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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 8, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather rain continues More data on 2a 50th year a no. 250 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., sunday morning september 8,1974 106 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c one shot inflation attack is rejected coast guardsman appears to be saluting but is Only holding his hat As Carmen winds kick up Waters of Lake Pontchartrain at new Orleans a wire photo Washington a president Ford has decided against any Quick Public move to pressure the Federal Reserve Board to relax its tight Money policy sources reported saturday. Instead the sources said Ford was sticking with his plan to move deliberately in molding a package of anti inflation proposals. That package plan probably won t be completed for at least a month and perhaps not until late in the year one White House adviser indicated Carmen rips Louisiana new Orleans a Hurricane Carmen battered Louisiana slow lying coast saturday night pushing up High tides with winds that gusted to 180 Miles an hour near the Center. A weather Bureau bulletin said Carmens Eye was too Miles South Southwest of new Orleans which meant Hurricane winds were screaming Over the deserted marshes near the sea. At 7 . air Force reconnaissance and radar located the Center at latitude 28.6 North and Longitude 90 7 West. Described As extremely dangerous. Carmen headed Inland for an area around Houma la., but was reported a diminishing threat to Mississippi Alabama and Florida. However. A Hurricane warning remained in effect from Morgan City. La. Ala. To Mobile for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Aba q. Would you find out for me the address of the american bar Assn. And please put it in the paper thank you. Anon. A. 1155 East 80th st., Chicago 111. 60637. Save a tree bag q. Where can you get those mesh shopping bags called a save a tree bags . A. Ecology minded stores such As those Selling health foods have them. They Cost approximately $3 50 to $4.25 depending on the size and Are so sturdy they last for years this is a Good time to add the suggestion of a Man who thought grocery shoppers could take their Large paper bags Back with them on their next grocery trip to use again. Problems of elderly q. How can you get in touch with someone in charge of Harp in High Point to help with the problems of insurance and other problems with elderly people mrs. Mai. A. You can Call Bob Fountain at 885-5345. He is the current president of the local chapter of the american Assn. Of retired persons. State fair q. Could you Tell me when the state fair in Raleigh will be held thank you. I would like to see this As soon As possible in the paper. Anon a. Oct. 18-26. Peace corps q. Where can i get some information about the peace corps anon. A. The Public Library has several references and guides and some books written by those who have served in it. You can write the peace corps at 806 Connecticut ave new Washington d c. 20525 Michael p. Balzano or. Is director. The Federal Volunteer service programs were merged in 1971 into one Agency called action which includes the peace corps Vista and score the service corps of retired executives. Peace corps application forms and a questionnaire Are also available at colleges and offices of county agriculture agents or from your congressman sound off we would like 15 students to make a beginners class for sewing for wednesday nights beginning sept. It for . Being offered at High Point division of the Arcade. Also needed Are 15 students for a pattern fitting and alteration class for thursday from noon until 3 . Beginning sept. 12 at the Arcade building. Please Contact . At 454-1126 or Minnie Walser at 475-6060 at once. Thank you. Re action. Somebody was asking in action line How to keep a Hydrangea in the Yard to keep them Blue. I was rattled on a farm and we always took bluing that you use in laundry and put it around the roots. That helps to keep it Blue. If you want it Pink put red Clear around it. Thank you. Mrs. I. She was veering slightly West of due North with highest sustained winds at 150 in p h. Forward Speed was about to m p h. Her winds built up High tides of 12 to 14 feet in an area where live feet above sea level is a Hill. Tens of thousands evacuated the coastal area during a Day of Highway tray state issued flood warning Raleigh apr forecasters warned North carolinians saturday to be Alert tor heavy rain and hooding during the weekend As Hurricane Carmen moves Inland in a special statement saturday afternoon the National weather service said Carmen a poses a definite threat to the state of North Carolina sunday and monday with heavy Rains and possible serious River Levels throughout North Carolina were reported already rising some of them near flood stage As a result of rain Friday and saturday. Rainfall during a 24-hour period ending saturday morning was As High As 3.45 inches at Roxboro. Rainfall of 3.23 inches was reported at Rougemont near Durham. 3.21 inches at Siler City and 2 95 inches at Eden. Fie which often was bumper to bumper at a frustrating crawl. Gov. Edwin Edwards said president Ford telephoned him irom Washington to offer full Federal support in rebuilding any areas damaged by the powerful Hurricane. A the is Well aware of the impending disaster and has alerted All the Federal agencies in the state a said Edwards. He added that the president asked him to Call the. White House in Case of a severe emergency. However the storms Westward veer would ease what had been a major danger. Had Carmen not veered West she could have struck across Lake Pontchartrain. The 26-mile-wide Lake at new Orleans Back door triggering what army engineers said could have been catastrophic flooding in Low lying sections of the City and some suburbs. A red Cross spokesman said 25.000 persons were being housed in 200 shelters in the new Orleans area and that up to 100.000 were expected to evacuate their Homes. A it s an extremely dangerous storm a forecasters in new Orleans said. Carmen was rated at a strength of Between 3 and 4 on a scale of i to 5. Camille the Hurricane which left 167 dead on the Gulf coast in 1969, rated a 5. At mid afternoon an unusual Calm preceded the storm. Areas along the coast reported patches of Sunshine Sharp contrast to heavy morning Rains that soaked people boarding up the windows of Homes and businesses. Hurricane warning flags were flying from Morgan City. La., to Mobile ala., where tides were predicted to be 5 to to feet above Normal. Squalls with winds at Gale Force were expected from Panama City fla., to Vermillion Bay la. A heavy Rains with accumulations of 8 to to inches will spread northward across Southeast Louisiana and Southern Mississippi ahead of Carmen a forecasters said. A a few tornadoes Are possible. Along the coast from Biloxi miss., to fort Walton Beach. Fla., and too Miles Inland a the disclosures came Atter Ford revealed in a Philadelphia speech Friday night that he is charting a 22-month Battle plan for what he called his a fall out War against a we Are going after one and All democrats republicans and independents the Public enemy of inflation in 1974 and we will lick him before july 4, 1976,�?� Ford told a dinner meeting commemorating the 200th anniversary of the first Continental Congress. One aide suggested saturday that Ford had picked the Date partly for rhetorical and symbolic purposes a its the 200th anniversary of America s birth. But Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield d-mont., said saturday Quot we can Tatford to wait that one administration source acknowledged that Ford s timetable is intended to ease the pressure for prompt anti inflation action. The president believes the country a economic problems Are a too serious for doing something that looks Good in the Public mind but could really have bad Long Range effects a said one official close to Ford. He is against any Public relations tinkering operation just for the Sake of saying we be done something a a this adviser said. A consensus of the economists who participated in a White House inflation mini Summit on thursday suggested moves to ease the tight Money policy which is blamed for High interest rates and a Scarcity of credit. Administration officials have argued that looser Money might increase productivity but would also drive up prices and make inflation worse. On Friday chairman Alan Greenspan of the president s Council of economic advisers said a loosening of the Money Supply now would Only produce a a Short term sense of Well being. A and Treasury Secretary William e. Simon spoke of the need for patient and consistent fiscal and monetary to beat inflation restraint a for a sustained period of a White House aide indicated Greenspan and Simon were reflecting Fords views. Ile also noted that a the area of Money Supply and interest rates Falls into the preserve of the Federal Reserve Board. It really is in the hands of chairman Arthur Burns and his fellow Board while this aide described Ford and Burns As a quite close a he indicated there would be no Public Effort by Ford to persuade Burns to change the boards policies. Mansfield says Ford can t wait Washington a Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield said saturday Congress definitely will return to work after the november election and declared that the nation can to afford to wait until president Ford s july 4. 1976, target Date to lick inflation. Quot we can t afford to wait that Long to face up to a problem which is very evident now and which May get worse if we postpone Dill Dally or delay the consideration it deserves a Mansfield told reporters. He reiterated that democratic senators stand ready to act this year on hew head denounces cutting Only defense with Mozambique Portugal signs Freedom treaty Lusaka Zambia apr a Portugal and the Mozambique guerrillas signed an agreement saturday designed to end almost five centuries of foreign Rule in the Eastern Africa territory and put a Stop to to years of bloody colonial War. Places in Lourenco Marques the Mozambique capital reacted with jubilation rallying in the a City a sports stadium and waving the Flag of fre Limo the Mozambique liberation front. But White settlers in the territory responded quickly and angrily to the agreement. They clashed with fre Limo sympathizers in the capital and Lisbon radio reported that they had taken Over the City a Airport and its main radio station and were broadcasting proclamations pledging to keep Mozambique from fre Limo. The agreement called for a cease fire in the guerrilla War and a transitional government headed by a fre Limo nominee to run Mozambique until Independence Early next summer. In Lisbon the portuguese capital officials said the White led revolt will a make no difference in implementation of the agreement. Independence the uprising was reported led by a Clandestine organization known As a the dragons of death a which has been distributing leaflets promising to strike at fre Limo murderers a and their supporters. The group is made up of former paratroopers and commandos who fought against fre Limo in the 10-year guerrilla War in Mozambique. The radio station was broadcasting martial music interrupted periodically by Calls to police army Navy and air Force personnel to report immediately to Barracks Washington a inflation fighters who would slash the defense budget and leave welfare expenditures intact Are guilty of a very Loose thinking a says Caspar w. Weinberger Secretary of health education and welfare. The California conservative said in an interview that no area of the Federal budget including his own Sui billion a year department should be immune from spending cutbacks. I defense should not be expected to shoulder the entire Burden of reduced Federal spending sought by president Ford he warned. A the easy answer Many people give that you can take it All out of defense is quite wrong a he declared a you can t take it All out of welfare you can to take it All out of social Security you can t take it All out of anything a he said the upcoming economic Summit conference must review All Federal spending to i my Quot things that done to seem to be necessary or done to seem to be tul tilling their a there s a great Deal of Loose thinking in this area a Weinberger said. A a lot of people say if you touch anything in the hew budget you re harming the poor that Isnit necessarily True at All. They say if you done to Cut defense by the total amount you need you re taking it All out on the poor. And that in t True a the belief that All hew spending is a automatically helpful or necessary or relieves poverty is not a valid Weinberger added. A we be told Congress that Many times in suggesting reductions and changes in Many programs we now Weinberger a former director of the Twute House Ottice of management and budget said that huge defense cutbacks Arentt the answer. A it s perfectly possible to make some savings in any organization that spends $84 billion a year which is defense Quot he said a it is not possible to go in on any kind of broadside basis say we re spending too much on defense and take out of defense whatever we need in the Way of savings a he said. A that is totally measures to ease the economic situation and indicated the democratic policy committee May have to draft proposals if the Ford administration does not present any. Noting Republican criticism of his earlier statements that a postelection congressional session is Likely the Montana Democrat said. A i done to think they la have much for the first time Mansfield used the term Quot recess in referring to plans by congressional leaders to quit work in mid october to give members time to do some campaigning. Asked if he meant the lawmakers would definitely return after the nov. 5 balloting he said a yes and added that Congress is Quot Able ready and willing to cooperate with the president in facing up to this Mansfield said several things could be done promptly to ease the current economic situation. He listed re imposition of wage Price controls recreation of the old reconstruction finance corporation rec to Aid faltering businesses and re institution of so called a regulation we increasing Down payments and shortening credit repayment time. Texas flute player named miss America by Robert Marks Enterprise stall writer Atlantic City n j Shirley Cothran a 21-year-old Brunette from fort Worth. Tex., is the new miss America. Miss Texas won the Crown saturday night in the finals of the miss America pageant in convention Hall inside Reading visiting old Sale Page id democrats launder funds. Page 2d school columns 12c classified. Pages 3-18d editorial Page 4a women s news. Section b sport Section c television. Page 14c entertainment. Paget 13, 14, i so obituaries. Page 3d Shirley Cothran Ian gift Botto five Teet 8 inches tall and weighing 119 pounds she played the flute for the Talent performance. Her ambition is to be a teacher on the University level. As miss America she is the Winner of a $15,000 scholarship. She succeeds Rebecca Ann King it Colorado who was miss America 1974. An additional miss american pageant Story can be found on Page first runner up is miss California Lucianne Buchanan. Other runners up were miss Illinois Jean Ahern second miss Kentucky. Darlene Compton third and miss Louisiana Libby Lovejoy fourth. Miss North Carolina Susan Lynn Griffin it High Point was one of seven non finalist Talent winners she received a $1 too scholarship. Susan is the first miss High Point to become miss North Carolina and compete in the miss America pageant the five other semifinalists for the miss America title were miss Indiana. Penny Tichenor miss new Mexico Donna reel miss South Dakota Barbara mane Guthmiller and miss Washington Kathleen Beth Moore other no finalist Talent winners were miss Florida Delta Burke miss Iowa a a Texas on Iga

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