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Kenosha Evening News (Newspaper) - June 24, 1950, Kenosha, Wisconsin The weather warm and Cloudy tonight and sunday scattered evening news Home edition vol. Lviv no. 208 12 pages Kenosha Wisconsin saturday june 24, 1950 12 pages Price five cents sight plane wreckage in Lake 58 lost the harvesters the Boss of this Harvest Crew right walks beside the Lead Combine to Issue instructions to one of his operators As the Crew following the Harvest from Texas to the Canadian Border cuts a Field of Ripe wheat on the a. J. Jenkins farm near Cullison Kas. Three other combines visible through the wheat dust follow up the rows of Cap wire photo California u. Fires 157 for oath refusal los Angeles Pic the University of California world s largest educational institution has fired 157 faculty members and other employees who refused to sign statements saying that they Are not communists. The dismissals were ordered yesterday by the Board of regents after a Stormy meeting at which it upheld recommendations of the University president or. Robert Racine nurse Given hearing the weather wind. Rain and lightning struck in Small areas Over a Large portion of Wisconsin Friday night and Early today. Weather observer Howard j. Thompson described the storms As Quot locally heavy thundershowers. He said the amount of rainfall and strength of the winds varied considerably within narrow limits. Only major portion of the state free of the disturbance was the extreme North. Kenosha received .91 inches of rainfall during the night to boost the monthly total to 6.20 inches the wettest june in to years. The storm raised temperatures Only slightly Over fridays. They were mostly in the 60 s this morning the lowest being 47 at land of lakes and the highest 67 at Lone Rock. At noon today it was 73 degrees in downtown Kenosha. Truman flying Home following Airport speech Baltimore a up a president Truman left by plane today for a weekend at his Home in Missouri after dedicating Baltimore a Friendship International Airport. The presidential plane the Independence took off at 10 04 a m. Cost for the Kansas City municipal Airport where it is due at 2 . Cost. The president will drive immediately to his Home in Independence mo., to spend the night. Or. Truman flew to Baltimore from Washington with a group of state and City officials. They left the Independence to remain for the rest of the dedication ceremonies. The president voiced Faith today in prospects for permanent peace despite the a a conflict which shakes the and he expressed Confidence the american Economy Quot will continue to grow and expand so that it can do its part in maintaining the peace. However he added such economic Progress requires Faith on the part of the nations people. If Mccarthy grins As service quits stand career Diplomat near the one farthest from Shore Frederick Lee As soon As it was they look for the worst he said John s. Service right walks out of a Senate hearing room in Wash but there was no actual Trace of established the plane was overdue the worst will come. In ton As his accuser. Sen. Joseph Mccarthy <r., wis grins in the the big four engined Airliner or its dedicate. Field to of Ace background service had asked an open hearing to make a Point by occupants. All coast guard stations and Point denial of sen. Mccarthy s charges that he collaborated with state police posts in Michigan were the president in route to his communists. The slender foreign officer also asserted he was Quot inno no in Cut visibility to about. 600 feet hampered the search by coast guard reports find off Milwaukee bulletin Milwaukee wis. A Ltd a it. Harry Mac Mermaid Public relations officer of the fifth Rescue Squadron searching for a Northwest airline plane said today that he had been informed that unmistakable wreckage had been sighted eight and one half Miles East of Milwaukee. Mac Mermaid said the information came from the Milwaukee fire chief Edward Wischer who said Captain Parkinson of the coast guard Bessel Joy had reported sighting of the wreckage. A a Milwaukee wis. A up a a big Northwest airline with 58 persons aboard disappeared last night in a thunderstorm Over Lake Michigan. Hours after Dawn today searching planes and surface Craft found two Oil Slicks and a Little unidentifiable wreckage on the Lake s Choppy surface East of Milwaukee. One Slick was about six Miles off a a a a Shore the other about one mile out. The search was concentrated coast Ardd Patch a he cuter Gordon Sproul. President Sproul told the regents that 9.929 letters were sent to University employees asking them to state As a condition of employment that they Are not members of the communist party. All the non signers were Given the right to a hearing before the committee on privilege and tenure of the Aca Racine wis. A up a a hearing Demic Senate. The 157 who were on a writ of Hareas Corpus was to fired ignored this right be held today in the Case of a Effe Ellve Jun 30 nurse being held for questioning about the bodies of two infants the dismissals Are effective june Secretary Louis Johnson and Gen found in her car. 30. Names of those discharged were a mar n Bradley returned today dist. Attorney Edward Krenzke not disclosed since they could from a two week visit to the far Friday said no charge would be Nike application for their jobs ast a a the facts a about the filed against miss Genevieve pot by signing the non communist state u. S military situation in the Cornin an 38. Until a pathologist s ment in their new contracts. Monist menaced area port was received probably late sources close to the University our engine Constellation today. Indicated however that there Are crying Johnson and the chair Krenzke said miss Potman who no outstanding scientists on the the Home in Missouri made the 30-mile cent of the charges in the 1945 amerasian Case flight Here from Washington to dedicate the new Friendship International Airport Quot to the cause of peace in the he dedicated it too to the Quot growth and development of our even As he took a few verbal shots at Quot Mossback a who oppose Federal Aid to airports dams and other projects getting government Grants. J a your greatest strength in the conflict which shakes the world today is our ability to show that democracy can solve the problems of the people and provide them with greater opportunities and Fuller lives. Quot this Airport is an example of a wire photo school election called illegal two amphibian planes army Navy and coast guard planes droned off Over the Lake seeking and surface Craft from coast guard the missing liner. Early in the �0nsi Kenosha Racine and search police at suburban White fish Bay reported seeing a Light Milwaukee. The Oil Slicks were not regarded As conclusive evidence that the big plane had crashed into the Lake. A Tanker or other Lake ship might have made it. But if the big plane did crash into the Lake officials of the air line said it could not stay afloat very Long with its capacity Load. The Johnson Bradley return from East Washington Andrew Brookhouse a member of the county school com Mittee this morning challenged the legality of the referendum 1�?Tncountered thunderstorm on the enlarged Wilmot school District being held today. The weather Bureau said Brookhouse advised the Central High school association one be encounteredahlt118-bound democratic government in action of the factions in the controversy to introduce into the records deform a and Strong wind ii the it demonstrates the Way we Are at the District s annual meeting set for monday a motion in Southern Lake Michigan area at using our traditional form of gov dictating the possibility of the elec. 1j eminent in solving the problems of Tion being declared void by the at i the air age. Torney general. I a i. Will Aid development Brookhouse pointed out that Mari Tif i itt Fri i _ state Law requires the first officers a i Al i i in Viz i 11 Vivi i i the president said the Airport 0f a school District to be qualified i win Aid the development of Balti-1 before March 15. 1949> the in. Defense a 3 a pained on Large Wilmot District was a the sound Assumption that our proved and created in an election Economy will continue to grow and in May 1949 on the Lake. After to minutes it vanished they added. The naval station at Glenview iii., put patrol bombers in the air when the search alarm a sounded. They planned to ride the radio beams that the Northwest plane should have followed. Air National guard assistance a also enlisted. The Grayling mich., air guard unit with 27 planes was called upon by Tho civil aeronautics authority. Tho unit said it would Send out it planes. The search area was vast cover the time it last reported by radio ing about 32,000 Square Miles. To the Caa office in Chicago. The the big search turned up con Pilot did not mention any weather filleting reports. In Chicago the receives Rebuff he said the aviation Industry Quot has had to overcome not Only foolish prejudices and fears but the opposition of those who did not want its Competition. Difficulty however if All abroad the dc-4 four engine air coach Are lost it will he the most disastrous crash in u. S. Commercial aviation history. A Gigantic air and surface search coast guard Captain Daniel Ful Ford said that wreckage had been sighted nine Miles off Milwaukee a North breakwater Light. Milwaukee Craft however could not locate it. The air route traffic control Center in Chicago said that North interest is High he said the District officers Are flare up Over the atomic Energy prohibited by state Law from commission appeared to be brew net was thrown out from both East West a Duluth control Tower had Washington up a a new Senate and West shores of Lake Michigan heard a constant radio signal which Quot however if we had listened to Down at the National Airport Here �.?0__c_0tplai�?�e? officers of the new enlarged Dis organizing a District until they Are qualified. Since the old Wilmot District officers automatically became had been employed at a Racine list Ilell a m. It Editto Quot end a one bout Competition we would never tri a to Tevere never Yuri filed for county Sanatorium had admitted the dismissals Are unprecedented Stop flight from Tokyo have Given up the Stagecoach com i a being the Mother of the babies. In american academic history and we looked at everything from petition Between different kinds of the enlarged District Brookhouse ing today around the figure of acting chairman Sumner t. Pike. Pike nominated by president Truman for a new four year term on the commission got a Sharp Rebuff yesterday when his reap fogs clinging to the surface of it could not fix exactly. Govern the water hampered Early morning ment listening stations said they searchers. Could not pick it up. There were 55 passengers and a the Milwaukee office of North Crew of three aboard the Craft. The West air lines said one of their skipper was Robert Lind 35. Of cargo planes had sighted an Oil Hopkins Minn. Copilot was Vern Slick about six Miles Southeast of f. Wolfe 35, of Minneapolis. South Milwaukee. Postponement of the hearing was close a 14 months Row Over to Slaty the standpoint of the Security of transportation is one of the things Iasi a pm intent was Beld up by the sen stewardess Bonnie Ann Feldman a greed upon Friday when defense oaths and contract bearing anti Johnson told reporters. Which goes we make our Economy a referendum being held today la Atli House Energy committee. 5. O f Stpaul completed the Crew newsman describes search counsel insisted she should not be communist clauses. The action was a i think we got the facts about vital and effective questioned further until today s taken by 18 members of the 24 our situation All Over the Pacific after his speech or. Truman court appearance miss Potman was member Board. Among those Back area a took off for Home. He will spend returned to the City jail. Ing up president Sproul were Fleet both Johnson and Bradley de tonight and sunday night at his sur Ronaine county areas is a Admiral Chester w. Nimitz. Gov lined further comment until Thuv big. White Frame House on Dela a a surrounding county reas i Iowa the ranking j Man quizzed. Released error Earl Warren of California Confer with theh Mutof the am it a Ware Street in Independence where Mistric Hae thus former to he who Bas been police chief Wilbur Hansen said an it w. Pauley a a Nat normor so a de a a referendum being held today vote on the enlarged District. The question on today a ballot in Silver Lake and twin lakes and surrounding county areas is senator Mcmahon d., Conni roster committee chairman told the Senate the action was taken at the request of senator Hickenlooper r., none from Tim area Navy and air Force and then a married Man. Whom miss Potman statement by Sproul port to president Truman had named As being the father of. Johnson said he expects to see both infants had been questioned or Sproul told the regents j or. Truman Early next week and released. The University must devise a Johnson said the talks with Gen. The bodies were found thursday Chinery that will keep it free of Douglas Macarthur were Quot very by a garage Man who opened miss communists but in doing so it he described As Potman car trunk to remove a must not stifle and suppress the Quot without foundation the report pane tire remove a Pruva e conscience have Hal Macarthur soon would return Hanson said the nurse related she academic Senate commit. To this country. No birth to one baby about three tee that members of the communist mrs. Truman awaiting him. And Margaret Are years a to and Tho other Parr. 1r�&Quot, used academic con ont has operation in that she said both were born priv, must out the y Boston a i it a president James from the grader As it made a Sharp b. Conant of Harvard University turn at a Road project 17 Miles Highway worker killed by grading machine Manitowoc wis. A up a John Cohen 29. Route one Cato Manito-1 woe county was injured fatally Friday when struck by the Road machine he had been operating. Cohen apparently fell or jumped a Check of the list of missing Republican shows no one among the passengers i a severe from the great lakes territory. District Back to its former size be critic 0f past dec operations fore May. 1949 no reason was Given for Hicken position nub of the fight is an addition to loopers latest action. He com Ter Day. At Minneapolis the civil Wilmot High school or construction rented in Des Moines Quot i Haven to aeronautics authority said capt. Of a new High school in another announced my personal position yet Lind told them he was Over the by Jeff Byrne United pres staff correspondent aboard a coast guard search boat off Milwaukee a a our Little picket boat seemed to be the night plane last reported its f0?11&Quot, 0&Quot Fig a a we earn bad action at lists p. In Cost yes Lake Michigan today for a lost j 1 Northwest Airliner with 58 persons location supported by one of the two battling factions. The question has aroused interest to fever pitch. Balloting will end at 8 . In most areas and at 7 30 . In twin lakes. Dead and has been hidden in her Hospital quarters and then in the car because she was afraid to dispose of then or e t i Fant seemed to be a full term child and the other either under be term actor Dies on the Pike three others approved while Pike s nomination was held up. Three other reappointment were approved without the formality of a hearing. They were Gordon Dean of California for a new York a. Jack Wooster Bra it eat Thomas my array of new York for a two year term. Eastern Edge of Lake Michigan at the time. He asked permission to descend from 3,000 to 2,500 feet. The Caa denied the request because there was too much traffic at that Altitude already. The Caa said capt. Lind did not mention storm conditions. Sections privileges we must write disgrace of communism in free in h Conant of Harvard University turn at a Road project 17 Miles Dean 75. Actor Well known theat i a a _ it a i of West Michigan a pop Lac mph he a. A a. A As rpm red in Good condition to North of Here. He was caught be heal figure in London Paris the a a Quot Etota of Evear term Cwi Eler trial storm at Ahnne at the suggestion of adm. Nimitz Day after an emergency operation Neath the wheels and died several French Riviera and in Hollywood Jersey Lor a one year term. Olson a pathologist at action on 62 employees who were for acute inflammation of the in hours later at holy family Hospital where he played in silent films a poll of Senate committee Mem St Luke s Hospital said one in cleared by the academic Senate was testings. A Here. Died Friday. Hers to whom the nominations a m a full urmy delayed until the next meeting a i were referred sent All three names to the Senate for confirmation june 21. Nimitz said each one would have to be examined i divid sized or premature. He said one had Kajjy been dead one to five months and a a a. The other from six months to a. Ref Jesse fee Chart told the Board that in looking Over the files year. Five railroads face shutdown of the non signers he found Many who had Quot heroic War records and had been cleared by governmental agencies for handling secret material. Started year ago Bali of fire streaks across Southern sky or does it by i med pre on on jes flight was secret a Ball of fire flashed a across the Southern sky As the Sun Sank last then switched signals probably monday. No opposition is electrical storms at about Midnight. Winds of Gale Force slashed through the Region. The planet flight 2501�?left la Guardia Field in new York at 7 25 p. In. . It and was due at the lieutenant did t believe his Myu will give the dec a working directorate should Pike s Normna the loyalty oath controversy started in the Spring of 1949 when no to trailing a Streamer of flame and startling thousands the regents announced that a Spe or did in was it just a speeding plane with the suns last red plane had left a vapor Trail As i Lynath of Chicago Eph switchman on five Aal oath would be required of All and Gold rays playing tricks with its vapor Trail Quot was it a real Ball sped along at 40.000 feet. If it e a up id an. Lengum of Bic mid Western and Western rail University employees in addition to of fire. A meteor or was it could it have been a flying Saucer Quot had. He conceded the suns reflect due to str Rve tomorrow the regular oath of support for the what direction did it travel take your Choice East to West or Tion could have Given a fiery lipids have United states Constitution. Last South to East. Expected. The House does not act Minneapolis at 1 23 a. In. St on nominations on a non Stop run. Nwa officials Mcmahon said Pike will be Given in Seattle said among the 55 Pas a hearing tuesday but whether it Fen ers1 were bound for so will be open to the Public depends j pane e1 Seattle and two for he told reporters on Hickens Ooper a i and reviews Chicago Headquarters of the the terms of All four men expire june 30. But the expected Senate approval of Dean Murray and aboard. The fog was starting to Clear but in spots it was so thick you Tell where the Lake left off and the fog began. The coast guardsman at the Bow peered into the Gray Wall of vapor straining his eyes for a sign of the lost Craft. When we left the Milwaukee coast guard station we headed first for an arca six Miles off Shore where an Oil Slick had been sighted possibly from the plane. Then we began circling wider and wider. From time to time we heard planes roaring Low overhead. In the distance through the fog we heard the engines of other vessels on the Lake. But otherwise we seemed to be alone in our fog shrouded world. Before we left Shore i waited for several hours at the coast guard station watching the sailors carry it ont Linued on Pago five Road Are due morning four of the announced they will not try to operate there was no sign Early today of any break in the deadlock Between the Al switchman s Union of North America and the carriers. The five roads Are the Chicago Rock Island and Pacific the Chicago great Western. Pacific the great Nort March 31 it was proposed that the and where did it land Quot if it was special oath requirements be a Jet plane at Elpaso Tex if a a minded. But the motion was lost meteor perhaps in the swamps of on a tie vote. The regents then voted a com Promise agreeing to the present requirement for Only signing a statement of non communist party e a extern affiliation and for Opportunity of n. And the employees to have their cases heard by the committee of the academic Denver and Rio Grande Western Francis a. O Neill chairman of Senate a faculty group the National railway mediation 4_ Board said late yesterday that a nothing is cooking in the boards attempts to bring about a postpone ment. Compromise or settlement of the dispute. He said the Board was in telephonic communication with both sides. A the railroads except the great no stand by vow on socialized Medicine Oshkosh wis. A up a the state Northern have said they la quit Roll convention of the veterans of for Louisiana or maybe there was a meteor As Well As a Jet. Here Are the known facts a Brilliant Light variously described a a fire Ball and a fiery Streak was seen from Montgomery. Ala., to fort Worth. Tex., at about 7 40 p. In. Cost. A ship 350 Miles at sea from Galveston Tex., saw it. A similar Flash was seen an hour earlier at Natchez mis., and about 20 minutes later at Abilene Tex. During this period a Jet plane was whizzing Over the South on a course from Langley Field va., to Elpaso. Nevertheless a fort Worth Amateur astronomer leaves a sustained dust Trail usually visible for a radius of 300 to 350 Miles a Monnig said. He figured the appearance of the fiery Streak was caused by the Sun s reflection on the dust. Because a Lake Charles radio sure w hat he saw. He carefully reman sighted the object directly ported the aircraft vapor Trail overhead. Monnig assumed the theory then said meteor Quot fell somewhere in the time. President Truman has not yet s10n filled the vacancy created on the or. David v. Guthrie director comr is on by the resignation of of the Lousiana state University Lewis Strauss last april 15. Neither astronomical Observatory was sure As Narr cd a permanent chair it was a meteor. But like Monnig he had t seen it new Orleans weather observer e a. Aime. Who did see it was toll May be worst in u. S. Air history Man. Crash near port depos i Appleton fliers killed in crash swampy coastal country South of Lake the weather Bureau at Moisant International Airport in new Orleans said there were theories that the fire Ball was either the Tail end of a Comet or the vapor Trail of a High flying aircraft at Abilene a Caa communicator talked to the Westward speeding Quot it looked like something that came from outside our atmosphere which reaches upward about 75 Miles and burned up in our atmosphere. Quot it was the most Brilliant and the brightest meteor if it was a meteor in be Ever seen. It looked like a sky new York up a if All aboard Airliner a missing Northwest airlines dc-4 it my. Are lost the toll would be the most june 13, 1947�?fifty killed in disastrous in american commercial Blue Ridge Mountain crash in Vir aviation history. Ginia. The missing plane carried a Crew oct. 24, 1947�?fifty two killed in of three and 55 passengers. Crash of Airliner in Bryce Canyon the previous High was that of Utah. An Eastern air lines plane which june 17, 1948�?forty three died a up two crashed near Washington C., in crash near it. Carmel a. A to a i. Tuen nov. I 1949, killing 55 persons. Aug. I 1948�?air France flying Al led Friday w Hen their Ligh. Airliner plunged to Earth after boat with 52 aboard vanished at plane plunged into a Hillside Pas it was rammed by a fighter plane sea in flight from Martinique to a s no piloted by a bolivian army flier French West Africa. I the heaviest toll in world aug. 23, 1948�?thirty-s e v e n f the no a be and a a in 7p h i heavier than air aviation history killed in crash near Winona Minn. Ltd Pla Roanld a orom the Ltd do Mah >950 oct. 21. .91-dutch Winer Janesville wis. A prominent Appleton about 6�?T Aime said it started out like a state eagles convention in Beloit 80 persons died in the crash of a crashed in Scotland with 40 killed. Dec. In Jet at the same time a Brilliant shooting Start a Blue Flash and the two had taken off from the tray part near Cardiff Wales. The dec 28, 1948�?thirty two Riris who did no to see the Light flared there. He suggested it a vapor Trail appeared about five county Airport near there p a 5� of 5? Airl Ner do so ing if the switchman leave their eign we ars Friday refused to go on hut Dainta Kinali tried to probably was the suns reflection or six minutes about one half hour before the rom a Lublin soccer match appeared in flight from san Juan posts at 6 a in. Local time Tomor record opposing socialized medi Trace it said he would be Quot almost on the Piane a number of people at Monroe crash was reported. Other major plane disasters in to Miami. Rcw in san Francisco a spokes Cine willing to stake my reputation that in. I t . of la. Telephoned their newspaper witnesses at a farm nearby said c lie ii Uil thirty Nin killed that they a seen a flying Saucer the two place Cessna suddenly sept. 19, 1946 thirty nine killed when plane crashed into Atlantic on Trace it willing to stake my reputation that Man for the in said that All but delegates sent Back to committee it was t a Jet plane sighted to 60 of their switchman belonged to a Resolution a against any form of night another Union and the line would compulsory health insurance or any astronomer Oscar Monnig said be Able to carry on system of political Medicine de be made Telephone checks of the i signed for Nat anal bureaucratic fire bails trajectory at Monroe and noted architect Dies Ivalee Charles. La. And at Houston. Marinette wis u a Max l a new committee to be appointed Tex. All these he said. Indicated Hamiach or Wisconsin architect by the state commander will study that the phenomenon was travel who w As Well know n in the United i recommendation further. Southeast. Most reports said it states and Europe died at Man Manitowoc was selected As the was moving West Nette today. He w As 68 years old. I site for the 1951 Encampment Quot the meteor was the sort that but when it. James Bryant of Roswell n. M., landed at Elpaso a big air Force base he said All the talk about weird lights in the sky left him in the dark. Bryant said he did no to see anything unusual Between Langley and Biggs. Presumably he would have been in a Good spot to see a meteor if any. Bryant talked to a reporter Only after Biggs Field had said of or in a and the Caa counter a no flying nose dived into the stump strewn crash of belgian Airliner near Takeoff from san Juan saucers Are scheduled Over Monroe Hillside just off Highway 26. The Gander. Newfoundland. Oct. 29, 1949�?paris-new York plane did not catch fire but was oct. 3, 1948�?thirty-nine killed Airliner crashed into azores Moun at Austin Tex., a. X. James an completely destroyed with parts in crash of new York to Berlin air Tain Peak with loss of 48 lives airlines agent said he saw the Flash strewn Over a wide area. Liner in Newfoundland. June 13. 1950�?forty-six killed and Quot shimmering it appeared and Zerbel a retired businessman feb. 15, 1947�?fifty-three killed in crash of air France plane into disappeared like it was going into was a member of the out Agamie in Columbia crash. Persian Gulf off Bahrein Island another it w As Quot in county Board and chairman of its May 29, 1947�?forty three killed june 14, 1950�?thirty-nine killed he said. Airport committee. Kunitz operated in do 4 crash at Laguardia Field when another air France plane so what was it a a filling station and ambulance new York. Crashed the following Day in the take your Choice. And parking services in Appleton. May 30, 1947�?fifty-three die in same area

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