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Horicon Argus (Newspaper) - November 3, 1854, Horicon, WisconsinI fat Orlim 19 a democratic paper published a Khy Rit Day Mohning by Williaml Croft. D Hon Tor Onu year in 30 one i , 40 to 1 Hrco i 2." Lirou Nisi item. 4 00 Gnu Ymir. 00 half 13 00 8 5 of 1 30 Lii Cut Marti r 4i Neil c Iron car. Stray h Iii mum Mitt Linin Lull Letl ill mall . Volume 1. Horizon Wisconsin Friday november the 3rd, 1854. Number 7. The i Fiji in torus Llie actors i in re a Linin util Job Pilj Isreil la cd Joule on Luul Milchl t to turf i Limp Lili to. 9, Ita Nellit All on 01 kill tit in Nii Tuti inn i by l Ri-1 wiil insure Jiuu. 1 Siviy he was kindly asked to come to Imper i the congregation Rose after the stranger the ghee House of compan invitation which he did not had lend the entire hymn and had a epoxied Ion Rathe evinces Moie the Grace was wild Over the Noal by or. W., and the first lines for them to sing. Brother Aristu Craigo Lastes of uie arabs of Sahara than Tho col i poured Oul Iho bread helped am w. Usually started the Tunas. He tried this their of their hers the main carved but wont off on a Long metre Ashi All Oiler Arab countries Tho Corridon roman cd. Soyer. Tho Groat Cook Lias written a novel in which the Art of the Kitchen Sel four in a rather novel Milliner. Tie two he Otnes och the Pem Coralio party of this District Aithur tells ,1 Good Story Abdul a Lov Epli n. Jersey who belonged to the t Chi Yieh. A new presiding older. I. N., in i Triel a.-, Iho minis Luis All i topped with Vav. And his Wile Ewry Jundo him a cordial lec Eplion la the honest couple Tho Nyhl religion in part consisted in some . And there Foo Iho was put i i order a Nice the made and the replenished . Chick ens every . Toci of re nominated h icon. John b. Macy for Coli now the Able and influential Pri Ltd he in Charley started off a without lion mid repeated very accurately two or Olnee Versos of n new Camp meeting hymn was just then very popular. let hear you say the command ments up the Mother Well pleased at Hor Childphilo Romance. And Charley repealed Hern with the Aid of a Little prompting. Many commandments Are said and the no one real a Vul have been in the Menhis master i hero was a deep pause throughout the loom or even in he bed. He abundantly but further Invita-1 in anticipation of the text which the preacher i carefully fed with and in Tho sum or. W., after Tho meal was Over Ami he mat Llie throne of Grace among the offal Anil Bones that h Leoning on chair Van t you repeat the Wilh much Fervour and eloquence. The read thrown out the greyhound sleeps in Mamma Learned you last Sun-1 ing of a Haptor in Tho a futile succeeded. Then appear Lent on the carpal beside i asked tin could , and then looking no r c mid to i h mice 1 i m w Lino Milot enl x . Went into inc ii Samimei on i ind a tin at Baic i ill j ii a .1 i .1 i Jle a ii l Vicy . and Waim Lum Ell. And i a lie Loo in Imit la Init air in Lor t be hide an old hat. Bin til All i 1 c i coat him Haia e the Winch m i Ikin Nice cake Loil in . Inv elder. Who was n .1 he a. Id Ihen m Day it c h i l o i Iii i pn1 leave but the or Hor mute it. And a i uni ii v .1 , tin.1 lire he asked Lor one uncut Ere he sat out Lor a cold by of d mis Vav. Tea Dis Lull of. Consultation w it i Hor husband iodine cold Bacon bread Wen set on an o d 1 Ible and he was then somewhat Niu Llly to it a . Nine Hinn w ii own out that the Sinue butter i was Lance Miltto the 1 new the new Piuac Hei he in Ouhl the words Al thu Vav i can read my title vivid it it Asil he Contd Ord i oif without any ado. Thy meal Al thu Iii thank.-.1 him Kindl Lor Ihu to Pill ii he had Ned and opened Iho door to kill it dark. Irnel Iho Clouds til noting a to in tilled the . a it Lull Lii of links to i Aid or. Said when Hist ripped and Jou ought to Hutu pushed on. Like a prudent Man. You could 1, ivc there Blore it Bui i was cold and hungry might by inc the in Inni i of saying tin touched i in tar h Ive and fed me., which i am thankful. Will you nut bestow another act of kindm.1- upon Ono in a and in h go a out in the May Ami Pei a in the cold the term which this , Zintl the Tori 1 in which it was uttered i on l of Turner to say no. In them and in Down 1 lie answered to the Kitchen i will see my and hear what she a i and r. Went into the the Sii Pei e stood covered Vith meow while cloth a displaying i. H inso i of China that Only brought Oul on special Occa ions. T be Lall Mould candles were Mnina thru on. And on Hearth Bla veil a ii Zeriul die. 1 Cluj i t old fellow Finne yet asked Vav. She heard his voice to a Elusim prepared to . Brother Vav. Looked Pale and his hands and stoned Dales which Are sail to be Highl Aie then1 ilk ii it Lor and said an . Veil Aie there eve ii i Jan lated Lis. Vv., in unfeigned said Hei , with Roro re than in it or of Ilo not know How Many . Lifie an17 How Ninny Are there i Hurley i come Lull know Chii ii.1 i Plit d the child. a churned or. Look with a mile of on the Itu lit. There Imi i a child of his ago in ton Siulc to can t Tell to there Are ten com Smidt Nants. You Ever read the Bible and Dii a d the Hir Anver. I a Little boy 1 used to read in Bui 1 sure i thought there write eleven Aio you not Ali Oill Thuro being Only Tun h a in i Iii Zigni Ilas Loni Linein Anil exclaimed. And one believe ignorance of the or. Vav. Ilid nol reply Bill Rose and going to one Corner of Tho room where the Good Book Lay upon the Small Mand he put it on the table before him and opened at that portion in which the commandments Are re card id. He said placing his Finger upon Tho proof of Tho Slian Yererror. There look Lor . Tho Man Camo round from Side of he Litlo and looked Over Lam rangers shoulder. There irn d be yes in Dor a say replied the Man and Jel it coins to to there Aro eleven. I m mire i Ham always lion yet it say Tun hero inquired or. With maid in his voice. I what Moio Jojou Wail can t vote Lillie in Tho Bible t i of Liuvao Tho Bible and yet it me thai Sheie mrs ibo eleven ius. La Cirii l one been added sumo Here else. Now this a Loo for brother and Sis Tei to hear such ignorance of faced m.ittvi.-. They fell to be unpardonable. A Long Init Fri Fullom d. In which Llie men was sol admonished and threatened with divine indignation. At Chwu he modestly Abood i in he might not have Tho Bible to read for an hour or two before retiring for Tai was granted with Moio plea Stone Knees trembled. Sister Aface looked like her heart was Bua Mitiff loud that she wondered whether the sound was nol by the sister who sat her. Them was a breathless silence. The dropping of a pin might Ime been Hoard. Alien the Fine emphatic tones of the preacher filled the crowded a now Casimin Deprit i give unto 3 0ti, that Jou one Iii Ihei had Bent Forward to listen but now a had mini Back in his beat. This was the Lei Edilh Tommai ulment. Tho i Riun Earemina yet aft co ale and impressive. The preacher uttered user cakes Are made noun. Tint for mum of Mill and not that in the least wound die brother und of whose hospitality he had Parin Kimi but he that smoke upon their and made them painfully conscious thai they had not shown much kind to Tho by Range he had been entitled receive on Llie Broad principles of i Urban in. If a thorough bred animal to a l y will Lou not drink Oul or a dirty Versul nor will lie taste milk in which any one Liljah put his hands. He Iti Mclen jct Sioui Llie cold with coverlets like the horse the Ailabo have no objection to his being sensitive in it an evidence of High blood. They Delight a sending weeping and desolation into the hem wide m me perfectly than anything Ebe can the utter by of All things human. Etc. To take in a to team who much nonchalance they would go to the vessel was believed to be proof a minit danger and the heart of Man swelled within him a secret feeling stole into hut heart and kindled its Pride. By my band and Wisdom has All this come to it was unseen by every Eye save noted the the Steamer dashed to pieces almost though she were but a hurled beneath the Waves. There was safety they vainly thong i who trod her decks in her solid Hull and massive Buu Maiks. Their foot hold and defence was swept from beneath their feet and then there was no safety but in god. Death a great a perfect Republican in Llie absolute reuse. There another in Here went who would scarce for Tery accomplish termed could Ery same Quali floated by Laden with Pel fume of Sivel incense Rais in up from nature a Iii Oil ice Hoha Boen Etnphuii-1 tie. In the ving girl. There were Ilic servant of those who Luiu to noted Leahh there but they might Iii with their Uffia aes Ami piled ingots of sold Ashi Jyh did the deck Iii him with , for him collars 01 Cowie shells 16 which they Al Lach to secure him fro to Iho Delight of an Al the ago of forty Days the pops Aro re moved Fiorin the to Lei and fed with Goalor a Nick aimed a huh Dutes and Koo Koos. At the age of Throe or tour month clasping dear Eloise to her heaving experience and practical wis Tim of such .1 j after. There w the due a Gram Mon on member of coi Gre a should not to thrown Board with air nose Royal blood running in he away Lor the Light and Trilling objections w Liu h Aie pretended to be him. He now in a situation to do More fur Ever Buoie. And to Are glad to sea Llie Iudica ions that Hubo by a More Al it Einius and sex bosom. In a few seconds the two Noble and Eiith Siletic Sii Auto ii oath the of Liard do you Pei curve Whoso Seoi Ark cd Horteuse scarcely Ableton Eprea her unto lion this Grill Tilhod Llie gentle Loise. Pointed Lone Matalii veins and tracing his ancestry Back through a dazzling line of nobility v to will remember Sim a Hundred years hence 1 yet the simple of Salisbury Plain will to of and blessings heaped upon his Ufa and he education of the greyhound it begun by the child Iii Starling Jei Boas or Umill Deer and inducing him to give Chase he soon then turning Sci Large Pale Grey eyes in the Pressie. Majority than he received two years i maj she added in a Digap ago. Tho that he has been n Elf Pricil they Aie baking apples it i and no found wanting thai he has Zulj rep i resented and carried out in practice the son-1 they Aie they Are cried tin cents and voice of Llie people that Tho. Buist Niji into an agony of j strongest opposition to him comes from abroad mentations in the following indignant strums. 1 Ooi Gnu they remind her of her biome. And not from his Home that he stands ready some moments elapsed before cd arc Hor to maintain Ihu Risi hts and secure the interests tense could resume of those who entry to their affairs to Ai Lei Glt with an Effort she said kor Aive Are that me dear Eloise. editor the editor of the Saratoga Republican published at the Saratoga Springs n. A pours Forth la having made precisely Money enough at the printing business the subscriber should Load i up am retire becomes Solon of tins , that he will silly but nil of yield him a a cavity. United Ellhu Iassc i bark Arounia the holes to induce the Young-1 Bce a j Hon a for Sale paper a Cir hers to Luew tha sport. The next game of Tom meat Cula Ipin of about one Thon and Ona fourth of which May be called paying and the other la Limo Tuzii. Iii Zicai 1 i i i r which he tried then the Young of must a dead have iovei13heci or i " e 3 .1 11 Bio thei Vav. Did not know what in was Best to do. He Nevei was More Al a loss in his then i. Defended irom Iho pulpit but to did not step Lor Waul to meet him. How could he do that old Galilei de around and shoo t hands with him but still Huim ored and held Buck. Whore brother by v he Ai length heard , it the voice of the minister to said one or two opening Tho Way to where the Farmer stood. The preacher advanced and cat bed his hand How do to if vy., i am glad to you. And Theio Timur w v Sisler Vav. Was brought , and the preacher Shook hands with them heartily while his face Vas 111 no with smiles "1 believe 1 urn to find a Homo i said if it was Settle i with than and of Tho Piee Eding ones. Shortly cd Sci supper Tho Man was conducted id thu i Ile room by thu Biblo before leaving him alone air. Vav. Fell into be. His duty to him to spin Ileal Iju foie ii Mill Embarrass cd brother and sister could make Teply som one asked came you to be detained late. You woo expected last night. And where Bio thei k f r. replied or. N., and i had Toutine alone. I Ive Miles from this my horse out and 1 had to come the icat of Tho Way on Fiot. But 1 became cold and weary Hal t found in Nec Isary to a Farmer nol far from Heie to give to a Nightlodging which he was kind enough to do. I Uio Ughi 1 was still Throe Miles off but in 1-wus very much Nea Iet my Jou Iueyend than i this explanation was Salis factory to All parties and in Dino Mic Dis pursed mid presiding elder went Home v Ith brother ital w. One thing cer lain however the Sloy never got out for Tome jeans alter the worthy brother and Sis Ter had irom their Labois and n was Thon i elated by i. M. , who Rallius and Umbers of i he wants irom Iho door in o Anil what do you suppose its to let him stay All nil jul " Well do no ugh Ali Init Vav can l have the likes of him in Iho House now where could he sleep in Iho Best loom even if or. Should not Como indeed really i Doti l see Jaio How we can turn him doors. He to Nosiri t look a ver tron if Man Itdark and cold full three Nyilos to too much he ought to have gone on while a had . And not Ngerul Here a he did. Nil i dark can t Linn him out o door-., Jane and Itno to think of it hell have to stay things a he did Mot earnestly for ten 01 fifteen minutes. Jut to could nol eco Hal his voids made much and he left his guest lamenting his obduracy and ignorance in morning he came Down nil meet Vav a Kod Lii i if to would id lend him a Luxor that to might Romono Liis which did not give his lace a very his in Ducat was torn will have players i about ten min said or. Vav. he handed him Ihu re. 7.or shaving Box. The Man appealed and behaved with due Roo icily Al family worship. After Bieak first in Ihnn Lod thu i inner and his wife for like ministerial Brethren fond of a joke and Given to relating Good biopics. A Bra Qutul Stract. C Vining we were walking leisurely along Tho music of the choirs of Throe churches and abundantly willing to comply. When the dog Peice Ivea a Herd of thirty of forty he numb Leswith Joy and Loomis wistfully at ins master Lla Young Saya the Arab thou will not say inns nine thou Hast not seen them. Be then in ties an of skin the body of the dog with a Spain Kliing of water. impatient animal Lurnes on him an imploring Eyt he loosed on the game and bound Aruj but yet conceals him Elf Crouchi a Down in hts makes a Tourso and re ill till with reach that he dans with All his men Glt choosing the fines of die Herd his victim when Llie Hauler cuts up Ihu Gazelle he the dog pan of Iho loin if a were offered any refuse he would Lemucl it Wilh disdain. A thorough bred Hutu will Hunt with no one but his Muster and he manifests due self aspect in his Choice of a pie. If on loosing him his master has pointed out a Fine Gazelle and to has succeeded Only in taking a Small and middling looking one he seems to fuel the reproach that Arches to the fail ure and Slinks away ashamed instead of churning his accustomed share. To always accompanies his matter when visiting and shares whatever Hospital ties he by this Exlie me cleanliness of Iho kindliness of his and his respect for the usages of society he shows Hini Sulf of the attentions Ihus bestowed on him. When tilt Arab returns Home aft i a Ooi Newhal Proton Gad a ence Lua dog makes a single bound Iron Tho to he Saddle and him with caresses. The Gic hound of Sahara very Superior to Tuul of the coast tall Anil Fawn col ored has a thin Black Tongue and Plute soft Imir no paunch dry und the Muscles of the cup Well to naked. A pretty go d one considered Worth a Lino Camel Bill which Lake the Elles will bring much a horse. A Larn ily Hunter however never sold i ainu would almost soon think of Selling one of his sons. When he Dies it a Lime of mourning in the tent the women and Chil Dren weep and lament Foi a Mcm Bei of poo. Of Oil and the Yolk of an moistened Liy with water and All the Lime in kept Stirling the compound Wilh a Sannu. I la ought i should fanned Lor my Howait bold companions has Given Way to the Mel i and body else. Rabl 1 and he Good will of tha office be throw to f Tlle the Type they Ini by stat Vatman after to Imp the hip in the ice. it disc. A in you nut have suffered 1" it past sighed the Brave girl then her Siviy she said when Llie whole i Gracd a sin ooh consistency of Kiearn he Cal of the White of an Eyu till film mixing in with the bait i. I could endure my agony no longer. 1 cried Bev Aie How you Tifilo uth me proceed you interest be re marked Eloise. Hat was his answer unite with an when the mixture was hoi he put Tho apples in one at a time turning them Over with a slice a they were doing. Suddenly he turned Louarda me his face slowing with nay say not Intursi Lepied Iho kind Eloise perhaps the heal of the Wiroj and nol soon had Ting d his Cheeks heaven Grant your words prove truer sobbed Tho Loving girl i shall never forget the expression of his eyes. . He whispered the Apple Fritt Fri me now cooked. Lei perhaps for the last time eat together " for a few seconds hoi tens was speechless from Griel. Using from the Mossy Baik she Ped Jou love me let Huriy Hoiu 1 shall die ii we remain Tho fit Herbt inquired the gentle they were ilor lense n Jahnei tone. That he preset Tud me with the acc Itiat for them to Gether ill a lock of his which however formed of Ihu receipt. Two hours after Wauls to was on his Road to London and thu re Bim club. But to Lens Day even Llie sight of an Apple makes to tie be alas such the love of poor fond woman thai night Eloise slept Lille. She was thinking Over the Story of the 1 lie and Cata Struple Suppo de to have cured More than tour Yucai. Ago and the mils fat yet arc thus Given in the Al Oatmeal Mcialw of saturday last. 21ot Insl. In our extra of yesterday evening we in formed thu Public that a Luxor was current that the Vernii Nis of sir John Franklin and of Clew and their ships Hud been discover id. . Immediately dispatched to the Huda i presses and materials for what they Are Worth and pay for them that there will be no a probability of the present proprietor being obliged to take the establishment Back and re Luuri 10 the business. J. A. Coret. Chauls. The charge industrious in circulated by a few corrupt editors that or Macy Lis Money r i i a skillful son Are enabled to Lay before on readers the to of this , Hal a 7 v 7i--- j t t a Lew corrupt Kukors thai or Fulai son Bay co .s., House at Machme. And through b be of the kindness of Llie , or Geo. Femea to 0 and much cows. Camu floating Oul in the darkness around Lami y and they Wei e All new and strange tunes but thai was not Sung we have lie Aid it but it train of Long buried my morals that Rose 10 even they were spaying of cows Al a certain period of la Weir be Foo the cemetery of the soul had a lomb Hrej offers immense advantages to Tho Agu in it. Chi jurists and consumer in producing much it was Tho Corinth they were augmentation of Mill ind meat. In this Way and hos ital can we do with him ii a Man Al least does t Zitnik it. In he had anything bad at Oitt him. Dii the him ii i cd on thu Loor Here i wish he had been at Clu Inea before i Cam nid Tho disappoint Vincnt the conviction that i. would not arrive of Celsi lied her i i feul and Tho intrusion ii of Niue Comoa visitor vitality and parting went on his journey. I on o clock Camo. But or. X had not Tir lived. mr. And arted Lor the singing Muina that we have Seldom heard Tho animal escapes a Hoot of. Ailments since the Rose color of life waa spares a Host of lob sustained in Cotis to were in n Mon Mut Bauk in Iii to the old j Quence of her bulling at when it i Village Chuich and it wus a summer after convenient or impossible to hoi. Noon and the yellow sunbeams were Iceam spaying of pos cows 1 professor. Lio Uley in through die we6t windows the Silver Cautle to new races Merde Tor , but air of Ihu old Deacon who aul in the pulpit., productive and valuable Lor the purpose Olvin turned to Gold in its Light. The minis yielding milk for inc Dairy and meal for the would or to 10 thinly could never Dio Ini Cher. Spayed cows yield annually for find him there lint they were i up Polimou. Had concluded the application the first to o or three Yenis at least a thud a goodly number of people the Ami the Village Clio Weie pie milk thai meeting-Hou, and a goodly number outside Ihu last hymn and the tune was ii a foie the t Bill the minister Insil not urn Vod where or. a Doxon Ujj. Dare not think How Many. Voices a Lille crowd around Iho f Ami the David the Fanner. L son of Jesse Are ended and the choir Are Al Casl for Many years to girl with Blue eyes Quantity of milk and somali following outlines of n dispatch leu Eivid non yesterday from or Hue. Who has been absent on a coasting since the i5lh if june 18s3. And returned to York Lac Tui in the Isth the o right of the be Idor and from the. Window Neir which he usually sat. Norinh still others from Iho same cause followed his Yongi ovations never Bleak example and the Sililo Rne Otini House was soon lil fld and Ono after another came drop of Ping in. Tho Farmer who turned towards loom Young Eais to Eirl ones wore the very the door each time it was Opo Rcd was a lit Houi or Mulo that column bears Sigil the never seen an Jaid Iho to sue his former i am Gnu bin to to1 r their Appi nr.inci1 i Liis an Ell act to Call and Smilo from mrs. A Lutter Teeling her heart ii finally i to d Between them Hal the. i. A h. ii1 e a de anon. Finch veterinarians have for Many years Namo did not appear either Amon or. Ivi singhurstconversion to the Republican Faith Between the seventh and eighth ballots of the convention the Cupon nominated him for on the was certainly the n recorded since the Davs of. Paul. But this ies Marrable proselyte proposes to alone for the lateness of his eleventh hour conversion by inc eagerness Wilh which he espouses the new Faith. Like other j Oung converts his Zeal sometimes a nil outruns his . For instance in a late i sober of his news Pap i to declares that the Kansas and Nebraska act and to prove this falsehood he has inc Blind Effi outer to Quoin the Tny soc lion of the act which Ilis proves it we allude of course to Llie 1 Tih of the acl Inch declares it Tui in tent Ati l meaning 1 to be not to Ingi late Slavoy into any Leni Lory or state or exclude it there from to leave lib people thereof per Leslly free to form regulate their Domestic Iii Stillions in their own Way. Subject have hitherto considered in unworthy of contradiction. It has been sum rested 10 that our silence might be ii to an of the truth of the charge that these depraved lib Ellers i jul i Way Deuce some advantage from the Publica Tion of my fal Thoi is. Or. Jacv immediately after his Nomina Tion was called to new York City by business of an imperative nature and has not it re a Iunius consequently he has nol been Able personally to deny the slanderous reports of his enemies. In this behalf we All base Fuls hoods and defy any one to the least panicle of evidence that Money has been by Stacy or his party of whiles Ouw in his elec Lioti. The Columbia reporter changed Etta having a Large amount of Money the of which he expects to Force himself on the people of this i incl. have reason to lha charge and any one need nol doubt our we the editor of the reporter to state his Rea Riih for the charge. Are interested deny his assertion and Call for the i oof we Appeal to All honorable men to djs counter Nice the attacks made by de signing aed bad men. Upon the private character of these persons who come before the people candidate for office. It a Susie magic at tempt of unprincipled demagogues to deter respectable citizens from seeking positions of a Public character and thus to leave a Clear Field for themselves. Unless it frowned to n by the honest portion of Community political adventures will succeed in their Dis and before Long no Man who has any re Gard Lor his reputation or who has a charac Ter to lose Wilt be willing to place himself in a position where he becomes a target for the villainous slanders of a set of Low bred Ira Dinar politicians. Hope that the people will give subject their attention and show by their Voles thai groundless Atlaclupon lha character of a Candice late for Oltaire have an effect exact ill contrary to that which desired by those who originate them. In this Man in r the evil can be speedily and effectually do Lac Union saved and was probably not on braid while talking the Comrade and room mate of or a or. Fan came to the office and announced that i. Stone was on braid. With him slept in the same stale loom heard had their attention directed to this subject nomm of Limo pushed out together into the or 1 Only to inc Constitution of Iho United and each Jena their expedience Well trial of Seails them to speak More and Moie favourably of the air Acline. Woik. Tar. Crops wisc Okma. John w. Hunt Siclo i in Alic i and ascending to the had died upon he they .1. In this Linn or. hand upon Hus aim. In you i Oil Here. Comedown and i will you a he said in Ai i excited Lone. Thank replied Man in a com voice Itvury combo Lable and the Imus . Place a Hall of Mori Wingl High i whose Selling Eail whose floors Are Gold and where hairs never grow old. Then rent kind of person a i in occupy the for i it that individual did not Iii Rivo. An Reveel to Ali v both looked with hut he tic. Expectancy. U of did Why die Man would have to put up with poor accommodations. When or Vav. Returned to inti Kitchen Thuro Iho Milru line had to atm Lieford the lire lie informed him that Thuiy had Deci ded to ii him nil night. Tho Man i a pre cd a few words he grateful of Thi in and became nil Rit and a Trouit Alful. Soon Al Tor tin Farmerwife a making forcible Cje Cimon of the Man giving tip All hypo of or. A h arrival had Froin i Lacu to Imra Edi supper taken up. Which co misled of col new ult v Llis doing no the Man nid mum Lirgg the Diuk opened to top by m an Book. Vince was thrilled e he accidentally with on of the Large tin fut Tai our town lakes and county could never that Iii ill loot More Lovely and inviting than Cabin which was Stull of and smoke Llinat they lost Ono Luither. Fan reached tic deck and into the Slone not been Hoard of Bince. Certainly it can no Mote be said that slavery if Iho people North of thirty six Deg and Ihly misites rhodos a to Havo Suney than that fixes Freedom if Llie people Sinh of thai line chooses to have Fie Corn. In neither event would Tho nation to responsible. Such National responsibility could Only accrue by a positive net of legislation the r people of the territories to establish slavery Iii lit Aii about the very hour j or to prohibit it. But the Kansas and zebras a acl not positive in requirements but Hal the husband was Graple. But to Viv worse. their any los Ophy that can explain death the Wile had a presentment merely a Corniss Able. Irs Hole Ojeil id Hal Iho reality could not Leflett her stated in the most succinct Ami their any religious or moral Phi j terms of w hich the in gosh language Scapa sheep. Though there Are few Superior Grain or fruit regions of country than this in Well adapted to hardly a week Jones by in which iwo or More Large droves of sheep to not through this place from other states. On their Way to some Point in immediate Vicinity. On monday the it tax Nisi a flock of six Hundred Wem through Here de for Dodge county Here they will be offered for Sale in ilium Bers to suit Purchas Cis. And flocks upon a thousand already i a de to be Figura Ite express Ion sofa i this portion of our slate concerned. Al the rate at which we Are now progressing in every thing that relates to our Yoonsi Bilitz material Prosperity in will not be Long before slavery by the a the Dif Feiel branches of agricultural Indus Lute columns fhe contrast a elect a the a ipod up crops and j i Vendure of new York and Tho fish vigor cake and broiled Chic Keith. Of Tor on Tho table n Short conference Wanh held to it would do not to in Vite to Lako in poor. In a Virlio they and Given him much bread Bacon Fie would but then Lonk Tut he was going to mar night it looked Loo ingot up table to dowry to mid not my him to join Twa. 80, virtue of new hearers she that Ang Alto and she that Sang air will be in their places one Marvel. Or. Vav Faulmi Well Down Herald publishes the Fol Hiwing Wrilen upon 10 gel a brother official to assist a Young Man who was accidentally lies who wits Accident Lilly shot _ on Ihu Banff of the packs River a Rollor w ,.u in and Lov Olver with no stopper for the cock to manner a out the. Hyrum jest Oij it was Polhe old brass i mourned and of such sheikin Jodom of Eav help to hold each other each othercross.lo bar Lei each he Fri enjoy _ no just adversity re e Only True balance to weigh a Friend. Ous and almost spontaneous growth of All kinds of produce Here cannot Well be described 1. 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