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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 26, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cloudy and mild 92nd year a no. 270 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation a 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2 1 61high Point n. C., sunday morning september 26. 1876 daily 15c, sunday 35c number of poor in . Sees faster growth in 75 Ford has drawn the upper limit of a moderate Quot $35,000. Washington apr More americans Slid into poverty last year than any time in the 17 years the government has been keeping track the census Bureau said saturday. The Bureau blamed the 2.5million increase in poverty stricken people on the whip saw effect of High inflation in the midst of recession together with widespread exhaustion of unemployment benefits last year. Despite an $818 increase in median family income last year to $13,720 a year inflation dragged the buying Power of that income Down to the lowest level in five years in 1975, the census Bureau said. The drop worked out to 2.6 per cent and followed a 3.5 per cent drop in 1974. Buying Power by that measure has now shrunk four of the last six years. For the number of people in poverty it was the second increase in a Row and Only the third since the Bureau began keeping such statistics in 1959. The increases in 1974 and in 1970 were both about 1.3 million. The census Bureau said 25.9 million persons lived in families that were below the government defined poverty level of $5,500 for a nonfarm family of four. The poverty level was up. Due to inflation from $5.-038 in 1974. The number of people in poverty was the largest since the 27.8 million in 1967, when the poverty level was $3,410. The 1975 figure represented 12 per cent or nearly one out of every eight persons. That was up from 11.6 per cent the year before and was the highest since the 12.6 per cent in 1970. The poverty income is set by computing the Cost of a Basic nutritionally adequate diet and multiplying that by three based on the government finding that poor people spend on third of their income on food. The 1975 level works out to $106 per week. By comparison the average wage of factory workers in mid-1975 was $163 per week. The minimum Federal wage of $2.30 an hour represents $92 for a 40-hour week and the average payment to retired workers on social Security last year was $206 per month. The new figures appeared destined to provide More fuel for the presidential election contest. Democrat Jimmy Carter has made president Fords handling of the Economy a key Issue for attack. And both candidates have offered tax reforms that would provide Relief to lower and moderate income taxpayers at the expense of upper bracket Carter has avoided setting a firm limit although his mention of the median or mean family income As the dividing line Between higher and lower income families prompted the republicans to accuse him of mapping a tax increase for half of All families. After mentioning mean or median income Carter then said he did not know what breakpoints he would use for shifting the tax Burden and has accused the republicans of misinterpreting his remarks. Median income is the level at which half of the nation s 56.2 million families had smaller incomes and the other half had larger incomes. The mean is total family income divided by the number of families. Mean income was $15,546 last year Carter cites failures of Ford atomic policy by the associated press declaring he won t concede a single state president Ford ventured lazily Down the River into Jimmy Carter s native Southland on saturday while the democratic nominee throttled Back his own political showboat on a swing through the West Ford launched the first major tour of his Campaign by climbing aboard the festooned deck of the Stern Wheeler Natchez in tiny Lutcher la., for a 35-mile paddle Stop Jaunt along the southernmost leg of the Mississippi he told a crowd that lined the levee in Reserve la that Quot i done to concede a single vote in a in Louisiana Mississippi Alabama and Florida to prove that we can win on nov. 2.&Quot both Ford and Carter made defense one of the Day s principal themes perhaps with an Eye toward their upcoming debate on that topic oct 6. The president told his audience in Lutcher that we re going to keep America no. I. Period when it comes to National Security. But Arter declared in a speech in san Diego. Cali that the administration is offering faint footsteps and secret diplomacy instead of bold International leadership to control the spread of nuclear weapons. We have failed pits Erakly. We done to have any dear policy of our own for for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Pickling practices q. I asked a few weeks ago about okra pickles and How to in them and have not gotten an answer yet. I want to hear rom you within the next few Days please. Thank you. Anon. Nan. A we hoped you would have seen the two other Pickle re tests we printed sept 3 in which we asked the people to provide their names and addresses so we could mail them a Booklet of recipes Well be Happy to do the same for you if full Tell us where to Send it. Or you can request a copy meekly from the source the county Home economics Exten Lon agents their number is 883-7154. Ext 3696 it gives eneral directions for pickling any kind of fruit or vegetable Hin t forget the Public Library has a number of recipe books to the procedure is just too lengthy for the space available cleanliness of mall q. Who is responsible for cleaning up around the dumpster and the grounds at Westchester mall i parked behind thalhimer a and started in the Hack Entrance and there was so much trash and dirt in the Way i just turned around and left. Do they not have a person to see that the mall grounds Are kept clean even the doors at the Hack Entrance Are dirty. A shopper. A the Westchester mall management says they believe this to be an exception to the usual appearance of the mall they assure you that the merchants Are not Happy that it was found Iii this condition and appreciate your calling it to their attention they said that All the merchants concerned with these specific dumpsters and the owner of the mall have been made aware of the complaint and the situation will he remedied question on voting q. I Ani a registered Independent in Davidson county. How was i Able to vote in the last primary and yet not Able to vote for the school Board or. . A this is a Puzzle everyone was eligible to vote for the school Board candidates since they were non partisan. We done to know How you were Able to vote for other party candidates unless the registration Book does no to list you As an Independent perhaps you a better Call the elections Board to make sure you Are registered As you think you Are child support q. It you have an illegitimate child n Hose f Ather is supposed to support it through the court and he has left town and the father now is drawing disability social Security How can you find out whether your child is eligible to draw i have the ii there a social Security number. . A you can file a claim at the social Security administration 518 n Hamilton is a spokesman at that office said this is a very difficult Type of claim but they do pay. Some when sufficient proof of paternity is provided control of reprocessing or storage of atomic waste or for the control of enrichment of uranium. A a our non nuclear proliferation policy has consisted of faint footsteps and secret diplomacy and a constant yielding to the manufacturers of atomic products and those who very cynically say there s no Way to control the spread of nuclear capabilities Carter s speech following an introduction by gov. Jerry Brown began a tour through Southern California that proceeds to Oregon on sunday at the same time the democratic nominee s cadre disclosed that his Overall schedule is being Cut Back to give the candidate More rest. Aides said the frenetic Pace which has kept Carter from More than four hours sleep most nights was to blame for lacklustre or mechanical performances. They were also troubled by recent episodes Over his Playboy Magazine remarks on sex and Lyndon Johnson and his comments on taxation in an interview with the associated press. Ford s seven hour River boat cruise was the Star Tofa three Day journey into four Southern states ending monday in Miami. A 150-Miie motorcade will take him into Mississippi and a Corner of Alabama on sunday. The excursion on the Natchez a new metallic vessel patterned after the elegant wooden steamers that plied old Man River in the Days of Mark Twain was climaxed with a rally near the new Orleans waterfront see Carter on 10a president Ford mixes with crowd before boarding the paddle Wheeler Natchez 1 a wire photo the Harris poll debates solidify candidates7 support by Loi is Harris although president Ford won the first debate by a Clear 40-31 per cent. Jimmy a Arter still holds a comfortable 50-41 per cent Lead nationwide in the contest for the presidency. But in a four Way race. Which would take account of the potential Impact of the Independent candidacies of Eugene Mccarthy and Lester Maddox Carter s Lead Over theft resident decreases to 46-39 per cent a seven Point margin one of the most important consequences of the debate was that it tended to firm up both the Ford and Carter support. The number of Carter voters who now feel Quot very strongly Quot about their Man has jumped la Points from 35 to 46 per cent the number of Ford voters who feel a very strongly Quot for him has gone up from 31 to 4u per cent in the special Harris a by news poll 1,516 voters previously surveyed in person during july and August were telephoned in the 36 hours following the debates. This technique allowed vote shifts to be measured and provided a Way of finding out Why they took place. Among people who saw the debate Carter s Lead Over president Ford is a narrower 48-42 per cent while among voters who did not see it the Democrat s Lead is a much wider 52-37 per cent however to conclude that the debate produced this difference in Carter support might Well be misleading since the debate watchers were drawn disproportionately from the most articulate educated and higher income voters. Following this first debate Carter holds a Clear and unmistakable Lead nevertheless his enormous Early leads of 39 and 25 per cent reported by previous surveys have obviously evaporated for Good and the Campaign has become something of a horse race when the detailed pattern of the gains and losses made by Ford and Carter is Analysed. It is Carters Overall position that seems to have strengthened in the past few weeks president Ford has gained substantial ground in the Midwest where he now leads by 49-42 per cent and in the Border states where he has narrowed a previous 58-36 per cent Carter Lead to 54-39 per cent but Carter still holds a big 56-36 per cent Edge in the entire South a Clear 52-38 per cent margin in the East and a 50-40 per cent Lead in the West. Even More important the narrow 43-40 per cent Lead of Carter in the big six states of the North has now widened to 44-39 per cent in a four Way race the evidence shows that Ford is not picking up votes in those big Northern Industrial states which he must take in order to win Toje electoral vote in november. The Burden of the f Ord Campaign now is to Cut the Carter leads in the East and West especially in the biggest states in the debate which president Ford clearly won in the estimate of the voters who saw it. Carter actually scored More debater s Points although he lost on some key and decisive issues. On the question of the presidential veto. Ford was thought to be More effective by a 44-30 per cent margin. He was rated higher than Carter 143-36 per cent on his approach to handling Federal spending the president was helped by the popular feeling that a Republican president using his veto on a democratic Congress May be the Best guarantee the voters have of making certain that Federal spending does not get oui of hand or Ford also scored Well on his charges that the democratic platform would Call for Large scale expansion of Federal spending. Carters widest Lead emerged in the discussion about Federal government reorganization where 48-26 per cent of the voters thought he was More effective a 40-28 per cent plurality judged him More effective on his proposals of How to Best meet the nation s Energy needs perhaps the most important Carter Edge could be found on the question of what the Federal government should do about jobs for the unemployed where he led by 46-34 per cent As for their closing statements. Carter bested the preside debates on 10a inside Reading Abc store debate. I Reland s peace people. Page 2d school columns. Page 19b editorials women s news. Sports. Television. Entertainment. .pages12 13 14, 15c obituaries. Classified pages 4-20d from past campaigns Ford Contri buttons probed 10-4 Over out7 really going out Lakewood. Colo a it s Quot ten four Quot for the jargon of police radio say departments in the Denver area. English is faster safer and More accurate than the code Long used to dispatch squad cars. A your boys seem to like it a lot better with Clear text a said the communications supervisor of the Aurora police department Archie Ezell Quot if we be got a family fight we say its a family fight Quot police in Aurora and Lakewood Denver suburbs. Now use straight pc English so do the Denver police and there is interest elsewhere the switch from the 10-signals code began five years ago when the Lakewood Public safety department decided to study tie system the code was set up years ago by the associated Public safety communications officers and is used by most police departments. It assigns numbers from 10-0 to 10-99 to police Calls in Lakewood a robbery was 10-33, a disturbance. 10-17. The 10-4 Call became a in new York api the watergate special prosecutor s office is probing whether funds from two maritime unions were covertly paid to president Ford Between 1964 and 1974. The new York times said in sunday s editions the times said the investigation by special prosecutor Charles f. Ruff entered on whether funds from the unions were a a laundered Quot through local Republican organizations in Ford s Home county in Michigan at feast one of the unions and gof officials in Kent county Mic which comprises the bulk of Fords former congressional District. Confirmed last week that their financial records have been subpoenaed Ruff has consistently refused to discuss his investigation the times said Fri agents have interviewed local Republican leaders about donations from the maritime organizations the newspaper said the agents asked those interviewed if any of the funds were relayed to Ford and it quoted one official As saying he recalled none of the funds being Given to Ford subpoenaed since Ford won the gop nomination were records of at least two top groups and those of the Marine engineers beneficial association subpoenaed two years earlier in another investigation were records from the seafarers International Union. Ruff s investigation covers to years from 1964, just prior to Ford becoming House minority Leader to 1974 when Ford succeeded former of resident Richard Nixon the times said the prosecutor according to the times has obtained the records of the Ken coun to finance committee and fifth congressional District committee these Are fundraising groups the Money is expended through another committee the Kent county he publican committee the records of which Are also being examined by Ruff the times said Thomas Bloodgood who had been involved in 1969 and 1970 in the finances of these committees told the times he recalled a donation from the seafarers but not the Marine engineers. He said he r called no relay of funds to Ford. It is riot unusual for powerful legislative leaders to receive donations from Large groups outside their District kith maritime groups contribute heavily to the political campaigns of legislators who support Laws beneficial to the unions interests in exorcism Man stabs Young son Philadelphia map a 27-year-old Man was charged saturday with stabbing his 3-year-old son with a bread knife to exorcise him of the Devil police said James t Matkowski 27, plunged the knife into his son because he thought the child was possessed of the Devil and had to be killed to a a save the world Quot said police capt Donald Thorn. Thom said Matkowski was charged with aggravated and simple assault recklessly endangering the life of another and weapons offences the boy James jr., was in critical condition at northeastern Hospital with a collapsed lung authorities said Matkowski. Apparently influenced by recent movies on the subject took a bread knife with a serrated Edge to his songs second floor bed Roo in and stabbed the boy in the left Side. Police said they said Matkowski returned downstairs and told his wife Katherine 25. He had stabbed the child she ran upstairs and found the boy lying on the floor with the knife still imbedded in his Side officers said police said Matkowski. Who recently lost his Job. Had been talking the Day before about How his son was he Thil Rai i i

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