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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 19, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather mostly sunny warm Mort data on Page Isa Mth year no. 2111 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1711 High Point n. C. Thursday afternoon september 19, 1974 40 pages classified ads 885-2177 other dept. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Ehrlichman asks delay attorneys cite Nixon s health Washington a former president Richard m. Nixon s health has been injected into the upcoming watergate cover up trial for the first time. Attorneys for John d. Ehrlichman asked on wednesday tor a b0-to-90-Day delay in the trial set to begin oct. I they said it will take at least that Long tor Nixon to recover sufficiently from mental depression and phlebitis in his left leg to appear As a defense witness. Meanwhile shortly before Ehrlichman s lawyers filed their motion with . District judge John j. Sirica a new Snag developed which could Force special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski to Issue his own subpoena for Nixon a testimony. Ehrlichman s subpoena for Nixon s testimony was delivered to Nixon a san Clemente calif., estate by a . Marshal a few weeks after Nixon resigned As president but before there bulletin Washington Aid the special watergate prosecutors office asked the Federal Bureau of investigation thursday to serve a subpoena on former president Richard m. Nixon in the watergate cover up trial that begins oct. I. A spokesman for special prosecutor Leon Jaworski said the subpoena is returnable on the Day the trial begins. Ile said the Fri was asked to deliver it to Nixon at his san Clemente calif., Home because of Iii Liaison with the secret service. Were widespread reports about Nixon s tailing health. The trial of Ehrlichman and five defendants is expected to last about three months but there has been no indication when Nixon might be called to testify. In their motion Ehrlichmann a lawyers said Nixon s a personal appearance at trial is m for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. No Hospital zone t. Could Vou Tell us who to get in touch with about the traffic volume at night at the emergency Entrance at the Hospital it is just like a race track with people going up and Down the Street All night Long fighting and arguing and it is just a mess. We Call the police and it does no to seem to do a bit of Good. Thank you very much. Mrs. S. G. A. A police officer is hired by the Hospital to control the traffic on weekends. Anytime there is a disturbance if you will Call the police station they will be glad to Check it out. Dispensable to or. Ehrlich Man s the former president s attorney. Herbert j. Miller has already cited Nixon a health in an unrelated civil suit As a reason not to require Nixon to give a sworn deposition in Santa Ana calif., on sept. 24. Miller said that Nixon has in recent weeks a a shown serious signs of Strain and physical fatigue in addition to his phlebitis. In London Walter h. Annenberg . Ambassador to great Britain and a Friend of Nixon a said in an a interview on wednesday that the former president had called him on tuesday to say he expected to enter a Hospital soon. Annenberg said Nixon did not say How he Felt but a this voice was firm and seemed completely Normal to meanwhile All defense and prosecution lawyers in the Case met wednesday. Sources said a Snag developed which could further complicate the trial and which conceivably could prevent 33 White House tapes from being used As evidence in the trial. Many of the recordings Are of conversations Nixon had with defendants in the Case and they Are considered crucial to the prosecutor s Case. There is a Legal precedent that tape recordings used in a criminal trial must be authenticated by their owner or originator. Defense attorneys refused on wednesday to agree to a prosecution request that it would be unnecessary for Nixon As original owner of the tapes to testify to their authenticity in court. Of no other Means can be found to authenticate the White House tapes As evidence it is conceivable the prosecutors May be forced to Issue their own subpoena for the former president sources said. Senate rejects Ford s delay of pay raise Washington Aid the Senate today rejected president Ford s Pica to delay 5.5 per cent pay raises for 3.5 million Federal workers for three months. The vote was 64 to 35. The Vole Means the raises will go into effect oct. I As originally scheduled since Fords order to delay them could he overturned by majority vote of either the House or Senate. It was Fords first major congressional defeat since becoming president on aug. 9. Ford had proposed the delay in an Effort to curb inflation but critics said the delay which would have saved about $700 million would have had Little or no Impact. Votes on Resolution Senate group joins Battle to get tapes Washington Aid a Senate committee is ready to join the special watergate prosecutor and a House subcommittee in efforts to expand Access to tonner president Richard m. Nixon tapes and documents. The Senate government operations committee was scheduled to vote today on a Resolution calling on president Ford to make Public All parts of the tapes dealing with watergate. And the committee is also considering action on a Bill sponsored by sen. Jacob k. Javits rny., which would make All the papers of f future presidents the property of the government. In the House rep Tom Steed. D-okla., said on tuesday his House appropriations subcommittee will urge that none of the tapes and papers be moved from Washington a until an arrangement is worked out to assure they will be made available to the Jaworski meanwhile sent the White House a list of tapes and documents he wants for various watergate prosecutions. And a White House source said that at the same time Jaworski aides Are trying to reach a Compromise on Access to the materials with Nixon a lawyer Herbert j. Miller. Jaworski had not been consulted on the agreement announced sept. 8, for safekeeping of Nixon s tapes and papers. The agreement pileup on interstate kills one Otis Dickson 54. Was killed wednesday afternoon in Rush hour traffic on interstate 55 near Memphis when a dump truck involved in a Chain collision rolled Over the roof of his car. Five vehicles were involved in the pileup which began when a tractor trailer Rig crashed into the rear of the dump truck sap wire photo was worked out by Benton l. Becker a Washington lawyer representing Ford and Miller. Under that agreement the materials would be safeguarded in a vault near Nixon s san Clemente Home which could be opened Only by use of two keys. Nixon would have one key and Arthur Sampson head of the general services administration would have the other. The agreement Calls on Nixon to make materials available if subpoenaed but he could Challenge any subpoena in court. The materials have not left the White House yet but Ford has stopped Short of saying they will remain there until Jaworski a staff obtains everything it needs. The Senate Resolution which would not have the Force of Law. Was suggested by democratic Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana. It states that because it is now Uncertain whether the Public will be allowed Access to the tapes Ford should make them available. A it Calls upon president Ford to assure the american people that in the National interest they will be provided All the facts of watergate Mansfield said. The House subcommittee has deleted funds tor Nixon a transition which had been intended for construction of the vault for the papers and tapes. Under the agreement signed by Nixon he donates the tapes to the United states effective sept. I 1979 with the provision that he can order destruction of any he feels would injure Embarrass or harass anyone. The tapes Are to be destroyed five years later or on Nixon s death whichever is first. He agrees to hold his papers jointly with the government for three years after which he is free to do with them As he wishes. Stray dog problem q. There Are so Many dogs around Here and there is one Black dog a Beautiful dog that has a Flea Collar and he is Al Over the neighbourhood. He is just a pest and the people in this Vicinity can to feed pets for him. I would appreciate it if the owner would put the dog up or do something about it because i Ani afraid something is going to happen to the dog if not. Anonymous woman. A. If you know the owner you can indict him if the dog is bothering you. If not. Call the police department and the Pound Muster will try to catch him off his property the dog that isl maybe things would improve it the ordinance is changed have the Pound master collect the owners in his truck to spend the night at the animal shelter. Never did think it was fair to make the dogs Sutter for their owners negligence. Noise pollution if. What is the City ordinance on disturbing the peace and How you could get a Book on City ordinances s. F. A. The High Point code Sec. 15-3. Titled a breach of the states. A no person shall commit a breach of the peace or engage in any riotous or disorderly conduct or use such language As is calculated and intended to bring on a breach of the peace of annoy or disturb the there is a whole chapter devoted to noise the first two sections of this broadly prohibit a the creation of any unreasonably loud disturbing and unnecessary noise and noise of such character intensity and duration As to be detrimental to the life or health of any individual. The Book of ordinances tor the City can be seen at the City departments such As police inspections City attorneys office or that of the City manager City clerk Etc no searching if in ii True thai these helicopters we have been seeing recently arc looking tor marijuana. That is what i heard and would like to know it it is True. I thought maybe you could Check on that As i have no Way it tinting out. I think it is pretty sad we can to have helicopters tor these kids that get lost and air plane wrecks and stuff and think that is pretty had if that is the Way it is. Thank you. Anon. A a police department spokesman says they have no knowledge of helicopters being used to search for marijuana in the area they do have Access to an air plane for use in searches for people. Avoid simplistic policy on inflation Kennedy Washington a sen. Edward m. Kennedy a Mas said today that the United states must avoid a scorched Earth policy that tights Only inflation but ignores the threat of a deep recession. He told 180 delegates to a mini Summit coherence on inflation that the nation needs to avoid a simplistic policies masquerading under simplistic slogans like old time a the old time religion May be an appealing Road to follow a the senator said a but it is also the Road to old time recessions and depressions and that is a Road the nation neither has to take nor ought to take in the months and years ahead Kennedy was among the opening speakers at the two Day session in the . Department of health education and welfare that brought the leaders of scores of major National the unskilled the youth and organizations together. The minority groups who will ticking off examples of be the hardest How inflation has already hew Secretary Caspar w. Decreased the Quality of Lite Weinberger assured the Dele in America Kennedy noted Gates that a absolutely no that costs have risen 20 per preconceived outcomes have cent higher for the poor than been adopted prior to the for other citizens. he warned that the and rut the president of the a Mist ration s anti a elation to on s largest teacher Organ policies a will create More nation expressed doubts serious unemployment in the about that and warned that future a and it is the aged crime welfare and unemployment would Rise if i a education is kept hostage by anti inflationary Federal budget cuts. Amusements we James a. Harris head of bridge.51 the National education classified ads ,.6-ud association representing 15 comics41 million classroom teachers crossword 51 was among 180 delegates to a editorials4a two Day economic Mim financial .2a Summit conference at the obituaries id department of health Edu sports. 1-7c cation and welfare. Television id a prelude to the National women a news i to Summit conference sept 27 weather.3.4 be avoid on 2al Freer soviet emigration foreseen Washington apr Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger said today he expects to reach an understanding with the soviet Union allowing f reer emigration trom that nation. But Kissinger said. Freedom of emigration should not be a precondition tor stronger economic ties with the soviets. Such a policy might revive the cold War atmosphere of postwar years he said Kissinger gave his views in a Loreign policy statement before the Senate foreign relations committee which is conducting hearings on the policy of detente with communist countries. Kissinger also defended existing agreements with the soviet Union on the limitations of strategic nuclear weapons and declared the goal of future strategic arms limitation talks Salt is to achieve see Freer on 2a food problem staggering by William l. Ryan a special correspondent United nations n. Y. Apr president Ford s address to the 29th general Assembly stirred Only timid and guarded Hope among proponents of International action to Deal with staggering world food problems. The president promised the Assembly on wednesday that the United states would spend More on food shipments to needy countries and increase technical Aid to their food production programs. He also said the . Government is ready to negotiate a world food Reserve plan but he pointed out that the problems of food shortages Oil prices and runaway inflation Are All related. He warned the 137 other members of the United nations a failure to cooperate on Oil food and inflation could spell disaster for every a lion represented in this room. The United nations must not and need not allow this to occur. A global strategy for Tood and Energy is urgently even the guardedly hopeful suggest that Progress thus far has been minimal toward this goal of concerted International efforts to Avert future calamity in much of the world. Attempts to produce Concrete results toward curbing the growth of populations got nowhere at the recent Bucharest conference where bickering about ideology and National interests eclipsed the business at hand. Nations being nations other conferences have run afoul of such things As jealousy Over Sovereign ties Over ideology and Over questions of who gives what see food on 7a Independent stations dropping gasoline prices Young offender q Haw come an la year old boy broke in a House and was caught and culled the police and they said nothing could be done to him because or is la years old. Thank you. Or. Anon a la there is proof he broke into the House the boy can be taken into juvenile court and can be tried new York a inde pendent gasoline stations Are dropping pump prices As much As 13 cents a gallon cutting into sales of Many higher priced major Brand dealers an associated press Survey shows. A theres definitely some easing of Price All around especially in the wholesale Price available to says Dan Lundberg of the Lundberg Survey of National retail gasoline prices. A two months ago the Market for Independent gasoline had almost dried up but now it s open again says a spokesman tor the St. Louis based society of Independent gasoline marketers. A Independent refiners who sell to the Independent retailers Are getting More imported crude and More of the cheaper Domestic crude which the majors have to sell Oft out of their inventories through the Federal allocation a was a result the independents Price has dropped 4 to 5 cents a gallon generally and they re passing it along to the customer. Some independents Are going one step further and cutting their profit margins Down to build up the sales volume they lost to the majors during the gasoline Industry gasoline Supply figures indicate that there is More of the fuel in Stock this year than the same time last year but demand is holding about even with last year s level this Means that the majors Are having trouble Selling All their gasoline through their own outlets. Many dealers say the increased Supply of gasoline has come from conservation by motorists. But some dealers say the major Oil companies Are purposely holding prices at High Levels to boost their profits. This has acted As a deterrent to retail sales which helps supplies but hurts business they say. A i guess they re More concerned with their stockholders than they Are about their dealers and their customers a says a Phillips Petroleum dealer in Topeka Kan. In Louisiana where independents have Cut prices about Tive cents a gallon this summer Exxon dealer Munroe Reed of new Orleans says a their lower prices ire hurting me and Brand dealers like me Reed says he and other Exxon dealers have complained tor a month to Exxon to lower prices in their area but have seen no results. Gasoline in South Carolina is Down 13 cents a gallon from its Peak and is Selling at 45.7 cents a gallon at Independent stations one Columbia s c., company dealer who asked not to be identified says he does t know Why independents prices Are falling and his Aren t. A the Home office tells us what to charge an we Art just going along a he says. The Price of regular has dropped two to tour cents a gallon in Charlotte n c., since Early summer and some independents Are sell my regular As Low As 48 9 cents per gallon. Exxon dealer James Robinson of Charlotte complains that his sales Are Down 15 per cent As customers desert him for lower priced Gas. Fie says Exxon has suggested he stay open longer to try to sell More Gas but the company wont Cut prices

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