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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 6, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather Clearing cooler More data on Page 2a 92nd year a no. 250 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., monday afternoon september 6. 1976 20 pages daily 15c, sunday 35c involving Gulf Oil Dole s spokesman denies new charge Washington apr a spokesman Tor Republican vice president candidate Bob Dole today denied that Dole took any illegal Campaign contributions from Gulf Oil and said anyone who makes such a charge a is dead the White House acknowledged sunday that president Ford knew about allegations concerning illegal Gulf Oil contributions to Dole before picking him As a Runnin mate. A spokesman for Ford said sunday that a after conversations with sen. Dole the White House was satisfied he had no Dole has said he received no such funds and a spokesman for the Republican vice presidential candidate repeated the denial after another report linked the senator to Gulf Money the new York times reported today that sources close to the Gulf investigation said the Oil company a former chief lobbyist Claude wild jr., gave a $5,000 to $6,000 illegal corporate contribution in 1973 to Dole through William a. Rats Doles then administrative assistant. Wild reportedly made the allegation to the Federal grand jury after receiving a Grant of immunity from prosecution. A spokesman for Dole said today. A a a in. Dole has gone Over his 1974 Campaign records with a Fine tooth comb. He received no Money from Gulf in any shape form or fashion anybody who says Bob Dole took an illegal contribution is dead Dole who has stressed his distance from the watergate scandals in the Early Days of the Campaign acknowledged that he was questioned by the watergate special prosecutor s office about Gulf contributions before a grand jury last March 8. But Dole denied receiving any illegal donations and said he does no to know if the grand jury questioning meant he was under investigation. A spokesman for Dole said he had no knowledge of whether or not rats got any Money from Gulf. A we can to speak for him a he said. Rats Doles administrative assistant from 1960 when Dole was first elected to the House until 1974, issued his own denial. A to my knowledge i never got any Money from wild or anyone else at Gulf. I Don t know Why wild would make such a charge. A if such was Ever done i know How or when. I was asked to testify before the grand jury and i did so last january or february. I told them the same rats said he might have met wild but never had any dealings or relationship with him. Wild was acquitted in Federal court on july 27 of charges he made illegal political contributions. Although he admitted making a $5,000 Cash gift to sen. Daniel Inouye a Hawaii. For his re election he successfully argued that the statute of see Dole son 2a for answer to questions or help with a problem rail or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered hut please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. A fees at Oak hollow j. I am railing to offer a suggestion about fee charges for the use of Oak hollow Lake. A Large portion of the users particularly on the weekends Are people from out of town. This is evidenced by the License plates. High Point taxpayers Are fortunate to have such Nice boating facilities but at the same time it is the tax dollars of the High pointers that finance it. I wonder if it might not be suitable to charge out of towners a larger tee. Also Why not a yearly fee for consistent users of the Lake who would like to pay that Way rather than each time they go out anon woman. A the first suggestion has come up before and will probably by discussed again at the next meeting of the commission says Parks and recreation director to Morgan the idea of an annual Lee has been studied before too but not favourably looked on he says Ari annual rate has been tried at some other lakes and their experience was that some boaters monopolized the Lake. Where it might work for fishermen Only with engines under to h p., they Don t feel one group should have an advantage Over another. In Case some Are not aware of it the old ii I y la a can be used by sailors cancers and those with boats under to h property q. What is the Law about puffing up a Fence dividing property How fat should a dog lot be from the neighbor s properly thank you. Anon. A a Fence can be placed on the property line but not on the neighbouring property certain animals Are required to be penned at least 40 feet from a dwelling except the owner but dogs Are not on the list. The City code specifies chickens geese ducks turkeys. Pigeons doves squads or similar fowl. Or any hares rabbits goats or Guinea pigs All animal enclosures Are to be kept sanitary and free of odor squatter s rights q. Is there such a thing As a squatter s right Law so if someone built n driveway partly on your property and after seven years it becomes their property0 is there any such Law in existence now . A. We were dumbfounded to hear from an attorney that there is still an Adverse Possession Law very complicated he says whereby if someone openly and clearly uses another Man s land to his own interest and advantage for a number of years it is possible he could acquire the title to it he Wasny to sure of the exact number of years of Adverse Possession the Law specifies he said this is Why a lot of older people aware of it get nervous when someone builds a Fence that extends onto their property and it in t relocated promptly. It seems to be High time this squatters rights hangover was removed from the books we expect it makes a lot of people off for ladies who save the egg shaped containers of la egg hosiery and want ideas on using them the manufacturers have published the la eggs idea Book 96 pages of Craft items which can be made from them. A copy can be ordered by mail for $1 by writing la eggs idea Book . Box 2363, Reidsville . 27322. It will be available soon in supermarkets and other stoles for $1.95.african Heads plan strategy dares Salaam Tanzania a presidents of five Black african nations Are meeting in dares Salaam to plan their next moves in the fight against White Rule in Southern Africa and to decide whether Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger can help them one of the five. President Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia. Said if the Zurich Switzerland meeting Between Kissinger and South african prime minister John Vorster did not result in agreements that would satisfy Black aspirations a then we will continue until Victory is attained on the Battlefield a the other four presidents Are Julius Nyerere of Tanzania. Samora Machel of Mozambique Agostnho Neto of Angola and Seretse Khama of Botswana. Black rhodesian guerrillas Are fighting their White government from bases in Mozambique and Zambia while the South West Africa people s organization or Swap is fighting a guerrilla War against the South african army along South West Africa s Northern Border with Angola and Zambia Swap leaders and leaders of the three factions of the Black rhodesian nationalist movement the african National Council Are also attending the meeting a spokesman for Nyerere said the presidents would discuss whether a round of Kissinger a shuttle diplomacy Between White and Black rulers in Southern Africa could be useful what s inside amusements.6b bridge.5a classified ads3-1 in comics.12h crossword.5a editorials4a financial2a obituaries.2b sports3-5b television .2b women a news6-7a weather.2aviking 2 seeks out Mars quakes Pasadena Calif. Apr slightly tilt but apparently intact Viking 2 is using its seismometer to feel around for Mars quakes from its Perch on the red planets Northern hemisphere. Scientists had been worried about the robot s delicate equipment because fridays Landing was a bit rough. But Mission director Tom Young said sunday that Viking 2 signalled that its seismometer was functioning normally and All systems were a going extremely Well a he said that what at first appeared to be a tear on its Dis shaped radio Antenna May have been a clump of dirt. Kicked up during the lopsided Landing Viking 2 s seismometer a which magnifies sounds about 200,000 times a is one of its most valued instruments the seismometer carried by Viking i tailed to emerge from its protective casing after the first Lander touched Down about 4.600 Miles to the Southwest or Gary Latham of the seismology team said Viking 2 can pick up quakes anywhere on the planet that Register 6 or greater on the Richter scale. The scientists also expect each Day to detect several smaller quakes closer to the Craft. The Richter scale is a measure of ground motion in which each whole number increase indicates a tenfold increase in magnitude on Earth a Reading of 6 on the Richter scale can cause severe damage Viking 2 also relayed a weather report the area is cooler by about six degrees fahrenheit than Viking i s station and the winds Are Calmer photos from Viking 2 Over the weekend surprised scientists at the Jet propulsion Laboratory Here by showing the area around Viking 2 a called Utopia a see Viking 2 on 2a police Block anti using protesters from entering Louisville sunday night they later used tear to disperse a crowd of about 800 map wire photo tear used to break up anti using protesters Louisville by. Apr police using tear arrested 18 persons in breaking up the third anti using demonstration Here within a week after about 800 protesters ignored warnings to disperse and began throwing bottles and Light bulbs. Three policemen were injured in the disturbance sunday night including one who was treated for Glass fragments in his eyes after a window of his patrol car was shattered. The latest protest came on the anniversary of a violent protest that broke out As court ordered school desegregation went into effect last year in Jefferson county schools which includes l6uisville. Then have been no disruptions at the schools since they opened last wednesday. But there were several arrests during a protest tuesday night. An anti using Demontra positive thinking a motorcycle rider was apparently prepared for the worst As the labor Day weekend was underway in new Orleans. The unknown rider apparently believes in prior preparation As he clearly marked his blood Type on his safety helmet just in Case a wire photo. Tion Friday night was peaceful Jefferson county police chief Russell Mcdaniel said sundays protest a was totally different in numbers a from last year. A we were dealing with 800 people said Mcdaniel a last year it was 8,000 to 10,000. I think the people were so much More frustrated last year Quot police first ordered the demonstrators Back As they paraded on Dixie Highway toward the Louisville City limits. Then officers resorted to tear when some protesters peppered the Highway with Light bulbs and bottles a we gave them much More warning than we said we said Jefferson county police capt Leon Jones he said the warnings were issued through a megaphone from a police warm Holiday celebrated a by Pat Sherlock associated press writer America honors its working people today with lighthearted observances ranging from Frog races in Maine to raft races in Oklahoma More serious events recognize the origins of labor Day in Connecticut labor people will gather in a new Haven cemetery at the grave of Alfred w Phelps who. At the tune of his death in 1896. Was known As a the father of the eight hour work Phelps a Carpenter and leading figure in the late 19th Century labor movement successfully led the fight to get an eight hour Law through the Connecticut legislature. Making that new England state the first in the nation to define the workday As eight hours Long in Roanoke rapids. N c., the amalgamated clothing and textile workers Union announced plans to launch a nationwide Boycott today of products manufactured by the Stevens co. The nation s second largest textile manufacturer the Union and Stevens have been trying for two years to negotiate a labor contract police in new Orleans called a one Day strike today to protest the City a refusal to pay double time and a half officers scheduled to work the Holiday. The National safety Council had predicted Between 260 and 460 people would die in traffic accidents during the three Day weekend As of 2 Edt today the toll stood at 313. As usual labor Day a established by Congress in 1894 a caught the notice of politicians democratic presidential nominee Jimmy Carter was scheduled to kick off his official Campaign today at Franklin d. Roosevelt a Little White House in warm Springs a but president Ford stayed at the White House delaying the official opening of his election drive until next week Carter s running mate sen Walter Mondale of Minnesota planned several appearances including one at see last warm on 2a Carter opens Campaign Ford delays by Chris Connell associated press writer the race is on but they re not All off and running the presidential political season which Las been undergoing trial heats since the new Hampshire primary Back in february traditionally begins today with Only eight weeks left for president Ford or Jimmy Carter to win Over the american voters. But while Carter planned to begin his Campaign by invoking the memory of Franklin d Roosevelt with a speech at Roosevelt a former Home in warm Springs athe president was spending labor Day in the White House relaxing and attending to business Ford delaying the Start of his Campaign for a week plans to kick off his election efforts next week with a speech at his Alma mater the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor Carter s speech at of dry so Little White House in warm Springs starts a Tive Dav whirlwind tour that will carry him to 20 cities in la states Carter and Ford s running mate sen Bob Dole of Kansas were expected to Cross paths in mid Day at the Darlington 500 Stock car race in Florence s He democratic Vic presidential candidate sen Walter f. Mondale of Minnesota planned to visit workers at Washington National Airport today before his Campaign Jet departs for relies in Barberton Ohio near Akron and Alameda county Calif. Carter departed from democratic tradition by holding his Libor Day opening in warm Springs instead of Cadillac Square in Detroit the customary site he said sunday it would not bt1 Good manners to begin his Campaign in Ford s Home state. Meanwhile Dole today denied a newspaper report that Gulf Oil corp paid an illegal corporate political contribution to Dole through a former Dole aide in 1973 the new York times reported that Gulf a former chief lobbyist Claude c wild jr., has told Federal prosecutors he gave $5,000 or $6,000 in Gulf funds to William a rats then an aide to Dole Kats denied the charge and a spokesman for Dole said a anybody who says Bob Dole took an illegal contribution is dead a White House spokesman said Ford knew about the allegations before he chose Dole As his running mate a after conversations with Dole the White House was satisfied he had no involvement a the spokesman said Carter said sunday in Plains ga., that he hoped during the Campaign to refute charges by Ford and other republicans who Are trying to depict him a was irresponsible As a Radical As a spendthrift As completely ignorant about International matters or defense a

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