last week Clement issued copies of letters he said he wrote to Friar and trucking executive. Robert m. Crichton. Lust Ian. Cutting Oft with them. Politico 1 relations about All the tax burdens they Ca stand. On each of these occasions. Moody said he could not name a single thing that Senter stated he stood for and he said he was at a loss to understand Why he issued his Challenge in View of the fact that on three occasions he had am ple Opportunity for Public debate. I do not Moody stated that the people interested in Eood government in Sullivan and Haw Kins counties care to listen to de Bates Between either of us seeking the nomination for state rain May Dampen thursday s poll Nashville aug. 3 see voters May have to Duck out Between showers thursday to cast their ballots in the primary elections. The weather Bureau s official 5-Day forecast today called Lor a few scattered showers tomorrow becoming More numerous thurs Day. Total rainfall of in to Inch was forecast. The warm weather will can Lynnn

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