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Indianapolis Times (Newspaper) - September 23, 1930, Indianapolis, Indiana A err Rorr s to How at the Indianapolis times a bpm pub Hoh Abo newspaper owned end published daily be kept sunday by the Indianapolis time publishing cos. 214-220 West Maryland Street. Indiana polls ind. Price to Marion county. 2 Ceuta a copy . 8 cent. ? delivered by Carrier 12 renin a week Boyd Gurley. Roy w. Howard Frank g Morrison. Editor president business manager phone Riley Psi tuesday. Sept. 23. 1930. Member of United Presa Scoppe Howard newspaper Alliance newspaper Enterprise association newspaper information service and audit Bureau of circulations. Give Light and the people will find their own Way. Got a kick out of exercising a powerful influence in politics and government. Now however they Are losing their grip in two ways. Contributions Are not coming in so heavy from Uig business and Many of the sincere prohibitionists among Church members Are getting their eyes open and becoming convinced that prohibition a snot promoted Temperance but has brought in its Wake evils that they can see for themselves. Politicians have assumed that the Rural sections remained reliably dry while the cities were becoming increasingly wet. But there Are indications that a change of sentiment is going on in the Rural sections As Well As in the cities and that everywhere the influence of the anti Saloon league is waning and with it that of affiliated prohibition organizations. Recently there have been evidences of a growing fear that by dragging the churches into politics the political preachers have weakened the influence of churches in the spiritual As Well As the temporal Field and that after All no moral purpose has been served and prohibition instead of promoting Temperance has set the Temperance movement Back probably a generation. The Lynching probe at last a notable group of southerners has set out to make a scientific investigation of the american form of savagery known As Lynching. It is High time for already there have been eighteen lynchings in 1930, while the Dishonour Roll of All of 1929 was Only twelve. The problem is not alone Southern or sectional it is National. Indiana recently made its contribution to the list. The mob spirit is Rife in the North As in the South. Nor is the problem solely racial. There Are White victims also. Probably no better group could have been found for the investigation than that chosen by the com Mission on inter racial co operation. George fort Milton the chairman is editor of the Chattanooga news and a publicist of distinction. Julian Harris another Southern editor in 1926 was awarded the National pulitzer prize in journalism for the most disinterested and meritorious service which included his fight for Justice for the negro and against Lynching. Howard w. Odum is head of the social science Institute of the University of North Carolina. The other members Are Alex w. Spence a Dallas attorney w. P. King Book editor of the methodist episcopal Church South and w. J. Mcglothlin presi Dent of Furman University and of the Southern Baptist convention. Equally Able is the advisory negro College com Mittee chosen r. R. Moton principal of Tuskegee John Hope president of Atlanta University Charles s. Johnson of Fisk University and b. F. Huber presi Dent of Georgia state College. Presumably these investigators will have the co operation of the eight Southern governors who recently pledged themselves to fight this evil. Certainly the Aid of All official As Well As commercial and educational institutions is needed to make the investigation a Success. The commission in inter racial co operation in appointing the investigators did not exaggerate in describing the situation As so ominous that the peo ple must confront afresh their task of vindicating Law and civilization but however successful this investigating group May be in uncovering the causes and fixing the blame for this barbarous system it hardly can do More in the end than reveal the dire need for Federal legis lation and enforcement As one part of the solution. If the administration an Washington carries out its platform pledge to help the negro it will insist on enactment of a Federal anti Lynching Law. Once before such a Bill passed the House Only to be killed by a Senate minority filibuster. Now Cole Blease and some Orbr Southern senators in that filibuster have been repudiated by the voters. So the administration should not have great difficulty in passing such law7, if it acts with vigor and determination. Dallas of course can reckon that $25,000 under the head of Coste Price. The Best Chaser after a High Ball is the prohibition agent. That s a Clever crack said the iceman As he deftly split the ice cake in two. Reason by Frederick Landis the most important european news is the Amaz ing Victory of the German fascist party in the election for this party is composed of Ultra nationalists men who want a Strong government a dictator nip preferred. A a a these men never have had any use for the Ger Man Republic and for that matter the masses of the German people never have hailed it As their ship of destiny they have tolerated it for the time being because Hindenburg the overshadowing National idol is president. B b b the present plight of the German Republic is due to the habit people have All Over the Earth of charging All their woes up to the party that is in Power. The germans unjustly ascribe Many of their Bur Dens to the Republican form of government when those burdens resulted from an unsuccessful War waged by the old Empire. A a a but people in distress do not reason they germans recall Only the glory of the Empire they remember that it made them the first Power on the continent and fast was making them the first Power on the sea. N n they recall its wonderful efficiency How it assembled and marshalled All the talents of the Empire for the advancement of All they recall its social legislation adopted by a shrewd statesmanship to forestall the Advance of socialism they recall their Prosperity and their Pride. Bus from this picture they turn to the present with Germany paying indemnity to everybody her vast foreign Trade wiped from the water her army and Navy reduced to a Bunch of Christmas toys and her Rhineland Only recently evacuated by a foreign army. B b b when with the superficial process of the Amer ican people who have been educated by their politicians for More than a Hundred years to charge All their aches and pains to government the germans turn their backs upon the Republic and Trust the picturesque. Loud talking fascist to Lead them by magic Back to former Power and glory. Bus if the Kaiser had Ben a Man and not a Coward when the German army collapsed he might now be on his Way Back to the throne he May be anyhow though it is hard to see How such fighters As the germans could tolerate the four flusher who rattled the Saber and was a Volcano of bombast when he thought himself invincible but who ran like a Kanga Roo when his Pelt was in danger. Why not let free men work once More injustice crops out on state Highway work. Once More the state shows disregard for the welfare of its citizens in time of stress when just a word would right a wrong. Thirty to forty convicts from the state prison farm have been employed by the maintenance division of the state Highway department on roads in Putnam county depriving thirty to forty jobless men of the Opportunity to Cam Money for their families. This course is not illegal but it manifestly is in if lir to workingmen of Indiana. It certainly is ill advised during this period of unemployment. Trustees of the state farm evade responsibility. So does governor Harry g. Leslie. Two petitions from Putnam and Owen counties were sent to state farm trustees on sept. 5 and 6. These petitions bore approximately 600 names according to information at the statehouse. They protested employment of convicts on jobs needed by free men jobless men with families. Farm trustees took no action forwarding the Peti tion to governor Leslie. The state s chief executive did nothing when a word from him would have remedied the conditions. He ordered the petitions sent Back to the farm monday More than two weeks after they were submitted. There is Little reason to expect any beneficial action in View of the statehouse record in such matters. The governor and the state Highway commission did nothing to relieve the slave wage scandal on state roads this summer until a storm of Public protest brought some belated Relief. There is Little to Hope for from sidestep plug dodging officials. Our debt to Morrow Dwight Morrow is coming Home. He is leaving behind in Mexico a degree of respect and affection rarely accorded by any nation to a foreigner. But that is the Point mexicans Don t think of him As a foreigner. They think of him As a Friend. Even in his official capacity As United states ambassador negotiating difficult disputes Between the two countries the mexicans t the idea that he still was their Friend that he was looking out for their just interests no less than the interests of his own people. Put on its lowest terms his Success has been highly profitable to american traders and investors in Dol Lars and cents and highly profitable to the Amer ican government in converting a near enemy into a dose filly. Put on its highest terms morrows Suc Cess has restored Friendship Between the mexican and american Peoples. The manner in which Morrow has worked this seeming Miracle of diplomacy has been As obvious yet As hard to practice As the Golden Rule. Mor Row s secret was that he forced himself to see and to feel things from the Point of View of the Othni fellow. To pass on that principle of International relations which is As effective As it is just Morrow in his final Appeal As ambassador asked the America people to be less Pharisaic al in their patriotism. What Morrow is coming Home to no one knows. He May win or lie May lose his Campaign for elec tion As a wet United states senator from new Jersey but what Erha a pcs to him in Domestic politics this fall or thereafter the american government and i be indebted to Dwight Morrow for his great service As ambassador. Dodging the Man work it is sate to assume that he asks Only one thing of Washington in Lestum for his service that the policy of Friendship be carried on if that is to be done the president will have to pass Over the political lame ducks and choose As the new ambassador to Mexico a Man of the Moi Row Caliper. A menacing precedent we called attention last week to the Case of Elsa Hewitt the daughter of an English member of Parlia ment. Who was refused entry to Jwj United Ste a b the immigration authorities at Ellis Island this employees of the department of labor were afraid that miss Hewitt might be a red because there were foreign sounding names among the list of those sponsoring the Manmit school where she was to Hewitt and the Manmit faculty appealed her a c the state department took it out of the h a of the immigration authorities and admitted miss Hewitt As a regular quota immigrant. It so happened that the English quota had not been fued and miss Hewitt was Able to land without delay. She originally had applied for admission ? a non quota immigrant on a professor s visa approved by the Merican Consul at i inc a. A far As miss Hewitt is concerned no serious inconvenience or injustice has been done. She had to Sun herself at Ellis Island for a week in company of non English speaking associates but that was not my serious. W. On the other hand the method whereby she was admitted is of very serious import if it is allowed to stand As a precedent. The great Point at Issue was the right of Ellis Island authorities to question an authentic visa granted by an accredited american Consul abroad.,. ,. Such right has been denied explicitly by Federal courts. Particularly relevant was judge Morton s ruling in the Case of a Massachusetts quota immigrant this would apply with greater Force to a non quota immigrant. If this precedent is allowed to stand it May work serious injustice. It will permit immigration author ties to Snoop at random into the beliefs of All whom they suspect of being less conservative than Ralph Easley. If they do not like the economic doctrines or the name of an immigrant they can deny him admission. Even if the state department should come to his Relief As it did in the Case of miss Hewitt there would be no redress if the quota happened to be full at the time. We May be glad that the state department admitted miss Hewitt but much More important is the necessity of administering the Well deserved rebuke to he immigration authorities and getting a ruling which will prevent such action in the future. They fight for fat jobs while the movement for repeal of the eighteenth amendment is growing steadily and the professional prohibitionist Are fighting with their backs to the Wall the resistance will be stubborn and even des Perate. The professionals Are fighting for their jobs. When an army of preachers gave up pulpits to become prohibition evangelists and politicians they bettered themselves financially. The pay of anti Aloo leagues is higher than that of the general run of preachers. It was a More Active life besides. Evidently Many of them preferred a Busy political life to preaching sermons and officiating at prayer meetings births. Weddings and funerals. Being human they no doubt the Indianapolis times science by David Dietz meteors Are interesting visitors from outer space to the Earth. An 820-Pound meteorite just has been placed on exhibition by the Field museum of Chicago. The meteorite fell a few months ago near Paragould Ark. Meteorites Are visitors from outer space. They Are the Only tangible connection which we have on this Earth with the universe around us. The Moon the Sun the planets and the stars can Only be viewed through telescopes or studied with other observing instruments. But a meteorite which has fallen to the Earth can be touched. It can be weighed and subjected to chemical analysis. Go outdoors any Clear night and stare at the sky for ten or fifteen minutes. You will be rewarded by the sudden sight of a Streak of fire among the stars. The phenom4pn is popularly called a shooting Star or a falling Star. But it is not a Star at All. It is a meteor. A meteor is a tiny piece of Rock in space whose path has crossed the Earth s path. Friction against the earths atmosphere heats it to incandescence and causes it to melt. Asa result you see the Little Streak of fire in the sky. Most meteors Are very Small. They Are entirely melted and consumed by their encounter with the earths atmosphere. Occasionally however a very Large one enters the earths atmosphere. It is not entirely consumed and a piece Falls to Earth. That piece constitutes a meteorite. Bub noise of explosion the new meteorite was found Ina pasture where it had buried itself to a depth of eight feet by its Impact. Or. C. C. Wylie professor of astronomy at the University of Lowa who visited the site believes that the meteorite was moving rather slowly when it struck and that it came from the Northeast at a rather Low Angle. It struck with a crash like that of an explosion. Farmers in the neigh boyhood and the residents of Para Gould were awakened by the explosion. It is reported that at Poplar Bluff about sixty Miles from the site the policeman on night duty thought that a Bank had been dynamited and immediately made an inspection of the towns Bank. The noise of the explosion was heard in Northwestern Arkansas and nearby territory of Mississippi and Tennessee. The meteorite Cut so Brilliant a path through the heavens during its fall that at St. Louis Many people thought an air plane was falling in flames at the local Airport. The fact that professor Wyle re ports that the meteorite was moving slowly when it landed May seem surprising at first. But his observation is borne out by past meteorites. It is believed that meteorites Are slowed Down As they near the Earth s surface by the High resist Ance of the air. There is a record of some Small meteorites Landing on the ice of a Lake near Upsala Sweden in Jan uary 1860, without breaking the ice. Daily health service great meteorites the largest meteorite on exhibition is one at the american museum of natural history in new York. It weighs thirty six and one half tons. It is almost eleven feet High seven feet Long and five feet wide. It is More usual however for a meteoric fall to consist of a num Ber of Small pieces rather than one Large one. Sometimes the number will run into the thousands. In northeastern Arizona near Canon Diablo there is a great Cra ter in the desert. It is 4,000 feet in diameter. Its Walls Rise about 150 feet above the desert. The Interior of the Crater sinks to a depth of 600 feet. Thousands of Small Iron meteor ites have been picked up in the Vincito. Astronomers Are convinced that the great Crater was formed by the Impact of a huge meteor or swarm of meteors. The largest swarm of meteorites know n to have struck the Earth in modern times landed in Northern Siberia. 500 Miles North of Taisher a Village on the trans siberian rail Way on july 30, 1908. It made More than 200 Depres Sions some of them More than seventy five feet in diameter. Investigators found the ground around the depressions for fifteen Miles in All directions seared and charred As if the vegetation had been burned off with Gigantic blow torches. Itch 5 Black Friday sept. 23 on sept. 23, 1869, a financial panic began in new York when Gold Rose to 164 after a clique headed by Jay Gould and colonel James Fisk or. Made a daring attempt to Comer the Gold Market. Black Friday is the name Given the two disastrous Days that followed. The Fisk ring had purchased about $60,000,000 in Gold agreeing to pay $96,000,000 in currency. The transactions were in full swing with Gold hitting 160, when the United states government telegraphed to sell $4,000,000 Worth of the Metal. Instantly the Gold fell to 140 and to 133 and finally there were no buyers at any Price. A panic followed affecting Busi Ness in the United states and disrupting International Trade. The men who engineered the deals continued to Settle transactions in which they profited but numerous court injunctions delayed settlement of the deals in which they suffered losses. While no definite figures were available it was estimated that the Gold cliques profits were about $12, 000,000 on transactions they were willing to admit and $20,000,000 on transactions which they refused to acknowledge. Are steam and fog both Vapours steam is aqueous vapor the Gas into which water is changed by boil ing which is transparent until it begins to condense. Fog is condensed watery vapor suspended in the atmosphere at or near the Earth s surface another Accident in a cup race o or. Pc a ? " mental troubles affect appetite by or. Morris Fishbein editor journal of the american medical association and of Hygeia the health Magazine. The most dismal individuals inthe world Are those who have lost their appetites or in the words of the muralist gone off their feed. The causes of loss of appetite Are Many. Some Are physical but undoubtedly the majority Are associated with mental disturbances. In a recent Survey of the subject or. J. M. Berkman has selected a group of patients who suffered from loss of appetite associated with distinctly nervous conditions. These patients appear emaciated and Pale they appear preoccupied and gaze at the floor most of the time they answer questions promptly but be come disinterested immediately thereafter. Persistent questioning usually re Veals that the patient suffers loss of appetite due to some psychic disturbance. The blood pressure is Low the pulse rate is Low and most of the physical examinations give negative results. In one Large clinic 117 cases were seen in thirteen years so that the condition is fairly infrequent. More than 80 per cent of the patients were women and in not one of the cases could there be found any definite change in the nervous system although an actual psycho logic base was i overed in Only Twenty of the 117. The difficulty apparently has to do with the fact that the mental manifestation is associated with a Complete unwillingness to discuss the mental Side of the Case. As has been mentioned previously in these columns it is some times possible to increase the rate of digestion and absorption of food in the human body by giving thy roid to raise the rate of the basal metabolism. In some cases in the group Here discussed this was attempted and the metabolism rate was elevated. However there is great danger in the method. If the patient absolutely refuses to eat with the rate elevated there is a failure to increase the intake of food and loss of weight which takes place More rapidly. In some instances it is possible to Force these patients to put on weight by putting a tube into the stomach and inserting food in that manner at the same time that the metabolic rate is increased. Sometimes following removal of the tube the patient becomes will it seems to me we Are i think in some respects a curious nation. Practically every american boasts of his Faith in the orderly process of government. We believe in majority Rule and elections and political Par ties. That is what or e say. And yet certain important issues have been won or lost by Means and methods having Only a slight relationship to the technique established for us in the United states Constitution. If you a vent guessed already i might As Well admit tha t i am talk ing about prohibition. At the moment it seems to be on the Wane and elections have had almost nothing to do with its decline. I will Grant that Dwight morrows stand and subsequent Success was not without importance. And even so i do not think that the new Jersey vote was the vital Factor. A a a without Benefit a1 Smith tried hard to make his Campaign against Hoover serve As a wet and dry referendum. But there were too Many confusing fac tors. The election proved nothing As far As prohibition was concerned. By now this is evident. And in contest after contest the voter had Little Chance to express himself since both sides straddled. Clarification came through an extra Legal Agency. If the Drys now Are on the run As i believe it was not a political election which broke their fortified Strong Points. It was the literary digest poll which Sank them. In other w ords the first full and free expression of Public opinion came not through the usual and constituted channels but was achieved by the Enterprise of a weekly periodical. It is an excellent thing that magazines should be enterprising but i hate to see problems which ought to be passed upon in House and sen ate turned Over to editorial boards for solution. There Are flaws in the system. I hate to feel that from now on nothing will be decided by our legislators until they first have called up the digest or some other National weekly with the request wont you please hold a symposium and make up our minds for us nun journalistic Triumph not All the credit for the new dispensation should go to the digest although i am of the opinion that its poll furnished the final spark. If prohibition is to be wiped out which Row seems Likely it will be a general journalistic Triumph. Of late there has been a disposition to question the Power of the press. People will Point out that Hylan in new York and Thompson in Chicago enjoyed Success even ing to eat but in other cases it is necessary to keep the tube in use for Long periods of time. It also is difficult to establish the exact dosage of the thyroid that May be necessary and Safe in the individual Case. In Only one Case did death occur while the patient was under treat ment that death being due to Bron Cho pneumonia which developed while the patient Jas being studied rather than due to starvation. It is of course realized that Long continued starvation produces conditions in which the body is subject to easy infection. Apparently after a patient has starved himself for considerable time and lost a Good Deal of w eight the basal metabolism is lowered so that much less food is required to keep the emaciated body going. If this were not the Case death would ensue promptly. The sad aspect of the matter is that degenerative changes occur due to the Long continued malnutrition. Eventually w hen the mind is re stored to Normal function the patient May wish to begin eating again but finds that the tissues have degenerated so badly that perfect health for the future is an impossible Promise. Ideals and opinions expressed in this column Are those of one of americans most inter Stine writers and Are presented without regard to their agreement or disagreement with the editorial attitude of this editor. Heywood b Broun though most of the newspapers were Allied against them. It is True that an individual can defy editorial writers cartoonists and reporters Over a Short stretch of time. But in the end the press gets its Man. S i am not stating this As essentially a Good thing. Government by newspapers is not Ideal. Still at the moment nobody can deny that journalists Are More sincere and intelligent than the general run of politicians. However i must cite against the men w to have proved the pen questions and answers what was the russian disarmament plan proposed by Maxim lit Vinoff in the last Geneva disarmament conference the plan called for abolition of armies and navies As a practical step toward real disarmament. It also proposed that Only such Force As is necessary for internal Protection a sort of police Force should be maintained by each country. The plan was rejected by the other powders. Is the South pole colder than the North pole at the South pole the tempera Ture is frequently 60 and 70 degrees of below Zero during the Southern Winter and it is colder than the North pole due to the very considerable Elevation above the sea. Does South America Lead the world in the production of rubber British Malaya leads in the production of rubber due to intensive cultivation of the Plant. Who is the author of the proverb if the Mountain will not go to Mohamet Mohamet must go to the Mountain the proverb appears in Bacons essays on boldness and is found in All modern languages. The source of the proverb can not a traced otherwise. What is the pay of a Captain in the United states Navy the base pay is $4,000 to $6,000, to which is added allowances for rent and subsistence. The exact amount received depends on the length of service whether the offi cer is married or single and whether on sea duty or stationed on land. Are indians citizens of the United states All indians born in the United states Are citizens. How Many Heaters in the United states Are equipped for sound Pic Tures of the 23,000 Heaters in the country about half Are equipped for sound pictures. Mightier than the voting machine that nobody elected them to office and that we can not vote them Outt to to passing decorations nevertheless there Well might be some sort of ribbon to be awarded to newspaper men who have carried on the Good fight against volstead ism. Few causes have enlisted such a High percentage of completed con victim upon the part of the propagandists. The anti Saloon league is fond of speaking of the Beer ring and the whisky Trust and suggesting that nefarious groups interested in the restoration of the liquor traffic w Ere behind the vast newspaper drive for repeal. Nothing could be farther from the fact. I am acquainted personally with most of the writers and artists who have Laboured year after year to break away the line Laid Down by the True Wilsons and the Scott my brides. I can testify that the men who set tall hats and Hook noses on gloomy caricatures of the Puritan ensemble hummed to themselves As they worked. It w As a task actuated by pure love. Copyright. 1930. By the Indiana University lit evening classes in Indianapolis your state University through its Extension division offers you a Chance to gain a higher education. Complete freshman work. 12 popular lectures on great men of history Only $3 100 courses beginning sept. 25 accounting business Law Public speaking business management advertising investments sales management business English publicity psychology and mental Hygiene French German Spanish chemistry zoology physiology literature and history Short Story writing mathematics Art and symphony appreciation world politics comparative religions please mail me information on i. U. Extension classes. Name address Extension division 122 e. Michigan St. Flt 42w hereby perceive we the love of god because he Laid Down i life for is and we ought to Lay Down our lives for the Brethren. I John 3 16. To escape from evil we must b made As far As possible like god. Plato. M. E. Tracy says Laws of ancient Peru were far More Radical than those which frighten modern business Man. T Atin America contributes Sov eral interesting items to the news some Deal with revolution some with the most advanced Type of legislation and some with the romantic history in which that Sec tion of the world abounds. First a revolution consisting of one air plane one sex general and three civilians has been nipped in the Bud by the chilean government. Second a unique strike has been called by uruguayan business men j in protest against certain socialistic ? measures which the Congress of thei country threatens to adopt j third conditions have become so i critical in Cuba that senator Walsh of Massachusetts thinks the United states should take a hand. Fourth a lawyer of Ecuador claims to have discovered the great inca treasure which has intrigued the j fancy of Many generations and in j search of which More than one Hardy prospector has lost his life. B b b great treasure hidden most every one is familiar wit the Story of Pizarro and Ata hualpha How the former though a foundling became the conqueror of Peru How greed converted his Cour age into ruthless brutality How he captured the All too trustful emperor How the latter promised to fill the cell in which he was con fined with Gold and jewelry How his subjects brought it from All parts of the kingdom until More than fifteen million dollars Worth had been assembled and How Pizarro broke his word and had the emperor strangled. Legend has it that Pizarro might have exacted a vastly greater ran som had he kept his word and waited that there was at least one great Hoard if not More hidden away in some Mountain fastness which has been guarded faithfully by the inca cult for the last 400 years. Not Only that but it is said that Juan Valverde a poor spaniard who married an Indian girl Learned the location of this hidden treasure be cause there is no other explanation for his sudden Rise to to health. B b b finds Rich Cache Valverde went Back to Spain taking the secret As Well As the Fortune with him but Leav ing the King of Spain directions As to How and where More treasure could be found when he died. Quite a few have attempted to follow the Trail As described by Valverde but Only to lose it in the mountains. Richard Spruce an English botanist traced it As far As margaritas in 1857, and reported that up to that Point Valverdes directions corresponded perfectly with the locality and now comes Julio Torres a country lawyer claiming to have found the Cache and asking the government of Ecuador to protect him and his associates while they remove it. According to Torres he and a party of treasure Hunters discovered a Cave last november containing an Indian idol surrounded by skeletons which together with other circumstances convinced them that they had come to the hiding place of the inca Gold. Whether this is Correct or just another fairy tale it not Only makes an interesting Story but an inter Esting Hookup with the uruguayan trouble because the inca govern ment through an absolutism was highly socialized. B b b pension plan ancient the minimum wage Laws old age pensions and compulsory in j Durance which Are so Radical As to i frighten uruguayan business men seem rather mild and reactionary when compared with the inca regime. Under that regime the state was supreme not Only politically but economically. When a citizen was 18 years of age he became an employee of the state and was maintained by the at 60. He was retired with such compensation allowances during the rest of his life As he had been accustomed to receive. After All history contains a lot of and human Progress i move in cycles. Daily thought Page 4

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