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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 16, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy More data ,3a 92nd year no. 260 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation ssm719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., thursday afternoon september 16, 1976 40 pages daily 15c, sunday 35f Lee i Rig for trip to China Mansfield ends service in Senate Washington a Senate majority Leader Mike mans eld. A gentle scholar who wastes no words but whose words have influenced More than three decades of . History is spending his last Day in the Senate. The 73-year-old Montana Democrat who earlier this year decided not to seek re election after today is travelling to the Peoples Republic of China and won t return before the oct 2 end of the congressional session. Mansfield an acknowledged authority on far Carter continues fire Eastern affairs who once taught the subject and sen. John Glenn Ohio. Are travelling together for what Mansfield described As a work and study session. In customary fashion. Mansfield has said Little about his pending departure from the Senate floor his place of business since 1953 but when coaxed by interviewers he has obligingly discussed the most memorable successes and failures of Congress since he arrived As a House freshman in 1943. He has talked about gaining the vote for 18-year Olds the Senate s investigation into watergate creation of an intelligence oversight committee in the Senate and the Joy of saving a Montana Lake Flathead and about the tragedy of Vietnam Cambodia and Laos in a letter to president Ford shortly after his decision to leave Public office. Mansfield wrote in part a my years in the Congress encompass one sixth of the nation s history since Independence the administrations of seven presidents the assassination of a president and other extreme outrages against human decency Able political leaderships and seamy politics and chicanery the Dawn of the nuclear age and men on the Moon a great War and a prelude of More wars and an uneasy peace. I ask now that this Trust be shifted to other his 16 years As party Leader in the Senate exceeded by no Man Mansfield always appeared an unlikely Choice for such longevity in a rough and Tumble business. Sen. Mike Mansfield president Ford begins Campaign in Michigan by Dave Riley associated press writer president Ford faced a crowd of enthusiastic hecklers As he began his Campaign at his Alma mater but some of the most energetic heckling came from 30 Miles away where Jimmy Carter charged him with being a cause of economic a a disaster a leaving Washington for the first time in the fall Campaign Ford flew to the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor where he said it is not enough for anyone to say Trust Trust must be for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Why stand q. I am not going to give you my name because it might stir something up. Why do we have to stand up in front of judges when they Are people like us we like them but we ainu to got an Honor for them and that is Why if i Ever go to court i am not going to stand up to no judge because he is a person. Thank you. Anon. A we believe the tradition of standing is not to Honor the judge but to signify respect for the Law and to serve As a reminder that we Are All subject to the Law at other times and places Small physical movements Are made in respect a the bowing of Heads when a Cross is in a Church processional the saluting of the Flag passing in review. The gestures Are not made for the particular Cross or Flag or judge present but for what the object or person symbolizes the belief that a country should be ruled by Law rather than men goes Back in time to the ancient greeks six Hundred years before Christ the great lawgiver Solon of Athens persuaded the noblemen to treat All citizens alike when it came to matters of Justice there Are miscarriages of Justice there May be bad Laws and poor judges and juries and verdicts but without a system of Laws and a respect for them civilization would no longer be civil. We think we read somewhere that in London s court of old Bailey the Entrance door to the courtroom was purposely made too Short for the average person so they were forced to a Bow before the Law on entering or suffer the consequences of a bruised head have we convinced you to stand when the Bailiff says Rise it s much less painful than standing in contempt of court or getting a knot on your head. Better yet respect the Law and you wont have to stand up to no judge. Small chickens big problem q. Some people Over on have Bantam chickens they do not keep penned up. The chickens go into other Peoples Yards scratching and ruining their gardens and Flowers. If they continue to let them run free is it All right to kill them anon. A. We Trust you mean the chickens and not the neighbors try resolving the problem by calling the building inspections department and giving them the House number on the Street and the residents name. The City codes require that fowl and other animals be penned no closer than 40 feet from another dwelling. Newspaper logs q. What is the recipe for making logs out of newspapers . A directions Given in a Paul Harvey newscast a few years ago were to Roll them tightly and tie with heavy twine then soak in a mixture of four pounds of Copper sulphate four pounds of table or Rock Salt with one gallon of water turn them occasionally and after about a month remove and allow them to dry thoroughly. No diving trainers q. How can a person find a Trainer for diving and How would you go about doing it . A maybe someone Reading your question knows of one but a spokesman at the y said he did no to believe there was a local person. Depending on How far you can travel to train you could write the athletic directors of Uno Duke Wake Forest and others to see if they have a diving coach with the time to give private instruction. Carter was appearing at a state Al Cio convention 30 Miles away in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn there in the Shadow of the strike idled Ford motor co Assembly Plant he blamed Ford and former president Richard m Nixon for the country a economic ills. A when Richard Nixon resigned Gerald Ford inherited a difficult situation but in a few Short weeks he unerringly turned difficulty into Carter said Carters democratic running mate. Sen Walter Mon Dale. Quickly jumped on Ford s speech saying Ford a has a record that belies and puts the falsehood to everything he now says he s he said Ford has an a absolutely terrible record on the Economy health care. Housing and education Ford s Republican running mate. Sen Bob Dole spent wednesday campaigning with vice president Nelson a Rockefeller. Both presidential candidates Are scheduled to speak tonight to a dinner of the Italo american foundation in Washington but their schedules should keep them from seeing each other a Ford s speech sometimes Drew spirited booing from the University crowd wednesday night but he got a standing ovation As he spoke about Trust in terms obviously aimed at Carter a a Trust is not having to guess what a candidate Ford said Quot Trust is leveling with the people before the election about what you Are going to do after the election Trust is not being All things to All people but being the same thing to All people Trust is not cleverly choosing words so that each separate audience can hear what it wants to hear but saying plainly and simply what you mean a and meaning what you the Boos and catcalls greeted the mention of nearly everyone but the loudest came with mention of Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger Fords acknowledge applause on stage at Crisler Arena in Ann Arbor map wire photo House votes on 76 tax package Washington apr Republican critics of a step to increase taxes on property heirs Are waging a last ditch fight As the House casts its final votes on the tax package that also extends the multimillion Dollar income tax Cut. Key democrats expect to win the showdown today and the House then is expected to approve the Bill so Ping the wide ranging measure to the Senate for final congressional action and on to president Ford the measure was approved last week by Senate House negotiators while supporting most of the Bill. Reps Herman t. Schneebeli r-pa., and Barber b. Conable jr., gop members of the House ways and Means committee told colleagues wednesday that one tax hiking plan should be deleted that plan would hike income taxes on heirs who a Ell inherited property and would gain $162 million for the Treasury by 1981. The new method would require the heir to value the property at the Price that the deceased paid for it rather than at the Price at the time of the deceased s death. Thus if a person buys corporate Stock for $10,000 and to years later wills it to a relative when it was Worth $55,000 and the heir later Sells it for $60,000, present Law would tax the &000 difference. The Bill would change this to tax the $50,000 difference Between the original Cost and the eventual Selling Price the gift and estate tax portions of the package generally reduce Federal taxes in those areas. However Schneebeli and Conable said the tax hike provision a would More than negate any Relief which All the other provisions of the Bill would provide for Many subject to the estate but rep Al Ullmar Dore. Chairman of the ways and Means committee termed it a a delicate and responsible so House on 2a Ford Likely to stick to to states Washington a despite bold talk from both sides about contesting every state the presidential Campaign is being ruled by hard numbers that indicate president Ford will be concentrating his efforts in just a handful of states. Polls show Democrat Jimmy Carter running ahead almost everywhere while Ford s strategists concede that their Battle is Uphill. The result is that Carter is coming closer to what both candidates Are claiming a 50-state Campaign. He plans to run everywhere unless he finds trouble spots where he needs to concentrate Ford handlers faithfully reflect in Public his Promise to Challenge Carter in every state but they have picked their Battle grounds the final Duel will be in about to key states says Jim Baker Ford s Campaign manager. He lists new York new Jersey. Pennsylvania Illinois. Wisconsin Michigan Ohio. California. Texas and Florida. A it s going to be those to swing states which Are swing because of the Large amount of electoral votes and because it s reasonably close in All of them a Baker said. Those states account for 256 electoral votes it takes 270 to win. Neither Side is bold enough to claim All of them this Early but whoever controls the bulk of them is Likely to be the next president. Ford Campaign treasurer Royston Hughes says a we Are not conceding any state i in mailing out checks to Headquarters in 50 states but obviously the polling and the refinement will go on we done to want to misplace our Ford starts out however with the knowledge that his own polls show him leading Only in his Home state of Michigan among the to so it was not just because Michigan is his Home state that Ford chose it for his first formal Campaign trip wednesday. F rom whatever base he can build on among the to swing states f Ord Hopes to turn to what Baker called a your traditional states the midwestern and the Rocky see Ford on 2a Penny May be on Way out Washington apr remember Penny Candy the Penny weight machine Penny parking meters and Penny stocks0 they re All gone and the Penny May soon be gone too inflation has led most people to toss their pennies in jars or desk drawers stuff them in Piggy Banks or let them mount up quietly in the cracks behind the sofa s Cushion. Because the truth is a Penny goes much farther today than it did just to years ago a you can carry one around for weeks and never find anything it will buy. So a government sponsored study is recommending that the mint eliminate the one cent piece by 1980 the study made for the government by research Triangle Institute says pennies Are too expensive to make and besides since they Are so hard to spend people Squirrel them away instead of spending them. It also recommended replacing half dollars with a new smaller $1 Coin. The mint and the Treasury department plan to study the proposal. The loss of the Penny a mainstay of the . Monetary system since its beginning could be the cause of a major crisis in the English language. Most references made to pennies these Days Are in conversations about the Good old Days of Penny Candy which is now a Nickel or Penny matches now two cents Penny stocks now extinct or be Wenny on 2a Lee offered party Post Raleigh a Howard Lee. Defeated tuesday in his bid for democratic nomination for lieutenant governor has been asked to serve As first vice chairman in the state party Lee said this morning that he will decide whether to accept sometime today. The offer was advanced by it. Gov Jim Hunt the party a gubernatorial nominee and titular head saturday Hunt will ask the state executive committee to approve a number of party appointments including Betty r Mccain of Wilson As party chairman. Lee was second vice chairman of the state party several years ago what s inside \ amusements.3d Bridge 3d classified ads5-1 id unties4d crossword .3d editorials4a financial2 a obituaries .2d sports1-5c television by women a news weather.9. 3a bad news for Many sick pay exclusion narrowed under Bill editors note this is the third in a series of five articles explaining key provisions of the 1976 tax Bill moving through Congress. By Jim Luth r associated press writer Washington a the big tax Bill pending in Congress has some bad news for Many Ordinary taxpayers if you Are accustomed to getting tax free sick pay from your employer or if you be been taking a deduction for maintaining a part time office in your Home you May find your taxes going up furthermore your deduction for a vacation Home May be in jeopardy and you can expect Uncle Sam to take his share of your big gambling winnings before you get yours. These provisions along with continuation of individual and business tax cuts and a variety of special tax benefits Are included in the Bill which Congress May give final approval to this week. Here is How some of the changes would affect Ordinary taxpayers sick pay the Bill eliminates the present exclusion and replaces it with a much narrower exclusion that benefits Only permanently disabled persons who retired before age 65 present Law allows an employee once certain conditions Are met to exclude from taxation up to $100 a week in sick pay if is is a payment made to a sick worker in lieu of wages. The lower the sick pay and the sooner the worker is hospitalized the quicker the tax Benefit is available but in no Case May sick pay exceed $75 a week for the first 30 Days of an illness and $100 a week after the first month at the end of the year the worker totals up his sick pay and subtracts it from income subject to taxation Congress wants to end this system for several reasons one reason is that on a percentage basis sick pay is far More Ben Fici Ial to someone in a higher tax bracket than to a Low or Middle income worker. More than 60 cent of the benefits go to taxpayers with annual incomes above $20,0db. A a f furthermore in Many cases a worker would be better off financially if he stayed at Home and claimed sick pay than it he went to work a As with Many other tax benefits the taxpayer has to Wade through such a Maze of forms instructions exceptions and so sick pay on 2a

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