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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Indianapolis Sun (Newspaper) - August 17, 1898, Indianapolis, Indiana tile a tin. A daily Szo ept sunday in. The Sun building 123 and 125 a coast Omo Street. F bantered at the Post office As Sec pud class matter. Delivered by earner in any part or tie City a or six cents per week. News dealers desiring to have the Sun on Sale can obtain terms at the Obice. I advertising rates May be obtained by a Cailing upon or addressing the manager of the advertising department. Address All communications of a Busl i Noss nature to the business manager. I communications for publication Etc., i should be addressed to the editor. Subscribers who experience any difficulty in obtaining the Sun promptly and regularly will Confer a favor by notifying the office. The Sun will Forward rates to any responsible person desiring to act As agent in any town. Subscription rates. Of a outside City per year. In Advance.$3.00 outside City six months in Advance. 1.50 outside City per month in advanced 25 Quot Sun telephones. Editorial rooms.626 business office.880 the Sun-125 e. Ohio so Indianapolis ind. Indianapolis August 17, 1898. The Quot Manifest destiny Quot Man. The Quot Manifest destiny Quot Man is the charming individual of the present Emer of Roicy. He was against War in the Torst Lilace and was willing to throw our Honor to the winds rather than Force the Issue with Spain. Even after the War was begun the Quot Manifest destiny Quot Man howled until his ears ached but As soon As Dewey won his splendid Battle at Manila the Quot Manifest destiny Quot Man became Philo a optical. Then when Cervera s Fleet was destroyed the Quot Manifest destiny Quot Man became a Prophet he pierced the future a with startling precision and saw our finish Pur destiny. He would not admit his error in the first place although now urging that the War was a War of destiny. And where do we now find him he in away beyond the picket lines of popular opinion and is howling his demand that our government keep Cuba cling to Porto Btu of. Hang onto the Philippines and gob is every 2x4 Colony that Spain possesses Yas the Quot Manifest destiny Quot Man is having his Day and while sober thought is being applied to our new conditions with an Earnest desire to Aid the president of the United states in deciding aright the Manifest destiny Quot Man has arranged it All and to his mind no statesmanship no solid sense no Avalanche of Public sentiment can possibly Avert the destiny toward which we Are Drifting. There is no Quot expansion Quot or Quot imperialism Quot Al out it. The whole thing is destiny pure and simple. Hurrah for the pliable reversible Quot Manifest destiny Quot Man. His antics up to Date have been ridiculous they Are now taking on a humorous phase. Keep an Eye on him. He s the funniest thing in the category of statesmanship Bric a Brac. Getting at the truth. It will be noticed that the truth is slowly coming up through the debris of misrepresentation under which the cubans have been buried by correspondents at the front. Some of the Eastern papers have undertaken to prove that the lighting organized cubans Are not entitled to the criticisms that have been heaped upon them and that the sweeping denunciations which have recently appeared in american newspapers were based solely upon the conduct 01 the Xvi angry Camp followers and refugees at Santiago. The armies of Garcia and Gomez it is shown have fought valiantly and aside from the hastily advised action of Garcia in withdrawing his army from before Santiago not a Cloud can be cast upon him or his Anny. And even this clash with shatter in no Way lessened the usefulness of Garcia and his soldiers who retired to the Interior and took City after City with remarkable rapidity and a splendid display of Energy arid courage. And so with Gomez who a has pushed Forward under the distressing circumstances and acted As nearly in Accord with the wishes of our government As was possible. Now that peace has been declared the facts Are reaching the surface and it need not be at All surprising if it should develop that president Mckinley has full Confidence in the Worth and ability of the cubans and will Deal justly with them As based upon their merits. Would it be a remedy the state tax Board it is reported will recommend to the legislature that the Law be amended so that appealed tax cases May be reopened before the Board. While the Board As at present constituted has unwarranted Powers and can do As it pleases with the matter of taxes regardless of argument or evidence we doubt very much whether or not this proposed amendment would be of any Avail. If a Case should be reopened it would be simply reheard by this Board. This would be much like a court reviewing its own decisions and probably would be much less a satisfactory. Little could be expected from a Board for instance that was swayed rather by whims than by facts by a Board that was influenced by Petty spites rather than Justice. However there 1 should be something done to Correct the i evils made pass Lisle to a Law placing so important a matter in the hands of men of narrow minds. Such men have already Dan aged the state and deprived it of More Money than they have saved it by their most unfair and unwarranted Sagasta assures the Spanish nation that the United states has an elephant on its hands in Cuba. If the cubans Are an ele i Hant what sort of a Piggy is Spain that Quot she should cry enough in four months. Quot the Czar of. Russia is trying to borrow big sums of Money and John Bull is yell eng Quot Don to Ioan him a cent Quot. And As a m cd sequence tie Czar i3 having his Trou. The civil service farce. The chief thing that is being accomplished by the civil service seems to be to increase the expenditures of the government. Man can t be legislated into a Saint. Law is a very Small obstacle in the path of the Man with an appetite for a political Job and a political pull to help him. Party organization As conducted these Days demands that when a Man works for his party he must be paid. The party Boss expects to have him paid and he expects to get his fingers in the pie. The civil service puritans Are trying and have been trying to legislate this hunger for political Pap out of the political worker hut they Haven t succeeded even in a Small degree. The hunger is becoming Moie and More assertive year by year because . The Mckinley i Ianna administration according to the report of the civil service commission seems to have been very busily engaged recently in satisfying tie tavies they Teli. Col. Roosevelt is a Good Story Teller and whether he is talking of his Little Missouri ranch experiences or of the Humours of a new York police court he always has a Large and interested audience. One night in Camp he was talking of tie Marquis de mores writes a Santiago correspondent of the Chicago record. Quot it was like living with a Cotton mouthed adder to be with him Quot he said Quot exciting and interest ing but not pleasant. An intensely spectacular Many dramatic. He would receive an Anonymous note warning him not to go to a certain Butte where he could never by any possibility have had any intention of going that assassins were concealed there Quot waiting for him. Forthwith he would festoon himself with pistols and knives mount his Coal Black horse and ride around that Butlo glaring into the darkness. People fleeced him and hum bugged him right and left. He wanted to join the apaches at one time. They appealed to him As a Noble and oppressed race. They would have eaten one of his Western neighbors hunger above mentioned and still there a pm Roosevelt said Quot he was a Man of is More to follow. Since the commission was organized it reports with Teirs in its voice that the classified service which comes under civil service regulations has t been increased at All but that the unclassified with whom it is unnecessary to have a knowledge of ancient history in order to secure a place has increased17 per cent and the salaries paid them in Washington alone amounts to �3,000,000 annually. Our tax judge. By reference to the county records it is found that col. I. N. Walker the distinguished gentleman who is so persistent in his insistence that others shall pay what he is pleased to Call their Quot just pro a ortion of taxes Quot pays taxes As follows col. I. N. Walker personal property ?550. A Little further along in the records it is shown Large and Liberal view.=. He had no foolish and puerile prejudices against virtue. Some people did t believe in arson he would pay. Well that was entirely their own affair. No reason Why i should quarrel with them on that account or hold my.=Elf above them Quot an anecdote he toll me with keen relish was of two Quot bad Mon Quot who Quot shot it out Quot with Winch Pter rifles on. The main str of of Medora. One of them foil with a Bullet in his hip his Rifle dropping out of reach. His antagonist was aiming for the coup de Grace when he Felt a touch on Arm. Looking around he saw a Meek and venerable old person Califro Quot Uncle Billy Quot who gained his livelihood by sweeping out a Saloon Cusp Dors and serving an occasional drink. &Quot.take,&Quot said the old Man imploringly Quot let me Finis i film i never killed a Man i a when or. Coo fellow and capt. Stuart Quot Brice a on of of senator calvins Brice look some wounded Spanish prison no s into mrs. Anna l. Walker real estate City the enemy s nes before lots bearing $300 Worth of Imi Rove Menis i Dor one of Tho Spanish of Cheis no met the whole taxed for $4,s20. I them speaking of the storming in san mrs. Annal Valker and j. Warren Juan Hill expressed of in curiosity _ to Sawyer hold jointly the equity of red Emp j know what command it was the amen Cruz of fliers gave As they on Quot we could Bear Saiu he. Quot phone ing at the head of Ali or Mon which sounded like Jaek Pon s Broe chop a we looked in our dictionaries afterwards but could making nothing out of capt. Bride and or. Noodle How pm of used of Flint it Zoum no a a for the i Hoen whereupon one of the troopers who must now nerve ourselves for to e a explained that Tho com Many conf Licking accounts of it charge by a com Tion in real estate sold for taxes two years ago and to which Sterling b. Holt holds the auditor s deed valued at 52. J2,. And col. Walker is the Man who sits in judgment of the taxes of others spirit of Cleffi state press. Call. Maid invented since the deadly lire of the next thing in order is to round up has made open order forma the cubans and see if any one or them Hab Tion necessary. The of the electrical exhibition a government concealed on his person. Muncie times. A Quot Hen All township trustees publish full Philadelphia asked ill. Edison to Send and Complete reports of receipts and sex i a a phonographic Cylinder rotting Forth Pendl turns As some do our county com l a. Latest ideas of cd ectrial in missioner will know More about whore a implied in his own the Nies Sage As follows Quot my Doar Marks Yon ask me to Send the Quot poor Money Quot news. Tho commercial club of Valparaiso a Good thing but unless it can bring about a Phenno Raphie Cylinder for your lec a reduction of taxation in the City it will sure in evening and to say a few words fail in its Mission. You can t expect a moneyed manufacturer to locate in Valparaiso under the present rate of taxation and the Money less manufacturer would be a detriment to the City. The vacant storerooms and vacant dwelling ought to admonish our City dads that they Are running things in Tho ground by their Public improvement schemes. The people can t stand messenger. The Small newspaper a Quot Nave had a hard time to exist during past 12 months. The Ordinary person does not understand the hardships encountered in the publication of a newspaper. Everything connected with the publication of a newspaper has advanced in Price paper Type Ink and labor. The chivas o papers have each doubled their Price while the throughout the country Are constantly asking a reduction in the for their business. The newspaper publishers should get closer for their Mutual Star. Mrs. D. Parry s burglar. Bicycle policemen Tultz and Wallace were called to d. Ini. Parry s residence n. Delaware-St., monday night to search for a burglar. Mrs. Parry and a maid were alone and heard some one in the rooms on the floor mrs. Parry raised a window and asked a passer by to summon the Ijo Liee. All the time she heard the muffled sounds below but she remained quiet until the officers arrived. She then crept Down stairs and admitted them. They found that a number of rooms had been ransacked but nothing taken. The burglar had Quot Jimmie Quot open a heavy Oak door. George Catterson who Hap Pei Jed to pass As the officers entered patrolled the Lawn with a big revolver and solemnly declares that no one came out. Fire does $1,400 damage. Fire from an unknown origin ate a Quantity of Hay and a portion of the stables of the capital City sweeping company 446 e. Washington-at., tuesday afternoon and caused the firemen to throw water on valuable machinery belonging to the Monarch governor and embossing company at 448 and 4.n0, causing a considerable loss there also. The sweepers harness and horses of the sweeping company were removed without damage. The combined loss is about $1,400. Well fixed. A Telegram to the governor from col. Durbin of the 161st, says that his regiment is Well situated in Camp. It took part in a brigade formation monday. The five sick men taken along Are now in Tho Hospital at Jacksonville. Medicines drove the humor to his eyes Hood s Sarsaparilla eradicated Tho Distaso from his system. Eruptions appeared on my Little boy s shoulder and face. The effect of the medicines prescribed for him was to drive the humor from his face and shoulder to Hia eyes we Ich became badly inflamed. The More Medicine he took the More the humor spread. We read to much of what Hood s Sarsaparilla had done for others to decided to try it. He began taking it and we persevered in its use and after a while the eruptions began to disappear and finally the flesh was All healed Over. From that time there has been no return of the Mes. Cyrus Doub Silver Lake Indiana. Remember Par Ilia is the bests in fact the one True blood purifier. Sold by All druggists. Price $1 six for $5. Hnnry c oil8<3 the Best after dinner i Lulu a a Rill pills Aid digestion. 25�. To the Hudiono. T do not think the audience would take any interest in dry scientific pub jets. Bur perhaps they might be interested in a Little Story the it a Man sent me on a phonographic Giinder the other Day from san Francisco. In is i a Man from Masseh setts came to California with a chronic Over complaint. He searched All Over the coast for a Mineral to cure the disease and finally found Down in the so Toa ruin Valley a Spring the Waters of Wii Icli almost instantly cured him. Tie to Hereupon started a sanitarium and people All Over inc world came and were quickly cured. a ear this Man died and so powerful had been the action of the Waters that they Quot Iliad to take his liver out and kill it with a club. Yours still another Stoi it of . Illustrating Liis respect for his wife s awhile was tract a a a in. Law in Spring Leld. Tho fire Vise . Desiring to buy some now apparatn.?. Sent ont subscription , one Youthful col Vcctor called Tho future Prosin ont. 1twas close f examined Tho it impose of the subscription and finally agreed to a rubber the in this fashion Quot Well i la Tell a on that til do. I la Homo to supper Quot mrs. I Lincoln is generally Good natured nf1er supper and icon i la Tell her the been thinking of go it j"i0 to the brigade and Shell say Alie will Vidu Nevor have any sense. Waity v Loarf is quite a Nouffo so tomorrow Ray boy you come around and get your $20. A i a Confederate Veteran who fought at fort Blakely read Tho other Day of the Dummy guns used by the spaniards Arotine Santiago de Cuba to Humbug the american troops Quot a Quot said he Quot that reminds my of old times. It also reminds me that Woodous guns have been kor in to e better purposes than Makii g Vij Elipio. Quot wooden guns iii Doii by boric before port Blakely. The Quot it an Oes fixed them up and they shot t As Vivell As if they had been manuf Cluro of Iron. The confederates were behind the Walls of the fort and the Fedeval-3 wore strongly entrenched. Quot Gen. Canby the Yankee commander was with tit artillery. What did he do but manufacture 100 mortars from Black gum Trees. Black gum Trees grew everywhere in the Vicinity. He bored them out put Iron bands around them and fir Oil eight Inch shells furnished by Farragut s Fleet. Tho lines wore so close that Light charges inf iced and the extemporaneous weapons did All that was asked of them Quot i a when president Vicki Ley was maj. Ivic Kinley lie once made an address in which he described the difference Between the american Volunteer and the Soldier of other nations. The men who were his comrades in the civil War he said not Only fought but thought. To illustrate this he related an anecdote about a Young Soldier in some Northern regiment whose duty it was to carry Tho regimental Flag. On the March the boy ran on ahead with the Flag streaming in the air. The colonel was incensed. Quot Here Quot he cried. Quot bring that Flag Back to the regiment Quot the boy turned and replied Quot a you bring your regiment up to the Flag Quot a Chicago times Herald. A a a a Delegate from the far West to the recent educational convention told an incident that happened some years ago when he Vas making a trip on a Pioneer stage. All one half the first Day he sat beside the Driver and endeavoured to engage him in. Conversation. The Driver was not to engaged. He was not exactly surly but he evidently did t care to be talked to. The stage stopped for dinner at a Little eating House and when it rolled away again the Driver seemed like another Man. He talked he told stories he was the soul of affability. A Ater he explained the matter to the teacher. Quot i did t take a Shine to you no How this he said. Quot i thought you was one of these Here psalm singing gos Iel Fellows and i Ain t got no use for that kind. 33ut when i seen Yogi setting there and a eating pie with u Fork i changed my mind. 1 snowed right away you was a York Tri Luino. Half the ills that Man is heir to come from indigestion. Burdock blood bitters strengthens and tones to hts stomach makes indigestion impossible. The new York store 1853. Soi a agents for Butterio patterns. Buterick patterns for september Are ready at reduce prices the sept Vonber fashion sheets Are also Here and the september Delin d Eaton. This is a Good number with which to begin your subscription. $1.00 \ for the year. Pattern counter Center aisle f sheets Aio it Pii flow cases ready to use and at lower prices than the material Albrae would Cost you. 42x36 ready made bleached Pillow cases 45x36 ready made bleached Pillow cases at .10c 8-4 ready made bleached sheets Worth 45c for .34 0 9-4 ready made bleached sheets Standard , for .40o Good clean Cotton batting 3ic a Roll. Comforts 75c and up. 18x27 Feather pillows.$1.10 a pair basement. 100 remnants of Black goods will be on the Center bargain table tomorrow and offer about the Best use these Odd Piccus. 1 to 8 Yard chances of the year to folks who can lengths priced As remnants should be priced. Center aisle. Wash goods 20 pieces printed lapped stripes have been 20c a Yard tomorrow .5c Fine Irish Dimitres in White grounds with neat figures a Yard regularly now .8 l-3c 100 pieces of new Windsor Cre tonnes in Blue red and Black remnants of Domestic Wash goods at just half the marked prices a general and decisive cleaning up tomorrow. West aisle. Toilet Auti cites Violet or Buttermilk soap a Caka 3c Large bottle of horse hold ammonia 3c one Pound Green Castile soap with Wash rag .10c Center aisle. Waist sets Choice of any of our 25c and 50c shirt Waist sets tomorrow a a Loc Center aisle. Men s a Mats Percale and Madras Negligee with and without cuffs and with laundered neck bands an assorted lot were 75c, Choice tomorrow .39c East week Are already the subject of much comment. All three Are handsome jewelled affairs and Are Complete with 1t-5 Etc., and Are enclosed in handsome cases. The colonel s word goes to the Rei mental commander who brings the largest percentage of his regiment to he encamp sent Aud who participate in the Parade spec ton and review. Atwo captains a words go to the two most one m the is re fitment which includes Indianapolis and the near by town a and the other in the state to be determined by the vote at our store week. Every Yon make a Purchase y jul Are entitled to a vote. See that these swords go to tour friends. Pettis dry goods go. 3-quart Fountain. Syringe. 40o 4 quart Fountain Sriri be. 4 5o 2-quart water bottle.35o 3-quart water bottle.4 0o 4-quart water bottle.4oo bulb sir Illge. 25o the Centra rubber amp Sun Pica 131 South Illinoia St. The finest picnic grounds in the state. The water carnival the water wonders Bessie and Tommie Meier Champion child and High divers and baby eema-2 years old rowing in the smallest boat built have been engaged for a second week commencing August 14tli two Perlo Fraances daily free. 4 p. And 8 30 p. Taste a River ride on the passenger steamers Stella or Sunshine. Boating swimming and general Park amusements. Take Indianapolis and Broad Ripple cars. Coke Coke Coke Lump and crushed for Sale by the Indianapolis Gas co. For tickets Call at office. 49 South Pennsylvania St. Lis Rise is iii Versiz Bryant amp Stratton. Established 1850. The ii Ilbong. Elevator. Electric fans special induced edit. Call or write for particulars e. J. Heeb pres. The babes in the who were fed by the Robins would have fared better on better fare. Indianapolis babies thrive on our gear am crack yes and lunch milks sold by All Brood grocers. The Parrott Taggart bakery. A High oed time is the chinese idea of come acting a funeral. A letter a High class chinese funeral received from mrs. Jennie Man get , missionary in China says in part Quot sometimes As Many As 100 relatives will gather at a grave and spend almost a whole Day eating drinking wine gambling and smoking opium with an occasional fusillade of firecrackers the real worship of the dead beginning near Sunset. A Day spent in this fashion entitles the family to great respect from the neighbors As the Keystone of chinese ethics consists of conf Ciu i words dubious Ness and respect to parents alive and dead Quot quickly done. Private Harry Rosenfield with the Goth Indiana regiment at Newport news was married tuesday to miss Daisy Berkely with whom he had formerly been acquaint in Anderson. He did not know she was living in Newport news and met her accidentally on the Street. A speedy agreement reached and the knot was tied. Amusements. Park 3 p. 8 p. incl Reater m filled with sensational scenes and Fine mechanical effects. Dorothy Lewis and a Strong cast. Prices�?10c, 20c, soc. Matinee daily. Everybody goes to the Park. Tomorrow june Walters in Quot How Hopper was to Day ladies Day Indianapolis is. Kansas City game called at 3 45 p. Tickets on Sale at c. F. Meyer s Cigar store Adam s Cigar store South Meridian Streat Bates House pharmacy. Traveler s resister of it of town tia big four route. 21. To Pendleton Anderson Muncie win Cheater Union City Alexandria Marion and Wabash. Special train leaves Indianapolis 7 45 a m. Returning leaves Union City and Wabash 5 50 p. sche Diries to Florida beginning july 6tli, via Southern railway and Queen amp Crescent route. On account of increased travel to Florida and other Southern Points. The Southern railway a connection with the Queen i Crescent route Hava inaugurated begin eng july 6th, through Vest ruled train service on accelerated schedule from Cincinnati and Louisville to Atlanta i or Nandina Jacksonville Tarawa Miami Etc. On this Nev. Schedule the train leaving Louisville 7 40 a. And Cincinnati 8 30a.m., arrives Atlanta 12-.00 Midnight. Fernandina 8 h0 next morning Jac a Souville 9 10 a. A. Tampa 6 of p. being solid Vestibule. Through train with Day and Pullman Rilee prs from incl Nail to Jacksonville chair cars from Louisville to jinxing Toni. therewith. The night train leaving Louisville 715 . And Cincinnati at 8-.00 p. Will continue As a present arriving Atlanta 11 40 a. M., making Cou Section for All Points South. By these new schedules of the Southern railway. In connection with the Lueen it Crescent route the time via these lines to Florida and other Southern Points is Many hours quicker Tuliau via any other Road i Quot or information apply to any agent Southern railway or connecting lines. Pm. H. Taylor ass t Gen l . At. Bouthern by Louisville ivf.c., d. Direct line Indianapolis 10 Cincinnati. Six trains every week Day. Parlor Chaira and cafe cars on Day trains. Dayton line five trains every week Day to Dayton. Fast time Between Indianapolis Columbus and Pittsburg. Through sleeping cars to Washington Baltimore and Pii Ladelphia via b. Amp o. Railway. Michigan line two trains every week Day to Toledo two trains every week Day to Detroit. Vestibule sleeping cars on night trains. G. W. Hayler. D. P. A. Indianapolis. Ind. The popular Monon route is Tho Best line to Chicago. Five hour service. Four train3 leave Indianapolis 7 00 a. M., 11 30 a. Leave Indianapolis 3 35 p. M., 12 55 night. Arrive Chicago 12 00 noon 6 00 p. Arrive Chicago 8 20 p. A. 7 20 a. Trains arrive Indianapolis 3 30 a. M., 7 43 a. Trains arrive Indianapolis &Quot>2 40 p. M., 4 37 p. A sunday excepted. Vestibule train service. Superb Wagner sleepers. Parlor cars and diners. Local Sleeper in indie Napols ready at 8 30 p. Leaves Chicago returning at 2 45 a. Can be taken any time after 9 30 p. Ticket offices 2 West Washington St., Union station and Massachusetts a. Depot. Geo. W. Hayler. D. P. lines for Chicago and the Northwest Xie ave Indianapolis. Arrive Chicago. Lacavo Indianapolis. Arrive Chicago. Elliss a. .5 10 p. .12 10 night. .7 13 a. physicians and r. Kelma it i. D office hours 9 to 10 a. M., 2 to 4 p. Telephone no. 1308. Office oo2 South Meridian Street. Or. Ferguson has removed from East Ohio St. To Quot wll Longhty building 824 North Meridian St. Tract acc limited to diseases of women and sur Rry. Dentists. Dentist All work first class. Prices reasonable. Or. A. J. Morris. E. Washington St. Oppo. N. Y. Store a established 1878. Ains1898 models.60.001897 models. 40.00ideals, with amp . 30.00ideals, with single tube tires. 25.00 1�z. Koehring amp son 25 s. Feu Sylva a St. 880 Virginia ave ;